Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cindy's recipe for disaster.

I don't know why this story bothers me so much, but it does. I am talking about the story of Cindy McCain lying about some her family recipes and then blaming it on an intern. "Oh come on field, why do you have to assume the McCains are lying?" Because I have a hard time believing that some low level unpaid staffer would be given the authority to something like this. Sorry, I am just not buying it. But then, as is always the case, they throw the little guy under the bus. I wonder what "dealt with swiftly" means? Talk about elitist and out of touch. "We took his zero pay." Da fuck? I don't know about you guys, but if I was t hat intern I would have told Mr. Morton and company what they can do with their zero pay, after I exposed their sorry asses.

But this is the free ride that comes with being Mr. Morton these days. I wonder how many people in A-merry-ca even heard of this story? Seems Lady Cindy lifted three recipes directly from the Food Network and said it was her family's own. ["Napa Cabbage"?] Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had done some shit like that? The FAKE NEWS NETWORK would have cut into their coverage of the Pope's mass today and flashing BREAKING NEWS signs would be all over the television screen. "MICHELLE OBAMA LIES ABOUT FAMILY RECIPE".

I don't know about the rest of you, but if someone lies to me about something as simple as a family recipe, I have to wonder just what else they would lie to me about. "Ahh come on field she is not running for president, her husband is." Okay, I would buy that if everyone all of a sudden started leaving Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama alone. But if that's the only excuse for not going after Mr. Morton's wife, it's a pretty flimsy one. The intern did it? Come one Cindy, give us all a break!

And who has a secret family recipe anyway? Unless you are a member of the Sander's family from Kentucky your recipe has been more than likely lifted from somewhere else. I mean we can all add a little something or take a little something away from a known recipe, but your own secret ? My mother's black Jamaican wine cake was to die for, but my mother didn't invent that shit. I make a mean spaghetti and meatball, but the reason mine tastes so good has to do with a little sugar that I add to the tomato sauce (from a bottle by the way) and a little something that I throw in my water when I am boiling my pasta. But it all has to do with just tweaking a recipe that is already in place. I think Cindy and her peeps thought it would be cool to seem like regular people, and they got caught.

Give me a first lady who expresses her opinions about A-merry-ca and what she thinks would make it better. Or, a first mate who was actually President, and not one who would lie about a damn recipe. And if you don't think our first lady is important, think again. Picture this scenario: President McCain is entertaining the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Belusconi, in the White House. Cindy offers his wife some dumplings which she declares is from her family's own secret recipe, but which looks suspiciously to the first lady like gnocchis. The Italian knows she is lying. She is offended. She tells her husband. All of a sudden, poof, there goes another NATO ally.

Seriously folks, I know the folks on the right say this is a non story, but they need to get real. If they are going to kill the "O" man over a flag pin, and his wife over an essay she wrote in college, they damn well better call out Mrs. Morton's ass for lying about some shit that she knows how to cook. --Like she has ever seen what a fucking stove looks like---. I wonder if we will get any questions about recipegatge in the general election debates? I doubt it. Little George will be interviewing Mr. Morton on ABC-linton tomorrow, let's see if there is any mention of recipegate then. I doubt there will be, because, well, it's Mr. Morton, and he always gets a pass.

I bet Cindy is in the kitchen right now cooking up her favorite dish. Oh wait, I meant in the medicine cabinet...okay that was mean, I kid I kid.


SingaporeSwim said...

1. most "regular" peeps don't eat ahi tuna.

2. the ingredients of some of cindy's debunked family recipes weren't heard of 50+ years ago: ahi tuna w/napa cabbage slaw, farfalle pasta w/turkey sausage and passion fruit mousse. please!

the msm has not fully vetted cindy the klepto who not only lifts recipes w/o permission but who allegedly was not only addicted to rx meds but stole them as well.

field negro said...

singaporeswim, I think they did vet her, and they know exaclty who we are getting. But, as is always the case in A-merry-ca, we have our favorites.

Ms.Martin said...

Yeah, the Doctor did it too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah field, the way I see it is we have three choices in a-merry-ca. A lier, A rat fink who's wife is a drug addict thief, and a truth teller.

My queston is which of the three will a-merry-ca guess is the rat fink who's wife is a drug addicted thief.

Anonymous said...

Cindy McCain is a drug addict. Sorry, once an addict always an addict. Why isn't this all over Fox News?

