Wednesday, October 17, 2007

These "talented tenth" wannabees are neither

I knew when I posted about sell outs it would bring out our conservative and right leaning black friends. It always does doesn't it? You would think I didn't talk about black Democrats in that post and how they can be sell outs as well. But I didn't see left leaning black folks being offended and coming to the defense of all things left. But such is the life of the black conservative. Always with the chip as big as an elephant (no pun intended) on his or her shoulder. The world can be so cruel and unkind to the black conservative. The other black folks are always out to get them. They are so misunderstood.

But you have to love these people. These so called "independent thinkers" among us who have all the answers and cures for the black race. The funny thing is; I don't think their thought is so independent at all. I have been listening to their ilk from Deroy Murduck, to Roy Innis, to Alan Keys, to Kevin Pritchett, to Thomas Sowell, to Star Parker, to Walter Williams.....well, you get the picture, and the song is always the same. You black folks have to get away from the group think. You have to stop listening to Jessie, and Al, and all the other race pimps out there. You have to work hard and pull yourselves up by your boot straps and then you can achieve like me. (Another myth, because the truth is, most of these new money Negroes are just one step away from the poverty that they are always railing against; but I digress) We all have to be new and improved Negroes like Booker T. aspired to be. We have to leave those poor Negroes behind who will pull the rest of us down like W. E. B. wanted us to do. Yep, we have to get that "talented tenth" and move on.

Good luck, because in order to do that, you have to get the talented part down first.

Folks, here is the deal. Until the conservative movement gets its shit together, it will never attract the number of black folks to start a viable movement. (Stay with me my new money friends, I am trying to help you) In order to make in roads with us black folks, you have to get rid of people like Star Parker, who right after hurricane Katrina, said on FOX NEWS, that black people suffer from a "welfare mentality". You have to get away from people like Armstrong Williams, who took money to shill for the Bush administration. And when fucked up shit happens to black people it would be nice if you came out and said it was fucked up just once.--- Like James Byrd, and Jena for instance. Stop siding with white conservatives on every fucking issue. They never had, and never will have our best interest at heart. If you are such "independent thinkers" why don't you practice some independence from your white conservative friends? If you do that you would be showing me that you are a true independent. Hey, if you do that, maybe you will even get closer to attracting a tenth of those black folks you want.

I suspect though, that you can never be truly independent, because that would mean giving up your whi...whoops, I mean right card. But if, by chance, you do decide to be truly independent thinkers, here are some policies that your right wing brothers embrace that you might want to reconsider: You can't be against a minimum wage increase or a fair living wage for workers. Not when some poor single mother is working at Wal Mart and earning $6 an hour, and Sam Walton's fucking daughter bought a 30 million dollar painting at some art auction in New York. You can't just blindly follow the NRA and their strict interpretation of the second amendment when kids are getting slaughtered in our streets on a regular basis. You can't support free enterprise and a total deregulation of businesses when environmental racism is killing your people in places like South Texas, and Mississippi. You can't oppose affirmative action programs, and minority business set asides, but turn around and rip black folks for not starting businesses in their own neighborhoods. ( You benefited from the same affirmative action programs that you now conveniently want to get rid of. I know I know, you guys are the smart ones, you didn't need affirmative action) You can't oppose strong voting rights enforcement, but rip your own people for not being involved enough in the political process. And finally, you can't support the death penalty when you know that more than one innocent person has been put to death by the state because of a fucked up justice system.

Hey, just a little advise from the field. Because lately I have been feeling the love from you guys, and I just want to give some back.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell those clowns like Alan Keyes that the conservative movement don't exist anymore. All the white republicans moved on to killing the islams and deporting Porto Ricans and torturing everyone. That old hustle wherein one pretended to be all pissed off about abortion and affirmative action just doesn't reel in the rubes like it used to. Star Parker's job is in danger!

sippinwineman said...

sigh. . . As a card carrying independent thinker with some good ideas on solutions to problems in our community, with a strong sense of integrity and honor living two doors down from Juan Williams I have this - the only difference between Dems and Rebs is the height of the branch the height of the branch you are hung.

brotherkomrade said...

Hey Field, still reconstructing my blog, but I linked you in my latest post and will be adding you to my blogroll.


Christopher Chambers said...

FN--you are pushing the envelope and that's a good thing!!! I posted an interview with affirmative action expert Peter Schmidt on my own blog and gave you a shout-out.

