Monday, October 29, 2007

He won't be running on Sundays.

No one knows exactly what happened in Adam Scott's on campus apartment on the morning of October 5, 2007. What we do know is that a young lady accused him of raping her, and Adam Scott is now in deep doo doo.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Adam Scott was one of the most highly touted running backs to commit to Penn State in a long time. He was Mr. Everything at Allentown's Parkland High School, and he rushed for 3,853 yards and 53 touchdowns while there. He was, in a word, the man. He could have gone anywhere, but he chose in state power Penn State. I remember how excited some of my co workers who were Penn State alums were the day he committed. Now, like their famous coach, Joe Paterno, they don't even want to talk about him. They all just wish Adam Scott would go away.

Now true confessions. Even though I live in Penn State country, I am no fan of the "white hats". I have never believed that whole "our program is cleaner than yours" line that they like to throw around. And I have always thought that Joe Paterno is somewhat of a fraud. Having said that, there is no denying that the football part of his program has been successful over the years, and the old man has won his share of Bowl games.

But back to Adam Scott. Joe Paterno has kicked him off the team, and the fifth year seniors career and maybe his life as he knows it (if the charges are true and he is convicted) is over. Let's face it; no team will draft an accused rapist with a mediocre college career. So it's over for Scott and football. (He should have gone to Pitt) But shame on Joe Paterno for booting the young man off the team before it has been proven that he was guilty. Especially given the fact that he did the exact opposite with another Penn State player a few years ago. And especially given the fact that there has been quite a few high profile not guilty verdicts in these types of cases recently.

So yet another athlete on campus accused of rape. Yet another athlete failing to control himself and keeping his hormones in check. It's all about choices folks, and we should always try to make good ones. A fifth year senior in college should have known better than putting himself in such a position. Now to be fair to Adam Scott, this case is shaky. The accuser did the exact same thing a couple of years back (accused someone of rape after a party) at another college, and that young man was acquitted by a jury. Adam Scott and his attorney's say the sex was consensual and that the female accuser in question has some major problems. They say that they are confident that he will be aquitted. But this is Centre County Pennsylvania, and trust me, this won't be a jury of his peers, so you just never know.

We will see, and if it turns out that once again the accused is innocent, I wonder if we will get a Duke like outcry about the injustice that was done to Adam Scott? I doubt it. Because Adam Scott isn't a child of privilege, he didn't play lacrosse, and his accuser wasn't some black stripper.

The Duke boys will move on to work on Wall Street, and in spite of being accused of rape, will no doubt go on to make a lots of money. Adam Scott- if he doesn't end up in jail- will not have such a bright future. There will be no lawsuits, no high profile apology, and the District Attorney in his case won't lose his law license. If he is found innocent, Adam Scott will be lucky to just have a normal life again. And when you think of what could have been, it seems like such a waste.


-D said...

No doubt there is hypocrisy in Paterno's reaction, and no doubt Scott has to be held responsible for his actions, regardless of racial dynamics. But these kinds of cases arise all the time, and I'm still left wondering if anyone ever bothers to take these kids aside and be like, "look, you've got some privileges being an athlete, but as an athlete, especially a black athlete, all eyes are on you so keep your nose clean." Do people bother, or do these kids just not listen? And, oh boy, if that girl is white...whooo boy, there won't be any mercy for this dude.

rikyrah said...

On the one hand, I'm feeling you, FN. I am. Due process and all that jazz.

But, then, on the other hand, he's a 5th year, which means he's been in college - four years. Which means he knows which way the wind blows. Which means that, in ordinary circumstances, he'd be out of college.

At what point do these athletes grow up? Ar what point do these athletes understand, and the beginning, middle and end of the day - THEY ARE STILL BLACK MEN - and when the #($* hits the fan, THAT, and NOT them being athletes, will be all that matters?

What the hell is a FIFTH YEAR doing putting himself in this kind of a position? He's been around sports, athletes, booze, and co-eds for FOUR YEARS. You're telling me that he doesn't know that name of the game? That he's young and the girl was there just doesn't wash for me, especially because of how old he is. He simply should know better.

