Saturday, February 02, 2008

Secret Slurs and an Anniversary.

I thought I could trust my white friends, I really did. However, it seems that I cannot really trust them after all. While reading one of the new blogs that I am feeling I came across this little gem. It turns out that some white folks have a couple of new code words that they use when they are talking about us.

The “Monday” reference I am familiar with, because I did happen to see that “Def Comedy Jam” skit. But "Canadians"? Now honestly, I really don’t care what white folks think about me, but if they are going to use code words over our heads and use the shit to affect us in business and in our chosen vocations, well then we are going to have a problem.

Now I am counting on my white friends on this site like Christopher, David, and Jimbo (that’s a shame when you can single out and name your white friends) to hip us to any other secret slurs that's out there about us.

Finally, I want to comment on something else: Today is the first anniversary of some bullshit that some of the Wal Mart blogs tried to push over on the rest of us called “Amnesty Day.” My man Skippy asked me to blog about it, so I feel obligated to say a few words.

Last year when a bunch of these large blogs got together and conspired to exclude some of the smaller ones from their blogrolls it was pure bullshit, and they knew it. They called it Blog Amnesty Day, but it was just a way of purging their blog rolls of blogs they consider beneath their stature by hiding behind the facade of a phony ass campaign.

I was proud to join a few of the smaller blogs who called them on their bullshit, and told them in no uncertain terms where they could take their Blogroll Amnesty Day.
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s their blogs; their blood sweat and tears went into it. Therefore, they are free to do with it what they want. However, this is the Internet, and we are a community of folks who are trying to spread information and ideas. The way that we do that is to link each other. So when folks try to hinder that free flow of information, I will always take issue with it.

And for the record, let me say this again: I will link anyone who links me (Just as long you don’t run one of those racist ass storm front or porn sites or some shit). I can’t always see you, so if you are linking me and you don’t see your name on my roll, shoot me an e-mail at, and I will link you up quicker than you can say field.

Now enjoy the Super Bowl. I hate both the G-Men and the Spytriots, but I am going with the cheaters from New England to go undefeated.


Christopher Chambers said...

If the Patriots lose (which they almost did to the Giants back in November), that means there's hope for truth and justice.

Oh, and hopefully Ron Dellums' head will fall off...

field negro said...


On a quick side note chris. Someone posted as Monique Braxton's cousin on one of the earlier threads. You might want to check it out :)

BTW, Shawn Fordham (Ms. Braxton's ex) is a friend of mine, so I will stay out of that one, but it seems like we know some of the same folks. And Chaka Fattah's current wife is still a news anchor here.
But I never watch her :)

Anonymous said...

I just heard about the Canadian thing. Seems like we white folks have more than our fair share of idiots. Celtics not in the super bowl this year?

Connecticut Man1 said...

As someone that was was born and raised in Canada, can I look at the comparison as a compliment? And damn it Field! I thought you would've counted me among your white friends? I guess I'll cut you some slack since A) I am just half kidding around, and B) I am an irregular commenter, though a regular reader, and finding out some new slur has to be unnerving. Sorry if I can't provide you with any other "code words" since I don't seem to run with anyone that uses them OR, at least, I wouldn't know if they were using some code word? You never really know about someone until they put it out there.

And thanks for participating in Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Woozie said...

Anybody taking part in something as retarded-sounding as "Blog Amnesty Day" takes themselves way too damn seriously, and needs to quit typing their novel at Starbucks while sipping a $9 latte. Really, fuck that shit.

-D said...

I'm really not surprised. That's really all I can muster for this one.

Nothing new here, same derivative, tired stuff from small-minded people with no imagination or education.

-D said...

I will say this Field: that's low-class racist stuff, which is not how educated racists operate. Those folks either keep it to themselves or cloak the argument in socioeconomics or something. They're the kind of white folks who cherrypick a legitimate argument about the ills of the African-American community of all the stuff that blacks are responsible for, while conveniently leaving out the part about the legacy of the past and institutional inequalities. (That would muddy the waters too much.)

So, that's how the wealthy/schooled whites operate, since you asked. Not that they'd make even that argument around a black; they intuitively understand you'd still see through it.

No code words though...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I heard some comedian a few years back say that Canadians are also known as "ice niggers" and I literally couldn't close my day for 1/2 an hour. I had to get my ground back from under me. Secondly, I think we should start an "I Love Mondays" campaign, reversing the trend of people not wanting to go back, and it'll be iconic for Black men and women to start it because they usually call us shiftless and lazy. I love Mondays, what about you?

Anonymous said...

The "Canadian" thing was new to me, too . . . so now I'm bummed that I can't make fun of ACTUAL Canadians anymore . . .

I am racking my brain--but the closest I have for you is when someone who used to go to my (inner-city) church says that they changed churches because "little johnny wanted to be in youth group with his friends from school"--in other words--"I didn't want my child to be around those 'urban' kids, or worse, God forbid, to think about DATING them."

but that kind of stuff is super-obvious and not too hard to read between the lines. In terms of other stuff, I'm not really sure . . . I think that for the most part, people know where I stand on this stuff ("that's her 'thing'--so don't get her started") and so they won't say things in front of me, at least most of the time.

