Thursday, December 01, 2016


Image result for field negro image You can holla at me about trump's victory tour, that wingnut reporter from FOX sticking his foot in that college president's door to get a story, or the trump supporter and surrogate declaring that there is no longer any such thing as facts. 

Of course, as always, you can tell me damn near anything that's on your mind.


Lance Cockstrong said...

Sorry fi MAGA DOG
Him turn around bite you
And if you jump outta fryin pan
I know you jump inna fire yeah

When I were with you look how you big and fat
Now you look like a real wet rat
Gal, go weh from me
Me no wan' fe see you 'round here

Sorry fi MAGA DOG
Him turn around bite you
And if you jump outta fryin pan
I know you jump inna fire yeah

Your father gi' you money fi buy piece of land
You take your father money and buy obeah man
But a young nay like you
Should be cut with a filing tool

Lilacpr said...

WTH Lance! Speak English you're in America now!!! xD

Lilacpr said...

Okay I wanna talk about love! Love and happiness! and what I wanna say is that I'm fed up that's what, and I don't have either at the moment!!! Don't ask me, I don't wanna talk about it!!! x(

Well, okay, I'll talk about it! I made a huge mistake.(One of many) I took in a f*&^% rescue pit bull that was wandering around and the person that caught and chained it couldn't keep it so I offered till it's owner that had moved, could come and pick it up, well no owner showed up and the dog hates me,and now everybody washed their hands and it seems the dog is my problem now! Apparently he's a traumatized dog and was not treated well, he seems to have some sort of PTSD I swear! He doesn't hate me, he seems to be deathly afraid of me! And he sees that I feed him, I only use tender words but he's still afraid, it's like he doesn't want to be,but can't help himself!

What do I do?? Any advice or suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I don't know how good your health is, but if you can walk him a lot so that he can burn off nervous energy and get used to hanging with you I think it would help.

Keep being gentle with him and try to keep him occupied with play. Give it some time.

field negro said...

Sup with the Peter Tosh reference tonight?

Love it. :)

Lilac, read the lyrics to Tosh's song that Lance so kindly posted for us.

If you are sorry for a skinny dog, they will sometimes turn around and bite you. Be careful. :)

Carrier Joe said...

Liberals sure are angry that some white guys in a flyover state aren't going to lose their jobs.

Lilacpr said...

Thank you Anon! Thing is I don't have the strength to walk him he's like 8 months and big! I'm gonna try a few more days and see...

Field,...Okay will check it out!

and you're right about the skinny dog...x( If this doesn't work out I'll have to take him to the you know where and they'll you know what him :(

Great White North said...

Canada responded to Obama be electing an even bigger shit-eating faggot.

Will they respond to Trump by electing an even bigger patriot?

No. It's Canada.

Priorities said...

Obama cut $167 million in domestic, cancer, AIDS programs to house, feed illegals for just one month.

Lance Cockstrong said...

MAGA dog ... Mad Dog ... Money from Papa Trump to buy a piece of land, now he's a magical motherfucker ... works on a lot of different levels ...

dinthebeast said...

Well, Scottie, I know a few facts that don't care whether you believe them or not. Like all of them. I realize you can't expect much from the Trumplets, but shouldn't you have to know what words mean before you get the job of saying them on TV?

-Doug in Oakland

Cornquesha said...

The right will never attract blacks because it offers them a world in which they are treated like adults.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Ever notice how many right wingers have dog names ... Mitt Newt Reince Rover Scottie ...

Bloombergstein said...

Hot tip: Buy stock in wall building companies.

MAGA said...

President-elect DonaldTrump: “The era of economic surrender is over; we’re going to fight for every last American job”

I had forgotten what its like to have a president who actually loves America and Americans.

Walt Wright said...

Trump is endearing because he mixes extreme sincerity with obviously affected rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

You what's nice? Not having to hear Hillary Clinton's screeching voice anymore.


dinthebeast said...

So which of these is the better example of how we were right about what a bad idea it was to elect Donald Trump to anything, much less president of the United States:
The video of his brain damaged yahoos giving him the Nazi salute tonight as he brayed lies at them- or
The $7 million bribe he had Mike Pence pay Carrier from the Indiana taxpayers for a publicity stunt while allowing them to ship 1,300 jobs to Mexico anyway, and breaking his stupid, stupid campaign promise to slap a 35% tariff on Carrier specifically (he called it a tax, as he apparently doesn't know what a tariff is)- or
Adding the current and previous CEOs of Exxon Mobil to his list of swamp creatures he's considering for secretary of state.
Answer? All of the above, and so, so much more.

If there were a hell, Roy Cohn would be there right now, laughing his ass off. And I wonder, does Gish have a faster speed than gallop?

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

"People that say facts are facts—they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way—it’s kind of like looking at ratings, or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth, or not truth. There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts."

That's a "factual" statement. I mean, just look at how your side of media were painting a Hillary presidency a foregone conclusion, citing "facts" in their polling. Look at an issue that may be closer to home for many of the good people who visit here; e.g. black children suspension rates vs. white children suspension rates and the "fact" of white racial bias and animus that's pushed by your side of the aisle, when it's not actually a "fact" at all but rather a way to look at the end result and skew lines until which point someone can call something a "fact."

The right does it too, especially the extreme portions of the alt-right, by stating it's a "fact" that a variation of white genocide is upon us, using very few POC racist radicals to generalize the whole, claiming they have a factual basis for doing such.

In her obviously media-based context--which is suspiciously cut short to make her look like a nutter--she is pretty damn spot on. Take a story like that black police officer who was asked to pre-pay for his alcoholic beverages. The "facts" of the case weren't "facts" to all parties. Folks like me, for instance, focused on "facts" like the investigation conducted which concluded no wrongdoing and that, in FACT, that had been the restaurant's policy since people started to dine and dash with drinks. Y'all, on the other hand, focused on the "fact" of the waitress's witness testimony that said, in her opinion, it was racial bias -- racism. That's the "fact" chosen by some folks to view the facts of the situation, while others look at other facts to gauge the situation.

She's obviously not saying that 2+2=4 is under dispute. She didn't say things which are proven are not proven; she's speaking colloquially about "facts" in a media context.

But apropos for this discussion, even 2+2=4 IS DISPUTED based on one's ideology. We needn't look further than South Africa's prestigious universities to find living, breathing human beings saying that GRAVITY isn't a "fact" because Newton was white, while voodoo curses that make lightning strike people ARE REAL! No, I'm not clever enough to make this shit up.

