Sunday, April 20, 2008

The "O" man's bird?

I am trying to keep this post as non racial as possible. But sometimes, given the reality of what's happening in our country, it gets kind of hard to do that. And quite frankly, that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes we can use certain incidents as teachable moments amongst each other (the races) and we can learn about each other in ways that can bring us together.

So here is the reason for this post: Recently I have noticed that quite a few pro Hillary, conservative, and even liberal blogs , have been all a buzz over the fact that the "O" man gave the Ice Queen the middle finger at a speech recently. Now I love my girl Carolyn Kay over at "Make Them Accountable", but I think she is wrong on this one.

Let me say this right now (and someone mentioned it on this blog before). Black folks don't give the finger. We would much rather just say "fuck you". Have you ever seen a black driver flip the bird to another driver in a car? I don't think so. We would run you down until you got to the next light, roll our window down, and ask you what your fucking problem was. White folks, on the other hand, will flip you the bird, and make skid marks on your ass. I looked at that You Tube clip over and over, and no matter how hard I tried, I just didn't see the bird being flipped. I saw his middle finger go up to brush his face, but not in a way that said, "fuck you Hillary".

Then there is the other hand gesture our boy made in North Carolina. The one where he made like Jigga (That's Jay Z to all you white folks) and brushed his shoulders off. I see where some white blogs spent all their time and energy investigating that shit too. ("I think that was some hip hop black reference. Code speak, dog whistle politics for the black folks ") Let me help you. It means the shit you threw at me didn't bother me and I have moved on. And yes, I think he did do that on purpose. It's funny, because when he did it, I saw the black folks in the audience laughing their asses off. But the white folks (at least the old ones), to quote my man Borat, "not so much". I thought that was kind of amusing.

The "O" man was mad during that speech. It was right after the ambush at 5th and Market, and he fucked up and let his black come out. But it was cool, I understood why he did it, and it seemed very appropriate at the time. Now if he had really flipped Hillary the bird it wouldn't have been cool. And I am sure he knows that. The funny thing, or should I say the sad thing, is that people are not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The man is running for president of these divided sates and he is going to flip his opponent the bird in front of thousands of people? Give me a fucking break please! Do you think they would say that shit about another kind of candidate? Do you think they would give Mr. Morton the benefit of the doubt? I think they would. And yet his crazy ass would be more than likely the one to do that shit.

So calm down folks, there is nothing to that finger story. You can get the "O" man on other shit--like some of his policy positions for instance--, but not this.

When it comes to flipping his opponent the finger in a presidential race; no he can't.


Anonymous said...

This white boy (me) believes the third paragraph. That paragraph also helps me to be more certain of what I've long thought about a very similar image of Bob Marley on a T-shirt I wear often, i.e., Marley didn't mean anything by using that particular finger.

microbrother said...

Field Negro,

You’re right on that note. I can’t remember the last time I gave the finger or seen another brother give the finger. It’s something un-manly about giving someone the finger, then running off. But, I will get in your face and tell you what time it is!

As I stated in another piece, the O-man is introducing a new protocol for political campaigning and it doesn’t entail the silly antics of old. Are the electorate and media matured enough to appreciate him for raising the bar this way?, Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Regardless of the outcome of this election, I don’t think American electoral politics will be the same, thanks to the brother.

Anonymous said...

I fits into the image they are pushing. I don't visit the taylor marsh site but from 3rd party reports, the constant reference there is to label him as a "thug" "dirty" and "ignorant". It is part and parcel. With that as the basis this fits right into "See this is the kind of thing that a ngr would do."

This is going to get nasty. I keep telling my white friends who love Barack dearly that they better get prepared for the ad with "Barack Rape & white woman" cobbled together.
They are not going to stop till they gut him and if Barack doesn't know this is coming then he is not as smart as I think he is.
How he survives this process will decide the rest.

