Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Little Big Horn, Baghdad, what's the difference?

I never really liked those old Cowboy and Indian movies because I never got off on watching those Cowboys kill a bunch of Indians. The Cowboys always had guns and the Indians had bow and arrows. I mean how fair was that shit? Besides, I guess even at a young age I had this profound sense of fairness and a love for the underdog.

I must be one of just a few people in America who think Custer got what he deserved at Little Big Horn. After all, weren't we the ones intruding into sacred native American land in the Black Hills? What, you think a bunch of Sioux and Cheyenne decided to combine forces to fight the U.S. Calvary for nothing? George Armstrong Custer might have been a civil war hero but he fucked with the wrong Indians that day.

Which leads me to another George. This one not so much of a hero, although I am sure he considers himself very much a Cowboy. Just as we did with the Indians and their land back in 1876, this George invaded and intruded into what the people of Iraq consider their land, it pisses them off, and they are fighting back.

The Sunnis and the Shiites haven't combined forces like the Sioux and the Cheyenne yet but they will. And when they do, Little Big Horn will pale in comparison. I know people like the cheerleaders over at FAKE NEWS like to keep score and a running tally of the bad guys we have killed. "Sixty insurgents were killed by coalition forces today...." but that shit means nothing to me. I keep thinking about those old Cowboy and Indian movies and I can't help but wonder when this latest George is going to get his Little Big Horn. Althought when you think about it; with almost 4,000 American lives lost and many more to come, you have to wonder if George hasn't gotten his Little Big Horn already.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, you and I must be on the same page. My father used to say that Custer got what he deserved for helping to take this land away from the Native Americans who were here first.

He felt the same way about the Alamo. I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Houston, Texas, and we never went touring on anything related to Texas history, because my father believed it to be all lies. Especially that shyt about Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and others dying heroic deaths at the Alamo.

"Remember the Alamo!" used to be the battle cry. Yeah, right.

What Santa Ana and his crew did to the guys holed up at the Alamo was the same thing the Sioux and Cheyenne did to Custer - defend what was already THEIRS. A large chunk of Texas used to be known as the Republic of Mexico - until the surge arose to have it taken from them unfairly and without cause.

My father made damned sure my brother and I learned the "true" history, and not that shyt being written in the school textbooks, or that movie starring John Wayne.

America is in for a lot of bad karma, because of her history of taking shyt from others who didn't have what they needed to defend what they had. So the Frat Boy may as well get in line for his dose of bad karma. I don't care if he flees America when his term is over - Bad karma is like a bad virus; you can run from it, but sooner or later, if you haven't been vaccinated, it will get you.

Anonymous said...

Dubya ain't gonna have no Little Big Horn. Other mothers' sons, yes, but not him. Unless a comet hits Earth, he'll always be warm, safe and dry.

Anonymous said...

Feild, I'm new to the Blogosphere/Afro-Spear. Check out my Blog and leave comments if you like. Read my post of Clarence Thomas and please be open minded. Don't savage a New Blogger in the comments Bro. Pass it around the Blogosphere.

Thought Merchant

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the shameless plug above with no comment on your article.

What's always gotten me about Fox News and even CNN is how they keep reporting that the military has killed a "senior Al Qaeda leader". I mean seriously, just how many "senior leaders" do they have?

Only difference between Iraq and Little Big Horn is that we are knowingly supplying the Iraqi militias with the weapons they will eventually use against us. BRILLIANT!!!

And you're not the only one that thinks Custer had that one coming...

Francis Holland said...

I've never rooted for the cowboys either.

Hillary Clinton says that, if elected president, she's going to put an end to "cowboy diplomacy." I believe so, because otherwise she'd be the first woman cowbow president in the History of the United States.

Anonymous said...

George W and Custer do have much in common--

And as Anonymous said W's downfall won't be because 4000 American solders are dead. Or that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's have been killed. Or that he is at best, a liar and failed leader and at worst a criminal sociopath--(as I was taught Custer was.)

The many dead remain faceless hordes to him. And he has no problem with increasing their number. There is no one in Iraq that he values enough to touch his miniscule heart or his limited mind.

It will be a very small incident--tiny and seemingly insignificant when it occurs, that brings this tyrant down. I'd like to trust that mythic screw-ups, who rarely get their comeuppance, are all eventually brought down because they have offended the universe--like, Custer.

Or if that fails --Let's impeach the MF already . . .

field negro said...

"Remember the Alamo" huh!
Great moments in his-story-.

"The many dead remain faceless hordes to him. And he has no problem with increasing their number. There is no one in Iraq that he values enough to touch his miniscule heart or his limited mind."

leota2, why don't you say what really feel? :)

Lola Gets said...

hey Field, I was up in your city last weekend, and Ill probably be there this weekend as well. For the most part, it looks like it did 6 years ago, lol, but I was only in the downtown area.

I do have one question though, whats up with all the homeless people? DCs had a boom on our homeless population, and we're still trying to figure out why, but whats up with Philly?


Anonymous said...

Well Field,
I did hold back a wee bit, (smile) --for me.

Woozie said...

Custer should have been scalped.

I don't think the Sunni and Shia will join forces, they're too busy shooting at each other to reconcile. Plus, the U.S. has been making lovey dovey with Sunni clerics, so the probably won't turn any time soon.

Anonymous said...

"I must be one of just a few people in America who think Custer got what he deserved at Little Big Horn."

I'm right there with you. One of my girlfriends and I went to Little Big Horn several years ago, and I got to stand at the bottom of the hill where the Sioux waited for that murderous bastard.

The most fucked up thing is there's a Crow reservation there, and right next to it is a town named "Custer."

If you want to know the American Indian's version of U.S. history check out "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee."

I only got about 100 pages in before I had to put it down. Probably the most disturbing book I've ever read.

The Black Hills are the most sacred place on earth to the Sioux.

Imagine if they rolled into Jerusalem and carved Hitler's face on the "Wailing Wall."

That's what Mount Rushmore is to the Sioux.

By the way,I'm adding you to my blogroll Field, if that's cool.

Professor Zero said...

"wonder if George hasn't gotten his Little Big Horn already"

OMG do you think? I hope so!!!

Ridwan said...

You must mean that they are starting to rescue 3200 miners in South Africa.

Africa is a big continent to be so invisible in the American psyche.

Best wishes.

Peace and struggle,

Christopher Chambers said...

Dude, most people--even whites--who know the true story of the Little Bighorn thnk Custer deserved it. I know military types who are a bit more specific. They play down the fact that e were exterminating the Indians and/or clearing them from "our" land (I use that we and our deliberately--the 9th Cavalry and 21st Inf regiment--brothers--were part of the relief force that found the 7th Cavalry jacked up). They basically say that Custer's whole attack was an idiotic foolish episode that's been protected by PR and myth--so there's your common ground even with the wingnuts.

Unknown said...

America never tells the stories of the prices paid for folly. This is propaganda by ommission, meant to leave the impression of right decision-making.


Anonymous said...

You're hardly alone about Custer. Not only was he planning a terrible thing, he planned it stupidly. So he got it on two counts.

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