By the way, I also heard Miss Anus herself, "Book Rising", on NPR this afternoon and...gulp...I found myself agreeing with her. Now, it was on the narrow issue of Bill Cosby's new book with Dr. Alvin Poussaint. The other folks where attacking Coz for his usual lesson, on the grounds he sounded "old" and "insulting." Shay reminded these negroes that Cosby and Dr. Poussaint have stated for almost a year that all of the soft spoken, loving, ENABLING talk has either been ignored or fallen on deaf ears, so it's time slap folks across the face to wake them the hell up.

I felt so dirty for doing it, but in my car I whispered: "Yeah, you b-word, you tell 'em."

Anonymous said...

Field, this is some of your best work in a while. Absolutely devastating.


Anonymous said...

I tell you what FN, I was having the same kind of discussion in my blog about education, and it's sad when people who were fortunate enough to have certain things all of a sudden want to turn their backs on the very people they "came from." responsibility implies equality i.e. how can poor people be fully responsible for their conditions when they haven't been provided with equal footing? ugh! and it's funny because that's a broad argument from both major parties, and it makes me sick.

good post, and thanks for firing me up in the morn.

field negro said...

sippinwineman,does Juan keep his lawn cut? :)

Thaks brotherkomrade, as is always my practice, I will reciprocate.

Thanks Jimbo, and thanks again for that word (Shrub) for our Prez. Yep, I have used that bad boy on occasion. But I always give you your proper credit.

Chris, now I know the world is going crazy. You actually agreed with girlfriend? Wow!

Jose,as someone in the educating business you ought to know. But I am sure there are black conservatives out there who know more about teaching than you do. Remember, they know EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Du Bois' talented tenth were usually, yella.

Anonymous said...

Found you via the LA Times dot com article. I like what I'm seeing here, FN. You're on my regular blogroll now.

Anonymous said...

You remind me a lot of Steve Gilliard . I don't know what will fix America, but telling it like it is is a good start. All the best.

Anonymous said...


Great post, dude! I really don't understand why anyone would side with either party... As the years roll by and the Dems keep allowing the right to run all over them. It begs the question in my mind that they must be in collusion, cuz this shit doesn't make any sense. If you're independent be independent, don't say you're independent and side with the ones who are even looking after the place from wince you came.
A lot of people like these blame people for their circumstance. There are different reasons why people are in the situations their in and for certain people to generalize is wrong. It's the same ole shit with these people. nevermind the bigger issue let's pick on the little guy instead of being the leader that they claim they are.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You black folks have to get away from the group think. You have to stop listening to Jessie, and Al, and all the other race pimps out there. You have to work hard and pull yourselves up by your boot straps and then you can achieve like me.

Field, I'm supposed to get away from group think, and engage in another form of said group think?

They say they are independent thinkers; if true, then they could disagree with Al and Jesse, and point out fallacies of group think to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly as well. They lose me with their "independent thinking" when their talking points not only mirror what the aforementioned blowhards say, but they compound it with dissing black people who don't agree with them, either.

I have some friends who are Black Conservatives - trust me, they diss the likes of Juan Williams, Walter Williams, Tom Sowell and Alan Keyes as equally as Jesse and Al. They truly want to uplift the race - they know that in order to do that some of the members need the boots, so they can have the "bootstraps" upon which one is supposed to pull himself up. They reflect what W.E.B DuBois had in mind when the phrase the "talented tenth" was coined.

You get a leg up, and then you go back and kick that door open for someone else. The trouble with the current crop of "talented tenth" is that they are so insecure of their own knowledge, skills and abilities, that they are frightened when another one of us shows up to play in the game. They are afraid of having Massa's attention go to someone else other than themselves.

They work hard to undermine their brotha or sista, so they can remain, as my father would say "The only fly in the buttermilk". Some black people like being "the only negro" anywhere they are, because it represents to them that they, and they alone, have earned Massa's respect. They don't want to share that, or the opportunity to let Massa know that Remus isn't the only one with skills.

IMO, it explains why there is such a class divide among us when we, of all people, can least afford to be divided. This is another issue that Black leadership refuses to bring out of the closet and shine a light on, because someone's going to holler we're tearing down the race; never realizing that by keeping quiet, we tear down the race, anyway.

Blinders Off said...


I have been waiting on your post bout the talented tenth when someone asked you about it on another post. You did not disappoint!

I always look forward to your comments you don't hold back...your IMO hit the nail on the head.

