Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Whip

"Evry time I hear the crack of a whip, My blood runs cold I remember on the slave ship, how they brutalize the very souls." ~Bob Marley~

Remember that old Eddie Murphy joke? The one where he talks about modern day brothers and how they would react to slavery: " Brothers act like they couldn't have been slaves back 200 years ago. It's like the mother f*****s liked that shit. 'I wish I was a slave, I would f**k somebody up! Shit, tell ME to bale some mother f*****g cotton!' Yo nigger, bale this cotton!'I would say, suck my dick massa!' No doubt most of us brothers feel this way, and now that there are laws and and the white majorities shame to protect us, we are feeling particularly cocky these days. But that wasn't the case back then, because as Eddie said: "The first nigger who tried that shit. Somebody said 'nigger bale this cotton' and he said 'f**k you massa' CRACK![the sound of a whip] The other mother f****r said, 'all right, we'll bale the shit all right. Just keep the f*****g shit away from me.'

So it's not like those brothers back then wanted to pick cotton and do all the shit that massa forced them to do. They had that whip to contend with. If you got out of line; CRACK! And I guarantee you that whip was no joke. They had all types of whips, and mother f*****s who knew how to use them. Hell, they had whips made of steel for crying out loud! I can't even imagine how much that sh** must have hurt. Trust me, if it didn't, lots of those brothers back then would have said; "f**k you massa" and rolled.

But truth be told, we are still dealing with the whip. Of course now a days the whip takes different forms, but it's still there and it's still painful. These days the pain is more psychological than physical, but it's still painful, and America still uses the whip to keep our asses in line. Whether it's the IRS whip (Just ask Wesley Snipes, or Ronald Isley), the whip of drug addiction and dependency, the justice whip (we the jury find the defendant...), the credit whip, or the whip of poverty. Just like the whip they used to put an ass whupping on my ancestors, all these whips are still hurting us. And no one is immune from the whip. Colin Powell felt the whip. That's why his ass went to the U.N. and declared that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, even though he really didn't believe that shit. "I don't know Mr. President, maybe we should get more confirmation from the C.I.A. before we declare tha...Ahhh Colin, you still want to keep that position as Secretary of State don't you? CRACK ! Yeah maybe you are right Mr. President, I will get right on it. " The CBC is feeling the whip, that's why their sorry asses won't give up their insane quest to conduct one of the Democratic debates on FOX NEWS. "I don't know Mr. Murdoch, we are getting some pressure from liberal groups not to go on your network....Ahhh Bennie, what about all that money we gave you? CRACK! OK Mr. Murdoch, we will try to encourage some other CBC members to endorse the debates." You think the typical President of one of America's HBCU's doesn't feel the whip every time he goes begging to some accreditation board for his school? What about the black business person who wants a serious line of credit to expand his business. Do you think he doesn't feel the whip?

There is a whip floating over my ass too. It's my 9-5 employer as well as my clients from my private practice. Because the moment that I f**k up, they will fire my ass, and I will be seriously wanting for cash to pay my bills. Oh, and did I mention my bills? CRACK! Oh yeah, those bills have to be paid, and in order to pay them I need to have cash. So call me a hypocrite if you will, but I see and feel that whip from time to time my damn self. ("Mr. field, this is American Express, we haven't received a payment from you in over 15 days, we just wanted to know when we can expect a payment?" CRACK!)

This is how it is in America, and this is why it is so hard to find true black leaders and strong moral characters. Everybody is getting whipped, and everybody is afraid to feel the pain that goes along with it. It could not have worked out better for America if a bunch of old white men had met in a back room and said: "OK this is how we are going to keep niggers down from now on. Of course we can't whip them anymore. But let's develop a subjective credit system, let's build a country that is dedicated to the pursuit of happiness, and wrap happiness around consumerism. They will always be chasing this false dream that we create, and we will always keep it just within their reach by showing them others who have achieved it. Along the way, they will be getting whipped on a daily basis, and they won't even realize it." "Brilliant!"

Now if we can just get these black folks to cooperate.


Christopher Chambers said...

But you know, there are some people who need to have the skin ripped off their backs, and they never get it. I'd chain half the hip hop producers, NBA stars, NFL stars, Hip Hop artists, clubowners, the entire Congressional Black Caucus and almost all the black state and local pols, a good many teachers and principals and a few parents at that--all to the post and let the cat o nine tails do its thing. Literally, figuratively. Any way I can...

Anonymous said...

Gee, Christopher, you wanna whup everybody! I've discovered that folks who want to mete out punishment like you do usually need a dose of it themselves.
Field, I'm usually with ya, but that Bring Back the Draft crap is bogus! There are other ways to sacrifice and serve the country, if that's the goal.

-=Topper=- said...

About the draft. I can agree to disagree with fools like John Edwards, who also wants to reinstate the draft.

I can agree to disagree but then agree on another concept that many have trouble with, and that is white influential people capping a walk when it comes to going to war.

The democrat idea about the draft is to get 'everyone' involved. Not just the underprivileged in this country. You see this is how the current system works, a current system generations old. But here's the deal, rich men plan the war, the poor fight the battles.

