Monday, February 04, 2008

The Ladies Man.

I have to give it to the "O" man, because with all due respect to Tim Meadows, he is the true "ladies man". I mean Oprah, Maria Shriver,Caroline Kennedy, and Michelle? What we have here is a presidential candidate really going hard after the female vote. And he has to. With Hillary crying at every turn, and Maxine Waters and even [M]ann Coulter supporting her, poor "O" man has to really pull out all the stops in order to compete with Hillary for the support of those folks who belong to the feminine gender.

It was a powerful moment in Pauley Pavilion last night, and you couldn't escape the symbolism. All those pwerful women standing together for the "O" man among a sea of Obamaholics. Their message was clear; it's alright to support him ladies, he is in touch with his feminine side.

I have been thinking about the "O" man's message of unity; and, not only will he be bringing black and white folks together, but he will be bringing men and women together as well. Who says women are from Venus? With the "O" man our planets are aligned. We can finally reach out from Mars and embrace our feminine sides.

Thank you "O" man!


Anonymous said... aren't rocking the new Obama joint?

Bro got the ladies stomping for him and a music video full of Hollywood stars.

My wife and I watched the event on CSPAN before the Super was powerful (after I got over Michelle walking Stevie Wonder off the steps :-O).

He was also endorsed by La Opinion, the largest Spanish language paper in the L.A. Metro Area...we will see. Get ready to eat crow if Hispanics vote for Hillary by 80% again.

Anonymous said...

I sat in a room with Clinton, along with about 40 women representing various women and peace organizations back in Jan. 03. We were questioning her as to why she was supporting the war. She said back then that she had seen the evidence of weapons of mass destruction and that Bill had to go it alone (without UN support in Kosovo) and it was the right thing to do. We asked her, but what about the women and children in Iraq? She became IRATE! Yelling at us how she cares about women and children. We told her then, she was wrong about Iraq. And we were right! Why on gods green earth does that woman think I (or anyone) should trust her now???
Hi, my name is Jody and I am an Obamaholic.

-D said...


Anonymous said...

Damn Field,
That was some powerful shit with all those women on stage for Obama. Hell I trust Michelle more than I do Obama. I loved how Oprah told all her detractors off and let them know she was a free woman not some lackey without a backbone. Hell I am in with the Obama campaign for sho.

La♥audiobooks said...

Would you say something might be wrong with me if I admit that I still think most white people who support Obama comes off a little suspicious to me?

Do you think most of them actually consider Obama to be an average "black" man, especially since he was raised by his non-black family with "their" ideals perhaps. I'm not trying to take anything away from him, but I think most of them are just able to tolerate him under the pretense of at least being a “halfie" and having a white mother. It’s like they’re just tired at the state of affairs in America, while being hopeful he’s not like the other “darkies”. Something just doesn’t sit right with me. I can’t mince my words or feelings on this any other way.

However, I'm still relieved over the fact that he does have a black wife. (It’s a shame how I’m even surprised at that) But, I still prefer him over Billary either way.

LittleMissSolo said...

**Jody just reminded me; I've forgotten to do something on here**

HI! My name is Kim and I'm a PROUD Obamaholic!

With this last post, I'd say Field may have mixed his Hen with a little Kool-Aid?!?!?

True story - I was talking with a friend the other day. I brought up the subject of the Schwarzenegger / Shriver house hold... you think they argue about politics???

Toure Zeigler said...

That was a pretty powerful image

field negro said...

"Hi, my name is Jody and I am an Obamaholic."


Yes anon.10:28PM,Oprah showed some spunk there. Way to stand by your home boy Oprah.

dragon horse, what kind of sauce do you want to eat your crow with?
I say go with something with lots of spice ;)

La♥audiobooks said...

I was going to say something about what Obama also represents, and why all these white women endorse him, along with why so much black men like seeing him "up there" in that light. But, I'm going to keep all that to myself for now. smh

Hey field, next time put Michelle's name first when you put other women in the same sentence. :)

field negro said...

"HI! My name is Kim and I'm a PROUD Obamaholic!"


