Thursday, October 11, 2007

What he says is even scarier than how he looks.

"Hip-hoppers do not kill themselves. They walk away. Now, I didn't need to hear the kid was white with blond hair. Once he'd shot himself in the head, no hip-hopper." Gibson later stated, "I know the shooter was white. I knew it as soon as he shot himself. Hip-hoppers don't do that. They shoot and move on to shoot again." Gibson added: "I know there's a few of you who want to call me racist. But when you do, remind -- let me remind you, African-Americans are dying in major cities because people won't face this problem."

So John Gibson, the FAKE NEWS commentator with a mug only a mother could love, knew that the Cleveland school shooter was white because he killed himself. Apparently, in Mr. Gibson's world, "hip hoppers" (I guess that's translation for black people) don't shoot themselves. They just walk away. The just keep blasting and moving on. Just like we do when we box, we like to stick and move............~~deep breath field, deep breath~~~~ I see my man plez also blogged about this, so I am glad I am not alone with my sentiments among Afrospear bloggers.

Now to be fair to the man with the mug made for radio, it is rare that black shooters take their own lives. I think that has something to do with the fact that usually when black folks are shooting it's for a purpose. Yes, you heard me right; a purpose. We are either shooting someone over money, drugs, or some other valuable---like your whip. That doesn't usually lead to someone taking their own life, because the purpose for shooting someone in the first place is to get something of value from them. Usually when white folks go on a killing spree it's to make a point, and once the point is made; well, that's pretty much all she wrote.

But back to this dumb ass John Gibson; a guy who thinks he is an authority on African Americans killing each other all of a sudden. ( I think he just watched Boyz N the Hood) When did white pundits like Gibson, Rush Limp-boy, O-lie-ly, and the other cast of characters think they can speak to matters of race in this country? I mean really. Is this some kind of revenge of the angry white right wing pundits or some shit? "Yes field we are sick of you people hijacking the racial discussion in this country. We are going to talk about it too, and if your black friends are offended, fuck em. Somebody has to tell the truth in A-merry-ca. " So this poor troubled kid takes his own life because of all the fucked up shit that was going on around him at home and at school, and these ignorant ass mother fuckers make a racial issue of it? And I am guessing the fact that he went to a predominantly black public school makes it a little harder for John Gibson and his ilk, because it all just didn't fit into the racial script. Yes there are plenty white kids going to black public schools. You should visit Philly sometimes John. Not all poor inner city kids are black.

"OK, I thought the kid was a black man, I'll admit it, until I heard he shot himself. Does that make me a racist?" No, it makes you an ignorant ass FAKE NEWS commentator with a radio friendly mug.

But here is a thought: Maybe the poor kid shot himself because he knew that if someone else shot him and he lived, his parents wouldn't be able to afford proper health care because of the frat boy's veto. "Ahhh field that's a low blow, and it's not funny, a young man is dead."

Yep, and I suspect there will be more to come before the frat boy leaves office, and his cheer leaders at FOX stop cheering.


The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

I read today on a black message board that "they" (the people commenting on the board, presumably black) knew he was white.,1952.0.html

So Gibson is racist, and sexist. We have known this for some time, just follow Media Matters (they rip him on the regular). However, I don't know what you are saying. Are race issues always off limits to people like Gibson (white men or should I say white people)? Or is it only off limits when it looks as if they have an agenda for talking about racism. Which, to be honest will probably be always or perceived as being always. So I am wondering, is the topic of racism simply off limits to white people? If so, then that would mean, seeing that it is white supremacy that keep racism alive, that racism will never die.

Just saying.

Btw, Gibson loves him some Bush.

Anonymous said...

AND I also knew the shooter was WHITE before I learned his race in the media too. One, the story appeared to be higlighted in the media--and not to simply cast aspersions on the community, the school, or the kids. Two, andmuch more telling, the media quickly began--and continues to speak--about the shooter's PSYCHOLOGY.

Black children never merit psychologizing because the media perceive them as mere animals. Things to be done by their bad deed. White kids--humans--have psychologies by which they get judged too.

The question of why--(not even in the Black community, really)--comes up when speaking about the violent acts of Black youths. They are just poured violent, and aggressive. This is the intended implication.

About Gibson, he is obviously just carrying out an assignment to spin the shooting because it so implicates "whiteness." Why are white kids so angry, so volatile, value even their ownselves so little--that when sat side by side with blacks--they can't take the heat? This is the question begged by the circumstance.

So, to deflect, consistent with white supremacy, Gibson tries to refocus the conversation and make it one about white supremacy, and black inferiority--and dysfunction--a more comfortable way for white supremacists to discuss issues of today.

