Thursday, December 27, 2012

"All My Babies Mamas"?

"Field, last night you blogged about a "pecking order" when it comes to American lives; please tell us what you think the pecking order is from top to bottom."

I am always glad to oblige someone who reads the field's blog and takes the time to send an e-mail.

1. White women.

2. White children.

3. White men.

4. Others. (Hispanics,Asians, etc.)

5. Black children.

6. Black women.

7. Pets.

8. Black men.

You are welcome.

Finally, I am going to have to take a minute to attack black.

My brothers and sisters, why is it that some of you choose the worst aspects of family life to glorify? Children being raised in broken homes and around all types of "baby mama drama" is not cool. 

And the folks over at the Oxygen Network should get a big "gas face".

"The cable network has announced the production of a new one-hour special, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which features the day-to-day drama-filled shenanigans of Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo (pictured), his 10 baby mamas and their army of 11 children, reports TV By the Numbers.  

The one-hit wonder rapper and G-Unit member, whose actual name is Carlos Walker, is surrounded by the women he bedded as well as their offspring. The project focuses on how everyone is vying for the attention of the homestead’s head honcho (who, by the way ain’t nothing at all to look at) and anti-birth control poster child.

Each baby mama has an eye-catching title such as the ‘First Lady E’Creia,’ who handles Lo’s finances and who was actually engaged to him at one point after he already had three children. Then there’s Angela, the “Fighter Baby Mama,” Amanda, the “Jealous Baby Mama,” Sujuan, the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama” and Tamara, the “No-Drama Baby Mama.” [Source]
My "peoples".......*shaking head*

America, please do not watch this mess. Let the folks at the Oxygen Network (and others like them) know that we have had enough of the Springerfication of our country. 

Sadly, I guess these baby mamas are seeing the success of shows like Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of Atlanta, and they are saying, why not me? 


Anonymous said...

Field, regarding this post, please allow me to make a preemptive strike against the racist stalking assnon lunatic:


Dr. Queen's alter ego

Dr. Nuwang said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the list you posted Field.

Anonymous said...

You mean 10 women had sex with that and had kids? Everyone on that show needs to be spayed and neutered. Same for the people who create "reality" shows and the people who watch it.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Nǚwáng said...

WOW, you crammed a lot of stereotypes of Black women into this one.

Of course, the problem is that this stereotypical diatribe relates more to your Mammy and other female relatives, than just about ALL of the Black women I know.

So feel free to carry on, lies NEVER make me angry, ROTFLMAO!!!

PS- I'm MORE than pleased that I look so young, people think my daughter and I are sisters, NOT 27 years apart!! Yes sir, BLACK DON'T CRACK!!!!!!

Speaking o baby mamas

So it's a lie? Then you lied when you told us you were livin with your boyfriend and he was a good man takin care of your kid even though it wasn't his?

So it was a lie when you said you and he gone get married some day?

Which one is a lie? Then or now?

It aint bout stereotypes hoochie mama it about you.

As for all the Black women you know having kids and being married. I doubt it. Aint no way with 74% of kids being raised by single moms that the elite 26% who have a husband are gonna hang out wit a hoochie mama ghetto tramp like you.

We both know better butter face and cottage cheese ass dont we.
You aint nuttin but a manatee wearin a weave as dumb as a seal living her sad life wishin she was 14 again and somebody actually wanted to still hit it.

Anonymous said...

Field, according to Obama's behavior and responses to groups, the pecking order you listed is exactly right.

Did you determine who was last by the way Obama has treated and continues to treat us?

Finally Field has admitted it in a round about way: It's depressing to be Black in America. Too bad Field lacks the maturity and courage to speak the truth directly about how Obama and White Americans feel about us. But thank God there are a few like West and Smiley who speak out.

Depressed Negro

Anonymous said...

I went to see DJANGO on XMAS day. The capacity of the theatre was 700 people and it was full with a diverse crowd with a majority of Blacks.

