Saturday, April 26, 2008


"O" man you are breaking my heart. Say it ain't so. Say you ain't appearing on FAKE NEWS SUNDAY with Chris Wallace. My god man has it gotten that bad with your campaign? I know that your campaign is a little bit in a panic mode after the Pistolvania primary.--- Chris Wallace himself said you wouldn't have gone on his show if you had won Pistolvania--- But selling out to the FAKE NEWS people is tough for me to take. It's the one thing that I really respected you for: the way you gave a big fuck you to the FAKE NEWS people. I loved the fact that Wallace had to resort to an Obama watch on his sorry ass show, and the fact that you were standing them up after you told them that you would appear.

But it's a wrap now, apparently you already taped the show from Indiana, and it will be on the NAZI NEWS NETWORK tomorrow. "Oh come on field, if the guy is willing to talk to the folks in Iran, why can't he talk to the people at FOX? " Because from where I sit I don't see any difference with the two. Well, there is one difference; one of them has more blonds.

But I give you credit "O" man, you must really be a special person to go on that network after all the shit they did to you. What you are doing would be the equivalent of a chicken giving the commencement address at a Popeye's graduation. I mean FOX NEWS? I guess you are thinking that it couldn't be worse than that hatchet job the ABC clowns did on you, so you are taking your chances. But FOX? This is getting to be a trend with some of these dumb ass dumbocrats. I saw where "fast Eddie" and the laughing man, Terry McAuliffe have all been praising FOX lately. Hell if I was in the Hillary camp I would be praising the FAKE NEWS NETWORK too. Which again "O" man, is why I can't see why you are going on with them....

Anyway, I am going to stop getting on you, I don't want Mrs Field reading this post and getting any more pissed off at me than she already is.
I think Chris Wallace was up to 765 days,13 hours,54 minutes, and 47 seconds on his countdown before you caved in. He said you promised to be on his show and he was holding you to it. I would have told him to hold his breath, and then I would have told my advisers not to take any calls from his FAKE NEWS ass. Because it's like this: maybe two or three of the people who listen to that show are going to vote for you anyway, so why bother?

But politics sure makes strange bedfellows. I mean one day this week we have Mr. Morton at the black ground zero, and a few days later there you are on the NAZI NEWS NETWORK. What a country.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud. When I heard Obama went on Fox News. But, the man had to eventually appear one day on that crap network. Hillary was on Fox News and John McCain appeared on it also.

Tons of morons watch Fox News and he has to reach that audience. They vote too. LOL

With being said I think the guy is in serious trouble. By going on Fox News he is letting the world know his campaign took a hard hit. Also, his not doing one final debate with Hillary monster will cost him in the future. She already has him looking like a scared kid after that last debate.

I like Obama and would love to see him win but reality is telling me Hillary might end up winning this thing after all. And if she does boy will there be hell to pay for those that went against the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Obama (when confronted by Bill O'liar at one of his rallies) said he'd talk about going on FOX
---after the primary was over?

So . . . . is it over?
Did they finally drag Hillary off to the quiet room
and nobody told me?!

field negro said...

"With being said I think the guy is in serious trouble. By going on Fox News he is letting the world know his campaign took a hard hit. Also, his not doing one final debate with Hillary monster will cost him in the future. She already has him looking like a scared kid after that last debate."

Anon.11:02PM, you are like a counselor giving the Obamaaholics some tough love.

"So . . . . is it over?
Did they finally drag Hillary off to the quiet room
and nobody told me?!"

No leota2, sadly, she is still around.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

"What a country."


Anonymous said...

"What you are doing would be the equivalent of a chicken giving the commencement address at a Popeye's graduation."

I literally laughed out loud thinking about a drumstick at a podium. But thanks for the laugh to keep us from crying. Though I don't think its over yet...

Anonymous said...

Nice guys do finish last.

Advice in a bubble. I think his advisors need to get out and check the temp in the rest of the world.
They are good but he needs an advisor from the hood. Some shit you just do not do.

I love Barack dearly and want him to be prez but some of these missteps by his people smacks of too much time spent in a bubble.

He let the 2 ABC hacks punk him in the interview and his next move should be to back them all into a corner. He does the opposite and sits down with FAUX. Where is his street sense? DAMN.

Even the Dixie Chicks had it right, with "Not ready to play nice". Stop playing nice with people who wanna gut you Barack, Hillary is going to hand him his ass if he doesn't watch it. She is not dead yet and this move does not help him at all.

A.F. said...

I don't see how an appearance on Fox can do Obama any good, no matter what he says or does.

Here's the link to the pet shooting story, Field:

? said...

Check out this article, have you heard about this?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Obama is appearing on Fucked News Network tomorrow morning, either. At least my father will be able to watch one of his interviews for once.

I don't think the campaign is in that much trouble. Hillary's campaign reminds me of the playoff run my Leafs made at the end of the NHL season. They had to go something like 12-2-0 and for a little while they looked like they were going to make it.

