Monday, December 12, 2016

How to humiliate a "statesman".

Image result for trump romney dinner images      Poor Mittens, it seems that he was being played all along by Herr trump for all the world to see.

I say serve him right. This is what happens when you are so greedy for power that you cheapen yourself and forget about your core principles.  (Assuming, of course, that you had any.) If you call a man a "phony and a fraud", why would you want to work for him?

From all accounts trump is going to choose the big oil guy as his Sect Of State (Another Russian connection. Where will it end?) And most us thought that Mitt was a lock for the job. Silly us, we forgot how petty and vindictive trump can be. I am guessing that he didn't forget  all the the things that Mitt said about him.  

Here is what one writer,  , wrote for Mediaite: 

"Since news broke Saturday that President-elect Donald Trump is likely to appoint Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, political observers and commentators have fallen into two camps.
The first camp consists of those who are shocked that after considering the whole dog and pony show that surrounded him for weeks, Mitt Romney won’t get the nod.

The second camp is comprised of people who are shocked that there are people who are shocked Romney won’t be Secretary of State.

The second camp is the more reasonable camp. The second camp is the one that will weather Trump’s presidency best because it is full of people who are already able to differentiate between manipulative spectacle and sincerity.

What Trump did to Romney was the equivalent of rubbing a puppy’s nose in its pee on the carpet before forcing the little dog outside to sit on the cold porch while you clean the wet patch. You want that puppy to know he caused you to be annoyed and to do a little bit of extra work. You want the little rascal to get very intimately acquainted with what made you so annoyed. Before you toss the pup out into the cold, you just want to humiliate him a little bit and reclaim your superiority. After all, for the brief second the tiny dog was using your expensive carpet as a toilet, wasn’t he the one with the power?

Okay, now it’s time to swap a few actions into the above scenario. Instead of a puppy peeing on the carpet, we have Romney giving a barnburner of a speech against Trump and then mocking him for months afterward, until Trump actually won the election. Instead of a momentarily-perturbed owner rubbing the doggy’s nose in it, we have Trump getting the former governor of Massachusetts to jump through shameful hoops and pose sheepishly for photo ops during a bunch of incrementally more humiliating meetings as he waited to learn his fate as a statesman." [Source]

Somewhere in one of his many homes the poor guy must be looking at his wife and saying: " I can't believe I let him play me like that. " 

Don't worry, Mitt, I can assure you that you are not alone. There are millions of Americans and a guy named Chris who are feeling the same way that you do.  

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dinthebeast said...

Romney was never, ever going to get a job from Trump, and if he even for a minute thought he was going to, then we dodged an even bigger bullet than it seemed at the time in 2012.

-Doug in Oakland

The Ministry of Truth said...

It's hard to figure out what Mittens was thinking, assuming he was really entertaining taking the secretary of state job. I mean, yeah, okay, maybe he'd like doing the job of secretary of state, traveling everywhere and negotiating with world leaders and all. But under Trump? Worst boss in the world! A malignant narcissist who thinks he knows everything about everything, but really only knows how to erect tacky buildings and cheat suckers out of money.

And it's not like Romney needs to ever work again. The guy is loaded. Maybe not as wealthy as Trump (although Trump is widely assumed to inflate his net worth, because he is an arrogant liar), but still filthy rich. I get why the rest of the awful circus freaks in the Trump Cabinet would have accepted their jobs, but why in hell would someone with Romney's great private sector career options volunteer to put himself through that nightmare? He's intelligent enough he should know better than that, and yet ...

Whatever. Trump did him a favor not nominating him.

Lilacpr said...

You guys, see? He knows what he's doing! He does! Mittens would never in a million years be a good Sec of State! Trump just wanted to see him 'perform' how he'd ho about it! And he failed! But he got the chance! He's just not cut out for the job and Mr.T (ima call him Mr.T or the big T from now on okay:D ) wanted him to realize it, and he did! Genius! I like this man!

Unknown said...

