Saturday, April 26, 2008

We have a problem, and it's not Obama.

Obamaholics, I hate to do this to you, and I know it's the weekend. But I have another interesting article from *Daniel Rubin's blog, "Blinq" which is on For those of you who suspected what I knew all along, these letters pretty much validate our position.

Folks, it's not rocket science. When 18% of Pennsylvnians admitted that they could not bring themselves to vote for even a half and half black man, we have a problem.

Read here from a post called "The Trouble With Obama."

"Campaign sharpies are busy dissecting Barack Obama's weakness in the Philly suburbs, but I'm going to add something to today's column on his problems with some whites and Jews.
It came via e-mail by Susan Brown, who was canvassing for Obama in her Montgomery County hometown of Dresher. The attorney wrote:

In February I was a 55 year old white woman trying to choose a candidate, feeling drawn to Hillary. Then I listened to Obama speak and I was inspired. I felt as I had not felt since March 16, 1968 (my 16th birthday) when Bobby Kennedy announced he was running for president. So I chose Obama and volunteered to help his campaign.

I cancassed [sic] in my local area, Dresher. As I spoke to my neighbors, my heart sank. Several people told me the country wasn't ready for a black president. One person right out said he would never vote for a black person for president. (Stunned, I stammered that he was only half black.) One person said "the blacks get everything already." Three of my Jewish neighbors (and friends) said that they believed Obama either was a Muslim or had Muslim ties.

Well I guess these people represented more Montgomery County residents than I had hoped. I volunteered for Bobby and have my heart broken on June 5, 1968. I gave up on politics for many years, doing little more than vote. Not until Obama did I feel how I had felt about Bobby. My heart is broken again.

Will we ever have my dream of a president who can bring all races together, and speak to us like adults and not scream and lie and distort the truth? ...
In addition to a cheese steak, Obama should have had a bagel.

Another letter came in after the column, this one from Cherry Hill-reared Dan Berrigan, 23, a grad student in Atlanta. He wonders whether the North is more racist than the South. He writes:

As I watched the Pennsylvania primary unfold I began to see something about Pennsylvania, and the north as a whole that was extremely disheartening. It is the belief held by many whites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that America is not ready for a black president. To me, this reeks of racial bias and ignorance. A year ago, I was talking to a friend of mine at lunch who has lived in the south all his life. He mentioned to me that he thought the north was more racist than the south. His reasoning was that in the south, white and black folks have been forced to live together and work together for years now. It's nothing new anymore. Sure there are bigots out there, but most have had to confront their racial biases at some point or another. Basically, it's been forced out into the open. He continued that in the north, people quickly moved out into the suburbs away from blacks in the city and basically have avoided the issue entirely. As a result, many have not had to confront their biases towards a particular race of people. I feel like if Obama had been a white man, people would vote for him with the rationale of, "We aren't ready for a woman president."We have had black mayors, governors, senators, representatives, and even Secretaries of State. Why is president "off limits"? When does a race of people become 'ready' for America? How is that judged exactly?

Does it require more than the support of millions of people ready to throw their hard earned money at them? And why is it that people in my generation seem to see him as a person almost universally, but older folks can't see Barack for more than his skin color?I'd be interested to see too how white folks in the south went for Obama versus white folks in the north. Because frankly, between reading some of the comments posted on, and comments made by people I know, I am beginning to believe my friend is right. A large number of people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc. are too simple-minded or afraid to confront their own racial biases, and would rather hide behind a flimsy argument. It's really pathetic. I hope I am wrong, and that my friend is wrong. I understand this argument against Obama is used by people of all states, but why did this seem like the elephant in the room to me?"

And more here from a post called "Hope Deferred".

That last letter from the Atlanta grad student kind of nails it. So my question to you "Obamaholics is this: How does your boy win in the general? And should he just say the hell with it, and use his run to register new voters and use his new high profile soap box to speak to issues that really matter to urban A-merry-ca? Or should he seize the moment and try to start a third party?

David Duke where are you? I think it's time you made a comeback.

I am secretly posting at damn near 1:00AM, because I had to make sure Mrs. Field was sleeping. She swore that if I do one more post on the "O" man that was short of a flat out endorsement she was taking away my blogging privileges. So folks, if you read this post tonight and don't see it up tomorrow, you will know why.

