Monday, April 28, 2008

Killing fields.

I was thinking about writing about a myriad of things tonight. Obama's former pastor, Reverend if loving Obama is wrong I don't want to be Wright. The Supremes making it alright to require picture ID's to vote (da fuck?). Miley Cyrus thinking she is 18. A world food shortage which is creating a serious crisis in some Third World countries, and here in A-merry-ca. And gas costing more per gallon than the cost of a good cheesesteak.

But then I picked up my hometown newspaper, and I realized that I was lucky to be alive.
I realized that the five murders that took place in my city last night makes all the other shit going on around me pale in comparison. I realized that my personal survival is more important than silly ass teen stars, and the first black man with a legitimate shot at occupying the White House, especially given the fact that he probably won't govern any different than those who came before him, and those who will come long after he is gone.

So let's see now, we are at 101 and counting ( I have to remember to update my Killadelphia murder count on my sidebar), and our new Mayor is starting to realize that talking and good PR is nice. But he might want to spend a little less time running around with Hillary and more time focusing on what is going on in his damn city.

So here is a quick overview: A 15 year old boy was shot and an 18 year old critically injured in a drive by that took place in the cities' Frankford section. A 50 year old man was found shot to death in the middle of the day in the hallway of an apartment complex in West Philadelphia. Then there is this story: A 26 year old lady was found at 4:02 a.m. beating a man in his mid sixties at a Sunoco gas station right on Broad Street. But it gets better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. According to my hometown paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the police stumbled on the beating as they were swarming the same neighborhood while investigating a double shooting which took place about a 100 yards away.

Then at about 1:45 in the morning a gunman opened fire in a jazz club on Broad Street. Marcus Davis, 37, was shot in the head and pronounced dead on the spot. Another man was shot in the neck and was seriously wounded. And in yet another killing, police found the body of Tyrone Miller, 44, at around 2:48 a.m.. Poor Tyrone was shot three times in the face and chest. As is usually the case in my fair city there were no witnesses. Or none that was willing to come forward.

These were the actual killings I am telling you about. The number could rise. At least eight other people were shot throughout the city last night, including a 16 year old boy who accidentally shot himself, and was later arrested and charged with various firearms violations. I am sure it was his hammer he shot himself with. The poor guy was probably just on his way to the shooting range when he forgot his NRA instruction pamphlet...yeah that's the ticket.

But surprise, I am not even going to rip the NRA this time. Although they bear some responsibility for this carnage as well. Nope, I am blaming some of the animals who live around me, and who don't understand the value of a human life. Everyday I step out the door I have to be worried about some knuckle head who can't shoot straight, or some motherfucker who has some issues with the field who shoots just straight enough.

So we are at 101 and counting. I know it could be worse, because last year this time we were at 130. But hey, there is still time to catch up. It's not even summer yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Field, for telling the truth, as usual...It's getting almost as bad here in L.A.--The Pols are in denial, but there's a Black/Brown war out there, and the Black on Black shooting's running a really close 2nd--I guess nothing's gonna get done until the WSZ is violated...

On a calmer note, I did check out Pat's Steak last Summer during our visit--good enough for this white boy !

Nick Stump said...

These tragic deaths do put things into perspective. I'm guilty of the same--worrying over politics when I know who's president is not nearly as important as what's going on in my own city. I know Obama supporters believe he will make all these great changes, and having a Dem in the White House would be my choice. But I'm not naive enough to buy into the promises from any of the candidates.

Home, family and community. That's where I draw my strength and where I should put my efforts.

Anonymous said...

Same thing is happening in Chicago. It doesn't make the national news cuz black men dying is not worthy of attention and I have no idea how to make it stop.

Will we get to the point where we are just exhausted with death and dying here on our soil and do something about it? I just don't think so.

You don't see a lot of old black men anywhere.

Be careful out there FN, I would truly miss you.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Man, I am over here scratching my head wondering what the heck is wrong with Rev. Wright and I thought of you. I think he needs to be "House Negro of the Day". What is dude thinking?

Rich Fitzgerald said...

What the heck is going on in Philly. They say the STL is worse, I think I need to check the numbers, this sounds crazy. Imagine what's coming when the block really gets hot.

Anonymous said...

101? Damn. I thought the 13 in one day in Tijuana the other day was bad, but that only happens when the drug cartels play paintball with live rounds with the Federalies.