Sometimes I think we, as a community, have failed our young people, because they don't understand that life is different because they are Black. ...our athletes ESPECIALLY suffer under that delusion..that their ' Blackness' is removed.

And, when reality smacks them in the face, it's like being hit with a steel pipe. Sometimes, it is ' The System', and other times, we, through a series of NON-judgements, hand ourselves OVER to 'The System'.

That's why I think every Division 1 Program should employ an older Black man whose entire job is to sit down the athletes and teach them the 4-1-1 of life on campus AS A BLACK MAN. Too many of our young men live in a dream world where they think what they can do on the field will shield them from what's off the field, and why not? It's probably worked up until now. But, you get in these ' majority' institutions, and some White father calling up the President, Dean and Members of the Board of Trustees, and you'll see just how ' special' you aren't. They live in a world of delusion, FN, and as long as you are useful, the delusion can continue. When you cease to be useful, you're just another Young Black Male, and you better get ready for your Orange Jumpsuit if you get into trouble.

Brown Love said...

I don't know, Rikyrah, I think that the fact that he is a 5th year senior and NOT had this accusation before (that we know of) is reason enough to hold off judgement until we hear all of the evidence.

Now, Paterno's actions are definitely suspect - If I were Scott's mother, the lawsuit would start with him. . . I'm not a lawyer, but doesn't the fact that he didn't respond this severely before set some sort of precedent??

field negro said...

Jimbo,I know it's pretty much par for the course in big time college athletics,but Paterno has always held himself out as being above the sleaze in college sports.

rikyrah, I feel you with the accountability issue. At some point these young men better start getting it. They are in a fish bowl, and all that cheering and all that idolatrous vibes they get on Saturdays don't mean a damn thing.

lisa, a law suit would be tough. Forget the fact that the cost would be enormous-that's if you can get a law firm willing to take in Jo Pa and PSU in Centre County.

But as far as I know he (Scott) is still in school, so he can stil get his degree. And there is that whole "institutional control" thing, which gives Jo Pa God like powers over his football program.

Besides, the previous young man was charged with assault and battery. I think Jo Pa would argue that this (alleged sexual assault) is a more serious crime.

So Paterno can pretty much do what he wants to at this point. Sadly, if it turns out that Scott is not guilty, it would be too late as the season will be over, just like his career.

Let this be a lesson to all of you with kids who are great athletes. Watch where you send your child off to college. When that recruiter comes around with all the promises of fame and fortune and a first rate education; just make sure the coach is someone you can trust, and is someone who really cares about your child.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I hate to say this, but, Lawd help him if the accuser is a white girl.

There's a court ruling that won't allow for this girl's past to be brought into the hearing as a defense, unless it's to show her mentality, and history or lying or making false accusations (same thing).

And since Paterno showed more mercy for another one of his players, someone needs to ask him why he slung Adam Scott under the bus.

My ex-roommate went to Penn State. Must be something in the water there, because she was bat-shyt crazy...

newgirl448 said...

Where I went to college 75% of the Black athletes left without degrees after having exhausted their eligibility. So they were kept around long enough to make the university money with no pretense of concern for where they would go and how they would fare as men after their college careers ended. I knew a football player personally who COULD NOT READ and of the coaches arranging puff course loads (scuba diving, ceramics...) so that their athletes could maintain academic eligibility to go out and make the university money every weekend. It was also typical that when young black athlete looked to be on the sure road to failing a class, said coach would just visit the instructor and arrange for a different outcome. Why? Because these athletes weren't brought there to learn, grow, achieve, actualize as students or as men. Like cattle, they were housed and fed long enough and well enough for them to fulfill their owner's purpose and then they were put out to pasture. From the perspective of someone who raises cattle, it would just be silly to be concerned about the future trajectory of the cow once it had fulfilled its purpose. I think, though, that because of the dream of a lucrative athletic career that looms large in the Black community, logic is suspended and our children are offered up to these institutions without a plan-or often an impulse- to advocate for their interests off the field and off the court. I don’t know if this young man is a rapist (for which I advocate unspeakable levels of retribution) or just stupid enough to be somewhere he had no business being. In either case, the university system doesn’t give a damn, and after the better part of 400 years with white folks in this country, we are delusional if we think it would be any other way. The responsibility rests-as it should-with the Black community to shepherd our sons and daughters through these institutions with their souls and promise in tact, impressing upon them a clear understanding of what the institution intends to take from them, what it has no intention of giving to them, and the struggle-with our help- they must wage to take from it what is in their ultimate interest. I use “our children” in the broadest sense because often the parents involved lack the cultural capital and sometimes the will (given the hyper focus in the Black community on the goal of a professional athletic career) to advocate in the way that is needed. I don’t think I’ve thanked you yet, FN, for this blog. It is my favorite thing these days. I guess I’m asking you and your insightful contributors what it is you think we could do to address these issues.

