Friday, December 28, 2012

We are not safe anywhere.

My goodness, you are not safe anywhere in America these days. Some lunatic bent on death and destruction will find you in the mall; in church; in school; and now, even in the police station for crying out loud.

"Three New Jersey cops are in the hospital after a shooter opened fire inside of their police headquarters this morning.

The three officers were shot at the Gloucester Township police headquarters by a suspect who was then shot and killed by police, Gloucester Police Chief Harry Earle told reporters today.

"Fortunately, two of those officers are in stable condition and being treated for their wounds and should be released sometime today," Earle said.
The third officer was shot at least twice and is undergoing surgery at Cooper University Hospital, the chief said.

The shooter was a suspect being held at the police station, according to the Associated Press. It is unclear how the suspect was able to obtain a weapon.
The shooting occurred inside the police station where the suspect was also killed. Medics responded to the station at around 5:30 a.m., according to ABC News' Philadelphia station WPVI-TV.

"Obviously, there is a very intense investigation regarding this back at the Gloucester Township police headquarters," Earle said." [Source]

"I'll be back." Remember that scene from The Terminator? But this is not a Hollywood movie; this is real life. It's getting harder and harder to separate the two these days.

Anyway, it seems that this nut had some type of fatal attraction thing going with his ex and he decided to commit "suicide by cop". Unfortunately for him, though, he got his wish.

What's up Chicago? I think you are number one when it comes to murders here in America this year. You hit that five hundred murder milestone today and I mourn for your city and the families of every one of those victims.

In the city of Chicago they are asking the president to come to the funeral of the 500th victim. This, of course, will not happen. Obama will no doubt lament about the killings in his hometown during a private moment with Michelle, but we all know that the killing of just another black person in Chicago is not enough to fuel up Air Force One for a trip north.    

Here in Philly we have had 329 murders so far this hyear, and I suspect that there will be more before the ball drops in Times Square.

"The police department went back and forth Friday, first verifying the 500th killing, then backing off and saying an earlier death was still being investigated.
By late Friday, police confirmed 40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson had become the 500th homicide victim when he was fatally shot in the head outside a convenience store on the city's West Side."

I don't know anything about Nathaniel Jackson, but I know this: his killer more than likely looked just like he did.

Finally, a memo to those of you who take the train on a regular basis: please watch your back. I sense a sad trend developing.


Anonymous said...

Field, I told you the Killadelphia count would exceed 330 before we ring in the New Year. You lost the bet and now you owe me.

BTW, those killings in Chicago are happening on the South Side of Chicago where only Blacks live. So it's no big deal. If it were, Obama would have said something. But he hasn't and never will. We are at the bottom of the pecking order and therefore are not important. He has other people to protect who are far more valuable than we are. Of course, you already know this fact, considering your pecking order list.

Anonymous said...

Field if you were up on your Bible, you would know that what's happening is EXACTLY what is predicted in Revelations. The end of the world is on its way. AND, those of us like yourself who has shown "arrogance" toward God will be the first to be fried in hell.

My brother, I tried and tried to get you to be reasonable about this God business but you have been too arrogant, unreasonable and illogical about the whole thing. Now your black ass will join Hitler, Stalin, Gingess Kahn, Sadam Hussein, Jeffry Domer in hell. I am so sad about this because I failed to save your ass. But it's your own damn fault.

Bob said...

Murders in NYC are down. Hard to say how Newark's doing. Camden is the Death Champ for cities its size. Maybe instead of calling Camden "Little Detroit" they'll call Detroit "Big Camden." Does anyone live in Camden now by choice? I Imagine most of the drug dealers would rather commute. Too dangerous to live there.

Earlier this year a high school girl was shot to death on a street in Linden NJ I didn't even consider dangerous at that time of day. The police know where most of these the guns come from. It's one of the Dixie Mafia's most profitable businesses. The Dixie Mafia groups are the guys who used to just run moonshine & everyone laughed at them. Then they discovered meth & gun smuggling.

Chuck said...

". It's getting harder and harder to separate the two these days. "

Only for fools. Gun violence is at historically low levels.

Anonymous said...

Bob said...

Murders in NYC are down.

Yes they are. Depending upon the outcome of the lawsuits of course. In today's society it is racist to stop and frisk those in known high crime areas as they tend to be minority. You think?

Minorities commit the vast majority of crime, so areas with high crime just happen to have minorities and stop and frisk. Now resulting in a lower murder rate. Go figure.

Reality is racist.

"New York is currently facing two class-action lawsuits that challenge the police department’s lawfulness in fighting crime with its stop-and-frisk program, which critics say targets minorities and infringes on their constitutional rights."

Read more:

Gua said...