Two losses later and they became irrelevant. For Hillary, that would be North Carolina and Oregon.

kid said...

I told myself if he was to go on Fox I would not vote for him.I'm just hoping he do a Bill Clinton butt whipping on him,but I dont think so. It would be cool if he said loofah ,falafel, or Hal Turner.

Unknown said...

am hoping he pulls one of these out of the bag coolly, calmly and collectedly

Anonymous said...

Not the first time he was on Fox News. He went on Hannity like a month ago. I never watched that show before but my god I did it to see what would happen and never again.

Hannity is horrible!

Also, who cares about the debates? Seriously. In Wisconsin he didn't agree to a debate either, the Clinton campaign put out multiple ads attacking him over that, yet he still won that how many points?

It didn't work then and Wisconsin was supposed to be a "Clinton" state, judging by the demographics, I doubt it'll work now when IN and NC look more favorable towards Obama.

Clinton is broke and a debate is one of the easiest ways she can get free press. If I was a Obama, I'd brush it off and say that I'd spend my time actually talking to the voters of IN and NC--addressing their problems--instead going to have another debate where we argue the minutiae of our healthcare plans yet again. Also I'm not going to let Clinton push me around. If I want a debate then I have one. She can beg all she wants but as the frontrunner, I call the shots here.

I think some of y'all here are letting the Clinton spin get into your heads. The Obama campaign is not in trouble. They knew that they weren't going to win PA, they just needed to prevent Clinton from getting a blowout and they did. He's still leading in delegates, states won, popular vote. He has incredible amounts of money.

He's already started plans for the GE with voter registration drives, DNC fundraising and volunteer training.

He's doing all of this while calling for more debates. Which looks better to the superdelegates? Who looks more like a leader?

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, you say his boycott is about the only thing you respect him for...
i would tell on you if your wife had a blo i could report you to. i hope you get in trouble for your thoughtless and unproductive remarks.
that said, i too do not know why he is going on fox. i do not agree with every move he makes or every answer he offers. but he sure has come a long way since may 2004 when i had never heard of him. so he must be doing something right.
to all doubters, myself included from time to time, remember...HE HAS ALREADY WON.
to the topic of the current swiftboat campaign, a campaign that has lasted almost two months, perpetrated from within the party and without. liberal pundits like paul krugman and elected african american officials in key roles like mayor nutter have manned the boats and fired torpedoes on behalf of the retrogrades. they are traitors.
support obama WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. allow for no criticism. have blind faith. get in to lockstep. shoot to kill. the hordes of satan are trying to breach the wall.
this is not the time to sit around saying...they shoulda, i woulda, he coulda...
because that is just what they want you to be doing.

Anonymous said...

I have to total disagree with your reasons why Obama is giving an interview with Chris Wallace..

He could not have avoided the Fake network for ever..Obama may have has a little setback, but he knew he was going to win PA anyway..

Mr. Obama is a very smart man and like to think about things two or three steps ahead of the average man. Going on Fox is just another avenue he has to journey..

Biliary has no money.Look at the some the new articles claiming she raise $10 million after PA but can't pay local people for their services (give me a break)...those debates are truly sided views, aka ABClinton network..She need the free airpress..I dont blame Obama, I would not attend another one either..

As for the chicken' comment that was funny. Old saying, Obama lost the battle (PA) but not the war.

But, Obama has already is no way Billary can catch him so in Obama eyes, the primary is over so he can now go on Chris Wallace show.

Ann Brock said...

What can be accomplish by doing this interview? Nothing. I don't get it, he's looking weak to me. Is this a sign of what's to come?

Model Minority said...

Field/House Negro of the day is fu-king insane.

Christopher said...

It's impossible to know what made my man Barack do a 180' and agree to sit down with Chris Wallace.

My guess is, his internal polls suggested that by avoiding FOX, he was losing some potential demographic.

As far as agreeing to a sit down with Wallace, it's not the same as agreeing to a debate on FOX.

Barack is very smart. After he meets with Wallace and charms him, the negative push on Rupert's network will come to an end. I happen to think it's an brilliant strategy on Barack's part.

You know what they say: "Know your friends, but know your enemies better."

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with leneypoo.

First, let me say that I agree with Field's conclusion that going on Fox was a mistake. NOT becaus he went there (he's been on that station before), but because he agreed to do a TAPED interview. That is STUPID to say the least. If you're gonna go, at least do a live interview where your words can't be chopped, spliced and twisted.

But let me get to my main point. I'm going to address this criticsm to Obama supporters as a whole. Not anyone in particular. So, please, don't take any of this personally. I also apologize in advance for the long comment:

As a general concern, I continue to be disturbed by the defeatist attitude I hear from some people.

Calm down. Obama lost a state that everyone said he was going to loose. What's the big deal? We've been here before. Remember March 5th? EVERYONE said Ohio and Texas were going to change the game and give Hillary the momentum she needed to win the nomination. Two weeks later, people looked at the math and realized that there's no way she can catch Obama in pledged delegates. People started calling on her to drop out.