I should have known shit was going to happen with that many Blacks at a theatre. Sure enough, I ended up sitting in a row where a grandmother (about 32yrs old) and her grandson were on the their cell phones throughout the movie. The White lady in the row in front of us asked her to please be quiet because she couldn't hear the movie. The grandmother, being from East Oakland, told her to go fuck herself and continued her conversation on the phone.

I got up, told the grandmother that she was wrong, inconsiderate and selfish. Then I left...So did the White lady.

We both demanded and got a refund from the theatre, and then left. Before we left, others had come for a refund. All were White and Asian.

As I was leaving, I thought of what Chris Rock once said during one of his shows:

"There are Negroes, and then there are Niggers. And I hate Niggers. You can't even go enjoy a movie without Niggers fucking up everything."

That experience on XMAS day helped me to realize why so many people, including Blacks, don't want to be around Blacks. We are an intolerable uncivilized ignorant lot with no manners whatsoever and clearly destined for hell.


D W JazzLover said...

Sounds like a Honey Boo Boo spin of for my people!! I will not be watching.

Anonymous said...

Field, "America, please do not watch this mess. Let the folks at the Oxygen Network (and others like them) know that we have had enough of the Springerfication of our country."

Mr Field, "Judge not unless ye be judged". The true meaning of what Christ said is that you can't throw shit at someone else without first soiling your hands to throw the shit.

Your post is 'classic' Springerfication to your readers and you, like your brothers and sisters, are unconscious of it.

Isn't that the "real" problem for us, that as a race we are unconscious and lack conscience?

A lot of our celebrities and ordinary folks from our community have the morals of an alley cat.

Frustrated Negro said...

This is good Field Negro behavior for calling out this foolishness...

I'll reserve your other name for when you go astray....

Hopefully this will get axed for lack of viewership....

We can only hope

Django Unbrained said...

1. Martyred children of color (e.g Emmett Till)
2. White children of liberals
3. Liberal white women
4. Liberal white men
5. Children of conservatives
6. Any Hispanic
7. Black women
8. Conservative white women
9. Asians and other (no one really likes Asians, not even Asians)
10. White people's Pets
11. White men (cause everybody hates 'em)
12. Black people's Pets (death is probably an improvement)
13. Black men (one less to worry about)

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Sorry Field, but that show sounds like just the sort of train-wreak tv that 'merkins love. I predict it'll be a hit.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. White men, white children, white women, (women are always last in any culture). Pets, Asians, Hispanics, but again women last) Black men black children, black woman.

field negro said...

"TRBLD Negro", just wait for the DVD next time.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Dr.Nǚwáng said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the list you posted Field.

Do like we all do laugh at you.

And in your case put yourself last on the list aint no one want a weave wearing manatee with a cellulite lumpy ass as a pet who knows one, trick roll over only nobody wants to see that trick and it stink up the air when she does it lettin the flies out.

Anonymous said...

Field, you well know that black women are probably set to number 8, at the very last. You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

"TRBLD Negro", just wait for the DVD next time.

10:21 PM
I suppose you are right. The theatre I went to usually doesn't attract such black folks. I guess the movie DJANGO did it.

Anyway, it's a damn shame people can't go to a movie and enjoy it without a bunch of mean-spirited psychotic Negroes coming to fuck up everything for everybody with a sense of decency. I can really relate to Chris Rock loving Negroes but hating 'niggas'. I mean, who the hell wants to be around those sick dumb ass-holes?

Again, I don't blame Whites or anybody for not wanting to be around those inconsiderate moffo's. NO HUMAN BEING ACTS LIKE THAT. And I refuse to claim them as part of my race. They are flaming ass-holes straight from hell! These Negroes crawled out of the worst sewer known to humanity.

1%'r said...

Alls I can say is..."Ja,ja,ja,ja, G Unit!

alicia banks said...


amoral illiterate fertile foolish uber pookies rule the world



misery should never be a contest/list


your list is flawed
sexism trumps racism


black women are abused and dogged by black and white men...


as zora said:

black women are the mules of the world/slaves of the slaves etc


no black man has ever been more hated and hunted that harriet tubman etc

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

That was very intelligent, field. My Compliments.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Now. That's bad, field.