She is deadly accurate here, and the fucked-up thing is that YOU KNOW SHE IS! Both sides of the aisle can view the same data and come away claiming two different "facts" -- two different versions of the truth, where the truth is necessarily singular! If it were Rachel Maddow saying it, you'd be applauding and lauding her bravery and honesty at calling out right-wing media that distort facts. But because you can qualify this woman as a Trump supporter, the implication is that she's a loon.

Maybe she is a loon. Maybe she's a flaming fucking Nazi fascist Hitler racist Klansman. But she's accurate in her sentiments.

Flying Junior said...

Goddammit Josh! You one dumb motherfucker!

The Ministry of Truth said...

"Liberals sure are angry that some white guys in a flyover state aren't going to lose their jobs."

Maybe because Trump has revealed, as expected before the election, that his job-saving plans are idiotic. They are not sustainable, and will result in yet more wealth transfers to rich people. The brilliant Trump plan is simply to allow big corporations to extort the taxpayer by promising not to move jobs out of the country in return for cash and prizes. Indiana alone is dropping $700K a year for the foreseeable future to bribe Carrier to save a mere 850 jobs (1300 more will still be going to Mexico, despite Trump's previous promises). And that's not all Carrier will be getting for those 850 jobs -- there's more goodies coming at the federal level.

In the words of Bernie Sanders:

“'Trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the United States,' Sanders wrote. 'Why? Because he has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. Even corporations that weren’t thinking of offshoring jobs will most probably be re-evaluating their stance this morning. And who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts that go to the richest businessmen in America? The working class of America.'”

Crooked Donald strikes another blow for his cronies.

Don't believe lefty Bernie Sanders? How about this hedge fund manager laughing at the dopey working-class Trump Chumps who played themselves, and expressing his "glee" about the continued rule of the establishment in Bloomberg?:

"'I can take glee in that — I think Donald Trump conned them [Trump’s populist supporters],' said hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson, who runs Kase Capital Management, in an interview with Bloomberg Markets on Wednesday. 'I worried that he was going to do crazy things that would blow the system up. So the fact that he’s appointing people from within the system is a good thing.'”

Limpbaugh said...

The House passed a bill to start stopping "fake news". We can't have our elections influenced by true information. We have to accept what the "real media" tells us. After all, it is illegal to "possess" Wikileaks so we have to get information about that from CNN, like Chris Cuomo says. We have to overthrow moderate Shiite Muslim countries that are relatively secular, where Christians have rights and live peacefully. Instead we need to support terrorist Wahhabi Sunni countries, even if they attacked us on 9/11. Buildings fall through themselves at the speed of gravity and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Israel needs your money to kill Palestinians with. So w have to stop "fake news".

There are encryptions that prove emails were to and from who they say they are. That's why there were no serious denials of the information Wikileaks exposed. The media always prefaced what they told us with qualifiers like "if true" and "allegedly" and the government tried to distract us from them by claiming that Russia hacked the emails. I doubt that was true myself. But even if it is, the information was still true. The government used attack the messenger propaganda to distract us from the truth. The collusion of the establishment media with the Clinton campaign was shocking. Passing off interviews with Clinton as spontaneous after rehearsing them with Clinton, like Chris Hayes did, is fake news. And don't forget that Wikileaks revealed that Obama and Clinton knew that support to Saudi Arabia and Qatar was going to ISIS.

Carrier Joe said...

Unironically Named The Ministry of Truth said...
"Maybe because Trump has revealed, as expected before the election, that his job-saving plans are idiotic. They are not sustainable, and will result in yet more wealth transfers to rich people. The brilliant Trump plan is simply to allow big corporations to extort the taxpayer by promising not to move jobs out of the country in return for cash and prizes. Indiana alone is dropping $700K a year for the foreseeable future to bribe Carrier to save a mere 850 jobs"

$1,200 per job, for jobs that will each generate thousands in tax revenue, is not such a bad deal.

Obama's stimulus package spent millions of dollars per job for jobs that went away when the stimulus money ran out.

Offshoring jobs has led to vast wealth transfers to rich people from working people.

Now, you say saving their jobs will result in yet more wealth transfers to rich people.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. You are full of shit.

You hate white working class people so much that doing anything to help out their employment prospects send you into a seething rage.

Your biggest fear is that Donald Trump might actually Make America Great Again.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Limpbaugh said...
The House passed a bill to start stopping "fake news".

Really? I have not heard anything like that going on in Congress. That would be terrible if true, and still unconstitutional (for now).

Fortunately for the liberal/progressive cult that rules our culture, the government can rely on those who control the flow of informaton to do it for them. It is the private social media companies that have taken the lead in censorship. Facebook and Twitter consistently buried conservative views and conducted a massive purge of "alt right" accounts in the run up to and aftermath of the election. Facebook in Germany openly censors any posts critical of the refugee resettlement program. Google has been caught repeatedly skewing search reuslts to keep people from getting the "wrong" information.

The real "fake news" are all the mainstream media outlets who conspired to tell us Hillary was inevitable, "everyone" uses private email servers and destroys evidence, all the horrible things we learned from the Wikileaks files were Russian disinformaton, killing Ghaddafi was not a disaster for Libya, and we are the good guys in Syria.

The utter corruption of our media has been laid bare by the pathetically dishonest coverage of the 2016 election. This has been a great victory for the people via alternative media, however don't count the mainstream media out just yet. They were caught by surprise when the internet first came out, but came back strong after 2004 and reasserted control. They will fight this battle to the end.

Anonymous said...

Many black men kept their jobs at Carrier too.

But that doesn't count.

If a black male is employed, has a family, and didn't vote for Hillary, I have it on top liberal authority that he loses his blackness. He is, what they call around here, a "House Negro".

He therefore deserves to have his job shipped to Mexico too.

Chris Arnade said...

The Carrier deal was big political win for Trump, and failure to see that is another example of how Front Row kids always underestimate Trump

It is image over substance, but it resonates because it hits exactly at the issue that few Front Row kids acknowledge or address: Back Row kids lost jobs.

For communities who have been decimated by decades of factories leaving, this is the issue BOTH parties have ignored and equivocated on.

The Front Row responses to the deal is like their response to almost every Trump grand statement.

"Well actually tax breaks. Well actually it would take X deals a day for… Well actually they don't really make air-conditioners. On & on..."