Joel said...

I've always thought that your typical black conservative pundit/writer/whatever was just someone with the business sense to exploit a niche market.

In academia and journalism a liberal black intellectual will have to compete with perhaps thousands of other people with similar ethnic and poltical backgrounds to get the best faculty appointments, writing jobs, tv appearances, etc. Yet a conservative black intellectual has much less competition and will find him or herself in demand because of the deep-pocketed right wing media and think tanks in this country. It's economics (once again).

Kip said...

Skin Tone

I have noticed that a lot of these blacks who claim conservatism and talk bad about blacks all the time to gain some benefits from white conservatives are dark skin or dark caramel skin. Yeah, yeah, you got some some light skin blacks out there to, but from my observation Thomas Sowell, Rev Jesse Lee Peterson, Lashawn Barber, Clarence Thomas, Star Parker, Armstrong Williams (Williams is not as bad as the other he is alright in general), Mychal Massey, and many others are all dark skin or dark caramel brown skin. They make up the majority of the most popular conservatives who are anti black. Maybe it is because some of the blacks leaders and politicians are mixed race light skin looking people, and these dark skin black conservatives feel that can't compete with old pretty light skin.

Black people need to pay close attention too this, and mixed race (mulattoes) light skins need to pay close attention too. If you are these people why would you try to destroy blacks political and disenfranchise them. Clearance Thomas' hatred of light skin blacks is well documented, and he does not like the mulatto elite. Is it because they are angry at white folks and are scared to lash out so they take their frustrations out on blacks and mixed race people (light skin and bi racials, mulattoes). Do they hate being black and dislike the skin tones they are born with. Clarence Thomas married a white woman. But he hates mulattoes, who are mixed with white.

As a mulatto I don't want any of these types of people around me. Then you got Larry elder, and a few others who are just doing for attention and money from white conservative organizations. There I nothing wrong with making money from certain political groups it is how you go about doing it. But all of the blacks I just named, and some I did not name, on average could not compete with whites and this is part of reason they chose the route that they took.

The talented tenth are heavily made up of mixed race people (mulattoes) therefore, therm mulatto elite (half white).

Anonymous said...

Hey Field:

Thanks again for your perspective. As you know, I'm no guilty liberal, and I'm not Black, just an average white guy.

As I sat down to my coffee & LA Times this morning I was happily surprised to see you "unamsked.' I guess the wife profile kinda blows the "girlfriend fantasy", huh ? Bummer...

Anyway, please keep up your work--i enjoy (and need ) the perspective.

Christopher Chambers said...

Malcolm X (before he went to Saudi Arabia and got some perspective) made a lot of hay over this light-skinned house negro turned elite fiction. The facts here in the US pre 1860: slave owners, (and most owned what--maybe 2 or 3, the way we own cars now) were more afraid of these folks because they were so intimately involved with them in everyday life. Whether it's a true "house slave" or groom or housegirl or cook or washer, to some mulatto slave on hire working down at the docks or in a brewery, it was these folks who scared white folks shitless and that is well documented. the folk out in the "field" (and again this house folk in tuxes/300 negroes in the field distinction is more Gone with the Wind than fact) were seen only as the mindless muscle; the key was to keep the precursors of the "talented tenth" away from these folks lest they infect them. In the smaller towns and cities, especially places like Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Charlestown, Savannah, New Orleans, etc., the mixing up was daily, however. Even on major estates with that stereotypical light skinned house/dark skinned field thing going, and even when the mulattoes were progeny of the master or his sons or hired hands, it was the house negroes whom they feared. A field negro was remote. Your light bright little housegirl could slip some shit into your tea or ground glass in your biscuit...

But yeah, Field, I relented and actually agreed with Booker Rising for a split second. I'm still showering with anti-bacterial soap.
Come on over to my blog and leave a comment...

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with being conservative? All the points of view you espouse lead you to the word-formerly-known-as-OK: liberal. If all of us don't watch out, we are all going to be field negroes working for corporations that don't give a fiber us -- or for the truth, much less or any of us, black, white or indifferent. The conservatives have a game: it's called get the juices running on emotional issues and maybe the public won't notice that their rights have been stripped off like an old tattered shirt. No one in their right mind should want to be labeled conservative. It just means Bigot in another language.

Anonymous said...

This is completely off topic...but please tell me you saw the crap Fox News did about the "possible" title of Nas's next album. OMG. Just when you thought they couldn't go any lower...

