Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Papa is a rolling stone. (No, not Mick Jagger)

Black folks, can we talk? This next subject is a little uncomfortable, but I want to discuss it. Part of my reasons for wanting to tackle it is professional. A great deal of my work is in the domestic relations area, and I truly believe that one of the main reasons for certain pathologies in our community is because of the lack of a cohesive family structure in many of our homes. ( Oh, and by our I mean black folks. I know white folks face the same problems, but I am not interested in them right now. They have a lot of experts and forums where they can address their own issues. )

Anyway, I saw a stat today that had me thinking about this subject: "A new study shows that the rate of American women who have children with multiple fathers, also called "multiple-father family structure," is "pervasive." According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, 1 in 5 American Moms has kids with different birth fathers. And you probably already know what's next. Black Mothers lead the list: 59 percent of us have children with more than one father, while Hispanics come in second place at 35 percent and whites come in last at 22 percent. " [More]

Now ladies, I see those hole punchers pointing at my head. But please don't shoot the messenger.

I know I know, me...I mean sperm donors are half of the problem. True! They are! So now what?

I need solutions, not the same old finger pointing.

Oh, and before I go. Shout out to the folks at "The Root" for featuring this blog in their "30 Bloggers You Should Know" segment. That was field Negro behavior on their part.

BTW, the thing folks liked the most about this blog is the comments section. That means all of you, the folks who not only lurk but brave the unpredictable and precarious comments section in the fields.

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Anonymous said...

and stacchi botrus is so obsessed with the sound of its own voice or reading its own text that it cannot even answer querstions that are axed in earnest

polygamous sub saharan african societies are breeding grounds for all types of sexual diseases eye dont give a phukk how u may FEEEEEl about the matter stacchi more or less the FACTS tell us that AIDS and other stds are rampant in sub saharan Africker and that makes sense to me if polygamy is a social norm then monogamy is NON EXISTENT in that context sex takes on a whole different meaning than in a puritanical environment where monogamy is enforced at the barrel of a gun in many ways there are drawbacks to both ways of living

and sure afrikerns werent the only ones to live polygamously but there are still societies there that practice that way of living and their std rates are staggeringly high

mellaneous said...

Sup Field:

Congrats on being named the Roots top 30. Course you can't get too comfortable with a Roots nod cause they hang on the fence and in the house a bit much for my comfort.

But that doesn't take anything away from the fact that you put effort into keeping us informed and you are consistent.

justice then peace

BTW I like the way that sister Candace put a dent in the stats by pointing out how she raised her kids and it didn't really matter that were from two different men.

Those stats are just designed to give the "dividers" something to chew on. And like predictable mouse to cheese I see they bit.

Whats actually immoral is setting up a society so that some folks can barely raise their children, no matter who the Dad or the Mom is, or what they are doing or not doing. Its simply wrong to take an oh well attitude toward children.

sermon ended:)

Tokyo Shemp said...

I'm not Mold or anyone else on this blog. Anyone claiming I am is clearly a douchebag.

Right Woos Black and the Field Negro Blog

field negro said...

Welcome ervin. Don't let some of these crazy folks in here scare you off. :)

Thanks mrs. howl.

Anonymous said...

socratic wite fella why u soil ur blog by posting a picture of that disgusting peesashit?!! sounds like u got the banksjones work it out for ur own health cuz that nasty shytstain is a bane to humanity!

Gibson said...

Anonymous said...
Gibby, hoperating that your sockpuppetry can be denied by pretending I do the same is a failed gambit.
Show me where I am incorrect...I'm waiting.


I guess you being a meatpuppet doesnt count? STFU you crazy little man. How damn sad your life must be for you to find this entertaining, know that you are less then a shit stain. At least shit is organic, your synthesized through and through.

Can you beelevarate that ya simpleminded fool..

Anonymous said...

Mountains of troll spam and noise are not indicative of freedom of speech and association.
socratic wite fella

tru dat

Gibson said...

socrates said...
I'm not Mold or anyone else on this blog. Anyone claiming I am is clearly a douchebag.

Right Woos Black and the Field Negro Blog

6:46 PM

HEH...your timing is perfect, I was just going to tell you that you screwed up, you were so busy posting all day as the vulgar anon and MOld that you forgot your other personality Socrates.

How coincidental that you show up right after MOLD/YOU and the vulgar anon had another field day on AB, got caught and now anons saying they are not MOLD didn't work so here comes the main sockpuppet saying he is not himself....your sick. Simply sick.

Then you post a nasty article about AB - somethign you MOLD and the vulgar anon all take sport in doing. Then you follow with an immediate post from an anon talking to yourself as socrates as if we cant see your speech patterns.

Your a demented little weasal.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Reality and Facts are good.


This coming from a white guy pretending to be a old black female.

Gibson said...

