Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can we trust him?

"I want to assure the people of the 9th Ward, the people of New Orleans, the people of this country: Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way that it was handled, never again." ~~~John Mccain on Katrina~~

Ouch! That was Mr. Morton giving the frat boy his ass to kiss today in the "Big Easy". Remember South Carolina motherfucker?

So the poverty, I really do love black people tour continues, and Mr. Morton headed straight to our ground zero, New Orleans. Of course the dumbocrats are crying foul. This is dirty politics, he has his fingers crossed, He is just like George Bush, he doesn't care about black people. But I think it's falling on deaf ears. Did you see those old black ladies dancing with McCain? One thing about us black folks, we are a forgiving group of people, and if we think you really care about us, we have no problem showing you some love. And I have to give to to old Mr. Morton, he didn't look quite so uncomfortable around us black folks. That's important, it's why we felt Bubba all these years. He just looked so damn comfortable around us. Unlike the damn republicans who would always act like they were on a different fucking planet when they are around black folks. Remember the fake ass cowboy from California? He was the worst. Of course, in retrospect, we know why now. You would be nervous too if you had to be around a bunch of people you spent all of your time fucking over. But I digress. Back to Mr. Morton.

So why is he doing all of this? Did he just wake up one day and decide that he was going to be the President for the black people too? I don't think so. I think the dumbocrats are kind of right. I think these moves are political. I think Mr. Morton has made a calculated effort to move to the middle and go after those independents and the folks who are going to be pissed off from the dumbocratic side if their guy or gal isn't the nominee. Make no mistake, no matter how much they hate his old ass, repukeliklans will not stay home and let a woman or a black man win this bitch. They just won't. Especially if the woman's name is Hillary, and the black man's name is Osama...whoops, I meant Obama. Hey folks, the "O" man is black again, his neutral race shield was torn away by the ice Queen. Now he is just another one of us. White mama or not. McCain knows that, and he knows black folks will be furious at some point in November, whether the "O" man is the dumbocratic nominee or not. So now Mr. Morton is trying to be the President of all the people, and he is hoping that he won't be such a bitter pill for black folks to swallow.

But just be careful of the old coot. I don't really trust him. There is something about the dude that just doesn't sit right with me. And having him as President will be kind of scary. It's why I will never vote for his ass in the general. But I still give him credit. Even if he has his fingers crossed, at least he is showing up. Which is more than I can say for the frat boy, and his rethuglican friends.

Poor McCain, the conservatives and the right wing crowd are going to have another name for him now: "Nigger lover."


Anonymous said...

I don't trust McCain. Remember what he did the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall? Here's a reminder.

Anonymous said...

Field... Mr. Morton is a fake-a$$. Want proof? Here...

Here's the gist of the story. He celebrated his 69th b-day w/ Bush right on Katrina. There's even a pic w/ him and bush holding the cake. Doesn't seem to rattled to me. Also, he's gone there TWICE (2) since the hurricane, and said he doesn't have a plan for that section yet.

TLW said...

Can we trust any of these politicians?

field negro said...

Cal tejano, and anon.10:12PM, thanks for that bit of journalim.I had almost forgoten about that shit. See, this is why I blog. I couldn't have gotten this knowledge anywhere else. I know the MSM won't give it to me.

field negro said...

"Can we trust any of these politicians?"

Short answer tlw; NO!

Kai said...

"Can we trust any of these politicians?"
lol. I'll assume thats a rhetorical question. I'll also assume that that includes Barracky Obamagogue as well. I hate to beat a dead horse, but in the midst of what is a fierce fight, we ought not to lose focus of who Obama is telling us he is, when he isn't wowing us with his intellect and winning us with his pop culture references.

BTW, I'm solidly convinced, that Hillary has achieved her objective and Obama is now too bruised and battered, and black, to be elected. McCain will be our next president, so we better hope he loves us more than the rest of his party.

Oh yeah, and Wesley Snipes shoulda known better than to play with the IRS. 3 years is excessive for misdameanors, but you can't play with the ruling class's collection agency and think you're gonna get away with it.

Ann Brock said...

Field I don't trust MCcain nor Hillary and losing respect for Obama He has agreed to do an interview with Chris Wallace for Fox News on Sunday. Why in the Hell would he do something so stupid.