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do you guys think Michelle Obama is a better speaker than Barack. I wasn't that impressed with her looks, although I think she is somewhat attractive, but HE HIT GOLD WITH THAT WOMAN. That woman can make a dollar out of 15 cents. You can keep the Halle Berrys and the Scarlett Johanson's. :-)

Anonymous said...

And it's scary, too. I think Pandagon reported that there's a slew of feminists who are now on Obama's side after NOW's letter to the masses about their support for Hillary. This should be interesting, but if I just started reading this blog today, I would have thought you were drinking the juice, FN. What's really good? ;-) ...

Anonymous said...


I will take some Jerk Sauce if it comes to that. haha

field negro said...

la~msviswan, you are too funny! I feel you though. Were you serious about where I put Michelle's name?:)

Mrs field is that you? :)

La♥audiobooks said...

"I wasn't that impressed with her looks, although I think she is somewhat attractive, but HE HIT GOLD WITH THAT WOMAN."

You being impressed with her looks would represent what for her? Interesting how you also insinuate Halle and what’s her name to be more attractive than Michelle (please). I wonder why.


La♥audiobooks said...

Mrs field is that you? :)"

LOL, No, but I have to look out for the "first black lady", you know. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you slippin' Field? It amazes me how people fall for the same song and dance every presidential season. Can someone without the vague platitudes Obama is best at, tell me how exactly he'll bring people together? Especially considering the sort of campaign he's run.

rikyrah said...

My dear FN,

I was wondering if you caught this at the rally.

Errrrbody knows what Oprah Meant when she said

I am a FREE Woman

Free Woman my behind.

Let me set folks straight. WHat she was saying was..

I am a FREE NEGRO, and all that entails.

But, she’s brilliant herself and knows what she can and cannot say, and wasn’t going to do anything to hurt the ‘ O’ Man…

Free Woman…..snicker…snicker…snicker..

Come on know what Oprah Meant.

I told you Field, when you brought up the Patio Negro..

Oprah owns the whole PLANTATION.

Yesterday, she made that perfectly clear.


PS- admit it, FN, you dig Michelle Obama.

I freely admit, while I'm not an Obamaholic, I'm on my second pitcher of Michelle Kool-Aid :)

Anonymous said...


"We can finally reach out from Mars and embrace our feminine sides."

Field, You're poking fun at us again!

I'll confess, as a man, I occasionally embrace my "feminine sides."

I can be compassionate, sympathetic, as well as empathetic.

Also, on occasion, I've been known to kick a little booty, my own, as well as the posterior of a few deserving others.

But then, I'm not alone. I've seen you drop yours (feminine side) in the field from time to time.

I like you better for that....

rikyrah said...

I've never told you that I love ' O' man instead of 'Half-and-Half' Man.

Keep ' O' Man.

Anonymous said...


"I am a FREE Woman." (Oprah)

I felt that she was addressing the feminists supporting Hillary, as well as some of the black surrogates who appear to be beholden to the Clintons.

It was her "Unbought and Unbossed" moment.

Christopher said...

I watched the event on CSPAN.

It was extraordinary.

Everyone of those women, Michelle, Oprah, Caroline and Maria, were dynamic and powerful and I think they touched women voters.

Go, Barack, Go!

Anonymous said...

Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy

I believe that Oprah had a lot to do with bringing these two women into the Obama camp.

What think ye?

rikyrah said...

Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy

I believe that Oprah had a lot to do with bringing these two women into the Obama camp.

What think ye?

I take Caroline Kennedy at her word that her children had some influence over her. And, I believe that Uncle Teddy probably did too.

As for Oprah/Maria?

Yeah, I believe Oprah's been bending her ear about Obama.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"dragon horse, what kind of sauce do you want to eat your crow with?
I say go with something with lots of spice" ;)
ahahahahahahaha--- Just too funny!

SouthernGirl2 said...

Rikryah said:

"Oprah owns the whole PLANTATION.

Yesterday, she made that perfectly clear.

And there you have it! ahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow, powerful female icons? One plutocrat, Oprah ad two aristocrats. Yeah...that really captures the female experience, really in touch.

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder the ladies and men and youth are lining up behind the O man. Have you seen this? The Yes We Can Song

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, I'm sorry to rain on folks parade. I'm a black woman and I'm VOTING for CLINTON!!!

