Saturday, January 09, 2010

What would the Colonel do?

I have to hurry up and do this post, because I have to catch my birds play the stinking cow-girls later.

I caught my man Dave Wilson from The Grio on NBC this morning , and he was talking about the latest controversy surrounding black folks.

This one involves a KFC ad. that dealt with a poor Aussie stuck between a bunch of Yawdies and fellow West Indians while his cricket team plays the Windies. Dude breaks out a bucket of chicken and the natives are suddenly cool with him. The point of the ad. seems to be, break out some chicken around black folks, and no matter what the situation, they will be distracted. Because when it comes to black folks, it's all about the chicken.

Now here is the thing: folks have been sending me e-mails about this ad. ever since it went viral, and Honestly, I saw the insensitivity of it, but I never expected it to get any play with anyone else besides us racism chasers. Why? Well, over the past few months, I have seen many instances of corporate insensitivity to black folks, and the Aussies showing their clulessness. So this was just par for the course as far as I am concerned.

I want to also state for the record, that I understand more than anyone how passionate Windies fans are about their cricket and the intense rivalry with Australia. Which is what makes this ad. so fraudulent and bogus to begin with. There is no way in hell that a damn bucket of chicken could distract a bunch of West Indians from focusing on their cricket. (Especially in a "Test Series" with the Aussies.) So that's two strikes against the clueless ad. execs.

Anyway, as is usually the case, it's mea culpas all around; the ad. has been pulled, and all is well that ends well. No one wants to offend those black A-merry-cans and their newly elected president. Besides, KFC knows who is buttering their bread.

"KFC Australia is removing the television advertisement that was being run in conjunction with the Australian cricket season," the chicken fast food giant announced in a statement."We apologise for any misinterpretation of the ad as it was not meant to offend anyone."

So it's all good Colonel. You have to do a whole lot more than that to pull us black folks away from you.


NoClone said...

I have never seen or heard of the ad.

dandy said...

I haven't seen or heard of the ad either, Noclone, but you know the BIRD is the WORD, and us black folk might be in love with the old yardbird--------especially since we're in the field---with the bird--- most of the time anyway! Just sayin.

Freebeema said...

Hi from Australia.

I thought you might bring this up Field.

It's funny....if I hadn't read your blog for the last couple of years I wouldn't have known what is offensive to African Americans wait a minute - I don't know what word to use anymore - I am too scared to say anything incase SOMEONE thinks I am racist or racially insensitive.

If you think that all Australians understand what every ethnic group in the world finds offensive, then you have some serious reality issues.

As I am sure North Americans are unsure of the the words and stereotypes that Aboriginal Australians find offensive.

Thats why I find the line "and the Aussies showing their clulessness" as a broad stereotyping that all Aussies are clueless. Isn't this the thing we are trying to avoid?

Anyway Field, thanks for all your hard work - I really enjoy your writing and have great respect for your thoughts.

FreeMan said...

The ad was forwarded to me also but I expect KFC to have a whole bunch of guys in their company who thinks they are collecting Ni99er pennies anyway.

The fact that it was in Australia didn't make any difference to me as I don't make any distinctions between Caribbean Black folk. So if Black is Black then White is White.

Smashed The Tiny Black Box said...

Learn to season and fry your own chicken and make your own giant buttermilk biscuits. Trust me, it tastes better without the high fructose corn syrup, msg, and other additives. Most importantly, it will save money, which will slow the enrichment of those who live to mock us.

With a little forethought and organization, you can eat cheaper and healthier cooking from scratch. This includes single working moms...slowcooker anyone.

That said, it's time for me to prepare for Sunday dinner.

And Freembeema, the world is smaller than you think. It is the job of advertisers to know what is offensive, especially company's country of origin. Because of tv, film and music, many American stereotypes, especially blacks stereotypes are regarded as fact worldwide. Do I have to remind you of Harry Conick Jr. and the Aussie Gong Show. They know what they are doing. I'd rather people be honest and not apologize if they really like to yuck it up to that type of low intelligence humor.

