Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thirteen against Bethany

Today is a very sad day in A-merry-ca. (Sorry woozie) And I know we are too busy worrying about Ms. Spear's latest custody battle, and Ellen's dog to care. But something very sad and cruel happened in Washington D.C. today, and you should know about it.

Today, our elected leaders failed to come up with the necessary votes needed to override the frat boy's veto of an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Premium. (SCHIP)

Let's think about this for a minute. In A-merry-ca, there are nine million children without health insurance. And all the major organizations that should know about these things--- such as The American Medical Association, The American Health Insurance Plans, and The Catholic Health Association, thinks that this latest SCHIP over haul bill should pass. But thanks to 13 representatives --who George Bush must have pictures of in a bathroom trolling for sex-- it won't happen; all because congress came up 13 votes shy of what's needed to tell the frat boy to stick his veto pen up his presidential ass.

It would cost 35 billion dollars over the next ten years or so to insure about 4 million children, and these clowns are trying to prevent it from happening. Now folks, I don't know about you, but that seems like one hell of a bargain to me. Sadly, it won't happen, because there are aliens among us known as republicans, whose fear of what they consider socialized medicine takes precedence over the lives of our children.

Have you ever heard of Bethany Wilkerson? Of course you haven't, she isn't on MTV, nor does she have her own television show. She is a little girl who had open heart surgery, and thanks to the SCHIP program, her parents were able to afford to get her the medical help that she needed.
"When Bethany's health issues arose we had that coverage" That was her mother. "She might not be here right now from that, but she is because of the SCHIP." That was her father.

On October 1, 2007, the frat boy declared that it was Child Health Day in A-merry-ca. And on October 3, 2007, he vetoed the SCHIP reauthorization bill.

I swear that man (Bush) keeps me up at nights.


rikyrah said...

Some very cold Mofos, FN.

Very cold.

I would comment on them using White kids to make their plea, but they're no fools. They understand who they're marketing to.

PS- waiting for you to do a post on Shrub joking about WWIII. He's insane. They all are.

Francis Holland said...

Unless there's Democratic president and Congress, we haven't got a *** hair's chance of getting health care legislation passed. And even then it's going to be hard to get universal coverage.

Anyway, congratulations on that Los Angelos Times article featuring Field Negro and the AfroSpear. I've finally seen the your face, after corresponding with you for almost a year!

Anyway, as I said at my blog, you're an excellent AfroSpear mentor.

Francis Holland said...

As you read about Field Negro in the LA Times, never forget what whitosphere apartheid blogger Chris Bowers of MyDD said about Black bloggers just nine months ago:

"Questions of how to solve the diversity problem in the blogosphere often arise, and my blogging on MyDD has repeatedly taken those concerns seriously. However, one thing we need to remember in these discussions is that no matter how wonderful and important the blogosphere is, it simply isn't something everyone needs to do. We need to make certain that the progressive movement is diverse, inclusive, and so on, but every single community within the movement does not also have to demonstrate the same level of diversity expected of the overall movement.

Different means of engagement are simply more relevant for different kinds of people, [???] and for different communities. It is absolutely essential that we are all engaging each other, but it is by no means important that we are all engaging each other through blogging." Chris Bowers, MyDD

Arrogant white supremacist bast**d!

Congratulations, Field!

burpster said...

I don't understand the US? So much wealth, big military, big buisness, but mention universal healthcare and everyone shouts COMMIE!

Yet, you never hear them use that word when they are buying cheap-ass slave made shite from China?

America it's time to join the rest of the industrialized world.

Congrats on the article in the Times, even though I can't see it. :)

burpster said...

OFF TOPIC: please enable full screening of comments.

burpster said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a MPH (Master of Public Health) at Charles R. Drew University-and it's just a sad, sad day.
How are people supposed to keep working, or start working and keep their pride if they have to chose between welfare and their child getting health care or a paycheck?
My mother taught kindergarten in the poorest part of Long Beach CA when I was a kid, and we knew when she talked about a momma staying up all night in the ER with one of her students because of an earache, it was because that kid's parents worked.
Dammit don't they realize that Justice and available affordable health care make an economy run BETTER???
Damn Frat boys...

Anonymous said...

I was told about your blog from an old soldier friend of mine who lives up North. I came, I read, and followed some links and bookmarked this blog, and some others.

For whatever its worth, I am 73 this month. I have a couple of blogs too. Mine are not political or religious but more about seeing things up close.

Because of who I am related to I was born into a family of Republicans. That's just like being born into a family of Catholics. You don't change religions easily without some flack from family, friends and the church. Being born in a Republican family is like that. But we gave up on that party, in spite of our political connections to it, after the second George Bush was given the presidential chair by the Supreme Court.