Hey, you could always move to San Diego. We have about three shootings a week on average, one homicide by shark bite every fifty years and plenty of cheap real estate in the coming years once the bubble totally deflates.

Anonymous said...

I think we're at 15 or so in Little Rock. The no snitching rule isn't really followed here, many of the crimes are solved with the help of witnesses. We had a zero tolerance rule after 1995 that lasted for several years and the murder rate hasn't gone up since then.

Anonymous said...

Not as bad ATL..but it is just around the corner with schools losing their accrediation, over the price state college tuition, foreclosure, over zealous cops...high food cost and darn expensive gas price (but I could say at least I dont reside in London or Hawaii)...

I am extremely tried of the election coverage...

Haven't look at any news coverage since ABClinton PA debate...trying to move on to other things since I have been so interest in the political race...

Went back to watching HBO, Starz, and House...

field negro said...

rich you are right. I thin the good Rev. is hurting his boy. I heard somewhere that he was a little pissed at the "O" man. Has anyone else heard that?

I think STL might be worse in terms of the amount of people to murders since it's a smaller city. But that's a shame when we can keep score of the murders in our cities like our ball teams.

"You don't see a lot of old black men anywhere.

Be careful out there FN, I would truly miss you."

damn anon. 10:25PM, you are right about the lack of old black men we are seeing out there. I never even thought of that before. And thanks for caring about a brotha. But I will be fine. I spent a lot of time in Jamaica during the election season. So I am used to dodging bullets :)

anon.10:18PM, Pat's is better than Genos. But for some really good steaks check out "Steve's Prince of Steaks" when you come back. They are, in my humble opinion, the best in town.

cali tejano, I hear the weather is pretty good too.

nick, that comment was so quote worthy, that it's up on my sidebar.

field negro said...

Wow! 15? szechuanpork, that's a weekend here. Although I saw something on Darren McFadden on ESPN, and they were talking about how bad Little Rock was. Was that true? I am sure that the coverage was a little sensationalized.

mesha, I feel you, I might have to chill on the election coverage my damn self. This Rev. Wright thing is like red meat for the MSM.

Anonymous said...

The nightclubs in Little Rock get rowdy on Saturday Nights. DMac brook his foot outside one trying to kick someone and hit the curb instead. Oakland is lucky to get him by the way.

field negro said...

"... Oakland is lucky to get him by the way."

I agree. Although he might be a little too tall at his position to stay injury free for long in the NFL.

Nick Stump said...

Thank you, Field. I'm honored with the sidebar.

What I've heard about Wright, is that he is angry. I've also heard the good Reverend is not a man to shy away from the spotlight and sees this whole deal as a way to raise his profile. Admittedly, I'm quoting folks I know in Chicago, so my info is anecdotal and second-hand. He did look to be very happy to be on TV.

One thing for certain, Reverend Wright is not doing any favors for Obama with this business, and I doubt if the more than 80,000 black churches in the country would say Wright spoke for them. Of course, I can't speak for those churches either, but I've attended services and played music in black churches and most them were just good, joyous welcoming churches..uh..with a lot better music. :)

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, More Black males are killed in the killing streets of Amerikka in one year than five years in Iraq. Where are the troops to ensure our safety? Where is the media searching for answers to this tragedy? I know and you know the solution will require a separation from our dependancy on the dominate race. Having the police raising Black kids is not the answer. The white media is so bogus. They spend hours with the spotlight on a "few words" from a pastor instead of discussing if what he said was wright or wrong. White Amerikka will always say 'a Black man" destroyed Obama...not their continued fear of a Black family running thru the White House. This tactic is soo old, but is highly effective.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so. He will need a lot of coaching about not being the whole team and following what the O-line gives him. Stiff arming and seeking contact probably won't be good for him at that level.

Anonymous said...


I know that L.A. County, CA takes in a larger area than your city of Philly but the murder count according to the L.A. TIMES is already up to 235 there. They have a special page that they update with photos,a map and statistics, etc. at the following:

Admiral Komack said...

-WARNING: Off-topic.

Obama may have bigger problems than Wright:

The Austin American-Statesman:

By Rebecca Carr | Monday, April 28, 2008, 03:03 PM

The U.S. Secret Service has placed a white agent on leave after an African American employee reported finding a noose hanging at the service’s main training facility outside the nation’s capital.