Anonymous said...

@Comment on your side bar:


Hell, Field, I'd vote for Obama, too, if he promised me all the things I'm not entitled to.

Anonymous said...

If you think "Canadians" was bad, wait till you see what the new code word is, straight from Neil Boortz's mouth.

So now we're parasites, worthless, and stupid, huh?
Last I checked, the people of N.O. didn't wreck their own levee.

When you hear the audio clip from Media Matters, try not to punch your computer.

Christopher said...

I never heard this expression before.

The country is going down the toilet: we're in a protracted war in Iraq, the USA has a 9 trillion dollar debt, the NIH and education is underfunded, we have 48 million uninsured, and the neocons are still jones-in for a war in Iran, and this kind of hate speech is the order of the day?

People are just to fucking stupid to bother with anymore.

field negro said...

To ct. man 1, Jimbo,christopher, and all the other white folks who posted above, I didn't really expect you guys to know that. Well meaning folks (black or white) who come to the fields would not be told what to say by the secret racist society. They would be too afraid you might tell us.

"Anybody taking part in something as retarded-sounding as "Blog Amnesty Day" takes themselves way too damn seriously, and needs to quit typing their novel at Starbucks while sipping a $9 latte. Really, fuck that shit."

Amen woozie!

the fire next time, I hardly think granting a driver's license to ALL immigrants (legal or otherwise)is a promise for "all things" one is not entitled to.

Hathor said...

Tell him what it is like to drive in a city when many of the citizens don't have a license and the more obvious, no insurance.

I still don't know what "Canadian" means.

Christopher said...


O/T, but check it out!

According to ZOGBY 02.03.08:

Obama’s lead in California is by virtue of solid support in the Bay Area and among Independents (by 20 points), men (20 points), 18-29 year olds (31 points), very liberal voters (22 points), and African Americans (75%-14%).

If my man Barack takes California, the nomination is his. It's all about Barack Obama going to Denver and then onto November!

I'm so stoked!

brran1 said...

I'm definitely on the Giants side today...Why the hell would someone call Black People Canadians? I really missed the connection there...
It is absolutely pathetic that some of the well known larger blogs decided to come up with "Blog Amnesty Day"...seriously, do you really have that much free time on your hands? smh some people never cease to amaze me...

Christopher Chambers said...

Field we need to caucus on these Philly folk hahaha

FYI, I have officially labelled Ron Dellums and Maxine Waters as COONS in my Super Bowl prediction blogpost (the segway is that so is Gene Upshaw).

Pats 27 Giants 13. I'll watch the first half...

burpster said...

I posted a OT link to a Canadian newspaper article on this subject a few days ago here. I believe the column was in regards to a assistant DA in the US somewhere calling jury members "Canadians"(code for N-word).

I'd never heard Canadian used as a racial slur before. Mostly, I was suprized that Americans needed coded words to describe another race.

The more things change the more they don't.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard that, Field--although I have heard Jews referred to (in code) as "Irishmen". I guess it's just what circles you spin in...

ms-teacher said...

I must hang out with the wrong white people. The words you posted were new to me. Sorry Field but I can't help you on this one.

It's all so silly to me what we do to each other in the name of race, color, ethnicity or whatever artificial, man-made device that ignorant people want to do to separate us.

field, I read you every day because you make this white girl think.

LittleMissSolo said...

Hmmm... could someone please explain "Monday" to me. I'm lost...

A friend of a friend told her about the Canadian thing. She jokes around a lot so I never took it seriously. I had no idea she was really trying to put us on to some undercover racist lingo.

SB talk -- I'm going to for the Pats. I'd like to see them go undefeated.

Jonne Austin said...

LOL at them calling us names like Mondays and Canadians. I will continue to laugh at those too weak and too cowardly to say anything to my face and really being called a Canadian is a bit of a compliment.

As for the Blogroll Amnesty Day, I am glad I hadn't started blogging yet.

It's BS to be so high and mighty as to get rid of smaller blogs. A damned shame!

Dirty Red said...

Field I saw the same Def Comedy Jam, and the Monday thing was kind of a surprise. I am not getting Canadians though. How is being called a Canadian derogatory? I ain't getting it.

As for my Superbowl pick I am going woth the Pats. Even though I love NYC with all my heart, (Is Brooklyn in the house?) I cannot stand the Giants. Besides I hope Randy Moss finally gets the ring that has avoided him all these years.

Anonymous said...

@ Field: "the fire next time, I hardly think granting a driver's license to ALL immigrants (legal or otherwise)is a promise for "all things" one is not entitled to."

C'mon Field, legal immigrants are entitled to and receive driver's licenses.

La Opinion, MAPA, and all the other heavy-weight Hispanic groups are not going to call for support for Obama without getting something more than driver's licenses in return.