Yes, if this was Michelle Obama's recipegate, this would be all over Fox News. As ridiculous as this is, that's what our political season has come down too.

For the first time in my adult life, I'm really, REALLY, really ashamed of my country.

Unknown said...

i hope they do call mccain on this for a couple days.. he's having it far to easy...
just saw maya angelou on the news on clinton's stage....
am letting her off because she is old but am aware she is a goddess amongst some black women...

BrendaKay said...


Since you mentioned the black Jamaican wine cake, you really, really, really should follow up with the actual recipe.


La♥audiobooks said...
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Anonymous said...

Cindy McCain is addicted to Vicodin and Percocet. She personally ripped off pain medications from a medical-aid charity, and falsified prescriptions under unsuspecting employees' names. When Mr Morton couldn't disappear the multiple federal indictments coming down the pike; she was given a diversion program, provided she went into drug treatment.
She has never gone into drug treatment, and she is still in a number of medical-aid charities that dispense her drugs of choice.

But stealing recipes? Nooooooo!

Bradda said...


I hate to say it but McCain will be our next resident in power. The press has given him the almighty, "I'm a fucking old moron", get out of jail free card already. If the O man or even Clinton had done any of the stupid shit that McCain has done they would have been laughed out of the race. It really does show who the real elitists are.

"Don't worry Johnny boy, the poor people will NEVER figure out I stole the recipes from Rachel Ray!!"

What a cu*nt.

Anonymous said...

McSame is a throwaway. The next Pres will be Demo and left with the BushMess.

We had a fratboy student government president. He spent every dime we had on parties. Great parties. Then the bills came due and the successor had to raise rates (taxes) to cover the costs. Very unpopular. I did a lot of informing voters that year.

I foresee the D having to clean up the BushMess and paying the political price for doing the correct action. We should be diligent in making sure everyone knows it was the BushMess.


field negro said...

BrendaKay,I will have to call my sister,but maybe I will get that recipe for you.Now keep in mind that your cake might not taste as good as my moms.(It's all about the touch:)

Mold,you migt be right,and that's a scary thought.

Anonymous said...

Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Slaw??
Whose idea was it to go with that kind of gassy, stank meal anyway?? Good Lord, lift the recipe for Sugar cookies off the Martha White Flour bag...damn.

SingaporeSwim said...

cindy is indeed the msm's pet and will be typecast as quintessential, "pure as the driven snow," and all-american.
while michelle will become the angry/militant black woman w/a chip on her shoulder.

mccain can be "called out" on so much glaring ish (his stance on the occupation, taxes, nat'l health care and his various misstatements) that it's ridiculous but, yes, the msm will tiptoe around him as if he's an untouchable golden oldie b/c he's a war hero.

on paper, sbo should clobber mccain on the issues. of course, the repubs will call upon their old standbys - guns, god, gays and abortion - in hopes of a swiftboat takedown. sbo will have to go far, wide and deep to counter that inevitability.

Anonymous said...

Field - This is lapel pins and other specious nonsense.

Mrs. McCain who is worth what? $100 million, and whose cooking skills probably include Microwave popcorn, is not, and should not be the issue. OTOH it is fun to beat up on her, eh?

singaporeswim - The democrats have to know that the Karl Roves of the right are going to throw every possible kind of crap at the next democratic nominee. So I would have to hope--though I am sure it is too much to hope for, that the democrats are putting every resource they have to work planning for this onslaught.

On the positive side, Hillary has done most of their work for them and if Obama is the candidate, the democrats should know exactly what the attacks will be and will be prepared to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Come on Field do you think she even knows where the Kitchen is....?

A.F. said...

What just baffles me is why anybody would have recipes on their presidential website to begin with. McCain's web designers thought there should be a little something there for the "Ladies" because there are actually people out in the world who would be more likely to vote for somebody because of the recipes? His wife needs to pass the "Lady-Test"? I just don't get this. Also, I would assume that if I posted a "family" recipe on my little tiny blog, and it was actually Rachel Ray's recipe, somebody somewhere would find it accidentally in search for one of Rachel Ray's recipes and leave a nasty (or even legally threatening) comment about that. Was there an intern who wanted to show up what palaver the website is in general by just planting that there? Probably not. (???) I guess it's all as simple as a p.r. person telling Cindy McCain that recipes are a nice touch and she said "I don't have any. Nobody's cooked in my family all the way back to the Mayflower," and so somebody else said "Here are some recipes"? This whole thing bothers me, too, Field. It would bother me if Michelle Obama had done it, but she wouldn't DO it, and if she did, her husband would have to answer for it in debates from here to November if he even made it to another one.