But we're scared because Obama lost PA? Might I remind people that Hillary lost 11 straight by an AVERAGE of 33%. Not ONCE did I see her, her campaign or her supporters doubt themselves. They've been in debt, had campaign shake-ups, you name it. But they never had a defeatist attitude. They dismissed their losses and moved on.

My goodness, they're so happy in their state of denial that they have the audacity to say things like, "the math isn't important." WTF?

Michelle Bernard hit the nail on the head when she said that the Clintons will easily dismiss a 15-20% blow out in NC as "just another black state." You want to know the sad part? A lot of us will buy into that. In the least, we'll let her continue to say such things without ever thinking to challenge her on her BS.

Time after time, we allow the media to scare us back in our "proper" place. You've got the media convincing Obama supporters that he can't win the general election because he lost PA white men by 10%. But no one says a damn thing about the fact that Hillary lost 90% of the black vote.

Rep. Clyburn said that tells him that the media is comfortable to say that black folk don't really matter. Why? Because, if we did, the media would be hounding Hillary about how "out of touch" she is with African-Americans. She'd be forced to play spades and dance the electric slide just to show how "in touch" she is with the black community.

Sounds rediculous, right? Yet we're comfortable seeing Obama drink beers and bowl a 37 just to get the white man's attention. That's an insult to him and the working class white voter.

I've seen far too many Obama supporters cede the terms of engagement to Hillary's side. A state is "important," because SHE SAYS SO. A voter is more important because SHE SAYS SO. It's ok to change the rules and count FL and MI because SHE SAYS SO. It's ok to mistake familiarity for experience; to mistake scorched earth tactics for "toughness" because SHE SAYS SO.

Do we really want to change the way things work in this country? Or are we going to continue to reward bad behavior?

For 8 years we lamented the cowboy politics of George W. Bush. Now some of us have the gall to praise Hillary for being just as "tough" as the Republicans?

She's telling you that she's going to "obliterate" Iran. Her voting record matches her hawkish stance. But I gaurantee you we'll be sitting here 3 years from now, after having invaded Iran, wondering how we ever elected a Joe Lieberman Republican who has us fighting 3 wars at the same time.

Let's forget this hype about being "tough." Americans rarely elect a President whom they DON'T think is tough. I've never seen a voter come out of the voting booth and say, "Yeah, I voted for the punk-a*s."

And look where it gets us. All of that bravado and chest thumping gets us absolutely nowhere.

Obama isn't perfect. He's missed out on political opportunities to control the media narrative and put Hillary on the defensive.

But we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that he's WINNING. The rules and math say this thing has been OVER for a long time.

Yet we're the first one's to believe the hype . . . to believe the spin that this thing is a close contest, or that Obama is in trouble. Hillary would kill to be where Obama is right now.

But this is a sad sight to see. Supporters of a WINNING campaign with a loser's mentality.

Did we ever believe in this "hope" for "change" or were we always waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Christopher said...



So Barack lost Pennsylvania to the Borg Queen by 9 points? Big fucking deal? The internals just 3 months ago had him losing Pennsylvania to her by 30 points. The delegate haul about a 13 spread difference. I would argue that Barack performed very well.

At the end of the day, this campaign remains a delegate race. Whoever has the most delegates wins the nomination and Barack is ahead by roughly 130 delegates. After he wins North Carolina and Oregon, he will be even further ahead of the Borg Queen.

He's doing just fine, thank you very much.

momo said...

He loses nothing by being gracious in public in the house of his enemies. He is ahead now, and focused on the prize. It is within reach.

field negro said...

Thanks classical one, I will check out that link.

b-serious, that was a nice reasoned comment about the "O" man, and like Chris you make some sound logical arguments. Still, my gut tells me this is A-merry-ca, and no matter how bad it would be to elect Hillary or McCain, that is who A-merry-cans want because of....well, how they look, and how they make them feel about themselves.

andyfrombroohlyn, the "O" man might very well win the dumbocratic nomination--I can't see how they can take it from him--but if he wins the general, inspite of running a pretty good campaign, I will be very surprised. Sorry, that's just the cynic in me talking. I think I know A-merry-cans too well.

Am I crazy about the "O" man? NO. But would he make a better President than Hillary or Mr. Morton? Absolutely!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with him going on Faux News, but in general O's been wimping out lately.

The problem I think is that Obama started this thing saying that he was above all this mudslinging. Now every time he responds to his opponent's below-the-belt tactics they start saying he's not living up to his high ideals and he backs off. He's screwed either way.

Imhotep said...

B-Serious, I 100% share your sentiments. But it would be nice to see Barack put hillary on the defensive just once.

The brotha is always back peddeling. He has yet to mount any kind of effective counter strategy.

