Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bill and Hillary show continues.

I saw where Bubba said that the "O" man played the race card on him, and he was pretty much fighting mad about it. Folks, it's getting ugly out here. " My office is in Harlem....". Okay Bubba, whatever that means. How often are you in there? And do you ever step out of your office when the weather is nice to take a nice leisurely stroll amongst your black peeps?

Honestly, I will say this; if you are Bill and Hillary Clinton you have to be wondering what the fuck hit you. Here we have this upstart Negro from Illinois pushing the "Ice Queen" for the dumbocratic nomination, and unless some major shit goes down between now and the convention (no not an eight point win in Pistolvania. More on that in a minute) the little half and half SOB will be it. Can you imagine the anger the former first couple must be feeling?

But Bubba just won't keep his mouth shut. Even on the eve of a big swing state victory for his wife. In a way, he can be blamed for messing it up early for her too. Bubba suffers from the same issues that so many folks in the dumbocratic party and on the left suffer from. They think that because we have similar political interests we are kindred spirits and that they can feel our pain. They can't. That is something that only us folks will ever understand. To their credit, folks on the right don't even pretend that they can feel our pain, and they honestly don't give a fuck about us or our pain. We represent 12% of the population that they pretty much have written off. If 1% of you want to sell out and try to see things our way, that's fine. but we sure as hell aren't going to go looking for your vote. We are who we are, get in the tent, or stay the fuck out.

All these dynamics is what makes this dumbocratic primary season so interesting. We are starting to see how some liberals really feel, (read some of the comments from this post over at Mydd) and some of you black folks as well. You have turned on the Clintons big time, and it took one of your own running against one of them to cause you to do it. All you have to do is read some of the comments on this blog to see how the Obamaholics really feel, and it ain't pretty.

So now as I watch the Ice Queen give her victory speech, I can feel the venom coming from you Obamaholics (The field won't be getting any for awhile. Thanks Hillary!). I know you are all wishing she would just go away; but sadly, it doesn't look like she will be going anywhere for awhile. I know she is running out of money, and her campaign is in the red, but she is trying to raise funds on the Net now, and only time will tell how it goes. Folks, I think this thing is going all the way to Denver, and even then we don't know what will happen with the Super Delegates.

So let's see what the margins are. I predicted six to eight percent, and it looks like I will be close. But we will see.

Hey, here in Killadelphia, in spite of our good mayor, the black folks came out for the "O" man at a damn near 90% clip. But this is Pistolvania, and please believe me when I tell you, that even if the "O" man had not stumbled in that debate, and even if he had not made that "bitter" comment, he was going to lose. You will just have to trust me on that one. Too many poor blue collar folks, as well as white working class Catholics (see Ohio for our demographic). So it's on to Indiana and North Carolina now, and the intensity of the campaign season will only get hotter.

I see where Hillary thanked her family and her spouse tonight in her victory speech. I wonder if she wants to rethink that position.


Anonymous said...

I didn't catch her speech. I just can't stand the sight of her anymore and her cackling. But she is a darn good politician that's for sure. She's just not the one for me. I love how the cable nitwits are spinning it to her favor with a "whopping double-digit blow-out". Wasn't she supposed to have won PA by 20 points minimum all along? I liked the O man's speech. He was gracious and then went into McCain and how it was up to the people to decide what direction they wanted the country to go in. I also noticed commentary from Rachel Maddow that Obama had strategized to bleed her out financially since she's in the red. Now that is a ninja move. Getting a 20-30 pledged delegate lead when you are 150 behind doesn't add up to a win to a nomination or is this another example of fuzzy math? One more thing 57% of the undereducated white vote went to Clinton. I think it says more about them than her. Does anyone have the number of newly registered or party switching voters Obama has brought into the party?

Anonymous said...

The votes were rigged in her favor

Anonymous said...

I can't honestly say that I am surprised that she won PA. I saw that coming. Unfortunately now we have to continue to see that smug look on billary's face some more.. which makes me want to gag...she is going to fight even harder/dirtier now if that is even possible.

Anonymous said...


There's a lot of white space between your last sentence and the comment section.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what Bill Clinton said, "my office is in Harlem... blah, blah, blah" What exactly are black folks supposed to do about that? Thank you massa Clinton, you'ze been mighty kind to us po' negros, having your purty office in Harlem. We are not bound to you, Bill.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are going to start running ads tomorrow against Barack. The ads are going to center around his associations i.e Rev Wright. Folks, let the hating begin!

Anonymous said...

Folks white working class people are not going to vote for Barack matchup against Hilary. So, none of us should be surprised.

The media sickens me though. Why don't they refer to the blue collar vote as white working class people? If they we're black they'd have no problems referring to this group of people by race.

A.F. said...

I trust you on that one, Field.

If Obama turned water into wine and then walked across it, he couldn't get the "White Lady" vote. (I'm a white woman and don't include myself among these White Ladies, but I know they're not budging, no matter what--the hate campaigns will only make them feel more smug.)

Kai said...