And, moreover, the spin doesn't work. First, mass school shootings--an almost nonexistence phenomenon in black schools (yeah!)--are not committed by "hip hopsters." Second, there more virtuous in killing oneself after gunning down school peers. Because school shooters always are identified and captured (they do not go out to kill again,) there is greater honor in standing up and taking
punishment like a man. The person who commits suicide after an apparent known wrong is a coward.

Anonymous said...

As to Kitty, I think it is fallacy that whites have to talk out their racism to get over it. Think about other prejudices people have. Must people talk about their homophobia, their sexism? No, people are required to educate themselves--or not, but, at any rate, get over such prejudices regardless of whether they have ever or will ever talk with a gay or a woman. So, is true of racism.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

As to Kitty, I think it is fallacy that whites have to talk out their racism to get over it.

Perhaps not talk about, but some other form, something that will make white people admit that racism even exists, ---acknowledge the priviledge of racism. Something. Can white people not talk about it (or some other form of extracting) and still rid themselves of it? I don't see how.

btw, I don't believe people are over sexism or homophobia to no better degree than racism. Perhaps they know how to disguise it better, but over, no.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Black children never merit psychologizing because the media perceive them as mere animals.

Tell me about it! I will take it one step further. White men always get psychologized. Always. The white cop in Wis.over the weekend. Instantly it was "did jealously spark the rage," "was it over a woman." The same for the wrestler Benoit, "was it steroids?" Blah blah blah. But have we heard about the psychology of others? And it only extends to the pretty fuckable white women. If the white women are less than fuckable, then they are thrown on the same pile. What drove Bobby Cutts Jr.? We will never know.

field negro said...

"..I don't know what you are saying. Are race issues always off limits to people like Gibson (white men or should I say white people)?"

No kitty, of course not. I am one of the people out here on the Net that tries to encourage open and HONEST discussion among the races.

But I agree with raven about educating yourself a little bit and trying to understand the other side before you come to the discussion. I know I do. (although I know it doesn't seem like it ;)

I also co-sign with raven about how we as a country characterizes black crime. We are savages who are expected to commit crimes, but when someone in the majority population commits a crime, we start looking for psychological problems. Deep!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I've given up on Fox Noise being "Fair and Balanced" on anything.

John Gibson has been broadcasting this shyt for years. When he learned that Latinos were the fastest growing population in this country and soon, they would increase the majority of the population of color by more than 50%, he went on TV to admonish Whites for not "doing their duty" and they needed to "make more babies" to combat the fact that the brown people were going to take over the population in A-merry-ca.

As long as Fixed Noise gets paid by the sponsors, they keep jackasses like Limpballs, Vannity and Colmes, the Falafel Man and bleached blond bimbo on the air.

Fixed Noise already let us know they are bigoted in every way. What is more baffling is that the Congressional Black Caucus crawled into bed with their asses like a $2 crack whore thinking they were going to get paid, and all they got was the $2 for the privilege to screw them over and demonstrate to the rest of America how well they could coon.

We need to have a brutally honest discussion on race, but I'll bet my paycheck you will never see these morons at the table, but it would require them to come clean and get called out on their own shyt, and as the cowards they are, if they can't control the debate, they won't come to demonstrate their "superior knowledge". Yeah, right.

I can't stand Ward Connerly. But, as much as I don't want to, I have to give him some credit; that SOB will show up to debate the cons of Affirmative Action, even when he knows he's walking into a hostile audience before he gets started.

Connerly's a coward when that crowd roars back, however, and turns into a WATB - whining that "no one respects him or his views", which turns into comedic relief at that point.

I wish I could recommend we ignore such jackasses, but we'd do so at our own peril, because that 30% who listens to this fool also still think the Frat Boy is the best President since Warren Harding. And we need to be vigilant and call out these SOBs because the price of our freedom is going to require eternal vigilance, especially on shyt like this.

One thing we can do: close your wallets, quit shopping at Wally-World, and other places that pays fat money to sponsor Fox Noise. We need to be willing to make such sacrifices. You stop patronizing those sponsors, they see the money revenue drop by 30%, I guarantee you, they'll get rid of all the above named imbeciles when sponsors complain they're losing business and revenue behind bigotry. We need to talk..BUT WITH OUR WALLETS.

Didn't the Montgomery Bus Company damned near go bankrupt back in 1955 when they threw Rosa Parks in jail for refusing to give up her seat to a white guy, and Blacks quit catching the bus and stayed off those buses until they won the right to not only ride the bus and sit wherever they want, they also earned the right to go and work up in that SOB as drivers?