They're looking to him to support an amnesty for illegals. Why? it will build up their political base, and bring in more of that American green.

Now, who's being real here!

Anonymous said...


Hmmm... could someone please explain "Monday" to me. I'm lost...

We all hate the first day of the work week, right?

Ann Brock said...

Field that Monday thing I get but, Canadian. Your side bar is too funny thanks Mr.Charlie for our month.(HA,HA,HA)

Anonymous said...


Field that Monday thing I get but, Canadian.

Here's my guess jjbrock:

Americans are said to hate Canadians. You can figure out the rest.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mr. field, A couple of things. . . I've never heard of the white code words. I guess they aint that slick around these parts cuz a couple days ago an ignorant redneck I unfortunately found myself in the company of came right out and said to someone standing near me "well, are we going to have a n@$$%^ president?" I immediately stuck my nose in and said "probably not since so many Americans are ignorant rednecks who will say things like that." He didn't like it, but like most of his type he slithered away without a word.

The second thing is, I don't know nuthin about wal-mart blogs or any of that other stuff, but I've had you linked for months and my blog is anything but a "racist ass storm front." You don't have me linked, so you've made a false claim.

Anonymous said...

I heard the term "Canadians" a few weeks ago. I'm a blue collar worker so I'm guessing that it's used so others won't be able to overhear the conversation.

Haven't heard "Monday" yet.

The code gesture I have seen is a finger pointing to the arm to mean
skin color.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

I did catch that episode of Def Comedy Jam. I swear white people never cease to amaze me. My father is Irish and he used to tell me how the irish were referred to as the 'niggers of europe'....

field negro said...

segacious... that wasn't a false claim. Notice I said if I am aware of you linking me I will link you. Now that I am aware of you linking me, it's done.

Yes, everybody hates Mondays and Canadians.

"They're looking to him to support an amnesty for illegals...."

And that's supposed to be a bad thing?

? said...

Well the Pats did not make it but let's hope the O man has better luck on Tuesday.

Woozie said...

18-1! You was wrong, nigra.

Anonymous said...


"They're looking to him to support an amnesty for illegals...."

And that's supposed to be a bad thing?

No. It's a good thing, if America wishes to become the "workfare/welfare nation" of the world, and wishes to favor Hispanics over other racial groups.

Since the ghetto and barrio have been hit the hardest, I believe the decision of amnesty should be left to blacks, Mexican-Americans, and those living in impacted states, and not to a bunch of unaffected Washington politicians, who make decisions at the behest of lobbyists, and not the American people.

Amnesty, as you know, will only encourage more illegal immigration.

But, then, again, it should be the people's decision whether to grant it, or not grant it, not Washington's.

I know: illegal immigrants are here already. Californians are well aware of it: the impact of illegal immigration is being felt all up and down the state. California is on the verge of bankruptcy because of it. (I don't exaggerate!)

Now, if we could get those of you in non-impacted states to pony up some of your hard-earned cash to support the health-care, education, and other social needs of illegal immigrants, then we could open up the flood-gates.

Until that time, I don't believe that non-affected supporters of amnesty have a lot to say about the subject.

And, no, your Federal dollars aren't helping enough with that support.

Francis Holland said...

I never understood that blogroll amnesty crap, but what I do understand is "redlining" and I see it happening all the time in the whitosphere. The only way Barack Obama was able to get his face in a white blog was by running for president and ending up in the top two.

They've been using this expression for five years, even in written correspondence, and we're only finding out about it now?! Let's vote for Barack Obama as a way of telling America that we're ready to get over this sort of crap!

Well, Field, are you ready to admit that color-aroused behavior is an illness? Who other than someone who is mentally ill would invent and propagate such a devious scheme as the one you report above, systematically, just to maintain their ability to denigrate, subjugate and exploit a group of people based on their skin color?

And don't tell me that acknowledging their mental illness would render them blameless. In this society, the only blameless mentally ill people are incapable of grasping the wrongfulness of their acts. Obviously these whites grasp the wrongfulness of their acts or they wouldn't go to such great lengths to hide those acts.

Billary & Co's Color-Aroused Stereotyping Angers and Alienates Democrats

Anonymous said...

That is quite benevolent of you. :)

I had a blog that I supported and even chat with the blog creator often, when I created my blog, I haven't gotten a response. E-mails not returned, no blog roll love, nothing. I faithfully commented on her blog and was there from the jump before all the hype. Oh! well, it must be a dog eat dog world, but there are still some good ones out there.

I guess it's a lot like life, some people forget how they made it to the top.

This is the first time, I've heard of code words. I'm will be on the lookout...

Lola Gets said...

I guess I cant sing my favorite South Park song, "Blame Canada" anymore. I had a lovely Asian fellow tell me I wasnt Black on Friday. I kept trying to tell the man, but he wouldnt believe me. So, I guess Id best stay away from making any "questionable" racial statements - I dont want to get my ass kicked, hehe.