Field, first, i hope you had a joyous "Christmas" holiday. Secondly, your title "We are not safe anywhere" is very telling and true. I am not a gun owner, but I feel for the first time that I now need one. I will be purchasing one for the new year. Its a sad thing but the U.Ss of "A" is a scary place and one needs to be ready!! have a good New year, I will continue to follow. BTW, do you think that they will finally fire Any Reid?? The worst successful coach in the NFL!!!

Anonymous said...

dear Bob, as anon11:03pm has warned, the world will be coming to an end. The beginning is more and more violence. Today, everyone thinks guns is the answer but talk out the side of their mouths that they want gun control.

Black America has been crazy for sometime with its vulgar rap music and drive-bys and drugs. The GOP, however, has signaled that White America has lost the battle to insanity.

Another indicator of the end is the lack of participation on FN. I remember the day when FN would get well over 100 hits. Today, this morning, there were only "3".

Anonymous said...

It seems more than just a coincidence that the four places you named as being unsafe represent the greatest shortcomings of the most schizophrenic society in the history of mankind.
The mall represents the greed of corporations and mindless need americans have for frivolous consumption of things they don't need.
The church with its lack of meaningful leadership and its deafening silence on social issues like slavery, the holocaust, poverty, war and the general malaise we exhibit when it comes to others and their situations.
Schools have also earned a reputation of being ineffectual in preparing youth; for example, to develop skills needed to actualize their potential.
And finally, that the police state better known as america still pretends to allocate its brand of "blind" justice evenly and without prejudice has failed to protect and serve.
Dr. King gave his last breath trying to shine a light on the shortcomings of these institutions and it is my hope that people will soon heed his warnings and come together in order to turn this country around.

Carbuncle said...

Bob said...
"Murders in NYC are down. Hard to say how Newark's doing. Camden is the Death Champ for cities its size. Maybe instead of calling Camden "Little Detroit" they'll call Detroit "Big Camden."

The black percentage of the population in NYC continues to decrease, therefore the murder rate continues to decrease.

No such luck for Camden, Detroit, or sadly, Chicago.

The correlation between demographics and murder rate is very strong.

Anonymous said...

Cowardly Wayne, are you going to stay silent about the woman who was abducted and raped for hours by gang of your fellow gutter apes? Everybody knows instantly that they're "African Americans".

myblackfriendsays said...

That is very sad about Chicago.

field negro said...

"That is very sad about Chicago."

Yes, it is.(:

Anonymous said...

As I read this blog , Field I said another white dude flips out. Whoops, then I followed the link you provided and saw it was a black dude. This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and there is plenty of folks , both black and white that don't deserve to breathe our air. I don't buy excuses for either Race acting like this. Trailer trash or hood rat , fuck em all. Good people of all races better get their shit together, if you want to defend someones actions based on their Race, you're no better than they are. ( not you Field, I just mean anyone). If we can't cooperate (and its a fuckin 2 way street) we will never have peace.

parvenu said...

Jimmy Carter ran for president on a platform dedicated to address the Mental illness problem in America. Carter got elected and then the American hostage situation ocurred at the American Embassy in Iran, and any presidential action on mental illness disappeared from Carter's agenda. Unfortunately America's mentally illness demographics have continued to expand over the following decades and now the nation is rapidly approaching the tipping point because of national inattention to this problem.

The explosive growth in firearm purchases is a definite indicator of the increasing level of mental illness in America. It is very easy to connect the growth of right-wing talk radio including this media's constant fanning the flames of fear-filled mass paranoia among its listeners - with the dramatic rise in gun purchases across the nation. To hide this connection the MSM likes to incorrectly attribute the increase in gun sales to fear among white Americans that Obama is going to "take their guns away"! However, as stated above it is the constant broadcasting of fear loaded commentary by right-wing talk radio that is the actual primary driver of the great increase in gun sales.

As a matter of fact, right-wing talk radio recognized over 3 decades ago that mental illness was increasing in America and they decided to primarily target this population for their paranoid programming material.

Lack of attention to the growing levels of mental illness in the nation coupled with hundreds of pernicious media outlets dedicated to enlarging this population (of mentally ill people), coupled with amazingly easy acess for aquiring any type of firearm in whatever quantities one desires - and you have a recipe for a continuous explosion of murderous insanity.

Unless the nation wakes up to what is happening to its population and moves to correct this societal decadence, we will find our daily lives filled with murderous scenes from random events all across the country; events that are more generally suited to scenes from most Hollywood horror movies.

Bob said...

Anonymous always has a lot to say. Centuries ago, Anonymous wrote song lyrics that often had "Fa la la, Fa la la" in them. Anonymous still loves to sing, "Fa la la."

Anonymous said...

So much for 'gun-free zones', no?

Not the first time something like this has happened, and it won't be the last... *SMDH*

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