When your response to a Trump statement begins with "Well actually" you have already lost the argument.

Many voters in these towns have heard "Well actually" arguments all of their lives.

Years before NAFTA was signed, and ever since.

For them, lost jobs is visceral. It is an empty lot behind their house. Or a relative dead from drugs.

And the response to all of that?

"Well actually it is about technology. Well actually it is fundamentally changes in the blah blah blah. Well actually, Iphones are cheap!"

The thing is, the people making those "well actually" arguments are mostly sitting pretty.

Front Row kids are NOT losing their jobs.

They put in place policies that worked for them, and when those who lost yell, they come back with arguments that begin, "Well actually"

Trump went to those towns, and said NOPE. We are going to do something about it. He said. Damn it. I hear you. No "well actually"

And that was enough. Because nobody at that level had done that.



Do I think the Carrier deal is a good deal? Maybe, maybe not.

But politics is about symbolism. About signaling that you get it.

And for X years nobody serious, no Front Row kid who built this world that in the eyes of many voters destroyed their towns, has gotten it.

Is lost factories to overseas the salient reason these communities have died? Maybe, maybe not.

For the voters who live in them it sure as hell feels that way.

And before scolding and preaching them with sentences that being, "well actually…" visit the damn towns. Live there. Or keep quiet for once.

Trump won because nobody has really addressed the concerns of these communities. With either image OR substance. And he is going to keep winning as long he is the only one addressing these concerns. He is right: Government has to work for all of us. "Hope" should be for all of us. Every American should feel that they have a place in America's future.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right Chris but at the heart of your argument we have to acknowledge that America is one dumb fucking country and always will be such. Trump appealed to the I guess we can continue to call them the back row kids who don't believe in science, want to insert religion into science and listen to Limbaugh and Hannity. Basically teh stupid ones were tired of being ignored even though they should be ignored in many ways. The flyover states don't have museums, no diversity and are really begging to be ignored in a technologically advanced and diverse future. If we continue down this path of celebrating ignorance and bashing "elites" we will rush towards third world status while the Trump supporters who have been duped once again fiddle while Rome burns. Trump won for the same reason W did, stupid people got fooled into believing an Ivy league educated elite was one of them. Gove me a fucking break! Now we have to deal with 4 years of stupid snake handlers running government because stupid people want to feel special. This is not kindergarten, you don't need to be called on and feel special.

field negro said...

Actually it's more like 700 jobs.

Please tell when America was great and when it stopped being great.

Just curious.

field negro said...

Chris, the "back row" kids have no excuse. The seats are reserved for them in the front. They are just too dumb to read the signs on them.

Carrier Joe said...

field negro said...
Chris, the "back row" kids have no excuse. The seats are reserved for them in the front. They are just too dumb to read the signs on them.

This is why Trump is President.

Liberal disdain for working class problems based on the idea they deserve to be hurting because they are dumb.

Muslim refugees, illegal aliens, and criminals deserve our help and sympathy, but American blue collar workers? Fuck them.

Hatred of flyover America overrides any other ideological concern.

Keep it up, genius.

Pilot X's half brother said...

"Trump appealed to the I guess we can continue to call them the back row kids who don't believe in science, want to insert religion into science and listen to Limbaugh and Hannity."

Says the progressive who probably doesn't believe in evolution when it comes to differences between races, ignores things like interracial crime statistics when pontificating on the state of racial justice in the US, and whose dogmatic belief in Climate Change cannot be allowed to be challenged by any further scientific debate.

"Basically teh stupid ones were tired of being ignored even though they should be ignored in many ways."

There should be an intelligence test requirement for voting, right?

"The flyover states don't have museums, no diversity and are really begging to be ignored in a technologically advanced and diverse future."

There are no museums except on the coasts? You need to get out more.

Having no "diversity" means being white, and being white means your future should be ignored. OK.

There happen to be plenty of "diverse" people living in your Real America who are not exactly hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to thriving in a technologically advanced present. What about them? Do they deserve to have their future be ignored too?

It's really interesting how obvious the transformation of the "Left" has become. From erstwhile champion of the powerless to today's pitiless cheerleader for the elite, among whose ranks you apparently count yourself. Good thing for the deplorable powerless that you are neither as smart nor as elite as you think you are.

dinthebeast said...

Trump is president because he ran a campaign so repulsive and ugly that a lot of people (5 million or so) didn't want to participate in it. That and Kris Kobach purged far more voters from the rolls for the high crime of having ethnically Democratic leaning names than Trump won by in Republican run states. Trump won because we let them win the statehouses in 2010.
The comments in this thread are a shining example of the danger inherent denying that facts exist.
And even among the trolls here, talking up Trump for pandering to white resentment to get a better buggering angle at them is more stupid than usual.

-Doug in Oakland

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

06 PM
Blogger field negro said...
Actually it's more like 700 jobs.

Please tell when America was great and when it stopped being great.

Just curious.

1:10 PM

That's easy. When the forced integration of the educational system began.

Been downhill ever since.

Yīshēng said...

Without ANY equivocation, integration at the K-12 level has mostly been a terrible idea for Black kids. Being exposed to whoteemoo educators who 9 times out of 10, were too dumb to do anything but teach, has ruined the goals and dreams of MANY a child of color.

Yīshēng said...

I wonder how much bullying/suicide will increase with the new BOTUS in chief, the "B" for bully!

field negro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
field negro said...

LT. When were u forced to integrate? You must be a poor white person who can't afford to move away from "the blacks".

If you can afford it you can live, work, and go to school where u want.No one is forcing you to be around blacks. I suspect that most black people would be trying to get away from folks like you.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, I'm really gonna miss having the Obamas in the White House. Somehow I just don't see much of this happening in Trumpyville...

-Doug in Oakland

Julian Castro said...

field negro said...
"No one is forcing you to be around blacks"

Actually, the Federal Government is:

A true deplorable said...

This is why Trump is President. Liberal disdain for working class problems based on the idea they deserve to be hurting because they are dumb.


It's not liberal disdain it's an acceptance that they are fucking stupid and then got suckered into electing a fucking idiot because they think he's one of them. If that's not stupid what is? Good luck with an insane jack-o-lantern as president. The world has to suffer because fucking hillbillies feelings are fucking hurt. Great.

Lt. commander dumbass said...

When the forced integration of the educational system began.


First off we all know Lt. Commander dumb ass is uneducated himself so he doesn't know the educational system is as segregated as it has ever been. This is the type of moron who elected Trump. Please explain in detail how America was great before "forced integration". Hillbilly history, this outta be good.