It worked before, it can work NOW.

Anonymous said...

A Louisiana teen at the center of a civil Rights controversy is back in jail.
The father of Mychael Bell says a judge in Jena, Louisiana, has revoked Bell's probation because of an old drug charge that had never been tried.

Our hero!!

Ross said...

Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that most people who look at the clips of that story in the media did not know that the shooter was white. The press did of course, but true to their racism did not mention it. How did this punk get into this school in the first place? His ass was bad news and they all knew this punk was nuts, walking around looking like Manson with painted finger nails and lipstick and wearing all black. I am sorry but the sister principal should be given her walking papers. The kids tried to inform her about this crazy punk. We are lucky that this punk was not as good a shot as Cho at Virginia Tech. I advised my teacher friend to look into getting some surplus body armor, and a glock for class.

Anonymous said...

They're quick to point out how violent we are but they tend to forget that how violent they are. How quick they are to want to bomb somebody and they don't think that that attitude doesn't infiltrate the minds of their children... Our way or die, right!

Anonymous said...

so chivarly is now taking now engaging in a cowardly act by shooting and killing innocent people, but making certain that you take your own life afteward? The way these racist will spin everything to the warped minded to perceive white as virteous...

Agreed Damien, a racist white girl once asked me why blacks were so violent. I told her to read any history book and she will find that the biggest terrorist on earth appeared in her image; Just ask any Native American, and sadly the continued reign of terror is well hidden and manipulated through media.

Anonymous said...

argh... I knew I should have proof read.

Anonymous said...


You hit it!

My head almost exploded when Gibson made the stupid "hop hopper" statement. Of course it would never cross this hate-mongerer's simple mind that trying to take out a whole school has nothing to do with gang or drug violence--both reprehensible, but obviously having NOTHING to do with each other.

When did it become okay to be so damned vicious,
bigoted and stupid in this country--but still be able to make a good living off of it?

Sadly, I knew when the race of the child was not mentioned in the media that it was a white child. Then I knew what would come next. . . And I hate it because the tragedy is that this kid was sick and he shot innocent people.

The other tragedy is scum like Gibson is given a voice to use this horrible event as a platform for his overt racism.

Anonymous said...

Where am you at Field-Negroe
Cool runnings

Mychal Bell, who along with five other black teenagers had been accused of beating a white classmate, went to juvenile court Thursday expecting another routine hearing, said Carol Powell Lexing, one of Bell's attorneys.

Instead, after a six-hour hearing, state District Judge J.P. Mauffrey Jr. sentenced him to 18 months on two counts of simple battery and two counts of criminal destruction of property, Lexing said.

He had been hit with those charges before the Dec. 4 attack on classmate Justin Barker. Details on the previous charges, which were handled in juvenile court, were unclear.

"He's locked up again," Marcus Jones said of his 17-year-old son. "No bail has been set or nothing. He's a young man who's been thrown in jail again and again, and he just has to take it."

Just who was he battering Negroes?

White folks our us?

I told you Negroes, about this punk-@ssed Negroe!

And, yall went ahead and marched and sang and protested and fists in deh air anyway.

I still want to know whom he twas a battering?

Was it white folke, and he got probation; doubtful?

Or, twas it black folk, and he got probation so he could continue to run up and down grassy cow pastures with a football?

Did Mychal Bell jump on a 17-year-old black female, get probation, and was then allowed to run off to play hero on the field of football honor?

Enquiring Negroe minds want to know, Field-Negroe!!

Anonymous said...

I fail to see where you are coming from. It was known that Bell had a juvie record before. The judge is basically saying that him getting in a fight is a violation of his probation. Now, if you really think about it, you'll see that this is nothing more than retribution because Bell already spent 9 months in an adult facility. The judge could have and should have ruled "time served."

Of course none of this has to do with Gibson and his potshots at "hip hop culture" i.e: black folk.

field negro said...

Hi nsangoma, I see you are back..... *^.^.*.

I think kriss in the comments above did a pretty good job of answering your question. Mychal Bell has already been punished more than most people who violate the terms of their probation in a similar situation.

Trust me on this one, I do this for a living.

So I honestly fail to see your point! For the...--oh I don't know--millionth time, Jena wasn't about Mychal Bell, it was about an unfair system of Justice in a Parish in rural Louisiana.

Joel said...

great post. i'm stranded in the bizarro-world that is Georgia, where EVERY radio station is constant right wing insanity about, among a few other pet topics, "hip-hoppers." if you deep down feel animosity toward young black males, at least admit it outright instead of using coded "wink wink" language.