Anonymous said...

i recall that when the w directly gave the press the actual bird, not one word made it out to the world. the video is still on you tube and he meant it.....

field negro said...

anon. 8:48PM, I almost forgot about those two cras clowns in the WH now. Yes, they have been known to drop an "asshole" reference every now and then, "big time" :)

Anon.8:46Pm, I swear i am going to have to visit this Taylor Marsh's site one day. I hear so much about this person. A Hillary lover no?

Thank you microbrother, I am just calling it as I see it.

Vertis said...

Obama is too smart to flip Hillary the bird in public. I believe he let's loose on her in private. At least I would.

microbrother said...

Let us not forget the collegial greeting Dick Cheney (fuck you) made from the dais of the U.S. House of Representatives. How much coverage was mad of that?????????

Anonymous said...

They tried to madrasah him, and when that didn't work, they tried to Rev. Wright him, and when that didn't work, they tried to radicalize him, and when that didn't work, they tried to blacken him, and when that didn't work, they tried to vulgarize him.

Now, they've caught him by five of his toes, and still he won't holler.

He's got one foot left.

And you can rest assured: if he doesn't holler, they won't let go.

Pharoah was kinder!

Anonymous said...

You're on point with this one. He actually uses this gesture often when he wants to scratch his face, as I've been seeing this for quite a while. Much ado about NADA, FN. People really need to stop nitpicking. If they really believe in a democracy like they say they do, then let us focus on the real issues, not this crap. Besides, Bush blatantly put the middle finger to the camera and he's held the highest political office in this country for 8 years. People let him slide like no other.

Thembi Ford said...

This man is not an 8th grader. If he were wilin' hard enough to give the finger he'd GIVE it. And it's disturbing to see the media stooping past tabloid-level and down to reality-tv level with this silly photo.

Kellybelle said...

Good point about Black people and the finger. We can't store all that rage in one digit.

Anonymous said...

The "Dirt on My Shoulder" bit by the "O" man is absolutely hilarious--and so right on. Now, I see that he said "aight" a couple timess in his speech, sorta Denzelish-like in "TD."

Bob said...

Oh for heaven's sake, Obama's absent-mindedly scratching his cheek. His index finger's almost helping out. He'd have to pencil "flip the bird to Hillary here" into the margin of his text.

Anonymous said...

That so called liberal blog "Liberal Rapture" I just clicked on is absurd and looking for an excuse to hate Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field and All - Happy Weekend,

Why even post this? It's absurd. He didn't seem angry to me when he made the brush your dirt off reference either. He has said he listens to Jay-Z. It was funny and I'm not a fan of Jigga at all - and I'm Black. Personally I'd take Talib and Bahamadia over Hova any day, but I digress. Really some people just want to find any excuse to justify their biases. HRC deserves the finger though! I am praying for a miracle....a complete blow-out on Tuesday so this part can be over.

Anonymous said...

"We can't store all that rage in one digit."

Now that made me laugh! We are now officially in the beyond loony zone with this....

I think the folks that are tryin to push this nonsense as "legitimate" dont realize how absurd they are coming off.. seriously, this is the "bad stuff" SERIOUSLY!!! hahahahahah

Anonymous said...

check this out..please spread

Constructive Feedback said...

Ho Hum.
The murder count on your "Banner of Shame" has increased to 78 and you are worried about "the finger"?

One thing is for certain - regardless of how you attempt to "Republicanize" Hillary Clinton as part of your strategy - they BOTH will be at the Democratic National Convention later this year. One of them will call for "party unity" and I have little doubt that you will fall in line.

This, however, is not going to save anyone's loved one in West Philly from the preeminent threat that he faces walking home at night with the edge of a $20 bill hanging out of his back pocket

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I believe Mr. Obama will bring a level of dignity to the office of the President of the United States that we haven't seen in decades. This "finger" business is absurd.
Help this old white man out Field. . . what's a "Jay Z" or a "jigga?"

SingaporeSwim said...

sbo is deliberate and highly conscious of himself and his surroundings.

he'd just said the night before that their each and every word is recorded and parsed. by extension, their gestures will also come under scrutiny and have the potential of being misinterpreted and distorted.

having said that, could sbo have consciously scratched his face w/his middle digit [notice his index finger came along for the ride too] to gauge the faux fallout? to prove himself right, again, about human nature. afterall, we are in the throes of the silly season of politics and fingergate is yet another example.