A true deplorable said...

Actually, the Federal Government is:
No it isn't but as we can tell by your using opinion pieces from conservative websites you are obviously not bright enough to understand. Another snake handling deplorable. Damn these fucks are stooooooopid!

Anonymous said...

America is being Made Great Again, and liberals can't stand it. We are seeing epic levels of butt-hurt over the fact their project to destroy America is at least going to slowed down for a couple of years.

Fuck you, faggots.

A true deplorable said...

I wonder if these same assholes cheering Trump for "saving" 1,000 jobs has anything to say about Barack's 170,000 jobs created in November. Of course not. The back row kids would start using well......but it's ok when they do it.

Mystere said...

I cannot describe how much I miss Malcolm X. He would have made a great POTUS. His epiphany while on hajj -- that all peoples, regardless of color or national origin, are worthwhile -- completely changed how he felt about white oppressors, and was (imo) why he was murdered/assassinated. MX knew there was much work ahead to achieve social and political balance in the US, and he was willing to do that work.

As a white woman of 60 years, a mother, and a widow of a police officer, I will be glad for the day when the "white" people of the US are outnumbered by those who are not "white." Us paleskinned folk have fucked things up long enough.

A true deplorable said...

whose dogmatic belief in Climate Change cannot be allowed to be challenged by any further scientific debate.
says a dumbfuck who hasn't studied ONE fucking iota of atmospheric science in his entire dumbassed life. Don't start, you are too fucking stupid for your own good.

There should be an intelligence test requirement for voting, right?
Nope, even idiots like you need representation.

There are no museums except on the coasts? You need to get out more.
The fucking Creation Museum in Kentucky doesn't count except to the snakehandlers who want to argue the "science" of global warming. Sure there may be one or two in a rural area but compare that to the hundreds in urban centers. You certainly are dumb.

Having no "diversity" means being white, and being white means your future should be ignored. OK.
No but if everyone has the same religion, ethnicity, ect you may want to get out and meet others of different backgrounds. This is why it's so easy to scare you dumbfucks about shit like Sharia Law taking over because when you have never even met a Muslim you fear them. YOU need to get out more.

It's really interesting how obvious the transformation of the "Left" has become. From erstwhile champion of the powerless to today's pitiless cheerleader for the elite, among whose ranks you apparently count yourself.
Not at all but when ignorance is championed and education is looked at as being "elite" then we have problems. Sarah Palin is exhibit A. She is a darling of the deplorables but she is an ignorant hillbilly who can't even name a fucking newspaper and this is a leader? I'm sorry but rural Americans have always been a step behind and want to drag the rest of the country with them. Another example is Mike Pence who is a theocrat and is trying to establish laws based in his religion. Really? In 2016 it's ok to let someone who confers with an invisible ancient deity have the reins of power? Are you fucking kidding me? Now if you fucks opened a book, stopped handling snakes, stopped trying to let invisible friends run others' lives then we can talk until then keep your Kim Davises to yourselves.

Anonymous said...


You know that Malcolm X was murdered by fellow NOI black muslims, right?

Anonymous said...

Mystere said...
"As a white woman of 60 years, a mother, and a widow of a police officer, I will be glad for the day when the "white" people of the US are outnumbered by those who are not "white."

You must really hate your child to wish that. Minorities are protected only in white countries.

I will be glad for the day when self-hating race traitor whites are dealt with like self-hating race traitor blacks are.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, we get it; you'd rather let your untreated diabetes kill you than accept the "leftist" ACA (authored by those horrible lefties at the Heritage Foundation) insurance that maybe could have got you the medicine that might have kept your extremities from falling off one by one. Knock yourselves out, your intelligence is obviously way above my pay grade.

-Doug in Oakland

Goad said...

Oh, "America never stopped being great"?

What suddenly stopped is you shitheads reducing all of American history to slavery and oppression?

Josh said...

"self-hating race traitor whites are dealt"

There are a few options per my observations as a breathing human being on Earth:

1) They're not white. But I'm not so susceptible as our black brothers and sisters to declaring one's race definitively based on the way they write. Though, I do freely admit, that whole "as a ____ man/woman" to lead is a bit suspect. But there's no actual empirical data by which to judge, so a declarative statement bereft such is the sort of conjecture on which the left cuts its teeth.

2) It's a social-climbing tool. Homo sapiens have an inherent need to be part of a pack, a member of a tribe; though for the last few thousand years, many of us have been able to choose our tribe, at least to some extent. Tribalism demands sacrifice, in a literal-but-not-literally sense; e.g. a member of a tribe must prove his/her loyalty and worth. Ergo, "I'm white, you're black, I'm privileged, you're struggling, and it's MY FAULT! I'm sorry. Now, can I please join?"

3) It's re/misdirection. A symptom of white guilt (see #4), the white person in question doesn't want to be considered one of the bad ones; they want to be considered one of the good ones. And since white people know unequivocally that the idea of a white monolith is a POC-perpetrated myth, as "white" independent cultures are the single-most numerous outside of Asia, there's actually no treason against one's race, as the white person in question is in no way beholden to the mythical idea of a single white menhir, the Statue of Caucasoid. The white person feels no sort of allegiance to any sort of "whiteness," because, as we all know, no such thing actually exists. It's a boogeyman of embittered racial minorities whose demands for "equality" actually demand a collapse of "whiteness" to promote other races/cultures. The white person doesn't want to be caught in the rubble; they want a free ticket out.

4) Pure white guilt. This is tied to all the above. All! Because these sorts of emotions are necessarily seismic in nature, as the capacity for human empathy doesn't extend that far, and what we're viewing isn't empathy at all but selfish cries for attention, whites, by and large, are the most susceptible people on the planet to guilt. When the implication is that it's a white person's fault, or a white person should feel bad, many whites do. And not because they really do, as, like I said, human emotion doesn't traverse so great a distance, and certainly not through a time loop, but rather because they believe they're supposed to. They delude themselves into feeling actual guilt and pain, but the "guilt" comes primarily from the shame of their inability to feel real guilt directly. It's NOT real guilt. It's a delusional approximation, because the issue is seismic in nature! It's like Puritans yelling "You oughta be ashamed of yourself!" to people having sex, until which point sex becomes a "shameful" act; and not because the emotions felt are 1:1 equivalent with actual shame, but because they're trying to avoid the Puritanical ire. It's an approximation of shame; a delusion, a phantom emotion which resembles the real thing.