**I have to apologize for misspelling Mr. Rubin's name. It's Rubin, not Ruben.
Thanks for reading Daniel, and for checking a brotha.**


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the Friday post was Field. Your blog is my evening nitecap! Anyway we know plenty of white people are not going to vote for him. He has been trying to get as many new voters registered as possible to counterbalance that. If it comes down to the wire it only takes 1 vote. It's gonna be real close as it is. All he could do was run and manage his campaign well. All those of us who support his candidacy can do is vote and garner other supporters. That's it. But I don't only think it's about race. If he really was the Manchurian Candidate Hillary would've been told to step aside. We have free will and it's a numbers game. If he isn't elected then people will have no one to blame but themselves as China becomes the next Superpower and the US is left in the dust. And maybe that's what needs to happen. Sometimes people have to lose everything to get humble. I am concerned for the rest of us who get it but there's only so much we can do.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama cannot be elected president in country where unarmed black men can be shot on the street 50 times by the police and said police walk free, and it happens in the most diverse area of the country. We live in a racist country and I doubt it will ever change. I wish I could take back that money I gave Obama and go buy a bottle of Grey Goose to feel better.

Anonymous said...

White folks in the South:

"Let" black folks get close as long as they don't get too big.

White folks in the North:

"Let" black folks get big as long
as they don't get too close.

Field, please share with Sister Field that in order to strategize optimally, all objections must be anticipated and rooted out, with airtight counterarguments composed to subsume them the next time they are raised.

Get right to the depth of peoples' uncertainty, dispose of that, and all the rest must follow.

Now somebody mix up that bagel batter.

O-Aid and Vitamin Vote:
An Important Part of This Nutritious Breakfast.

field negro said...

lmb, as someone who has lived in the South and the North, I can absolutely co-sign with you on that saying.

"O-Aid and Vitamin Vote:
An Important Part of This Nutritious Breakfast."

Speaking of breakfast, it's almost two in the morning and I am up commenting and reading you folks.

"And maybe that's what needs to happen. Sometimes people have to lose everything to get humble. I am concerned for the rest of us who get it but there's only so much we can do."

You know what heartsandflowers, maybe it's time we started storing away shit like my homie, Will Smith did in "I Am Legend" :)

"I wish I could take back that money I gave Obama and go buy a bottle of Grey Goose to feel better."

Lawd, now I know I am going to have to delete this post and all the comments that came with it before Mrs. Field wakes up in the morning.

But that's a great line.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Mr. Field. I, too, wondered where you were on Friday. I come here everyday to get my FieldFix, and when I didn't see you, I had a Friday evening meltdown. I didn't do a Grey Goose, but I did go cook up some breakfast for myself and read some of your earlier rants.

Anonymous said...

Plouffe is not worried.

Hagar's Daughter said...

I'm telling Mrs. Field what you were up to early in the AM - LOL!

Whatever happened to post-racial A-merry-ca?
And who was it that said, "The blacks get everything already"? I bet that person really believes that nonsense.

Ms.Martin said...


I'm fairly new to your place so if you've ever given a reason why you don't support Obama, I missed it.

If you have and you wouldn't mind repeating it, please let me know.

The sentiment in your posts seem to be I told you so. It seems like deep down you are rooting for him, but your fear of what other people feel about him won't let you support him.

This was meant to be and will be in spite of everything. I hope you will celebrate with us.

Anonymous said...

Field, you nailed it on the head. I read Dreams From My Father at my work cube and I have to admit it's funny how I immediately figure out who isn't voting for Obama. Usually, it's white people old enough to sign up for AARP. Taylor Marsh? Over 50. Larry Johnson? Over 50. Get my drift?

That's how we exploit this so-called weakness. We must get the youngsters out there to give a damn about their future and vote. Scare them by telling them a draft is coming if we bomb Iran. THAT is how you beat McCain in November.

Blinders Off said...

If it does not happen for Obama, he should seize the moment and try to start a third party.

If Mrs. Field notice you blogged after she went to bed...take your spanking like a big boy and I see you when you get off punishment :)

Anonymous said...

I think that Hillary and Obama should kiss and make up,
but then there's not that much makeup in the world.

Let's face it: this race has been so contentious that Hillary supporters and Obama supporters are not going to come together in the end regardless of who wins.

That's why I think that there's going to be a lot of party pressure for the two to unite their forces once a candidate has been decided.

Just my thoughts.

Here's another reason not to trust McCain on Katrina:
Tell McCain To Step Up on G.I. Bill

As of April 16, McCain still hasn't shown interest in backing the Bill, stating that he's planning an alternative bill to answer complaints coming from the Pentagon.

The Pentagon feels that troop levels could seriously drop if this bill passes: service members may choose to leave the military earlier than planned to take advantage of the full-tuition college education promised in the bill.

"Will we ever have my dream of a president who can bring all races together, and speak to us like adults and not scream and lie and distort the truth?"

David Palmer may be as close as we ever get to having a black president, but if some white Americans believe that blacks are over-pampered, and that Obama is a Muslim, then we need to fire our public relations firm, and hire a new one.

Clearly the old one has failed.

kid said...