Well its been a long time coming for black folks and the clintons. Ever since my poltical awakening in the 90s I've been dissapointed with the lack of criticism of Bill Clinton in the black community. When you look at what he did to Haiti, what he did to welfare, if he were a republican there would have been a revolution, but because he got his dick sucked, and plays the sax black people loved him; until they see his true colors, and hers.

The race-baiting, the insanity, and this race card talk, if that term isnt the product of a white person in denial, I dont know what is. Like black people can play acard about being black in this society and its worth something? lol. Yeah, prison, and police bullets.

But i digress, I think black people are going to have a rude awakening on Obama too, although he is the best of this pack, i think he's going to be more like Bill than people are seeing right now. BTW, he shouldn't be messing with your love life like that Field!!! lol.

Oh, and btw, that Harlem office was a PR move that did nothing but help to raise rents; he's never there, I'm from Harlem and I'm still here, hes not around, not that I mind.

Peace! And thanks for shouting me out, I almost jumped out my chair when I saw that. You are the don of this black blogging thing!!

Ms.Martin said...

Fuck Hillary - that bitch is fried.

Fuck Bill - He was never black to me or cared about black folks. He skinned and grinned and we really had no other choice.

Fuck the Media - they know Barack is coming to get em.

This country has not transcended race and if I were Obama I would tell the working-class rednecks to kiss my ass - take my money and write some more books and laugh at those stupid mofos. Hillary is!

Anonymous said...

Politics is a dirty game. I seriously, think the Republicans are working with a part of the Clinton camp to end Obama. They see him as a threat.
I think once they get rid of Obama then the pundits will go back to trashing Hillary. Once they still the election from Obama he should write a book about this whole ordeal. I bet it will become a bestseller.

I'm rather at peace knowing Hillary and McCain will get theirs in the end. Karma is a bitch!

Chris said...

She must think she's just entitled to the presidency for her to go on with this charade. Their are in debt, way out-monied, playing attack politics and dividing the Democratic electorate.


Anonymous said...

We have to remember that Hilary does well in only closed primaries with only Democrats but Obama can pull in independants and maybe, Republicans which is needed in the general election.

Ms.Martin said...


If I was your wife and you voted for Hillary, you could forget it - forever!

You might as well vote for McCain, they're really no different.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I agree with Field that this will go all the way to Denver. But I wonder, will McCain wait that long to name a running mate?

I don't have a clear recollection of past races, but normally, I think the party's nominee has settled on a running mate by now. That he hasn't makes me assume his choice will be based on who gets the nod to be the Dem candidate.

Anyone think he's going to wait that long to pick his potential V.P.?

brotherkomrade said...

"I saw where Bubba said that the "O" man played the race card on him, and he was pretty much fighting mad about it. Folks, it's getting ugly out here. " My office is in Harlem....". Okay Bubba, whatever that means. How often are you in there? And do you ever step out of your office when the weather is nice to take a nice leisurely stroll amongst your black peeps?"

I'm in Harlem every night to pick up my little one and he don't come out. That's all image.
The only thing he brought us was chicken pox...oh wait, wrong colonizer..I meant the only thing he brought was gentrification and Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, peeps. A lot of votes in the Philly area have not been counted yet. The margin of victory may be 6-8% once all is said and done.

And that means she'll gain about 10-15 delegates in a state she was supposed to kick Obama's ass in as recently as three weeks ago.

Oh, and to follow up on my comment in the last post, I made a comparison of Hillary and Barack's leadership skills after Hurricane Katrina.

What better way to show that Barack is battle tested and ready on day one to lead this nation in the face of a natural disaster and the days and months afterward. :)

Anonymous said...

Will somebody just go ahead and drive a stake through that bitch's heart and take her and all of us out of our misery?

brotherkomrade said...

Kai, I added you to my blogroll.

Francis Holland said...

Thanks for linking to my piece on this over at MyDD, Field. I haven't read the comments and I wasn't going to, because they are usually too insulting and inane to be worth my time. I don't want to read nine idiotic comments to find the one gem in the bunch.

But, since you said there's something worth reading in those MyDD comments, I'm going to go back there and do so, on your recommendation.

Here's the strategic problem of reading the comments at MyDD: If I see something inane and antagonistically color-aroused, I will want to respond in the strongest way possible. Then the white people who are 98% of the MyDD population will say that I've crossed the line. I shouldn't have offended them (or been much smarter than they are) in their own livingroom. Then they will start talking about banning me. I've been through this all before.

So, it's generally better to throw down my thoughts and leave, and not get involved in arguments in the comments. That's the best strategy if you're going to say things that upset white people in the whitosphere.

Ms.Martin said...


Are you trying to help Hillary with the Superdels.

Blinders Off said...

It is no surprise Clinton won PA, the percentage points speaks volume. Obama is a threat that the Clintons and elitist under estimated. Unfortunately, the blue-collar workers and the elderly are easily led by the reporting of MSM and their fear, Obama “Has the Audacity to Hope”. Every vote for Obama is threatening the status quo in America.