Oh and congrats on the LA Times article. I aim to be like you one day.

Anonymous said...

FN: Thanks for educating house negroes and keeping field negroes sane. Two things. First, thanks for educating house negroes. After dissing us at small social gatherings and on tv, they smile broadly, thinking, "Yeah, i'm part of the Talented Tenth alright!" Only to come home, turn on their computer and getting a shonnuf black ass-whooping from the field. Sweet.
Second, i'm a contributing writer for a black weekly here in Minneapolis called The Minnesota Spokesmen Recorder. I recently completed writing a series of articles around the title, "What will it take for Black men to heal?" which i've expanded and hope to get published sometimes in 2008. But I don't think some of these house negroes can wait that long. They need some serious now...A little education goes a long was.

It may seem shady by the house, but stay in the field. Blessings. Mac Walton

Anonymous said...

Nice post. No black person I know has uncritical, blindfolded love for the Democratic party or the liberal left. We see them clearly for who they are. But we also see, quite clearly, the conservative right for who they are, and we smart enough to hold our nose and choose the lesser of two evils.

It is so insulting when black conservatives suggest otherwise, saying most blacks are simply following the party line.

I always ask them this, especially those belonging to the Christian right: Do the majority of wealthy, white men vote Republican? Yes. Why? Because it is in their best interest. If the GOP is working in their best interest, can it also work in the best interest of the poor? The middle-class? Black folks? Check your Bible for the answer: you cannot serve two masters, for you will love one and hate the other.

Anonymous said...

All this categorization of people as "liberal," "moderate" or "conservative" is crap. I'm against abortion and against the war - what does that make me?

By the way, LA Times did you well.

Blinders Off said...

That is a good article written about you in the LA Times. Your popularity is reaching new heights. I am now wondering if the MSM will have the courage to have the eminent Field commenting with other panel guest when it comes to race relation issues.

CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve the recognition.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am here after reading the LA story.

Nelson said...

Congrats on the article, Field!

Unknown said...

For more than three years, authors Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint have been listening to the voices at community call-outs in cities across the country. Their latest book, Come On People, due out October 9 in bookstores nationwide, combines messages of personal responsibility with practical solutions, and retells the incredible stories shared at these call-outs.

Come On People is for all those who are tired of being used, neglected and undefended—folks who wish to see changes in their governments, their neighborhoods, on their streets and within the walls of their living spaces.

At you will find a forum called "The Cos," that is designed for community members to discuss issues beyond those addressed in the book, as well as a place for people to come together and offer solutions. It's time to have the courage to believe you can do better by asking for help and not being afraid to move forward.

No matter your economic status, no matter your age, no matter your race, no matter your gender, and no matter your religion, we are all allies in changing our future for the better.

You can find downloadable PDF's of excerpts from Come On People at the following links:

We are also willing to send review copies out to the first 100 bloggers who respond to—all we ask is that you publish a review and link back to

Please share this book and website with members of your blog community—the more people who hear Drs. Cosby and Poussaint's message, the better!

Christina Stewart
Respond2 Communications

Upcoming Bill Cosby appearances:

October 18: Good Morning America
October 18: Larry King Live

field negro said...

cocoagook, thanks for the blog roll love. Shoot me a link to your site and I will reciprocate.

Chris, and ghostface, you light skinned Negroes are a trip:) But thanks for the perspective.

anon.11:00AM, what wife? As Bernie Mac said; "that was a long long time ago...:)

thank you mac walton, keep holding down in the "land of the lakes".

kriss, if you aim to be like me one day you have some issues :)

"I always ask them this, especially those belonging to the Christian right: Do the majority of wealthy, white men vote Republican? Yes. Why? Because it is in their best interest. If the GOP is working in their best interest, can it also work in the best interest of the poor?"

well said, but don't ever tell that to a self hater.

Hey, all you left coasters checking in for the first time, please come back.

I swear, the people that comment here---even the ones I fight with--have so much knowledge it's scary.

BTW, the reporter that wrote that article commented on just that; how much he learned from reading the comments section on this blog.

Now on a serious note, have any of you L.A. people seen Lark Voorhies?

TIC said...

What a bunch of left wing know nothing losers. It amazes me how idiots abound in this country and this site is proof of same. No originality just parroting of the same old leftist crappola you find on the rest of left wing nut job sites. If ya wanna get jiggy with reality try this out for size. We call a spade a spade!