"It was an honor to have been considered for Secretary of State of our great country. My discussions with President-elect Trump have been both enjoyable and enlightening. I have very high hopes that the new administration will lead the nation to greater strength, prosperity and peace."

Tillison is Trump's pick for Secretary of State, and his going to explain his conflicts of interest sometime in January and not in a press conference this Thursday. Honestly, is anyone surprised? Merry Christmas!

Pay to Play said...

"he is going to explain his conflicts of interest sometime in January"

That will be easy - he is quitting his job at Exxon. Voila, no conflicts of interest.

It's not like he would be a Secretary of State whose family runs a foundation that takes billions of dollars from foreign governments. That would be crazy!

Unknown said...

Oh no Pay to Play, I should have written my sentence with a little more clarity, Trump will explain his conflicts of interest sometime in January than originally scheduled for this Thursday in a press conference. I wasn't writing about Tillerson as it's a given his stepping down as CEO of Exxon and depends on confirmation from the Senate.

However, that's still not right just because you voted for Trump. I expect that kind of behavior from because he consistently said who he was and people mistakenly took for authenticity. You are supposed to demand more from your candidate and not settle. It's not just your job to vote him and say whatever. Expect more, in the words of Target.

Anonymous said...

Russian hacker hoax is the end of the fake news media.

No one believes a word they say anymore.

Anonymous said...

Liberals literally want to destroy the planet because the Russians don't agree with us on gay marriage or Syria.

John Molesta said...

The wiki Emails influenced the election by providing facts about Democrat party corruption.

Real Americans know our democracy only works when voters know nothing!

Paradoctor said...

Make Russia great again!

Polar Penis said...

Certain types of cookies are better for shipping than others. Flakey and fragile cookies like macarons, Florentines, and cream-filled sandwich cookies will probably be damaged in transit no matter what. Opt for sturdier cookies like chocolate chip, sugar, and gingerbread.

Anonymous said...

C.S. Lewis said the end will have come when we no longer believe in God but still believe in the Devil.

Anonymous said...

We knew the deep state monster existed but it took Trump to bring it out of the shadows.

Josh said...

"This is what happens when you are so greedy for power that you cheapen yourself and forget about your core principles."

Ah, Field; how mighty magnanimous of you to finally, after all this time, call out the crooked corporate media for becoming a propaganda machine for the Democrats. About time you've called them out for their race-bating narratives, driven by pure greed, begging for Hillary's support, as exposed by WikiLeaks.

Oh, wait. My bad. This is yet another copy-paste anti-Trump hit piece which doesn't mean anything to anybody outside of your shrinking echo chamber. Doubtful you even pasted a WL piece here at all.


Lance Cockstrong said...

Prediction: After taking office, Tweety Trump will in very short order be at war with his cabinet. Even if he intends to relegate himself to Tweeter In Chief and leave the governing to others, he will not be able to resist throwing his weight around at inopportune times and will become a major irritant and a useless idiot to these Generals and CEOs who do not habitually suffer fools.

Josh said...

"Tweety Trump will in very short order be at war with his cabinet..."

Lance Cuckstrong, isn't that infinitely better than, "Crooked Hillary will in very short order by at war with Russia..."?

Here we have a guy who couldn't be more anti-war if you paid him $10 billion to be more anti-war, and 90% of all smears against him have to do with him having some type of war. LMFAO

It's like some of you folks never bothered to look past a CNN headline before rendering a final verdict on Trump.

Lance Cockstrong said...

What part of "prediction" do you not understand Josh? Or are you the only one allowed to speculate? Anti War? No doubt you noticed that China is flying nuclear armed planes around in response to his dumbass tweets. We will see how anti-war Tweety Trump is.

field negro said...

Trump will declare war on the first person who insults him on Twitter.

He is that petty.

field negro said...
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Yisheng is a genius said...

I'm waiting for Trump to tell everyone shit is really sugar so it'll be easier to know when I'm dealing with a whooteemoo.

Josh said...