The service has acknowledged “an allegation of misconduct” at its J.J. Rowley Training Center in Beltsville, Md., and that an employee last week was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The employee is a veteran agent with the service, according to fellow agents.

The noose was found by an African American officer in the uniform division of the service during the week of April 14, according to those familiar with the alleged incident. That division protects the White House and surrounding grounds. He reported the incident to his supervisor and it was sent up the chain of command. He declined to comment for this story.

After learning about the alleged incident, Cox Newspapers asked the Secret Service whether a noose had been discovered at the training center.

“In response to your question, there has been an allegation of misconduct at our training center,” said Edwin M. Donovan, assistant special agent in charge of government and public affairs.

“The employee involved has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by our Office of Professional Responsibility, which serves as the agency’s internal affairs office,” Donovan wrote in an e-mail response. “At the conclusion of the investigation, additional information may be available.”

The alleged incident happened as U.S. Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson is expected to decide next month whether to sanction the service for failing to turn over evidence in a long-running lawsuit alleging that the service created a racially hostile atmosphere that tolerated discrimination.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Atlanta native Reginald G. Moore, alleges that the Secret Service routinely discriminates against black agents seeking promotion in favor of white agents who scored lower on promotional exams.

Nearly 60 black agents have submitted sworn statements to the court in support of the lawsuit’s allegations.

Robinson has already sanctioned the service three times since the discovery process of the lawsuit began 3 1/2 years ago.

The service denies the allegations and is now appealing all of the sanctions.

The Office of Professional Responsibility, previously called the inspection division, figured prominently during the discovery process of the lawsuit.

Carrie Hunnicutt, an inspector in charge of searching for documents sought in the lawsuit, testified in February that she destroyed original evidence sought by the plaintiffs by placing documents in a “burn bag” just two days before she was scheduled to testify in the case.

Justice Department lawyers defending the service have said that the destroyed documents should not be considered lost evidence because Hunnicutt transferred information from the documents to a computer database.

But lawyers at Hogan & Hartson and Relman & Dane, two Washington law firms representing the plaintiffs for free, contested that assertion, arguing that no one will ever know if the database is complete because the original evidence was destroyed by Hunnicutt.

The allegation that a noose was discovered supports the essence of the discrimination alleged in the lawsuit, said Jennifer Klar, a lawyer at Relman & Dane.

“We are appalled but unfortunately not surprised that a noose was prominently displayed recently in a secret service training center,” Klar said in an interview.

“This incident of racial hatred is troubling in an agency that has the important duty of protecting world leaders of all races, including our own leaders such as (presidential candidate) Barack Obama and (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice,” Klar said.

“This racist incident is a reminder that long time discrimination in the secret service has created an atmosphere where such hateful acts occur all too regularly,” Klar said.

“It is time for the Secret Service to put a stop to acts of racism by addressing and healing the racially charged environment that has been created over the years,” Klar said.

The Secret Service has fought the lawsuit each step since it was filed eight years ago.

“The Secret Service is extremely proud of the accomplishments of our diverse work force and our record on diversity,” said Eric Zahren, a spokesman for the service in an e-mail document defending the service from the accusations in the lawsuit.

“The Secret Service has not and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” Zahern said. “We are extremely proud of the contributions of our diverse work force and we will continue to promote the most qualified people.”

Moore, the lead plaintiff in the case who grew up in civil rights movement in Atlanta, was promoted after filing his lawsuit in 2000.

Moore is now in the service’s senior executive service. He has said that he will keep fighting until the service’s promotional system is permanently changed so that all agents of all colors have an equal chance at promotion.

A.F. said...

I'm not sure of the exact count in N.O. but suspect it will be the highest per capita for yet another year.

It's interesting what you say about focusing on the national election, etc, with so much going on around you. I do that, too, while so much carnage goes on here day and night both literal and figurative ways. But it seems that every time we have national republican leadership, the crime rate goes up because the country gets meaner from the top. And I hope that the difference in national leadership would at least be that if the worst happens in N.O. again, people may not dehydrate to death after days and days. But I should focus much more attention on our governor, who is against public schools and seems to want to privatize everything imaginable. It all gets very heavy.

rikyrah said...