Imhotep said...

jjbrock, Obama is a politician and each move on the campaign trail is calculated. So if he is meeting with Cris wallace, it must be because Barack see some benefit.

Personally, I think Barack has hit his ceiling with middle of the road white men. He can only reach them by going to their hang out, fox news. I don't think it will make much difference, but it's obvious he is reaching out to them.

I still have much respect for Barack, but he has done some stuff that concerns me. He totally backed away from Farrakan, and he has pledge his unconditional support for israel. Again, I recognize these as political moves, but yet I wonder.

Bob said...

I think McCain, since he has time to spare, is doing this stuff on the longshot possibility of Hillary getting the nomination. Might as well build a few bridges where Hillary burned her's.

One Fly said...

'repukeliklans will not stay home and let a woman or a black man win this bitch'

No they will not nor are thwy going to give up power. For anyone to think there is going to be a Dem in the big house after November is being naieve at best.
Good post!

A.F. said...

Thanks for posting on this, Field. I couldn't believe the man had the guts to show his face in our city, especially with his spiritual advisor reaffirming recently that N.O. floods and the whole damn hurricane were retribution for a gay pride parade here. It's not saying much for the Old Mean Intolerant White Straight God that Hagee worspips if he wiped out the whole Gulf Coast to get back at some gay people in the French Quarter.

And he (Hagee) said a couple nights ago that he hopes for New Orleans to become a "pristine" city, in which case it may still have a chance. "Pristine"?

I hope that all the New Orleanians gathered around McCain in the photo ops were really actors hired from out of state. It's hard to believe that anyone here would go near him except to tell him off. Plus now there's a lot of buzz about our governor, a neo-conservative lunatic, becoming McCain's running mate.

It's all so disgusting with McCain trying to play it both ways with his racist sentiment and crazy bigotted preacher to cover him on one end and a day trip through the Ninth Ward on the other.

Sorry to ramble, just an infuriating day here in the Big Easy.

Anonymous said...

I also think Obama is damaged badly. I believe he will finally slip up and say something stupid very soon again. And that slip up knock him out the race.
Personally, I wish he'd save face and after a big win in North Carolina or Indiana should bow out of the race. I hate to say this but there is now way in hell Obama is going to win the general now after Rev. Wright etc...
I think more White people will come out in droves to vote aginst him then they would Hillary. Obama has now been painted as a black extremist.

Anonymous said...

"Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way that it was handled, never again."

It will be worse.

As a person of color in A-merry-ca, I think it's always important to remember that we don't know what we don't know. (Most "majority" folks don't know either, but we are not focusing on them right now.)

An example:
- Anyone else spend any time parsing that horrific-looking Medicare Part D and related legislation, for your elders or for yourself?
- Anyone else spend about 30 hours with it and still have no idea what it meant? Only to discover that half of it was buried in the Federal Register where, if you didn't know where to look, you were never going to find it? And still couldn't be sure you had found enough on it to make it make sense?

- Anyone else shrug because since it was that dense, no one else -- including Rethuglicans -- probably could figure it out either, and therefore thought they couldn't do much damage with it?
- Anyone else watch their elders' meds costs increase by 75, 125, 200% after the implementation of that legislation??

- Anyone else ever wonder -- if that's what happens when I know there's a problem in them there regs, but I'm not sure what the problem is -- what else is going on in those gubmint halls that is going to screw up my fam's life that I don't even have any idea even exists, 'cause I'm doing that 80-hour workweek, or that double shift, or I'm taking care of the elders and/or the kids and don't even have time to look over my shoulder to track it down???

Now I have been told I can sometimes be a hard sister. (If forgiveness, as Field says, is inherently within Our People, perhaps it's that tricksy blood. Whateva.)

But I implore my peeps, and I plead with Righteous Brother Field to exhort You, The People:


That is all.

Everyone have a blessed day tomorrow.

(And please thump your peeps upside the head who do not remember their Vitamin Vote Bars as part of this nutritious breakfast.)

Anonymous said...

Field, I could never forget the GOP response to Hurricane Katrina. It cost me my last job when I reached across a desk at some cracker who said something to the effect of "those n*ggers should have known better to leave when they had the chance."

