Sunday, December 09, 2012

Some accidents shouldn't happen, and the Romney jinx hits Manny.

I know that you pro gun folks won't like this post, but something happened here in Pistolvania that I feel compelled to write about it.

"A man’s handgun went off while he was holding it as he got into his truck in the parking lot of a western Pennsylvania gun store Saturday, and the shot killed his 7-year-old son, authorities said.

Joseph V. Loughrey, 44, of Sharpsville,[in pic] was getting into the truck when the 9 mm handgun discharged, wounding Craig Allen Loughrey in the chest, according to state police. The boy died at the scene at Twigs Reloading Den in East Lackawannock Township, 60 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Investigators said Loughrey told them he didn’t realize there was a bullet still in the chamber. “This happens all too often where people think the gun was empty,” Lt. Eric Hermick told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review." [Source]

I am all for responsible people owning guns, but unfortunately more and more gun owners do not fall into that category. (I mean they are finding semi-automatic weapons in the frozen food section of the grocery store for crying out loud!) A young child has now lost his life because his father was not responsible, and he has to live with himself and the thought that he killed his own child for the rest of his life.

Finally, most of you know by now that Manny Pac Man Pacquiao got knocked out in the sixth round of his fight with Juan Marquez last night. (That  sound you hear is Floyd Money Mayweather, Jr., crying over all the money he just lost.)What you don't know is that right before the fight he met with Mitt Romney.

".. the Romneys were guests of Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Bill Brady, who hosted a fundraiser for the Republican nominee during the campaign.

Before the fight, Romney met Pacquiao in the fighter's dressing room at the MGM Grand, according to the New York Times, which described the "surreal" exchange:
In came Mitt Romney. Yes, that Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and the presidential runner-up, every hair on his head in place. Romney, in fact, came in twice. His introduction was at once awkward and hilarious.

"Hi, Manny," he said. "I'm Mitt Romney. I ran for president. I lost."
Pacquiao then followed suit.

"I got hit by a punch I didn't see," he said." [Source]

Now the people of the Philippines know how the republicans in this country feel:
Like losers.



Anonymous said...

Did you get the gun in the meat? Good now eat more chik-un or else.

Anonymous said...

"Now the people of the Philippines know how the republicans in this country feel:
Like losers."

Field, my brother: when you say cold-hearted things like this, do you 'feel' anything?

Anonymous said...

So much for that 'Midas touch' the wingnuts claim Romney has.

They're still wondering why his ass didn't win.

Funny stuff.

Dumb people evidently don't look down the back of the barrel of their weapon when they unload it. That poor kid had a stupid, stupid father.

parvenu said...

As a long time boxing fan IMHO when a seasoned veteran fighter suffers a knockout in the twilight of his career, it generally signals the approaching end to his career. Very few boxers come back from these situations. George Forman is the only one that immediately comes to mind. Manny may want to concentrate on his political career at home in the Philippines on a full time basis in the immediate future.

1%'r said...

"I am all for responsible people owning guns, but unfortunately more and more gun owners do not fall into that category."
Based on what statistics?
Since nothing is flawless and perfect,except in a Liberal fantasy, you couldn't be making your statement based on anecdotal evidence.
How would you judge "responsible" in your utopia?

1%'r said...

I'm coservative, ya know sensible, not Republican, but I'm sure they don't feel like losers. It wasn't personal to them, field. Perhaps for you it was. I believe they feel sad for the country.

NSangoma said...


Manny Pacquiao net worth supposedly is between 35-million usd and 70-million usd.

Money, Manny Pacquiao may never really enjoy due to brain damage.

Floyd Mayweather, 115-million usd; brain damaged also.


alicia banks said...

when u realize that the entire world lost when that bankster global warlord hobama won his 2nd selection...holla back.

that should be very soon...



ndaa taxes

fiscal cliff dive







shame on the lost fleeced flooded doomed sheeple

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for that 'Midas touch' the wingnuts claim Romney has.