Just once, or at least once, I would like to see him figuratively pimp slap hillalry and force her to back the fuck up!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Note to Obam's handlers:

Get your man back on college campuses talking to thousands of white kids. Get him out to some factories and have him make a press statements and say a minimum of a half a dozen times: "NAFTA, which was begun by Bill Clinton and promoted by Sen. Clinton, takes precious jobs from Americans." Have him call a press conference and, wearing a US flag pin (made in China), with a dozen of US flags in the background, speak in detail about how the Iraq war is helping destroy the American economy and his plan to do something about it. And have Michelle go to NOW convention or meeting and speak about why she's pro-choice as Barack kisses some babies at a suburban shopping mall somewhere in Indiana or North Carolina.

Forget Fox! Your guy's leading. Do some serious photo ops to sway the gullible American public, will ya?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Millions of people tune into Faux News and nothing else. Obama would be a fool not to appear there. . . pick your forum, pick your host and reach millions of otherwise isolated voters. . . and yes, those Faux News fans DO vote in huge numbers relative to other groups.

Anonymous said...

b-serious- And I agree with you. I'm really not feeling the panic. I think I'm too optimistic for my own good.

It's a lose-lose situation for Obama. Clinton is basically getting a free pass from Obama but she's not extended that same courtesy to him.

Obama could easily dig up some numbers from Billary: Greatest Hits. He could say that since the Republicans are going to do it, it's best that democratic voters know what they're going to be in for.

However, his campaign is based on not going there. So he can't. The media would have a field day calling him a hypocrite if he did.

I agree with the people who are saying that Obama needs a way to put Clinton on the defensive. I also wish Obama had better surrogates on TV.

I think that the best way to do that is to raise concerns over Clinton on ethics/transparency issues. Going after her on her tax returns was definately a good idea, but I'm sure there's more where that came from. How about the presidential library donor list?

I think that if Obama loses Indiana and NC, it's time to take off the kid gloves and go there.

Best case scenario is that Obama wins Indiana and NC, the superdelegates end it and Obama is able to begin the healing process between his and Clinton's supporters.

And that's the important thing, that's why we're not really seeing Obama on the offensive. Obama can't risk turning pro-Clinton voters into Anti-Obama voters.

Clinton doesn't care, she's totally destroyed the goodwill she had with black voters (and young voters to an extent) and she wants to win the election in a way that only gives voters two months to fall in line with the nominee (there's no way Obama will drop out when he's the leader). She's desperate to win this.

I really hope that Obama won't need to get down to her level. The democratic party will not win if things come down to a fight at the convention. No way.

Christopher said...

We just ate our Burger King burgers and watched the perfectly dreadful Wolf "AIPAC" Blitzer on CNN.

Wolf opined:

"I could easily see Hillary Clinton asking Barack Obama to be her running mate."

Really Wolf? Really?

Of course that would make AIPAC and the Likud party back home happy as hell but why would Hillary Clinton be in a position to ask Obama to be her running mate when she's in second position?

Between CNN and the New York Times, Barack must get up each day and feel like he's pushing a one ton boulder uphill all by himself.

I have two words for Hillary Clinton and her surrogates: FUCK YOU. Ya' ain't goning to be the nominee and you ain't going to be president.

Anonymous said...

"And that's the important thing, that's why we're not really seeing Obama on the offensive. Obama can't risk turning pro-Clinton voters into Anti-Obama voters."

@ leneypoo, field, imhotep and christopher

I agree. It's important for Obama to make that distinction. He's not going negative because he knows that we're gonna need a united party and there are some lines you just don't cross (*cough* Hillary). He'd show a stark contrast to Clinton in this respect.

At the same time, he should make it clear that he has the right to defend himself, and there's only so much he's willing to take. This is particularly true if his numbers start to slip in a stronghold like NC. We don't want to see that. If that happens, it's go time!

Obama needs to get ahead of the news cycle. He's spending too much time responding to Hillary. It should be the other way around. He's the frontrunner, not her. For example, one of his strongest instances was his response to Hillary's V.P. offer. He called her bluff and reminded people that he's in first place. That was classic!

What does it mean to be a Democrat? Obama needs to address this issue. He needs to put it on the table. Draw that line in the sand and have the American people see Hillary cross it.

I'd also like to see Obama deliver another speech. Only this time he should talk about:

"What it means to be a Democrat"

He should outline his vision for the party and how Democrats can lead America in a new direction.

He should pose it as a direct contrast to the prevailing conventional wisdom where only certain types of people are "real Americans," and where cowboy politics shows is confused for strength.

Hillary's done her best to blur the lines between centrist Democrat and out-right Republican.

I think it'd be refreshing and show a huge amount of leadership for Obama to say "No. This is what Democrats stand for. This is what we don't stand for. This is what we expect of ourselves." It would show that, as leader, Obama would give Dems the spine they've been lacking for a generation.

Anonymous said...

christopher said, "Wolf opined:

'I could easily see Hillary Clinton asking Barack Obama to be her running mate.'"

Obama needs to stay on top of stuff like this. Dems need to make a CHOICE. Forget that dream ticket crap.

I'd hate to see the Dems try to FORCE Obama to take her as his V.P. That's political suicide. He gains absolutely nothing by having her on the ticket. She ain't entitled to the White House.