Let me tell you something field. Cleveland before Katrina was rated as the most pooriest cities in the U.S. now we are number two. At the same time Cleveland was ranked the most segregated city in the U.S.that part of Alabama that runs through the middle of Pennsylvania ,run straight to southern Ohio.Let gas be 44.00 a Gal and run out of more rice,Obama's in there.BTW, that wasn't my poem,that was from a lady on newshounds that wanted to give it to you as a gift, but she was kinda shy.Her name is at the bottom of the poem.You know the senator going on fox, I hope he bring notes on Hal Turner and Mackris.

kid said...

Sorry I meant $4.00 a gal , the 4 and the $ sign are on the same button.

Anonymous said...

kid said...
"Sorry I meant $4.00 a gal , the 4 and the $ sign are on the same button.

Gas is already $4.00 a gal. here in California. So we're half way there.

kid said...

Hey field,

I just got this from Media Matters, the anti Obama ad is NOT I repeat NOT being run in N.C.The MSM is running the ad.Plasuable deniability the Republiklans are not running the ad on T.V.They said McCain told them to stop running the ad. They're not running the ad.The MSM is doing it to us again.Did you notice "Uncle" Juan Williams on Good Morning America saying the ad and Rev.Wright is hurting the Senator.No A-merry-ca is hurting the senator. Something has got to be done.

Anonymous said...

Hagar's Daughter -

I have to tell you I to re-read my Old Testament about Hagar. Wow.....

I think it's time to start talking viable 3rd party options. Why can't Obama threaten to take all his supporters with him from the Democratic Party? What have they done for us lately? Plus a big chunk of his supporters are registered as Republican or Independent anyway. If the other two main parties want to eff up everything for us I say give them all the finger and set up a new shop someplace else.

$4.39 for gas where I live....

Everyone get a copy of "Getting Out" or start investing in bunker timeshares! I used to think Ayn Rand was a little out there but the stuff in Atlas Shrugged is happening RIGHT NOW.

kid said...

Hey heartsandflowers,

where is Gas $4.39 at?

In Cleveland at the cheap spots its $3.49 a Gal.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Here's to you, field.

Your letters confirm what people who come to your blog know in their heart anyway.

What should Obama do? What he's doing now: Keep talking about America coming together as one nation, and not allow themselves to remain divided as ethnic enclaves, interest groups and one-issue ideologues. After all, this is really not about Obama and never was; This is about white America.

We have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that, on the whole, white America is conservative. It's racist, sexist and homophobic to the bone. It's a nation that gloats about its democratic principles, as it guns down a black man and his friends, as its judge shouts, "Not guilty!"

James Baldwin said it best: "In America, the rich exists, the poor subsists, but none really live...No people can truly live until it confronts its history."

Given this fact, making a centrist politician like Obama president of the US may be the best the US can do. But the real question for me is this: Does white America even deserve a worthy nominee like Obama?

On another note, thanks for showing some love on your sidebar for Bayard Rustin, the principle organizer of the March on Washington who was run out of SCLC just because he was gay.

field, it's 5 a.m. I can't sleep either.

Anonymous said...

Don't sleep

Mccain 08

kid said...

Hey macdaddy,

I got a question for you. What do you think would have happen if Rustin and Randolph had done the march in the 1940's .I have an idea, I'm just curious.

Christopher said...

No offense to Field but Pennsylvania isn't America.

Let's not forget that Barack carried such states as Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Virginia and Washington.

He will carry North Carolina and Oregon next month.

Pennsylvania, like Ohio, is an older, more rust bucket-type state and certainly not a good representation of the entire country. It is also a state that has been buffeted by the negative impact of NAFTA on manufacturing and these blue collar types cling to Hillary the same way they cling to their guns and the Bible.

Once Barack wins the nomination and I am more confident now than at anytime before that he will be the nominee, in a race between him and McCain, the American people will elect Barack president.

If by some ugly trick courtesy of the DNC, the DLC and the superdelegates, Barack has the nomination taken from him, I will not, let me repeat, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON.

Nothing will make me vote for her. I will gladly sit out the 2008 election and wait until 2012.

Jameel said...

The North is definitely the land of the hypocritical racist. When I was in the ATL the racism was obvious, but up in NY it was the snide remark/attitude at the job interview and such. I live in Cali now (Bay area) and it's the same thing. I was told that I look like a homeless person because I had a mustache, house and a goatee, while I was wearing slacks, a dress shirt and a coufee. How many Jewish folks would be called homeless for wearing a Yamaka?

Add the anti-Obama feminists (it's a woman's turn!) to the general racial inertia, and it doesn't look good for the man. And yet, I continue to work for the campaign anyway...

kid said...