40 got shot here 2 weekends ago. A few died, but it was like 40 folks shot in a 72 hour period....crazy.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

rikyrah: 100 people dying in Philly is asinine, but, you're right: rarely do we hear how many people get shot. When you look at how many people get shot over the weekend in Philly or Chicago or Oakland, you have to ask: What is a black man's life worth on the concretes of any American metropolis?

field, 101 in Philly, and i'm still feeling sick to my stomach about Sean Bell: Not just that he was MURDERED the day before he was married but for Nicole and the fact that she will now have to raise the two kids by herself now...I think it's time for a cold one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised about the Secret Service problems. My brother has a pending lawsuit against the federal gov't for discrimination in its hiring practices. He actually won but the gov't has appealed and it goes to the next highest court. It's been 6.5 years and he won't let them shaft him. So Bush's gov't is particularly bad all around.

Anonymous said...

with the continued genocide going out in every American city of Black man against Black man, plus the coming depression and the possible famine that may come,plus the possibility of a 2nd Cold War coming between the US China/Russia/European Union, dark times are ahead. The Aztecs predict great upheaval in 2012, I fear that date.

kid said...

Hey field,

Forget the guns a 41 year old man was found beated to death in a garbage can. Later reports said that a group of 15 males did it. Now it changed to it probably a group of girls 15 years old. One of the girls even urinated on the man . The worst the economy gets the more violent it will get. Now hopefully summer wont be so bad. They talking about having Ohio State Troopers patrol Cleveland.Wait till the Convention in Denver, Rush and Oreilly said it will be riots there, maybe the Reich wing pundits want it to happen.

Christopher said...

Violent crime is rising in every American city. Whether in the NE, the South, the West or the Midwest. People are becoming increasingly more fearful and acting more desperate.

Meanwhile, it's good to know that CNN, MSNBC and FOX Noise spent the entire day yesterday on Barack's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. This on the day I spent $3.61 a gallon to buy gas for my SUV.

Fuck CNN, MSNBC and FOX Noise. They're out of touch and irrelevant which is why people are turning increasingly to the blogs for their news and information.

Christopher Chambers said...

"What's a black man's life worth?" Why is that question always tinged with this notion that "Da Man" is manipulating this like a puppet-master? The cops mow down Sean Bell and we wanna march. Little Ray-Ray shoots a little girl when he's aiming at De-Quandre, naw, we we're sad for a while, then, well--when's Jay-z's new CD dropping? You gonna buy the new Grand Theft Auto?

As for Barack--I'm still voting for him. But I want a president who's tough and cagey. He's been in a bubble of bougies and white yuppies too long. Not that being with ghettofab folk and bammas is better, but at least hanging around them would enhance his bullshitting abilities and sharpen is bullshit radar. I think he's toast. VP at best.

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to adopt this as his top issue addressing urban crime. Hillary has health insurance covered already.

As for Rev. Wright crazy ass, I said it before and I'll say it again "Rev. Wright is thinking about his self only" Something he said at the press conference was truthful. However, the guy doesn't know when the shut up. And you can't have this loud mouth foul running around connected to the possible next president of the United States.
Every time I look at Rev. Wright I think of the old saying "Loose Lips Sink Ships".

Anonymous said...

I think black people need to stop looking at the descendants of their former Masters to help them. It's no surprise they enjoy seeing blacks kill each other. But it's also no surprise watching Blacks take pleasure in gunning down one another.

The black race has serious mental and emotional issues bought on during slavery. That mental damage is still with our race today.

Kellybelle said...

Thanks for putting it in perspective. Flag pins and patriotism aren't saving lives on the streets of Philly or Cleveland. Pat Buchanan said Jeremiah Wright ought to get down on his knees and thank God he's an American. From what you report, ducking down low might just be a way to survive.

Anonymous said...

so sad to see these crimes on blacks (black on black or . . . on blacks)

As for Obama, he is sinking like the titanic among whites. Rev. Wrights reasoning is something like this:

1) O is destined to be president, so no matter what I say, he ll be president because god intended it.

2) unconsciencly or consciencly he wants the o to loose, he can then say, SEE BLACK FOLKS I TOLD U THEY WERE RACISTS.

3)he is a crazy fool.

4) he is on the pay roll of bill& hillary ruthham, cause she planning a new campaign in 4 years after mr o loses.

ALso HOAX news has new material to rerun from now till November.

Anonymous said...

As the economy goes down the tubes, violence inevitably goes up -- particularly in a society like contemporary Amerika that advocates violence as the solution for everything to begin with. Don't know what the body count is up to here in Atlanta, but seems like shootings are a daily occurrence. While I'm not a believer in Aztec prophecies, I do think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. It's heartbreaking listening to the news and hearing about more young people dying needlessly.