Unknown said...

Great post. Love reading your blog.

Liz Dwyer said...

Yeah, you got some LA love! ;) Lark is living somewhere around here...maybe she read about you in the LAT this morning and will come over and see that you've been looking for her.

Seriously though, thank you for calling out Ellen's crying foolishness in your sidebar! Cry about something real, Ellen! And Field, preach on about Walmart! I have not been in a Walmart in 9 years and wish everyone I know would stop going there. They're the devil!

Hathor said...

I guess that is why we call you the right, because you are always right. Right on time with that tired argument.

Hathor said...

Good profile in the LA Times, also your facial profile is good too.

Woozie said...

I gotta take issue on that NRA comment-I don't have a problem with enforcing reasonable gun control laws (there's really no need for an RPG) but how will keeping guns from civilians curve murder rates? The same way keeping drugs from civilians curves substance abuse rates?

Anonymous said...

Lark Voorhies??, she looks like a carmel coloured white woman Field.

Is that the way you likes 'em Field, lite, bright, and damn near white?

A blue vein society member of the talented 10th?

What up Field, you want your children to have good hair?

field negro said...

tic, your handle is quite appropriate. And just what exactly causes the tic, not taking your meds? I guess it's that time huh.

Thanks hathor, liz and leeann

woozie, I figured you were an NRA man. I know people and not guns kill people, but do we have to make it so easy for them? I'm just saying.

nsangoma....never mind...**deep breath field**

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that "daily nigger" site (don't go there, it's not worth it) is among the more intellectually cowardly things I've seen on the internet. Anyway, I enjoyed the LA Times article on you, Field. It's very valuable in the it introuduces the public at large to someone who (like most other black people in this country) doesn't fit, and refuses to be forced into the majority's left/right political frame.

field negro said...

ddgee, you should see some of the e-mails I get.

But thanks!

Cobb said...

Folks, here is the deal. Until the conservative movement gets its shit together, it will never attract the number of black folks to start a viable movement.

I think it bears mentioning that black Conservatives aren't really trying to start a movement. Black Conservatism isn't movement politics. It's Old School, it's about bringing people back to some standard values, not selling a new flavor of utopia.

SimonGreedwell said...

Folks, here is the deal. Until the conservative movement gets its shit together, it will never attract the number of black folks to start a viable movement. (Stay with me my new money friends, I am trying to help you)

Let's summarize your points about what steps the conservative movement must take to win more black support:

1. Purge from your ranks those black spokespersons whose speech is virtually indistinguishable from the most virulent white racists.
2. Don't hesitate to call out racial injustice when you see it.
3. Don't blindly tow the party line.
4. Don't be against a minimum wage increase or a fair living wage for workers.
5. Don't just blindly follow the NRA and their strict interpretation of the second amendment; reinforces #3.
6. Don't support free enterprise and a total deregulation of businesses.
7. Don't oppose affirmative action programs, and minority business set asides.
8. Don't oppose strong voting rights enforcement.
9. Don't support the death penalty.

^These seem simple enough, but do you think that conservatives haven't thought through these issues?

I am critical of conservatives on my blog and have pointed out some very shady stuff that I saw going.

Beyond these simple recommendations, do you see a more fundamental rift between blacks and conservatives?

rikyrah said...


You were in the LA Times? Awe sookey sookey now. I gotta click over and find you there.

As for our more conservative brethren....We really do have to take them, one by one.

I hang out at Booker Rising. I like Shay. I disagree with her on some things, but, at the end of the day, she's an Afro-centric Sister with a different viewpoint. I have never read anything that made me say, ' She hates Black people'.

And that's the crux of the problem with a number of our Black Conservative Brothers and Sisters - their utter hatred for Black folk just reeks through their writing.

They believe that they sprouted from the womb, got where they are and NOBODY HELPED THEM. That's what kills me about them...I don't think they believe it, but I think they've patented THE LIE that they got where they are ON THEIR OWN.

You and I both know that ALL of us got where we are because someone helped us - a teacher that saw our promise, if you're an athlete, a coach that rided you, some elder in the church or on your block, or some mentor. The Black community is littered with people that IF ONLY they'd had that mentor, their entire lives would be different. You know it. I know it.

But, our conservative brethren don't seem to want to admit that, because that would be admitting that some folks WERE LITERALLY BORN WITH NO BOOTS.