America is NOT the Super Power it once was and other countries do not fear us. Obama candidacy has aroused young, educated people and that’s a good thing. It is also obvious that the status quo is willing to do ANYTHING to keep him from being the nominee. Everything happens for a reason and if it is meant for Obama to make it all the way and become POTUS, he will. If not...

America will end up with Clinton who will use nuclear weapons against Iran or McCain who will keep our troops in IRAQ for another 100 year. The last eight years under BUSH is nothing compared to what this country is facing under Clinton or McCain who will continue the status quo in Washington. If they are the choices to choose from in November, I will pass that option and hope this country elect a Congress with a backbone that will keep our next President in check.

brotherkomrade said...

So Francis and Field,
you guys have come across the racism and patriotic chauvanism that one finds on mydd as I've found on Tennessee Guerrilla Women. Read the posts there, it's like going to a Daughters of the White Camilla meeting.

Sad thing is, there are loyal people of color who post there as well and are totally blind to the racism. Colonized Mindz...Anyway, FN, you-know-who posts there a lot.

@Kathy, Stop Obama got hacked. Hee hee.

SouthernGirl2 said...


Is dat you? lol

I was feeling down but reading your comment made me laugh a bit! You're on a roll!

Ms.Martin said...

Hey Justice

It's me and I'm pissed off watching the pundits.

I just can't be polite about anymore I wanna choke that hoe.

SouthernGirl2 said...


You just don't know! I can't say how I really feel about that ugly woman! And I want to smack Pat Buchanan across his face soooo hard! I have already fired off an e-mail to MSNBC about their BS!

They know this race is over! Mike Barnicle even admitted it yesterday and said---why are we pretending like Hillary has a chance of winnning!

Hillary is a madwoman & looks like this heifer is going to have to be dragged off stage!

Where are the Party Leaders? How freaking long are they going to allow Hillary to destroy the Party?

Anonymous said...

I come here for a sanity check and after reading your blog, I know I am sane.

As much as it is possible to love some words on a damn screen, i love the words you write.

I don't think Barack will win, they are unleashing the gates of hell on him and he has no one at his back. Rethugs, Media, and Clintonites have banded together to gut him.

I don't see where he wins because it requires an intelligent electorate and Americans are not known for their intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
It's like this. The media and Clintons realize that black folks have no where to go political party wise. So even if they take the nomination from Obama's ass black folks can only pout and go home. Hell this should be lesson not to tie all interests to any one entity and surely not put all political eggs in the basket of Obama. There is a life after Obama that black folks will see once they get their damn eyes opened to how white folks really feel about the black candidate and black people in these United States.

Anonymous said...

ah Field... da ice queen is clicking her frosted heels to Abba about now but thankfully her constituency of older white women folk are more interested is saving their coins for getting their nails and toes did than donating to the ice queen's frosty freeze over on the nation... so ms. burrio [its her cracklin laugh folks i swear] may break down due to economic reasons...we can hope...

This has become so nasty and filled with such hate come August dont none of you folks be surprise should old man Edwards get the nob in for being the silent play nice one here...

cause O man and Ice Queen are practically spitting venom at one another now... and this is so typical... white power women despise African men who have power potential and will stop at nothing to undermind that...and the usual course is to get our passionate ire up and running full tilt... and then play the white damsel in distress role... imagine ice queen saying she would nuke iran if iran attack israeli...the same israeli ice queen and her types gave the nuke bomb too in the first place to create the middle east quagmire. If she had any historical sense, she would realise an attack on iran is like one on islam and she would have to deal with payback internal as well as external whilst pandering to jewish/israeli nonsensibilities.. stupid plain stupid

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it folks but this race has boiled down to one issue, and it's not national defense, healthcare, or economics but RACE!

Here's how it happened:

The media made a calculated decision several months ago that Hillary was going to be the nominee. However, after super tuesday they quickly realized that she had niether the political or managerial skills to win the nomination outright. So they began a deliberate smear campaign against Obama which up to this point has been successful.

To be honest, Obama is boxed in by his own rhetoric and the very basis of his campaign . They know Barack can't hit back, or show outrage and anyone that could strike for him has been sidelined. Which is why you havn't seen any displeasure regarding the Clinton tactics by the congressional black caucas.

The media knows this...but they also understand that the nation will not tolerate an outright theft. That would almost certainly destroy any confidence in the political process. In additon, the numerical lead that Obama has to date prevents this from happening.

But they can destroy the man and any credability he has to the point that he is unelectable. Unelectable to who? to white working class voters...REAGAN DEMOCRATS! If Obama can't reach these folks he's done.

When did this all begine:

If you look back to January after[Iowa] when Barack was a one hit wonder and Bill made the Jesse Jackson comments. The media actually beleived Bill and the line about Jesse. They also bought the Clintons line of "INEVITABILITY" and "don't worry the race will be over after super tuesday".