And I do blame the NRA -- all those paranoid crackers are creating the sort of society they've been afraid of all along. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

Anonymous said...

Well in Maine there's usually only 24 deaths a year but we're cranking it slowly, we have 12 so far and 10 of them were domestic violence. And it's in the 'bigger' cities that I usually don't go to. And people as me why I live in Maine cuz there are hardly any minorities here and I tell me I need for my children to have a chance fuck all the bullshit. And it helps that when you come to maine it feels like you're living in a time wrap people still barter here. Watch your kids for a bag of potatoes lol.

Anonymous said...

I use to wonder why Tiger Woods did not want to be tied to his black family roots. Now, I understand why Tiger Woods totally embraced his Asian side. He probably was trying to avoid all the drama surrounding black folk.

As I watch Obama being destroyed by a fellow black man (Rev. Wright) with the help of Fox News its become clear for me. That Black folks are there own worst enemies.
White people know who to use bring us down every time the old use "Use a another Black" never fails.

Anonymous said...

What is there left to say... I am so saddened by all this killing. What is wrong with these people? Why don't they value a life? I swear sometimes I can't even stand to turn on the news cause it's so depressing..

As far as Rev. Wright... He is really pissing me off. What exactly is his point now? If he was going to speak out he should have done it way back when they were airing those clips..why now? I don't know he may be intentionally sabatoging Obama's chance to become POTUS. I wish he would just go away.. I can't even stand to look at him. God don't like ugly..he should remember that.

sidebar: another one who has lost her mind..Mrs. Juanita playing referee on Divorce Court. Unbelievable.. The Good Lord must be shaking his head at his people.

Anonymous said...

I for one am completely disgusted with the situation surrounding this election season. I co-sign with a lot of you in saying, for my own sanity I had to stop watching the coverage. At one point I was watching daily to see what was happening. But the news coverage surrounding the election is so warped and out of touch with reality all it does is stress you out to become so wrapped up in it. I am still an Obamaholic, and he has my full support. But I had to kind of take a step back and detach myself a little bit. And am not watching CNN, ABC News, MSNBC and certainly not FAUX News unless it is coverage of the primaries on the night of, after the polls have closed. It's all pretty maddening if you allow yourself to be subjected to the BS they are putting out there regularly.

microbrother said...


I feel ya. My hometown of DC has been there and got the T-shirt of being the "murder capitol".

When young folks have no hope they find solace with other like-minded kids. And if those like-minded kids have no direction, well, we end up with this senseless killing over stupid-ass turf issues.

......the struggle continues.

Foofa said...

Over the last few weeks the weather has been unseasonably warm here in Chicago and, therefore, the murder count is rising. Since April 18 there have been 54 shootings and at least 15 deaths. From what I read in the paper this morning Obama and Senator Durbin are trying to get some anti-gang initiative money funneled over here. Apparently, over 50% of Chicago shootings are gang related. This number is rivaled only by LA. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I understand the price of food has risen, 1 reason is due to increase demand of corn for ethanol. However, there is NO FOOD SHORTAGE coming..I will never understand how a intelligent person, and hear a few buzzwords and all of the sudden become a blubbering fool!!

grown said...

Damn. WTF is really going on in the nawth?

Field, please take down that nasty man who kidnapped and raped his own daughter. First off, he looks like the damn "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and secondly, there are no words to describe how sick he truly is. That hsit messed with my head all night. You can't even trust your own parents...He has a special spot in hell waiting for him.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Death sells newspaper, but woundings are. . . well, just woundings, but in the end, they take just a big a toll. They leave people maimed, crippled, impaired, etc.
Yea, the eproblem is the position that people in the inner cities have been put into due to economics and racial discrimination. And yea, man's inhumanity paints a broad brush over these estatistics.
What's the solution?

Anonymous said...


The number one thing mentioned about Philly here in Whitest Whitesylvania is the crime. It's poor here too. The median income is well below $14,000 for a family of four. Many work two or three part-time jobs. There is little opportunity and the wages stink.

Most males have at least three guns. Some have collections (over 100). Yet, the gun violence and murder rate here is far less than that of Philly. In fact, these are some of the safer areas of the Commonwealth.


Redstar said...