I've written of my closest Sistafriend before. Talk about someone who was born with no boots, but along the way, at every turn, there was someone willing to give her a piece of leather so that she could make her some boots, and she's now in a totally different circumstance than where she was born into....I totally would love for her to get into the room with the ' bootstrap' folks.

I believe we've lost the 'each one, teach one' mentality.

I run into so many folks who want to slit your throat because they want to be ' The Only One'.

I think being 'The Only One' STINKS. I'd much rather have a bunch of us, having one another's backs. But that would mean Black folk helping one every other group does to succeed.

rikyrah said...

Read the article. Pretty good. Loved that they got the ' Patio Negro' terminology out there. I told you, the minute I read that, I knew you were onto something..LOL

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Can someone give me a link. I cannot find it. TIA!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the fine bio in the LA Times. You are an excellent "truth teller." I salute you on the outstanding way you use words....with a quote.

"Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you can nudge the world a little." --Tom Stoppard, playwright

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Never mind, I found it.,1,6323970.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

field negro said...

rikyrazh, I love your take on black conservatives. It's an interesting perspective. As for shay, I really don't kow her. I have posted on her site, and she was always respectful to me. So no harm no foul as far as I am concerned. Now my man Chris from Nat Turner's Revenge. well....he has some issues with her. I don't know what it is, but I am going to get to the bottom of it :)

"Beyond these simple recommendations, do you see a more fundamental rift between blacks and conservatives?"

gray conserv. they are not "simple", they are very important issues that in my opinion, seperates the conservative movement from the rest of us.

But I will try to give you another fundamental difference between the black conservative and,-- I will call it the main stream black person.

Black conservative think of the individual first and his race second. He believes that he must uplift himself and HIS/or HER family first. He veiws the collective as dangerous, because it could ultimately undermine his ability to get ahead.

Most black people in the main stream cannot seperate themselves from their race, because they understand that society is not color blind. So they are always thinking about their race as a collective, and they understand that they are a part of that group no matter how succesful they become.

Hope that helped.

Anonymous said...

hey field, cruise by your blog ever so often to read your posts. congrats on the LA time article and finally its nice to put a face to a name.

shy giraffe

Woozie said...

They're going to get the guns regardless of any laws. I don't know about Philly but D.C. had strict gun control laws since 1976 and murder rates were still obscenely high.

I don't particularly like the NRA, too redneck-y and too radical for me. At least that's the way they rub me.

Unknown said...

ok a little out of topic here. So I am watching jeopardy today and the 2day champion is a black guy. He kicked some serious ass and I thought to myself 'in your face Watson' as in the double helix guy! He was supposedly barred from giving a speech at a museum in england because of a comment he made about black people being inherently dumber than whites.
good day everyone

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Awe-shucky!!! The Field Negro was featured in the LA Times! That's great news. Also great news for the Afrospear... Everyone should be proud.

Field, when you go on your book tour, (That's next.) make sure you holla at your girl when you get to Houston. And don't forget about me when I need the forward written for my book. LOL



Francis Holland said...

You've got a much stronger gag reflex than I have if you can stand to read those Black conservatives whom you name above. But, somebody's got to do it for us and I congratulate you for having the courage to do the risky reconnaissance work behind enemy lines!

Anonymous said...

conservative is a term that judges your values in terms of what is your level of tolerance towards black people. this deffination cuts across race lines. the problem with the black middle class is that they have been taught and do believe that they do not have to provide a service to other black people. that's why when we got the political offices and the public school leadership positions the quality of black life did not improve. cosby needs to look in the mirror and recognise the real enemy of black progress. once the racial makeup of the city or school system becomes 60% or more black the black middle class loose their scince of purpose and place becomes disfunctional. the attitude of a black conservative and a white conservative are pretty much the same when it comes to black people.

Unknown said...

I am a conscientious Canadian who has grown weary of American arrogance. I recently read the book American Bravado and think it should get widespread coverage. Finally, someone has the courage to tell the naked truth about the Ugly American.

Anonymous said...

I think black conservatives strongly believe in and take to heart Chris Rock's message. I call them Black Realists:

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock's Message? What message is that? I'm kidding, I know what you're talking about without following the link. Look, "Chris Rock's message" is not Chris Rock's. It was around for a long, long time before it ever came out of Chris Rock's mouth. It's a very slightly altered version one of the standard things ignorant-assed racist whites who think they are trying you be conciliatory say to blacks. Don't you know that? Seriously, don't you know that? Yeah. black conservatives as "Black Realists" indeed. Those are the House Negros who insincerely name-check Malcolm X, right?