When super tuesday came and Obama actually out performed Clinton by all politcal measurments the media had know way to spin the events otherthan to say how great it was that the country would consider an african american as POTUS...but secretly they were PISSED.

How the hell did he do it?

Looking back what they found was that Barack had implemented a ground game that covered all fifty state strategy that was unmatched by any of the other candidates. He had a grassroots organization in place for months shelling out small five dollar donations while Clintons were running up debt.

Yet the media continued to beleive that HRC still had a chance to turn it around on February 14. When Obama won eleven of the fourteen states in play, the decision was made IMO to drag this whole primary out and turn it into a BATTLE when everyone knew Clinton was out of funds and had know mathematical way of winning.

RACE was not even an issue in this campaign until after February 14. If it was, how does the media explain those states that were in play like Wisconsin, Virgina and Maryland.

The media injected RACE into the process under guise of NOT BEING ABLE TO APPEAL TO WHITE BLUE COLLAR VOTERS...when Obama had been appealing and winning the support of these folks from the start.

So the spin is Obama can't win over blue collar voters, or that he can't win the big swing states when everyone knows these states are already democratic.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone think he's going to wait that long to pick his potential V.P.?"

Yes, deacon, I do. The Rethuglican convention follows the Demogoguic one, and just because Roger (Ailes) and Karl (Rove) aren't on TV, if people don't think they're not whispering strategy in Mr. Morton's ear ...

And speaking of strategy -- I have my O-Aid most mornings as part of this nutritious breakfast, but did anyone really think that the Senator from New York was going to concede before Denver??

And Field, not to give away Sista Secrets (and we are all different, bad PR to the contrary), but a medium filet not cooked by me, a nice St Emilion Cru, and a strong handed massage have been known to work wonders in the lmb household to - *ah* - distract from tense matters of national policy ...

('Cause Lawd knows we don't want YOU grumpy up in here)

*runs away*

Anonymous said...

Jist cain't not sassify you Negroes.

Anonymous said...

field, if the "tides turn" against Obama in some undemocratic way, Obamarama will continue to flourish. if not as a democrat, as an independent. that's if the clintonite's get their way. i think that's always an option.

field negro said...

Sorry about that white out betwwen comments and post anon. 11:38PM. There was some issues ith lap top when I was posting. (shutdown)

Yes I heard the comment by Russert about the rethuglican party in NC running ads to influence the democratic processs. I hear there will be a hint of racism too.

I co-sign with some of you, the pundits were really getting on my nerves last night. I can't take too much more of that madness.

Thank god for the Flyers.

"If I was your wife and you voted for Hillary, you could forget it - forever!"

ms. martin you know you are cold for that one :)

Christopher said...

When is a win, not a win?

In Pennsylvania, of course.

The Borg Queen had been up as much as 30 points over Barack Obama 3 months ago. He narrowed her advantage down to 10 points and for all the money spent, all the chortling by media talkingheads, and all the droning victory speeches by Clinton, Obama still has more delegates and in a primary race, whoever has the most delegates wins the nomination.

If any of you watched MSNBC's Chuck Todd last night, he broke it down and made it plain (I have the YouTube video up on my blog.) The bottomline is this: the Borg Queen would have to win 70% of the delegates in the remaining races to catch Obama. An impossibility as Obama is ahead by huge margins in states like Oregon and North Carolina.

What Pennsylvania really meant for the Borg Queen is now she can crawl to the donors and say, "See, I'm still a contender and I need more money to remain in the race." That's true, but she can't win the race.

Nothing has changed. Onto Indiana and North Carolina.

Kellybelle said...

Ms. Martin 11:50pm is just how I feel. I'm almost out of Obama-aid.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Someone remarked on this blog that they quit trying to log a comment because it's like the DMV in here - there's a line to post, LOL.

However, I've been known to prevail at the DMV, so here goes:

Bubba has an office in Harlem, where he convened a meeting of "Progressive" bloggers about a year ago and there wasn't an African-American blogger to be seen at the joint.

In HARLEM, of all places. And he has yet to explain himself, those Kos and his friends tried to put a spin on it when it was pointed out that no Black bloggers were on the scene.

The late Steve Gilliard, a prolific blogger in his own right, was the first brotha that should have gotten an invite, and Bubba insulted the man by saying he had no idea who Steve Gilliard was.

Most African-American bloggers can trace their own beginnings to Steve Gilliard. When he passed last February, every liberal blog, as well as a few conservative blogs, paid homage to the brotha.

He was also my friend - and I don't give out my friendships in cavalier fashion, either.

So for Bubba to play the race card, when he has shown he will use Black people for fun and profit, and sling them under the bus when necessary for his own damned survival, I call BS on him and the Borg Queen.

Especially when he decided way back in 2007 to diss Black bloggers and deny our existence in the first place.

