Monday, December 05, 2016

Blow at his best.

Image result for charles blow images     Ladies and gents, once again I give you one of the few columnist I will give the cut and paste treatment in the age of trump: Charles Blow.

 "Last week when Donald Trump began his so-called Thank You Tour in Cincinnati, he had yet another opportunity to be magnanimous and conciliatory, to step beyond the division and acrimony of his campaign and into the unity and healing necessary to be president of a strained nation.

As is his wont, he declined, instead gloating and boasting, playing to the minority of American voters who chose him, relishing his own impenitence.

He is choosing to push America further apart rather than bring it closer together.

And be clear: It is not the job of the defiant to conform to a future president who makes them completely uncomfortable. The burden of unity lies with Trump, not his detractors.

“Just wait and see.” “Give him a chance.” But what if what you’ve already seen is so beyond the pale that it’s irrevocable? What if Trump has already squandered more chances than most of us will ever have?

What if Trump has shown himself beyond doubt and with absolute certainty to be a demagogue and bigot and xenophobe and has given space and voice to concordant voices in the country and in his emerging Legion of Doom cabinet? In that reality, resistance isn’t about mindless obstruction by people blinded by the pain of ideological defeat or people gorging on sour grapes. To the contrary, resistance then is an act of radical, even revolutionary, patriotism. Resistance isn’t about damaging the country, but protecting it.

There is no Electoral College clause that blunts ferocious opposition to the demeaning of women and racial, ethnic and religious minorities in this country; there is no Election Day reset on the coddling of white supremacy.

Furthermore, the emergence of Donald Trump as a political figure has threatened to kill many of the ideals that we hold dear: decency and decorum, inclusion and empathy, truth and facts themselves.
Trump and his agents of idiocracy are now engaged in an all-out crusade to exaggerate the scope of his victory, rewrite racial history, justify their vendettas and hostilities and erase the very distinction between true and false. 

At a fiery exchange during a  panel at Harvard, Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, rightly accused the Trump campaign of emboldening “white supremacists and white nationalists.”

The Trump campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, barked back: “Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? You’re going to look me in the face and tell me that?”
“It did. Kellyanne, it did,” said Palmieri. Yes Kellyanne, that is exactly what you did and no amount of personal outrage about being called out on it is going to rewrite that history. Furthermore, everyone who sees you should say that to your face at every opportunity.

Resistance is not about some sort of clairvoyant condemnation of acts yet uncommitted, but rather about the resilience of memory, the rigidity of morality and the depth of wounds.
The truest measure of a leader is as much about how he or she attains power as how he or she wields it; while the latter is yet to be determined, the former has been revealed in devastating clarity.

A Pew Research Poll released last month found that “voters’ ‘grades’ for the way Trump conducted himself during the campaign are the lowest for any victorious candidate in 28 years.” The report continued: “For the first time in Pew Research Center post-election surveys, voters give the losing candidate higher grades than the winner.”

Furthermore, as Nate Silver responded to one of Conway’s tweets, “Trump will soon become the first president who failed to win a majority of the vote either in the general election or in his primary,” meaning the Republican primaries. He added: “That is to say, since 1972. Primaries weren’t widespread before that. 45/46% of the vote can go a long way under the right circumstances.”
And there are disturbing signs about how a Trump administration will conduct itself, from the early diplomatic blunders that signal a worrisome break in the continuity of protocol, to his team nursing vendettas and continuing to dangle the threat of jail in front of his opponents. Last week Conway appeared to waffle on whether Trump or a federal agency during his term might still pursue prosecution of Clinton; the Trump lackey Corey Lewandowski forthrightly said of the executive editor of The New York Times: “He should be in jail.”

And to add insult to injury, Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes uttered this jaw-dropping line last week on The Diane Rehm Show:

“One thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch is that people that say facts are facts; they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way, it’s kind of like looking at ratings or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth or not true.” She continued: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts.” Folks, Dimwit-ism is a disease easily spread and denigrators of the absolutism of truth are its vectors.

This is why resistance isn’t only principled, but essential and even existential.

We are not in an ordinary post-election period of national unity and rapprochement. We are facing the potential abrogation of fundamental American ideals. We stand at the precipice, staring into an abyss that grows darker by the day." [Source]

Tip the waitress folks, he will be here all week. 


The Ministry of Truth said...

"Legion of Doom Cabinet" sounds about right. Most of the picks announced so far are to some degree unqualified/incompetent, or downright evil. I'm still waiting to see if he'll name Islamophobia-promoter Rudy Giuliani to State or top anti-immigration racist Kris Kobach to Homeland Security. Either one would be the frosting on the rotten, moldy cake.

dinthebeast said...

When they are taking your health insurance away, resistance is just survival.

-Doug in Oakland

Proglodyte said...

All of the sudden, "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" again!

Funny how that happens.

Charles Blow Me said...

Furthermore, as Nate Silver responded to one of Conway’s tweets, “Trump will soon become the first president who failed to win a majority of the vote either in the general election or in his primary,” meaning the Republican primaries. He added: “That is to say, since 1972. Primaries weren’t widespread before that. 45/46% of the vote can go a long way under the right circumstances.”

Get used to presidents getting less than 50% of the vote anymore. It's called "diversty".

Moriah said...

We should emulate Jews. We should attempt to hijack people's morals to gain power, which we use for our own people's benefit.

Ironymous said...

The country of white men is so terrible that everyone on the planet wants to get in

Odd that.

Yīshēng said...

Even when armed, a Whooteemoo is a coward i.e. Walter Scott.

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Even when armed, a Whooteemoo is a coward i.e. Walter Scott."

I doubt that shooting was about fear. If it were, the officer might have a legit argument to bump the charge down to manslaughter, based on a belief (even if not reasonable) that he was in danger.

That is not plausible in this case. Scott was unarmed, 18 feet away, running in the opposite direction. And nobody else was around who could have in any way been endangered by Scott.

So the only explanation is that Officer Slager killed him in anger over their scuffle moments earlier, which makes it a murder.

Baretta said...

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Fuck Charles Blow said...

Technology has ended the mainstream press. Why do I need CNN to tell me what they say Donald Trump said when he can speak to me directly?

CNN: fake "Hands Up Don't Shoot"
CBS: fake "Texas ANG Memo"
Newsweek: fake "Flushed Koran"
Rolling Stone: fake "UVA Rape"
New York Times: fake "Trump is racist"

Now we can bypass the the fake news.

Motherfuck them all.

Yīshēng said...

BOTUS trying to normalize the child sex trade.

MAGA, make America gag again!!

PEDOBAMA said...

Yisheng is insane. Or retarded.

Probably both.

Anonymous said...

The only reason slavery has ever ended anywhere is white people.

Josh said...

Imagine Hillary's predicament. Accepting millions from everyone from Elton John to Saudi princes and Wall Street moguls. The largest count ever of lobbyists and special interest groups backing her. The longest political career of anyone who's ever ran for president. And a vote that--at least her supporters/Trump's detractors will die swearing--was so fucking close that Hillary actually WON! At least the popular vote.

So, why, then, doesn't Hillary demand a recount? Well, we all know that it's not because she has any more grace than Al Gore, or that she's sick of the process or anything. The real reason she doesn't is because she knows--you know, we know, everyone knows--that MASS AMOUNTS of voter fraud would be uncovered, and it would be easily found out that Hillary didn't come fucking close to winning the popular vote once you factor in the errors.

Dozens of reports about automated voting machines switching votes from Trump to Hillary, zero reports about machines switching votes from Hillary to Trump. Dozens of reports about voters voting multiple times for Hillary, zero reports of the same activity for Trump. On and on...

Yeah. A "minority" of Americans voted for Trump my ass. Despite 90% of media against him, the entire Clinton Machine against him, America's intelligentsia against him, millennials against him, fraud and the typical way of cheating Democrats against him -- he still whipped that ass.

PLEASE, Hillary, demand a recount so we can prove that Trump also won the popular vote by at least 10 million voters. You progressives are also scared of a recount. Right now, you can hang on to the lie that you still have a majority of America on your side (even despite the fact that millions of special interest do not equate necessarily to progressives) and that there is no referendum against your brand of politics. But you all know better than to bring anything up like Gore in 2000 because it will expose wholesale the lies and corruption which have skewed the popular vote in Hillary's favor; i.e. against your ilk.

Be smart and don't tempt fate.

Flying Junior said...


You really are a complete idiot. Voter fraud in favor of Hillary?


You are just another right-wing clown.

I don't know you all that well, but I was right that you are stupid.

One reliable example.

I mean, goddammit, you're such a bitch. Hillary didn't want to contest the election because of Bush v. Gore, you legal alien. It's not really de rigueur to contest elections.

For one thing, because there is no reliable way to contest elections in all fifty states, many of which have republican secretaries of state, republican governors and established political procedures.

Why don't you ask yourself this, O loving oracle...

How come nobody ever asked for a recount in an election that took place in California?

That should explain it even to a dumb motherfucker such as yourself.

Our Registrar of Voters is named Debra Seiler. Maybe she could explain it to you. In the unlikely event that there ever was a dispute over an election in the Golden State, I could rest assured that my hand-bubbled ballot would be hand counted by an intelligent and honest person.

Flying Junior said...

Anyway, what I meant to say before I lost my effusive comment to the Field...

If we really know that Trump has no intention of being everybody's president...

That he will steal and corrupt at every turn. That he will attempt to institute a police state without a free press. That he will imprison his detractors. That he will work with Paul Ryan and a corrupt republican majority to destroy Medicare, Obamacare and any other type of care promised by people's payroll taxes and dearly paid premiums...

Well then, fuck him

Let's not worry about it until he takes office. Happy New Year!