But even if this and that were the case, the underprivileged would go to the front lines while the majority ( yes I do mean white ) will be pushing pencils in the green zone.


Anonymous said...

"I can agree to disagree but then agree on another concept that many have trouble with, and that is white influential people capping a walk when it comes to going to war."

Thank you Topper, that is EXACTLY why I am now leaning towards a reinstatement of the draft.

Trust me, if there was a draft in effect now, we would not be in Iraq.

Ray said...

Yikes that is something beyond groosum, sheesh. I used to not only get mad when I seen lashes on slaves backs in pics, but i also used to start itching. NE who, my name is Ray and I ran across your blog and you seem quite intellectual.

I am actually looking to relocate to Philly in approximatly three months, so I am networking in any and every way I could. Please feel free to stop by my spot, I shall make you a regular.

But get at me:

Friðvin said...

Be sure to check the interest rate on your credit cards too. CRACK!

field negro said...

LOL at konagod!ray,I will check out your site; shoot me an e-mail when you get to Philly.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Hi Field

I'm with you on the whip. I've felt the crack of that whip quite hard myself. Actually, although I may not like it but i'm controlled by the crack of that whip. And damn if it don't hurt!

Not Your Mama said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone many years ago (who incidentally is a Pakistani-American, Muslim, doctor).

Talking about slavery I commented "we're all slaves to one extent or another, some of us just get rewarded more than others".

Not long after that I opted to minimize my participation in voluntary servitude by readjusting my priorities. Sometimes you just can't have it both ways and you have to decide what really is the most important to you.

Amenta said...

LOL...I am fellin the CRACK of the GA dept of Revenue on my a$$ right now, brotha can't make no coins...LOL On the draft did not work during Viet Nam and will not now. those that have money and influence will get cushy behind the lines desk jobs or payoff the draft board, Doctors or whomever and just plain not go.

Anonymous said...

As we go into the summer holiday season, drivers are going to be feeling some extra licks from the GAS WHIP. The scars they leave behind will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. I know the guy in the Suburban in front of me probably resembles the picture of the man in your blog post. He just put over 70.00 in his tank and I bet it won't last him the week.

Question the gas prices? CRACK
Threaten to boycott? CRACK
Attempt to seek fuel alternaltives? CRACK

Anonymous said...

But the thing I am wandering is on whip one Massa as you call it and most with 50-100 slaves versus maybe up to ten whites at any given on the field... That doesn't make it sound like any one had bravery back then...Just a thought

Liz Dwyer said...

Last year I was hanging out at the beach in Long Beach and came across a group of people that purchase exact replicas of the Indiana Jones bullwhips and then get together to crack them. They even dress like Indiana Jones. There were no black folks in the club. Folks from Australia, Spain and Hong Kong, but no one black. I couldn't help but wonder if it's because it's so horrifying to hear the sound of the whip cracking. It gave me chills and took me back someplace else.

Anonymous said...

"But the thing I am wandering is on[sic] whip one Massa as you call it and most with 50-100 slaves versus maybe up to ten whites at any given on the field... That doesn't make it sound like any one had bravery back then...Just a thought"

OK maybe you didn't get the point of that entire post. 50-100 slaves versus ten white folks and ONE WHIP, not to mention firearms, horses, house negro slave catchers, and hwo knows what else.

Yeah, I would say those slaves back then were pretty brave and strong willed. Many of us would have killed ourselves, or died from exhaustion.

"Anonymous" sounds like you would have been in the house back then. What do you think :)

BTW folks, that gas pump whip is kicking my ass!

Christopher Chambers said...

Anonyouses seem to bring out the most puzzling points.

I should self-flaggelate...I have done some stupid or destructive things, unthougtful things. But I stand by my whip the entertainment and sports black folks. Whip the CBC (speaking of credit card rates, my own Congressman, Albert Wynn. voted for the GOP/bank/collection industry lobbied Bankruptcy Reform Act).

So many, many issues touched on. So few whips...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

What's worse than the white man cracking his whip on you, is the Brotha or Sista the white man hires to crack the whip for him.

Cases in point: Ward Connerly, Amy Holmes (your dime piece, Field), Angela McGowan, Star Parker, John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams and Clarence Thomas.

Plenty of Field Negroes caught the whip so they could enjoy what they now have. What's required for them to have it is that they must apply that whip to Field Negroes everywhere like us on this blog.

That's what I'm remembering on Memorial Day. That, and the Brothers who caught it in WWII at Port Chicago, cause my dad narrowly escaped being forced there to serve on that munitions platform out in Concord, CA.

credo said...

I love this piece.

Anonymous said...

I agree with christian progressive. I'm also remembering all the African-American soliders who fought with honor in every war since the Revoluionary War, only to not get the respect they deserve in this country when the war ended.

field negro said...

christian progressive, I agree with all your house Negroes except Steele. I might get some flack for this; but I actually respect Shelby Steele. I think it is because he is true to his conservative roots, and unlike these Johnny come lately black conservatives, he was sounding like Cos a long time ago.