“They Bring a Knife-We Bring a Gun” said...
Remember, Reality and Facts are good.


This coming from a white guy pretending to be a old black female.

WHo has a picture of a black man when he pretends to be a white guy, wait he is a white guy, I think I am just gonna call him Sybil the Shitstain from now on.

Gibson said...

Anonymous said...
Mountains of troll spam and noise are not indicative of freedom of speech and association.
socratic wite fella

tru dat

Hello ME, meet the real me and my misfits way of life.

Hello me, It's me again. You can subdue but never tame me.

Well,'s nice talking to myself a credit to dementia.
Someday you too will know my pain and smile its blacktooth grin.

If the war inside Socrates head doesnt take a day off soon he'll be dead.

--Dave Mustaine

Get some Help Sybil the Shitstain. Seriously.....

manwich said...

Anonymold said...
Nice fantasies lads. While your wite ancestors were interbreeding with their sisters and dying off in massive sewage-caused epidemics, Africans were doing quite well."

Muah hahahahahhahaha! Dats a goot wun!

"As far as matriarchal...they are quite stable and have lasted for millenia"

Millenia of sitting in shit covered in flies. I'll take watching the HDTV in the AC, thanks.

It take a village to raise a moldtard.

Muah hahahahahhahaha!

Dr. Nuwang said...

Gibson said...
Socrates/MOLD/VulgarAnon, are you gonna say I have "buceta bref" next? I don't have an IQ of 250 so dont go there, although I am sure I best your IQ of 65 aint that right Sybil the Shitstain??


I'm a firm believer that for certain types of pyschoses ( like serial child molesters), there's really only ONE viable solition:

Gold. Dot. Hollow. Point.

Homeo said...

Dr. Queen said...
I'm a firm believer that for certain types of pyschoses ( like serial child molesters), there's really only ONE viable solition:

Gold. Dot. Hollow. Point.


A little sunshine takes care of mold...

Anonymous said...

The war started back in the day. My Parents came here from Guyana legalley at the time they were young and unmarried at the time. My mother was cutting cane or whatever in South Florida , but she could not make enough money to feed myself and a Brother and Sister. Them folks used to come intio the house and look in the closets to make sure there were not mens clothes there. If you are over age 40 and grew up in the hood you should be able to remember this shit. Thats part of the cycle then theres the labeling Black men felons? The dam web sights anyone can go to find out if a brother pissed on the side walk when he was 13. This shit is called urban planning? Crack it is war on the Black folks. We did not have a real gang problem till they opened up the southern border did we? Just ask them Black folk out in L.A. and yet we get on here and defend them illegals. Then new niggers from down south came here and ganged up. What do you think them little Black boys down in the hood was going to do? Go join the welcome wagon? It is a War and we all have fell for it. We need to begin looking out for the Black folks them latins dont give a dam about us, they just trying to get they shit back they been fighting terror since 1492. I will just bet you , I said some things yall gonna say are ignorant but it is the truth. Hobama ant going save no body he is a mouth piece so he should not even be mentioned in Black folks affairs.They have created a whole new market to get us Black folk out of here and we keep trying to fit in. We ant never tryed to get our own we just want to fit in. HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

I am a long time lurker and fan. But your comment section is barely tolerable. It is like a low-rent Free Republic or something.

Swiff said...

Contraception. It ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Read the first couple of comments and stopped because they were predictably defensive and missing the point.

Here is the missing statistic. The Rand Corp conducted a study a few years ago that showed 72% of children born to teen mothers grew up in poverty. We can assume that statistic is higher for black people. The study in question here includes women over 18 but it surely includes teen mothers. It surely includes mothers of any age with no high school degree, no skills, no pot to pee in.

Instead of discussing what the impact is on children who come from baby daddy/baby mama drama households, we talk about how "I was a single mother and my kids turned out fine." That's not the point. Most of those black men in prison referenced above came from single parent households (read raised by mama, no help from poppa) with limited resources.

This is why black people are forever wringing the hands over how to advance our community. We refuse to have a fearless and honest discussion about the dysfunction among too many black people and we are too ready to make excuses.

We all have family and friends who were single moms and we think we dishonor them by talking about this subject openly and frankly. So it just gets worse every year and we justify it by saying, well, black men are in prison so women have to have multiple baby daddies. Are you kidding me?

Having kids you cannot afford is irresponsible. Unless someone can show that birth control fails at a higher rate among black women, black women need to be more responsible. The burden SHOULD be shared among black men but the fact is that women are the ones who will end up raising these kids so it's incumbent upon them to think about what kind of life they can give a child.

Finally, having a baby during one's teen high school years needs to stop being a status symbol. Bring back the days when teen mothers got shipped off to homes for unwed mothers and when getting pregnant at 15 (let alone again at 17) is nothing to be proud of.

Ankita Tiwari said...


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