There's nothing really wrong with these white people save needing to stand up for themselves and stop settling for being part of a herd. Be the fucking bellcow! Stop trying to force yourselves to be a collective. Look how well that's worked out for black folks. And the sad part: There's no one to scapegoat if you're white, save other whites, which ties right back in with the list.

A true deplorable said...

What suddenly stopped is you shitheads reducing all of American history to slavery and oppression?

Oh gee, lemme guess this ignorant comment is from a supposed genetically superior white person? OK, let's play. What year was it exactly that "shitheads" reduced all of American history to slavery and oppression? (This is why Trump won, deplorable logic like this one)

A true deplorable said...

Look how well that's worked out for black folks.
Because yeah, we're all fucked huh Josh? Thanks for the 5,000 word racist rant you smug asshole. You are an example of why bath salts are bad. This is your brain........

Josh is a drama queen said...

Great, Josh is back to to gush about her feelings. What a drama queen.

Anonymous said...

Japan is very non-diverse and essentially crime-free.

Somalia is very non-diverse and is essentially a hell hole.

It is not "diversity" nor the lack of that is the problem, but the people who compose the diversity.

Josh said...

"Because yeah, we're all fucked huh Josh"

That question is better asked of Field and the other black people who go into hysterics every time a black person is asked to actually pay their check, or cries white murder every time a black person purposefully throws himself into a car, or every time the Fields of the world liken a big-mouth egotist billionaire to someone who is responsible for over 12 million murders. Really. If you're "fucked" or not isn't anything on which I could stand. Right? I'm constantly told that, by no other virtue than my skin color, I can't know anything about being black or the black community or "blackness." So don't ask ME if you're fucked, you twat. Just read Field's doomsday posts every damn day here.

Many of you certainly present the case that you're fucked, that 2016 is every bit as bad as slavery and Jim Crow oppression. Many of you certainly present the case that a majority of white students on a college campus is the equivalent of whites owning slaves. Many of you certainly present the case that no blacks winning actor-based Oscar Awards is as perilous a journey in America as the Middle Passage via slaveship. Etc, etc.

If blacks aren't fucked, the ones around here, and in PC culture, certainly are the fuckers who cry fucked untold times every single day.

Field's ongoing tagline for this blog: "World Ends, Black People Most Affected"

dinthebeast said...

You know, Josh, I was gonna point out how fucking stupid you are, yet again, but I don't think that's really right. It's not so much that you are stupid, lots of people are stupid, what you are, mostly, is tiresome. Along with a little sad and some pathetic, you're just tiresome. Maybe think about coming up with some new shit, this shit is going on two tours old, and just as wrong as it ever was.

-Doug in Oakland

field negro said...

"Japan is very non-diverse and essentially crime-free.

Somalia is very non-diverse and is essentially a hell hole.

It is not "diversity" nor the lack of that is the problem, but the people who compose the diversity."

Clearly you have never been to Eastern Europe.

Know where else is "crime free"? North Korea.

Yīshēng said...

Speaking of places with lots of White people, Bosnia anyone?

Yīshēng said...

Y'all help me out here, WHY DO Y'ALL READ WHOOTEEMOO BULLSHIT!?!

Is it REALLY that hard to scroll through it because as long as it has people reading its DUMB SHIT, it will continue to post DUMB SHIT!!

Josh is a teenaged girl said...

Josh's ongoing headline: call me Sophie.

Josh said...

Doug. It's okay. You, like every single one of the progressive, identity politic-playing racial-agitating trolls here, constantly say that I'm wrong, constantly say I'm stupid, and constantly say I'm tiresome, or that you're bored, or that you're not reading it anymore.

Two points (which I know for a fact will be read):

1) To date, there have been exactly zero instances of anyone pulling out specifics and attempting to correct something(s) if it's so "wrong." It's always, just like you did, a vague troll-blast intended to shut me up so you can transfer this blog back into a safe-space echo chamber wherein your failed ideas and ideologies aren't challenged.

2) You folks sure as shit love to show me a fuck-ton of attention, usually while writing about how tiring and boring and predictable I am. lol

If you claim to hate me yet follow my every move and can't resist speaking to me, you're a fan, bitch.

Josh is a drama queen said...

Field's ongoing tagline for this blog: "World Ends, Black People Most Affected"

Wow, color me shocked that a racist white girl hates a blog written by a negro for negroes. Call the NYT!

Anonymous said...

The dumb shit you post is among my favorite things

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

"Blogger field negro said...
LT. When were u forced to integrate? You must be a poor white person who can't afford to move away from "the blacks".

If you can afford it you can live, work, and go to school where u want.No one is forcing you to be around blacks. I suspect that most black people would be trying to get away from folks like you."

field, you sorry bastard. I went to a Catholic School from K-8. I walked back and forth from school to my house. I had to walk past Provine High School on the way, where my older brothers and sister attended. Everything was fine.

Then, the integration and busing began. My sister was in a class where the nigs had been "integrated" into. Some ho sliced her boyfriend with a straight razor right in the middle of a class. The White kids freaked, and ran. The blacks just sat there.

Soon after, the riots started. You can probably Google it. One of my brothers was charged with assault for banging a negro upside the head with a Football trophy while trying to get the hell out of the front door.

Not long after, three black kids beat my younger brother to a pulp for one stinking dollar. He got home, and told me about it. I knew exactly where they were headed, and waited for them with a shotgun on the picnic table in our back yard, which faced Robinson Road, which I knew they would be stoopid enough to transverse, in order to get back home. My little brother saw them, pointed them out.

Next thing, I was over the fence, chasing them with the shotgun down Robinson road. Of course, a cop car pulls right into the intersection. (thank goodness).

Next day, my mother put our house up for sale, and we moved to the suburbs.

So yeah, field. We did move away from the negroes.

dinthebeast said...

No Josh, you can do whatever stupid, fucked up shit you like, and that's OK with me. I was just stating my opinion that your shtick is tired, boring, and wrong. What would be the point of refuting you point for point? To jack off your ego and quasi legitimize your racist trolling? I'm not interested in doing that for you. You will never understand or even accept anything I say, so why invest the effort in trying to teach a pig to sing? I only sometimes snipe at you when the sheer tonnage of your bullshit makes you seem like an interesting target for a few seconds of typing. Don't let it go to your head. Out of the millions of internet trolls, you just happen to be the one who excretes all over a comment thread I read. And it's not always you. Sometimes James is even more addlepated, boring, and pathetic than you are, so I sometimes take a few spare seconds and call him some of the things he demonstrates that he really is. No biggie, really. I have lots of time to do whatever I want.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

"What would be the point of refuting you point for point?"