I'll just keep my money out of white owned companies who like to carry the insults worldwide.

Reggie said...

Yeah that commercial was a bit much. I'm amazed that a pile of marketing people saw that and figured it was okay to roll with that.

That was pretty bad.

Doogman said...

Love this blog. Keep it up field.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you didn't post on what Reid said of Obama in 2008. Oh well. Seems lower that low to me and I don't call out people very often.


Freebeema said...

@Smashed The Tiny Black Box:

Yeah the Gong Show was the poorest taste possible. Even Australians know that was wrong. I was shocked and a little ashamed. Amazingly, those guys were mostly doctors. But please don't think Australia is like that as a whole.

Can someone tell me, is it a well known offensive stereotype that West Indians (yawdies???) like KFC? Because although I knew the african american stereotype - I didn't know it extended to the Carribean.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Ya'll know dam well Black folks like friend chicken, LOL!!!

Dr. Nuwang said...

Dam, I really gotta learn how to type/spell, LOL!!! But it's so hard to concentrate when I'm focused on Dallas spanking Philly's ass, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

(Learn to season and fry your own chicken and make your own giant buttermilk biscuits)

just saying,gotta pull the head off it first and not let it run around brusing the meat. now that scratch cooking !

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with liking chicken??

Roderick said...

Bro. Field the only thing that is stinking are your Iggles who are down 27-7 against my Cowboys.

field negro said...

It's half-time and my birds are getting a royal beat down by the cow-girls. And then, to make matters worse, I see the frat boy yucking it up in the owner's box withthat fraud of a running back Emmit (I prefer to run out of bounds) Smith.

Freebeema, black folks don't like to b stereotyped.-I guess no group does.- I am starting to feel like
we don't get much love down under.

Oh well, back to the game.

Dr. Nuwang said...

And then, to make matters worse, I see the frat boy yucking it up in the owner's box withthat fraud of a running back Emmit (I prefer to run out of bounds) Smith.

I think what you meant to say was that all time rushing leader Emmit Smith, LOL!!!

Gator alums HAVE to stick together ya' dig?

Of course, I'd be upset too if it looked like history was repeating itself one week later, ROTFLMBAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

What many liberal/progressives in the US find offensive with the Australian KFC ad is that it has the same tone as a goof made by a well known white southern politician when he whispered a joke to a buddy sitting next to a press microphone that unknowinng had not been shut off. The incident took place onboard a government jet airliner flying some congressmen from some official junket. Here's the joke. The Congressman asked his buddy, "How do you stop a bunch of nig**ers fron raping a white woman? The friend responded , "Ummm.. I don't know?" The Congressman then said, "Throw them a basketball!" Because the unattended microphone was still on, the entire press corps onboard the plane heard the joke. The publication of this famous incident created so much heat the Congressman eventually resigned. In this case not only was the joke offensive to African Americans, it was just as offensive to American women who did not see anything funny about rape under any conditions. Obviously, the KFC joke was not about rape, but the idea of some form of racial sterotype being interrupted and distracted by another form of racial sterotype remains the basic formula for the Congressman's racist joke just as it was for the Australian KFC ad,i.e. a basketball versus a bucket of KFC product. This portion of my comment is addressed to those Aussies who blogged elsewhere that KFC had surrended to American PC pressure.

Every so often us Negros here in the good ol' US of A get together and FLEX us some serious financial muscle and this is what always gets the attention of the MAN. This was one such ocassion. It was'nt PC, but the old fashion bottom line that made Yum Brands, Inc. ditch the controversial ad and get KFC Australia to issue an apology for the ad. So just what motivates any multinational corporation to do something for the sake of PC. NOTHING! Here is what motivated Yum Brands. Yum Brands owns the following resturants chains; A&W Resturants, KFC, Long John Silver's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Wing Street. Sum total, there are a lot of GREENBACKS being passed in by BLACK hands that keep the cash registers ringing in these Yum Brands establishments.