So, if China is so cunty that they'd declare war over stupid Tweets, that's obviously Trump being pro-war? LMFAO. The stupid never stops.

I guess we can safely say that Obama going on late-night comedy shows is what created ISIS (and not Hillary arming them)?

Nidal Hassan said...

The left could have had another generation of unchallenged power if they hadn't doubled down on importing rapists and murderers.

field negro said...
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field negro said...
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field negro said...

That's not a stretch Doc. He already has them believing that Obama is not a citizen.

Wingnuts are not that smart.😏

Ivan Beatinov said...

Well, the recount efforts are over and the good news is that Donald Trump actually gained votes. Another benefit was the discovery of massive voter fraud in Michigan, where 37 percent of the precincts in Detroit tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books. Oh snap! In nearly 60% of Detroit precincts, an official recount could not be conducted because either there were the wrong number of ballots or the seals had been broken on the ballot boxes. In about 20 Detroit precincts, ballot boxes opened during the recount had fewer ballots than poll workers had recorded on Election Day. In other precincts, recount workers found evidence of ballots being counted more than once, in fact as many as 6 times!

Can you believe it? The Russians must have infiltrated the election boards in Detroit, thwarting the recount effort that could have given Hillary the Presidency!

Yisheng is a genius said...

The normalization of whooteemooizm in the US, is the beginning of the end of the US as a world leader.

field negro said...

Ivan, have a vodka on your supreme leader.

Cornquesha said...

Remember, Russia is our mortal enemy for some reason and Saudi Arabia is a trusted ally because shut up.

Juan Chinga said...

Imagine if 30 million Russians were here illegally and the President personally told them they should vote in American elections.

That would be crazy!

Good Riddance said...

Michelle Obama reading to some kids today chides Santa for having been a smoker, then recommends children listen to Chris Brown.

38 days.

Anonymous said...

After this month, Democrats will never be able to claim that they care about voter disenfranchisement ever again, without merciless mocking.

Anonymous said...

KANYE WEST: Lemme be a part of your cabinet

TRUMP: What position did you have in mind?

KANYE WEST: Kanye West

The Ministry of Truth said...

Yet more disturbing conflicts of interest for Crooked Donald are coming to light. He's got a new development in the Philippines, and therefore a very obvious profit-based reason for sucking up to mass murderer Roderick Duterte (in addition to the lilkelihood Trump just agrees that vigilantism is a good solution for crime).

From Newsweek:

"One thing, however, is clear: The Trump family has an enormous financial interest in keeping Duterte happy. Trump Tower at Century City in Makati, Philippines, is on the verge of completion, with potential buyers having placed deposits on at least 94 percent of the condominiums, according to Century Properties, the Trump Organization’s business partner there. During the U.S. presidential campaign, Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric traveled to Makati to shovel some dirt in a ceremony to celebrate the structural completion of the building; a photograph of the two men shoveling alongside top Centuryy Properties executives was posted on the building’s website."

Lance Cockstrong said...

When you have nukes you can be as cunty as you damn well please. Even if Tweety out-cunts them he is playing a dangerous game (and hasn't even yet taken office and cannot be bothered with security briefings) and so cannot hardly be said to be anti-war. And while blowing pussy farts at China and demanding a new deal on his terms he at the same time plays kissy face with Putin giving him Ukraine and maybe a couple of European countries besides.

So what was it again that you don't like about Trump?

The Ministry of Truth said...

*Should be Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Johnny Wang said...

No one complaining about Trump's conflicts of interests bitched this hard about Pelosi's insider trading. Or, for that matter, Hillary's foundation accepting billions in donations and her husband accepting multi-million dollar "speaking fees" from foreign countries while she was the sitting Secretary of State.

John Molesta said...

Podesta lost his phone in a DC taxi: TRUE

Podesta's password was "p@assw0rd: TRUE

Podesta clicked on phishing links: TRUE

Russian Hackers: Zero evidence

Josh said...

Making tweets is not fucking war.