Doug. I have always treated you with respect here, even though it has never been returned. But that's fine by me. If y'all can't tell yet, I'm not scared away by a group of trolls who just start cursing at me and insulting me. So believe me--or don't--when I say that I say this with all due respect to your intelligence and character: It has nothing to with "point for point," which implies multiple points. Not ONCE, never, not a single time, have you actually pointed out anything specific to say that it was wrong, much less provide your draconian, Marxist correction(s) to my "wrongthink." Instead, you directly imply that every word I write is stupid and wrong, by flatly saying that I'm--as a person!--stupid and wrong. That's plucked literally out of Rules for Radicals; that's an obvious tactic to silence the opposition.

And that's fine by me! Do you.

I'm just here to tell you: If ever you want to point to a specific thing to say that I'm wrong, I'm more than willing to have a peaceful, respectful conversation on the topic.

People don't understand this, basically because they themselves aren't capable of it as ideologues, but I'm a skeptic. This means I believe in things for which there is a basis of empirical evidence, demonstrable examples; things which model reality. It's why I'm not religious but used to be. It's why I don't believe in ghosts but used to. It's why I don't believe in Bigfoot but used to. It's why I don't believe in government but used to. My point: If you can actually show me how I'm wrong on A, B and C, then my inherent inclination is to adjust my stances to X, Y and Z to fit the evidence! Bathed-in-the-Kool-Aid ideologues here--and elsewhere--project on me that I'm lying simply because they're intellectually incapable of changing stances, because they don't believe what they believe based on anything empirical but rather it's tied to emotion. I'm not. I'm a skeptical Stoic -- that is my ideology! If there's one point in one million where you can empirically show me that--and how--I'm wrong, my nature is to concede and to adapt to the correct information.

Your issue: You can't. And so instead you lash out. If that's how you're choosing to spend that ample time in your twilight years, ah salute.

Lt. commander dumbass said...

Yeah right no-Johnson, that really happened. You are not only stupid but a liar to boot. Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

I only sometimes snipe at you when the sheer tonnage of your bullshit makes you seem like an interesting target for a few seconds of typing.
Give Josh er I mean Sophie a break. Give her her space. How can you be so mean to a PMSing teenaged girl Doug. And here I thought you were a nice guy.

dinthebeast said...

Sure I can, but like I said, what's the point? What's the point in lending legitimacy to to your racism? Lies and insanity might be big sellers this year, but I'm still not buying. I am, however feeling kinda dumb for having taken the bait.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

Say what you like. I can't stop it, nor would I if I could. I find it quite humorous, telling, ironic, and a painful reminder of the inability of introspection when you say these vague things with absolutely nothing to back them up. Not only are you refusing to point out where I was wrong in a specific instance you cited earlier, but you've done the good progressive neoliberal Marxist thing: You've doubled-down on it, now spreading it out to racism, lies and insanity, every single claim without a shred of evidence submitted to legitimize the claims. (You're merely seeking echo-chamber support; a mob to back your play where you fail intellectually to back your own.)

After all this time here, no one has managed to quote anything I've said that's supposedly so racist. No one has argued a specific instance on its merits. It's all been exactly what you're doing now: Pure smears bereft of anything tangible or logical to back them up. And it's ever so transparent that it's a tactic. If it were truly just a language issue, a lack of empathy perceived, etc, y'all would actually cite X and Y and say "This is why we claim ____." But it's purely done to smear me as some sort of hatemonger for no larger crime than I do not agree with the consensus opinion here, that white America is inherently racist against all POC, all whites are privileged, and that whites are somehow genetically prone to racism.

That's what you're calling stupid and racist. That you don't have the balls to admit it is a you issue, not a me issue. All I can say is that we see living proof that your whackadoodle ideology is a failed fucking set of stupid ideas and loose conjecture intended to divide people along racial and class lines. I mean, for fuck's sake, America wanted so badly to repudiate and disassociate from your failed ideology--Marxism reborn on a cultural stage--that they voted for an egomaniac with horrible hair and a worse attitude rather than voting for a candidate who, like Obama, would perpetuate and kowtow to you hateful assholes.

And you are hateful assholes, all. Preach tolerance out of one side of your mouths, and then curse to hell and back anyone--and their families!--if they simply ask questions or have ideological disagreements.

This is precisely why your side lost. It's over. Progressivism is dead and is not coming back.


random said...

It was great before the albinos invaded. Of course it was turtle island back then so to answer your question never.

dinthebeast said...

Last I checked, two and a half million more of us voted for our admittedly flawed candidate than for Trump. And more votes were cast for Democrats in congressional (Senate and House) elections than for Republicans.
You better hope Progressivism comes back, because who else would clean up the disaster the Republicans will leave when they're done?
They do this stupid shit every time. They take a healthy economy and a society slowly making progress toward a level playing field and turn in over to a Cheney, a Rove, (or lately a Brownback, on a state level) and do enough damage that they know fixing it will take up all of the Democratic administration's effort for the largest part of the eighteen months they will have a favorable congress to work with. As a tactic, it's brilliant. As a governing strategy it might be OK if you're an oil company, or don't care whether your grandchildren can breathe the air or drink the water, but the way I remember it, the economy was shedding 700,000 jobs a month at the end of the last flirtation with conservative governance.
There, was that enough substance for you?
You really don't seem to understand the concept of legitimizing abhorrent views by engaging with them. I can't help you with that. You have the same information available to you that I have, and the information to give lie to the awful ideas you base your commentary on are never more than five or six mouse clicks away. But this is still what you come up with. And a bunch of other wonderful folks coming up with similar ideas have just voted to take a big chunk of my health insurance away from me. But somehow I'm the one with the empathy deficit? Fuck you Josh, and the fascism you rode in on.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Doug, be nice. Josh has uh.....personal problems she needs to deal with. She is all about winning and losing, you know teenaged stuff. Nevermind like you pointed out Clinto received more popular votes and Trump only won by a margin that could fit in Arrowhead stadium but let our little girl gloat. One day when she's older she'll understand life a bit better.

Josh said...