After the initial shock wore off, I grabbed said cracker by the collar of his shirt. Then I found out that every employee in my office was on the GOP side. Even the minorities and women, too.

I have no regrets over the incident. It's one of those things I'll be writing about on my blog between now and November 4th. If those "A-list" bloggers (translation: white and affluent) can bring Obama down, then I will do my worst to tear into Hillary and McCain just the same.

What comes around goes around, and one day Hillary's chickens will come home to roost. :)

Anonymous said...

I like McCain he maybe crazy but I think the guy does have a heart. McCain knows his party is filled with nut-jobs. Look at it this way field McCain could do what Regan did and pretend black people don't exist.

Compared to Hillary I think McCain might be slightly better. Do I worried about the supreme court? yes, but Hillary could just as well choose a messed person to seat on the bench too. Because lets face it Hillary has a couple screws loose.

Anonymous said...

Well you have to work with people you don't care for. Let's dangle a carrot at McCain to get him to do some stuff for Black people. We need to strategize because the entire political establishment has a vested interest in knocking Obama out of the race. We know this. We can be supportive and hopeful and try our best. Perhaps this is the chance the universe is giving us to right a whole lot of wrongs but only if enough people fight for it. Or...perhaps this is the continuation of the path to the demise of the US as we knew it. I'm not trying to be negative here, but gas is through the roof, food is getting scarce [or at least that's what we're being led to believe], the value of the dollar is in the toilet and the gov't is hated by more countries than ever. Most of our businesses have relocated to China, we've borrowed billions from them to prop up our failed economy and McCain has no clue how to fix it. And Miley Cyrus made $65 million from the Hannah Montana movie!

Anonymous said...

"BLOW" ??

Dubious skills, for her lips are much, much too thin.

kid said...

I know this is somewhat off topic ,but a friend ask if I could post this here well here it goes.

This racist dung is pissing me off so much I wrote a poem. Yeah, Granny wrote a poem, and I'm not a poet. It gave me something to do to get rid of the anger I'm feeling about the primaries election. Whatever negative label anyone chooses to give it, well, if so, pay close attention to the last line of my poem and that is my reply to them.
Here it is:


My eyes are not blue
My eyes are black
My hair is not blond
My hair is black
My skin is not white
My skin is black
Am I American?

If I am assertive
They say I'm belligerent
If I am persistent
They say I'm pushy
If I am confident
They say I’m aggressive
Am I American?

Birthed in America
Took my first baby steps
Not on foreign soil
But in America
Buried my ancestors here
Their blood stains from toil
Am I American?

I pledged allegiance to the flag
And sung patriotic songs
I baked and ate apple pie
Yet my black brothers were hung
My emotions were suppressed
My black soldier man died
Am I American?

Fought for freedom
But confined to certain residents
Paid my citizen debts to Uncle Sam
I helped vote for Presidents
Yet, suffered disparity throughout life
But because I’m black
Intelligence they say I lack
Am I American?

What others think or say I am
I do not give a damn
I am who I am
GrannyStandingforTruth | 04.25.08 - 2:36 am

Woozie said...

Who'd you vote for? Or is that info too personal, like Dave said, for your white ass?

The Roving Reporter said...

I don't trust John McCain either. And I'm not buying this whole "I love black people" tour he's on.

I wonder if he's banking on Clinton taking the nomination. He's banking on the idea that if Clinton takes the nomination, he'll have an opportunity to take away black votes from the Democrats.

After all (his reasoning), blacks aren't going to vote for Clinton after the dirty tricks her campaign used against Obama.

Christopher said...

The Old Coot was in the US Senate when Katrina happened.

What exactly did the Old Coot do in terms of leadership and in terms of authoring legislation to help the victims of Katrina while in the Senate? What can he point to? What bills did he co-author?

Bottomline: the Old Coot is like the Borg Queen but with a smaller dick. He will do and say ANYTHING at this juncture to get elected the 44th president.

Memba folks, the Old Coot opposed the creation of the MLK National Holiday. Yeah, yeah, mea culpas have rained down from his piehole now, but I don't believe any of his bullshit.

Kellybelle said...