Hey mwangangi,

I got news for you it's not feminist, they're boiler rooms that Hillary and McCain have set up.On Taylor Marsh she said that if Hillary loses, she will vote for McCain feminist huh? Some of these blogs call him gay,anti-gay,christian,muslim, its messed up . The feminist I know hate Hillary, they can see the racism. Saying she used a gun, getting drunk , she did everything but burn a cross.

Anonymous said...

Why are we continually surprised about the MSM, racist attitudes about a black presidential candidate or the attack stance the conservative media have taken against Senator Obama?

Children---it has ALWAYS been this way.

But whether we want it to affect us or not, our paranoia (well, we really aren't paranoid when they're truly out to get us) swells when political operatives, pundits and those good old salt of the earth racists tell us what we already know.

It's ugly out there! We live in a bigoted, undereducated, racist society. And the powers that be want to keep it that way.

I myself have a 1.75 bottle of Grey in the fridge. But I won't be swigging it over something I've know my whole life.---If a brother or sister or anyone who wants to change the status quo gets too close to real power there will always will be a line of people volunteering to take them down. Not much has changed this whole election cycle from our real lives nor will it change by November.

But I look at young people and I see a change coming-- thanks to evolution --no matter what those neocon idiots say. But that won't be occurring tomorrow. And I look at the predominately white states Obama did win.
Hell- I live in Ohio---it and PA are another world.

So what's the good Senator to do? Wait the mother******* out and just keep on keeping on.

And what are we to do?
Rage hard . . . .

And goodluck with Mrs. Field . . . .

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

anon said: "McCain 08."
anon: The guy confuses Sunnis and al Queda and calls people "my friends" because he can't remember their names. What are you smoking?

kid said: "What do you think would have happen if Rustin and Randolph had done the march in the 1940's."
kid: I think it would have been well organized and well received by some Americans. In the 40's people had more worker's consciousness than we have today. Plus, there was a leftist movement. Though there are a few leftist in America today, there's no serious leftist movement.

Christopher: You're saying Obama will be our next president. But I just reread those letters field posted, and I think it's going to keep me up another hour. But I pray you're right.

Anonymous said...

They also said black and white children would never attend school together.

This is a little off topic but did anybody see Reverand Jeremiah Wright on Bill Moyers Journal last night?

Talk about angry. Not Reverend Wright. Me.

How many of the media actually talked with Reverand Wright to get his side of the story? Except for Bill Moyer, none come to mind. Sound bites were all they needed to form their conclusion.

This man was quiet, insightful, articulate, composed and personable. Had the same points been made by a republican, no one would have paid them any mind. But we whites get afraid when somebody raises his voice and speaks the truth. :-o

What may very well lose the nomination or the presidency for Mr. Obama is the criminal negligence and laziness of the so-called news gathering organizations. And the absolutely unbelievable ignorance and stupidity of the American people (glad I'm not running for office, eh?)

Anonymous said...

Cal Tejano - I'm sure we are not typical, but in my community, most every white person I know, and we are all well over 50, are 100% behind Obama and 100% opposed to Hillary. To the point that if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, like Christopher, we will not vote for her.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I had the same conversation yesterday with my favorite professional campaign worker. His words: It doesn't matter if we can'twin. "It's worth the fight. Fuck the redneck racist population in this country. It's time to stand up to them and bring this all out into the public forum like it's never been done before. It doesn't matter if we can't win."

That's a true patriot talking.

field negro said...

gwpriester,you are right, I DON'T think you are the typical white voter. But then, correct me if I am wrong, aren't you in Cali?

"And goodluck with Mrs. Field . . . ."

Thank you leota2, she is out and about now, so for now, it's cool :)

Christopher, you are right, Pistolvania is not exaclty like the rest of A-merry-ca, it's a little older, whiter, and poorer. But it is just too damn close from where I sit.

Anon.6:69AM, write me a paragraph on why I should support McCain. Keep in mind that I am a black secular progressive, libertarian immigrant.

ms. martin, you are right, if the "O" man won I would probably celebrate with you Obamaholics. If only because things would be really happy in the field household. (Hell, I might actually get some liitle fields out of the deal:) But on a serious note, I have blogged about my issues with the "O" man before, and it has more to do with my gut feelngs about him and his policies.

If you google field Negro and Obama I am sure you would find a post in there somewhere about it.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Folks, it's not rocket science. When 18% of Pennsylvnians admitted that they could not bring themselves to vote for even a half and half black man, we have a problem.[/quote]

Field Negro:

I figure that you will spin and make the case that "Black people have been voting for White folks all along" and thus we don't share the same racial animus as the vaulted White voter does.