Since then, the president and his Whine House and his gang of Republicans have not only wrecked the economy of the US but they have done so many things wrong that even the people who voted for him/them will deny it to your face.

I really like your blog. I could go on and on about it but I read almost everything down the right side and found I agreed 100%.

I don't get Fox News anymore. I chose not to list it so it doesn't show up. That station is the Whine House's public relations station. The people employed to read the news must read Whine House scripts.

There are so many things I agree with you on. We have spent enough money and lives in Iraq 1 and 2 that could have been used to provide universal health care to everyone in this country.

Oh well. I am too old for this.

My name is Abraham Lincoln. I am related to President Lincoln. Honest. My wife of 52 years, and I, are now registered Democrats though that isn't saying much.

Blinders Off said...

Why have a Congress, I should have known they would uphold his VETO?

I second Rikyrah motion for you to do a post on his talk of WWIII because I don't think he is joking.

I have been casually talking about him stirring up WWIII wondering who would be on the US side. Now he opened his mouth about a possible WWIII...Scary!

field negro said...

rikyrah, I hoestly thought about posting the frat boy using those words (world war III)to scare the living shit out of us, but maybe later.

Francis, what can I tell you. You have been fighting the fight with our left wing friends for awhile now. I am sure they are soooo sick of you. But keep tellling it like it is my man. Stay in their faces.

burpster, I am not sure what you mean. Shoot me an e-mail and explain in detail. (

hg, thanks for your story. Deep!

oldmanlincoln, first old all, "Whine House" is classic. And no shit about your name? Now I can brag that Abe Lincoln posted in the fields.

"Oh well. I am too old for this."

No you are not! You keep doing what you do, and speaking your mind.

Thanks for checking out the site, and always come back. I wan't to hear more from "honest Abe" :)

blinders...,with this Prez. we wouldn't have too many takers on our side. Not with the way this administration has been demonizing the UN.

Anonymous said...

Bush says it costs too much and at the same time candidates in the Presidential race are on pace to shatter records on amounts spent on advertising. Also oil just broke $90 a barrel.

Bush and people supporting this veto say that "Families making $83,000 aren't poor." No, they aren't...they're just a part of the middle class that makes too much to get government benefits and not enough to afford health care, college tuition or other things without going in debt for life.

Haven't you realized that it's only "think of the children" when it involves rap music, violent video games and saggy breasts displaying for .06 seconds on national TV.

Joel said...

SCHIP? Who cares about SCHIP... I'm much more concerned about Ellen's dog Iggy. And Barbaro. Don't forget Barbaro. And those poor, innocent pit bulls owned by Michael Vick.

Yawn. When the fuck are we going to start talking about human dignity in this country?

Anonymous said...

The real question Joel is...what about Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton? That's who's important. As a black man i can't even get off with a warning for a speeding ticket yet those three can drive drunk and do blow. Man, I'm jealous. Since I'll never get breaks like that I need to live vicariously through them. And don't forget Anna Nicole Smith...can't forget sweet, innocent Anna. I mean I could care less about little kids getting better health care, the War in Iraq, gas prices or the fact that Bush is talking about World War III. I want my daily dose of celebrity news or gotdamn it I'm really going to get mad...

Anonymous said...

hey, give the frat boy his due. . .he's willing to spend many times the $35 billion to kill our children in a war that should never have been.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

BBBBut, Field:

59% of Americans voted for the SOB because he was the type of person "you could have a beer with".

Screw that, cause I'm particular about who I choose to drink with.

Anyone in Texas was warning America about Bush because they suffered under him as Governor of the Lone Star State.

When as an MLB owner, he was the only maroon to vote against the currenty playoff system, and he traded away Sammy Sosa.

He bankrupted as many businesses as Donald Trump, and got bailed out equally as much.

And 59% of America entrusted this fool with the White House, not once, BUT TWICE, while his slut daughters are chugging down mojitos at the sleazy bars here in DC, while sounding like their grandmother ("Why should I worry my beautiful mind about things like that") when asked why won't they enlist to go fight in their daddy's war.

If he can veto SCHIP, he can damned well start WWIII and all because Pelosi's in bed with him on all of this shyt, and she took the Democratic Party with her. She took impeachment off the table for a reason, and that reason is she agrees with the Frat Boy and is metamorphically engaging in conjugal rights with his ass.

Condi must be pissed that her "husband" is now sharing favors with the Speaker of the House. It's the only explanation I can come up with for Congress, with their 11% approval rating, couldn't over ride his veto on this issue.

Christopher Chambers said...