I'm kinda inclined to believe McCain means what he's saying a little bit. Partly because of how the republicans fought against him in the primaries. If Ann Coulter hates him, he must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

McCain is preparing to do battle with Hillary. In the case that she wins, she will have lost a large segment of the usually faithful black voters. It makes sense that he'd try to pick up some of the disenchanted.

His posturing is strategically sound, but one would hope that it won't be effective.

Abstaining from the election is a reasonable response to Hillary's nomination. Voting for McCain is either insanity or an act of anarchist nihilism. (I admit I've been attracted to the latter)

-Anony Mouse

kid said...

Hey field,

At his next ghetto tour appearance some "real brothers" should be there to boo him.Maybe on August 29th, we could sing "Happy Birthday" to him to remind his ass of Katrina.Obama was one of the only three canidates running to write and pass Katrina legislation.Its on Cali's blog.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Someone said:
"Look at it this way field McCain could do what Regan did and pretend black people don't exist."

If McCain gets the nomination, he will pretend black folk don't exist too. Remember: George Bush Jr. did this "Look-i'm-a-nice-guy" posturing in 2000 to distract us from the fact that he was a right-wing Republican and a failed governor, just like he was a twice-failed businessman before that. It was all a part of the effort to rebuild his image as a --now get ready to say "Negro Please!"-- "compassionate conservative." Because MSM lazy reporters, blonde or blow-dried haired people are too lazy to go behind talking points and give us the real deal, it worked like a charm.

So let me git this shit straight: the guy who executed more men and women than any governor in American history, the guy whose staff did a hit job on Governor Richards (swiftboating her as lesbian), is really just as sweet as hone, i'm just joshin, good ole boy you'
d love to have a cold one with at the local watering hole? Gullible white Americans said "Yes!".. All the way to two Afghanistan and Iraq. And they'll say "Yes!" all the way to Iran-- as soon as Bush and Condi whip up enough anti-Muslim/mushroom cloud fear on our ass.

And though pretending we don't exist at home, when our sons and daughers die in yet another stupid war abroad, they won't even let the press take pictures of them as their flag-draped caskets descend slowly from military planes.

Pretending black folks and people of color don't exist (after elections" is compassionate conservatism for you.

You can't make this shit up, field.

Christopher said...

If the Old Coot is elected president and he will be elected president if the Borg Queen is the Democratic nominee, he will likely appoint a couple of African Americans to his cabinet just to appease the Black community. Typical lip service, a la, Bush and Condi "Ferragamos" Rice and Colin "My Lai Massacre" Powell. Seen it all before, folks. My philosophy is clear: never trust a Repug.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, I can hold my tongue no longer. These "Borg Queen" comments must cease. They are an atrocious misrepresentation and an egregious insult. Pure cruelty. Slander. I've had enough.

...After all, the Borg Queen was actually kinda sexy in a freaky way in "Star Trek: First Contact." The same cannot be said for Hillary, especially with the oversized testicles she's been hauling around in her pantsuits lately.

TLW said...

Again, if we are waiting on a politician to come and care about us/save us, including Obama, then we have already lost.

Global Wire said...

If McCain really cared about black people - and low income folks for that matter - he would put out an extensive urban policy, and more particularly on drugs. Based on what I know about his position, he seems to want to pour more money into the so-called war on drugs, which everyone knows has not worked.

1.How is he going to deal with the unprecedent unemployment rates, especially among black men? What he is going to do about providing more summer jobs for inner city youth?

2. What about crime and improving community policing?

3. What about public education? McCain seems to not say anything about getting rid of "No Child Left Behind."

This poverty tour he is on is so phoney and just full of hot air!

Christopher said...

Deacon Blue,

LMAO! I thought I was the only one mystified by the size of the Borg Queen's basket lately. I figured in the warm weather she just stopped wearing underwear and her balls were showing.

Anonymous said...

McCain is just covering his bases. If the GOP really wanted to make an inroads, they'd be doing finding ways to get those people in the Lower 9th back into homes they own using some sort of program that trumpets home ownership. The majority of those folks owned their own homes, they didn't live in projects.

They are now worse off and the GOP are full of empty suit b.s.

Surprised? Not hardly.

grown said...

I ain't mad at McCain...he's playing the politics game as he's supposed to.