Despite a narrow win, if anyone can mess it up even further for the Borg Queen, its her husband. I think subconsciously, he doesn't want her to win anymore than the rest of us.

andyfrombrooklyn said...

good morning field and all, stillthinking about voting for hillary in nov.? the sun is out and it is spring. the bees are zoomin and the flowers are bloomin.
as for the politics, it is ugly on the tube. but we knew this might happen. turn it off for at least 24 hours for your sanity and check gods work outside. hillary owns the party machinery. thus the big votes in these "big" states. i give up trying to figure the diff between whites in this state or that in the north. didn't know racism fluctuated from mass. to wisconsin, from pa. to conn. we are all learning about our country.
anyhow as in ohio/texas, obama did what he had to do. keep her margins down and run out the clock. in a week that will be the story again. we must be patient. so enjoy spring and try to let it go for a moment. that is what i am going to try to do...hugs!

Christopher said...

Christian Progressive Liberal,

Have you noticed Billary always and i mean ALWAYS manages to surface on primary voting day to stir his race brew?

He did it on primary vote day in South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Ohio and then yesterday in Pennsylvania.

The Clintons are shrewd and very calculating when it comes to playing the race card. They are smart enough to not show their hand too far ahead or risk alienating voters and attracting negative media attention. They wait and do it on election day when Billary's comments can have the maximum impact on voters not entirely comfortable with Obama.

Ms.Martin said...

"ms. martin you know you are cold for that one :)"

Okay Field, I'm sorry.

But please tell me how can a field negro vote for massah when they don freed us?

Najmah said...

@ Andyfrombrooklyn,

Co-signing on your advise and taking it. Field and fam, great post and responses as usual. Thank God for Black Blogs!

Naj in VA.

Obama '08

Anonymous said...

I live in Ft Greene Brooklyn and truly Harlem ain't the same Harlem anymore. My neighborhood is hardly the same anymore. Hillary has done nothing for NY State and I expect she will once again be the fall guy for the Grey men. That is what she does best! She is a mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change. I strongly suspect/believe that votes for Obama were suppressed. I don't trust the e-voting machines they used in Pa. I don't trust the old boy Dem political machine in Pa which has rigged elections in the past.

This country is in deep denial about so many issues, and we have the mdia to blame for much of it, but we also have large corporate interests to blame as well. I greatly fear that we are headed for an economic meltdown greater than the Great Depression, and additional wars in the Middle East (Iran) which will make America a pariah nation.

I'm no Obamaholic, but the Clintons are part and parcel now of the old politics. Reisitance to them was never ideological (after all they are essentially Republican Lite) it was personal. The GOP didn't like the DLC and Clinton muscling into their corporate lobbyist gravy train.

And come September, whomever is the Dem candidate, Obama or Clinton will be so fatally weakened that McCain will have a bumpy, but ultimately successful ride to the presidency. For the media will continie tom give him a pass while relentlessly attacking the Democratic candidate. With few exceptions (olbermann, Jon Stewart) the infotainment media is in the tank for McCain. They don't like Clinton or Obama, and will attack either of them mercilessly.

Even if Clinton or Obama manage to struggle to a close electoral victory the damage done the the Democratic party, which has been bitterly divided and perhaps irretrievably broken by this primary race will severely limit what they can accomplish. And they will take the blame for the economic collapse whcih Bush;s buddy Bernacke of the Fed Reserve is doing his best to forestal until after Bush leaves office.

In truth, it may be time to abandon the Democratic party as a viable entity. Like the Whig party of the 19th century it is so ridden with division and corruption and the sheer stupidity/timidity of its leaders that creating a new party may be the only way to advance a liberal/progressive agenda, one that finds common cause across a broad coalition of communities and interests.

I don't particularly trust Obama's liberal credientials, but he is a once in a lifetime political phenomenon, a man of charisma that inspires his followers like no one I have seen in my life since MLK and Robert Kennedy. I can hope that his rhetoric is geared to moderate/centrist positions in order to obtain office after which he will advance a broad progressive agenda on the economy, foreign policy, civil liberties and global warming. It may be a false hope, but I can't totally discount the possibility that this is his plan.

With Clinton, you know what you will get. The return of triangulation, the return of Democratic K Street lobbyists (to replace the GOP ones) and a political agenda which depite its rhetoric is profundly conservative in nature and which will fail to address the big issues facing us over the next decade, much less the willingness the even attempt promoting progressive goals.

This year has been one of the most demoralizing in my life and it only seems to get worse with each passing day. God help us, because we sure don't appear to want to help ourselves.

Steven D

Anonymous said...