Why is it that the 80% run rate of support for Barack Obama while he is running against WHITE FOLKS not evidence of the very same phenomenon in Black folks?

I get the strange feeling that you and others who have written on this subject with respect to WHITE FOLKS don't care to inspect the motivations of BLACK FOLKS who express the same. (Again - my opening challenge will be your excuse).

What in Obama did Black Philadelphia see (the ones that bothered to show up and vote that is)?

If past performance is an indicator of future results what in the machine that currently dominates the city and the region of which both Hillary and Obama are a part of has Black folks confident that their lot in life will change on a commiserate basis?

What are you working for again Field Negro? If you said "safer streets and better education for Black folks in Philly" I would call you a "lie".

Constructive Feedback said...


Jesus help him for he knowns not what he does.

1) Field Negro during the time when these brave Black people risked their lives to express their RIGHTS......which PARTY organized to BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM at every turn?

(By the way - do you know about the Colfax Massacre?
Your party took control of Louisiana as a result of killing Black folks - DEAD! No doubt they are turning over in their graves at the thought of how much their progeny have fused OUR RACE with the party that slaughtered them)

2) Sadly - you PRAISE Baynard Ruskin - indeed a great man - but you fail to make note that HE was one of the primary architects in the current plan which is failing us so badly. He is the one who articulated the Black Political Activism plan in the wake of the assassination of MLK Jr.

He said:

A) Black people should seek to gain control of our community
B) By seeking election to seats in the government
C) As Democrats
D) and thus gain power

Field Negro - we have done our part with steps A - D. We are living to-damned-day in the tide of success of the FRONT END steps of the plan.

Unfortunately the plan was fatally flawed. Step E has not sprouted. Ruskin - a liberal - mistakenly yielded the Black best interests into the hands of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and its operatives. As a race we have become defacto operatives for the Democrats. As we sit on the verge of the rath of the "super delegates" this racial tactical mistake will come in full view.

The Democratic party has grown more powerful than ever WITHIN the Black community. Despite the fact that they run our schools, run our police departments via their authority as mayor, run our local economic interests via their granting of business licenses and zoning requests....the Black community is as VULNERABLE as ever in these key areas.

You see Field Negro - you are more worried about what the Republicans in NORTH DAMNED CAROLINA are doing more than you are actually DOING SOMETHING about what the Philly DEMOCRATS that you assisted to put in place ARE DOING in the name of YOUR BEST INTERESTS.

You have no control over the Republicans that are foreign to your state. Why choose to pick up the mantle for the NC Democrats?

Adabu said...

Full Steam Ahead!!! Don't worry Field we knew Pennsylville would be a tough nut. I'm looking into my special crystal ball. You know the one that's the same color as the Obama kool-aid. What I see is Mr. Morton sometime this summer not showing up at several media events because he is incapacitated by his Lumbago. All of a sudden there is no viable Rethuglican candidate. Barack does the cake walk into the White House.

field negro said...

"(Again - my opening challenge will be your excuse)."

Move to the head of the class. But not an excuse, a fact!

"What are you working for again Field Negro? If you said "safer streets and better education for Black folks in Philly" I would call you a "lie"."

Since you are not here to enjoy those safe streets and the better education for our children, your opinion is irrelevant to me.

I only care about the people who ARE here. Sorry :(

Ann Brock said...

Field I love your response to constructive feedback, that's the way to hold it down in the field.

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent interview. We finally have an opportunity to hear Rev. Wright and his words in context. Well worth all 60 minutes:

Diane said...

The women who support Hillary aren't feminists - they're aging housewives clinging to the notion that they get equal credit for their husbands' accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

...Well, it's kinda like the dialogue between Tom and Delores in "Billy Jack" debating whether violence or non-violence is more effective...She pointed out that Jack & Bobby represented "change, etc."...He asked her what happened to them--she said "they were killed"...he said: "No, they had their brains blown out..."

Sad to say, but those 18 per centers will always be there, and thus, what hope exists ?

When push comes to shove in the dark of the voting booth, many who talk a good game, simply won't play it...thus, again, so near , yet so far for Obama--a pity, but true.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, stop impugning Uncle Juan--he is doing what they are all doing--fomenting, spinning, prognosticating because what else will or can they do? This is what journalism has become in the 21st century and it only enforces, rather than breaks, the ignorance already out there. It is pandering entertainment to a target demo(s). Making this a soap opera, a cartoon or horserace increases ratings, and that's all they truly care about. That's why there is not "liberal" or "rightwing" media. They are just they. I tell my students this all the time.

Perhaps the other Christopher is right--Pa. isn't the rest fo America. Perhaps there is an educational and generational divide on these things. I even think there is a big chunk of white females out there (a chunk, by no means all!!!) who, if Hil;ary had never run, would be out for Obama as well. But the fact remains it's true, and hell there are even folks who in the pinch wouldn't suport Condi or Clarence Thomas. I'd even bet Colin Powell's for Obama on the DL.