You're telling white folk NOT to go to movies featuring black folk, because it maybe dangerours to them & their kids.

BUT. It's fine for black folk to go any movie they want?

I Hate You said...

I'sn't this a wonderful time for the Queen, who's been sucking worthless degrees, off the tax-payer, for her admitted, four years or so?

Anonymous said...

Field: Curious why you would place "white women" ahead of "white children." I think of Newtown and the horror that greeted the news of the carnage of (mostly) white children. The reaction wouldn't have been quite so bad for "white women." Nevertheless I know you've got reasons. Would like to hear them, is all.

A sobering, shameful but hard-to-contest list otherwise.


field negro said...

Anotherbozo, I suppose we could say 1 and 1a. I do believe if that was a school house full of white women the outrage would have been just as great. Think Natali Holloway (sp) that was one person and America is still obsessed with her. Hey, white women can always make more white children.

field negro said...

Depressed Negro, you are almost as obsessed with O as Alicia is.

Anonymous said...


dear field, i thought you and your fn followers, esp dr queen and dr reine, might find this brief news video of Obama on a kentucky neighborhood street quite interesting:


Anonymous said...

Field, aren't you off for the holidays? Most cities let their employees off for at least 10 days simply to save money during these hard times. If you are off, why is it taking you so long to post comments?

I depend on timely comments on FN this time of year. It's the most depressing time of the year. Have some fucking compassion will you?

Dpressed Negro

Anonymous said...

Field, I agree with your pecking order. It's not hard to figure out that Whites are at the top, and Blacks are at the bottom.

However, imo, the pecking order at #4 needs to be expanded into more specifics. Do you 'really' think Asians and Latinos should have the same pecking #? Whites think Latinos are just a cut above Negroes but there is an epidemic of Whites and Asians, esp Japanese, Thais, and Vietnamese. In addition to that, many Whites are steeped deeply into Tibetan Buddhism and have Tibetan teachers they fall at the feet of.

Also, I think the pecking order of pets are valued more than black children. Hell, Blacks go to prison for mistreating dogs. Whites shoot black kids without consequences. Hence, #7 should be further up the list. Maybe above black children at #5?

I know, I know. It's depressing to be Black in America, whether you are a black kid, black woman, or a black man. Actually, it looks like its depressing to be Black ANYWHERE on planet earth...

PS..I have not commented on FN for a while...Did you miss me? My New Year's Resolution is to be more loyal to FN by being consistent. I say this because I know that you would want to know.:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Dpressed Negro

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Lawd have mercy! I just saw Bigfoot again! I thought that was just a bad dream.

O'Gurl said...

These types of shows just want to keep ppl caught up in high-drama BS and not think about the real BS going on in the world. Many ppl don't mind embarrassing themselves for $$$. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Texas polygamous marriage & cult sit-com? Palli

Anonymous said...

No sane educated person acts the way you do. It's not because you're black ,its simply because you're uneducated and insane.

Hattie said...

If you believe white women are #1 in the pecking order, you have to specify "affluent white women."
White men bitch all the time, but they still run most everything.

Hattie said...

That's right. White women can go anywhere and never be bothered or molested or raped. White children too.
And Black women and children as well.
However, I understand that this is just a dumb question that deserves a dumb answer.

Anonymous said...

Depressed Negro, you are almost as obsessed with O as Alicia is.

9:39 AM
This is depressing.....

Anonymous said...

If you believe white women are #1 in the pecking order, you have to specify "affluent white women."
White men bitch all the time, but they still run most everything.

3:50 PM
Hattie must be Jewish.

Anonymous said...

"Again, I don't blame Whites or anybody for not wanting to be around those inconsiderate moffo's. NO HUMAN BEING ACTS LIKE THAT. And I refuse to claim them as part of my race. They are flaming ass-holes straight from hell! These Negroes crawled out of the worst sewer known to humanity."

Avoid Blacks completely, if you see more than a handful or large groups leave and do not give the place your business. Violence and savagery always follow.

When you start to hear the jungle drums and grunts and the woman screaming at the top of their lungs it's about to get primal and savage.