Josh said...


Translation: "Any source you provide, I will subjectively deem it 'unreliable' which will unironically support my presupposition that you're talking shit and no voter fraud took place." (But I cannot rebut a straw-man anyway:

The single-largest example of voter "fraud" unfortunately doesn't count as fraud. It was just a sick scam perpetrated by Democrats and liberal media. That is, they intentionally over-sampled diehard Democrats for their polling data, with the express intent to manufacture from wholecloth a 12-point lead for Hillary, lying about how national votes were reflected, so that the opposition wouldn't show up to vote. Also not technically voter fraud, but extremely fucking under-handed and cruddy, was Obama telling illegal immigrants to vote. Go on and vote, he said paraphrased. If you vote, you're an American. Nobody is going to check your citizenship; just vote. Not technically "fraud" in a legal sense, but if the right-wing did it, you'd be Googling brand new curse words to throw at them.

Voting machines were also suspiciously switching voters' votes from Trump to Hillary.

Not fraud? Okay. Not fraud. But two points (1) NONE of them actually switched votes from Hillary to Trump. (LOL!) (2) Another example of it's-only-okay-when-we-do-it because this is yet another area that you, an obvious ideological ill-tempered cunt, would be shouting and cursing to the heavens were the machines to have been changing Hillary votes to Trump. We'd never hear the fucking end about white racism and sexism and Trump's hate and etc, etc.

These vote-flipping machines were found in Texas and a few other states, including Maryland.

Voter error? Maybe. Liars? Maybe. Voter fraud? Well, we both know from your reply that you are unequivocally, without question, 100% ruling it out entirely. You're obviously one of those poor souls who can see Hillary get a $25m donation from a Saudi Prince and still not think she's corrupt, while just having one of America's remaining 5,000 KKK members (or former members) supporting Trump means that he IS corrupt. (LOL!)

Besides, you--and your OBVIOUS genius-level intellect--aren't even arguing a valid point with me. You're creating a fucking straw-man argument. I didn't say that there is voter fraud found to which I can point; what I said was that we'll find it if we probe into the election. Yes, that's obvious fucking speculation on my part, you dense twat. If YOU were the smart one and I the dumb one in this exchange, why is it you cannot properly read English or form a logical argument?

If you want to say I'm wrong and that THE FUCKING CLINTONS and Democrats perpetrated zero fraud, that's fine. But asking me to empirically support claims I did not make is simply illogical.

But I'm the dumb motherfucker in these exchanges. (LOL!)

Yīshēng said...

"Wah Wah Wah-Wah Wah Wah-Wah-Wah.Wah Wah Wah-Wah Wah Wah-Wah-Wah.Wah Wah Wah-Wah Wah Wah-Wah-Wah.
I'm the dumb motherfucker in these exchanges"

The super cool thing about the stuff it writes is that the last sentence usually captures the meaning of the entire posted 'novel" perfectly without having to waste time on all the other Jibberish.

And I'll be so fucking glad when the rest of you stop giving this idiot a platform!!

James Deplorable said...

"Last week when Donald Trump began his so-called Thank You Tour in Cincinnati, he had yet another opportunity to be magnanimous and conciliatory"

You mean, kissing Black ass even after the Black agenda was decisively defeated at the polls.


"playing to the minority of American voters who chose him"

After eliminating the non-Americans who still voted, the majority went for Trump.  Suck it.

"It is not the job of the defiant to conform to a future president who makes them completely uncomfortable."

No, it's your job to remove yourselves.  By Any Means Necessary.  The People's Temple is one example of suitable methods.

"But what if what you’ve already seen is so beyond the pale that it’s irrevocable?"

You mean, that America still exists, and insists on its right to its existence on its territory?  Hey, Jamaica is already in your sights, Wayne.  Liberia's constitution says it has to accept the rest of you.  Take advantage!

"There is no Electoral College clause that blunts ferocious opposition to the demeaning of women and racial, ethnic and religious minorities in this country"

I'll let you in on a secret.  We. Don't. Care.

'“It did. Kellyanne, it did,” said Palmieri. Yes Kellyanne, that is exactly what you did and no amount of personal outrage about being called out on it is going to rewrite that history."

White people exist.  White people have a right to exist.  White people have a right to exist AS White people, in countries and under governments of their own.  If you want to exist as Black people, Haiti, Jamaica and Africa await you.  Otherwise STFU.

"If we really know that Trump has no intention of being everybody's president..."

Like Obutthole ever intended to be everybody's president.  We have him to thank for the destruction in Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere.

"That he will steal and corrupt at every turn."

Every congresscritter with confirmed ethics violations in this century has been a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Anonymous said...

So, the rioting, burning, assault, robbery, rape and murder will continue? It's not breaking the law if you are "resisting".

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude, but after reading your blog, why should Trump be 'magnanimous and conciliatory' to the likes of you? Charity begins at home.

Flying Junior said...

Interesting news sources there Josh.

You are right about one thing if I can infer this much. It is inexcusable that we don't have universally accepted, easy-to-use voting standards that can be validated, checked and cross-checked and in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.

But, not really. There was some user error in Texas and a whole lot of rumors and innuendos. It's funny how false news is actually more compelling than the truth.

Anonymous said...

@James Deplorable

You are a mutant humanoid life form whose declining global population is proof that your invasive subspecies has absolutely NO RIGHT to exist, as you all are an accident of nature that is presently being recalled by nature, itself. In scientific terms, you are a Lethal Mutation and "Whiteness" is indeed an aberration/anomaly and indicative of a disease, defect, and/or a deformity as evident by the term of (overo) LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME... Your biological defense mechanisms of racism, sexism, and xenophobia that undergird your genetically recessive, low self esteem-generated notions of "White" Supremacy needn't be cottoned to, as creatures like you are losing the numerical advantage, which is why fellow mutant humanoids such as yourselves are fighting the recount. Being that creatures such as yourselves are natural/unnatural cheaters, you all MUST fight the recount because, as with Toledo in 2004 where 90,000 votes were NOT counted, that is the only way creatures like you can prevail. Thus, it seems to make sense for creatures like you - when you all's circe-the-wagon regentrification efforts fail - to move back to where you mutant humanoids come from---despite Europe NOT wanting you ugly Americans there, lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:56: Kum ba yah, Kum ba yah.

dinthebeast said...

Yisheng: Done and done.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:35

Charles Blow is right. Later for that. It remains the ballot to the bullet. There clearly is NO reasoning with creatures like @James "Deplorable," as with nature's other amoral, apex predatory invasive (sub)species. Whether one is talking about the amoral, apex predatory Asian Carp, Burmese Python, the Lionfish, or the Frankenfish that's decimating the native fish population of the Potomac, there's no reasoning with the mutant, caucasian, amoral, apex predatory invasive HUMANOID (sub)species as indicative of @James Deplorable. Even Trump acknowledged that Blacks totally got Scr3w3d over by that jug-eared clown, Obama, but virulent mutants like @JDeplorable CANNOT comprehend it!!!! What @J Deplorable doesn't get is that creatures like him, living in his parent's double wide, economically, are in the same economic boat as many Blacks, whom he seeks to lash out at... Tim Wise tries to talk to "Whites" such as @JDeplorable, but, like nature's other invasive (sub)species, such dialogue remains fruitless...

Josh said...

Voter fraud is something we find in every election. And I still say that were we to actually delve into this one, we would find, without a doubt, that the most corrupt politician in American history, Hillary Clinton, perpetrated more fraud than usual.

Though, as I said, it's obvious speculation on my part.

I like to speculate on things from time to time. Why can't I be like everybody else occasionally?

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 3:17pm

True dat! And the mothership too!

Bixnood my brother!

dinthebeast said...

Trump lawyers trying to block the Michigan recount:
"On what basis does Stein seek to disenfranchise Michigan citizens? None really, save for speculation," it reads. "All available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake."
So which is it? Apparently that depends on whether Trump is trying to lie about the 2.6 million (and counting) votes he lost the general election by, or trying to prevent the most likely pointless recounts in three states where his margin of victory is less than 100,000 votes for all three.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

bixnood doug

field negro said...

Voter suppression and the stripping back of the Voting Rights Act, is the biggest form of voter fraud.

Guess who is guilty of that.

field negro said...

Fair question, Anon@11:28AM.

He doesn't have to be "magnanimous" to me.

Whether he does or not, I will still give him my ass to kiss.

Because, to me, he will not only be a bad president, but he is also a bad human being.

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josh said...

"but he is also a bad human being."

Folks are entitled to their own opinions, obviously, and I'm not going to defend Trump. I think he's a bombastic egomaniac whose insistence on bullying everyone outside of America is going to have long-term ramifications on America.

Though something I find the most telling in how Trump's treated is the dichotomy in people's attitudes. It seems that nearly everyone who knows and who has actually met and spent time with Trump says he's a great, loving, charitable, smart, capable all-'round good guy. (

The people who call him a sexist, a rapist, a racist, Hitler, and say he's a bad person are almost always people who have never met Trump and whose information about Trump comes solely from MSM sources, quote-mined articles, obvious campaign dirt, etc.

That's very telling. Motherfuckers he's thrown off his show, people with whom he's had business disagreements, even some people Trump's taken verbal jabs at -- they still say he's a great guy and defend him. The people who don't know him want to say he's a bad guy.

"Voter suppression..."

Typically, it's only white liberals who think so very little of black people that they believe blacks are too poor to afford ID, too lazy to visit the DMV, and too stupid to use the Internet. (A must-watch: ) For the record, I don't think those things. I believe--I know!--that every black person in the United States can find the DMV, use the Internet, and figure out how to get photo identification.