Yes, Barak inspires me. I'm glad to see he is doing well. But Clinton has plans not dreams. I want universal healthcare. I want the economy straightened out and I want a balance budget. I don't love Clinton but I think she can get the job done. I'm no so sure about the 'O' man. Unfortunately, all I ever here from his fans are his inspirational messages but nobody talks policy specifics. I need specifics.

Plus Hiliary is doing circles around Barak in debates. His debating skills SUCK!

SouthernGirl2 said...


No need for the attitude---you made your point!

Now f%%% off!

PS--Field--I'm sorry,lost my head for a sec.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

All I know is the Borg Queen turned on the waterworks when she was speaking at Yale yesterday.

I don't know about y'all, but if she gets a bump on today in the primaries like she did in New Hampshire, whatever soupcon of respect that I had left for this heifer will be eviscerated.

My choices for this race are out (which means I'm not riding the "O" train yet), but I'm really getting tired of the Borg Queen resorting to 1950's tactics to win an election.

She wants to play with the BIG DOGS, she'd better learn the game and stop this June Cleaver crying game to get votes, because it's an indication that when she can't get her way in the White House, she will be throwing tantrums just like the current thief-in-chief frat boy.

Anonymous said...

I hope that all Obama and Oprah's efforts in the media stop armchair revolutionary negroes from getting on either of them for not being "Black enough." The days of chicken-n-waffle racial politics is ovah, and just because neither one of them aren't walking around in a dashiki and an afro don't mean their not conscious. Sometimes you have to go about your liberation strategy in a different way...

Young woman on a journey said...

hmm...this election should be exciting. afterall, there will be one unconventional person running right. But it bores the crap out of me. Who ever said that Clinton has some more research. Her and Obama have damn near the same plans...though i must say her's are much better. The truth of the matter is, this message of change is bs. He can't deliver on the change he promises cause he's not really advocating change (according to his policies), at least not anything radical enough to be considered change. And she, well, I'd hate to judge her by her husband, but you see what happened there. the presidential race is nowhere near as important as the congressional race, cause they really make the final decisions (i.e. to deploy troops on false pretenses). furthermore, neither candidate is particularly popular outside of democratic circles so perhaps we should concern ourselves with their possible contenders (the Vet whose old and somewhat immobile and desperately trying to shed the liberal image and the very very creepy exec who looks like he could kill a million people and not think twice). as you can tell, i don't have high hope for these elections. In fact, I have no hopes, just preparation for the worst.

Young woman on a journey said...

i meant to say that Clinton's plans are a little (very little) better than the "o" man's.

Anonymous said...

"I have to give it to the "O" man, because with all due respect to Tim Meadows, he is the true "ladies man".

field, drunk any kool aid lately?
If I read you saying there's no blue states, no red states, only the United States of America, then i'll know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field :-)

My name is Cami B and I am also a proud Obamaholic.

For Anon 8:49am:
You need to do some more research on the issues both candidates stand for. Check out and educate yourself on what he stands for before you dismiss any ideas he has based on your affinity towards Billary. And as for his debating skills is that what you are using as justifcation in picking a president? Because she is a great debater? that something that needs to be on the list of priorities when it comes to building a better future for this country? Do your own research sweetie, the information is readily availible.

Obama '08

Yes We Can! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks Field for referring to that elitist bigot as Mann Coulter. She makes my blood boil. I've always referred to her/him as that with her moronic ideas and huge adams apple. She is also affectionately known as
Coultergeist lol! :-D

Jonne Austin said...

Jody loved your comment! Some women choose to see the fact that this woman is not one of US she is one of them. And being one of them, a politrickster, knows no gender.

Is it just me or does it seem like white men and black women tend to gravitate towards Obama, and black men and white women go for hillary? Just from the news and radio today it seemed pretty polarized.

Lola Gets said...

This is an off the wall comment, but Michelle is hot!


Christopher said...

This is no longer momentum: it’s a tsunami!

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has surged to a 13 point lead over Hillary Clinton in the delegate-rich state of California a mere hours before “Super Tuesday” voting gets underway.

According to the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Tuesday, in California, which alone provides more than one-fifth of the Democratic delegates needed for the nomination, Obama led Clinton by 49 percent to 36 percent.