Why did my mom call me to tell me Star filed for divorce from Al? Like that shit is real shocking news...

kid said...

kellybell@ 8:23 a.m.

Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are lying.Seriuosly it was part of Rush's Operation Chaos ,trying to get republiklans to vote for Hillary to keep the campaign going.Remember when Uncle J.Kenneth Blackwell said fair Ohio elections, the Republiklans are lying, i wouldn't believe them if Farrakhan told me to vote for them.

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

Like others have said...

I just want to know if McCain explained why that he was grinning and grubbing on his yummy birthday case with Bush while Katrina hit.

Anonymous said...

Trust in a politician is like believing a used car salesman has Your Best Interest in Mind.

It's just damn fool behavior.

You trust Obama? I sure as hell don't. The knives stay honed, and we'll work like hell to make sure he gets elected. Because There Are Consequences if you piss us OFF. If Obama dares to forget that, there will be Consequences.

Howard Dean? We got our eye on you too.

Hillary? Your consequences are now!

Anonymous said...

Ok... I'm in the minority here. But I actually would consider voting for McCain. I'm a black woman. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about creating a blog for blacks who support McCain. I know that sounds crazy but we need black folks on both sides of the party. The democrats have taken advantage of black folks for far too long. It's time to explore other options. It's time to get off the democratic plantation and see what else is out there. I'm not saying the Republicans will do great things for us but I'm not happy with what I'm seeing from these so called liberal white democrats. With friends like these who needs enemies.

McCain 08

RedLipstick said...

Anon 11:59AM there have been folks here say they might go for McCain if Hill gets the nod.

What bothers me about McCain is the influence of a military lifestyle on every facet of his being. Considering that his father and grandfather were both admirals it seems undeniable that his mindset and way of thinking will follow a sort of structured, hierarchical, command oriented way of running the country to say nothing of his temper which is legendary in Washington.

Our next POTUS will not be able to deal with the international community with this mindset--America no longer has the clout to do as it will and the intenational community is just not gonna take it anymore.

Anonymous said...

What is it with all the pessimism on this site today regarding the O man. If you support him show your support. Hell, what did you think it was gong to be a walk in the park for a Black man trying to win the White House. What the Field is saying is we need to get those trifling Black Americans to get off their duff and register and vote. Barack is going to need ALL of our help, not just sitting around blogging about oh he is losing support. Fuck the traditional media. They are part of the problem. Do you think the Corporate Media will allow a Black President. Hell NO. The fix is in people. The only way we can help him now is to say NO MORE. Donate, help register voters, call the Congressional Black Caucus, get involved people. If they get away with this, African Americans can kiss any chance of EVER running for President again.

kid said...

Hey anon 11:59,

Using that logic some of us should join the KKK to cover our bets.This guy is bomb bomb,Iran and like some other poster said he was having birthday cake August 29th, with the racist in chief.Make sure for full disclosure you tell the blacks for McPain supporters that before it rains. If Obama doesn't win it third party, I wouldn't join the republiklans if Pam Greer told me to.

Anonymous said...


Bill Moyers interviews the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in his first broadcast interview with a journalist since he became embroiled in a controversy for his remarks and his relationship with Barack Obama. Wright, who retired in early 2008 as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where Senator Obama is a member, has been at the center of controversy for comments he made during sermons, which surfaced in the press in March.

Bill Moyers Journal, Friday, April 25, 2008; check your local PBS station for times.

Ms.Martin said...

Black folks so need to be accepted that a white man can show up and say I like you and they fall for it.

Ms.Martin said...


Sometimes you gotta go for what you know.

I bet you felt better after you grabbed that mofo!

LACoincidental said...

Here's my take on it -- McCain is simply laying the ground work for the general election. He's not worried about Black folks voting for him, its PR for soccer moms and the NASCAR dad with the token black friend.

If Billary wins, great. Blacks and progressives will say home out of outrage and everyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi will run out in droves to vote for the Crypt Keeper. They hate the Borg Queen more than her philandering husband.

If Obama wins, it could work out for him too. Progressives will whine about how he's not MLK or X, Black folks will simply fall asleep and stay home in November. And middle America will have enough cover to not vote for the Black guy. Kiss a few negro babies and McCain will let these 'bitter' white folks off the hook for their innate racism.