I forget who, but someone compared it to the Apprentice where Trump tried to force Randall to share his winnings. No thank you!

I could see Hillary deliberately screwing up Obama's Fall campaign. I'm sure she'd love to mess things up just to turn around and say, "Oops. Don't look at me. I played along. Now get ready for 2012."

Unknown said...

He needs to reach 'reagan democrats' and other white low-to-middle class voters. That is the sweet spot for Fox News. I'll say that Chris Wallace is the best of the bunch (in my view) over on Fox.

I watched the 36-minute interview this morning. I thought Obama did a good job ... and I thought that Wallace was respectful and asked questions that his viewers wanted to be asked.

I've gotten my equilibrium back after Pennsylvania. Hillary is Huckabee. She can campaign cuz Obama doesn't have 2025 delegates yet, however, since she cannot win the pledged delegates she is irrelevant.

Obama's surrogates were also better on the shows I saw earlier today...

peace, Villager

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Oh ye of little faith.

Every single time I see the O-man, one of his adverts, an interview-- EVERY TIME, the man just flat blows me away.

Frankly, why shouldn't he go onto Faux News? Should this man, this intellectual giant, be afraid of those panty-waist little WATBs?

I don't think so.

What he's saying is "You wanna talk to me? BRING IT, BITCHEZ."

Let little Chris Wallace try... but I have all the faith in the world that Barry O'Bomber (his high-school basketball nickname) is gonna take it to the hole right in his face.

Anonymous said...

B-Serious wrote: I'd also like to see Obama deliver another speech. Only this time he should talk about:

"What it means to be a Democrat"

He should outline his vision for the party and how Democrats can lead America in a new direction.

He should pose it as a direct contrast to the prevailing conventional wisdom where only certain types of people are "real Americans," and where cowboy politics shows is confused for strength.

Hillary's done her best to blur the lines between centrist Democrat and out-right Republican.

I think it'd be refreshing and show a huge amount of leadership for Obama to say "No. This is what Democrats stand for. This is what we don't stand for. This is what we expect of ourselves." It would show that, as leader, Obama would give Dems the spine they've been lacking for a generation.



That is such a great idea. And he could do it.

People are hungry for this kind of thing, I think. At least from what I see.

Anonymous said...

The traditional media is not telling the American Public that Obama has won this thing.. Yesterday at a State Committe meeting the Barack support was overwhelming and the majority of the state committee was white. Obama picked up another Superdelegate yesterday too. I did find in talking to some of his white supporters they were afraid of Rev. Wright. I told them not to get it twisted or distracted. If you support Barack support him. There will be good days and there will be bad days. Hell the man is trying to be the first African American President. That in itself is a tall order.

White privilege feels threaten. America would be doing the same if it was Bill Richardson in the lead, a Hispanic President. For some reason, White America feels that they are superior. Why do you think the media has no problem disavowing Blacks. Black people are not as important as White people in their opinion. One argument in the fall I would use is the draft. If you want to make sure Black and young people vote - tell them the draft is coming!!!

classysbf said...

I saw the interview this morning. Obama held his own, saying nothing we haven't already heard.

Chris Wallace was respectful,and a whole sight better than the ABC tag team!

Besides,you know Wallace was salivating over the higher numbers he got due to folks like me (who would NEVER watch that program otherwise) tuning in!

Plus,this was the Fox News network TV broadcast program,not the evil cable crew that DOES exist to destroy Obama.
And ye of little faith,stop buying into the media hype that Obama is in trouble.The nomination is his to lose. The DNC sees that ALL the delegate defections are about the move FROM Clinton TO Obama. Hell,a major fund raiser of hers came over to Obama right after the Clinton PA win!!!

Obama is doing the right thing by
"staying the course" in his strategy. No matter what the media says,IT'S WORKING.The super delegates are weary of the ugly tone of HER campaign,and the latest defection proves it!

He can't be an "angry black man" and "put the bitch away" like we all KNOW he could do with one hand tied behind his back.

Because you know she would play the victim card AGAIN, which riles up the older white women base,and brings out the closet chivalry of white men.

He's has six weeks to go. He can pull this off;going up against the Republican attack machine(not John McCain himself,who is an easy target)will be tougher. But YES,HE CAN!!!
The man is a trail blazer;the shit will always fly thicker around those who choose to wear that mantle. He'll win the nomination AND the presidency. If not,America deserves to go further down the wrong path that over 80% think that we're on.
OBAMA 08!!

Anonymous said...

Omama has to face conservatives, including the conservative media, if he is to be President. There is no getting around this.

It's good that Obama did the interview with Chris Wallace because (1) he promised Chris he would, and (2) it's good practice for Obama when when he goes up against McCain next November.

The conservatives will go after Obama hard--so hard that it will make Hillary's campaign tactics look like child's play.

Obama needs all the practice he can get because the conservatives are going to be all up in his face.

GoldenAh said...

Obama cannot avoid or piss-off the following person: Rupert Murdoch.