You're missing the point Field. It's got shit to do with Ellen's dog. That's just distracting the shallow fools who really don't WANT to get involved in this debate either way. It's the mass of NASCAR dads and Wal-Mart/Target housewives who are a few paychecks form homelessness who are the problem. The Democrats still have this effete east coast/angry silly blacks/gay-lezbo/Hollywood vibe, for better or worse, and only intelligent folk like Bill Richardson are fighting it. Forget Hillary, and Barack's proven himself a lightweight tool when America needs a strong leader who's out in front on the controversial issues with something direct and concrete. Don't blame the GOP for it's ignorance. These are ignorant clowns. It;s like blaming the germs for infecting a goddamn cut you got from not watching where you're going! Blame a lack of leadership, forceful fisticuffs...and challenging this notion of CHIPS as tax-increasing fluff for welfare cheats, hillbillies and press on nail obese pregnant black women who already 10 kids by ten bruhs. That's not to say these folk don;t exist--I am a Cosby-ite after all (and I'll be seeing him soon come Book Expo America)--but this is the image these fools use to poison these dumbass voters, not K-fed as dad.

I APPLAUD the frat boy for showing the balls to do what the f*ck he feels like and hope he continues to do so! yeah I said it. because then we'll see who's just whining and who's ready to fight. And if it's war (figuratively) then we've got to shot our wounded and the clowns, because they are useless in battle (and Field youknow I don't consider people like Whitlock clowns...they are Benedict Arnolds, but we can't do a thing about them. I mean the entertainers, athletes, criminals, hoes, indolent m-fs, kids who call folks "acting white" for wanting to study, et al). You can't fight a war with half-assed soldiers. Not in real life, not here.

So I say Bravo GOP. Bravo Frat boy. You have shown that whole lot is stink. I say we kill every member of the Congressional Black Caucus, every local black polician, every pastor ofevery black mega-congregation in this land. Even the "good" ones. When Russia was falling apart in 1918 and became communist, the old provisional gov't leader, Alexander kerensky, said to the Czar Nicholas II, recently deposed and on his way to getting blasted with his whole family (including Anastasia): "You had power but no laws. I have laws but no power. We both deserve to die."

Anonymous said...

Don't members of Congress get "Government Provided" Health Care?

I guess that's different.

I'm sure in their minds they somehow "Deserve" it.

The Party of "Family Values," "Life" and "Morality."

Mother fuckers.

Liz Dwyer said...

One of my neighbors just started a new job and her insurance doesn't kick in till November 1st. In the meantime, her son has this weird hard lump on his leg and she can't take him to the doctor. And then if it's something serious, she's worried the doctors will say it's a pre-existing condition. She's totally freaking out. Guess she's just a welfare mom trying to get over though...or at least that's the stereotype, right?

We are raising a generation that will have no loyalty to this country.

Foofa said...

It truly is a very very sad day. I was dismayed when I found out that it was that close to passing and then didn't. This money is a drop in the bucket compared to what the government spends and so many other things. Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what the opinions are of Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones (of jena 6 fame) handing out the video of the year honor at the BET hip hop awards?
Should criminals be rewarded? Should their criminal past not be used against them? What are the chances they will add to the black on black murder rate before they turn 25?

field negro said...

kriss,you are right, they must have forgotten how much health care costs in this country. Shit, you have to either be with a good company (few and far bwetween) Or make some serious loot to afford proper health covrage.

Joel, your tongue is in your cheeks and I like that. A man after my own heart.

chris, I swear man you are getting more radical by the day. Those Ivy League folks are going to take your degree back if you keep this up :) I think you and fairlane ought to hook up...never mind. I don't think A-merry-ca is ready :)

liz, thanks for that story. Please let us know how that turns out.

chris. prog. thanks for the Texas perspective on the frat boy. I see he gets no love there either.

"Should criminals be rewarded? Should their criminal past not be used against them? What are the chances they will add to the black on black murder rate before they turn 25?"

OK, totally off topic, but no, criminals should not be rewarded. You are assuming of course that the young men you refer to have been convicted of something. I know they were charged but were they convicted?

Anonymous said...

"We are raising a generation that will have no loyalty to this country."

Co-sign on that one, Liz. I've been thinking about the total cost of the war, and I figure at this rate, our great-great-grandchildren will still be paying for this one. America not only has to pay for the current soliders, but also for the ones who are permanantly disabled, not to mention the ones who have been killed. The families of these soldiers are also entitled to benefits ranging from widow's pension to health care and education. Where is this money going to come from?

Can't guarentee it will come from the taxpayers because their numbers are shrinking every day, Have to have a good paying job to pay any significant taxes.

The government should be willing to do whatever it takes to create more educated, healthy, working people/taxpayers in order to keep this country afloat. This is just one more act that defies logic.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout we just pay for birth control for people who pop out kids they can't afford.

It's probably cheaper.

I'm just sayin'....

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