Anonymous said...

Newgirl, I have to say I love the way you think and Field another awesome post as usual.

In terms of the children allow them to believe they can do and acheive anything in this world and stress that college is a must, not a maybe. And foster that thinking by saving for their college education early. Also teach them how great they are.

I live across from a park and at all hours of the night I hear these young men practicing basketball. Im talking 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning. I live in a mixed neighborhood, but the guys are always black. I think they feel they are perfecting their craft, their only way to make money.

I know we need mentors, who run their own business that have nothing to do with the entertainment/sports industry. A new fresh perspective to give them a clue that there are other options out there. It all starts with the parents and surrounding family members to instill confidence and give support.

Anonymous said...

I think that as soon as college becomes a 'must' instead of a 'maybe' the rules will change. That is the nature of this beast and only collective self-determination and the belief that you can create your own game and rules will work for the masses in the long run.

As far as college athletics, the one underlying thing that I always hated about situations such as this in the context of the NCAA is that all it takes is an accusation to ruin a kids/young man's life. I remember one year when our hoop team was playing our rival and their best player, who was a point guard got accused of something right before the game and had to sit out until the matter was looked into. It should absolutely be the other way around! Due process should extend to these guys and gals! You would think I'd be happy that our chances of winning were greatly increased and we did win, but I wanted to win with him playing and I knew that all it would take is one phone call and the same thing could happen to our team.

Anonymous said...


When you say black athletes are treated like property, commodities to be used and tossed away like paper around a Big Mac, that kicks hard. But i'm feeling Rickyrah and field on the responsibility tip and thinking that, if there is ever a group of people that could use some on-going love, guidance or life coaching, it's blacks on white college campuses, especially black athletes. Why? Because, long before they come to white universities, black athletes are spoiled. They're the big man at high school and get just about anything they want: Cars, clothes, sex, you name it. They're the big man at home, even if dad is present. The entire family invests in him, gambling and praying on bended knees hopes that he will be great in college, score a multi-million dollar contract so they can escape the ghetto, get a big home with a big backyard, buy any kind of food they want, and shop til they drop at the nearest mall.

Though many black athletes come from poor families, they are still spoiled as much as white ho Paris Hilton. They need brothers and sisters to pull their coats constantly because these universities seem like an unreal world to them. No old people with canes and wrinkles. No crying kids with soiled diapers. No parking lots where they must skip over syringes as they walk to classes.

But, if it's an unreal world in some ways, it's a familiar world in the sense that they still get what they want. Like family, universities house and feed them. Universities provide plenty of girls to look at and fantasize about (And, often, fantasizing is not even necessary). It's like commerical rapper fitty cent being welcomed at "The Candy Shop."

But there's one thing that's very different and field alluded to it: Whereas the temptations are greater, so are the costs for crossing the line. This is what the black athlete doesn't get. He thinks candy is candy, and, whether white, black, red or brown, it's all good.

This is where we need Black men, conservative or not, to step up and step inside the Black athlet's mind: To help him develop the discipline to do the academic work; to develop a lifecoach relationship with him and, most important of all, to keep him grounded by letting him know how proud his family and community back home is of him, how important it is that he make the best of his studies, and how, in white America, whether on or off campus, racism is always real and the candy shop can close very quickly when you forget it.