He owns: Fox News, Fox Movies, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post (which endorsed Obama),, and other global media entities.

And good ol' Rupert decides editorial content as well as elections. Heck, he picked our last President.

Anonymous said...

Well, the race is over for Mr. Obama, he did well, but in the end, the white folks don't want a black person and Rev Wright is jealous of him, so there, he got jacked from both sides.


Anonymous said...

Well, the race is not to the swiftest but to he that endured to the end. Maybe he can be VP, that can work, then we will all be happy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with leneypoo and b-serious.

"As a general concern, I continue to be disturbed by the defeatist attitude I hear from some people."

Preach. What is this, just the latest crabs-in-a-barrel-a-thon?

Is anyone else upset that other ethnicities point and laugh because even they expect this type of behavior from "us" toward "our own"?

(Even the ones with Ivy League and law degrees who also appear to quite possibly have an actual clue?)

Is anyone else embarrassed that every other ethnicity that shows up in these here Divided States has learned how NOT to do that??

(And don't give me "I don't care what anyone else thinks." You DO, or you SHOULD, if you ever have to negotiate with anyone for anything -- if you're thinking critically at all.)

Internal methodology criticism -- complete with concrete, positive suggestions as to how to do things differently -- is one thing.

Getting on your own Personal -- and frequently only minimally substantiated -- Front Page with the headline: "I knew all along he couldn't do it, and now he's just sunk" is quite another.

At the end of the day? IMHO, better Chris Wallace than Chris Matthews.

Anonymous said...

Note to Obama insiders, the Rev Wright to shut the hell up. He is ruining it for everybody that is back and educated. Rev Wright shut up, and stop taking money from white people to sink Mr. Obama. The government did the same to Malcolm X. they used him own people against him.

Tell Rev Wright to go and read him bible, dats what he is supposed to do and not interfere in politics.


Anonymous said...

God bless Mr. Obama, may you live for ever in this life and in the one to come


grown said...


Some of ya'll need to calm down and take another sip of the Obama-aid...

He had to go on Fox news eventually people. It's politics. You can't leave out one demographic of the country just because they're stupid...this appearance will not help or harm him in anyway.

And what benefit could possibly come from him debating Hillary AGAIN for the 12,000 time? He's ahead in almost everything, including polls in NC and Indiana. Why would he risk that just to make her ass feel better?

Let the man run his campaign and if you are a supporter, JUST SUPPORT HIM. Believe it or not, he's very smart and I'm sure that he's thought about his campaign strategy very carefully.

I agree with b-serious. Hillary's people support her NO MATTER WHAT dumb statement, action, etc. she does. As soon as Obama does something that we don't like, or agree with, or understand, we ready to disown the man. Black folks are so quick to criticize other black folks and that's how we are defeated half the time...because we can't even believe in ourselves.

field negro said...

I love the pragmatism you all bring to your politics. At the end of the day though, I think I am too much of an idealogue,it's just the way that I was raised politically: F**k your political enemies, crush them every chance you get, and never make nice. When it comes to certain things I don't believe in compromising. It's because of compromising that black folks have some of the issues that we do now.

And goldenhah, you might be right about old Rupert, and if you are, wht does that say about A-merry-can politics?

But to be fair to little Chris, the interview was as good as any he has done with other folks in the MSM. So no harm no foul.

Christopher Chambers said...

You all have to chill. It was a nice move and now it's done, and yeah, he can move to hopefully some hard nose campaigning.

Here's rub, Field. Quiet as it's kept, Mr. Morton and Obama actually like each other. Apparently it was no secret on the Hill. Obama had some weird hero worship for McCain for being butt-f'd by the Commies for 5 years in that hellhole, and McCain was wishing that all black people were like Barack rather than Flavor Flav and Niecy Nash. The corollary to that: both of these dudes have tremendous egos which they've done a great job of camouflaging. Mr. Morton's comes through in his temper, and Barack's in this "time in a bubble/semi-detached" vibe you see when and Michelle are in Ch-town kicking it with Melody Hobson and John Rogers and the rest my negro Princeton posse. Barack went on Fox to show how cool he is. That's the internal bit of hubris working. Yes, it was a planned Axelrod move, but there was some subconscious lemme show y'all somethin' in it, too. It also bubbles up in his reticence re: jumpng bad in public and on debates. He feels he shouldn't HAVE to lower himself because he's the O-man. Likewise, Mr. Morton's attack on the NC GOP for the Wright ads, etc. were NOT posturing.
Again, I know a little more about McCain that some people and I am telling you straight that Mr. Morton wants to beat Barack straight up, mano a mano, Jefferson vs. John Adams statesman old school style. HIS OWN EGO WON'T GIVE HIM ANY REST IF HE WINS ONLY BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE RACISTS AND IF MANY ARE SWAYED BY HACK JOBS AND DEMAGOGIC NEGATIVE ADS. Subsconsciously he does not want to admit that if he wins it will not be because of his stands on policy, but because of bullshit. He just may have a meltdown because of it.

