Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016.

TWEET MEIt's almost 2017, people, and, as is always the case, folks are making their New Year's resolutions,

I have a few:

1. To be more patient.

2. To increase my knowledge of the world.

3. To take better care of myself.

4.  To have a better appreciation of my family and friends.

There are others, but  the ones I mentioned above are the most important right now.

What are yours?


mike from iowa said...

To fight the new "RED' menace from behind every tree, hedgerow and stone wall in every county in every state all day every day until this threat to America is wiped out. Russia Americans are not even useful idiots anymore. There are a real dangerous danger to America and need to be sent to Siberia pretty pronto.

To be less tolerant of the aforementioned wingdings.

To stock up on ammo for the coming war.

Might not hurt to learn to speak Russian to know what the imbeciles are yapping about behind my back.

Unknown said...

Patience is a good choice.

For me, it's to try and do new things. Do something every week that I've never done before. Challenge myself more in this way.


Happy 2017.

mike from iowa said...

My fondest wish is to be put in charge of vanishing every vestige of right wing nuttery in the last 50 years, including all wingnut people?. if they really are humans and not zombies. Zombies can be shot without hurting anyone's feelings.

Then, I'll take a nap and prolly watch some internet porn.

Lilacpr said...

For me is to take it easy, relax more, put up a hammock somewhere. Just to live that lazy tropical,Caribbean lifestyle, that I don't know where the hell it is because no one I personally know lives like that! But oh well...and to not let crap upset the living hell outta me! and to just R-E-L-A-X-...but that's gonna be hard...I know...but gotta try...oh and tonight I will be partying in a local hotel that is absolutely beautiful! the architecture, landscaping, furnishings, it has an infinity pool, not that I will be swimming but, who knows...three beers and I'm dancing on the tables,so...I may just rip off my clothes, throw caution to the winds and jump in!! after all, you only live once and I'm just about done...but let's not go there shall we? xD But, yes, we are going with the next door neighbor who has fallen in love with one of my sons, and they're having a torrid affair! Life never gets boring around here I must say!!! xDDD

Anyway, Happy New Year my loves! To each and everyone of you I wish a new year filled with health, love, and prosperity, I won't add happiness because if you have the above mentioned, believe me you'll be plenty happy! :D


mike from iowa said...

C'mon mike from iowa. Why can't you be more like Lilacpr and show some optimism?

Once I get rid of enough disgusting wingnuts I just may feel some optimism. Until then, vigilance is the price of life. Give them an inch and they steal your fillings.

Happy New Year if you can find anything to be happy about. :(

PilotX said...

Don't make resolutions. If I need to adjust and change I have to do that on the fly and not wait for Jan 1st. If I'm fat in July no sense in waiting to hit the gym.

PilotX said...


dinthebeast said...

1. Play more guitar. It's what I live for, and I hardly ever do it any more.

2. See Lucius in concert. I'm now averaging one show per year, The Joy Formidable last year, and Neko Case this year. Considering that I didn't see any shows at all between Rilo Kiley a week before my stroke in '08, and TJF last year, that's still an improvement. I'm actually optimistic and excited about being there when Jess and Holly make that sound...

3. Get the fuel pump and kickdown cable on the car replaced so it works well enough to take the driving test in and get my driver's license back.

4. Start my own blog. I was supposed to do that this year, but I didn't get it done. I told the three or four bloggers who have been encouraging me that I would get myself a WordPress account as soon as I got my driver's license back, and I haven't gotten it yet. I got paid today, so perhaps this upcoming week I can get those parts installed and move the whole thing forward.

5. Try not to die when they take my health insurance away.

-Doug in Oakland

Lilacpr said...

Mike, c'mon down, you'll be happy believe me! Down here you're happy just to be alive and knows cling kid! xD its a no frills kinda place!

Pilot, yeah! Way to go!

Din, whew! You've really got your plate full! But bit by bit!

Nasreen, umhm, new stuff is always a challenge for me too!

And Field, you know you ain't ever gonna do none o' that!!! xD

Let's face it kids, nobody ever keeps resolutions, but we'll see...;)

Yīshēng said...

Blogger dinthebeast said...
Try not to die when they take my health insurance away.

I've seen a draft of what supposed to replace ACA and it doesn't look good.

Those death panels WILL be part of this new "plan" no matter how they try to spin in.

Yīshēng said...

I'm with you PX, I don't make resolutions either. I'm just happy that my family is health and happy, and that I'm one year closer to my "Dr" title!

Lilacpr said...

Happy New Year Yisheng!

mike from iowa said...


Donald J. TrumpVerified account
Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!

I know what to do you disgusting piece of buzzard shit. Unfortunately, a peon like me gets jail time for free speech in Putin's Amerika.

Anonymous said...

mike should resolve to take his medication more regularly.

Yīshēng said...

Hey PR and the rest of my Fieldnegro family (NOT you whooteemoss), HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

I resolve to GRADUMATE within the decade!!! (Or at keast before I turn 65) They have to give me a degree after 50 years in school, else it RACIST!!!!

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Happy New Year, FN Family!! Extending my favorite prayer at the new year.

Special thougts to Yisheng, our future doctor, for the journey towards graduation joy.

Keeping the faith for Doug and many of our fellow citizens anxious about quality and affordable healthcare.

And that our president-elect will come to govern this nation with justice and mercy.

Maybe Lila's optimism will be validated in full in the event we have "nothing to fear, except fear itself..."

NM 6:22-27
The LORD said to Moses:
"Speak to Aaron and his sons and tell them:
This is how you shall bless the Israelites.
Say to them:
The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon
you, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and
give you peace!
So shall they invoke my name upon the Israelites,
and I will bless them."

James Deplorable said...

"Might not hurt to learn to speak Russian to know what the imbeciles are yapping about behind my back."

Вы должны читать Толстого и Пушкина и Достоевского, чтобы понять наши идиомы, и это займет больше, чем остальная часть вашей жизни.

I've resolved to laugh more.  Maybe troll more, maybe troll less.  It depends what's more fun.

Virginia said...

1. Declutter the garage
2. Spend more time outdoor
3. Focus on health and hobbies
4. Make a reservation at SEI

The Purple Cow said...

Quote: James deplorable

"Вы должны читать Толстого и Пушкина и Достоевского, чтобы понять наши идиомы, и это займет больше, чем остальная часть вашей жизни."

Какой разумный человек будет тратить всю оставшуюся жизнь обучения вашего идиома?

mike from iowa said...

I have a reason for hope for the New Year. It is within the realm of possibilities that Polar Bears will invade the lower 48 and eat climate change deniers on a bigly basis. I will be rooting for the bears.

Anonymous said...

Ok, one resolution I'm gonna go with Doug on this one and play more guitar.


Anonymous said...

Make millions! Make more millions! Make hundreds of millions! Make thousands of millions! Then move to Negril!!

Flying Junior said...

Well, every year I promise that I will become the kind of person who makes other people feel loved and valued. Something that I have never been very good at. But something that I have always admired in others.

I guess this year, I will try to take that love to an action level. I did a little bit of that this Christmas. I made a little boy very happy. But there is so much more work to be done in this world. Sooner or later, if it does not involve sacrifice, at the very least it requires that you place the needs of others ahead of your own at least part of the time.

Bless the caring peoples of this world. You are the hands of God. Carry on the good work.

Yīshēng said...
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Yīshēng said...

^^^^ make that SENATORS, PLURAL!!!!