They're still wondering why his ass didn't win.

Funny stuff.

Dumb people evidently don't look down the back of the barrel of their weapon when they unload it. That poor kid had a stupid, stupid father.

Yeah he was stupid. How do you "look down the back of a barrel of a loaded gun" you are unloading - could you show us how to do that? so we know your idea works.

Anonymous said...

"Now the people of the Philippines know how the republicans in this country feel:
Like losers."

Well as things continue to get better and better under Obama's stellar economic leadership and great ideas. Such as the one of generating 8 days worth of government spending and losing a million jobs, just to stick it to....the country I guess and shoot themselves in the foot by destroying the very engine that provides all that free-stuff. Here are a few things I will keep handy as more and more Obama-bots lose jobs (but don't worry the unemployment number will be low, they will just say you aren't looking anymore)

When an Obama-bot tells you they got laid off, fired and made redundant, tell them one of the following:

1. “Hey, at least that successful Mormon businessman didn’t win.”

2. “Didn’t your lady parts warn you this would happen?”

3. “Look at the Bright Side, Gay marriage passed in four states.”

4. “Hey, Big Bird still has a job. Isn’t that the important thing?”

5. “I am sure Obama cares deeply about your situation. Maybe he’ll send you a postcard from Hawaii.”

6. “Well, look at the bright side, Rush Limbaugh is getting a massive tax increase.”

7. “Hey! Now you’ll have more time to play with your unicorn.”

8. “Isn’t it worth losing your job to know that religious organizations now have to pay for abortions and contraceptives?”

9. “Well, now you and Keith Olbermann have something else in common.”

10. “Forward!”

Shady_Grady said...

Always treat every gun as if it is loaded.
Never point a gun at something you do not mean to kill.

Anonymous said...

Now we have a culture that cries racism all the time represented by a "comedian" who says he gets to kill all the White people. How cool is that. How Black is that.

What do you see this leading to Field?

Anonymous said...

How Black is Obama?

"And we thought last month's delayed foodstamp data was bad. The just reported foodstamp number for September was a doozy, with 607,544 new Americans becoming eligible for foodstamps, as a record 47.7 million Americans are now living in poverty at least according to the USDA. The monthly increase was the highest since May 2011, and with August's 421K new impoverished America, over 1 million Americans made the EBT card their new best friend. It is unclear just which atmospheric phenomenon will get the blame for this unprecedented surge in poverty, which comes at a time when the pre-election economic data euphoria was adamant that the US economy was on an escape velocity to utopia. Instead what we do know is that in August and September, over three times as many foodstamp recipients were add to the economy as jobs (324,000). We also know that with the imminent impact of Sandy, which will send foodstamp recipients soaring, it is now looking quite possible that the US may end 2012 with just over a mindboggling 50 million Americans living in absolute poverty and collecting the $134.29 average monthly benefit per person, instead of working. Welcome to the recovery indeed."

Anonymous said...

I can see from the posts that December is a very slow month on FN. Come to think of it, when was it ever popular? It must have been years ago when you had intelligent people posting here. Now, there's PC, PilotX, Dr Reine-formerly Dr Queen, and a bunch of other baffoons.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Have a nice holiday. Goodbye.

DeAnna said...

Very sad about that little boy.

Rosa said...

The election was stolen.

These are very dark days for our country.

Anonymous said...


Why does every comment seem to come back to Obama with you? Every single one. How much of your day do you spend wrapped in your hatred of the dude?

Anonymous said...

"I can see from the posts that December is a very slow month on FN. Come to think of it, when was it ever popular?"

Obviously it's popular, or your sorry ass wouldn't be here!

And while we successful career having Black folks tend to participate in spurts on Field's blog, your tired, unsuccessful, desperate for some sex, obsessed with the penis of Black men, ass posts on his blog all damn day long.

Clearly, you wish you were Black otherwise you wouldn't spend so much time here.


