Saturday, December 01, 2012

What REALLY happened?

I hate to do this to my wingnut friends, because I know that they want to forget the night of November 6th. But, sadly for them, there are stories about what went on behind the scenes in this past election that I feel a need to write about.

The first one is not a surprise. We all know, for instance, that  Mitt Romney didn't even prepare a concession speech because he was so sure of victory.

"Romney genuinely believed that he would become the nation's 45th president, and was "shellshocked" by his landslide loss. "I don't think there was one person who saw this coming," one senior adviser told Jan Crawford at CBS News. Why was Team Romney so certain of victory? They simply did not believe that younger voters and minorities would turn out the way they did in 2008. "As a result," says Crawford, "they believed that the public/media polls were skewed" in Obama's favor, and rejiggered them to show Romney with "turnout levels more favorable to Romney." In essence, Romney "unskewed" the polls, mirroring widely mocked moves by conservatives to show their candidate with a lead, epitomized by the now-infamous website Romney's defenders say he had plausible reasons to believe Obama's turnout would be lower; less charitable commentators say Romney and his aides were stuck in a conservative media echo chamber at odds with reality."

Yes, of course, living on planet- wingnut will do crazy things to your sense of reality.

"Another -not surprising- little gem coming out of the last election was the sophisticaion of the Obama ground game.

Obama's ground game relied on "an extraordinarily sophisticated database packed with names of millions of undecided voters and potential supporters," says The New York Times. The database allowed Obama's army of field workers to target new voters, register them, and get them to the polls. On Election Day, it became clear that the Obama campaign had altered "the very nature of the electorate, making it younger and less white," says The Times. "The power of this operation stunned Mr. Romney's aides on election night, as they saw voters they never even knew existed turn out in places like Osceola County, Fla."

That explains all the cries of cheating coming from the right.

Then there was the flip side.

"The Romney campaign "came up with a super-secret, super-duper vote monitoring system that was dubbed Project Orca," says Byron York at The Washington Examiner. The so-called "mega-app for smartphones" was supposed to "link the more than 30,000 operatives and volunteers involved in get-out-the-vote efforts," in a bid to coordinate everyone's efforts and maximize turnout, say Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns at Politico. But Project Orca was a complete and utter failure. The program crashed on Election Day, which meant that "workers on the ground didn't know what doors to knock on," say Haberman and Burns. The campaign was flying blind, relying on CNN and other media outlets to track turnout. "The end result," says John Ekdahl, a Romney campaign worker, at Ace of Spades, "was that 30,000+ of the most active and fired-up volunteers were wandering around confused and frustrated when they could have been doing anything else to help."

Kind of like the rest of his supporters.

Of course there were less than flattering things about the president as well.

"In the run-up to the first presidential debate, Obama "displayed little concern" about the challenge ahead of him, and "his impatience with the exercise was evident," says The Times. He ended up walking "into a trap that Mr. Romney's advisers had anticipated: His antipathy toward Mr. Romney — which advisers described as deeper than what Mr. Obama had felt for John McCain in 2008 — led the incumbent to underestimate his opponent as he began moving to the center before the debate audiences of millions of television viewers." As a result, the president spent the rest of the campaign making up for "what was arguably the most dismal night of Mr. Obama's political career."

I am still having a hard time believing that he survived that performance.

The other revelations are not so surprising:

"Romney was desperate for money
"The GOP nominee emerged late last spring from a long and bruising Republican primary season more damaged than commonly realized,"
say Sara Murray and Patrick O'Connor at The Wall Street Journal. Romney "had spent so much money winning the nomination" that he had to spend the first weeks and months of the general campaign touring fundraising meccas in "California, Texas, and New York — none of which were important political battlegrounds." Romney raised about $800 million, but "paid a deep political price,"

 Romney was beholden to Donald Trump
Perhaps the Romney campaign's "most fatal mistake was its tortured, 16-month quest to win the affection of rank-and-file conservatives via their most boisterous mouthpiece — at the expense of everything else,"
says McKay Coppins at BuzzFeed. That would be Donald Trump, the country's most famous birther. "Trump's appeal to the Republican base was undeniable," and Romney spent a fair amount of effort winning his endorsement. But the "Trump stunt did not end up sending Tea Partiers marching en masse to the primary polls," and Romney's new ties to birtherism "became, increasingly, a political headache." The Obama campaign linked Trump with Romney at every opportunity, and Trump "required constant maintenance by the campaign to keep him from going completely off the rails."