I guess that's how entrenched you are on the liberal plantation, Field. You'll actually echo the white liberals' nonsensical and outright racist tripe. LOL And you hold yourself the authority on which black person gets labeled a house negro, and which a field negro.

For shame, negro. For shame!

Josh said...

"whose declining global population"


There are MORE white people, even with Africa being the size of 4 continents.

Population growth among "whites" has slowed in first-world nations, however. Why? Hey, we're not telling tales out of school.

The rate at which white women spit out bastards is exponentially lower than black women.

But per sheer number, this out-and-out myth that a nation like America will stop being "white" in 20-50 years just holds no mathematical weight.

Roughly, there's an 8%^ on the black side vs. white. So, from the '70s 'til now, about 50 years, the total bastardization of the black community (over 72% single mothers, for fucking fuck's sake!) has had the effect of out-birthing whites 8% relative only to population numbers (e.g. 40m vs 200m).

Factor in something like the amount of taxpayer monies going to single mothers (of all races) and their kids. Healthcare, free lunches, free education, housing assistance, clothing assistance, monetary checks, food stamps (EBT), etc. America is currently around 19t in debt (19,000,000,000,000!!) Now, imagine an America where black single mothers out-birth white people so fucking often that the black population becomes larger than the white population...

There would not be an America. There would likely not be a first-world anymore either, as America isn't the only place where we see this phenomenon.

No, not all minorities are on welfare. No, minorities aren't the only ones having bastard babies. But just like folks here like telling me it's about the % of blacks shot by the police, not the final number, it's exactly the same here. The entire planet would not be able to support such a rise in non-white numbers. I mean, you progressives know it yourself, when you gripe that white people control the majority of the world's wealth. What are you gonna do? Send Bebe's kids to rob it from them? lol At some point, these bastards will have to start actually producing wealth instead of sapping it. Can they?

Populations boom by resource, historically speaking. The world for which you opine would be a post-apocalyptic hell.

Folks are gonna call it racist and be butthurt, but it's the reality of the world that blacks didn't create western civilization. Whites did. For your way of life, you better hope there's no decline in white people! Who's gonna hold the first-world together? You!?

Yīshēng said...

Doug, Pilot, Field, PR, other rational people here, what do you guys think of the Rethug members of the electoral college choosing NOT to vote Trump on Dec 19?

And do you know if this has happened on a small/large scale before?

Anonymous said...


On top of what @Field most ably stated, what are you smoking? Seems that you have somehow, in accordance with Josef Goebells and H1tl3r of the BIG LIE, convinced yourself that all of the republican efforts to openly suppress the Black Vote - even cited by Paul Robeson in the petition submitted to the UN back in '50/'51 - don't cursorily suggest that between HRC and the reTHUGlicans - that the reTHUGlicans are the ones who are presently perpetrating a fraud, why? Remember: the late great Julian Bond let us know that the "Democrats are spineless while the republicans are ruthless." The spineless, non-cheating "Whites" like HRC roll over and give up like Al Gore and don't REALLY fight Black voter disfranchisement. You see, somewhere along the way, you reTHUGlicans figured out that you all were not only Lethal Mutations that were dying out after only a mere 7,000 years of existence, but that even MOST caucasoids don't generally cotton to you all's RUTHLESSNESS, which has led your virulent strain of caucasoid to redistrict AND gerrymander. So, your particular, virulent strain mutant humanoid caucasoid, on these shores, has ALWAYS been in the minority, which has led you moribund creatures to engage in anti-democratic measures in order to maintain power. Most who properly understand this know that the only good reTHUGlican is a DEAD one. Thankfully, nature is killing you creatures off in a hurry because there clearly is NO reasoning with you all.

Josh said...

They know him? I contend that there are likely a few exceptions to the rule. I mean, if anyone would have trouble with reading comprehension, inferring that I said EVERY HUMAN BEING TO EVER MEET TRUMP LOVES HIM, it would certainly be Lance Cuckold.

Yeah, his ghostwriter gives him grief a lot. And probably a couple more you can find, no doubt. I never said it was 100% of every single fucking person. But I live in the world. I've seen countless people who actually know Trump attest to his character; meanwhile, almost everyone I've seen calling him Orange Hitler, a bad person, a racist, etc, are political hacks who don't know him.

I mean, Lance, for fuck's sake, why didn't you just add Rosie on the list? LOL

Anon: At which point liberals stop saying that requiring ID to vote is voter suppression, I'll take more seriously these boogeymen. Until that point, I refuse to believe that blacks are SO INEPT at life in general that asking them to get an ID is white oppression. (I mean, whites have to show ID too under those laws. Dafuq sorta assholes honestly believe blacks are too fucking stupid, lazy, inept to get ID? Besides white liberals and Field, I mean.)

Lance Cockstrong said...

You can add Rosie to the 'obvious' list. So what the fuck is your point then? That if those who were scammed by Trump, who were contractually reneged, who had piles of dirt dumped around their property, who had their property condemned so he could build a parking lot, who were denied housing because they were black, who were forced to submit to a rigged arbitration which awarded Trump $5M, if they could just spend some time with him would say what an "all-round good guy" he is? Josh you couldn't be this stupid if you were born with the Zika virus.

As for voter suppression, voter id is just the tip of the iceberg. Your question should be, when will right wing dumbasses stop saying it. There is no shortage of them who are only too happy to spill the beans as to the true nature of 'true the vote'. I have posted several of them here on numerous occasions. Google it.

Anonymous said...


Check out: The electoral college vs. the popular vote: Could states do an end-run ...

The Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877, according to Long Memory (Blassingame and Dr. Mary Frances Berry), turned out disastrous for Black folk when the troops protecting them were removed from the South, making it not so good when the two don't align.

Don't count out the recount, 'tho', as @Field's comment about voter suppression suggests that a recount should occur in all of the red states where there's a sizable Black population. The only way these reTHUGlican mutant humanoids can win is to cheat because they know that they, especially with their days being mercifully numbered, cannot compete on a level playing field...

Ultimately, Blacks should simply abandon America and watch it collapse without an NBA, NFL, College FB & BB. Soon, their MMA will morph into, return to feeding the Christians to the lions. Surely you see this Dytopic reality inexorably coming, don't you???????

Anonymous said...


Tell me the response that I wrote to @Josh's comment disputing the caucasoid's declining population wasn't censored now? Surely if he and other "White" Supremacists can post what he did that I can rebut it, now?

dinthebeast said...

Yisheng: I don't think that enough of them will risk their positions in the Republican party to pull it off, myself. And they are trying to elect Kasich, who, while undeniably better than Trump, would still sign Ryan's budget and repeal the ACA.
Interestingly enough, it seems the only time this tactic was seriously tried was 1836 when the Virginia electors refused to vote for the VP on moral grounds (read that he had interracial children) and said VP had to be installed by the senate, which he was.

-Doug in Oakland

Yīshēng said...

Thanks for your comment Doug, I don't know what your background is, but I think you'd make a great PolySci prof!

dinthebeast said...

Thanks, but no; I just try to get my money's worth from the $5 I donated to Wikipedia...

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

Yeah, Lance, he's the Orange Hitler, obviously. ONLY focus on that small percentage of negative shit. Y'all are too predictable, and too bathed in the fucking Kool-Aid. That's one thing that did manage to impress me about Trump. He'd stand up there and tell crooked media exactly what they were going to do, and they'd still fucking do it. Trump has owned his critics constantly.

The more he wins, the more of these stories that just seem to magically surface without much backing but so-called word of mouth from somebody, somewhere, like grabbing vagina. LOL

Y'all turn people into Trump fans with your ideological nonsense.

You progressives have sewn these seeds. Now reap, bitch, reap.

James Deplorable said...

"You are a mutant humanoid life form whose declining global population is proof that your invasive subspecies has absolutely NO RIGHT to exist"

You are an animalistic hominin life form so degenerate you rape toddlers and infect them with chlamydia and HIV.  You can't make babies by screwing toddlers, so there is something badly wrong with you down to the most basic biological level.

"you all are an accident of nature that is presently being recalled by nature, itself."

Yes, our "accident" occupied much of your home continent, dragged you to the Western hemisphere and supports the majority of your survival needs... and if we're "recalled", you will be too.

Not that I see this happening.  The lie of equality has been revealed as a lie; the election of Trump is part of the pushback.  Expect your Race Card™ to be cancelled in 2017.  Things will only get more realistic for you from here on out, so plan your expatriation now.

"In scientific terms, you are a Lethal Mutation and "Whiteness" is indeed an aberration/anomaly and indicative of a disease"

Keep telling yourself that, since "White" people (including orientals) constitute at least 5 billion of the 7 billion on earth.  If your (((masters))) manage to guilt the Europeans into racial suicide, the Chinese will just take over and do what we should have done.  You're doomed, enjoy the ride!

"Even Trump acknowledged that Blacks totally got Scr3w3d over by that jug-eared clown, Obama, but virulent mutants like @JDeplorable CANNOT comprehend it!!!!"

Yup, he ruined the Race Guilt Game for you.  Tough noogies.  Elections have consequences, and you demanded Obutthole because you saw him as one of yours.  Now suck it.

"What @J Deplorable doesn't get is that creatures like him, living in his parent's double wide"

What do you want to bet that's false?  I'll take any bet of $100,000 or more, and I'll give you 2:1 odds.

Oh, wait, "Anonymous"... someone so cowardly he can't even pick a nickname.  Too bad.

3:17 PM... <chuckle>  You trolls brighten my day.

"you have somehow, in accordance with Josef Goebells and H1tl3r of the BIG LIE, convinced yourself that all of the republican efforts to openly suppress the Black Vote"

Yes, we want to suppress the Black voters who start at noon at one precinct and get paid $20 per polling place to vote the Dimocrap ticket until the polls close.  It's not fair to people who have to work for a living and only get to vote once.