Ultimately, they represent the fact that our generation, especially our generation of black men, have failed to translate this basic but important lesson to these young brothers.

Where you at, house Negroes? Stop Can you say, "Give back to your community"? Stop hiding!...

You better get in the fields. mac

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from the LaSalle rape article:

"Cicala said the school respects the jurors' decision, but added that "the behavior discussed in the courtroom was reprehensible."

In other words, I got a woody and am jealous it wasn't me...

guerreiranigeriana said...

nice unfortunate situation...i told both my brothers and continue to tell them that they are black men and never forget it because no one else will...i and my family remind them of this all the time...we as a community have failed, well as a society, if we want to take it out of the context of just race, to raise adolescents who will be able to responsibly take on their roles as adults...assuming no rape, if the girl, regardless of race knew how to better conduct herself, she may not have felt any need to scream rape after having consensual sex...the young man may have used better judgement and chose not to sleep with this girl...even the ability to recognize when something doesn't seem or feel right and how to diplomatically avoid it...when i hear my youngest brother talk about his rationale for choosing the school he did and see the confirmation of it in the coaching staffs' actions, it assures me that he will most likely continue to make solid choices...and we still give guidance and a society and on a smaller scale, as a community, we really need to assess the situation and how best to address it so that we don't keep spitting out unprepared adolescents into a very adult world with adult consequences...i really like your posts...insightful...the commentary as well...

Anonymous said...

"i told both my brothers and continue to tell them that they are black men and never forget it because no one else will..."


Christopher Chambers said...

Say what you will about Reade Seligman et al, but there are simply too many "5th year seniors" among us folks. This isclearly one of those ambivalent, shit or go blind issues. Torn. Hmmm...what would Cosby say?

The message might be, yeah, if you're Reade and crew, and you didn't do anything, you'll get the keys to the kingdom back. But if you're a young black man, you better damn sure put the bullshit aside and just (1) study and (2) play football. You can do both, but again, too many of "us" think there's only one choice. Dude might be yet another sacrificial lamb. Too bad not all of our so called student-athletes aren't getting the message. Black folks can stop this by exhaulting academics over running the football...oops...I'm sounding like McWhorter now. hahaha

PS I blogged aout Stanley O'Neal Monday on do folks on The Field Negro think about all this?

Anonymous said...

hey field, seen this? btw, do you have a place (can't find it for the life of me) on the site where we can just drop you lines on stuff that we may wanna hear your thoughts on? keep on keeping on, and RIP Lucky Dube.

-D said...

It's always an issue of options. Black athlete may be no less talented or worthy than rich white Duke guy, but if both get accused of rape, leaving aside the racial dimension, look what happens.

Black kid plays in the NCAA, wants to sign with a professional team. Well, everybody has media images to maintain and corporate sponsorships to think about. If Kobe had gone through what he went through before he got established, and/or was only a mediocre B-baller as opposed to talented, he'd be out at the pressure of Wheaties and Reebok. Nobody wants their conference or their product associated with even a whiff of negativity. Rape charges don't whiff, they stink. And even after someone's been cleared, the association's been made in Johnny Consumer's mind... that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, Rich White Duke student's dad has a managerial position in some anonymous white-collar organization. Kid gets cleared, dad pulls some strings, kid starts making his money and no one cares because there's no image to maintain. He's not the "face" of the organization, the media/public doesn't care about the transgressions of some I-banker or management consultant, and life goes on.

field negro said...

You all make good points. And at the end of the day, it's all about having your priorities straight and a good head on your shoulder.

I know that's easier said that done, especially given the way these young men are pampered from an early age. When I was a young wipper snapper in high school, you couldn't tell me I wasn't going to play professional soccer in Europe, or be the next Jamaican to break the worlds' record in the 100 meter dash. But at some point reality has to set in. I played college soccer and I couldn't even dominate on that stage let alone a bigger one, so I knew then that I better hit those damn books. Some of these kids are such great athletes that they were able to get away with doing just enough all their lives. Now, sadly, it's too late to develop all those skills in the classroom that they needed from the jump.