Finally, probably the saddest bit of information to come out of the elections:

"Ann Romney cried when Obama won
When it was all over on Election Night, the GOP nominee called Obama to concede defeat. "Romney was stoic as he talked to the president,"
says CBS News' Crawford, "but his wife Ann cried." His running mate Paul Ryan "seemed genuinely shocked," while "Ryan's wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly."

They weren't alone. [Source]





Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Field said....

" living on planet- wingnut will do crazy things to your sense of reality."

Tklannism is mass mental illness made manifest.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats stole the election through widespread voter fraud and suppression of the military vote. If there is any justice, someone will hang for this.

Anonymous said...

Well denial is a powerful defense mechanism. So what if Nate Silver closely approximated that Romney had a 90 percent chance of winning the election. Who cares that the Obama campaign followed the same strategy used in the 2008 election with its database, groundwork, and strategically getting the electoral college votes to win the election. Perhaps the Romney Campaign believed that the 2008 election was an anomaly. It doesn't matter if the Obama also used social media to in touch with the younger voters. I know that I received dozens of messages by text message, e-mail, facebook, and twitter.

Which begs a question why would a business man ignore numbers when numbers are important in the business world. It's math stupid. I always believed that President Obama is a calculating, cagey, and deliberate individual, and should not be underestimated. I don't think that these are bad qualities in a person when it comes crafting a strategy and the person isn't using these qualities for malice. I'm not genius, but I knew it would a close race in terms of the popular vote, and a wider margin in electoral college vote. Hey but what do I know.

Anonymous said...

A correction, Romney had a 10 percent chance of winning the election. Which means slim to nil. I know people would like to think that Super Storm Sandy was a factor, but think a small factor and not a great one.

Anonymous said...

I have to make a correction, Romney had a 10 percent change of winning the election.

Anonymous said...

As a bm I must say I was surprised at Obama's landslide electorate victory. I was even more surprised at the turnout of voters for him, esp Blacks.

Obama has did nothing for Blacks during his first term EXCEPT make our lives more miserable and poorer. He treated us as though we did not exist.

Yet, Field, PilotX and other FN Negroes still fell out at the poles to vote for a man who clearly doesn't give a damn about us. I do not understand the mind of Blacks except that it is very crazy and loaded with low self-worth.

These next four years are going to be by far the worst period of Black America....EVER!

Anonymous said...

Blogger Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Field said....

" living on planet- wingnut will do crazy things to your sense of reality."

Tklannism is mass mental illness made manifest.

HAHA so says the living example of a moonbat standing in the corner with his permanent dunce cap, stamping his feet while drooling all over his wittle belly shirt yelling it's mine it's all mine, momma says I am the smartest boy in the world. I bet she does.

Whitey - It isn't the world - sure you found a small group of crazy outcasts and societal misfits that you could get along with but it still isn't the world - Its' You.

Imagine - you guys actually think it was a close election. Lets put aside the obvious and proven cases of voter fraud, not one parish, town, sector that had Voter ID did Obama win. Not one. But let's put that all aside. You honestly think your message is the better one? Your political end game is the better one? Even with the entire MSM completely and outwardly backing Obama hiding every single scandal that would have brought any other president tumbling down. Lying, cheating, Obfuscating, running commercials for Obama and twisting every talking item to the point that a no nothing, do nothing, lazy president who has presided over the worst economy recovery ever, put us into record debt and gotten caught with numerous mismanaged incompetent scandals got re-elected, despite having not one iota of a plan but to raise taxes. Full turnout from Hollywood and liberal moonbat support, even with all of that all you managed to gain was half the country. You had to cheat so bad you knew the answer to all the tests and had the teachers covering for your cheating and helping you cheat and you still could only get a 50.

Your message is we need to wind up living in mud huts using solar panels for energy part of the time if available. Your message is How dare anyone be accomplished, successful and actually get somewhere in life when you have not done so, therefore it must be impossible unless you make someone else do it for you.

You would have everyone share a collective misery.

We would have everyone try to share excellence.