"Most who properly understand this know that the only good reTHUGlican is a DEAD one."

You've been using eliminationist rhetoric so long, you've normalized it.  Guess what?  What's going to come back at you will only start with words.

Why do you want to stay in a country with Republicans anyway?  Liberia has none.  Get your ticket now!

Lance Cockstrong said...

Small percentage of negative shit? Outside of Ivanka just who is this vast majority who you think says what an all around great guy he is? Keep in mind what the con in con artist means. You believe him when he says he is all about the country and his business is peanuts? Trump is wasting no time milking this. Whatever we reap, you reap, bitch. Hillary was made to order for Trump (and still got more votes). Bernie would have wiped the floor with him.

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me why that entry that I wrote detailing the population decline, as chronicled by the U.S. Census, of this mutant humanoid caucasian subspecies, this LETHAL MUTATION, was CENSORED when trolls like @JDeplorable can write whatever? Do I run the risk of being CENSORED, again if I respond to them in kind? Will educated people who push back against these rejects from breibart, stormfront, and redstate be CENSORED because, on the sly, their invasive, marauding presence constitutes eyeballs and clicks that, nonetheless, pay?

Anonymous said...


Your assertion that members of the parent African human species will be "recalled," suggesting that members of your moribund, ephemeral mutant humanoid subspecies will cause their genocide, is precisely why I refer to you as a CREATURE and I suspect that my referring to you as a creature, since you are entirely, admittedly amoral AND apex predatory. is why @Field chose to CENSOR my comment. Absent @Field responding directly as to why my response was CENSORED, we are forced

No matter. How does it feel to have MUTATED only a mere 7,000 years ago from that, "animalistic life form," that human archetype, members of the parent African human species, which has been confirmed by the Human Genome Project, Animal Planet ("How Polar Bears MUTATED From Grizzly Bears"), as well as the Journal Nature?????? In fact, the Journal Nature, within the USATODAY (1.28.14) reported that, "DNA Results Revealed That a Hunter Gatherer Had Dark Skin But Blue Eyes," as it was making it's "genetic transition" some 7,000 years ago. That then must make you LESS than an "animalistic life form" because you're the only diurnal biped that has a HOSTILE relationship with the Sun. How does it feel to know that the Sun in the sky is your enemy and actually HATES you?

Like the way that you creatures point out the violence that you creatures socially engineer, by proxy, in Chicago, I'm not impressed with the depravity that you creatures socially engineer with your example concerning toddlers being HIV-infected because this empire remains the HELL that you mistakes of nature made. The same goes for the sexual violence in American prisons. If there's one thing you creatures are great at is subverting humanity. Thus, you celebrating your collective's puppetry is merely a reflection upon you creature's monstrousness. Nothing more, nothing less.

A creature is as a creature does.

Perhaps, the biggest problem that alabaster-hued extreme mutations such as yourself have is that you all regressively re-acquired the lack of skin pigmentation - a form of Lethal White Syndrome? - from Simians that compelled nature to provide hirsute protection for the four primates that Miller says that the Homo Sapiens EVOLVED from. Creatures such as yourselves were so subconscious of you SHARING the largest organ of the human body - SKIN - with monkeys that you all made it illegal to shave monkeys. When monkeys have been shaved and put in front of a mirror, upon spying that they look like you, @JDeplorable, they've been known to kill themselves after having gone crazy (hence the term "apesh_t).

Thus, I think that your biological reality is behind the "Whitewash" that it is at the root of your Trumpanzees existential angst.

field negro said...

Anon@1:01 pm, it should not have been. I did not censor it. Try posting again.

Anonymous said...


I didn't save it. I'll reproduce it. Thanks for your response---and thanks for your work.

James Deplorable said...

"Your assertion that members of the parent African human species will be "recalled," suggesting that members of your moribund, ephemeral mutant humanoid subspecies will cause their genocide"

Every time you post, you underscore the stupidity which proves you are evolutionarily obsolete.  I wrote "... supports the majority of your survival needs... and if we're "recalled", you will be too."  Note, that assumes you SUCCEED in wiping out Europeans.

What happens then?  In the short term, you die like flies.  Almost all of the food, fuel and medicine in the USA comes from White people.  Distant family memories of having worked behind a mule in Georgia won't help you learn modern planters, sprayers and reapers... assuming you can get seed, chemicals and fuel for them any more.  They sure won't help you run oil refineries or chemical plants.

In the long term, the Chinese in the east and Indios and Mestizos in the west have already purged you Africans from areas they want.  Without Whitey around, they'll just get rid of the rest of you in their own sweet time.

"is precisely why I refer to you as a CREATURE and I suspect that my referring to you as a creature, since you are entirely, admittedly amoral AND apex predatory. is why @Field chose to CENSOR my comment"

Here is a link to your comment.  You are too stupid to even find your own words again.

"Like the way that you creatures point out the violence that you creatures socially engineer, by proxy, in Chicago"

So you completely deny any shred of moral agency?  The epidemic of violence in Shitcongo is almost exclusively perpetrated by Blacks and mostly upon other Blacks... but the moron claims Whitey is making them do it.

Let me tell you something:  if your bruthas and sistas are so mentally weak that some vague miasma which penetrated where the police have withdrawn from enforcing the law is "making you" kill each other, you are too stupid to live as a race.

I have a really simple solution to the violence problem.  Whitey should stop feeding your welfare cases unless they either work or go to school for a total of 60 hours a week, and kick you out of school for flunking.  Felons and habitual criminals should be sterilized before release and also made to work 60 hours a week under supervision to keep them from stealing, robbing, raping or anything else that's antisocial.  When you're either too busy or too tired to commit violence, it will stop.

But "dat be slabery" which is "rayciss".  You are a sick parody of a human being.  H. P. Lovecraft had it right.

Anonymous said...


Saying that there are more "Whites" as an attempt HIDE the declining GLOBAL "White" population simply won't fly.

They're NOT the same thing.

@JDeplorable: Adding Asians within your Caucasian ranks in a feeble attempt to disguise the "White" GLOBAL minority status isn't fooling anyone. The Chinese properly understand that you all are an amoral, apex predatory subspecies---and the Chinese don't like you all and properly know that you all are a threat to them as well as all of life on Earth, actually.

With Trump allegedly accepting a call from the Taiwanese President (as opposed to someone within his camp actually making the call), which the Chinese lodged a formal protest against, best believe that NO self respecting Chinese would want to be considered within your "White" nationalist ranks. Leave that Crystal Meth alone, dude...

Anonymous said...


How does a creature like you---a product of DEVOLUTION (due to either an exogenous or endogenous cataclysm that caused an E.L.E., Wurm Ice Age) that is dying out because you all are a LETHAL MUTATION---fix your crystal meth-destroyed, rotten teeth to say that the human archetype is evolutionarily obsolete---when even a Reuter's piece cites Global Warming as contributing to lowering your subspecies' sperm count and contributing to you creature's declining birth rates?

Climate change tied to lower birth rate in U.S.: researchers | Reuters

Do you realize that you all are going EXTINCT and that you all should put yourselves on the Endangered (sub)Species List, SERIOUSLY (See Patsy McKay's WSJ piece [11.03.15] that revealed that the DEATH RATE for Middle-Aged "White" males is SKYROCKETING, whereas the DEATH RATE for their melanated counterparts, despite their socially engineered lower living conditions, is actually DECREASING)?

What part of you creatures being a LETHAL MUTATION (like the Replicants in Harrison Ford's Blade Runner [note: where do you think that author Phillip K. Dick got the idea from???]) do you NOT understand and why would anybody or group need to attempt to kill you all off when NATURE, herself, pre-programmed you all to die out, EARLY, by giving you creatures a life cycle of less than 10,000 years???? Nature REVERSE ENGINEERED you creatures via Environmental Mutation and you all thought you escaped her "Final Destination" for you, but all the IVF Treatments, Transnational Surrogacy, giving rapists parental rights, attacks upon abortion clinics, and cryogenic freeze will NOT unseal your premature, inexorable fate. Why aren't you smart enough to understand that?? Are you embarrassed in the least that one needn't embellish your collective bio-organism's biological truth, but merely verbalize it????


Anonymous said...


As a former educator, it's my job to make plain you all's psychological glitch, your "Psychopathic Racial Personality (Wright)," as well as identify, biologically, based upon REAL SCIENCE, what you all are, which is a LETHAL MUTATION that probably suffers from some form of Lethal White Syndrome. Now this is important because many melanated peoples have tried to figure out precisely WHAT you creatures are because - make NO mistake about it - you all are truly monstrous. Blacks within the Nation of Islam [NOI] refer to you all as devils, but that's inaccurate, as it ascribes a Judeo-Christian mythological designation that provides ZERO actionable understanding.

However, if one properly understands 5 things about your collective bio-organism,
a) What you all are: a Lethal Mutation
b) How you all came into existence: Environmental Mutation via E.L.E. Wurm Ice Age
c) How you all act: Amoral & Apex Predatory via nature being inextricably bound to nurture
d) Why you all have problems reproducing: All of nature's EXTREME mutations have problems reproducing (See Also leopards/cheetahs within the Serengeti who semen has been analyzed and found to be overly commingled like the royals in the U.K.)
e) Why you all are dying out: Devolutionary Lethal Mutations that suffer from some mutative form of Lethal White Syndrome (See Also the story about the Piebald fawn (a mutant whitetail deer) whose own mother attempted to kill it because it was born with a white face and blue eyes. Notice how Fox News LIED about the story, whereas the USATODAY has a video attached to the story

they would know that the ONLY action that they could take - within the "Fight or Flight" dichotomy - is to take flight, flee, from America.