I'm so sorry - for you and your community and city. I don't even know what to say...I keep wanting to intellectualize this chronic trauma for cities and esp. urban black communities but I feel useless.

Like so many, I've ashamed at how much time I've invested in this election when it feels like the world is falling apart around us.

Thank you for bringing us back into focus.

Christopher said...

My exclusive of the day is this:

The Borg Queen Will Appear on Billo's Program on FOX Noise Wednesday.

Let's see (well, not me because I wouldn't watch Billo if you promised me sex with Jorge Posada) if he asks the Borg Queen about rising crime in America's cities.

My guess is, Billo's focus will be on Jeremiah Wright and Bill Clinton. Anyone want to bet me $20?

kid said...

Hey christopher,

she think that she doing a rope-a-dope move.But as soon as BillO says something like "I like Sen.Barack but" the bull will start flying.People aren't going to fall for it. Last week she was the Grand Dragoness, this week she went to a Black church and thinks she Mother Theresa,I ani't buying it.

Christopher said...


Check it.

The Borg Queen appeared last year at a fundraiser hosted for her campaign by Rupert Murdock, then recently with the 700 Club's Pat Robertson to profess her Christian faith and her respect for the Second Amendment, then with the architect of the Arkansas Project, Richard Melon Sciafe, and now, she's going to plant her fat ass down with Bill O'Reilly.

What's next for the Borg Queen?

Tea with Osama bin Laden? Hillary Clinton is a despicable hag.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Field for context. I live in Oakland which is in serious crime meltdown. But as far as solutions--I'm at a loss. One thing is for sure, the folks, old and particularly the young need serious mental health assistance. We're talking kids who for all intents and purposes are deeply antisocial like Romanian war orphans. They are not animal--they are deeply injured and have zero sociabilty. I've done literacy training and virtually every young adult I have come across is functionally illiterate. This is the 21st century. They can barely write their names. There is no infrastructure in Oakland, these kids are feril. We start there then maybe...but until then, the flood.

Anonymous said...

Field thanks for bringing this back again. You know and I know and just about everyone commenting on this blog and most people with any sense know what the solution to the killings in the inner city is.

We all know that we may not be able to save or redirect those presently hell bent on destroying one another. But something could be done to stem the tide.

But we know that as long as schools in these areas are substandard, salaries in those areas are substandard, health care is substandard, housing is substandard and difficult to afford, jobs and job training are lacking and racist stereotypes continue to be propagated along with the sense that black people are still denied equal opportunity and in some quarters continue to be hated, we will have young Black people killing one another.

At some point we have to decide that we are a part of history and we can decide to be actors in it or handwringing bystanders. This may require an honest assessment of the system that runs this country and what it really is all about. It will require our active participation.It requires an honest assessment of what the candidates from both ruling class parties are really willing and able to offer.

In some respects we hold the key. We can wait for 2012 or we can look it in the eye and decide that, "now is the time."

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, no candidate has spoken about the real issues, AIDS, gun violence, school violence, healthcare.....even more, the stress in America is creating stress related illness for people all across this country, we want to save the people in IRAQ but who is saving us in our own country, MCCAIN, CLINTON AND OBAMA are talking about Jobs, but what about safety, crime is real high in urban cities and even the suburbs, the shooting sprees in this country are like never before and gas is so expensive people are unable to get the work....the list goes on.....this issues are not just about getting jobs, BUT GOOD JOBS THAT WILL give us healthcare, better hours so people can take care of their children, it is so hard for a working family to go to work and help their kids with their homework....there must be some limits on our employers....we are living in modern day slavery....and we are being slaughtered.......

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, no candidate has spoken about the real issues, AIDS, gun violence, school violence, healthcare.....even more, the stress in America is creating stress related illness for people all across this country, we want to save the people in IRAQ but who is saving us in our own country, MCCAIN, CLINTON AND OBAMA are talking about Jobs, but what about safety, crime is real high in urban cities and even the suburbs, the shooting sprees in this country are like never before and gas is so expensive people are unable to get the work....the list goes on.....this issues are not just about getting jobs, BUT GOOD JOBS THAT WILL give us healthcare, better hours so people can take care of their children, it is so hard for a working family to go to work and help their kids with their homework....there must be some limits on our employers....we are living in modern day slavery....and we are being slaughtered.......

Anonymous said...