Holy fucking shit.

Things I don't really like about Trump:

1) He's about as anti-science as they come, a climate change denier, a vaccer, repeats this nonsense about "clean coal," and doesn't seem to have any drive whatsoever to advance America's STEM standing, which, thanks to watering it down so people like Yisheng can (supposedly) graduate using ebonics, is behind most of the developed world.

2) Simply building a wall to solve America's illegal immigration problem is unrealistic and just a political buzz term.

3) Pence is everything I stand against as a skeptic.

4) Might end up hurting free trade by imposing high tariffs on imported goods.

5) His ego puts Obama's to shame.

Things I like about Trump

1) Tells the truth about America's "rigged" system of media and the DNC, which, as was proven by WikiLeaks, is nothing more than a propaganda machine for Democrats*

2) Is intentionally provocative to spite the sissified PC culture

3) Doesn't need to be beholden to lobbyists and donors

4) Didn't make the world's largest arms deal to create ISIS; didn't take 20% of his campaign funding from a country that actually treats women how America's feminists pretend America does

5) He likely WILL do something about ISIS (drive-by, not a war though; no occupation)

6) He isn't part of the establishment politicians and the status quo, of which Obama--supposedly also not--may have been America's A#1 example of an establishment guy

7) Didn't rig the RNC against his many opponents

8) Stayed on his message despite having more working against him than any politician in American history. His own party, the other party, media, etc.

9) Might actually reform taxes to make it fairer for everyone!

*Even IF Russia hacked the DNC--of which there's zero evidence--we should be thanking them. What Russia supposedly did was what our own fucking journalists should be doing: Uncovering collusion and corruption and telling the TRUTH about it. But what is our media doing? Participating in it so that Hillary will notice them.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Tweets are about all he can do right now. What he will do after he takes office remains to be seen.

System is rigged talking point he stole from Bernie Sanders. Media is rigged? Why because Bernie Goldberg says so? Typical right wing whining. If the media is biased against you that is on you. Not the media.

Arms deal with ISIS? Why because Julian Assange says so? Bullshit.

Can't be bought? Doesn't need to be bought. He is self-bought.

Didn't rig RNC? You don't think he would if he could? They hated his guts because he came out of nowhere and proved to be better at being them than they are.

Stayed on message? Other than the wall and persecuting Muslims he had no message.

It's all conjecture, all we know at this point is that we are stuck with him. Let's see how he does.

Josh said...

"If the media is biased against you that is on you. Not the media."

So, if an entity supposedly devoted to impartiality and honesty abandons those principles and targets people they feel are political enemies, it is the fault of those considered political enemies?

I guess Ray Rice's fiancee shouldn't have opened her big fucking mouth. It's not his fault he hit her; it's hers.

"Why because Julian Assange says so? Bullshit."

Julian Assange has a record of impeccable honesty and impartiality; and was, in fact, a hero of the progressives when he was releasing documents about corruption in Afghanistan, which were used by you people to lambast Bush.

Suddenly, though, because a Democrat is corrupt, Assange is dishonest and apparently made up the documents. But, hey, you've preemptively set the standard with the comment I quoted above. It's not Assange's fault you're implying he's a partisan liar; it's his fault.

"Didn't rig RNC? You don't think he would if he could?"

Two different topics. 1) The FACT that he did not. 2) Your pure speculative guess that he would have.

"Stayed on message? Other than the wall and persecuting Muslims he had no message."

You cuckolds who only read headlines from corporate media to pretend you're making up your own minds are just too sad. Trump's messages/platform has been fucking CONSISTENT since the 1980s.

"Let's see how he does."