Dr. Queen's alter ego

Anonymous said...

hobama will KO africa asap!

that racist global warlord is destroying africa asap

and u racist hobama nazi sheeple must own that!!!!

shame on the blind illiterate fleeced fooled sheeple!!!!!!!

Obama's warmaking appetite exceeds all his predecessors and then some. He's already waging multiple direct and proxy wars.

No targeted country left behind reflects his agenda. He's ravaging the world multiple countries at a time. He's out-of-control. He governs like a serial killer.

He plans more war on Iran, perhaps Lebanon, and full-scale intervention against Syria. He has other targets in mind. He's insatiable.

Washington wants the entire continent colonized and controlled. It's resource rich. It has large amounts of oil, gas, water, gold, silver, diamonds, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, manganese, other valued minerals, and rich agricultural land.

His message was clear. Open the continent to Western investment and development. Privatize, privatize, privatize. Forget about providing healthcare, education, and other vital services.

Give US and other Western corporate predators free reign. Play the game the way Washington demands or suffer the consequences. Ghana got the message. Why else would Obama show up.

Libya didn't. Gaddafi paid with his life. The country became another NATO trophy. Africa’s most developed country became a charnel house.

On December 7, the Wall Street Journal headlined "Terror Fight Shifts to Africa," saying that Obama may ask Congress to wage America's war on terror against Mali, Nigeria, Libya, "and possibly other countries where militants have loose or nonexistent ties to al Qaeda's Pakistan headquarters."

Mali's late March military coup appears fallout from Libya. It may be replicated elsewhere in North Africa and other areas. Niger's endangered.

There's more involved than meets the eye, including controlling regional resources. Besides oil, Libya, Mali, and Niger have valuable uranium deposits. Washington seeks control.

"This is the kind of thing that Americans could end up regretting," he said. "We could end up in another decade long war if this crazy idea isn't stopped."

Obama and administration hardliners want complete freedom to invent whatever pretexts they wish to keep waging permanent wars.

Nigeria is also mentioned. America and the IMF stoke internal violence. Western oil giants largely control its energy resources.

Currency wars are in play. Nigeria's foreign reserves are 80% in dollars. The rest are in euros and sterling. Russia, China, India, Iran, and other countries increasingly want less dollar dependence.

Washington wants unchallenged control over Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They're stepping stones to global dominance. Resource rich areas are most valued.

Expect force-fed austerity at home to pay for them. Both sides of the isle agree. So does Obama.

Anonymous said...

stupid assnon:

far less than blind sheeple like u spend loving your false god hobama


his hatred for u should vex u fools

chicago dyke said...

hey, nice to see this place hasn't changed.

don't assume everyone follows boxing and football, FN. i used to enjoy both, but frankly, the injuries have become just too glaring to ignore. i can't feel good about knowing money i spend on watching those contests is literally killing the players and families involved.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, why the hell haven't you answered my question about George Zimmerman? Why the hell would they withhold information that exonerates him?

Why the hell have you been silent about this? Come to think of it, some of your FN leftist Negro fans have been silent....Oh, I know why.... You Democratic Negroes aren't interested in what ACTUALLY happened, you are only interested in convicting a Zimmerman because he is White/Hispanic.

Well, guess what? Zimmerman is probably going to walk because the defense was not given all of the information.

I declare. You are some kind of lawyer, and so is Whitey. As a matter of fact, all of you progressives are a bunch of sorry lawyers....LOSERS. You couldn't defeat a Republican lawyer if your lives depended on it.

Lehigh Valley Black News Network said...

I'm still feeling bad for the folks down in the Philippines..they just had one of the largest Cyclones to ever come that far South in recorded Weather History...250,000 folks displaced, 540 plus dead....not one word about it on main stream media...More debate about a Boxing Match and a Gov who lost an election...We've lost our way..SMH

field negro said...

Sup Chicago? :) No, not much has changed.

Lehigh..., you are right, the messengers in this country (myself included) sometimes need to get their priorities right.