It's a wrap. Hilary's going to get this nomination. Thanks to Wright. Hilary's camp actually invited Wright to speak at that press conference yesterday.

Wright won't shut up and he is a thorn in Obama's ass. lol

Black Female
McCain 08'

Undercover Black Man said...

It doesn't make the national news cuz black men dying is not worthy of attention...

BULLSHIT. It doesn't make the national news because the media don't want to focus on the gross disproportion of BLACK MURDERERS.

This is the liberal's conundrum. You can't focus on all this violence and death without calling attention to some uncomfortable facts:

Black people commit 52 percent of all homicides in the U.S.

Black people commit murder at SEVEN TIMES the rate of white people.

This is the defining crisis of black American life today. Homicide is the No. 1 cause of death for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34.

And if the media started hammering on this, a lot of black folks would complain that the black race was being demonized and sterotyped as violent criminals.

Most black folks would rather focus on the occasional bad police shooting than the 20 black people PER DAY killed by other black people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the nutty Rev. Wright just torpedoed Obama's boat. The first real shot at having a black man as prez. and this phony, loudmouth, self aggrandizing ass just fucked it up. Fucked.It.Up.

west coast story said...

undercover black man:

We do 52% of the murders? That seems high altough I believe we commit murder at a higher rate.

I was in a meeting with our mayor recently and he became quite emotional in discussing the black on black crime. This is p-a-i-n-f-u-l. We talk about more cops, better schools, more youth programs, better ex offender re-entry programs, but these are all long-terms solutions. Some longer term than others. In the meantime, How many more have to die? How do you change the nihilistic attitudes out here? People are dying over bullshit. A kid died over in SF because the kid behind him didn't think he was going down the escalator fast enough. One kid on trial for kidnapping in Oakland said he didn't think his cohorts had planned the kidnapping because it didn't go smooth like it does on TV. These young people are living in their own private movies. And as one activist said to me recently, the need for mental health services is ginormous.

I don't know what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

Actually West Coast its not true that we don't know what the answer is and it is also not true that the anwers are all long term.

The addition tommorrow of drug treatment centers, mental health centers, quality public education, ex offender rehab programs half way houses and a domestic Marshall Plan rebuilding the US infrastructure including New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the inner cities, an affordable home and real shelter for everyone willing to work are workable short term solutions.

And add to that a short term re-emergence of Black consciousness. Thats right our young folks are engaged in some serious self hating. Frantz Fanon and Paulo Frierre would have a field day explaining this situation. But we know what ails these young people lack of a positive self image, lack of the ability to envision a future for themselves and those who look like them.

But we know the other truth as well, which is that "the government" lacks the will and many of us lack the initiative or the imagination it takes to do what it takes to make real changes that have to include a real redistribution of the countries resources and wealth.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to hear or see another person's taking away over a senseless killing. There was a murder in Irvington, NJ over a week ago. I college student coming home from work early Sunday morning was shot in the neck and murdered by a person he knew. The shooter was going around shooting people, a police officer and another person. No one knows why he was going around shooting people, and the college was going graduate in the next month. My heart goes out to the parents. His mother tried to save him by giving CPR until EMS arrived, but they showed an hour later. I just want to scream out stop it, just stop killing.

focusedpurpose said...

what's going on?

mentacide and genocide collide. de-population is in full swing.

Field, i have no problem with folks being armed. the nra is alright by me. armed folks that don't know who to shoot---i got problems with them!

so while white folks flee to the suburbs and teach their preteens how to shoot at black targets---black folks are crowded into the inner cities, like crowded rats and behaving according to the crowded rat syndrome, unarmed, ducking thugs, plain clothed ones and uniformed ones alike.

no one is trying to stop this, because things are going according to plan...

...i know some will get mad. then i will have to quote ole dick cheney, "so?"...i'm not loving the truth either. just telling it. i am snitching!!!

thanks for your post---thought provoking as always.


focusedpurpose said...


all i can say is SPEAK!

when we stop acting brand new, on good behavior, well adjusted to oppression, clinging to jobs and stuff we will surely lose anyways and get serious this will change. not a moment sooner.

thank you for the truth. i find it refreshing.


focusedpurpose said...

a final thought now that i have read all the comments.

undercoverbrother- have you ever wondered how poor black folks can get guns and ammunition much easier than education, jobs, a fair judicial shake. really. never had a hmmmmm, about that moment? then again, maybe we should just shut down those black gun factories. oh, yeah, that's right, none of those.