A quick word to FreeBeema. As an American Negro I see the Aboriginal Australians markedly distinct from Aussies. Aussies are in the main the descendants of the white European immigrants who settled the continent 221 years ago. Australia is most generally known as originally being settled in 1788 as an English penal colony. But the 60000+ convicts who eventually landed in Australia soon became a tiny minority and were literally swamped by the continuous arrivals of a flood of immigrants during the gold rush period from 1851 to 1871, at the end of which, the gold rush immigration population reached 1.7 million.

As this crush of foreign immigration subsequently expanded into regions populated by Aboriginal Australians they relentlessly destroyed over 50,000 years of HUMAN HISTORY in the form of the history of the Aboriginal people and society along with all of its customs, traditions and mythology.

Today as historians and archaeologists work feverously around the globe to discover new data to add to the ever growing reservoir of scientific knowledge about the origin and history of mankind, the loss of the human experiences of these people over this remarkable period of 50,000 years constitutes a loss of invaluable data that cannot simply be apologized away.

This is not just a tragic loss for the Australian Aboriginal people, it is a severe loss for all of humanity and endless future generations here on earth.
We are all denied any possible answer as to how this group of isolated ancient people managed to survive the many periods of massive extreme changes in earth climatological cycles that occurred in earth history during this period.

Unknown said...

kfc got it culturally wrong..
i accuse them of cultural ingorance.. yes…

if oz was playing sri lanka, india, s. africa or england the ad would not make sense unless they think all other nations can be subdued with a bit of their chicken..
all these nations are culturally strong so.. er.. nope it wouldn’t..
s. africa could never produce a nandos commercial like that because their fan base includes millions of black people who love sport and support their country….
i wonder if kfc has a budget for the world cup taking place in south africa??

i am more offended that kfc an american company with no cultural ties to the beautiful game of cricket made this ad at all..
i bet no one in their marketing team knows anything about cricket..
cricket is generally non racist… because who it is played by..
all the teams are ex british colonies that really only want to beat the british.. heh..
the greats of the game are every colour and everyone agrees upon who they are although in which order they are depends on when you grew up..

it’s the damned yanks that are bringing racist bull..
just stay out of our game.. you got your baseball..

anyhoo kfc don’t serve we (west indian) food..
am sure the sentiment is felt by other cricketing nations..
& that is good thing!!

yanks go home and take your rancid ole chicken with you…

finefroghair said...

Eagles got their feathers plucked
a beat down thru and thru
but seeing Bush in the owner's box
that really made me blue

now I have another reason
to hate A-merry-cas team
the Cowboys suck and so does Bush
it makes me want to scream

just remember I got it worse because I'm a Lions fan
simply put that is a curse
I would not wish on any man

football's just a silly game
some say it's a waste of time
I can't help it I love the sport
is that really such a crime

four more weeks and football's done
have to try again next year
maybe your team will stand a chance
but I'll just be crying in my beer

Anonymous said...

cricket is generally non racist… because who it is played by..

Except of course that it was invented by the most racist people in Europe: the British.

Freebeema said...

Oh guys...

Thanks to anonymous for his verbose explanation. Well written, bravo, but mostly off topic. I think most countries have skeletons in their closets. What happened to the Australian aboriginies was terrible, I agree whole-heartedly.

And Field, after Dubya, Australia reduced their love of the US somewhat (although we quite happily eat your food, watch your movies and tv, enjoy the protection of our military arrangement and feast on the mishaps of your celebs).

But just for you Field - here's a hug - so feel the love.

Just understand - grouping all Australians as clueless is as bad as saying all African Americans like fried chicken. Don't hate me for my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Field -- We got bigger problems. Halperin's book is about to open up all hell if democrats buy into it. It's one long unsourced and creatively paraphased work of fiction designed to hurt democrats. And I'm not talking about the Harry Reid comment.