And for the Cynthia McKinney/Ralph Nader fans out there -- don't be surprised of the neo-cons start funneling illegal monies into their coffers again to insure bitter lefties and clueless college kids will cast enough 'protest votes' to ensure the Crypt Keeper's victory.

McCain is the last gasp of the neo-con death cult, and their not going down without a fight.

Anonymous said...

McCain 08

Firstly, wake up! Get the democratic sleep out of your eyes. Look at what we're seeing. Do you really think America is going to elect a black man? I'm sorry but that's not going to happen. It will be a cold day in hell before you see that. I like Obama. I voted for him in the primary. But I wanna go with a winner. I'm tired of the black establishment and the 1960s Negroes funneling our votes to the democrats.

Besides with all the voter fraud going on in the primaries, the general will be worse.

Black folks - join the winning side for a change. We have a chance to go with the power and make change within. The Dumbocrats don't give a damn about you. Wake-up and get out of the abusive relationship. Save yourselves before it's too late.

Give McCain a chance. Maybe he'll be different. You don't know. I don't care about his past. I care about his plans for the future. I truly believe that they can't be any worse than what we're witnessing in this primaries. Who would have thought that the Clinton's would be have like the KKK?

The democrats disgust me. They are not the party I thought they we're.

McCain 08
I've officially defected to the dark side. When my blog is up, I'll leave a link.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Anon said:
"Give McCain a chance. Maybe he'll be different. You don't know. I don't care about his past. I care about his plans for the future."

Only one problem: Except for keeping us mired in someone's else's civil war, he doesn't have any. For a centrist politician, Obama has some good ideas; and he and his family are actually decent people, not liars like Hillary, or a hypocrite with a bad memory like McCain. Even Obama's health plan strategy of starting out by making healthcare mandatory for children first makes more sense than Hillary, when you consider how conservative this country is. Hillary tried to shove universal healthcare down America's throats, and they cried socialist medicine. Better to start smart with these conservative white folks, democrats or Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous of course the corporate media will allow for a black president. It may be a timing thing but these folks will work with whoever is willing to do their bidding. Colin Powell, Condoleeza and dozens of other black officials have been proof of this.

We are sometimes too quick to overlook issues of class.

Field you and I know that McCain is playing politics.Or did he say he was going to guarantee the return of all New Orleans residents that want to and make sure that their schools and hospitals are rebuilt and that affordable housing will be provided and that the former residents will be put to work helping rebuild the city.

What he didn't say any of that? I rest my case.

MacDaddy keep hope alive baby,keep hope alive!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Between Obama and McCain, the Borg Queen gets no love from Black Folk.

Amen. For squeezing her the hell out of the loop. There isn't enough dog and pony shows she can put on featuring Magic, Tavis and Bob Johnson to entice us back to considering her, even if Obama doesn't get the nomination.

I have my pen ready to write in Cynthia McKinney in case Obama pisses me off, too.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons Clinton has won some of the states such as Texas and PA is because the Republicans are voting as Democrats. That is not allowed in many states, including mine, New York. Ever since McCain was nominated, the number of Republicans voting Dem has gone up. I think she will benefit from this in Indiana as well.
I think Obama's health care plan is better, I think his position on the war as been consistent, and I think if his campaign is any indication of good organization and money managing skills, that he will be a great President.

What happens to the money that is not used from a primary? Anybody know? Can they just keep the money?

On the Sidebar, three f'n years!!!

Kathy (too tired to sign in right now)

Global Wire said...

Anon 11:59

I totally agree with you that the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted. But the Republicans are no better.

I think we need to look at third party options if you ask me. Some one really needs to shake up the current two party system. I am not per se suggesting going out to vote for Ralph Nader, but we need to possibly start to really look at greener pastures.

Global Wire said...

BTW, on the side: Wesley is a arrogant tax-cheat and deserves time in jail! The only reason he didn't get more is because he's rich.

Woozie said...

Nothing on Sean Bell yet? You're usually on top of these things Field.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, you know I worked for McCain back in 2000--before Bush and the true Rethuglicans unloaded on his ass. He is unpredictable. True. Precisely why the right wing despises him. Check the blogs, check Fox. It's not about why John McCain is the best candidate, it's about bashing Hillary and Barack. They are deathly afraid he will be the next Eisenhower, or even pieces of Nixon (recall, family, that it was Tricky Dick who about faced and ended our involvement in Vietnam...AND created affirmative action on the federal govt.).