Hip-Hop night, 100 people in huge brawl. Do we need to ban black people from gathering in groups larger than 3?

Anonymous said...

"Avoid Blacks completely, if you see more than a handful or large groups leave and do not give the place your business. Violence and savagery always follow."

You are probably right. After my experience with my people at the movie Django, I don't want to be around too many of my folks either.

The link you provided proved one thing: Blacks are psychologically deranged, rageful and violent. My peeps just can't control their emotions. They are like walking time bombs in a mine field ready to go off at any time. Such anger and hatred. Too bad my peeps can't turn that energy in an education.

This is so sad and's frightening. Mr Field, I have a feeling the Killadelphia counter is low.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dr. My Wang, or Dr. Queen, or Dr. Reined, whether you laugh or cry depends on which of your personalities is in charge at the time. Multiple personality complex is difficult to live with especially when there is not a rational personality to keep the others in check. Of the five distinct personalities I've identified so far I'm afraid they are all suffering from dangerous delusions. I hope the personality who thinks its a chemist stops cooking meth before it starts a fire and harms innocents. Your comedian personality should realize its not funny. Please remember practicing medicine without a licence is illegal, and the first rule is do no harm. The worthless hood rat slut personality seems to be who you really are. With therapy you could perhaps consolidate these into one functioning personality who could actually function in a civilized society. This could be difficult though, you can take the rat out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the rat. " Dr. Freud "

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:05p, you don't know what you are talking about. Blacks are the most docile and well-mannered group in America. They carry the genes of kindness, love and trust. Look at how Obama has shown compassion and patience with politicians, religion, the Middle East, Russia and China.

Obama is the classic well-mannered and non-violent bm. He is a great soul that so many racists have tried to tear down. But he is still standing and he is still helping Whites only, to prove he is forgiving and is not angry.

Can you say his name? O-B-A-M-A, one of the greatest and most courageous men of the century. There is only one other man who can be as patient as's Jesus Christ. I bet they come from the same blood-lines.

quantum0d0 said...

I'm pretty sure being in the "Etc." portion of "Hispanics, Asians, Etc." represents its own pecking order. I would guess Native Americans and Melungeons might be there.

You also forgot homeless bums, mentally-ill nutjobs, disabled crippled up motherfuckers, old people on their way out the world, and ugly people. Also, fags - who may curiously occupy the top or bottom of the list, depending (no pun intended).

Let me tell you, Field, one thousand years after being a black man is no longer a black mark, being an ugly crippled up motherfucker with a lazy eye will instantly land one at the BOTTOM of the list.

You're generally very objective, Field, but on this one I think your own bias is showing big time. It's understandable - my bias shows, too. We ALL have biases.

I'm a crazy, lazy-eyed ugly crippled up motherfucker who nobody but nobody looks up to.

I'm not an American Indian, but I've known a few and what's left of them have it pretty damn rough.

Think on this, Field - it's possible to understand who we are and voice our grievances against injustices done to us without such comparisons. There is no list, Field - just haves and have nots. Star Bellied Sneetches and those with no stars on thars. Those roles change all the time. The problem is the existence of INEQUITY and man's cruelty to man. It's actually simpler that way.

Your list there only ends up with labels like "high yellows" and "house negros". It's exactly how the haves want you to think. I thought you called yourself Field Negro out of irony, Field.

Hunchback of Notre Dame, out.

Anonymous said...

And only an anonymous sh!thead posts lies and insults on a blog.


agentX said...

Carlos Walker should be given a Medal (a bronze one). Look at it this way- at least he is TRYING to take care of his kids, and hasn't run off like so many other men have.
Or maybe he did and got caught, and this show is his punishment. Taking care of 11 fuckin families is hard work.

Well, look at it this way- you got 500 murders in Chicago. 26 dead in Newton. This guy and the Duggar freaks in Arkansas are making sure we keep our population balanced.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:12PM lacks basic reading skills, I addressed you with the very first post in this thread, LOL!!!

The 12:15 comment was addressed to the comment yesterday at 3:40PM.