Anonymous said...

so mister know it all.. I mean con..feed... I may reqret asking, but what do YOU think needs to happen to end the gun violence in West Philly? What are your proposals?

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field,
absurd is sincerely denigrating a candidate for a light hearted photo-op at a bowling alley.
obama was having fun with the brushing off, but he was also saying to blacks, they are doing what they do so...VOTE!
he did the same thing before mississippi, talking about being bamboozled and hoodwinked, sounding like malcom x
he is under attack from all sides right now. this is their push. the repukes no he will be stronger once he survives clinton, so they have joined forces with cnn for now. they want to knock him out now. it aint happening. but it sure is stressfull. pray to god it ends soon.

SingaporeSwim said...

con feedback,
it seems that your raison d'être is to trivialize all subjects that are discussed on this blog.

Hathor said...

you know white folks were losing their natural minds
Most appropriate to begin this post too.

That's what I thought when I got Kay's newsletter today about her perceptions. More vehement today, than after the debate. I was done with Taylor Marsh, after her post about the messianic Obama.

rikyrah said...

I am ashamed to admit that I had no clue about the ' Jigga' reference.

I just thought he was saying, ' I'm dusting you clowns off my shoulders. You can kiss my Black ass, because you're like lint to me. '

I cheered when I saw him do it, because I was like, ' Go BROTHA!!' That was some 'Black' attitude...I had no clue of the Hip Hop Reference. I just thought it was an " Yeah, this Uppity Negro just did you that way"...and I loved it..LOL

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

check this out..please spread"

Yes, this is the fear with which blacks live--Obama will become the target of racial hatred.

Clearly the racial undertones of his run for the White House has contributed to this hysteria.

I know that blacks will go berserk if some white bigot attempts to destroy the "Hope Candidacy," but
how many whites will be as outraged as us.

That will be the crucial test as to whether this country has finally become color blind.

But it's not a test that I want to see handed out--now or later.

rikyrah said...

Help this old white man out Field. . . what's a "Jay Z" or a "jigga?"

Jay-Z , aka Shawn Carter, is a big time rapper. I've never bought any of his albums, but I will trust those that do. Outside of being a rapper, he's also a terrific entrepreneur. With his former partner, Damon Dash, they formed Roc-a-fella Record, and the Roca Wear clothing line. Roc-a-fella and Roca Wear have been sold for hundreds of millions. He's part owner of the New Jersey Nets, owns the 40/40 Sports Club was the former President of Def Jam (a record label)

Got this piece of info from his Wikipedia site: The New York Times announced that Jay-Z is on the verge of a partnership with Live Nation for $150 million - among the richest contracts ever awarded to a musician.

He just married Beyonce.

His nickname is Jigga.

Ms.Martin said...


I love Talib - he used to write for Jay.

Obama dusting - code speak to the youth; black and white.

Ms.Martin said...

re: Jay-Z

Born and raised in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY.

Sold out the Madison Square Garden.

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

"This, however, is not going to save anyone's loved one in West Philly from the preeminent threat that he faces walking home at night with the edge of a $20 bill hanging out of his back pocket"

And voting for McCain will save him? If so, how?

Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off when Obama dusted off his shoulder. Yes, I own one of Jay-Z's older CDs.

That was no middle finger. I hope no one does that here in Cali. People get shot on some of our freeways for things like that.

If you need the Cliff Notes version of Taylor Marsh's blog comments go to one of my reader's site. Just make sure you're sitting down when you read the last sampled comment. It's REALLY bad.

If you need a laugh, Taylor and her readers were burning prayer candles for Hillary tonight. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ho Hum.
The murder count on your "Banner of Shame" has increased to 78 and you are worried about "the finger"?"

Are you implying that Field doesn't care really care for the community? That's sort of rich coming from someone whose favorite book is "Atlas Shrugged".

Anonymous said...