BTW, mad respect and love to your father for his service to this country.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said... What's worse than the white man cracking his whip on you, is the Brotha or Sista the white man hires to crack the whip for him.

How about my all-time fav: the "House Negro sell-out" who looks the other way when his/her white (subordinate) staff crack the whip on black subordinates.

The old"I don't micromanage my people" excuse.

Uh huh... riiiiiiiiiight.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Ari, you get props, because that's exactly what my father said when he came home after serving twelve years in the Army (WWII and Korea).

He said "I can't believe this sh--; I fought for this bastard, I come home and I'm still a Nigger?"

Mind you, I wasn't born yet, but he repeated it to me as a child and taught me about crabs in a barrel mentality, because by the time I was born, the Ward Connerly's had started to come out of the woodwork, and he believed I needed to be taught early not to get caught up in the hype of brothas and sistas wanting to be the only "fly in the buttermilk" and close the door for everyone else.

Field, thanks for the props to my dad - now he was a down to the bone, hard-core "Field Negro" with a few white guys getting their jaws busted when they addressed him as "Nigger"...

west coast story said...

I don't agree with John McWhorter often but I do agree with him some. I don't put him in the same bag as Shelby Steele or Ward Connerly, who clearly have some issues to be worked out. How can we ever move forward if we only talk to those we agree with all the time? It's like Bush not wanting to negotiate with our so-called enemies. Who else do you negotiate with, your freaking friends? When the brother who was from Oklahoma was barred from the CBC, I didn't get it. He is not on the same page with me most of time but I still want to hear what he has to say. And he's still black. I have a real problem with this idea of deciding who is and who isn't authentic black.

I just finished reading "Ghettonation" and there was some discussion about Bill Cosby's famous rant. All the good work that Cosby had done in education for black people was evaporated by black people who couldn't stand to hear a point of view that we didn't like. Except most of us agree with him behind closed doors. I think that's the hypocritical part that made me so crazy. We do ourselves a disservice when we decide that only certain black folks can sit at the table. I didn't always feel this way but since the way so-called progressives have been running the show doesn't seem to be working, I'm ready to try something different and listen to something new.

'Cos you see, a bunch of black folks are going to die in Oakland this summer and Latinos are doing their best to catch up. I want solutions so I'll listen to anyone at this point because it doesn't cost me anything and whatever the hell we've been doing sure as hell is not working, now is it?

Dangerfield said...

" I want solutions so I'll listen to anyone at this point because it doesn't cost me anything and whatever the hell we've been doing sure as hell is not working, now is it?"

mark bey: Well said West Coast

west coast story said...

Thank you, Mark. I feel like we are poised to lose not one but two whole generations of young people to violence and/or the worst kind of antisocial behavior. I feel desperate. When I see kids coming from two parent homes with all the creature comforts but who would rather relate to street life than be productive, I realize how much in trouble we really are.

Anonymous said...

Now linked at Booman Tribune.

Steven D

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

West Coast:

J.C. Watts, the Republican from Oklahoma, wasn't banned from joining the CBC because he was Republican. The CBC extended the invitation to Mr. Watts to join every year. He REFUSED.

There were some other Republican Brothers who were in the CBC, but the only one I can think of is Gary Franks, out of Connecticut. I remember him because he was so off the chain, they had to restrain Rangel and Conyers from getting into homeboy's you-know-what.

J.C. Watts will tell you personally he wanted nothing to do with the CBC because he believed they were just as much "race-baiting poverty pimps" as was Jesse Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify something:

The "I don't micromanage" House Negroes - i.e., I'm "skurred" to correct the racists on my own staff" crew come in all political shapes and stripes.

west coast story said...

Christian: Thanks for the clarification. I could have sworn that I heard Watts say he was not welcome but I must be wrong. All the more reason to get his backside at the table. If he has better solutions, then let's hear them.

Anonymous said...

well, I myself am not a racist, but I do hate niggers. Would I marry a BLACK woman -- yes. It just so happens that the majority of black men, in my opinion, are niggers. There IS a definute distinction between niggers and black people. Black people are cool, and no, they are not Uncle Toms. By and large, it just seems to me that the majority (maybe not the vast majority) of black men seem to be choosing niggerdom over be being Black. No different between White Trash and White. Whereas Black people are wont to be productive and positive influences in society, niggers just want to destroy; whether through drugs, children out of wedlock, welfare by choice, gangs, hip-hop bullshit, etc. Niggers still believe, even after trillions of dollars in welfare (read slavery pay-offs) that the man is still trying to keep him down. This attitude is just a convenient excuse to take the easy way out. Frankly, I wouldn't mind keeping all the cool Black people and either A) shipping the niggers to some far-off place and making them work to better themselves, or B) just get rid of them.

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Anonymous said...

I got that crin-nack...with ignant lyrics like that, it's a choice for fools to be smokin the new chains, the new whip crack, you know, that crinnack. they love it

Anonymous said...

Niggers suck. End of story.