URGH!!! Posting comments on a laptop versus an iPad formats the order of comments differently.



Anonymous said...

1. White women.

2. White children.

3. White men.

4. Pets

5. Others. (Hispanics,Asians, etc.)

6. Black children

7. Black women

8. Black men.

Southern Girl said...

White men should be number one in the pecking order. It doesn't mater who hates them or who the public responds to white men are on top, they have the power. They will do anything to maintain that power, intentional or not.

and white people's pets should be way up the order like # 4.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm saying shithead. What you do,right. Ignorant bitch.
"Le Diable Blanc"

Lady-Cracker said...

I swear though that black women are on the bottom though. They get no9 respect from anyone, not black men either.

quantum0d0 said...

I'll say it again - UGLY motherfuckers are on the bottom. Period. And by ugly I also mean weak.

It's not really what how natural selection works, but in our current societies if you are good looking and sociopathic (that is, greedy and ruthless enough to horde stuff) you are on top of our little man made imitation food chain.

The attractive, hording guy in freakin' Somalia is the leader.

The attractive, hording woman in Beverly Hills is.

The attractive black female attorney is the leader in the black community.

The attractive, hording Indian on the reservation owns the casino.

There is the true nature of "pecking order", and THAT is a problem so big and in so deep the rest of this squabbling accomplishes nothing but distraction therefrom.

Thus, if you truly want to address Field's original list, you've got to get AWAY from Field's list and start working on mine. Mine is short -

1) Attractive greedy fuckers.

2) Everybody else.

Do away with that list. Sorting people out in ANY way is bad math and antithetical to society.

I'm a member of American Mensa, my IQ weighs more than Rush Limbaugh on Saturn, and I approve this UGLY ass message.

When crazy bag ladies with degenerative arthritis aren't even MENTIONED, bet your ass they're on the fucking bottom. You fix THAT - the lowest common denominator - things will be better for EVERYONE. Now there is something worth squabbling about.

Hunchback, out.

(PS - You know that movie 300? Everybody remember the hunchback in that one? He knew what was up. He was ready to fight - but dumbass Leonidas sent him away because he couldn't hold up a shield on left side?

Leonidas should have put him on the far LEFT END - where he didn't NEED to hold up a shield and protect the next guy in the line. Duh. Barring that, he could have brought water. Barring that, he could have simply been sent to slip some poison to the Persian king.

But no, old Leonidas was no smarter than most of the rest of you. Those 300 Spartans might have lived to go on defending their home, but oh well the village got burned the following week because their society didn't value the hunchback for his unique skill set. They didn't see that if every Spartan truly was all that bad ass to begin with they wouldn't have needed a village.

Their society could SUPPORT diversity, but they couldn't grasp it mentally. Kind of like our country of mostly dumbass motherfuckers right now.

You guys' pecking order list makes me laugh - not because it's not real, it is real but it's a symptom of the problem, not the solution.)

Anonymous said...

I personally believe the list should be:
1. White women.

2. White children.

3. White men.

4. Pets

5. Others. (Hispanics,Asians, etc.)

6. Black children

7. Black Men

8. Black women

I am freshman in college, and from my personal experiences so far, black men (not everyone, but many) at my college have no respect for their own women. Countless of times I've had bags of groceries and doors of my dorm slammed in my face, I can sit a cross from a black boy and he will not acknowledge me or say hello, but pretty white girl come by, chairs are pulled out and greetings are exchange. I can go on and on. But i put black women at the bottom because it seems nobody respects us even our own. in society were not trophy's, our opinion seems to matter least, cops beat us pregnant, the list goes on. But i'm not saying black men have it easier. At any given time they could be shot, accused of something they didn't do, beaten for breathing, etc.

To address the black family issue, i feel one of the problems is people are having kids young and out of wedlock. Not only are they trying live it up young but also raise kids, and that's hard to do. After HS everybody seemed to have babies, and those people are the same people who are attending concerts,that i didn't hear about b/c i'm in a different world now. If its not on campus or a group on campus is not promoting it idk.