Brian said...

Congrats Field,

But don't lump Dubois in with Black Conservatives... Dubois was against a lot of the Conservative nonsense.

Dubois was more of an independent progressive (didn't care for Party allegiances/loyalties at the expense of your own best interest)... He wasn't really advocating that the 10% leave the other 90% behind. He really wanted the 10% to help others up who needed the help. But he also recognized that some wouldn't want the help.

But I agree with most of what you had to say here.... excellent work as usual.

Blackamazon said...

yOu win at life

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog when doing a search about the talented tenth, which seems like an interesting concept. I haven't had the opportunity to read every blog topic on here but I'm kind of taken back by the whole house negro/field negro divide. Really we're all black people and being a united front for our own benefit should be the common goal.

So how does a person really become a house negro or a field negro? I guess that depends on how far into the house you are or how far out into the field you are. I'm seeing a lot of intelligent discussion on a topic that really doesn't matter in the overall scheme of things.

For some people, the internet intellectuals on this blog would be considered house negroes. You speak well, have access to technology, you probably work in an office or just plain have a employment, you read books and do all sorts of things that some of our brethren associate with acting "white".

The field negroes are still in the field for real, they are on their grind all day and all night, winter, summer, spring and fall, out there on the corners in the cold blizzard hustling to make ends meet, trying not to get robbed, or murdered, and trying to avoid that white lynch mob called the police.

These corner boys would call every one here house negroes. And they would have a point, because compared to them (they are closest to the actual field negro of the past) the people on this blog aren't as real as them from their point of view.

So basically house negro status and field negro status is all about the perspective your looking from. With that maybe its time to get past name calling and labels that are throw back to the days of slavery. Yes slavery was messed up, and it will never be forgotten and I for damn sure will die before letting it be repeated.

Personally, I wouldn't use either house negro or field negro to describe myself because both of them negroes were slaves. The black man is the original man, and we had thriving empires, education, monuments, inventions, commerce and so much more, when white people where still scribbling on the walls of caves in Europe. So leave that slave shit alone, we are KINGS & QUEENS all day.

Black conservatives serve a purpose, they are the ones that can keep their friends close and the enemies even closer and have obviously developed the skill of dealing with B.S. that I would never be able to tolerate. If those black conservatives could get on board they would be useful for counter intelligence and confusing the white conservatives with mis-information. I really believe the Roy Innis's of the world are nothing more than hustlers themselves, I bet after Roy leaves Fox News, he drives about a half a block, turns on his hip hop, yells F*** You Cracker out the window, and lights up a spliff for the ride home (that would be funny to see).

I love ALL black people not just the ones that agree with me. And I can let others disagree because even though we are all black we are still individuals with different points of view. And we need different points of view, we need them soldiers for enforcement, we need them intellectuals to formulate our plan, we need them conservatives to find out what white people are planning behind our backs, and we need them panthers that got they eyes on the prize and will never be compromised by whites. We need every body to get together and take back this country that our ancestors built with blood, sweat and tears.

Like Nas said "stop droppin degrees about and be about it". I can't speak for the rest of U.S., but where I'm from is messed up, and black people here need more than lip service and name calling to help us get right. We need to remind our children that keeping it real is not keeping it stupid. And that talking intelligently is not talking white, we're black kings, we are supposed to speak intelligently.

Why can't being smart, getting good grades, and not getting into trouble be whats hot on the streets? Its time for the civilized ones to help civilize the uncivilized.

I'm from the hood and I work in the hood as an EMT, and I get to go into peoples houses and see the furthest thing from house negroes as you all call them. I can't even count how many young black brothers I have picked up off the sidewalk with bullet holes in them. Who's shooting them? Other black people.

All this energy being put toward identifying house negroes (when they really don't matter) could be redirected against our true enemies. Somebody start a blog to help people like me in the hood, get these crack houses shut down, get the drug dealers off the corner, get these kids off the street after dark, get these young men some education and job training so they have an alternative to drug dealing, teach these gangstas to respect each other and respect life and not to settle every minor dispute with a gun. Can we get some more help for drug rehab so our untapped talents can get their minds clear and start contributing to our black empowerment? Can we teach our kids to abstain so kids are not having kids? Let's break the cycle.