LACoincidental said...

Both of these dudes have tremendous egos which they've done a great job of camouflaging. Mr. Morton's comes through in his temper, and Barack's in this "time in a bubble/semi-detached" vibe you see when and Michelle are in Ch-town kicking it with Melody Hobson and John Rogers and the rest my negro Princeton posse.

Fair enough Chris, you'd have to some serious balls to say you want to be the de facto leader of the so-called "free world". The fact these guys really want an honorable debate about ideas and policy, much to the shagrin of the GOP power brokers and Billary, say that this ought be an interesting race this fall.

Francis Holland said...

Terry McAuliffe is an A-hole to praise Fox News. (I once believed that Hillary had a great political crew, but now I just think they're devious snakes AND, worse, are turning their venom on the Democratic Party and its core constituencies.)

I would tend to agree with you that Obama's not going to win any votes from the Fox News crowd. But, he can prove that he's tough, and that he can make good on his promise to meet even with the worst enemies, which is what he's doing when he goes to Fox News.

"What you are doing would be the equivalent of a chicken giving the commencement address at a Popeye's graduation."


baatin. said...

my people, this is something he HAS to do. snubbing ice queen's debate is something she'll use against him, so his SITTING down with fox shows people that he can grab his sack and sit down with the enemy. it also shows him to be a less partisan figure than they'll be trying to cast him as. field and eveyone else, ths is probably the MOST amazing story in this campaign, and of course, it's not on fox or CNN. let's spread this shit all over the blogosphere until MSM is COMPELLED to pick it up: (in short, one of bush's most senior allies and strategists, the guy who actually came up with 'the axis of evil' phrase, Michael Gerson, thinks "Obama's ascent to the White House would be 'one of the great culminating moments in American history')." READ THIS AND SEND IT TO EVEY BLOG AND COMMENT ON EVERY PAGE YOU CAN.

west coast story said...

I feel this much ado about nothing. Obama is not running for president of the Black Student Union so the wolf tickets about how he should blow off a significant segment of the "white community" doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

As for Rev. Wright, he's jealous of Obama? I'd rather have all this Wright business aired out now than in six months. Rev. Wright should not be required to go underground until after the election. Have him speak out sooner rather than later. Sounds like good strategy to me.

I almost want Billory to win the nomination and lose the general so she and Bill can forever shut the fuck up and end her carpet bagging career once and for all.

field negro said...

baatin, you are right, that is an important story. Thanks for turninng me on to it.

Anonymous said...

First of all. Fox network partically begged Senator Obama to be on their network...

Mr. Obama sat down with them just to get it over with on his terms..

As for Rev. Wright..he is just another rich pastor among the rest of them getting rich off of poor people...

I dont know what the outcome of this election will be, but Mr. Obama is too good to be the President of this United States...

So it the meantime, I will continue to support him.. Forget Billary and AARP McClain.........

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]But selling out to the FAKE NEWS people is tough for me to take. [/quote]

Is it "tough for you to take" that he might face TOUGH questioning?

I love the reaction to Fox News by the left wing. Despite being some of its most loyal viewers (how else do they know what is going on there - well besides 'Media Matters' and 'Fox Watch' who's tag line is "Keeping an eye on Fox News so you don' have to). For some reason Field Negro has no problem taking his talking points from Fox Watch.

But oh Keith Olbermann is both fair and is a GOD! Pacifica News/Democracy Now are truth tellers with no agenda.

Of course the Daily Show and the Colburn Report are the only REAL news shows on the air.

Anonymous said...

b-serious...cosign all the way. I've felt all along that he should have gone on Fox news..I have no doubt that Obama could handle the heat or whatever they throw at him...

Obama is not pushing that rock up the hill all by himself.. I am not ready to throw in the towel as yet. Obama 08.

west coast story said...

I take back what I said yesterday. Having watched the National Press Club speech and the Q&A, it is clear that the good Rev. is in love with the sound of his own voice and completely seduced by the national attention. I watched one CNN commentator say she'd been to the church four times and never saw him act like he did today. He was putting on a performance and at times it was truly pathetic.

This might not tank Obama's chance for the nomination but it will come close. Billory and McCain and the chattering media masses are going to have a field day with this.

I will be interesting to see how he handles this. The only thing I don't take back is better now than in six months.

RhondaCoca said...
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RhondaCoca said...
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Mo said...

Field, I feel you on the getting in trouble with the Mrs. for not showing more love to the 'holics . . . I wonder though if you couched your (much needed) tough love this way
then you would not get in so much trouble. I've almost done away with my need to closely follow the tit-for-tat on the trail as it puts me in a foul mood - not because the "O" man's campaign is seemingly in self-destruct mode - but because of the increasingly bigoted tones and double standards being injected into the commentary and analysis. I've finally realized it won't make a difference how the day-to-day goes until the SDs get off of their behinds and vote. Let's see if they have the guts to stop the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

He was on fox news so what? I have not endorsed anyone yet, but you have to keep friends friends close and your enemey closer.