You see, being that you're clearly an amoral, apex predatory creature whose words confirm your monstrousness, there's NO reasoning with you nor others of your ilk, which is why Aesop wrote his fables featuring many animals that are just like you: amoral, apex predators --- along with animals that are their prey. That's why such an amoral, apex predatory creature such as yourself --- who is non-native to these shores, has no natural enemies, but refuses to leave, despite socially engineering the destruction of Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans within their ghettoes, barrios, and reservations, respectively --- writes laughable words seeking to implore moral agency when fellow melanin bereft monsters create urban killing fields. Therefore, while there's no reasoning with a monstrous creature such as yourself, melanated people reading this cannot say that they did not learn what you are and why you are the way you are---and why there's NO reasoning with you...

What's really getting at you - did your woman leave you for a member of the parent African human species because you weren't providing her with that "full" feeling? Come on - something must explain your rage, aside from being born a mistake of nature that's going extinct. Really, why won't you go gracefully, like Roy Batty, into that Good Night??????

Josh said...

"based upon REAL SCIENCE, what you all are, which is a LETHAL MUTATION"

Okay. Show it scientifically. You keep fussing about "science," even shouting it as "SCIENCE," but so far you haven't even provided any scientific argument. All you keep repeating is that whites are dying out and having trouble reproducing, both of which are objective lies. Still MORE whites in the world than blacks. Whites are still being conceived and born.

Not to even mention you're refuting your own fucking myth. That's the problem with batshit crazy conspiracy theorists. When you want to prove them wrong, just give them a platform on which to speak. LOL

You claim whites are the "apex predators" and know no enemy, and this and that. Yet, when it came time for this apex predator to try to supposedly DESTROY blacks, what did we do? We gave them free lives, put them in power, and ensured that their women could reproduce bastards at an alarming rate, all on the white taxpayers' dime! LMFAO What a fucking predatory plan of destruction!

Kill y'all? Nah.
Send you back to Africa? Nah.
Continue sick experiments and shit? Nah.
Sterilize water and supplies to ensure your extermination? Nah.
Completely fund your entire lives, cave in to every one of your demands, and support the black woman's endeavor to spit out as many fatherless bastards as her uterus can handle? Ding, ding, ding!

That's some fucking plan of destruction.

But thanks for the compliment about whites. It's not every day POC call us the alpha dogs of the planet. That's a change of pace.

James Deplorable said...

I have nothing to add to Josh's fine takedown.  BTW, Josh, do you notice Anonymous Coward's total immunity to facts?

I have gone through almost 4 pounds of popcorn in the less-than-a-month since I stocked up after the election.  At this rate I will have to start buying the movie-theater size boxes at GFS.

Josh said...

I was really hoping to engage in this sort of discussion. A masters in evo-bio was very expensive and time consuming, and unless you want to work in some research field, it doesn't have many real-world applications. So I was waiting to hear/read all about how white is a "mutation" but black somehow isn't.

But I've already heard this before.

It basically goes: God is really black. African blacks were the true chosen people. God made all the little nigglets perfect. Then, due to Satan, albino mutants were born: whitey! Baby whities were evil and horrid, getting pushed from Africa to mate with humanoids and become cave beasts. Asians and everyone else are an eventual offshoot of mutant babies' loin juice. But blacks are the original God-created miracle, which is why the Motherland was, is and will be the greatest place ever on Earth. (Yeah, I can't get through it without LOL'n either.)

This myth to which anon clings is nothing more than the equivalent of black-hijacked sect cultist-created Mormonism. There is no science he can cite. I could provide him with the links and literature and still he'd be wholly unable to explain the necessary relationship between mutation and natural selection.

Anonymous said...


According to the USATODAY, courtesy of the U.S. Census, fairly recently, there have been more "White" deaths than "White" births. Census: More deaths than births among whites - USA Today

According to the USATODAY, courtesy of the U.S. Census, fairly recently, there are NOW more "Ethnic" babies born than "White" babies.
Census: Whites make up minority of babies in U.S. -

Riddle me this, why is it that Germany, with the 5th best functioning economy in the world, according to Wall St 24/7, has the world's lowest birth rate (Surpassing Japan)? What explains Germany's birth rate being the world's lowest? - Quora

Portugal and Italy follow Germany and Switzerland (1.52 births per woman, lower than America (1.82), which rated the best economy in the world, once again, according to Wall St 24/7, has a low caucasian birth rate, despite migration inflating Switzerland's overall birth rate.

In a PBS Special, "Welcome to Leith," a "White" Supremacist bemoaned the fact that a 5 year old "white" girl in nursery school, here, in America is a MINORITY, RGIHT NOW!

Now, why would "Whites" EVER admit that they are, in fact, a LETHAL MUTATION when Fox News wouldn't even admit that that Piebald fawn's mother - itself a Piebald - was trying to kill its fawn because the fawn's WHITE face was a camouflage-less liability and a FREAK OF NATURE.
Rare white-faced deer rescued after being abandoned by mother ...

Now, the USATODAY - with apologies to Corey Lewandowski's b.s. to Diane Rehm about the "truth" (read: misinformation) - told the REAL truth.
Sanctuary saves rare fawn that its mom tried to kill - USA Today


Anonymous said...


So, why would you all's scientists come out and point blank admit that you all were LETHAL MUTATIONS when that would run counter to you all's BIG LIE of White Supremacy, yet and still, author Phillip K. Dick, in his short work, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep [the basis for Harrison Ford's "Blade Runner]," promulgates the concept of the Replicants that were personified by the German actor, blonde haired, blued eyed Rutger Hauer in the aforementioned cult classic that's presently getting a long awaited sequel???? The blockbuster movie, "The Titanic," doesn't strike you all as a real life metaphor for you creature's impending extinction?????

When Animal Planet broadcasted the special, "How Polar Bears MUTATED From Grizzly Bears," and that made it abundantly clear precisely how your MUTANT horde ACCIDENTALLY, devolutionarily mutated from a relatively small amount of Africans that were trapped in that 40k to 100k Extinction Level Event Ice Age that the great RACIALIST Germans named "WURM," Animal Planet has since PULLED that special and, in fact, REFUSES to sell it because many were thanking them for analogously REVEALING precisely how "Whites" came into existence just a mere 7,000 years ago (To think, there are pyramids buried under the sands in Egypt that are older than 7,000 years, IJS)!!!! Then, in order to shake people off of the TRUTH, PBS released this foolishness:

Arctic Bears | How Grizzlies Evolved into Polar Bears | Nature | PBS

That's PURE foolishness because we know that LOSING pigmentation, lower skull density and becoming MORE violent (Polar Bears are said to be more violent than Grizzly Bears and the violence that enabled "White" world domination is simply irrefutable, but, granted, some imbeciles try) are regressive devolutionary, NOT evolutionary traits. That scientists would even put the word 'EVOLVED' in that title lets one and all know that they're on some bovine scatology, lol!!!!

Anonymous said...


So, with the STEEP "white" population decline, globally, that appears to denotatively cover "ineffective reproduction"
--- (le·thal mu·ta·tion (lē'thăl myū-tā'shŭn)
A mutant trait that leads to a phenotype incompatible with effective reproduction.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012

---necessitating a multibillion dollar IVF Industry as well as Transnational Surrogacy

Why Some Of India's Surrogate Moms Are Full Of Regret - NPR

Offshore babies: The murky world of transnational surrogacy | Al ...

Why would ANY "White" scientist admit to the fact that the caucasoid is, in fact, a LETHAL MUTATION????

Since the caucasoid's birth rate is in steep decline, isn't the burden of PROOF upon you all's mutant humanoid subspecies to PROVE that you all are NOT a LETHAL MUTATION since you all appear to be going extinct, despite optimal circumstances??????

Sorry, but the powers of deduction will lead any smart person who is HIP to how you caucasoid's roll to determine that you all's impending extinction, because you're a LETHAL MUTATION, undergirds the mania that the Dylan Roofs, the Michael Schlagers, the Ronald Gassers, and others like your abortion-fighters remain in the throes of.

Finally, and simply put, no longer does one need you all to admit to a truth that undermines you all's low self-esteem-generated Psychosis of "White" Supremacy!!!!!! Like that shaved white-skinned monkey that I mentioned earlier, no telling how many of you all would probably kill yourselves if you properly understood the science behind your biological REALITY and how said science made your fallacious notions of superiority to even a DUNG BEETLE fatuous to an extreme, lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For others interested in how Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" became modified to deal with the collective caucasian bio-organism's impending extinction, check out Madison Grant's 1916 pseudoscientific farce, The Passing of the Great Race: Or, The Racial Basis of European History.

It is a 1916 book of scientific racism by American eugenicist, lawyer, and amateur anthropologist Madison Grant. Though influential, the book was largely ignored when it first appeared; it went through several revisions and editions, but was never a best seller.[1] Grant expounds a theory of Nordic superiority and argues for a strong eugenics program.

Also, one should check out Lothrop Stoddard's "The Rising Tide of Color: The Threat Against White World Supremacy," which was cited within F. Scott Fitzgerald's, "The Great Gatsby" and made it as a line uttered within the movies.

Further examination and datamining should reveal when this chalk complexioned creature became aware that it was a LETHAL MUTATION and that its days were numbered.


Anonymous said...


Like a Polar Bear, your color or, more correctly, the absence of it (color), is NOT due to albinism, but rather environmental mutation, that is not unlike those peppered moths that retreated to the caves within the UK due industrialism and to extreme sooty air/pollution.

The peppered moth's dark genetic past revealed : Nature News

Josh said...

"What explains Germany's birth rate being the world's lowest?"