No, it's not going to happen unless you have a coalition of younger more educated white voters turning the tide. That's the tipping point group. Not us culud folk. We've got our own troubles, like reconciling what happened to Sean Bell in NYC with the nihilistic bullshit in our music and culture and the carnage in Philly and Chicago (as he most mindless, brutal illustrations). Till we do, we can help Obama but so much...
Chez whitey--the yuppies and folks who are just plain tired of Cheney, pointlesswar, gas prices, no health insurance, Beyonce, Fox News, et al (even the South Baptists reported a drop in new members for the first time in decades and they themselves attribute it to all their fear and war mongering)--hold the key to Obama's win.

The Roving Reporter said...

Diane: The women who support Hillary aren't feminists - they're aging housewives clinging to the notion that they get equal credit for their husbands' accomplishments.

Ditto, but I would add Clinton nostalgics to that description:-)

It's amazing people still think Sen. Obama is a Muslim. I guess people will believe the lie the conspiracy theorists feed to them.

Anonymous said...

gwpriester - I forgot to mention that Cali is not what it seems to be. If you live in the big cities, you tend to be liberal. If you live inland, it's redder than the back of some of these cracker's necks on a hot summer day. I live in such a place.

Some parts of Orange County are the exception. Look up Barbara Coe and Jim Gilchrist and you'll see what I mean.

vanishing point said...

I made a few calls on behalf of Senator Obama the day of the primary, and it was so bad, I had to stop. One woman screamed at me that O was a liar, and a man angrily told me that he had made up his mind about who he was voting for, but he wasn't going to say. I knew that O would lose, but I was surprised that it was only by 10 percent.
It got me to wondering what people would have said to me if I had called on behalf of Clinton.

La♥audiobooks said...

Sorry field I don't have anything politically intelligent to say regarding this particular post. except it doesn't surprise me.

But I would like to steal this time to send my sincere condolences to Snipes on your sidebar, being he won't find too many Asian men in prison to substitute for his company.

Anonymous said...

Field and Cali - Placitas, New Mexico, north of Albuquerque and south of Santa Fe.

But your instincts are correct. I spent the first 58 years of my life in California. The last 16 years in the San Francisco Bay area.

Orange County is the ultra conservative Republican bastion. Hell the airport is John Wayne Airport.

field negro said...

Lamsviswan,that was some cold shit:) Hey,could his love of the Asian persuassion have something to do with his love of martial arts? I am just saying.

New Black
Woman I am not amazed. Think how many A-merry-cans still think Iraq had something to do with 911.

field negro said...

Christopher,nice rant!BTW,how are your "skins" doing in the draft? I am out on the road and can't get to a TV.

Admiral Komack said...

SagaciousHillbilly provided the inspiration.
With apologies to "Animal House"

Howard Dean: War's over, man. Hillary's dropped the big one.
Barack Obama: Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
Reverand Jeremiah Wright: Germans?
David Axelrod: Forget it, he's rolling.
Obama: And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...
[thinks hard]
Obama: the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!
[runs out, alone; then returns]
Obama: What the fuck happened to the Democrats I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Obama, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Hillary's, she's a dead man! Bill, dead! McCain...
Wright: Dead! Obama's right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.
Obama: We're just the guys to do it.
Dean: Let's do it.
Obama: LET'S DO IT!

Christopher Chambers said...

Animal House was just on--nice!

Field, this wasn't a rant. Just trying to be a provacateur. I'm much tamer in my blog...full of allegory the way you like it. No thoughts on this monster? One in the same, Field, not separate creatures: Sean Bell & the cops, an army of armed nihilistic thugs destroying their own communities.

As for the draft--nada in the first round. The Ravens took a QB, thank God. The Foreskins are playing this close to the vest. I will freak if they just forgo some decent second and third rounders to buy Ocho Cinco...

Admiral Komack said...

Animal House link:

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field ,
support obama with EXTREME PREJUDICE!
the swiftboats are in full attack.
today bob herbert showed his doubt.
this is the kind of weakness they are looking for. TOTAL SUPPORT WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! listen to your wife.

A.F. said...

Sidebar: Police in New Orleans recently shot to death a pet dog in a white neighborhood while responding to a false burglar alarm, so we will see what happens.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the Democratic nominee won the "white vote"? And how many times do you see the Democratic nominee win the non-white vote a ridiculous margin?

Obama needs to reunite whatever Clinton supporters he can, register new voters who are likely to vote for him, and just try to run up his score where he's favorable. And find a way to make McCain look like the second coming of GWB.