Latest twist: he has told the RNC in North Carolina to go fuck themselves over Rev. Wright. Not in a pussyfootin' kinda way, either.

Look man, this m-f spent YEARS taken it up the butt literally and figuratively in a POW camp. 90% of these so called hard core pipe-hittin' brothas in the big house got nothin' on him!

Ms.Martin said...


What are your thoughts on Wright speaking out?

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, why do people post as anonymous? at least give yourself a number you can be identified on the scroll....anyhow, mccain is doing black public relations now so as to soothe the sore that lies below the surface. the whites who are participating in the swiftboat campaign know in their gut they are being racist and this is represents a national failure. but they want to stay in denial. they must satisfy their impuslive urge to destroy progress. it is important to build mccain up in his racial relations image so as to feel free of guilt as this brilliant young politician of dark skin is politically lynched. the swiftboating continues unabated and i must say it is getting worrisome. thank god for the delegate math. i can't wait until obama is official.

LACoincidental said...

Hmmm.......I can feel you on McCain Mr. Chambers, except it took him damn near my existence on this planet to support MLK Day in Arizona and he backs President CokeHead on the war!! Does this make him a clansman? No, but I think it points to his old school pre-Ike era of thinking when it comes to our people's concerns.

Look, Obama isn't my first choice for the democratic nod. He's a politician, first and foremost. And I originally supported an Edwards/Kucinich ticket (Edwards had to be on the top of the ticket to keep Kucinich more kooky notions at bay.) Up until I moved to New York, I was in the Green Party. I don't think Obama can walk on water or turn it into wine.

That being said, I do like the fact that Obama doesn't think he can either. He constantly makes the point that he's just a guy and this about we, the people making the changes. It may be rhectoric, but its a lot closer to home for me. Billary (because lets be honest Hill and Bill are essentially a boxed set) is too stuck on his/her/itself to really make a difference. Also, Obama's record indicates that he's a community activist and civil rights attorney first. He's probably more populist than he can afford to show in the election.

You can't pour new wine into old wine skins, because they burst. And not set of leather hooch flasks are as worn out and tired as the Clinton Dynasty and two crusty old guys like Nader and McCain (though I strangely trust McCain more than Billary at this point). Sorry my people, McKinney's joke of a campaign isn't even a blip on the radar screen.

We've got new wine -- a new set of problems and opportunities for US to tackle in the new millenium. We need a new wine skin to handle it. Obama's not perfect (which refreshingly he admits) but he's a better choice than the two white people via for the post. Obama '08

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, person to hate today. paul krugman of the nytimes. he is in to swiftboating. he thinks its cool.

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, this is my decree. no criticism of obama is acceptable from his supporters at this moment. SUPPORT HIM WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. he is under ridiculous assault. it is BULLSHIT. all of it. by the way one of the many many reasons he is not michael dukakis or john kerry or jimmy carter is he has attitude. his meeting with reporters today featured him smiling in a self confident and bemused manner. just the right visual.

Unknown said...

Black people in America are beginnng to remind me of the people in my mother's village deep inside the African interior.

These are poor peasants whom politicians will court during elections by throwing them feasts and do the usual blah blah. That is the nature of the campaigns down there.

Their support is in the present. Its who throws the feast that is popular for the moment. So the trick is to try and be the one that throws the last big and memorable feast. If you ever got voted into parliament and actually provided afew services like malarial drugs for their local dispensary, you hold a stable position. The challenge for the one that may want to oust you lies in their ability to deliver better services while they are not in office. Only then can you convince them to switch in order to take the other one out.

But during the campaign season the allegiance switches almost on a daily basis. A very frustrating lot.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Martin -- Oh, it felt damn good but it would've been better if I planted my knuckles in the side of his chin. I was that pissed off.

Paul Krugman should stick to economics. I'll be checking out HuffPo tomorrow to see if another writer calls him out on his shit like last week.

field negro said...

nsangoma, get your mind out of the gutter, it's "blow" as in the movie witht he drug theme. Geeez! As if I don't get enough heat from the feminist.

andyfrom brooklyn, didn't Krugman get a pie thrown at his mug? Or was it some other times reporter.