But I agree with what someone previously posted. We need more educational counselors and mentors who look like these boys at some of these major institutions. Father figures who will stay on their asses and make sure they hit the books and keep their focus.

Because let's face it, these boys aint giving up the bright lights, face time on T.V., and thousands of screaming fans to go to smaller HBC. Even though at the HBC,they may get better mentors, smaller class sizes, and academic counselors who really care about their future.

"baatin", just shoot me an e-mail at
whenever you want to holla at me.

Attorneymom said...

I am really growing tired of rape allegations that are being launched against male athletes. It time to start prosecuting any “victim” found to have committed perjury. I do not believe one minute that this young man raped this girl.

Groupies are sick love-starved retarded whores. The only thing that many of them have going for them are their looks. There is definitely nothing going on upstairs.

On the flip side, these athletes need to learn to keep their lil “wee-wees” in their pants. Just because you can hit it does not mean you should.

Anonymous said...

If the ass is too easy it usually means you'll be paying for it later...

Anonymous said...

yes sir! you could say that again!!

Anonymous said...

So much of this behavior begins in our communities. We are saturated with television shows that depict black men swooning over white women and light -skinned black women. It's part of that historical culture that says "if you're white, you're alright, if you're black, stay back." I think mothers and fathers must teach their sons at an EARLY age that women, no matter what shade, color, hue, tone, whatever... must be treated with respect. We have simply got to do a better job of reaching out to our young people: our young women as well as our young men. White women, to many young black athletes, are seen as "forbidden fruit," and therein lies the attraction. Oh, there's so much we need to say to our children. I teach at an HBCU, and one of my courses is one which is required for a certain major, which a number of athletes are majoring in. Whenever I get an opportunity to combine the specifics of the course with some down-home, regular talk to the young men and women in the class, I make sure that I cover as much ground regarding this subject as is possible. You'd be amazed at how much they appreciate someone telling them these little snippets of information. They listen, but hopefully, when they leave the class, they will take with them more than what they came into class that day to learn. (And I'm a 54-year-old female professor, and I try and keep up with what's happening, pop culture-wise, so that when we talk, I can really converse and just not offer my views w/o knowing what's going on out there in their world.

Anonymous said...

Kicking down-home knowledge and mother-wit to the young brothas. Good looking out.

But i'm hearing something else: That giving back to your people, that working in the field, can make you feel real good!

Unknown said...

I am watching Boston legal and the topic is almost the same. Black dude white woman.

Hmmm...what would Cosby say? Chris I believe he would call them Knuckle heads.

'I am really growing tired of rape allegations that are being launched against male athletes.' Oh well, they don't seem to learn any lessons.

I don't know how guilty this guy is but he is found guilty he is going to serve a jail term and let's not forget he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Good luck finding a job with that.

I feel like reaching out to him and giving him a big hu-guilty or not- the good lord knows he needs it and then slapping him really hard across the face and asking him what the hell he was thinking.

Unknown said...

I am watching Boston legal and the topic is almost the same. Black dude white woman.

Hmmm...what would Cosby say? Chris I believe he would call them Knuckle heads.

'I am really growing tired of rape allegations that are being launched against male athletes.' Oh well, they don't seem to learn any lessons.

I don't know how guilty this guy is but he is found guilty he is going to serve a jail term and let's not forget he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Good luck finding a job with that.

I feel like reaching out to him and giving him a big hu-guilty or not- the good lord knows he needs it and then slapping him really hard across the face and asking him what the hell he was thinking.

west coast story said...

This is off topic but related to how black people expect to be treated.

Today is Halloween and there has been a long tradition of Halloween madness in San Francisco's Castro District. It started out decades ago as just Halloween for kids, then when the demographics changed, it became a very big gay event, then it morphed into a regional event for the Bay Area covering all demographics. It's gotten more crazy every year and last year a couple people were shot and the city pulled the plug.

So there's a big media blitz for the past few months telling the world there is no Castro party. The subway stations will be closed in the area, the cops are ready to bust heads if necessary, etc.