Freedom of opportunity does not guarantee freedom of results. If you don't have the tenacity, don't have the intelligence, don't have the skills, are lazy, have no parents, not brought up properly, made bad life choices and screwed up your life. It's a shame, but it isn't anyone else's fault or responsibility. Look inwards pathetic one. Look to your family and god who either made you not have the drive needed to succeed or just be a plain shit for brains like Whitey.

No ones fault but the unicorn in the sky that you worship.

Nor anyone else's responsibility. You aren't owed anything, you don't have the right to kick and scratch at those who feed you and keep your incompetence alive. You should be thankful that after you gave up, they take care of you, for now.

Anonymous said...


Field what is going on?


Anonymous said...

Blogger Dr.Reine said...

So tell me Chucky, are you Thelma or Louise? And what does that make your wife, Bubba?

How many degrees does this "thang" have?

You want to scream away the stereotypes when you are a walking living breathing example of them?

No jabba the hut, if you want to fight stereotypes you should fight the people who live, walk, act, speak, talk and think like you do.
People see you for who and what you are and what you say. You can't badger their opinions out of existance or demand that a skunk ass hoochie mamma like you is suddenly seen as an educated demure lady. You are no lady, you are a Pig. The type of woman who wears a purple gown with 12 inch fake nails, fake hair, fake eyelashes - wow you is fake.
and thinks everyone really can't see the dressed up sow.

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...

Nope, the stormfront village idiot also thinks there is a huge blah on white violence even though the vast majority of crime is intra racial. Facts don't matter to these fools. White victim mentality at its finest. To top it off these imbeciles want to correlate it to Barack's re election. No different than their ignorant ancestors who created the klan because they made the same false analysis of blahs being elected to congress after the war of northern aggression. Different fools same stupid, the more things change........

So lets take this slowly.

You think that guy is an idiot because you believe since more blacks commit crimes against blacks, the crime they commit against whites is comparatively low, even though there is not even a remote comparison of anyone committing crime against blacks?

What you have just said brainiac is that Blacks are largely the biggest violent criminals in the country. No surprise we all know that.

Black on White crime is up 17% since Obama took office. In the majority of cities nearly all murders, robberies, rapes and what have you are committed by Blacks and Hispanics.

In nearly White cities, crime is so low it would be considered non-existent.

So as abhorrent as the Klan was, your bringing them up and proving that they were right doesnt' help your cause. Cities with few to no Negroes are safe and harmonious. As soon as Negro Populations reach 12-13% it's out of control violence, robbery and crime. That is why Whites leave black neighborhoods and Blacks follow because they need the safety and economic support Whites provide, after they have destroyed the neighborhood and fully functioning community the whites left to them.

So now try your theory again brainiac.

Bob said...

I still think the Prez's first debate performance was the result of spending all day with his national security team & NATO liaisons trying to head off a ground war between Turkey & Syria (he succeeded). I believe he was genuinely weary, took a look at Mitt & thought, "I just want to be with my wife on our anniversary & have a beer, but I have deal with this clueless jerk,"

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Field, while I am appreciative of you clarifying what happened to Mitt Romney in his bid for President of the USA, there is something going on much more important:

It's the war on Christmas by Leftwing Democratic atheists! I mean, how sick and mean-spirited can you folks get?

You folks make me want to buy more guns because you folks are just itching for a damn civil war! I mean, how much more do you want? Hell, we freed the slaves, got rid of Jim Crow, removed the holy 10 Commandments from schools, prosecuted more priests than we should have, put Jim Baker in prison, exposed Cleflo Dollar...and now you want us to change the name of our Christmas Tree to the "Holiday Tree?"

GTFOH!! I am getting real tired of you self-righteous sanctimonious immoral Leftist fools. You are all going to hell and YOU, Mr Field will be leading the way.

Almost 90% of Americans believe in Christmas and want to wish people Merry Xmas!

Now do America a favor: STOP EFFING WITH OUR XMAS!

field negro said...

Anon@1:01 AM, you are funny. :)

X-Mas will be fine, we don't want the kids to be sad.

Bob, that's an interesting take on things.

khia213 said...

Don't under estimate the effect of the threat of voter suppression on the African American community as a driving force in the turn out. By July, black radio and organizations had caught the plot of the voter ID laws and started a drum beat in the community about the Republicans taking away black people's right to vote. The anger at that drove huge numbers to the polls. I worked as a monitor election day and I can't tell you how angry black voters were at the perceived attempt to suppress their vote. They came out as much to slap that back as to re-elect the president.