Among whites, I take that to mean. And the answer is simple, though around here it's called "racist." More white people--not all, obviously--try to ensure they have stable home lives and finances before forcing children into the world. This is a phenomenon we've witnessed all throughout history. Since the first stages of evolution into societies, 200,000 years ago, population booms have coincided with only one thing: Resources. For a larger percentage of whites than non-whites, an economy in recession, a government in debt, and a fear of the future has prompted them to slow the rates at which they're having children. On the flip-side of that coin, being in financial turmoil as a welfare state has actually been the resource-dense catalyst for more blacks being born.

Historically speaking, whites and non-whites (Caucasian vs. Negroid, mainly) have had different parenting plans. Creating a nest for a child, in which he/she can thrive is how one has historically procreated. Having half a dozen or more children, like laying turtle eggs, is how another has historically procreated. I'm not saying one's right and one's wrong; it's simply a difference in how races have always handled their procreation. To date, it's worked out to equal MORE white people this way.

In short: More white people than non-white people are given to the philosophy of personal responsibility. (Plus there are other factors like the MGTOW movement et al.) But in no way is this some sign that whites are dying out. LOL

You still haven't provided any science for "LETHAL MUTATION" about which you insist on screaming. Some random fucking anecdote that isn't even sourced beyond your bare assertion, and you're using that--and basically that alone--to push the idea of "LETHAL MUTATION."

Anon, a very simple question: Can you explain, in scientific terms, a mutation's relationship to natural selection and thus the process of evolution?

Appeals to authority, unsourced bare assertions, and category errors in your reasoning aren't solid tools of argumentation. Books by eugenicists that would make Hitler blush aren't evidence of anything. For fuck's sake, this book is from a hundred years ago. He also refers to races as "white, yellow, black and brown," which are fucking ADJECTIVES, not actual race nomenclature. Races are Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid.

Can you explain, for the third time asking now, what this "LETHAL MUTATION" actual is? How it worked? The science behind it? Its relationship to natural selection?

I'll answer for you: No, you cannot.

"White" is not a race. "Black" is not a race. These are adjectives.

James Deplorable said...

"According to the USATODAY, courtesy of the U.S. Census, fairly recently, there are NOW more "Ethnic" babies born than "White" babies."

We've known this for some time.  (Perhaps you have too.)

Unlike you, we know why it's happening.  The massive level of immigration, much of it illegal or of people fraudulently claiming "refugee" or "family" status, is aimed at replacing and genociding the founding population of the USA.

However, this can be reversed:

All the illegals can be deported.

The 14th Amendment was not intended to cover the children of illegals.  They too can be deported.

Fraudulent refugees and "family" members being "reunified" can similarly be returned to their homes, along with their children.  We can probably add a lot of the immigrants who fraudulently sponsored non-relatives, by giving them a choice between serving the maximum sentence and paying the maximum fine for fraud, or surrendering their right to live here and going home.

This gets rid of, not just their future babies, but a lot of the babies they've already had.  This retroactively changes the White/Other balance.

Expect it to happen over the next 8 years.

"Riddle me this, why is it that Germany, with the 5th best functioning economy in the world, according to Wall St 24/7, has the world's lowest birth rate (Surpassing Japan)?"

High cost of living and feminism persuading women to work careers instead of having families.

"Now, why would "Whites" EVER admit that they are, in fact, a LETHAL MUTATION"

Because it's wrong.  We grew to occupy the whole of North America minus a few Indian reservations with the same genome we have today.  All we have to do is get rid of the idea that we owe you anything—including jobs, welfare, or participation in OUR political decisions—and we can go right back to the Baby Boom of the 1940's and 50's.

"author Phillip K. Dick, in his short work, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep [the basis for Harrison Ford's "Blade Runner]," promulgates the concept of the Replicants that were personified by the German actor, blonde haired, blued eyed Rutger Hauer in the aforementioned cult classic"

PKD didn't cast the movie, Rutger Hauer was cast because he's got both the body-building and acting chops, and Hollywood won't cast any of you googles as bad guys because rayciss.  Also because you're too dumb to be believeable as serious villians.

Josh, don't expect logic from a google.  They can barely remember their lies from minute to minute, sussing out cause and effect is totally beyond them.  Zambian space program!

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about being racist because your group isn't a 'race', but rather a subspecies, due to its color mutation. In fact, that's WHY the Germans/Blumenbach created the subterfuge of race (as in racial hierarchy) in the first place - in order to HIDE you all's true infraspecific, humanoid rank within the taxonomy, as they, the Germans, stumbled upon the ignominious origins of you all's biological reality, which, in their minds, gave them naming rights of that mutant humanoid-spawning Ice Age a mere 7,000 years ago, but I digress.

Both Germany and Switzerland - according to the literature - are imploring their "Whites" to reproduce, which flies in the face of your ruse of responsibility that STILL doesn't account for [1] IVF being a multi-billion dollar industry, [2] transracial adoption, [3] transnational surrogacy being a thing, and, once again, [4] all of the attacks on abortion clinics as well as [5] the very right, itself. Then, there's all those historical "Whitening" programs for America, Brazil, Israel, Chile, and Argentina where those places were FORCED to import "Whites" because the "Whites" who had invaded those places weren't sufficiently reproducing---and were outnumbered. Those "Whitening" programs were happening during the 1800s and 1900s---and, evidently weren't lost upon the people at the time, especially folk within Virginia who, at times, were outnumbered by the enslaved Africans within the 1700s/1800s.

Think about it---and really let this sink in: 100 years ago, Madison Grant, the, then, pre-eminent American proponent of (pseudo)scientific racism put in the title of that book, "The PASSING of the Great (WHITE) Race," and 4 short years later, inspired/alarmed by the Japanese defeating the Russians, Stoddard wrote about the RISING TIDE of melanated folk. What can we infer from Stoddard what he thought about the TIDE of "White" World Supremacy if we logically conclude that he wrote it because he felt threatened???? The PASSING, the PASSING, the PASSING!!!! Dude, NEWSFLASH! It means your subspecies is dying out, declining, moribund, ephemeral, etc. Yet, somehow, your Lethal Mutation believes that there's some Plausibility of Denial, which is indicative of a Psychosis of DENIAL. In fact, there's a book by Chris Moody whose title says it all: "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They DENY Science and REALITY." All the other smart people have figured your dying subspecies out. You clearly haven't. Once again, you needn't confirm what I've figured out. (Con't)

Anonymous said...


You asked, "Anon, a very simple question: Can you explain, in scientific terms, a mutation's relationship to natural selection and thus the process of evolution?"

According to the National Center for Science Education (Natural Selection & Mutation),
while, "Mutation is a crucial component of evolution, as is natural selection," according to Cal -Berkley's Mutations - Understanding Evolution -, "Not all mutations matter to evolution." I repeat, "NOT ALL MUTATIONS MATTER TO EVOLUTION!" Thus, "Whites" mutation matters to DEVOLUTION and being a LETHAL MUTATION." But again, I digress... Anyway, they, the Berkley folk, continued,
"Since all cells in our body contain DNA, there are lots of places for mutations to occur; however, not all mutations matter for evolution. Somatic mutations occur in non-reproductive cells and won't be passed onto offspring. For example, the golden color on half of this Red Delicious apple was caused by a somatic mutation. The seeds of this apple do not carry the mutation."

Now, as the Caucasoid hurtles to extinction in goose-step, "Hell Hitler!" saluting manner, you have to understand that since the caucasoid DEVOLVED, once again, by regressively reacquiring, via "(un)Natural Selection AND (mal)Adaptation" white skin, sans the hirsute protect from the Sun that the four primates that the melanated Africoid EVOLVED from, as melanin is an evolved trait, possessed - we clearly see that the caucasoid's problems reproducing, coupled with its skin's premature drinking, blotching and melanoma-susceptibility, as well as myriad other challenges definitely makes the Lethal Caucasian Mutation NOT a product of Evolution, but rather, DEVOLUTION. Once again, careful - your DENIAL responses may have you flirting with the mental illness that Patsy McKay identified.

Lastly, @JDeplorable has completely LOST his mind by attributing the declining caucasian births to immigration, which is totally insane. I mean, how does one respond to his insanity! You both need help, lol...

Flying Junior said...


Do you know Kassandra of the Karmic Reaction Blog?

field negro said...

No I don't. I will check outo the blog, though.


field negro said...

No I don't. I will check outo the blog, though.


Josh said...

"Not all mutations matter to evolution." I repeat, "NOT ALL MUTATIONS MATTER TO EVOLUTION!" Thus, "Whites" mutation matters to DEVOLUTION and being a LETHAL MUTATION."

Errmmm... Sorry, I'm having a very hard time following your logic.

1) Not all mutations "matter" to evolution, which is a way to say, "Not every mutation experienced in the genome is advantageous," which is something that has been widely known for over a hundred years.

2) From that, you extrapolate that being "white" is a special sort of mutation. E.g. you've painted the (incorrect) picture that black people just one day birthed a mutant white baby, and that being white is DEVOLVING, since not 100% of every mutation ever is advantageous (No shit, nerd. Just ask your fellow blacks with sickle cell anemia!) . LOL You create your own false dichotomy; e.g. "either prove god doesn't exist or god does exist!"

3) Because not all mutations are advantageous, and because you've already categorically stuffed whites into some "mutant" category, you're now using that to say that this is a "LETAL MUTATION."

You still haven't shown anything scientifically. At all. One quote-mined blurb about not all mutations being advantageous, while even that quote-mine doesn't say anything about white people.