Well, that's the message from people like me. Let's wait and see. From people like you, he's Herr Trump and Hitler and racist and a white supremacist and already a warmonger. LOL You can't have it both ways, Lance. You're either going to wait and see or you're going to keep spewing propaganda which presupposes Trump is X.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Anyone with any sense would be biased against the right wing agenda of class warfare, American Exceptionalism, theocracy, science denial, hatred of Mexicans, Muslims, gays, and a special hatred for Obama. It isn't like the mainstream media invented fake news against the right wing. Quite the opposite, the NYTimes was at the forefront of the Hillary email server story and the Uranium-One story. If the mainstream media is biased against the right wing, talk radio and the internet is biased against liberals. And no doubt Breitbart will be elevated to Pravda status if that makes you feel any better.

Assange's impeccable honesty is a lot more peccable now because his assertions that Hillary armed ISIS is in no way backed up by the evidence he has presented. If weapons provided to rebels in Libya and Syria ended up with ISIS, or weapons provided to Iraqi fighters who when confronted by ISIS ran like hell and left the weapons behind, that is not the same as say, Iran Contra.

Two different topics? Actually 3. 3) the FACT that he couldn't rig the RNC if he wanted to.

It wasn't me dressed up like a Nazi and screaming Heil Trump. The message sent was received loud and clear by the racists and white supremacists. Consistent since the 1980s? Trump hasn't been consistent since last week. climate change, Obamacare, the generals, torture, the NYTimes, even Obama himself and locking up Hillary. Trump is in la-la land. As a matter of fact we can have it both ways, we know what we expect to happen, we (and you) will see what happens, we have no choice.

Josh said...

"Assange's impeccable honesty is a lot more peccable now because his assertions that Hillary armed ISIS is in no way backed up by the evidence he has presented"

You seem to be missing the point on Assange anyway. 1) Assange is a front for Wikileaks. He literally lives inside of the Ecuador embassy in London and couldn't go on hacking campaigns if he wanted to. He no longer even runs the WL site. They monitor his Internet and outright cut it if they think he's up to no good. 2) It's about the information, not the person delivering it anyway. 3) There are over 30,000 Clinton emails, not just four like mainstream liberal media wants you to believe, and when put in context with the Podesta emails, they paint a VERY clear picture that Clinton was the single greatest force in overthrowing Libya, the big force in Syria, and thus the actual cause of the migrant crisis. She made the world's largest arms deal ever with Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia's government funds ISIS.

Extra point: 4) In ten years of releasing documents, Wikileaks has NEVER got it wrong. Never.

Clinton KNEW that ISIS was being basically created by the Saudis and Qataris. What did she do? She armed them anyway. Why? Because they gave her MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and supported her presidential ambitions.

Trump might be a piece of shit. Despite the guy lavishing praise on the VAST MAJORITY of all Muslims and Mexicans, he could even be a racist (although Mexicans aren't a race, and Islam is a fucking ideology, you brainwashed stooges). But he's not a corrupt fucking warmonger who promotes terrorism.

Admitting Hillary Clinton is evil doesn't mean you love Trump.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Hillary is evil? Yeah she did some stupid things with her emails and maybe the foundation. I don’t think she is evil but I can’t say for sure. Selling arms to the Saudis is more likely helping allies protect themselves against Iran than to create ISIS. No doubt some of those weapons made their way to ISIS but this still doesn’t fall into the same category as selling arms directly to Iran. As for how the Saudis treat women that wouldn’t change whether Hillary took their money or not. As for Libya the Arab Spring was the driving force there, for a long time we stayed out of it (right wingers like Gingrich were screaming what a pussy Obama was) then we intervened to prevent a bloodbath (No not now goddammit Gingrich screamed). But we never had troops there and no Americans were killed. Same with Syria, the Arab Spring was the driving force there too. Yeah we wanted to overthrow Assad so we eventually armed the rebels even though there were significant numbers of jihadists amongst them. But they were winning, what we didn’t count on was Russia being the game changer. There is nothing in the emails released by Wikileaks that shows anything different. But Assange is doing interviews all over the place painting Hillary as selling weapons to ISIS (not actually saying so just using Hillary and ISIS in the same sentence to leave you with that impression). Whatever, Hillary was made to order for Trump’s no substance all abuse style and so we are stuck with him. I expect the Trump administration will be a catharsis for white-centric America at first, but when their clean coal jobs don’t come back and the filthy rich continue to get filthier and richer they will eventually come to realize that they have been played. Time will tell.