Powdered Unicorn Horn said...

Bob said....

I still think the Prez's first debate performance was the result of spending all day with his national security team & NATO liaisons trying to head off a ground war between Turkey & Syria (he succeeded). I believe he was genuinely weary, took a look at Mitt & thought, "I just want to be with my wife on our anniversary & have a beer, but I have deal with this clueless jerk,"

Bob, where do liberals come up with these fantasies?

In your mind Obama is this highly accomplished leader who achieved peace through two nations ready to go to war on the ground and did so at great risk and personal sacrifice, that's why he failed. The other guy has it easy and Obama was so morally superior. He failed because he was helping bring peace to the world.

Holy fairy tales batman.

First off - Obama aside from running guns through Benghazi to the murderous splinter Al Queda groups back by Iran stays far away from Syria, as far away as he can. Putin already warned him to screw off and Obama being a wimp listens, just like he has and will do for anything Putin wants.

Next: Exactly what type of ground war did you envision happening when you said Obama averted this disaster? Russians control the ports, have control of the sky and the AL Queda splinter militant groups don't have much of tanks and armor. Russians shot down turkish aircraft and turkey could do nothing about it. Were you thinking soldiers on foot and camels? Against tanks? Turkey isn't stupid, they fired back but de-escalated after Putin Administration asked them/ordered them to. Obama is seen as a joke by all sides.

Next: On the very day of the debate it was clear Obama had been holed up cramming so he could memorize his answers to simple questions about his policies and record as the truth was/is damning, but he is so lazy he even complained about that and went out to deliver pizza to get away from the work he needed to do.

"HENDERSON, N.V. – President Barack Obama took a break from debate preparations that he complained are “a drag” to visit one of his Nevada campaign offices, where he brought workers half a dozen pizzas and made a few phone calls to supporters.

Mr. Obama has been holed up in a luxury resort outside of Las Vegas with more than a dozen aides since Sunday night, practicing for his first debate with Republican Mitt Romney Wednesday.

So it becomes a pretty elaborate fantasy to say all of this in explaining away the first debate.

Which is more likely your fantasy? Or simply that Obama had no media interference and had to be just who he was, answer his policy results directly, wasn't able to lie very well and got exposed for the failed President that he is and what his "leadership" has done to this country in record proportions.

Next thing you know you will have him saving the economy, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the foreskin saving, physics major who dropped out of college is baaaaa-aaacck, LOL!!!

Dr. Queen's alter ego

clarice said...

Jim Crow laws and fear of the "Klan" kept negro violence in check for many years. It may have been unfair to many good black people, but isn't the current situation of out of control violence, poverty and despair worse? Black people have destroyed most of our major cities and the majority of them have not advanced an inch in society, in fact they are doing worse.

There was a reason for segregation. A good reason.

Freedom has failed.

The Numbers are The Numbers said...

Pilot Wrecks is right that most black crime is committed against blacks, because that is who is generally available. Similarly, almost all white crime is committed against whites.

But there is an order of magnitude difference of the prevalence of crime across the two communities, with blacks committing far more crimes than whites, even when compared across the same income or education categories. And when there is an inter-racial occurrence of crime, it is over 50 times more likely to be black-on-white than white-on-black.

The FBI used to classify the vicitims and perps of rape by race. They stopped doing it after 2005, because the numbers were getting too alarming for public consumption. In that year 37,460 white women were raped by black men, versus zero black women raped by white men.

What the hell is going on here? Something the government doesn't trust you to know, apparently.

The government statistics must then be manipulated to hide racial truths. Things like the inter-racial rape statisitcs can no longer be shown, because the average over the past few decades up to 2005 showed black men were over 2,000 times more likely to rape a white woman than than a white man was to rape a black woman. The government counts Hispanics as “white” when they are perpetrators, but as “Hispanic” when they are victims. Clearly, they are trying to make whites look worse in order to hide the true color of crime.

So you can hide behind your ignorance Crash, but reality can't be denied forever. The more a truth is suppressed, the greater becomes the price to be paid the day the bill comes due.

Anonymous said...

Dingnuts need to make up their partial collective minds. First, the Prez didn't "man up" in that first debate and now he's gloating about his colossal BEAT DOWN of Mittens. Well which one is it?

And to Assnon Cracka',

What I'm sincerely hoping you do, when my avatar becomes a partial image of my conferred medical degree, is off yourself with a jagged, rusty knife right across the jugular!