Drubbing a 10 point defeat last night in PA Obama is now positioning himself for two victories one in Indiana and the other in North Carolina. So the question at this hour is why can't Obama close the deal? The answer is simple: He is still a black man running for the highest office in the world. PA was not an easy win for a black man who graduated from Harvard law and has over 4 million bucks in his pocket. The working class white man in PA sees Obama as the man he should have become. Trust me, I am not saying the rural white voter in PA is a racist I'm simply saying that its hard to understand Obama's success when you are can't put meat and potatoes on the table. On the other side of the coin, African-Americans are clinging to the hope of Obama as the new Messiah but just because he receives 92% of the African-American vote in PA doesn't mean he received 100% of African-American help. While I was a precinct captain in CA I was disgusted at the plight of African-Americans in our society yet when I called countless folks to get out and vote on the day of election I heard this, "Ahhh, its been a long day. I don't think I am going to vote."
Obama could have won higher margins in Philly and Harrisburg had African-Americans gone to the polls. We can't cling to Obama in words we have to cling to him in action.
The Clinton's, just like the Bush family, desperately want to create a presidential family dynasty and they will do anything to get there. If I honestly thought that she would step into the White House and implement change I would be all for Obama having her as his TOP VP choice but this election is about title not a quest for changing small town America. Now on another note, I think Obama needs to tighten up the reigns and get back to days of enlightening and engaging the people. I've donated and set up a site to have friends and family donate thousands of dollars towards his campaign but spending millions of dollars in PA and still not winning is a sign of a campaign that's loosing its focus. Does anyone remember his win in the rural state of IOWA? Does anyone remember his speech in New Hampshire that sounded more like a victory speech than a man who had just lost a vital political state. He had momentum because people believed in his message, his vision, his purpose.... last night I saw a man who was losing focus. We can blame ego. We can blame Rev. Wright. We can blame his campaign manager. We can blame the insignificant CA "bitter comment" but at the end of the day Obama has to blame himself. Of course, I have studied his policies and issues and his resume through and through but we need to feel "HOPE" once again. I am a supporter of Obama and I will remain one but its time the campaign find that old tattered recipe of change and do something that will save his candidacy.
***Ms. Truth***

grown said...

Lord. I'm so tired of this isht.

It will not go to Denver, Field. We Dems are stupid...but we ain't dumb. There is no chance in hell that either nominee would win if we waited until August to choose, so the powers that be will get together and have this mess hashed out by June. Now, who they will hand it to is anybodies guess...

I especially love how the pundits keep saying that she won "blue coller voters" instead of keeping it real and calling it what it is: she won white folks. And we know that when push come to shove, white folks are going to vote for each other. Especially the stupi-- *ahem* "uneducated" ones...

Anonymous said...

I read this last night, when I was tired of the pundits and wanted to put my foot up Pat Buchanan's *ss. The jovial, "she might do it" attitude tired me out.

America! Your racism is showing! That the Ice Queen wins amongst the uneducated voters says it all. I also agree with the poster who said that "Obama is the man they should have become."

Truer words could have not been spoken.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks Field for being so far above it all that you can point our everyone's faults.

Imhotep said...

The math is undeniable, the O man SHOULD get the nominee. But the legacy of white folks, is that these muthafuka will cheat to get something that they prize. This continent is a shining example of that practice.

Hillary has reverted to her republicans roots to get votes, by appealing to white folks hatred and fear of Black folks.

These jilted middle age white women, and uneducated whites are keeping her campaign aflot.

RedLipstick said...

I did not watch any of the punditry last night—thank goodness for 40 days of B-ball on TNT! I did listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR this morning and here’s the bottom line from a very astute guest—

1) Hill will argue that she has the momentum
2) Hill will argue that she has won the big states
3) Hill will argue that she will bring the Reagan Dems back to the party
4) Hill will argue that O can’t win

Then Dean will announce that O is the Democratic nominee! Period!

Because if O leads in pledged delegates, popular votes, and number of states won the superdels who are also elected politicians will not risk losing their positions to put Hill over the top.

I am quite convinced that Shelia Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs Jones are going to feel the wrath of the voters in November.

Anonymous said...

Billary does have a point about Obama's inability to win a populous state. This thing is still about the electoral college- ask Al Gore.

vanishing point said...

Seems to me that getting 45 percent of the vote in a state that Obama was trailing in by maybe 20p/c a few weeks ago is
not that bad. Isn't this Clinton's
fathers state of birth? She came
in with a huge advantage, and should have made a much better showing than a measley 55 percent.
This is clearly a victory for Obama after all the recent attacks,
including Rev. Wright and the bitter remarks, not to be outdone by Clinton's race card antics.

Bill Clinton has destroyed all respect for himself, and his legacy will be the fear and race
baiting he used to advantage his

@brotherkomrade, yeah, they have been hacked a few times or so they say. the swastika symbol for moveon.org is just so patriotic,
isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Obama's defeat was VERY discouraging... we didn't think he would win by a landslide ...but we didn't think he'd lose soooo embarrassingly....

Obama's camp needs to regroup and restrategize if they intend to paint the White House black!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


andyfrombrooklyn said...

lee coles and all obama doubters and critics,
billary has no points that are not self serving and in denial of contrary evidence. please go to daily kos and get the truth. todays kos post is typically spot on and WILL NOT BE ON YOUR TV. basically the pa election result is about demographics and party machinery and not a surprise. obama has won the primary. he is the nominee. he and hillary appeal to different demos. they do well or poorly in states based on thoe states demos. mayors and govenors equal electoral power in a state. not senators. hillary had rendell and nutter. she led bt 20 but could only win by 9. obama actually improved incrementally in all of the hillary demos in pa. from oh. the delegate math has not moved. one might ask, why can't she win the south and north west? what is wrong with her candidacy? one might say north carolina is a big state, if she can't win there she hasn't been able to close the deal despite all of her huge advantages in name recognition. for the past month and 1/2 the junior first term senator that no one had ever heard of before 2004 has fought off a fleet of swiftboats from fox, cnn, hillary, and mccain. he is doing pretty damn well in my book. ....now back to the beautiful day outside, my daughter is just back from school.