black folks, collectively, are out of our right minds. we don't like ourselves, respect ourselves, accept ourselves, nor value ourselves. killing our reflection is so simple as a result. put white folks in front of these same people and they will strive to not offend them. be clear, sociopaths come in all colors---sociopaths kill everybody just cause they can.

i cannot remember who commented on the murder of black men. at some point, black folks would do well to notice that black women and children are not fairing much better. i think homicide is number 2 for women and girls. most violent crime is intraracial. maybe that's why no one wants to talk about it. white women married to crazed white men named petersen are not the only ones disappearing on the regular. they are just the ones that make the news. don't take my word for it, check it out. brothers went from killing each other like crazy to killing the black community. sisters seem to be waiting to see the need to stand on oprah before getting busy:-( wth!

ok, being quiet now. thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright has done nothing wrong. He had a right to defend himself. When will people, especially black folks, learn that some white people would have never voted for Obama anyway. If not the situation with Rev. Wright, the mainstream media would have dreamed up another scheme to knock down Obama.


After 400 years and more of suffering, how did you think you could trust them? You can never live as a free man when you still have to hold your head down and shuffle your feet while keeping your mouth closed. People like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan feel free to speak your peace. And if Obama doesn't win, so be it.

Anonymous said...

As far as the senseless killings are concerned, they are running rampant. Chicago, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and others are mounting up the killings every weekend. Instinctively, we want to point the finger at the kids who point guns. But I think we need to go a step further and determine why they turned out that way. We've got to get at the source.

Constructive Feedback said...

Field Negro:

Although we trade political barbs back and forth - I appreciate your persistence in keeping an eye on this cancer within our community.

What good is all of these external fights if at the end we are killing each other inside of the house with reckless abandon? There are some serious cultural and social dysfunction going on right in front of our faces.

Only a wholesale change of our assumptions on how to raise our own and instill certain values and respect for human life and a reduction of materialism is going to change this.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, thats life. Use your 2nd Amendment Rights. Chicago can't stay out the news with is murder rate however most of you will just make excuses and waiting on another "great white hope" instead of looking at yourself and asking "why I am living so crazy?" I'm black and I want nothing to do with "tha hood" sad to say. You can't even own a pistol in Chicago so thats a very smart idea, punish law abiding citizens while criminals have access to guns at ease. Don't worry, the Supreme Court will over turn that ruling come the summer however dose it ever cross anyone mind that this is why criminals need to be in "jail" not on the streets. This will be the status quo for any American Blacks because you are willing to live all crazy in the name of self-loaving. Myself: I'll fight crime by shooting back and by not voting Democratic.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Flag pins and patriotism aren't saving lives on the streets of Philly or Cleveland[/quote]

Kellybelle -

Could you tell us WHAT CAN save the lives on the streets of Philly or Cleveland? CERTAINLY it was not the Democratic take over that their respective Black communities had advocated for over these past 25 years.

It seems to me that LIVES ARE SAVED when the people in question DECIDE that their lives are indeed too valuable to be taken by school foolish conflicts.

(You seem to be the eternal optimist Kellybelle

Whitney B. said...

Mr. Field,

I tried to leave my comments earlier and they weren't recorded.

I live within 2 to 3 miles of most of these tragedies. We need to stop pointing fingers and figure out a way to stop the violence. I hope that the 10,000 man watch is doing well, as it needs to do.

We also need to stop racial profiling and just have the cops stop "them which look bad." There are crooks and hoods of all type, stripes and colors and they need to be stopped!!! Period!

I am just a skinny old(ish) white woman who would dearly love to live back when I could walk anywhere and not worry about getting shot or stabbed. As it is, I still go places people say I shouldn't go and frankly don't give a damn. Even my black friends say, "Oh, I wouldn't go there." Well, that's where I gotta do bizness, so there you go!

My grandmother used to have a saying; "There but for the grace of God, go I." It is something that I try to live by. I stop and talk with everyone; street folks, hood kids, folks on the bus or train, just everyone. The only way to belong is to belong.

Perhaps I'll get shot one day, but then again, perhaps the hood kid I said "hi" to will save my life. I don't know. Everyone looks alike to me.........there are no stangers in this world, only friends waiting to be met. Maybe that is niave, but that is what I like to think.

Regards to you all.........Whit

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