Engaging with views subjectively deemed "abhorrent" isn't legitimizing them. This is the real world; bullies don't go away when they're ignored, and talking about things doesn't make them happen. We live in reality, not a fucking derivative horror movie. Debating and soundly refuting "abhorrent" views is the ONLY WAY to tamp the views down. Education is the only way the world moves past abhorrent ideas.

Oddly enough, you know this to be the case. The repugnant stance against SSM held by the right-wing, and the societal laws as a result, didn't just change because those views were ignored. For decade after decade, those views were engaged with, corrected, and after Obama punted the can up to SCOTUS rather than risking political capital himself, we saw change. But NOT before the anti-homosexual ideas of right-wing religious America were soundly refuted, time and again, until which point it became social suicide to be an anti-homosexual bigot. This shit didn't just magically happen, Doug, nor was it ushered in by a new brand of progressive politicians. It was socially unacceptable to be an anti-gay bigot YEARS before SSM was made illegal to make illegal. And you fucking know how that happened: The anti-homosexual ideas of religious loons were refuted soundly by people who engaged with them.

While you progressives (let me admit I misspoke above; it needs further qualification: you neoliberal social progressives) -- but while you lot of hateful bigots simply ostracize any and everyone whose views are different, maligning them as horrible humans that need to die off, my lot, the skeptic community and classical liberals, have spent the last few decades actually reaching out and dialoguing with people, correcting misinformation, teaching the scientific method, and fighting back--with evidence and logic, not smears and crying!--against these abhorrent ideas.

Those are the people who are responsible for change. Your ilk don't even get off your lazy asses to vote. You want, you desire, you long for an uberexpansive government and all these programs that will magically educate (re-educate) the entire nation and indoctrinate them to your personal way of thinking, but you're wholly unwilling to put skin in the game which you demand everyone else be forced to play.

Example: You won't engage with anyone who denies climate change. You'll call them stupid, ignorant, flat-earthers, yet will STILL DEMAND that government educate them and that government force them to change. Idiotic; the height of stupidity. If you want that government elected in the first place, you need people to come around to believing how you do. And you cannot guilt or shame them into it en masse by insulting them (e.g. there aren't enough Dougs in the world to be guilted by black people to become a useful idiot shill for racism woof-tickets) into it. People need to be educated--not communist force--to change their views. That takes hard data, facts and logic, not smears.

All you and your ilk are good for is being the angry arm of an elitist political movement.

You read an idea you subjectively deem as "abhorrent," you call the person stupid, malign their entire life and character, and roundly decide that you're never going to engage with them except to insult them.

My take is the opposite of that.

There is no logical reason why you approach is correct and mine is incorrect. In fact, my approach is why the Internet is now where religions go to die. All you do is give these ideas you deem "abhorrent" a free pass by kicking the can down the road to someone else. You're not interested in trying to change those views, but you sure as shit want that attribute in your government -- a system that will force people to believe/not believe your subjective horseshit.

dinthebeast said...

Wow, I never knew that I held any of those bullshit views you just attributed to me Josh. In fact I don't hold them. I have been fairly clear about my views in the hundreds of comments I have posted here for several years, and none of them resemble the communist style government you just decided I favor.
So, again, what's the point? You won't read anything I write unless it's directed at you, personally. You did, however, finally get what you seem to want so badly, and got me to tell you a specific thing you are wrong about. Are you happy now?
About your grand quest to educate people and refute lies, it doesn't work. When their beliefs are challenged, people who hold demonstrably untrue views actually cling to them more tightly, because the challenge threatens their identity and raises the terrifying prospect that their most fervently held beliefs have been wrong all along, and that they have been played for suckers by people who harvest their money and their votes.
All you can really hope to do is get your opinion into the discussion, the people will either be receptive to it or not, for their own reasons.
SSM? You mean the wedge issue Karl Rove helped win the 2004 election with by getting constitutional amendments on the ballots in the swing states outlawing it?
Climate change? I won't engage with anyone who denies gravity either. The gravity deniers aren't an actual danger to me like the climate change deniers, but neither of them are going change their stupid, stupid views because I talked with them about it. I'm talking about a group of people so far gone that they just voted to have the medicaid that keeps them alive taken from them. That's just this side of suicidal. I don't have nearly the resources to talk 5.6 million people down off of the ledge that they have just dragged me up onto. They'll have to take their lumps and decide after that. And do you want to make a small wager as to what they'll decide, after a certain nonzero amount of them are literally killed by their own actions? My money is on them voting for more Brownbacks and Bevins and Ryans and Trumps. It's what they do. OK, here's #2 in things you said that were wrong: I vote every time, mid-terms and all, and try to be more involved in local politics where I have a larger chance of actually making a difference, as living in California means my picks for statewide and national office will win anyway.
I'm not demanding a damn thing from anyone, Josh, you especially.
If you don't like what I write, don't read it.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

Goose, meet gander.

I'm still a racist, right? I'm still stupid, right?

Therefore, you are whatever the fuck I say you are. You say you're not? Well, that obviously means you are. The lady doth protest too much!

(Progressive ideologue logic feels great to use, I admit!)

dinthebeast said...

So I'm an ideologue and you're a skeptic. I can deal with those labels if they make you happy.
So would you care to share with me your most considered opinion as a skeptic about what I should do about health care after the Trump administration takes a large chunk of my health insurance away? Keep in mind that I turn 56 next week and am already disabled from a stroke, so more health issues are pretty much inevitable.
And while we're at it, do you have any trenchant analysis about the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v Wade?
How about the use of torture, or the extrajudicial killing of the families of suspected terrorists?
And please remember that by your assessment, I'm the ideologue here and you are the forward thinking skeptic, so spare me the tired right wing talking points, if you please.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

Hey, Doug, you're probably not going to believe this, but I have two choice words for our new president: FUCK TRUMP! (Being a better choice than Hillary, IMO, doesn't mean shit to me. The lesser of two evils is still a fucking evil!)

Seriously. For three years now I've been accused constantly by TPC, Yisheng, Field, Pilot, etc, of being some right-wing fascist monster who toes the hardline conservative ideology.

Here are some of the things in which this supposed hard-right conservative believes:

- The LGBTQ community should have every single right afforded to everyone else and should not face discrimination based on how they were born.

- The War on Drugs is a waste of time, money, and is one of the many factors responsible for the sad state of a lot of black communities in America.

- Religions hold societies back with their dogma, while working to blind the most helpless among us to the fact that they have the power to change. E.g. prayer and expecting a personal god to bail one out holds us back.