I heard Cornel West say the other night on Bill Maher that America suffers from "spiritual malnutrition and moral constipation." Cindy's recipe fiasco seems to confirm that pretty literally.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how she got the Ahi Tuna being that she lives in Arizona, and not Hawaii. The tuna isn't readily available fresh, so I guess it was frozen. I really do not understand what she was thinking in attempting to lift recipes from the Food Network, and the recipes were Rachael Ray's at that.

In addition, she could have at least changed a few ingredients, and she could honestly said that the recipe is hers. However, I doubt very seriously that Cindy McCain can boil water to make couscous which is very simple and a great alternative to rice if you do not have 20 minutes to wait. Did she really believe that people would think she can cook? I am offended damn it because I do cook, and consider it a great insult that she tried to pass herself off as one. I am the kind of person who makes fresh cranberry sauce because I hate the canned cranberry sauce. And I do use recipes, but can create my own like yesterday when I cooked whole wheat pasta with saute mushrooms, spinach and grape tomatoes. Of course seasoned with garlic, red pepper flakes and added some ricotta cheese. However, what I made yesterday is variation of a recipe I probably saw on TV or read i a magazine. Hey a real cook will use whatever ingredients he or she has on-hand in the fridge or pantry. So I doubt that Cindy McCain is that kind of person. I nod my head because she told a lie that was so easy check. What a jack ass.

Anonymous said...

Ok... in and of itself, recipe-gate, aside from the highly offensive idea that what women bring is fucking recipes, is, I think, the same bullshit that I am so sick and tired of in politics.

So, here is a legitimate concern about what she is advocating with her tuna recipe:
BRUSSELS, Belgium — Bluefin tuna risk being fished to extinction in the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, a conservation group warned Wednesday, appealing for an immediate ban on catches of the highly prized fish.

The WWF report said catches were running at 40 percent above the legal quota set by an international regulatory body. It said boats from Libya, Turkey and European Union nations led by France were responsible for most of the illegal and unregulated catches.

"The fishery is running out of control," WWF said.

It said the expansion of tuna fishing was fueled by high prices paid by traders in Japan, where bluefin tuna is a prized sushi and sashimi ingredient.

There is a LEGITIMATE concern about the environment, and as I have said about McCain before, he is funded by and supports industries that are killing our planet. THAT is why we cannot afford the McCains in the White House.

Anonymous said...


How do you fell about journalists and elitism? Since the word elitism has been brought into this debate, I've been noticing how well this word applies to all these commentators/pundits. Reading the Maureen Dowd article, I could hardly breath with the smugness and haughtiness of the article. People are wondering how to pay their bills and the people who's job it is to take literal snapshots of society, are too busy trying to find something cleaver to say.

Thembi Ford said...

I have my own brand of feminism and all, but what kind of woman at once defines herself by AND makes a mockery out of traditional womanstuff? Its like Akon's lie about his jailtime.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough that the media gives a pass to a woman who is a rich ass thief. I can forgive her the addiction, but stealing from a charity!? And she isn't being pressured like Theresa Heinz was to show us the money; to say nothing of her husband who probably has the early symptoms of Alzheimers glaring up at us and his post traumatic stress problems, compounded by the fact this man couldn't run a dog show- let alone our messed up country .

But what makes me want to leave the good old U.S of A is that the voting public might not see past McCain being a POW and thinking he's owed a presidency with his thieving spouse. Kind of like the deluded who think Hillary Clinton deserves to be president because she has (of all things) STRUGGLED--for it.

I get sick thinking that too many voters are so mindless and undereducated that they can't see the truth that people worth hundreds of millions ARE the elite. But poor old Barack and Michelle-- who if they even got liquid wouldn't be worth two million (a hellava lot to me, but pennies compared to the Clintons and McCains who swear they are one with the poor people.) But because Obama is brilliant and excelled at a school these other people took for granted (except Bill--of course) is seen as elite and---uppity.

The past has told us most Americans will ignore lies, theiving, addictions( sexual and drug), violence
(see Mr. Morton's bio) and even taking American jobs away and selling out big time to other nations---as long as it isn't done by a black man . . .