So who do I see on the TV news this morning but Mr. Un-named Black Man announcing to the world that no one is going to tell him where he can and cannot go and he will be in the Castro tonight.

So yes, he is certainly exercising his Constitutional rights. And if his head gets split open by SFPD, I really don't want to hear about it.

Rachel's Tavern said...

For the record a very large percentage of college students don't graduate in 4 years. And athletes are more likely to graduate and do it in four years than non athletes.

While the graduate rate for football players and basketball players (especially, black men) is lower than for most other athletes. Black male athletes are way more likely to graduate with a a degree than black men who are not athletes.

Just a little info... for everyone.

Anonymous said...

the only reason why these black athletes are on the campuses is because they play a sport. they are like trophy brides. we send our kids all over the country and think nothing of the risk. black kid fron florida playing football in montana. black kid from california playing football in vermont. they are like zoo creatures to the student body. with american race based sexual law there will be problems and the black male will be the victim. black woman accuses black man = black man guilty. black woman accuses white man = black woman guilty. white woman accuses black man = black man guilty(possible capital punishment). white woman accuses white man = 2 year court case, determined by the concept of "the greater good". the other races are judged as either honary whites or honary blacks.

MartiniCocoa said...

sometimes I think people should ask for psych evaluations before any clothes come off on dates.

I'm not surprised by Joe Paterno's action but I bet Adam is...he thought Coach had his back.

He got a wake up call...I hope he uses it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a damn shame when we focus more on the black athlete than the woman who got raped.

Anonymous said...

WHAT HYPOCRISY! Go back a year and see if you cried for the Duke Lacrosse team when the season was cancelled and the three falsely accused were suspended from school?

Would you be upset if a band of whites protested in front of dear Bros' dorm with "CASTRATE" SIGNS? Would you be upset if 88 professors released a letter praising the lynch mob? I think you might. Yet you stood gleefully by when it happened to white kids.

Until you expect the same from your race that you expect from others you will be looked on as nothing but racist hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college there was a famous gang rape by football players. None of them were white and neither was the victim.

The university tried to say it wasn't the football players' fault, they were from Compton and how could they have known how to behave, etc.

This really p.o.'d the Black male students who were also from Compton but not football players, and did not have criminal records. They said, we know the deal, why doesn't the football team?

field negro said...

"I think it's a damn shame when we focus more on the black athlete than the woman who got raped."

Sorry april, I missed the trial where Scott was tried and convicted. Do you have a link for me?

"Yet you stood gleefully by when it happened to white kids."

If we are talking about THOSE DUKE Lacrosse players; yes, that would be correct!

Anonymous said...

You are a racist FN. Plain and simple. You whine about unfortunate events only when the skin of the victim contains the right amount of melanin. You are no different from those in the doublewides you chide, youre just working the other side of the street.

Im not sure why your gut burns so hot for the Duke kids. Their race, gender, intelligence or family wealth is beyond their control. Their parents worked hard and succeeded, they passed all the advantages that came with that to their children. Should they apologize for that? It seems to me thats how Capitalism works. Is it the somewhat boorish behavior that is common to most college kids that tightens your panties? If so, you must be overflowing with hate.
Could it be that they had the means to fight back against government corruption and societal racism? It seems like you kind of enjoy fighting that fight. Remember, overwhelming public opinion condemmed these boys. If your boy Austin was the recipient of even a fraction of the hate these boys endured you would be packing your rally posters and marching shoes as we speak. Only after evidence of a hoax was public did sentiment swing towards them.
Was it the underage drinking? Cant be. Im sure you saw the Gennarlow Wilson video and youre still on his side. Was it the noise statute violation the house got once that offended your sense of law and order? Probably not. Mychal Bell had 3 prior convictions of violence against persons and Im sure you cry rivers for him.

Just what could it be Field Negro....Hmmmm... what could it be?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Anonymous, what could it be with *you*? You seem to condone capitalism and boorish behavior, for instance. I do see some sexism in this post (FN's) but more in yours, not to mention a *whole* lotta racism.

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