And put some effort into it since you'll need to get through the inches thick layers of adipose tissue around your neck, LOL!!!

Dr. Queen's alter ego

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until taxes are raised. I look forward to seeing the looks of joy on liberals faces as they too get to pay for science, bridges and roads, clean air/water and most important of all womens health/contraceptives.

Merry Christmas.

Next year we need to work on the 50% who pay no taxes and start tracking down those millions of illegals who also partake of our new socialism but contribute nothing.

Socialism - everyone must contribute so the elite leaders can live large and do not need to.

RumpledForeskin said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the foreskin saving, physics major who dropped out of college is baaaaa-aaacck, LOL!!!

Dr. Queen's alter ego

You can always immediately tell who the hoodrat in the room is. First and foremost thing they think, talk and that comes out of their mouth is something related to a penis.

Does the tribe of she-boons you belong to still collect foreskins? Is this what you are referring to?
No wonder why you dislike Jews, they cut them off and throw them away. You know you and foreskins do have a lot in common, they cause disease and so do she-boons.

You will never be a DR. Years later still just talking shit. Almost time to retire and get permanent SS with disability instead of welfare tuition grants aint it granma?

Petrov said...

"Bob, that's an interesting take on things."

What's interesting are the excuses liberals always have to come up with to cover for President Downgrade.

Obama was crushed in the first debate because it was an open format where the two men could give and take without interference. In that forum, it was obvious who the superior man was.

The liberal media types who run these debates were sure to never let that happen again. The rest of the debates were tightly controlled as to time and topics, and the moderators functioned as teamates of the President. In so doing, they saved the President's narrative from the harsh light of reality.

Dr. Sharp said...

Ms Queen's twisted ego said...
"What I'm sincerely hoping you do, when my avatar becomes a partial image of my conferred medical degree, is off yourself with a jagged, rusty knife right across the jugular!"

Thankfully, we never have to fear for the actualization of your sadistic fantasies, once again illustrated by an unpleasant glimpse into the mind of a frustrated moron who thinks she is going to go to medical school. I have no suicidal tendencies, and you have no academic acumen.

You will never be a doctor.

PilotX said...

Hey Field, have you checked out the story about how the hacker group Anonymous stopped Karl Rove from stealing votes in Ohio? Not sure of the validity but it would explain so much certainty on the part of the gop.

PilotX said...

Wow, 1920's redux. Now the pure and innocent white woman must be protected from sex crazed roving bands of blah men. Sorry goofballs but the days your granddaddy bragged about being able to lynch negroes as sport are gone. Stop trying to justify your desire to kill blah men, go to your klan meetings and STFU you weak ignorant billies.
Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.
BTW, nobody wants your stringy headed skinny women.

alicia banks said...

voter fraud is universal

reps = dems

ask hillary 2008


u cannot deny the fuzzy math at polls where hobama won 108% etc

wake up asap

hobama has stolen 2 elections

he is a bush boy by dna

and that is what those bush boys do

that dem bankster hobama is the most racist evil rep prez ever

shame on the twice fooled fleeced sheeple

Bob said...

I need to explain somethinhg to you, Petrov, you ignoramus, The POTUS, every POTUS, really is the "leader of the free world." Not John Boehner. Not John McCain. Not Mitt Romney during the debates. Not Angela Merkel, Not David Cameron. Not François Hollande. The average American has no interest in foreign policy, no patience for its intricacies. But the POTUS deals with it every everyday. It is, in fact, the FIRST THING he deals with every day. Often enoug it's what he deals with all day, while jerks like you nonsensically rail on. Don't bother responding, I don't come back to Field posts more than once, & you aren't worth my time anyway. I'm writing this because I have few minutes to spare before the football game.

Petrov said...

Bob said...
The average American has no interest in foreign policy, no patience for its intricacies. But the POTUS deals with it every everyday. It is, in fact, the FIRST THING he deals with every day

Unless of course he is golfing that day, or has to run off to a fundraiser in Vegas rather than deal with a dead ambassador.

It is clear President Downgrade has no patience for the intricacies of foreign policy, or the economy for that matter. He is strutting punk, doing the bidding of his handlers, and you are a star-struck little girl who has a fit when someone criticizes her idol.

Grow up Bob. He's not that into you.

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