So Cindy will have a clear field.

SingaporeSwim said...

leota2 said...
The past has told us most Americans will ignore lies, theiving, addictions( sexual and drug), violence (see Mr. Morton's bio) and even taking American jobs away and selling out big time to other nations---as long as it isn't done by a black man . . .

chris rock once said...
So if your [you're] black or brown you can make money in America, you can get rich in America... but whatever you decide to do it better be positive, cause if one person is harmed you will be destroyed.

SingaporeSwim said...

an obama minute begins tomorrow [april 21st] @ 1pm est.

SingaporeSwim said...

did anyone catch geoff garin, hill's latest chief strategist [he replaced penn] on today's mtp? where does she find these people?
he had more than a few "aw shucks" moments.

Anonymous said...

If YOU, Field, ever decide to post a few recipes for the chefs out there, it looks like hennasplace could do the vetting for you and probably supply some originals too.
Cindy McCain is such an incredibly poor First Lady choice, but please remember that without her money {McCain doesn't have any serious money at all} the McCain political career never would have existed.
So we can blame Cindy for quite a lot of damage, including the Keating Five embarrassment. Anyone remember that?

Anonymous said...

arrr, The comments are gettng difficult to read lately. Obama is not brilliant and he's not telling the truth. He's a charismatic politician. No more, no less. If you like the policies he says he's for, vote for him. But he is not the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall anyone here ever referring to Obama as the messiah... and frankly, what a weird post, given the topic. I am voting for him exactly for the reason you suggest, of all the candidates, his positions are the ones I agree with the most. And frankly, there are things he has said that I disagree... mainly his position on Israel/Palestine and that he is against same sex marriage. But, the positions of Clinton and McCain are not better, and with McCain, are worse. I think the thing I like best about Obama is his insistence that we the people must be involved in making the change, and when he is president, I am going to hold him to that. We all should. I expect him to deliver when the majority of Americans support the Kyoto Protocols on Climate Change... something that Corporate Polluters have opposed. I expect him to initiate programs to rebuild the infrastructure of this country. I expect him to in-act an executive order to restore habeas and close down Guantanamo. And, trust me, if he does not, I will be the first in line of the protests (as I have been for the last 30 years!).

Anonymous said...

If George Bush could pass down the Presidency to his son then why not McCain as President? He knows squat about the economy, he has no health care plan and he's a crook - but how would that be any different from the majority of the ones we have in office NOW? We get who [allow to manipulate us] we vote for. There is real excitement about the 'O' man - and it's true he's not THE messiah, but why can't he be a messiah? Meaning someone sent to us to teach us how to live in consort with our spirit - and each other? WE ARE IN FACT THE MESSIAHS. The excitement comes from recognizing our true selves, being the ones we are waiting for. Really he's just the vessel. If we choose to see things as they really are and how we are complicit in maintaining them and how much they are killing us we will stop and change course. He is the only candidate that is encouraging us to strive to be our best. Besides I really really really like his wife. She was always the lynchpin to my support of him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe szechuanpork was bitterly commenting on the previous post--Night out. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am trying not to be picayune field (hopefully, the word 'picayune' unlike 'picnic' is not linked to an 'urban legend'); but this post is picayune.

Hmmm, 'picayune' like 'picnic' is of French origin; I wonder ...

the Sangomas Sangoma

SingaporeSwim said...

just remember that sbo needs the bipartisan support of congress to deliver on some of his promises.
dramatic political "change" can be incremental.

SingaporeSwim said...

i think that one of field's purposes in commenting on recipegate is to highlight the lopsided coverage of the peccadillos of the presumptive nominees and their spouses.

i know, tell us something that we don't already know.

Admiral Komack said...

Hey now!

Leave Cindy Mc Cain alone!

She had to lift the recipes, man!

Her idea of a recipe:

30 day supply of Vicodin

30 day supply of Percocet

Take a few of each (1-2)

Wash them down with mug of Budweiser.

Admiral Komack said...

"arrr, The comments are gettng difficult to read lately. Obama is not brilliant and he's not telling the truth. He's a charismatic politician. No more, no less. If you like the policies he says he's for, vote for him. But he is not the Messiah."

-Who said he was, besides you?

Admiral Komack said...

"Cindy McCain is a drug addict. Sorry, once an addict always an addict. Why isn't this all over Fox News?"