Halperin's got Bill saying to Kennedy "just a few years ago he'd be serving us coffee," referring to Obama being a state senator. It's of course "paraphrased" from an unnamed person who Kennedy supposedly told it to and Kennedy's dead and can't tell the truth.

He's got Biden and Obama fighting and Obama cutting him off.

Oh and my favorite so far? When discussing Hillary being offered Sec. of State, he's got Hillary swooning to Obama, "Oh, Obama you know I can't control Bill and he's going to cause problems," and Obama swooning right back while being all chivalrous, "Oh, Hillary I don't care about Bill. I need you." Shit. I expected quick cut to a love scene where our noble hero shows our noble heroine what true love is all about and takes her away from the bad Bill.

This book is garbage and worse it's garbage designed to stir up hate between democrats just before the midterms. I repeat it is UNSOURCED TRASH! Folks don't fall for this.


Brenda said...


As a Black American female married to a white Aussie, who has lived Down Under for close to 12 years. I agree that it's not fair to paint all Aussies as clueless. I certainly don't like when Aussies assume that every American they happen to encounter voted for GW Bush.

My anger about this ad, which I did see repeatedly shown on Foxtel {that's the Australian cable TV service}, was not with Aussies, but with KFC! KFC is an international corporation that if I'm not mistaken is based in the US, of all places. Any low level corporate exec with even half a damn brain, could clearly see the racist message in this ad. The very fact that KFC feel comfortable enough to run this ad in Australia, does speak volumes about the racial insensitivity that is deeply entrenched in this country.

I happen to live in Sydney and nearly every suburb in this city has some measure of diversity in it. Traveling through some of the country towns in NSW, I'm also starting to slowly see more racial diversity. But yet, when I turn on the TV to any of the 3 major Australian channels, I will only see white Aussies reading the news and sports. Pick up any locally produced magazines and you will be hard pressed to find any faces that look like or reflect the numerous cultural groups that live and work here and call Australia home.

Brenda said...

Oops, typo - The very fact that KFC FELT comfortable...

Anonymous said...

@Brenda -- I see what you're saying but a lot of these corps function as separate entities in each country. IOW, KFC Australia probably uses it's own ad people and never coordinates with KFC America. They might as well be totally separate companies despite sharing a brand name. That said, you're right about the corporate culture regardless of how it's set-up. In this day and age, someone in Australia should've have said "maybe we should review this before running with it."


Brenda said...

@ J - great point about how corporations are structured in different countries.

trickster206 said...

Brenda: You made a great point. What is being taught in business schools at american universities is the aspect of multidomestic strategy. Multidomestic stategy means that the marketing managers decide to customize products to specific nations. We have some clue as to what Australian cultural mores are (see Harry Connick), but that ad was not racist, but part of a marketing strategy. I'm sure fried chicken, while a general staple in many multicultural households, may or may not not be an aborginal staple. I associate fried chicken with down south USA, not Australia. KFC may have been thinking of themselves as an American brand, rather than an Australian brand. I'm sure there's some Australian way the aborginals cook their bird, but there's no KFC to exploit the dish.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Field,
The Commercial's funny cause it's TRUE..
I carry a KFC bucket in my car at all times, never know when you might need to distract a Gaggle of Negroes, no matter what kind of dialect they have..
And if that doesn't work there's always the Colt 1911...


field negro said...

Thanks for your insight from down-under Brenda.

Anon. 12:02 a.m., your comments were on point.

Freebeema, hugs all around. It's all good from where I sit. Hey, you are here in the fields, so your heart is in the right place. :) We will just agree to disagree.

trickster, what came first, the chicken (no pun intended) or the egg? Are these business strategies racist because the people teaching them happen to be racist themselves?

Fly, Ex-Gators I don't mind, but Cow-girl fans? Ahhh hell no!


Folks, I must have slept two hours last night. I was that pissed. Every time I closed my eyes I saw the frat boy with a star on his forehead.

Now, as for my man Harry Ried...well, I will blog about him later.