Oh, and John Gibson on live Faux News is way, way scarier looking. I think it's that undertaker skin and flesh-colored hair he has going on.
He resembles how I imagine Satan would look if he came to Earth.

Lovin the blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

Bell already spent 9 months in an adult facility. The judge could have and should have ruled "time served."

Hmmm, ..., mayhap this the reason your city is called Killadelphia, Negroes be getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment I got this morning from a guy named
"dan" on my Blog under a post I made about the noose
being found at Columbia University.

"Ok thinking people, so everybodies panties are in a
bunch over a peice of rope. Get over it. You have
discredited yourselves using this incident as a reason
stomp and cry. This young man is a thug. The young
black students created the problem. The white kids
were minding their own business.

In Baltimore an incident has accured, the NAACP has
been brought in, Local congressmen enlisted because,
get this, for the lynching of a tampon in a school

You folks have too much time on your hands. Life must
be good."

There is a generation of people in this country that
have NO IDEA about the history of racism in this
nation. Negroes have been to happy and ready to dance
and jig to make sure people in this America NEVER

Thought Merchant
Politics and Commentary for the Thinking Person of

field negro said...

Thanks Joel.

"Thought Merchant", thanks for that quote from the comments on your site. Now that's some deep shit!

"Hmmm, ..., mayhap this the reason your city is called Killadelphia, Negroes be getting off with a slap on the wrist."

nsangoma, do you really talk like you write? If you do, I think you can relate to why my city is now known as "Killadelphia". It's all about the lack of a proper public school system and educational structure in place for our children. Apparently, you seemed to have suffered the same fate ;)

Anonymous said...

When I first heard about this story, I thought the kid was black. I came to my assumption based upon the demographics of the school. My friends thought the same. We were commenting about how this kid broke the "unspoken rule" that black kids don't shoot up schools.

I was under the impression that the police killed the stupid, but I soon realized he shot himself. I still thought he was black. Until, I read that he was white. Then I ashamedly thought to myself, "Yea. That sounds about right."

John Gibson is an ass. This guy has no clue and he comments only further perpetuate the negative way in which the media portrays black people. It's disgusting.

Christopher Chambers said...

Hey FN, I'm getting that wingnut itch again and I gotta scratch, baby! I gotta scratch! How many black folks indeed thought--wait, was he black? Come on Field, you probably did too...just for an instant.

Field, I'm with you 100% but we got to stop giving the Gibsons such ammo, man. We exhault the bullshit and then wonder why people think we are carnal, violent animals. Simple as that. Is it "blame the victim?" No. It's stop the victimization. Now.

Nelson said...

Ravenravings said,

"So, to deflect, consistent with white supremacy, Gibson tries to refocus the conversation and make it one about white supremacy, and black inferiority--and dysfunction--a more comfortable way for white supremacists to discuss issues of today."

You are 100% absolutely right.

Anonymous said...


It's all about the lack of a proper public school system and educational structure in place for our children.

doo-doo bull, Field-Negroe

It is not the public school system, it is not the educational structure, it is the Negroe parent(s).

If your parent(s) do not make you bring your black-@ss home and study, then there is not a punk-damn thing the schools or educational structure can do for you.

Stop blaming everyone except these baby daddy Negroes and baby mama Negroes who know how to screw and make babies but do not know how to parent.

Cool runnings

west coast story said...

You have to be spanked again, FN. Black people kill each other over nothing every day. I'm positive it isn't just in Oakland.

Plus, this kid didn't shoot up people for "nothing." He felt he'd taken enough shit. I certainly don't endorse violence but as someone who grew up in all white neighborhoods and like Richar Pryor thought my name was "nigger" until I waws 18, I can relate. This kid's parents should be horse whipped, however, for being clueless. Sick of clueless parents.

What black people don't do as a rule is engage in mass murder or serial killing. There are exceptions but these tend to be white people. So having shot himself is not the tip off for me. When I hear of a mass killing or shooting in this country, I figure it was someone white because this is what white folks do. Black people and Latinos are into the drive bys. White folks take 'em out all at once.

The racist part of the report was linking it to hip hop. Code for black, etc. This moron is apparently not aware of all the white folks who support the hip hop music industry.

The man is an idiot. And he does look strange.

rikyrah said...

I knew the shooter was White because...

within 30 minutes of it happening...

His picture WAS NOT on the news.

Woozie said...

Hip hoppers? What the hell is that?

Has anyone ever noticed that, for reasons that probably can't be understood, serial killers and spree killers are almost always middle aged white men?

Elegance said...