Sorry chris, I can't go along with you and support Mr.Morton. I am with the folks who say he is a few fries short of a happy meal. And I am still thinking his moves are all calculated for the political season.

cali, I am with Ms martin, I would have slapped that mofo too.

"Again, if we are waiting on a politician to come and care about us/save us, including Obama, then we have already lost."

tlw, we might not be lost yet, but we are pretty damn close.

kid, I liked your poem, you have some skills :)

I didn't catch all of the Rev. Wright interview. Can someone give me an update? I am going to try and catch it later.

wozzie, I am actually dying to comment on what might be the East Coasts version of Rodney King, AKA Sean Bell,before this thing is over. But there are certain types of incidents which involve legal questions, that given my profession, I really don't like to jump in on.

I really have to learn a little bit more about this case before I risk disbarment and talk shit :)

Anonymous said...

McCain voted against funding of the Katrina bill and voted against the equal pay law that was up for vote.I say if we're going to go with an alternate vote McKinney.

Anonymous said...

"The democrats have taken advantage of black folks for far too long. It's time to explore other options. It's time to get off the democratic plantation and see what else is out there. I'm not saying the Republicans will do great things for us but I'm not happy with what I'm seeing from these so called liberal white democrats. With friends like these who needs enemies."

I don't know, the Dems haven't had enough backbone when it comes to standing up to Republicans in general, but when I think about what the implications for me as a black person could have been if the Republicans had been unrestrained all these years, I feel as if I have taken advantage of the Democrats, not the other way around. After all, I can still vote, and there is still a Civil Rights Act. I don't think I have the conservative movement to thank for that. To the extent that there have been efforts to weaken civil rights, who has carried out those efforts? Republicans.

"Black folks - join the winning side for a change. We have a chance to go with the power and make change within. The Dumbocrats don't give a damn about you. Wake-up and get out of the abusive relationship. Save yourselves before it's too late."

"Go with the power"? On whose terms, ours or theirs? "make change from within"? Make what changes, exactly? Will the Republicans agree with the changes we want to make? If so, why would they? Out of the goodness of their hearts, or because we have either a carrot or stick to motivate them to agree with those changes? What would the carrot be? What would the stick be?

"It's time to explore other options."

It's time to explore other options for what reasons?

"I'm not saying the Republicans will do great things for us but I'm not happy with what I'm seeing from these so called liberal white democrats."

What has the Democrats not done for black people that you expect the Republicans might do?

None of those are rhetorical questions.

Anonymous said...

The charwoman of the NC Republican party, who refuses to pull that ad, said she talked to McCain's campaign people about, and "recieved an email from them on his behalf". Telling them to go fuck themselves would have involved truly disassociating himself from the the people behing the ad, and telling them not to work toward his election. That would have been a maverick move, but he hasn't even threatened to do that. Instead, he spoke out about it just loudly enough to make himself look good, while still reaping the benefits of the ad.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Thanks for posting on this, Field. I couldn't believe the man had the guts to show his face in our city, especially with his spiritual advisor reaffirming recently that N.O. floods and the whole damn hurricane were retribution for a gay pride parade here. It's not saying much for the Old Mean Intolerant White Straight God that Hagee worspips if he wiped out the whole Gulf Coast to get back at some gay people in the French Quarter.[/quote]


You appear more interested in following what "Old Mean Intolerant White" men are SAYING about New Orleans than you are in MANAGING what Black folks with power and WHITE LIBERALS are doing in New Orleans.

You should be more focused with the houses being rebuilt in the Lower 9th Ward while being STILL under water. Its like building a mansion on LOVE CANAL while not addressing the key threat that killed you before.

But I understand. Some people are more easily thrown off track from what they SHOULD BE PRIORITIZING. This is why the entire fiasco happened in the first place.

To Dallas Progress - you worry more about what evil Bush was doing WHEN KATRINA HIT. You need to be worried about that which took place over the 30 year interval since the LAST KILLER STORM had hit

Whitney B. said...

Watch out.......the Boogey white guy's gonna getcha!!!