-1-Cindy McCain is not black.
2-Cindy McCain is not Latino.
3-Cindy McCain is white and she's got money.

If (1) or (2) were in play and Cindy McCain were poor it would be on Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have nothing substantial to add on the serious discussion front, so while you're waiting for Field to hand over the wine cake recipe, I will reveal my secret to making chocolate chip cookies that I'm told are fantastic (Field, I know that "Mrs. Field" in your house isn't the Mrs. Fields of cookie franchise fame, but just in case I'm wrong and your moniker is some kind of double-agent style thing, apologize for me).

All right, take the existing chocolate chip cookie recipe from the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag. Add the following:

-- 2 extra tablespoons of butter
-- at least two extra teaspoons of vanilla, maybe three
-- break a Hershey's chocolate bar into small chunks and mix in along with the chocolate chips

There. I've given something back to the world. If you want my famous Pumpkin Crunch recipe, too, which I am 99% positive my mom got off a box somewhere, let me know.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry's wife is rich, white and the msm roasted her.

Cindy is fare game IMO and needs to be exposed for the elitest drug addicted, plagerizing, skank that she is. The fact that she stole another womans man, stole prescription drugs, lied about stealing those drugs, and even with this latest revelation stole someones recipe. How many times do you have to get caught stealing before you get labeled a damn theif.

By the way, her husband is no war hero. To the contrary, he's a "rat-fink" who broke the military code of conduct by revealing troop strengths, battle plans, and aircraft design all for aid and comfort.

This is all documented in an article over at COUNTERPUNCH...take a look for yourself.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't believe Cindy eats, let alone cooks which makes the whole idea of her having a family recipe incredulous.

I would first suggest that the McCains submit a recipe that we could believe she actually prepared like one on how to make cocaine or methamphetamine.

Drugmonkey said...

bbq, man. smoked brisket. can anyone in this race make real food?

(reluctantly, I'm going with Bubba Clinton as the best cook out of the six of 'em)

field negro said...

Thanks for that deacon blue! And you are right; we are talking about two different "Mrs. Fields" here.

admiral komack you are killing me. But your recipe bit was too funny:)

thembi, you mean Akon didn't do jail time?

"How do you fell about journalists and elitism? Since the word elitism has been brought into this debate, I've been noticing how well this word applies to all these commentators/pundits."

kissha, in many cases they go hand in hand. Many of those folks only care about what happens inside the beltway. How many journalist do you know that try to see what's happening in the real world? If they were, they wouldn't talk about the shit they do every Sunday morning and on the cable shows every night.

vanishing point said...

CoCain could have given her beer batter honey coated deep fried peyote buttons recipe. No need to steal.

What ever happened to the lobbiest girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

I'm an unabashed Obamaholic. On occasion I Google search terms regarding Obama.

On one occasion I Googled "blond women who hate Obama."

To my surprise, I got three hits: Hillary Clinton's Web Site, Cindy McCain's Web site and Fox News.

Go figure.

Constructive Feedback said...

Just think - If Cindy McCain had just used guys would be pulling for her at this point.

If she was on METH many of you would be asking about the drug companies that are making such an addictive substance.

If she was on COKE many of you would be asking if the McCain's actually 'own a private plane' because how else did these drugs get into the country?

(Simply freaking amazing!)

Bob said...

With two kids, even a highly-paid professional woman like Michelle knows how to toss together a casserole. But then, like O'Reilly going to Sylvia's with Sharpton, lots of people would be asking if the Obama family uses plates & silverware,

field negro said...

"If she was on METH many of you would be asking about the drug companies that are making such an addictive substance.

If she was on COKE many of you would be asking if the McCain's actually 'own a private plane' because how else did these drugs get into the country?

(Simply freaking amazing!)"

Yes, and now that she won't release her tax returns we think it's because she doesn't want folks to know what she is really worth. I guess it would probably seem elitist :)

Geee, for someone who is an independent, you sure seem to defend the repubs a lot. Hmmmm,, you can come out of the closet now. We won't think any less of you. Personally, I would actually respect you more.

Yes, you are right, it is "amazing".

Admiral Komack said...

"Cindy McCain is a drug addict. Sorry, once an addict always an addict. Why isn't this all over Fox News?"

-1-Cindy McCain is not black.
2-Cindy McCain is not Latino.
3-Cindy McCain is white and she's got money.