I don't know about your city, I'm just talking about mine right now.

Can we teach ourselves to stop wasting our money on Nike's and maybe take that $100 and change and buy a bond or some other investment that will appreciate in value? Can we get another voice that matters besides BET and them ridiculous videos that misrepresent our race? (Hip Hop used to be proud and have a message, now its just a minstrel show with a catchy beat). I'm tired of seeing my people driving a $50k car living in a $10k house (renting it at that). Stop trying to look like you got money, and get some money for real. You can afford a car like that but you insist on renting to increase your landlords equity.

Can we get these guns off the street? Gun laws only affect people that obey the laws. I'm tired of hearing gun shots all night hoping I don't get hit with a stray.

When my family members and friends come home from prison, I'm doing everything in my power to keep them from going back in. Sometimes it works and sometimes they get violated anyways, but I got my hands full with that. Were is the support to lower the recidivism rate for our incarcerated brothers. Can we get a jury of our peers in court? White people go to court and sign up to be a juror, what do we do? Get a jury summons and do everything in our power to get out of it. Theres a good chance a brother might be on trial and its our duty to go and be our brothers keeper and the voice of reason in that white jury.

Can somebody here help me with these real issues? I don't know, but I bet you'll easily be able to tell me the latest quote from the "house negro".

There is no such thing as house negro's or field negro's. There are only Kings and Slaves. There are only those that are Pro-Black and the enemy who is Anti-Black.

Nevermind trying to divide ourselves up into dark skin, light skin, conservatives, liberals, mulattos, and whatever other tricks that white people have planted into our heads over the years to keep us divided and easier to conquer.

After all we need more Kings to be leaders and less Slaves to be followers.

Sorry saying so much but I'm never sorry for what i say. Peace and everyone keep marching onward and upward toward the light.

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Since someone brought up the topic of 'house
and 'field' slave -- I just wanted to note
that -- actually --- this false concept
that so many people have -- that the
lighter-complexioned chattel slaves
“had it easier” or “thought they were
better” than the darker-complexioned slaves
– and / or “relaxed in the big house” while
the darker-complexioned slaves “suffered in
the fields” -- is very much like the infamous
‘Willie Lynch Letter’ Hoax) all VERY MUCH AN
URBAN MYTH (and is one which, in nearly every
way that’s possible, completely defies
the true historical recorded account.

The historical record shows that
those enslaved people who were of a
lighter-complexion (i.e. mulatto-lineage)
and that were found on the continental
United States during the antebellum
(chattel slavery) era were actually treated
MUCH, MUCH WORSE than were those enslaved
people who were of a darker-complexion.

In fact, record shows that most of the White
people (specially the White women) tended to
look upon the lighter-complexioned slaves
as being mere 'mongrels of miscegenation'
(resulting largely from the rapes caused
by overseers); in their disgust at the sight
of these slaves -- insisted that they be
"banished to the fields"; and also then
purposefully reserved most of the 'big
house' positions (ex. mammy, cook, driver,
etc) for the darker-complexioned slaves ---
who most of the White people perceived as
being "more loyal, docile, less competitive"
-- and, equally important, of a skin tone
which could never cause them to be mistaken
for 'white' or a possible member of
the plantation owners' own family.

And this maltreatment was generally
even much more so the case if the
lighter-complexioned enslaved person
was 'suspected' (by a wife, sister or
daughter -- who ran “the big house”,
while a ‘male’ family member ran “the
plantation”) of possibly being the
offspring of a plantation owner
(or his son, father or brother).

In addition, the few lighter-complexioned
enslaved people that were actually permitted
to do any work within the house were – as
punishment for having the lowly status of
“mongrel” and in order to make sure they
did not become “too uppity” -- kept under
much more severe supervision (by both the
White women who ran the plantation household
and also by the darker-complexioned enslaved
people) and under much more severe work
detail than were most of the (more trusted)
darker-complexioned enslaved people.

Books by Deborah Gray White; Paula Giddings;
J. California Cooper; bell hooks’, etc.
expose the truth about the urban-myth and
show that the lighter slaves received NO
special treatment and were (as mere "mongrels
of miscegenation") usually treated much
worse than were darker-complexioned slaves.

Hope this information is helpful
& that everyone has a great day. :D

-- AP (

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(see ‘best answer’);_ylt=AtORF66bLNbNEjhIPDWC_6MjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20071031122504AArGj8B

(see ‘best answer’)

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