Unknown said...

from over here... i am more pissed off seeing that woman on my screen at every opportunity with commentators saying she is 'going to fight all the way'.. and making out that it is a good thing
she will undo the party rather than lose to obama..
she should just be put back in her box...
am sick of her... just plain sick...

andyfrombrooklyn said...

one more thought. obama is our next president. and we deserve it.

baatin. said...

read this:

i know it just the post, but the argument is at least compelling. obama just wanted to drain that drag-dressing ice-queens' cash in PA. we all know he wasn't even supposed to have a shot at it in PA. how can we expect uneducated white people to understand that it's not HIS fault that they're living like they are? i mean, if they all know hillary supported NAFTA which shipped their jobs out, and they STILL opted to vote for her, then there's not much you can do to change their mind-set. hillary knew she'd have to try to make him seem like barack was looking down on them, when the reality is that it is SHE who played on their fears. it is SHE who made them out to be dumb-fucks from the sticks. she sneered at them and asked them how in the hell they could vote for a black man. what bullshit. and what bullshit the media has turned into for allowing this to happen. the united states does not have a real media any more. politics are not dirty, they're played as though voters were children. out here in LA i'm paying $4.15 for a fucking gallon of gas. the last thing i want o know is whether someone wears a lapel pin or not.

baatin. said...

andyfrombrooklyn, you're spot on. great comments!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Christopher, what you comment about is a pattern as Rikyrah so eloquently points out. Bubba has to deal the race card in strategic fashion so he won't get called a bigot for doing so.

However, it appears that we're calling BS on his strategies faster than he can strategically play that card. And it's all good if we stay on his ass until June or Denver, whichever one comes first.

I will say this, though - if the Borg Queen manages to either wound Obama to the point he can't win in the General, or if she steals the nomination herself, she will know what the wrath of Hell will feel like, because it will be unleashed on her at every turn. She will not know any peace, in the White House or out of it.

She will be blamed for complete and total polarization of this country in ways that will make GeeShrubya have the moniker of "Second Worst President Ever" because the Borg Queen will take his title. The END.

Francis Holland said...

Field, I like that analysis of the Tibetan situation that you linked to in the sidebar. If we find ourselves on the same side with George Bush, Dick Cheney and the CIA about anything at all, it's safe to just change sides, even if you don't have a clear idea why.

But, the article you cites says that the "Free Tibet" movement in China is about as progressive as Ronald Reagan's Contra "Freedom Fighters" in Nicaragua, sponsored by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

The Free Tibet movement must be a U.S.-sponsored thorn in China's side, because otherwise why would the CIA, George Bush and other reactionary forces think so well of the Free Tibet movement?

Since I really don't know anything about it and haven't really studied it, I'm inclined to agree that it's a safe bet that anything Bush thinks is great, like "Free Tibet" probably isn't.

Bob said...

A primary "victory" cobbled together without the black Democratic base (THE party base) is a very dubious achievement. But let's see any Democrat do that in November. White working class voters are doubtful about Obama but still in play in Obama versus Morton. But after South Carolina, Hillary - thanks largely to Bill - lost the one demographic she needed to think well of her even when they were voting for the black guy. That was her cue to get the hell out.

Christopher Chambers said...

"You aint got no problems, Barack. Go back in there, chill them niggas out, and wait for the Wolf, who should be coming by directly."

OK so I changed the original Pulp Fiction script but yeah--a white man to carry water, and an endorsement from Colin Powell, and hiring me as strategy manager will ensure victory hahahaha.

By the way Field, Mr.Morton told the NC GOP to go fuck themselves when they REFUSED to yank a Rev. Wright ad . I'm telling you, this old fart is going to surprise a lot of people...

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

My uncles office is near the Clinton Plant..and hmmm...he's been spotted maybe once or twice a month...if that...just another business expenditure for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the amount of pain expressed for Neo, The One, The Shining Prince, Obama!
Where were you all's cries of pain when our true soul sister, Hilary was covered in so much shit from the ass of misogyny? You ungrateful so-called "progressives" were probably cheering on her e-GangRape as it was blogged, broadcasted, and e-mailed blasted from the MSM.
You grass-rootin' 'masses'! I cried last night! Cried feeling the souls of so many women who were arrested whilst fighting for their right to vote while black men were already getting their rights to vote!
But that's ok, I felt so vindicated last night. My cats and I were dancing last night to (I'll keep my taste in music to myself from brother kommrade as he will no doubt go to some infantile attack against Sarah McLaughlin).
I didn't even keep my appointment with my therapist today because The One got his ass lynched and dealt with last night!
And I won't be coming back here!
It's all about women of courage who dare to speak out against the male fists of terror!
AROO and Tennessee Guerilla Women are my new homes now!