I agree with Woozie. Also, the race of the shooter really had nothing to do with the shooting. What did hip hoppers have to do with the shooting? I think the guy had some sort of racist agenda to mention something irrelevant about Black people. Its just something he wanted to say that had nothing to do with the case.

I also think the comments about Black perps not being psychological examined is interesting. Its true. When Black men commit a crime they are just called cold-blooded killers, or animals, and no one mentions their backgrounds. Its like there is no explanation for their misdeeds because they just just evil non-humans anyway. By talking about how the perp grew up sometimes you can get sympathy or understanding for why they turned out the way they did. Then they start pointing fingers at people who should have done something. The blame is shifted away from the perps character. In contrast, with Black men they find no need to look at the person's background because its all based on the perp's lack of character and humanity. Also, maybe the mainstream just don't bother looking into Black criminials pasts because they would rather report on Britney Spears.

I'll definitely look out for stuff like this the next time a crime is reported.

Christopher Chambers said...

Lord, what can do? It is gut wrenching ambivalence. But goddamn it part of that "pull" on the other side is that we have to stop setting up this measure with what whites do or don't do. Yeah, this world and they are shitty, but can't we stop this madness now without having to depend on folks to build new schools, etc.

Dirty Red said...


I do not really know what to say about you. I really don't. What does it take for some people(like you for instance) to realize that the Judicial System in A-merry-ca is not fair to people of color? I guess you will get a fair understanding the next time you are driving your luxery car to your house in the hills and some overzealous cop pulls you over, drags you out of your Lexas or whatever you drive, and demands to know what you are doing in that car, in that neighborhood. But then again maybe you are a spy (white spy) that comes to black themed blogs to try to get us to fight amongst each other.

I understand the whole idea of free dialog, but why don't you ban this ignorant motherfucker from your site? I understand that not all people are going to agree with your point of view, but all this ignorant-ass fool seems to want to do is twist everything you say. What are you saying that offends who ever the fuck this is so much? I guess the truth hurts,huh NSangoma?

My advice to you is keep telling it like it is, because without blogs like yours and some of the other black bloggers none of this racist bigotry would ever see the light of day. Let me be the first to tell you that I am proud to be in the fields with you, and people like this NSangoma can go to hell with their bullshit.

Lola Gets said...

Whilst I do have a related comment to make, Im going to reserve that for later, and just say now...
um, where am I on your blogroll???
Recline yourself, resign yourself!

Christopher Chambers said...

Dirty Red come on. Nsangoma (and I'm sorry it does mean witch doctor in Zulu) is like Lucifer whispering in our ear. The scary thing about the Fallen Angel is that he take strands of actual truth and tries to get us to hang ourselves with it. If what he says makes us cringe, GOOD. WE NEED TO CRINGE. Check the little clip from Judge Joe Brown I put on my blog--a tiny tiny piece of the problem, but a nice metaphor for it.

For the thousandth friggin time, the one we can control is yeah, to put a stop to these fools who murder deal drugs, clown and coon on TV, in the pulpit, in Congress, etc. If the criminal justice system is racist, then damn it can we at least stop acting like fools, thus feeding the monster. Cause you know, at a certain point, I don't give a shit that the brother who blasts a hole in the head of his brother did so because his dead wasn't there, and the schools were bad. Yeah, that's an aggravating factor, but there are folks who make the CHOICE to give in to that mess. We are seeing the fruits of nihilism, and we are all enablers, from rappers to Michael Eric Dyson to some commenters on this blog who knee jerk do the us as perpetual victims with no responsiblity for our destiny chant...

Anonymous said...

NSangoma does not mean witch doctor in Zulu. It may mean witch doctor to white folks and their ignorant synchophant Negroes.

Which of these ethnic groups said to you that NSangoma means witch doctor: Nguni, Zulu, isiXhosa, Ndebele, Swazi?

Christopher Chambers said...

Hey brotha, I was trying to defend you on this blog. Don't go biting me else I'll leave you to wrath of FIELD. Ok--what is a sangoma then? Herbalist? Nope. Maybe not "witch doctor" in the racist Tarzan movie sense, but maybe wizard, in the Lord of the Rings sense? hahaha

Anonymous said...

"The scary thing about the Fallen Angel is that he take strands of actual truth and tries to get us to hang ourselves with it".

Well Chris, there may be some truth to that, but I cringed when Nsamgoma said in comments on another blog that he/she is genetically superior to the Jena 6, and I know damn well that's not true. But then, I actually cringed out of embarassment for him/her.

Anonymous said...

Field, this is of course white folks fault?


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