Anonymous said...

There is no historical stereotype in Australia associating Africans with chicken. It's pretty presumptuous to assume the rest of the world is going to automatically know every American sensitivity. Do Americans know every cultural sensitivity of every other part of the world? Of course not...

Eurasian Sensation said...

Dumb ad. Shit, I don't even like fried chicken. But racist? Nah, you guys are dreamin', I have to say.

Field, it's appropriate you mention racism chasers in this post, because you have to be seriously looking for racism if you can see it in this ad.

Black Americans, I love y'all, but it's not all about you. In Australia, no one knows about your supposed love of fried chicken. We know lots of the stereotypes, but that's not an obvious one. We love fried chicken too, so it makes sense that an ad would depict it being used to bridge the gap between groups of people.

I know us Aussies have our own problems with racism. But this is not an example of it. There's a world of difference between this and the blackface Jackson 5 thing. Blackface is obviously derogatory, any fool can see that, and any Aussie who denies this is either dumb or full of shit. HOWEVER, the act of offering a black person fried chicken? Not racist. It's only racist if you give it the American contextual meaning, which simply doesn't exist in Australia. And, I might add, is a stereotype that applies to African Americans, not West Indians. Not the same thing.

@ Marci - "if oz was playing sri lanka, india, s. africa or england the ad would not make sense unless they think all other nations can be subdued with a bit of their chicken.. all these nations are culturally strong so.. er.. nope it wouldn’t.."

Um, given that KFC is in the business of selling fried chicken, they are not going to promote using any other product to befriend anyone, no matter the ethnicity.

So in summation, I call bullshit on this whole affair.

Anonymous said...

Lately KFC chicken's been smelling kinda funky on the inside to me anyway, but now this seals the deal! That's like saying to hispanics, break out the rum an coke and ...wait a min..well in our case it's true! but naaah,kidding aside, KFC shoulda spoken out a lot stronger than that feeble little apology!
Love this blog field! gonna get an account so I don' have to be "anonymous" anymore!

chicago dyke said...

first off: you couldn't pay me to eat KFC. it's barely "food" and so filled with chemicals and toxins, let alone to speak of how the 'chickens' they serve are raised. no self respecting black person who has granny's secret family recipe for frying should eat there. my grandmother constantly lectures me about how to fry "the old fashioned way" and having eaten her version of fried chicken, well. i'm spoiled.

secondly: for those who don't see the problem with this ad, ask yourself: would it work with two all-white teams? or a white team and a japanese team (KFC is actually popular in japan, i hear)? the answer is "no." even if this stereotype isn't well known in australia, someone understood the stereotypical association with people of color and friend chicken.

future said...

The Aussies aren't as 'clueless' as they would like to let us believe. Have you met an Aussie or a person from New Zealand and happen to be black? They have no idea what to do with you. Haha. If they are so 'color-blind' as they say, what's their problem?

Anonymous said...

I thought Y'all liked "Church's Chicken"???
Back in the Day KFC was too rich for even my Hightech Redneck blood...
Heck, couldn't even afford "Popeyes"...
But "Church's????" ummmm Good, or at least pretty good for a $1.99 Bucket, and they don't even charge you more for White Meat...


Anonymous said...

@FlyMy40s.Ahem, we will have less of that talk about spanking.

You don't want to give people reading this blog any unusual ideas, now do we.


DuchessDee said...

I must say, chicken just dont do it for me.

saw the ad and we are definitely not that stupid but obviously KFC think we are. Glad they pulled it.

tasteless along with their chicken.

Bob said...

I got an idea how popular cricket was when a Jamaican guy asked me if I was related to a famous Aussie wicket-keeper. I said probably not but it wouldn't surprise me if a few of my Liverpool Irish ancestors had gotten themselves shipped down under for offenses against the British Crown. (Some from my family landed in Philly.)

grinder said...

There is a certain amount of irony here.