If (1) or (2) were in play and Cindy McCain were poor it would be on Fox News.

francis said...
John Kerry's wife is rich, white and the msm roasted her.

Point taken.
I should have added IOKIYAR.
[Hey, it was 4:16 pm, and I was tired, and I had just evaded Bosnian snipers, so give me a break :-)]

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]ShoNufDed said...

I'm an unabashed Obamaholic. On occasion I Google search terms regarding Obama.

On one occasion I Googled "blond women who hate Obama." [/quote]


Is he running for "President of the United States".....or filling some VOID that you have in your life?

SingaporeSwim said...

con feedback,
anyone who abuses drugs [rx or illegal] is an addict.

i wouldn't defend or make excuses for them in either case but would reccommend that they seek help.

did i miss your point?

Thembi Ford said...


It was discovered last week that Akon only has one felony and served three measley months in jail. It'd sure mess up my life but apparently not enough to be "a con."

Anyway, although abstract, my point is - why lie in the process of aspiring to be something you shouldnt want to be? The idea that the first lady should even have a repertoire of recipes is so antiquated. The days of Camelot are over and she's no Jackie O. We need a smart and capable first lady who is about something and hustling up scrips doesn't count.

Francis Holland said...

"Napa cabbage slaw and farfalle pasta with turkey sausage, peas and mushrooms . . . rosemary chicken breasts and warm spinach salad with bacon . . . "

Sounds like a load of crap to me! HAHA

This crap was on John McCain's own website. There's a simple reason why the press accepts his excuse that this was done by a low-level aide. Otherwise they would have to acknowledge that this was a clear-cut case of "plagiarism", which is a word that strangely doesn't appear at all in the New York Times article, although plagiarism is plagiarism regardless of the official title of the person engaging in the act of copying and printing as one's own.

If they used the word correct word, "plagiarism", and didn't attribute it merely to a low level employee, then they'd have to conclude that the McCain campaign was knowingly plagiarizing AND lying about it. That would simply disqualify McCain from running at all.

I'm posting this at "Truth About McCain"!

Anonymous said...

Thembi, you're assuming that vast swaths of the country (including some women with Stockholm Syndrome) don't believe that a woman shouldn't still be anklecuffed to that stove.

The fact that in most cases the family needs both incomes to survive -- let alone pay for college -- doesn't enter their minds, because this is a nation in the throes of denial. Denial is comfy, like a warm blankie.


Since you mentioned the black Jamaican wine cake, you really, really, really should follow up with the actual recipe."

Sho nuff.

If for no other reason then that we know Missy Cindy will never be able to make it and wouldn't hire anyone that could.

Pleeeeease, Field?

Constructive Feedback said...


So I'll put you down in the column of "throw the book at 'em" with regards to "Drug Addicts"......right?

Or are you of the crowd that asks for leniency for the "little guy drug addicts" but "throw them under the jail for the rich drug addicts".....of course unless they are rich entertainers who are inclined to support your politics that is. They don't "judge" others and act high and mighty - right?

Its funny how "forgiveness is a plea made on behalf of those you favor while you call for the sword of justice against those you you hate".

I learned a very long time ago in debating lefties that their call for "societal justice" and "health care for all", etc" is not NOT based on some pursuit for the common good of all men that is present within in them, making them morally superior, instead it comes from a common resentment against the wealthy and a desire to take their property and distribute it using the government while they take credit for their good deeds during the check hand off ceremony.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]the msm has not fully vetted cindy the klepto[/quote]

Oh my goodness are bothered by the two ABC News folks attempting to "vet" Barack Obama during a debate but you DEMAND that that WIFE of the Republican candidate to have all of her freeking recipes validated for their originality????

What do you know about the guy who would be president? You didn't know much about his church affiliation prior to about 2 months ago. HE DIDN'T answer the question regarding what he saw in Wright at the kick off of his campaign that he yanked him. (That was a good question. I see that you are easily pacified by a good sounding 'non-answer').

We know that Obama was 'against the war from the start'. That's the Iraq War. He was good with the "Afghan War" and would have invaded Pakistan to capture Obama Bin Laden (same policy as Michael Moore thus far). But of course we know the same "foreign insurgents" who crossed the border into Iraq under evil Bush.....would NOT do so if we limited our fight to the LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL war in Afghanistan - we had the permission from that body of 'International Law' known as the UN, you know. Those law abiding insurgents - respecting authority would have refused to cross into Afghanistan to fight the infidel.

