Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Yield not to temptation."

There are some news stories out there that leave us all scratching our heads.

Take for instance the following:

"Horndog bosses in Iowa have a new tool to save their marriages — they can fire employees who are too hot for the workplace.

The state’s all-male supreme court ruled 7-0 Friday that an Iowa City dentist legally canned his female assistant because she was “irresistibly attractive” and a threat to his marriage.

The bombshell ruling came after Melissa Nelson, 32, *{Not the person in the pic that goes with this post. In fact, I have no idea why there is a pic of Amber Rose up there.}  sued her boss of 10 years, Dr. James Knight, for gender discrimination.

The married mother claims she was fired in January 2010 after Knight’s wife became jealous of the pair’s relationship, which included harmless text messages between them outside of work.

“These judges sent a message to Iowa women that they don’t think men can be held responsible for their sexual desires and that Iowa women are the ones who have to monitor and control their bosses’ sexual desires,” Nelson’s attorney, Paige Fiedler, told the Associated Press. “If (the bosses) get out of hand, then the women can be legally fired for it.”

Knight, 53, admitted that Nelson was a great worker, but complained in the final months of her employment that her tight clothing was too much of a distraction.
He even once told her that if his pants were bulging, she would know her outfits were too revealing, according to the lawsuit.

He also quipped about her irregular sex life, describing it as “like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it,” the court papers show.

Knight, who is also married with children, exchanged text messages with Nelson regularly. They primarily consisted of banter about personal matters. But Knight’s wife, who works in the same office, found out about the out-of-office conversations and demanded Nelson be fired.

The dentist, after consulting with a local pastor, soon terminated her and gave her one month’s severance. Knight later admitted to Nelson’s husband that he feared he would eventually try to start an affair with her.

Nelson did not claim sexual harassment, but said that she wouldn’t have been fired if she were a man.

After the ruling from the all-male high court, one of only a few testosterone-only panels in the nation, Justice Edward Mansfield wrote that allowing Nelson’s suit would have stretched the definition of gender discrimination.
Knight’s lawyer, Stuart Cochrane, said the decision was a home-run for family values.

“While there was really no fault on the part of Mrs. Nelson, it was just as clear the decision to terminate her was not related to the fact that she was a woman,” he told the Associated Press. “The motives behind Dr. Knight terminating Mrs. Nelson were quite clear: he did so to preserve his marriage.” [Source]

Wow, talk about a slippery slope. So this church going man doesn't think that he will be able to keep his johnson in his pants, and his worker has to suffer because she is too "attractive". Wow!

Mrs. Knight, it might be time to find yourself a good divorce lawyer.



Dr. Nuwang said...

Yeah Field, a pic of a hip hop groupie really diminishes the message of this post, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about the dark ages! Those people gotta be crazy! I mean really.

He fired her because she didn't give in to him!

Of she had given in, the wifey would never have been privy to those text messages, believe me:)

He deserves to be sued, all of them should be sued for being so ridiculous! There outta be a law;)))

and Amber Rose is really very beautiful, and so very sweet too! She's having Wiz's baby you know.

Wesley R said...

These are the 'Real Americans'. And think President Obama to mess up 'Traditional America'

Anonymous said...

Field, I can relate to knight's dilemma. And I am glad the court brought "justice" and supported the good dentist before he fell from grace. Having aching balls everyday for being teased by Melissa Nelson is almost criminal. He had every right to fire her.

I remember anon tried to sail his yacht from the US to Puerto Rico because Desert was talking hot talk with him.

The poor man got lost in the ocean on his way to PR. Field, there is nothing on earth scarier than being lost in the middle of the ocean. That'll make a man forget where he was going and why he was going.

Anyway, anon should have sued her for the trauma he suffered trying to get to her in PR. I mean, she played on his weakness, as you well know.

Field, I tell you, women can be dangerous. Watch yourself, brother. Be like Jack Reacher. He never caved in to 'any' woman. There is hope.

B said...

So basically the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that men are uncontrollable animals with no willpower. Way to go, learned justices. May I suggest that Iowa mandate burqas next?

field negro said...

Anon@12:28 AM is funny. :)

Anonymous said...

In fact, I have no idea why there is a pic of Amber Rose up there

very sly, Field.

Stray thought: would you be a patient of this dentist? Sounds kinda juvenile to me. Maybe that immaturity would show itself in other ways affecting my dental care, who knows...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I remember anon tried to sail his yacht from the US to Puerto Rico because Desert was talking hot talk with him.

The poor man got lost in the ocean on his way to PR. Field,...
No,no,no,no,no, Anon is fine! He met up on the high seas with Shriver and company, then Aahnold joined them and they all sailed off together to Keeenebunkeeporte or whatever that place is called :)

He's fine, and besides it's not my fault he was too cheap to buy an airline ticket!

And let me tell you he was soooo anxious to be here for good, clean fun! To go sightseeing on the island cuz I'm a lot of fun to hang with!

And I had all sorts of plans for him, like doing a bunch of handywork around the,nix that, I meant club hopping, and helping to paint the that,I meant sightseeing, and cleaning the,I mean snorkeling with the sharks and all that dangerous, fun stuff you Americans like to do!

I was gonna stay on the shore and cheer him on:)while sipping on a glass of Crystal bubbly that he so graciously would gift me;)

But he's still planning on coming over, and there's a lot of hard mean FUN, here waiting for him.

So don't be mean and jealous and leave Field alone, he may be a married man, but geeez he can dream can't he? ;)))

Rufis said...

Nelson did not claim sexual harassment, but said that she wouldn’t have been fired if she were a man.

I am not too sure of that. As we know, some Right-wing evangelicals tend to be closet homosexuals,

PilotX said...

Good thing I don't have a female boss because I would suffer the same fate as Mrs. Nelson.
On another note, it's about time frumpy unattractive women get a shot at success. Why should hot chicks get all the perks, now the good doc can leer at a homely old bird instead of a milf. I think this is progress.

Dr. Bulger said...

If he's worried about being attracted to his employees, he should hire a zoot like Ms. Queen.

She needs a job, she will never be a doctor.

DeAnna said...

Whatever happened to 'at will' employment? Do employees have a right to a guaranteed job? Why or why not?

Anonymous said...

this is akin to an american burka on its face...

abuse as policy is still abuse

shame on sexist fools!!!

pookies with erections run the world

PilotX said...

What is a zoot?