KFC makes an ad playing on black people's love of fried chicken.* The ad is flagged as racist, so KFC apologizes and pulls the ad because they don't want to lose the business of black Americans who love fried chicken.

BTW, I have just recently started going to KFC from time to time. I hate fried chicken, but I do like grilled.

* Mandatory disclaimer for this website: Yeah, I know, not ALL black people love fried chicken, okay? Not all white people love hiking in the wilderness, either.

illor said...

KFC knows who is buttering their bread
So it's all good Colonel. You have to do a whole lot more than that to pull us black folks away from you

Folks, bitch all you want but FN affirmed this stereotype. Get real morons. Why blog about this if you choose to confirm it. Help me understand that.

Lamar said...

To the ignorant FN,
Here in Australia, there is no historical significance of chicken and being black.

Way off bro, this post makes you look really stupid.

Lamar from Downunder

field negro said...

Bob, I love the wicket-keeper reference(catcher to you baseball fans). West Indians do love their cricket. When I think of Barbadoes I don't think of the pop singer Rhianna, I think of Sir Garfield Sobers. :)

Lamar, I don't believe you. I think you are a fraud. Aussies are not that rude. Where in Australia do you live? I am going to have some of the real Aussie folks here quiz your fake ass.

Fly, I think one of your fans is back. :)

Lamar said...


field negro said...


I read them. Where in Australia do you live?.......

Dana said...

Question is: does the American stereotype associating blacks with fried chicken hold true in Australia? At least Lamar from downunder said that it doesn't.

KFC is in the business of making money; if the advertisement had been a stereotype trigger in Australia, almost certainly one of the KFC execs would have caught it and nixed it.

Anonymous said...

GOP now demanding Harry Reid resign for Obama comments

Chicken Hammer said...

If you think the whites treat the minorities poorly here in the USA you really should schedule a vacation in Australia. I had forgotten how progressive we here in the USA are until reading this blog post and remembering my time spent in Australia.

It's all relative. Think it's bad here? HAH! The USA is a pillar of racial acceptance and diversity relative to just about any other country on this planet.

Lamar said...

But that has nothing to do with my post and the posts of others who live here. CHICKEN AND BLACK IS AN AMERICAN THING.

Which confirms your ignorance. Which truly is why you are upset. Because your post is stupid.

I like many of your blog entries, but have no patience for stupidity.

Lamar said...

KFC is in the business of making money; if the advertisement had been a stereotype trigger in Australia, almost certainly one of the KFC execs would have caught it and nixed it.

Bingo. Doesn't take rocket science.

Dana said...

And my opinion has to be correct, because I actually knew Colonel Sanders!

alicia banks said...

stereotypes soothe and sell!

whites love fried chicken and watermelon way more than we do...

whites taught africans to cook fried chicken!

asians love watermelon more than we do and eat more of it...they toast the seeds and pickle the rinds

all of this kfc flap is overblown revisionist racist bs...

agape2010 said...

@ FN:

It seems that chicken is the order of the decade...
If you remember I responded to one of your blogs by adding a new mantra for 2010...

Truth to tell chicken and black folks just go together nicely...I think the WMD for us is going to be IN the chicken....

Black folks..stay away from the chicken! (LOL)

Next thing you know they'll be messing around with the fried fish sandwiches...

I guess McNasty will either retire or be traded... condolences (twice).


Anonymous said...

looks like Field tucked tail and ran...the Aussies told him.

grinder said...

Lamar, I don't believe you. I think you are a fraud. Aussies are not that rude.


Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

I spent two weeks in India last month; and am headed back there next week. And let me tell you-- cricket is the national religion of India!

You don't have to trust my word for it-- walk up to any Indian and ask; he'll confirm it.

Being the multicultural kinda guy I am, I got some of the guys I was working with to try to explain the game to me. And its... interesting. I plan to watch a good bit of it when I go back (but as many hours as I'll be working and traveling, sleep may be more attractive... )

OH, and they sell plenty of KFC in India; so I could see this ad run in a test match between the Indians and, say, the Sri Lankans.