If he gets the nomination he has to deal with right wing anyway and work with right wing poeple in the governemnt. You have to be able to break bread with everybody

Again, he went on fox news...Big Deal. Him going on Fox news has nothing to do with economy, low wages, gas, health care, etc.

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was 100% a bad idea.
Remember when Chris Wallace took on his own buddies on the air over the Wright debacle last month? He stood up for Obama, and Obama paid him back.

Obama could've pressed the issues with FOX a little more than he did, but it probably wouldn't have gotten him anywhere. he can do that again after he wins the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is making out like bandits along with Hannity and Rush. CNN had to stop openly cheerleading for Obama and I see MSNBC will be left holding the bag. Sorry socialist, Fox News is looking more and more legit in this Presidential election cycle. The same "Obama Friendly" news is going to be why he loses. Obama should of been asked hard questions from the jump off however the Northeastern Media Bloc keep lobbing softballs. I bet if you can do Iowa today it would be a tottly different outcome. If I'm John "ambulance chaser" Edwards, I'm pissed.
Anyhoo now Hillary is going on Fox. Democrats can't hide from the dirty truth.

Liberals dont win national elections. Obama is too soft!

Anonymous said...

From Dr. Boyce Watkins -

Banning Bill O’Reilly – The Patriotic Thing to Do

As some of you know, I’ve interacted with Bill O’Reilly several times on his TV and radio shows. I have also had the “pleasure” of interacting with Sean Hannity, host of Hannity and Colmes, another show on Fox. Rush Limbaugh, the ex-drug addict, is another member of the Right Wing Axis of Ignorance, consisting of individuals who use their platforms to socially terrorize people of color.

We are all affected by this and confront this hatred every day at work and at school. All of us know what it’s like to deal with that racist, sexist SOB who worships Bill O’Reilly because O’Reilly validates his racism. This person may be our boss, our co-worker or some other entitled, yet ignorant individual who has not been educated on the racial history of our nation.

Today I woke up angry. I was angry because I thought about what Hannity, O’Reilly and others have done to this election. They’ve worked to bring the worst out in the American people to attack Senator Barack Obama, who has run one of the classiest, most intelligent and conscientious campaigns in American history. The moment that America was on its way toward making a breakthrough in its addiction to racism, the hate mongers from the Axis of Ignorance came marching in to remind America that Obama was just a black little boy.

Bill O’Reilly needs to be taken off the air. Either he is ignorant, racist or represents the interests of racists. Either way, I continue to be insulted by the fact that this man feels comfortable attacking and disrespecting people of color. The type of racism that he and his sidekick Bernard Goldberg bring to the table is nothing short of the same old stuff that we’ve been dealing with for the past 400 years. We also can’t forget Juan Williams, the “Eternal Happy Negro” who conspires to provide black (not African-American, for he is Panamanian) validation for these racist viewpoints.

Among other things, O’Reilly has mentioned the idea of “lynching” Michelle Obama over controversial comments and stated that Hurricane Katrina victims deserved to be abandoned to die by the Federal Government. I can only imagine what would happen if someone said that the 9/11 victims deserved to die…….a black host making that kind of comment would be taken off the air IMMEDIATELY. I personally continue to fight these issues when I am on TV, but there is a point of disbelief one reaches when you see someone get away with one hateful sentence after another from networks that truly don’t give a damn what black people think. We are invisible, irrelevant and disregarded by many of these shows.

Personally, I am tired of it. I am tired of the unfair attacks on Senator Barack Obama, which represent the consistent, racist double standard of Fox News reporting. These individuals are consistently validated, even though they are far less educated, far more inflammatory and much less conscientious than Jeremiah Wright, the man they were licensed to demonize this past month. My skin shudders and my stomach turns when I hear any of them speak, and I do all I can to avoid turning to that channel. I have done a lot of interviews with Fox News in the past, and I don’t fault those who still do. But personally, I just can’t stomach them anymore.

I ask those who believe in American honor and decency to ignore this network. Disregard the analysis, don’t respond to O’Reilly, Hannity or any other racist who says something you don’t agree with. Kill the Devil by starving it of attention. Don’t even watch Fox so you can “see what the enemy is thinking”. Just let them go and focus on a positive and productive future of the country that was built by your people.

If you are so compelled, you may want to email Fox News (email addresses are below) reminding them that this behavior will not be tolerated. If you want to get something off your chest, please email us at and share your views on this issue. We also have another page at this link ( that allows readers to vent on this issue. I know you’re hurting, and I believe that if we stick together, we can fight the demon. Additionally, ideas for change and fairness in American media are welcome from anyone who wants to send them to us.

Here are some email addresses and phone numbers for producers on Fox News. Even Bill O’Reilly’s address is included. If the spirit moves you, you may choose to email or call one of the producers for the O’Reilly Factor and tell them how you feel. The O’Reilly Factor should change its name to “God Damn America”, for O’Reilly is damning our great nation by enabling its addiction to racism.


Dr. Boyce Watkins