Islam is an ideology? Why because Flynn says so?
Mexicans aren’t a race? Anyone that doesn’t speak American is a race, as any Neo-Nazi will tell you.

“they’re rapists and some I assume are good people” (but fuck them all anyway) is lavishing praise? But yeah like everything else Trump is all over the place from one day to the next. Someone wrote an article in Vanity Fair or someplace, I forget the term she used but the point was that him going from one extreme to the other was calculated to make voters lose their sense of equilibrium. I liken it more to professional wrestling where you can’t even tell who is supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy anymore, but they always know what button to push to elicit precisely the desired response from the dumbass audience.

Josh said...

It doesn't matter if there's any change or not and Hillary taking their money. Lance, just imagine if white nationalists were donating to Trump. Holy shit. I can't image how much smoke you'd have coming out your ears about it. Saudi Arabia is not our ally. Government's been lying to us about that for many administrations now. They're among the largest human rights violators on the planet. This isn't the first time they've armed terrorists. And the ONLY REASON Clinton dealt with them was to get their money and support (don't forget: Saudi Arabia's government has controlling interests in America's corporate media. LOL You can't make this shit up!)

The "Arab Spring" was a crock of shit.

"(not actually saying so just using Hillary and ISIS in the same sentence to leave you with that impression)"

I don't know if you're a progressive anti-gun ideologue, but I'm sure you know them. It's perfectly acceptable, and apparently logical, for them to blame gun shows for school shootings. Because a person might have gotten a firearm from a person who got a firearm from another person who got a firearm from the gun show, gun shows are thus bad. It's an even more direct path here. Hillary armed a heinous terrorist nation for profit; they thus armed ISIS. How are you letting Hillary off the hook?

I'm CONSTANTLY amazed at how anti-gun you progressives are for Americans, but don't have a mumbling fucking word to say about the fact that we're the world's largest arms dealers, and grew exponentially larger under President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

How 'bout some consistency on the things in which you folks pretend to believe passionately?

"Islam is an ideology? Why because Flynn says so?"

Huh? Islam is a fucking religion, Lance. Why are you so cunty lately? Trump Derangement Syndrome? Religions are--wait for it--IDEOLOGIES, not RACES! This is kindergarten-level shit. Why would you willingly whore away your intellectual honesty just to take jabs at people? Religions are objectively ideologies, not fucking races of people.

"Anyone that doesn't speak American is a race..." pure meme-fodder hyperbolic nonsense. Mexicans-as-a-race is something driven by your side of the aisle, not neo Nazis. It's the progressives who label Mexicans as a "race" every time they call someone racist for opposing ILLEGAL immigration.

And I don't wanna get too much into your "equilibrium" article. But as someone with two degrees in an actual hard scientific discipline, not the humanities' sciences, I'd love to know the objective criteria by which this whole "equalibria" balanced conditions postulate comes from. To the best of my knowledge--and I look forward to you correcting me, as I admittedly don't know a lot about it--this is some half-baked postulate cooked up, bereft of actual studies and evidence, and accepted as gospel in the soft liberal arts of western universities.

Basically, it's someone's opinion that video games can make you kill if Tony the Tiger can sell cereal, and therefore there's an equilibrium--a balance--of the sort of stuff we can ingest in a broad social context to remain balanced people. But look no farther than this site to debunk it. Field, for instance, is a dyed-in-the-wool black-power progressive liberal who wouldn't even try to subject himself to the other side of life unless he's seeking to tear it down. I wouldn't qualify him as someone without equilibrium; he's just an ideologue. Being an ideologue is the default balance for tons of people. These are people who, ironically enough, don't need dog whistles. It's just the opposite end of the spectrum finds a monster in every closet because ingesting THE OPPOSITE VIEW throws off their equilibrium.