"as melanin is an evolved trait, possessed - we clearly see that the caucasoid's problems reproducing"

1) "Melanin" isn't this God-molecule you think it is. Being BLACK is also a mutation, you fuckwit. We were once covered in fur and likely had pinkish/brownish hues to our skin underneath said fur. As fur started being replaced by more skin, because skin's more attractive and easier to clean, the organisms thus needed to evolve UV protection. (Why do many 8th graders know this shit but nationalists--black and white alike--seem to be retarded on the issue?)

2) You look at a very, VERY suspicious stat that the rate of whites is decreasing, and in your stunted child-like brain, you extrapolate that to mean whites are having some issue reproducing. To the contrary, however, white pregnancies are typically a lot healthier than black pregnancies.

Black women are at an increased risk of miscarriage. Why, though, if whites are "devolving" and dying out, and melanin-is-God people are so much stronger evolutionary speaking?

Black babies are also 2 to 3 times more likely to die from SIDS than white babies.

You see, there's a difference in the tact I take here (since I'm just a lunatic and ignorant motherfucker who's obviously wrong) using actual scientific data and numbers to make my argument. Whereas your argument (a GENIUS who's obviously correct!) uses quote-mining, appeals to authority, category errors, straw-men, and a complete misunderstanding of what melanin even is.

LOL I mean, hey, you get some points for effort!

Anonymous said...


Your anger at being confronted with both science fact ("Melanin being an EVOLVED trait" and White skin being a DEVOLVED, REGRESSIVE, unnatural, unprotected, preprogrammed-for-early-termination trait ACCIDENTALLY caused by Environmental Mutation NOT Evolution) and historical and present day fact ("Whitening Importation Programs") is both hilarious and a clear sign that your mutant mind simply cannot handle the truth.

Your rectum-hurt, low self-esteem-driven rage has you ascribing, deliberately (in Strawman fashion), an outlandish trait to melanin that my words, neither implicitly nor explicitly, stated (i.e. "God-molecule" - although there are more than a few sites that claim that melanin may act as a solar battery power).

Your blind rage has so warped your thinking that you think, somehow, as a diversionary tactic, that it's relevant to compare the collective caucasian Lethal Mutation's pregnancies health - while functioning under optimal conditions - to that of female members of the parent African human species on these shores whose pregnancies nonetheless occur under less-than-optimal, under what some might say great duress, under what all would agree was NON-homeostatic conditions. Your deranged mental flailings has you erroneously thinking that SIDS is somehow relevant to your moribund collective's attempts via IVF, Transnational Surrogacy, and abortion attacks to shore up your steadily declining numbers in order to stave off extinct after a mere, paltry 7,000 years of existence.

Smart people know that neither a healthy pregnancy nor SIDS have anything to do the declining caucasian birth rates in optimal places such as the USA, Germany and Switzerland. That's an incontrovertible truth with which you simply cannot deal.

While you seek to psychopathically deny the stats, there are plenty of these grim statistics, online, all over the place, from which you and everyone else reading this can glean for themselves.

It really doesn't matter because people can tell from Rep. Akin (R -MO) words regarding "Legitimate Rape" and Rep. Murdock (R - IN) saying that rape offspring (provided said offspring are "white") are " from God," that you creature's are losing your collective minds and are exhibiting a very dangerous psychotic hysteria that is seriously impairing your ability to properly reason, as we can see through your failed argumentation.

Lastly, the science undergirding the terms LETHAL MUTATION and (Overo) LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME (even Residential Propinquity which will always fuel Housing discrimination due to caucasian genetic recessiveness) speak for themselves.
They enable folk to deduce conclusions even from anecdotes that they know to be intuitively correct.

Finally, your feelings should be hurt because the truth has that affect upon your kind. You kith and kin progenitors of RACIALISM lied to you. Because you're amoral and apex predatory, which means that you are NOT human in any meaningful humane sense, as evident by the state of the world, all you can do is try to do is spit out this red pill that your rage says that you've digested. Jedi mind trick yourself or tell yourself the Goebbels/Hitler BIG LIE in order to keep ignoring the truth.

I have one question for you: How does it feel to know that you and your horde wouldn't have come into existence save for an accident of nature and how do you square the impending extinction of your collective with the laughable notion that you all could be superior to ANY bio-organism that is NOT going EXTINCT???????

Anonymous said...


The Baby Boom was the result of FDR's New Deal and you creatures, upon a level playing field, will NOT be able to compete when it comes to birthing (which is why Obama balked at leveraging BAILOUT and TARP into a 2nd New Deal and why "most "whites" want NO part of Jill Stein's proposals. Face it: your moribund subspecies simply cannot compete despite creating optimal circumstances along with scientific help) and you all do NOT know how to treat your women such that they would chose having children over raising your demon seeds, lol. Also, judging by how Black women were the mammies of many of you creatures, there's some question as to whether your females, after a mere 7,000 years of existence, are up to the task of motherhood, as enough of them have walked away from their families here...

Josh said...

My anger? My emotion? I am providing you with actual links to scientific studies and surveys and actual legitimate data. You're name-calling and creating a false dichotomy whereby A = C if you can't be bothered to find B.

If I ask you to multiply the gravitational constant against the rate of decay of matter in Saturn's outer rings, and you can't do it, that doesn't mean I get to insist the answer is POTATO! This is precisely what you're trying to do, and the sad part is that you're not even proving Saturn exists first off. You're literally saying that because a quote-mine says that not every mutation is advantageous, that being "white" is thus a detriment to evolution -- a BAD trait.

There is no scientific basis for this, you dense twat. You have provided ZERO scientific argumentation here. You still haven't even explained a mutation's relationship to natural selection. You haven't shown that you have even a rudimentary understanding of this topic. If you did understand this topic at all, you would know that all melanin is--all it's ever been--is UV protection for skin. LOL Melanin doesn't grant superpowers!

Smart people know that neither a healthy pregnancy nor SIDS have anything to do the declining caucasian birth rates in optimal places such as the USA"

1) Yes. I have told you that these declining birth rates are due to other factors, such as: (a) whites are more responsible than blacks in the aggregate; (b) men are opting not to have children due to unfair custody laws and the fact women initiate 80% of divorces and get the kids and men's shit 93% of the time; (c) as James pointed out, western third-wave feminism has convinced millions of middle-class white women to not have children. Choosing NOT to have kids is different than what you're saying. You're saying that whites CAN'T have kids because they're DYING OFF! Which leads into #2...

2) A smart person would realize what those links were for. You're saying that white people are dying out. I showed empirical evidence which states that white people's procreation is healthier than black people's. If we're dying out, that WOULD NOT be the case. It would be the case, if "white" was so ill equipped to survive on Earth, that white babies would be dying more often, that white women would be miscarrying more. All we see is white people consciously choosing not to procreate at the rate of Negroid women with their black bastards.

You keep mentioning the word "science" but so far have provided ZERO science. The absolute closest you've gotten was recommending I read a book by a white eugenicist written a century ago. You cite no studies. You give no concrete figures. You don't even attempt to illustrate causation in your made-up data beyond screaming "LETAL MUTATION" over and over.

I'm not the one who's angry in this exchange. Why should I be? I'm winning--I've won!--this exchange. Not only do you have zero scientific data to back up anything you're saying; you cannot even explain to me the relationship between mutation and natural selection.

Can you? No. You have no idea whatever about this topic. You're the equivalent of one of the CNN-watching Trump haters. All you know is how to read a headline from black nationalists who promote a bastardized, supremacist version of melanin theory.

James Deplorable said...

Josh, "Never argue with an idiot.  They'll haul you down to their level and beat you with experience."

The real funny thing is that the idiot is completely wrong by simple observation of the world.  Light-skilled people are so superior, after they evolved (two separate times, for caucasians and orientals) they took over pretty much the entire world except sub-Saharan Africa.  And black skin is relatively new; the ancestral strain was brown, like the San/Bushmen.

But Anonymous Coward is immune to facts.  He's got his NOI dogma memorized and nothing will shake him from it while he still has (his excuse for) a brain.

Josh said...

All I can figure is that to him, and these other melanin theorists, third-world nations and first-world nations have switched places. After looking at about 20 different webpages, I still can't find a first-world nation where its not whites or Asians who created it.

That's really the telling stat. We can see the sort of country black people create and have created all throughout history. Why, I wonder, do American blacks habitually insist it will be different for them?

Folks can call it racist, bigoted, insensitive, or whatever else they want. But it's a global fact. Blacks don't start an America. They start a Somalia.

James Deplorable said...

"Blacks don't start an America. They start a Somalia."

It's worse than that.  They turn anyplace they amass into Somalia, no matter what it was before.  The suburb north of St. Louis is called "Fergadishu" for a reason.

And then they wonder why nobody else wants them around.  A complete lack of introspection is part of the psychopathology.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully, you're enjoying this psychotic display by these two creatures, as they have yet to explain why - if they don't have problems reproducing - their people need IVF treatments to the tune of billions of dollars, need transracial adoption, need transnational surrogacy and are savagely fighting abortion at every turn. Their aforementioned entries reinforce Dr. Bobby Wright's words within the "Psychopathic Racial Personality." And, just like nature's other amoral, apex predatory creatures, there's simply NO reasoning with them, even as they shuffle off of this mortal coil looking all wrinkled as hell like Gollum and the crypt keeper, lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...


They're DENIAL is positively psychotic, isn't it?

Leopards within the Serengeti Plains have healthy babies---when their overly commingled sperm allow them to do so.

Why do you suppose that @Josh and @JDelporable persist in DENYING science and REALITY, as Chris Moody intimated???????????

Do you think that @Josh and @JDeplorable's obvious MENTAL ILLNESS will result in them ultimately killing themselves prematurely, as Patsy McKay revealed?

Anonymous said...