Anonymous said...

Catty Greenglen said... Do understand it was White men that granted black men the right to vote and then took it way.

So, your blaming black men is strange.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...I agree with your post. I understand Hillary bitterness but can't forgive her hateful ways.

She'll win the race to the White House but she'll pay a costly price. I feel sorry for Hillary! somebody has too;)

Anonymous said...

In some ways this country doesn't deserve a man like Obama; he is willing to put himself through all the rigors of the gauntlet thrown down by the Hillary people, and he is doing it for us! Wake up America and see what the entrenched power brokers are up to. They will not stop unless we call them out, and so far we have not been willing to raise our voices high enough. This thing is about race, no matter how you parse it, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!


Anonymous said...

I just wish we can all fast forward the whole thing. I am ready for Obama to be president. This mud slinging is getting so hot. In a way it is fun to watch how America reacts to the votes and the delegates. I am just so tired of seeing Hilary thinking it is all about her. Someone in the senate blew her head up. It is time for her to let it go.

field negro said...

Someone said it in comment above and I agree. The "O" ma had better get his shit together, or Hillary will convince those SD to switch sides, and htey will.

I know it's hard, because he can talk about rising above race until he loses his voice, he needs to understand that there are some white folks in this country (plenty here in PA) who will never vote for his black ass. Everyone is ignoring that fact, because we want to see what's best in A-merry-ca. But you all know the deal. And the sooner the "O" man realizes that (the deal) the better he will be able to manage his run.

Anonymous said...

If the so called Super Delegates give the nomination to Hillary Clinton we form a third party. I'm sorry, I just can't vote for Hillary or McCain.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Catty, A.K.A. Brokekonman, if you are going to try comedy you can at least get my site right. It’s AROOO and unlike your obsess ass, I don’t focus on Obama 24/7 so you may continue to be disappointed if you insist on lurking there 24/7.

Some people in New York really do need to get out more, smelling your own farts all the damn time is melting your brain.

Admiral Komack said...

Obama should simply tell the super delegates:

If you want your party to become historical after you have seen what my campaign has wrought:
*energized voters.
*mo' money.
*inroads into "Reagan Democrats" and independents.
them vote for me.

But if you want to give the nomination to Hillary, you will:
*legitimize race-baiting tactics.
*insult blocs within the Democratic Party, just as she has done.
*nominate a person who will focus on what "she" wants, rather than what the Party wants (which will hurt you on those off-year elections).

You can either move toward the future (Obama), or be mired in the past, because if you choose Hillary, you will be the Whig Party.

Choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is going raise money on the net ? The catfish net or hair net is the only net the poor folk who vote for her understand.

Ms.Martin said...

What the "O" man should do, if possible, is run as an Independent and let Hillary and John McCain fight over the scraps.

Anonymous said...

Field Negro,

I heard that the Af-Am turnout wasn't as high as expected. Do you think that Obama never going into Af-Am was tremendous mistake?

Anonymous said...

C.P.L. -- You're right about that blogger conference. Not only was Gilly denied, but Latino Pundit reportedly is from the neighborhood and didn't get an invite either. What bullshit. Billary are racists, and will take every opportunity to use the race card against minorities.

If Obama does not get the nomination because of the superdelegates, I'm going back to independent status. I've never been one of those "lock step" kind of guys so I won't vote for Hillary and hold my nose.

And McCain will beat Clinton without wooing Democratic votes. Mark it down

Anonymous said...

Field Negro,

I heard that the Af-Am turnout wasn't as high as expected. Do you think that Obama never going into predominately Af-Am neighborhoods was tremendous mistake?

brotherkomrade said...

Why, kitty, if I was a litigious creature, I'd..Oh well, it doesn't matter. FN and egalia can match my ips to Catty's (although haloscan is pos software for amateur paranoid blog admins,) I do know it can trace ips and if an admin was honest, they'd know that my ips show where I am and who I am compared to Catty's.
I'm sorry that your paranoia and imagination has run away with you.

field negro said...

Anon. 9:36PM, that's a good question, I just posted about it. It wouldn't have made any difference if he DID go into the neighborhoods more. Black folks have some strange voting patterns here.

Steven D, I think quite a few people feel the same way that you do.

CPL, I co sign with you about Steve Gillard, he was a good brotha. We didn't always agree on things, but he always seemed like a decent person.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]" My office is in Harlem....".[/quote]

Field Negro:

Recall how much evil George Bush is blasted when asked about his relationship with "Black folks" and he will always mention his "Black in leadership" - Rice, Powell, former Edu Sect Paige?

Do you now sense that Clinton is drawing upon the same concept of "check off".......but this is so EMPTY as compared to the high ranking Black officials that Bush had placed in positions of power?