For you Obamaholics. Just in case you haven't seen it.

Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Anonymous said...

Too many people chasing limited supplies of natural resources. Prices are up, oil is up; commodities are up; metals are up.

Poor people in poor nations cannot afford black beans and rice for their daily meals.

Oil is needed for the car driving Chinese.

Acreage is needed and fresh water is needed to grow beef for the meat eating Chinese.

Acreage and fresh water is need to grow sugar/alcohol producing crops (corn, sugar beets, sugar cane, ...) for the car driving Americans and Europeans.

Less land available to grow beans and rice.

Too many people chasing limited supplies of natural resources.

What is/are Obama's position(s) on any of these?

Prosperity is just around the corner?

Let the good times continue to roll?

Anonymous said...

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, owned and published by Richard Mellon Scaife, endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee Sunday.

Scaife personally funded many of the investigations that led to President Clinton's impeachment in 1998.

A case of strange bedfellows making even stranger politics.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting until Cable News finds an Effeminate Non-threatening Negro to tell me what it all means.

Christopher said...

I'd like to think Barack was giving the Borg Queen and her supporters his middle finger -- they deserve it, but I think Barack is polite and gentleman and he wouldn't engage in such symbolism.

Now, a little brushing the Borg Queen off his shoulders, a nod to the Jay-Z song, well that is a different story entirely.

David Sullivan said...

Come on now. Why do you have to be black to know that Jay Z is Jigga?

You are right on about the "bird". My black brothers would rather scream "motherfucker" at you.

Why is Barack giving Hillary life. He should just ingnore her like a gnat buzzing around. He has the delegates and popular vote, so he should just keep his comments about McCain and fake like shes not there. The more he addresses her the more he validates her pitiful grasping.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks for the info Riky. I was clueless. Needless to say, he's not on my iPod playlist. Maybe he should be.. . . especially if he just married Beyonce. He's lucky I'm not 25 anymore, I'd have married her.

The finger thing is just Clinton desperation. They have destroyed their once shining legacy.

Anonymous said...

The leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy endorsing Clinton? Color me unsurprised folks. She's been wanting the presidency since before Bill was OUT of the presidency. She's been preparing for seven years, folks. And all those white republicans richtrustfund hedgefund fools are pulling for her. That's why old Georgie Porgie did such a hit job on SBO.

Thanks everyone for explaining that Jay-Z. I get my news on the 'net (no TV), so the name didn't ring much of a bell.
The media's been bought and paid for.

If edwards would have had all of wall street frothing at the mouth (they like obama in contrast) -- Obama will have our soundbyte media dropping dead with apoplexy.

@walking around with a twenty hanging out

Who the hell does that? Money goes in the wallet, or the purse. It isn't showing, and you don't walk out of the armed security areas (banks) until it's put away. On the bus, you don't talk about the money you've got on you. This is just being careful, nothing too paranoid.

Christopher said...

The finger thing is just typical white people paranoia.

You know what I mean. Like when a white woman is walking down the street and she sees a black man coming the opposite direction and she grabs hold of her purse and crosses to the other side of the street.

People like the Borg Queen and her supporters just see shit that isn't there.

Anonymous said...

They are "reaching" on this, although secretly I wish he did do it... only with both hands.. *smirk*

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the "finger" thing is being seriously pushed. I don't know about it being typical white person paranoia, but it's perfectly illustrative of the pettiness, rabidness (and they say OBAMA'S supporters are a cult?),and overall looniness of a lot of Clinton supporters. Society at large needs to see this. The world needs to see this.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a picture or video of Hillary doing the exact same thing with her middle finger during a speech or campaign appearance. I'm willing to bet on it. And would anyone suggest that she was giving the bird to Obama? Of course not. This is just part and parcel with how fucked up our political process is, when we generate issues out of trivial pursuits and "gotcha' moments rather than what's really at stake: Iraq, health care, the economy crashing around our ankles, etc.

Thsi is a direct result of 24/7 news cycles, lazy and biased media types, and the politics of personal destruction which has been the only politics practised by the GOP since the rise of Reagan and Newt Gingrich in the 80's.