I don't think he really has a white voter problem. I think that Clinton big female numbers sort of mess with the demographic. I don't think white women are voting against Obama, they're just voting for Hillary. I think that he can get them back, depending on how Clinton loses.

Anonymous said...

Also I think the people who say "America isn't ready for a black president" can be worked on. Especially once he gets the nom.

It's better than "OMG he will get in and enslave the white people!" or "If you think those black people have attitude now, just wait until he gets in"

(Where white people come up with these scenarios is beyond me...)

I think that's partly the reason why we saw Obama numbers with black voters shoot up after he proved that he was actually a viable candidate. Oh and Bill Clinton and Bob Johnson helped as well.

field negro said...

"Sidebar: Police in New Orleans recently shot to death a pet dog in a white neighborhood while responding to a false burglar alarm, so we will see what happens."

A PET IN A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD?a.f. those cops are getting the chair.

baatin. said...

speaking of MSM, i just saw this lineup at the la book festival this afternoon:

PANEL 1053
2:30 PM
Current Interest: Right & Left
Moderator Mr. Jim Newton
Mr. Eric Alterman
Mr. David Frum
Ms. Arianna Huffington
Mr. Dan Schnur

arianna huffington lit into the righties something nasty. however, when one of the audience asked if the us was 'ready for a black president,' they all universally agreed that yes, the country was able to have that happen. also, nhillary got mad toungue-lashings from all but that asshole frum. looks like even the right seems to think that obama can beat mc-fuck this fall. arianna in essence, called for hillary to get the fuck out the way. it was beautiful. my first time seeing her in person, and she was impressive and urgent. she fucking skewered MSM for how they've handled the entire bush presidency, and basically called for more reporting from the media, and less shaping policy and picking admin. stalwarts, a la CNN picking up snow, and kristol in the NYT. go 'bams!

brotherkomrade said...

Field, just noticed your side bar item regarding Geno's Cheesesteak. Total coincidence that I was gonna send you a StS e-mail asking which place you like better because Unwrapped had an episode on the two places. I also knew that politics had to have touched on these two stands when Hil and Obama were there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field,
I just love your blog. So funny but true.

A couple of things:

The side bar about Sean Bell. When you say Amerikkans do that mean white people? I ask because I've noticed in the MSM when they say 'the majority of americans' or better yet, 'working-class or blue collar folks' but POC get classfied as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, etc. as if POC, whether born here or are legalized are here on a temporary pass, are REFUGEES and not working class material? Well then again with they pay descrepancies between whites and POC, I guess I answered my own question huh?
You'll never here the MSM address white people as Italian-Americans, Dutch-americans, Polish-americans, etc. except when they have their parades downtown.
Now the 2nd issue w/the Sean Bell sidebar, google 'chicago police kills cougar', then look up news stories about how there were 36 shootings, 9 murders in just 48 hours last weekend in Chicago.
Now guess where the white folk placed, or misplaced, their anger? I can't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

As far as that story about the north being far racist than the south, can i testify to it? HELL YEAH!
I live in one of the most segregated racist cities in the nation, Chicago, IL. I'm from Mobile, Al and my husband is from Chicago and in the 20 yrs we've been married he has never gone down south w/me because he think that the whites down there are more racist than the ones in Chicago. Like a friend of mine who is also from Mobile, AL can attest, the whites down there will not shop, work with, or live amongst POC, but the white folks up here will work in an all black neighborhood, work for a minority owned business, will work next to a POC and go home to their all-white cribs and will not speak to you when they see you outside of work! At least I know where an overt is coming from. It's the back stabbing (think the O'Jays song)coverts here in Chicago that scares me.

Keep up the good work!

field negro said...

Thanks mobile68, and when I say A-merry-cans, I pretty much mean ALL A-merry-cans, although sometimes it depends on the particular context of what I am trying to say. BUt i feel you on the people of color (POC) thing. We do tend to get catagorized by wherte we came from, as opposed to white folks who are ust viewed as A-merry-cans. Which is why when I say A-merry-cans it would be easy for you to just assume that I mean white A-merry-cans.

As for your observations about the North and the South, it's dead on.

And tell your hubby to chill and take a trip town to Mobile with you. It's a nice city, and the whites there are no more racist than the ones up in the Chi :)

Bedlam said...

David Duke where are you? I think it's time you made a comeback.

Im sure you know of this mans history

field negro said...

mad hatter, I am more than aware of Mr. Duke's history. (I went to law school in La.)

My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote that. Stick with me here, you will get used to my style :)

Francis Holland said...