- Waging foreign wars and occupying and interfering with foreign lands costs us trillions of dollars, untold numbers of dead on all sides, and simply antagonizes an enemy. War is bullshit.

- A woman's reproductive system is nothing a man should have a say in, unless we're speaking of incredibly rare cases of marital fraud. Other than that, a woman should have every right to an abortion.

- No human being should have to struggle and go broke and face any sort of penalty for healthcare. In a first-world nation capable of providing such, quality healthcare should be provided gratis! If one can afford, fine, pay a low rate. If one cannot, they should receive it for fucking free!

The fucking right-wing treats me worse than y'all on the left-wing do here lately! Y'all might curse at me, call me names, label me as some monster level 9000 racist, but the right-wing outright fucking bans me from their forums when I call bullshit on their idiocy. (Used to not be like that, but the right-wing loons have become more entrenched in their lunacy, and now will just outright ban me. They're building their own safe spaces.)

Sorry for all those right-wing talking points up there. I realize that, to y'all here, I must be the worst fucking human being to ever draw breath, what with all those ways in which traditionalist religious conservatism has wrecked my brain.

On another note: I do apologize if I mischaracterized your politics and political bent. I mean, I'll be fucked if I'm going to sit here and allow you to label me, time and again, calling me nasty names, impugning my character, and not fucking give it right back to you! Though I don't have any pride wrapped up in a stupid Internet debate/argument. So I'll admit if I'm wrong. I'll correct myself when I'm wrong. I'll apologize if I'm wrong.

I go out of my way not to be an ideologue.

dinthebeast said...

OK, so you don't like Trump. Farther up the page you inveighed against progressivism. That's the criterion I was using to place you on the right side of the spectrum. I understand about catching shit from the fringe elements, I am a traitor to liberal politics in the comment section at Crooks & Liars whenever I point out that Bernie, no matter how much I admire some of his policies, would have been squashed like a bug by the Trump campaign, even after I post links to the oppo research file they had on him. That's what I was talking about when I criticized the effectiveness of engaging with entrenched viewpoints of any stripe. They double down to protect their identities and the investment they have in the idea.
That being said, two things:
1. If Hillary had won, I (and a few million folks like me) wouldn't be losing any of their health insurance.
2. It isn't Trump, who you have distanced yourself from, who wants to take it away. It is the Republican party trying to undo the new deal all of these years later.(And Paul the fuck Ryan in his bid for a historical legacy.)
I understand it on a political level, but also on a human level: These old, white men are playing games with the lives of citizens for their own aggrandizement.
Yes, I called you some names. I would rather be called names than have my health insurance compromised. That's something real and damaging, not some ideological football to make points with.
Those on the right wing fringe cheering this on can't be reached. They are a dead loss to society so far removed from being functional that 5.6 million of them voted to take their own health insurance away just to say fuck you to liberals and their centrist black president. They are, however, a small enough minority that by the numbers, they shouldn't have that much influence on the setting of national policy, and their ideas (such as "if they're poor, let them die") usually self disqualify to most non right wing fringe dwellers. Those ideas, which you have expressed your disagreement with, are given cover by apologists of the "both sides do it" variety, the David Brookses of the world. Their equivalencies are never challenged in the media, which has to make a dollar before considering the impact they may be having on the national debate (and therefore the outcome of certain elections), think of Chuck Todd explaining why he won't call out blatant lies on Meet the Press "because if I bark at them, they won't come back on my show."
That is what I, and many non-fringe liberals like me, are up against. A "conservative" movement literally trying to kill us. So yes, I use forceful language in expressing my views about right wing politics and those who give cover to and legitimize its ideas.
When they stop trying to kill me, I'll think about toning it down some. If that makes me an ideologue so be it. And thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I had my cataract surgeries last year, when the ACA was still around to help pay for them; the Trump administration is going to be hard enough to deal with without also being blind.

P.S. You still didn't answer my questions.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

Doug, in all honesty, I'm bending over backwards here to be as polite as I can be. Your questions are asked with the express confidence that I was--that I am--a conservative Trump supporter; i.e. you expect me to answer for Trump--and conservatives in general--and how they're fucking up your healthcare plan.

Dude, honestly, I literally cannot provide answers to your questions. You are holding ME to account for ideological things in which I do not abide, I do not believe, and that I do not support. How the fuck am I supposed to answer your questions?

I can sit here and make a valiant effort. But what you want isn't an answer per se; you're demanding that I defend policies that I don't even support! You're asking in the confident expectation that there is NO DEFENSE of these things; and subsequently you're attributing to me these stances, which, again, I DO NOT hold. You're creating perhaps the most elaborate straw-man argument I've ever seen on this blog. But I will try, just to sate your desires.

QI: You asked what you should do about healthcare. I'm not you. I don't know you. I don't know your situation. Man, try to do whatever's best for you and your family. I don't fucking know; I can't know. What will you do about healthcare? Well, sitting on your ass and bitching at Trump isn't going to help, a point on which I'm sure we can both agree. So you're going to have to do whatever you can do.

Q2: You ask about the aftermath of overturning Roe V Wade. Well, since Roe V Wade hasn't been overturned, I suppose asking me a question about what I'm going to do once a supervolcano erupts on the earth has the same relevancy. It hasn't been overturned.

Q3: You asked me about torturing and killing. Again, this is shit that has not happened under Trump, at least as of yet. Though if I had to guess, I suppose I will deal with it the same way I dealt with it when Obama and Hillary were doing it. Of course, it was just called rendition when Obama did it -- hiring it out to other people so America--and its useful idiots--could keep their hands clean and pretend we were nobler than others. And Obama is the first president in history, outside of--shit, what's it called again?--to kill an American citizen overseas on spec. Trump might do this shit. He really might. But the previous admin was doing it for eight fucking years! I suppose I'll handle it the same way: I.e. I'll be against them doing it, because fuck government and their involvement in other nations.

Those are all the questions I seen. Have more?

dinthebeast said...

Nope, I've heard all I need to hear.

-Doug in Oakland

Josh said...

I'm still not sure why you felt you needed to hear me atone, explain and repent for fucking political stances that I DO NOT AGREE WITH! LMFAO.

Why the hell would you expect that I'd give you some right-wing answer--some justification--about overturning Roe V Wade, when I don't want it overturned? This is an exceedingly strange tact you've taken here.

Unknown said...

Get a white dog next time.