As recently as November, Barack Obama trailed Hillary Clinton by as much as 25 points.

JustMeWriting said...

Hey Field, I agree (as usual)...the "O" man as you call him, has SURELY brought about some much needed unity. This is going to be the presidential election of a lifetime.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

Wasn't Maxine Water's husband appointed to an Ambassadorship by Bill Clinton?

I'm thinking of a Latin term...lets see what is that term?...Oh yeah, Quid Pro Quo.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure why you're being sarcastic about our "month," because it was a black man who started this stuff, and it's us who keep it going--after all these years. Come on, now, let's be fair. If we didn't continue to yelp and cry about BHM, believe me, white folk would be more than glad to give it a rest. We gots to call it like this when we know it like this.

Christopher said...

10 of 11 major California newspapers have endorsed Obama Obama.

The Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Orange County Register, the Sacramento Bee, the San Jose Mercury News, the Contra Costa Times, the Riverside Press Enterprise, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Fresno Bee, and La Opinión.

The last is the largest Spanish language newspaper in California and could give Obama a boost amongst Latino voters in its home town, Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget actress Kerry Washington; she announced her support during the Arkansas primaries.

Anonymous said...

Young woman on a journey:
"i meant to say that Clinton's plans are a little (very little) better than the "o" man's."
So I would know what i'm talking about when i'm around my house negro friends, I studied both Clinton and Obama's health insurance plans. I found Clinton's to be more detailed than Obamas'. Nonetheless, they're both very similar. However, the key difference is that, whereas Sen. Clinton's plan mandates coverage for everyone, Obama's does not, although he does only mandates that all children be be insured. And you can bet that, if Sen. Clinton gets the nomination, this is going to be the number one thing that McCain will use to argue this point as an example of Sen Clinton and the Democrats taking the country down the road of "socialized medicine." This will be a very powerful argument, because fickle Americans don't like being required to do anything and they definitely don't like the United States as being viewed as socialist.

To be fair, I Sen. Clinton knows this mandated won't fly with either Republicans or the American people and is using it as a starting point from which to negotiate. Still, I thing it's a mistake, because it plays into the hands of Republicans who will rake over burning coal for telling American people they must use the government's version of health insurance. So, for strategic reasons, I think Obama has a better plan.

Of course, John Edwards had the best insurance plan, but Americans weren't ready for it, just as they weren't ready to hear the truth about the American presidency and congress being bought and sold by the corporatations, including the corporate media, which paid little attention to his wonderful plan or him.

Young woman on a journey said...

Macdaddy, I'm far from a house least I hope so. I agree with your analysis. but in terms of straight policy prescriptions (forgetting strategy here), Clinton's I would argue is better. I am not particularly fond of either so i'm not pressed. Dennis Kucinich actually had the best plan, but this system was never designed for radicals! Wouldn't you agree?

lets not get started on corporations buying and selling ALL american policies...that would be a lifetime of discussion. That's why i stopped watching all this garbage on tv, stopped reading the news, and stopped listening to the radio when they talk about the elections. Cause in the end, its the corporations interests that are protected, not mine.

Unknown said...

Whew. My nerves bad.

Go, Barack! Si, se peude!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:49

I'm not of HRC--mainly because I don't like her political pandering, and because she has the blood of many dead folks on her hands. I haven't decided yet on a candidate, but I have to admit that I've been eyeing the O koolaid.

That being said, no president is ever going to take the policies they are promoting now and put it into action. It's just not the way our government is set up. A president has to motivate people to take part in government on a local level, compromise with congress to get laws passed, and appoint people to the Supreme Court. On an international end, the prez has to be able to work with other countries in our best interest. People get fooled into thinking it's about policy, and in some ways it is. But the job of the president is to point us in the right direction and to make sure that everyone else is on board.

Just something to think about...

west coast story said...

"Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you're being sarcastic about our "month," because it was a black man who started this stuff, and it's us who keep it going--after all these years. Come on, now, let's be fair. If we didn't continue to yelp and cry about BHM, believe me, white folk would be more than glad to give it a rest. We gots to call it like this when we know it like this.