Don't you find it totally laughable that their mutant brains cannot comprehend how a healthy birth (say, a Panda's) doesn't suggest that Pandas. like other extreme mutations, don't have problems reproducing such that there are so FEW of them.

I get it, though. DENY, DENY, DENY!!!!!! Just as Goebbels and Hitler instructed, LOL!!!!!!

Josh said...

I see you've stopped pulling the "science" card after failing miserably to even explain the science behind mutation, much less finding literature to back you up. Now you're looking to crowdfund the debate and to hopefully recruit some blacks into your "LETHAL MUTATION" cause so you can feel you're winning.

As progressive left as Field is, I've never heard him utter the completely debunked bastardization of melanin theory here.

White people aren't having problems reproducing, no more so than anyone else. You child-brained, double-digit IQs cannot seem to grasp concepts the rest of us find to be very simplistic. Just because there are fewer black bears in Virginia doesn't mean they're going extinct or having trouble reproducing. There's a litany of factors which could--and do--explain it. The same with the white population. In summary, you're looking at some very questionable statistics which suggest whites aren't increasing in the same number as non-whites. You then use that ONE PIECE of anecdotal "evidence" to assert that whites are lesser people and are dying out.

Typically I stay with the argument and not the person. But in this instance, you cannot separate the two. You're grasping at these fake straws because you're a fucking moron.

You STILL cannot even provide me with an answer to the single simplest question in every evolutionary science: What is a mutation's relationship to natural selection? Without even knowing that entry-level fundamental of the topic, you expect that everyone else take your unadulterated ignorance as some sort of fact.

White people aren't dying out. White people reproduce healthier offspring than blacks. White women have fewer pregnancy complications. White women, no more than any other, have no issues getting pregnant.

There are MORE white people than black people, you idiot. Not only in America, but ON EARTH! We're not fucking pandas. THERE. ARE. MORE. OF. US. And if ever there are more non-whites than whites, the ONLY REASON will be because you other third-world races receive the benefits of white and Asian culture's premium healthcare and welfare.

Cry racism or whatever, but it's a fact. Negroids are a third-world race. Not an insult, not a judgment; just an observation. So when you do get the resources to procreate at higher percentages with healthy offspring, it's ONLY because you're doing so in first-world countries.

I.e. without these "LETHAL MUTATIONS" you're decrying, whose hard work and societies prop you up, you wouldn't be able to reproduce in higher numbers. Your race would be suffering widespread AIDS and syphilis and meningitis and every other disease which keeps Africa's population tame relative to the exponential amount of land and resources there naturally.

Anonymous said...


So my response was LOST, again? Ok...

Josh said...

Evidently, you just don't know how to Internet.

Anonymous said...


The science behind you and everyone who looks like you being, in fact, an Environmental (devolutionary) Mutation, as is the Polar Bear and that Peppered Moth---remains incontrovertible. Like a brazen Psychopath you don't, can't dispute this. You just ignore it.

You ignore it the very same way that IVF Treatments, Transnational Surrogacy, Transnational Adoption (See the movie about the Indian man who was adopted by the Australian family, but used Google Earth to find his family) and you all's savage, relentless attacks upon abortion coupled with the demographic trending of the U.S. Census makes you all a LETHAL MUTATION. Period.

Your psychotic refusal to accept the truth has you grasping for the tangential straws (Mutation and Melanin Theory) in order to change the subject/deflect/divert/skirt from the syllogistic straightjacket that Aristotelian Logic casts you in.

A) "White's" (who are an EXTREME Environmental Mutation of a mere 7,000 years old) population decline/extinction within America and around the world has been forecasted at least 100 years ago by Madison Grant and others, which must make the amoral, apex predatory caucasian subspecies a LETHAL MUTATION. [WHY?]

{1} After all of their "Whitening Importation Programs" in the 1800s and 1900s around the world where they spread/metastasized and established optimal birthing conditions for themselves, their Invasive (Sub)species' birth rates have NONETHELESS been steadily slowing to where, to stem the tide, "Whites" have resorted to:

[1a] Spreading disease and execute genocide to non-"Whites"
[2a] Transnational Surrogacy
[3a] Transnational/Transracial Adoption
[4a] Attacking Abortion
[5a] Disproportionately imprisoning Blacks and Latinos
[6a] Executing Extrajudicial Streetside executions of Blacks
[7a] Trying to find wives amongst the Chinese and Ethiopians, Somalis, Eritreans and other Africans whose features remind the caucasoid of their very own (un)naturally selected and (mal)adapted features in order to survive the Wurm Ice Age that spawned them.

Therefore, it can logically be deduced that these creatures that call themselves "White" must be a LETHAL MUTATION, as they appear - by their very own demographic projections (even fictionalized within their movies like 3000 B.C.) - to be going prematurely EXTINCT, relative to the melanated populations of the world.

Thus, your feeble attempts to disturb that actual narrative is psychotically absurd.

I would say you're pathetic, but you are just a typical amoral, apex predatory caucasian mutation. What other diversion can you introduce?

@Field, can this entry be allowed to stand?

Josh said...

Huh? I never said it wasn't a "mutation."

But you're too plum ignorant to understand the implications of your own argument.

1) You DO NOT KNOW what a "mutation" is; you assume that it's a NEGATIVE mutation, without ANY science backing it.
2) You DO NOT KNOW that having "black" skin--e.g. higher levels of melanin--is ALSO a mutation, you fuckwit. Black Africans also EVOLVED to have higher melanin levels once skin replaced fur and needed extra UV protection because most of SSA is a fucking desert wasteland which, today, STILL has slavery and is STILL the third-world despite the "LETHAL MUTATION'S" best efforts to prop it up.
3) You still cannot explain a mutation's relationship to evolution.

As for the rest of your delusional manifesto, I have no fucking idea what you're even babbling about.

Josh said...

Using anon's same argument:

Blacks are a LETHAL MUTATION! Only whites, who left Africa and bred the savage out of their DNA, are capable of creating first-world societies. We see data which back this up.

1)Black women are more likely to miscarry
2)Black babies are more likely to die from SIDS
3)Blacks die way more from heart disease
4)Blacks die way more from diabetes
5)Blacks kill one another at rates exponentially higher than any other race
6)Black men, accounting for 6% of Americans, commit fifty fucking percent of all violent crimes

You can no longer deny it. The LETHAL MUTATION that is black means your entire race is ill equipped for evolution and will completely die out. Without white societies propping you up, blacks reside in nothing but third-world squalor, an objective fact of life that CANNOT be denied. Outside of nations that were created by and are operated by whites, blacks have turned every nation in which they reside to third-world shit holes. Every single nation on the planet that has a black population also has statistics that prove blacks are responsible for more crime, more violence, are less educated, and fuck up the culture by introducing the Congo to civility.

These facts are undeniable. Can't blame Trump for this.

Therefore, it logically follows that blacks are LETHAL MUTANTS, a blight of evolution, and would go completely extinct were it not for white people propping them up in societies they did not build or even contribute to.

James Deplorable said...

"I see you've stopped pulling the "science" card after failing miserably to even explain the science behind mutation, much less finding literature to back you up. Now you're looking to crowdfund the debate and to hopefully recruit some blacks into your "LETHAL MUTATION" cause so you can feel you're winning."

I started this bit of reading because of of an earlier thread and was going to post it there, but it's probably dead so here's the best place to post it.

"random" likes to rant and rave about Whiteness being a fatal mutation, but read the articles:

All of these articles show that Whiteness replaced Blackness throughout Europe, and indeed throughout most of the world outside Africa.  Guess what, random?  Whiteness may die out... after it has finished cleansing Blackness from the Americas and finally Africa.  Because the likes of random are too stupid to live.

Josh said...

The only reason I continue to subject myself to his double-digit-IQ stupidity is that I'm waiting to see if he even understands the topic at its most novice levels.

According to him, a black person just one day birthed a white baby. No. That's how how evolution works. Caucasians and albinos aren't the same thing. One is a one-off mutation, a sudden shock to the genome; the other is a gradation which took thousands of years, genetic diversity, and a gene pool settling into its conditions. This moron really believes that blacks, the chosen people, had a mutant baby one time and it bred all white people. LMFAO

As this literature WILL suggest, because it's the truth unlike this moron's insane guesses, the trait for "white" skin was SO ADVANTAGEOUS that it spread like wildfire and dominated the gene pool quickly. Having "white" skin brought along more with it than aesthetic looks. It brought taller people, smarter people, more cooperative people, people able to digest milk, less tribal, less violent people.

Random, solve: H2 = VG/VP - H2 = VA/VP ... What's the first one? What's the second one? What's the differences between them? How do phenotypic traits play a role?

This is sad. At least with Christian creationists who believe the earth is 3,000 years old, they have a site to which they can run for rudimentary answers, so they're not left looking like retards in "debates." The black melanin theorists don't have this. There isn't ONE SINGLE PERSON in their entire camp who has a biology education. They don't have anyone who knows anything about genetics. Their entire methodology involves taking a suspect study about liver disease in whites, and using that to say "SEE! LETHAL MUTATION!"

Tell me the exact range of variance components in heritability. Tell me what additive genetic variance means.

Here's you, a low-IQ useless menial labor cunt, who can't even explain, with TWO WEEKS TO RESEARCH, a mutation's relationship to evolution. Meanwhile, I have a masters degree in evolutionary biology and can demonstrate an expert understanding of the topic (unlike Yiscunt who gets biological terminology incorrect and then says that it's on purpose because she was taught science using Ebonics).

But I'm deflecting? I'm ignoring? You have zero grasp of this topic. You're a noob. Protip: Read the articles James has provided. You might just learn something. Or, if you have any questions, ask me. I'm happy to help.