And our media has brough into it because at heart they like thge drama, the theatrics, the bullshit. And with McCain in the race all the bullshit will directed at the Democrats. earlier it was Clinton, but when Obama became the leader, it's turned on him. And regardless of who gets the nomination, the same shit will be flung at the Dem candidate by the press, because they are either 10 stupid morns, 2) in the tank for McCain, 3) all their sources are part of the GOP smear machine, or they are secret or not so secret Republicans.

Steven D

Unknown said...

Fuck all typos.

Steven D

Anonymous said...


It is definitely an nonissue about his finger when it's something he does habitually. I cannot count the number of times he has touched his finger with his cheek and it happens to be the middle finger. I think it's interesting that people are now noticing this idiosyncrasy. Personally, I didn't read anything in it other than we all have our quirks and he is nothing different in that aspect.

Anonymous said...

I saw on one of those news shows where McCain said he was going to attack Obama with being "unpatriotic" with some Weather Underground guy he knows, and not placing his hand over his heart to pledge to the flag?, and not wearing the flag pen! WTF!!!!

Alls I can say is, deem white folks are scared of Obama and are attacking him with any little thing they can find or manufacture!!!! Politics is a dirty business!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rev. Jeremiah Wright will be interviewed by Bill Moyers on Bill Moyer's Journal
on Friday, April 25, 2008. Check your local listings.

Anonymous said...

Ain't this some shit...
I don't consider myself an Obamaholic, but this shit is pushing me to the edge.

I can hardley believe where this election season has gone - I don't want to believe it.

baatin. said...

for fuck's sakes, the american media is now OFFICALLY out of control. when it was just fox, everyone understood the score. but abc? this shit? even cnn is now tabloid in it's bullshit.why can't we just be grownups about our politics? why deos mc-fuck have to suggest that obama's talking to hamas? bittergate? get the fuck outta here, dude. 'course people are bitter. go to detroit. on houses are being sold for $500. i literally saw one a month ago for $5. yes. five dollars for a fucking house. of course they're in foreclosure, and we all know what that means.....the debate this week REALLY pissed me off. i love the story about the planted flag-pin questioner, but will these same stations air THIS tabloid shit? i hope barack really goes after mc-fucks character when he gets nominated. they really need to emphasize the fact that he left his first wife only AFTER an accident fucked her up, and took up with mrs. 'secret recipe' because she was hotter and had mad bank. the guy is a painfully out of control, angry (NOT passionate), backstabbing, ELITIST (if ever there was a person that label fitted), crabby, crummy, two-faced lunatic. fuck hillary and fuck mc-fuck. i hate them both equally, and if my man doesn't get it, i am penciling in john f kennedy. because that's who i need righ now.

Anonymous said...

I am no longer an Obama Supporter (for political reasons), but I do have a striking feeling that those who are so ready and willing to believe he flipped someone off just needs to believe that because they have non-political issues with him.

This self-hating negress's entire blog seems to echo what white girls say, then she just repeats it. The imagined flip theory was posted on other hate blogs first, then this neo-mammy goes on with her shit.

Just look at the times. I came across her blog based on the posts by Kathy Komrade dude.

Anonymous said...

meant to say kathy and komrade dude

baatin. said...

hey field, just for laughs in this tough primary season, would you please consider putting up that picture of 'JJ' and anne coulter-geist that you had on your site? i always laughed when i saw it. always.

Monroe Anderson said...

Few figured that the contest would go past Super Tuesday. Now that we're approaching the end and Obama's not only the front-runner but the virtual presumptive Democratic party nominee, any thing he says, any move he makes, can take on a life of its own.

That gaggle of rightwing news show hosts on cable really want Hillary to win because she's an easier target. Their fall back position is to have the contest go to Denver and have a brokered convention with a hopelessly divided party coming out of it.

There are rhymes to all these reasons.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw on one of those news shows where McCain said he was going to attack Obama with being "unpatriotic" with some Weather Underground guy he knows, and not placing his hand over his heart to pledge to the flag?, and not wearing the flag pen! WTF!!!!