1:10 PM"

Amen. His name was Dr. Carter Woodson and he started Black History Week in 1926. Nobody gave us nothing on this. If I hear one more person say that "they" gave us the shortest month of the year, I'm going to recommend a black history lesson for them. I enjoy the heck out of the art, history, and cultural celebration that happens every years about this time. I'm still trying to understand what it is exactly that bothers people about it. If we didn't have it, then colored folks would be crying that our experiences isn't publicly represented.


SouthernGirl2 said...

Cami b & Sytgrl

Props to you! Heyyy!

Anonymous said...

"Dennis Kucinich actually had the best plan, but this system was never designed for radicals! Wouldn't you agree?"

Young woman on a Journey: Thank you. I forgot about him. I remember reading his plan a while back and sending his campaign a check, even though I knew he wouldn't get anywhere for the same reason you mentioned: America wasn't ready for him. But it's not "The system." It's us Americans. If we Americans insisted on the best plan (single payor), we would get it, but we don't. Why? Because , despite this country's great principles and lofty ideals, we're very conservative. How else could we end up with an idiotic, right wing president TWICE and allow his sorry administration to take us into a pre-emptive, illegal war, drain our government treasury mess up the world's economy and destroy what little honor we had in the world without impeaching his ass?

Kucinich may have Mickey Mouse ears, be shorter than Prince, but he consisttently stands tall for working people. We just weren't ready for him. For that matter, because of his race, we may not even be ready for Obama who, when you come down to it, is little more than a centrist politician like Sen. Clinton.

ZACK said...

To anonymous and west coast story,

IT'S CALLED E-mail, when you want to comment on something that has nothing to do with the post. E-MAIL. But I'm gotta have common sense to think of e-mail.

*Talking slowly for the learning impaired* THIS......POST......IS....ABOUT....OBAMA....!

west coast story said...

Zackattack: You'll get over it.

I don't know which way California will go but it looks like Obama will carry the Bay Area, at least. People who I consider to be fairly conservative are voting for him, black and white. And the hard line white liberals that I thought would go with Billary are voting for Obama. There's one tiny little wealthy enclave that is a separate chartered city surrounded by Oakland that reportedly has Obama signs all over it. Depending on which poll you look at, it's either a dead heat or one or the other is up by 10 points.

This is an interesting link that shows the polls by state.

Don said...

That's right, Obama.

Pull a power move and snatch some of the female vote.

I think Barack is going to win Super Tuesday. Hopefully, he will get a great number of delegates in the process. That ways, it will leave no doubt in other states.

field negro said...

"PS- admit it, FN, you dig Michelle Obama."

Yes rykirah, I do dig the "O" woman.

"My name is Cami B and I am also a proud Obamaholic."


field negro said...

"Are you slippin' Field? It amazes me how people fall for the same song and dance every presidential season...".

No johnston,still the same cynical field.

But this damn "O" man.....

Anonymous said...

After standing in line for two and one half hours to vote in Bernalillo, New Mexico, we finally got to cast our ballots in the Democratic Caucus. A credit to the republican mentality, there were several who were told they could not vote because this was a Democratic only caucus. Had to be Bush voters.

Anyway, after voting we went to the local restaurant for a cup of compensatory coffee, and our server, a young Hispanic woman said when she got off work she was going to vote. For Obama. She said she had a hard choice but was voting for Obama because so many of her young friends were inspired by him and had connected to him.

Could any young person say the same thing about McCain?

Anonymous said...

You guys notice that Obama is winning states that are over 80% white and barely any blacks like Utah or Idaho...

My theory is there are less racist there.

I tend to think hardcore racism (based on my experience) is where you have large populations of competing groups or large populations of poor ghetto blacks (even if they aren't the majority) it causes friction.

I'm sure there are many whites in Utah and Idaho that have never even met a black person and definitely never seen a ghetto but on TV. I think there is less serious racism in those type of situations it is more like curiosity.

This coicides with my experience that racism is worse in some urban areas of Europe than I experience in Japan (where there are only a handful of military blacks or some Nigerians in Tokyo that is about it) most folks are just happy to see black person they think every black person is like Michael Jordan, etc.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Obama has taken 10 states so far!

Kismet Nuñez said...

Uh oh field! Sip...sip....

(Don't fight it!) :)


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