Whites who won't vote for Obama aren't going to vote for a woman either. Hillary's white, but she's not a man. Barack's a man, but he's not white. It seems like they both are bound to have trouble with a certain color and/or gender-aroused part of the electorate. That, in itself, is no reason to put a white woman forward instead of a Black man. Fact is, we don't know with certainty that the Democrats, Independents and Republicans will vote for EITHER of them in November.

So, as we did in the last seven races where we didn't know which of our candidates the public would like best, and where we ALWAYS nominated white men, and where our white nominees lost five out of seven times, we'll just have to take our chances, won't we?!

If Obama got out of the race to make way for white Hillary, the press would immediately begin harping on the "Is America ready for a woman president meme", supported by reams of statistics and testimonies of people saying they won't vote for a woman.

Anonymous said...

...and that's when you'll see CNN and especially Fox "seriously" examining about stuff like Mena and Vince Foster because "Well, people are talking about it".

Anonymous said...

I agree, right now the "pot", american mainstream media and the popular population of america is callign the Rev Wright, racist, when the reality is, we have only had white men as Presidents in this country... how funny is that! well actions speak louder than words...even more so, the Presidents have somewhat all been connected to each other, or a common elite group in sad, so when I hear people telling me, I should forget my blackness, and my pride for my history of resistance, I want to laugh, maybe Rev. Wright is right...this is not about Obama, this is about our blackness, and how people are afraid of who we are as a people and individuals just because of the color of our skin, I guess Malcolm, Medger, King and the list goes on died in vain,because we are still living lies, we are still hiding our racism in the closet...truthfully there should be a national monument for former slaves in this country..ther were prisoners of this racial war and oppression here in America, Princeton made a ton of money off the slave trade, and so did Wallstreet, where is that piece of pie for Black America, the reality is , our ancestors were the founding force of this country, even more important than George Washington! so where is our names in the history books! until we accept this truth, SOME , not ALL white people and also BLACK people will live in a fanstasy!

Anonymous said...

I live right here in the south and although we have our problems, I can attest that our racial divides are nothing like they used to be nor are they anything like what you guys face in the North. I must admit, it has always baffled the mind how people would think that the south is worse when the majority of racially motivated crimes within the last century have occured in northern states with the exception of the Byrd case(texas). Hell, my Hubby who is Puerto Rican and light skinned even talks about areas in NYC he cant go into due to racial hostilities, but whatever.

Whitney B. said...
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Whitney B. said...
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Whitney B. said...

Here's the rumor in the South, or at least in Louisiana: If Obama, my man, is the prez contender, then he's going to pick Cunty Rice as his VP. Right!

This came from my husband's uncle, who started the conversation with, "How about that Barack Obama?! Isn't he great? I voted for him."

This is a 70 year old WHITE (Cajun, so he may not be "pure" white) man, who might be thought of as a "cracker". But, he has been a life long Democrat because he knows which side his bread has been buttered on all these years.

Quite frankly, I was shocked that he was in support of Obama. However, I was not awed. I was glad that he brought it up in front of my mother-in-law, his sister, who is a member of one of those fundamentalist churches that still claim Mr. Obama is a Muslim.

Anyway, we had a spirited discussion from the very start of my visit and I assured him that no way would Mr. Obama be stupid enough to do such a foolish thing. First because it's Cunty, but also there's probably no way that this country is ready for 2 black folks, especially a black woman, to run for Prez and VP. It's sad, but true.

I am 53 and I was raised in a rainbow coalition in Old Town Chicago. Our friends came in all varieties and flavors (colors and sexual preferences). I didn't know back then that when folks asked me what I wanted to be and I said a fireman or railroad engineer, that these weren't options for little girls.

I met Dr. King when I was 8 (I think) at a Baptist church that my grandmother used to take me to every 3rd Sunday (we divided between 3 different religions because she believed in spiritual growth). It's the only church Sunday I liked because everyone was lively and friendly. Dr. King had a powerful impact on me, as a man and as a precher.

I believe that Mr. Obama has many of his characteristics and I believe he will choose a good cabinet to make up for his lack of "experience".

While I'm on that topic, let's talk about the Shrubs "experience": Under his reign of Gov of TX, more folks, especially those of color, were killed on death row; he owned several failed companies, including
a football team; the state of TX ranked well below the national average for education. Really good experience there! I lived there under his dictatorship, for 3 hellish years!

That's it for me for now.

Whitney B. said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I have experienced a lot more racial comments from white folks here (but it was not like that in the Midwest) than in the South, and I experienced a lot more prejudice, by black folks, in Portland, OR. When I lived there, I always said hi to people, and when I was in the black neighborhood, one out of 5 folks would return my greeting.

That was odd, but the worst racism I experienced was in Page, AZ, which is predominantly Navajo. They really hate whites, but white women are the worst. So, I was screwed.