Can McCain even raise his arm to touch his heart???

kid said...

Hey field they had Mrs.Popeye on the View today on Fox 2 (ABC/Disney) and basically gave her a pass.It seems the only real journalist are the bloggers and Obermann. BTW ,Annie Oakley will be on Obermann tonight, Keith better as George Clinton says tap lighly like a woodpecker with a headache.I think she's trying to play that hurt woman angle again.

RhondaCoca said...

Field Negro-

Did you see the video of your governor and former mayor praising Farrakhan.

A.F. said...

I thought it was funny as hell when he brushed off his shoulders, and appropriate. This is really the first I've heard of the middle-finger. I didn't notice it after seening that clip numerous times. One thing's for sure, Obama must have an unbelievably clean record when all they can come up to pin on him is Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and now some imaginary bird shooting. That idea (that he was doing some subliminal, passive aggressive bird shooting) really is well targeted, too, because it seems to be something that the, um, demographic that HRC is after right now would believe.

The things they try to pin on this man--Those of us who've donated a lot to his campaign shouldn't be surprised if crazy sh-t we've done or said at any point starts getting blamed on him, too. This is just crazy.

vanishing point said...

@Black Loki, I think she might be white.

That "liberal" blog was one of those stormy beach front sites, wasn't it?

First he's too elite, now he's giving the finger, which is it?

Unfortunately, there are lots of voters who believe this shit.


I think that the closer this race gets, the more we will see racist attacks against anything Obama says or does. The media is creating fake news.

@ Kathy
I completely agree with you!
The media tried to make an issue of the fact that Obama's father was a Muslim - a man that he BARELY even knew and a man who never raised him.

Even if his father HAD raised him, a president can't be Muslim but he can belong to a cult? (Don't make me call out any names!)

Then, they wanted to say that Obama was a possible drug dealer - since he admitted to using drugs in his early days of college.

Then, they wanted to say that he wasn't "in touch" with black people.

Then, they wanted to say that his church was racist and separatist. In other words, he was now TOO black.

How can the voters not see all this for what it really is??

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!


ZACK said...

I know that I'm late, but ACTUALLY Field, this black man does give the finger when he's crossing the street. I hate it when cars try to hit me while turning in front of me crossing.

You are right that we'd rather say "fuck you" but honestly, the finger can suffice when a driver's window is rolled up.

Anonymous said...

In Jay Z's "Dirt off my Shoulders", one of the lyrics includes:

"Middle finger to the law, nigga grip'n my balls"

Perhaps Jay z is in the one percent of black people in America that uses the middle finger.

rikyrah said...


Gotta give serious props to your Senator Casey. Talk about having The "O" Man's back; Casey has been in the trenches for Obama ever since he endorsed.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Nice job of keeping it non-racial Field. . . HAR!
I never flip the bird. I laugh big and loud at fools.

SingaporeSwim said...

as someone pointed out earlier, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, owned and published by Richard Mellon Scaife, endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee Sunday.

Scaife personally funded many of the investigations that led to President Clinton's impeachment in 1998.

when asked about accepting mellon scaife's endorsement on tonight's countdown after he and his paper were part of what hill aptly called the "vast right wing conspiracy," mrs. hill cackled like a hen and said something like she has the ability to bring all sides together.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is non-issue if you consider the fact [ REPORTED BY WAPO] that McCain has not only told a few senators to STFU, but has given some of his colleagues a beat down too.

SingaporeSwim said...

mccain seems to fit the m.o. of loose cannon.

Francis Holland said...

If you look at the above picture closely, you can see that his ass was pointed directly at the people who were standing behind him! I guess that's be the next "issue" that the media focuses on, instead of the war in Iraq and the 45 Million people who don't have any access to health care.

Americans aren't asinine color-aroused zombies by accident; we're carefully taught to be asinine color-aroused zombies.

Chris said...

Haven't these people reading into this crap ever just had a fuckin' itch?

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