The most important person needing VETTING as we switch from agreeing with his attacks upon the decisions of those in the actual seat of POWER who made decisions which you disagree with over to FOLLOWING THE UNREALISTIC BOUNCING BALL in the outcomes of HIS POLICIES that have been theorized IS......YOUR BOY! There is nothing like an adversary that has his own agenda to thwart your academic exercises crafted at a conference table.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback:

Funny how most entrepreneurs want Universal Health Care -- they call it a level playing field with the rest of the world.

I know millionaires who vote democratic. 'Course, their money gets spent for the common good.

Scientists are like that, we're all for some sort of happy populace, because the alternative would probably wreck our LAB EQUIPMENT!

(If you don't understand how scary that is, you've never done anything FUN!)

FN, we do have a recipe at home, for SichuanCajunHawaiian BBQ Marinade. I'm purty sure nobody ever thought of it before...

? said...

I'm more concerned that Mcain has not learned the lesson of Vietnam and is convinced that if we just keep holding course the Iraqi's will get their s**t together.
As usual though, this campaign is about anything but the issues.

SingaporeSwim said...

con feedback,
1st of all - i hate no one and believe that the law s/b equitably administered regardless of race, ethnicity, connections or socioeconomic status.

2nd of all - i don't take cues from "rich entertainers who are inclined to support my politics." i'm quite capable of thinking for myself, thank you very much.

3rd of all - all candidates s/b vetted backwards and forwards. my point is that if michelle obama's feet are held to the fire for a collegiate essay that she wrote then cindy mccain s/b dogged about plagiarizing recipes from the food network, claiming them to be old family recipes and then blaming the blunder on her assistant when she [cindy] is caught red-handed. what's fair is fair in my world.

4th of all - you're assuming that i'm a "leftie" and generalizing about me and my values based upon your lack of understanding and insight.

is that your defintion of constructive feedback?

SingaporeSwim said...

con feedback,
speaking of being fully vetted...
john mccain was interviewed by george s. on abc's sunday morning news show yesterday and he said that although he "condemns remarks that are in anyway anti anything," he's glad for pastor john hagee's support.

do you think that mccain's acceptance of hagee's endorsement, in light of hagee's sometimes radical points of view, s/b making the news rounds? if the msm can play and replay a 10 second snippet of a rev. wright sermon, why is hagee not just as newsworthy?

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why this story bothers me so much ..."

*waves hand*

Oh, I know, Field, I know! Pick me!

Because it's emblematic of the way rethuglicans govern. If something - anything - ever goes wrong, evade responsibility and blame it on the peon(s) least able to defend themselves.

Especially when it comes to something your polls have told you A-merry-cans think you should be able to do -- like, in this case, a FL "should" be able to cook, as her family recipes, in the minds of many A-merry-cans, can so easily be equated with "family values" (a rant for another day) -- that you have no intention whatsoever of doing.

Not even on your day off. Not even in your wildest dreams.

A recent example: The country, for the most part, thinks the President should honor the Constitution. You know, how it's in the Oath of Office and all. However, when the Shrub-in-Chief got caught behaving as he was quoted, treating the Constitution as "just a piece of paper", who got blamed?

Gonzales. The peon.

It bothers you because it's really all the same thing.

And they learn it early. In, like, boarding school.

Anonymous said...

Some recipes that were missed in the cited article were later uncovered and reported here (

Cindy McCain's special recipe for filet mignon:
1. Turn in direction of Consuela.
2. Say "I would like filet mignon".
3. Emphasized "NOW!"
4. Wait 10 minutes.
5. Enjoy

Cindy McCain's recipe for Peking Duck:
1. Send Consuela to China Town.
2. Don't let Consuela in house for 24 hours.
3. Enjoy

Cindy McCain's recipe for Kimchi:
1. Tell Consuela to make and kiln a large clay pot.
2. Have Consuela cut up cabbage & scallions.
3. Have Consuela dig large hole in neighbors yard.
4. Have Consuela put pot filled with cabbage and scallions in ground.
5. Open lid, have Consuela climb in.
6. Hire new Maid.
7. Have new maid bury contents for six months.
8. Deny knowledge of whereabouts re:Consuela to INS.
9. Enjoy.