Both dark skinned folk; both with KFC franchises in their countries-- but would that be racist?

We really need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Americans and their superiority complexes. YOU have a bad historical connotation with chicken in this country, WE West Indians don't, so please don't presume to speak for us or lump us in with your racial issues. I'm pretty sure most West Indians, that aren't living in the states and haven't adopted that whole clutter fuck of racial politics, would see this advert and probably laugh at it.

It's really annoying to have African Americans constantly "speak" for other black people from all over the world, please stop! Cause what you're really doing is projecting your racial politics, history and insecurities onto us, when most of the time we don't have said same politics, histories or insecurities.

agape2010 said...

@ FN:

The bigger mess about KFC is not mentioned in your blog...KFC is on the verge of changing its name to Kentucky GRILLED Chicken...and the franchise owners are up in arms about seems they want to keep the franchise name.
MHO is that KFC is a slime place that's trying to work its way out of the gutter...I would not be caught dead with that crap in my hand and call it food. Not only because of the cruel way the kill the chickens...but also because if you find a KFC with a riting over 82 you're lucky!


The Purple Cow said...

I think I m ay be able to throw some insider knowledge on this one, if anyone is interested.

Some people I know, ex colleagues of mine, developed an ad campaign for KFC in the UK. The problem was that KFC had more users than McDonald's but lower sales figures. In other words McD's had a relatively low number of very heavy (no pun intended) users who ate McD's several times a week. KFC had a higher number of light users who ate KFC a couple of times a year.

The planners' research showed that users in the U.K. had no terms of reference to work with when it came to fried chicken. They were unable to identify with the brand - thus the paucity of visits. In the UK the KFC brand had no brand identity or (for want of a better cliche)no soul.

So they decided to establish a KFC identity in the UK as a soul food, which was (allegedly) the origin of the KFC recipe. This would have the twin benefits of establishing a brand identity for KFC, as well as aligning the brand with African-American culture, the dominant youth culture in Europe today.

They produced a series of TV spots featuring '60's and '70's soul soundtracks. Now at the time I thought that was a little crass, but it also brought Marlena Shaw singing 'California Soul' and Frank Wilson singing the wonderful 'Do i Love You (Indeed I do)' into my living room at prime time - so I guess I forgave them. (As indeed did Marlena and Frankie's respective bank managers.)

So that's the background. The Aussie agency has picked up this meme, and well, screwed up royally.

But what you have to remember is that Aussies are a lot like the French. They are a very insular people with an unshakeable belief that they are the greatest nation on Earth, and anyone who is not fortunate enough to be an Australian (or a Frenchman) is to be pitied.

It's not a mind-set given to cultural sensitivity.


Bob, I'm guessing your surname is Marsh or Gilchrist.

The Purple Cow said...

[quote]cricket is generally non racist… because who it is played by..

Except of course that it was invented by the most racist people in Europe: the British.[/quote]

While I would agree that cricket is the world's least racist sport, there are a couple of things I would pick up on.

1. The British (by which I think you mean the English) did not invent cricket. It is generally accepted that the modern form of the game began in Belgium. Though throughout former Yugoslavia they play a game called 'Krikkit' which has many similarities, and Jesus Christ played a cricket-like game on the shores of Lake Gallilee.

2. The British are a long way from being the most racist people on earth, from personal experience I would say that the Irish and the Dutch have the Brits beat on that score. and a Nigerian friend of mine who studied in Moscow insists that the Ruskies have everyone beat when it comes to vindictive overt racism.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from that country down under? I mean look at their history. Its rife with racism towards the Aborigine's. You ought to check out that movie Rabbit Free Fence. It'll piss you the hell off. But then, where are you going to find a major fried chicken chain that isn't racist? I mean out here in L.A., there's this chain called Church's and they said the reason why they're only in "Black" areas is because they did market research that proved that "Blacks" eat more fried chicken than anyone else. Go figure?


Unknown said...

There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.

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