Thursday, February 14, 2008

Straight Talk About "Mr. Straight Talk".

You gotta love this article from David Faris which he wrote for "The City Paper", a weekly rag here in my hometown of Philadelphia.

This political season I am soaking up everything I can read about these candidates. I would suggest that you all do the same thing. ---Yes Obamaholics, even you---

"Republican voters delivered a strong rebuke to their party's conservative base by vaulting John McCain past the animated and disingenuous corpse of Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday. The trouble with this decision is that the so-called "maverick" McCain has staked his candidacy on President Bush's Iraq War and the chimerical success of the Surge. And it will be his undoing.

Baghdad's recent horrific market bombings underscored the continuing lack of basic security in Iraq, and in January, U.S. troop deaths crept up once again. Contrary to the popular notion of decadent liberals celebrating each dead American soldier with a pomegranate martini and some casual sex, no one is happy about this ongoing tragedy. But that doesn't mean we can't hold people accountable.

John McCain is as responsible as anyone for our multitrillion-dollar experience in Southwest Asian adventure tourism. His vote for the war enabled the man who slimed him in the 2000 South Carolina primary to launch a preventive war, without pretext or justification. And he has done absolutely nothing since Mission Accomplished to get us out of Iraq before the dawn of the next millennium, or to expose the crony capitalism that has turned our 51st state into a dysfunctional wasteland.

While McCain is polling well now against both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he has the advantage of a fawning media that hasn't realized the Surge has only succeeded in renting Iraq for several more bloody years. And the financial scandals emerging from the country's "reconstruction" are just starting to creep out and may make the Saddam-era oil-for-food corruption seem like a soccer mom fiddling with PTA walking-around money.

One of the big questions about McCain is whether he can keep the conservative deckhands on board the HMS Straight Talk. Will they string up Sen. McQueeg by either staying home on Election Day or voting for James Dobson? Most people in the snake-handling, tent-revival crowd will almost certainly get on board with McCain, after he is repackaged as some sort of a God-fearing evangelical. I personally can't wait to hear about his personal relationship with Jesus.

[I love this part] But the real John McCain is an ideological chameleon whose long stint in a Vietnamese prison imbued him with a lasting creepiness. You think values voters were repulsed by Bill Clinton? In McCain we're talking about a guy who came home from his captivity and proceeded to run around on and eventually dump his crippled wife, who had waited for him the whole time. These are the kinds of things you don't hear from the media — which spent eight years digging up every trivial detail and outrageous accusation about Bill Clinton's sexcapades.

And aside from his few departures from Heritage Foundation cult ideology, his policies mostly consist of outmoded, supply-side claptrap that he should be embarrassed peddling after the two-recession economic record of the Bush administration. His campaign literature refers to Roe v. Wade as "a flawed decision that must be overturned." And his health-care plan consists of a bewildering array of changes that, as some intern scribbled on his Web site, would end up " putting more decisions and responsibility" on the shoulders of individual Americans. Translation: You'll be paying for it yourself.

Don't let anyone tell you McCain is some kind of post-partisan savior. He's just as bad any wild-eyed 700 Club true believer, and he's even worse on Iraq, where a President McCain would keep us for generations. "



The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, you must get the book "God's Profits - Faith, Fraud and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters" by Sarah Posner.

This book reads like an Amway sales plot, complete with extortion and manipulation by TD Jakes, Rod Parsley, John Hagee and Kenneth Copeland leading the charge, followed by Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn.

They all lead opulent lifestyles, don't pay taxes and dumb Negroes are giving them their light bill and rent payments hoping for blessings when the Lord has already told us what we need to do, if we read the Bible for ourselves.

All of them were college drop outs.

None can claim bonified divinity degrees.

And the biggest kicker is how Shrubya deliberately cultivated them and these fools, including Jakes, Long, Dollar and Fred Price, helped the Frat Boy steal two elections in the name of Jesus.

So, I'm not surprised about John McCain - the last time he tried to talk straight, the Frat Boy unleashed a rumor that the Bangladeshi child he adopted was really his love child he had on the side with a sista. Tanked his campaign chances after that.

Anything goes in an election, but your children should be off limits. The fact that he hasn't clocked Karl Rove for that rumor saying VOLUMES...

Christopher Chambers said...

Ha! Love it! TD Jakes=fraud. Next victims of the Barack tsunami...

Anonymous said...

If you think this article made John McCain look bad, wait till you see his latest flip-flop; this time on Torture- something he knows all so well.

At the debates last year, he was against waterboarding and torture and that the Army Field Manual was effective. But wait! At the Senate yesterday he voted AGAINST the anti-torture bill, saying the Army Field Manual was not strong enough.

John MCCain- the Flip-Flop express. What value will he compromise/drop tomorrow?

Nelson said...

This is what Republican Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi said of John McCain while his chosen candidate, Mitt Romney, was still in the race:

"The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."

I don't know what could be worse than that really--your own colleague saying that you don't have the temperament to be President.

Jonne Austin said...

We can't say the Republicans really brought it this year at all. Ron Paul was suspect and quite frankly crazy as hell, Mitt Romney was like Bush 2.0 except more sniveling, Huckabee was creepy, a nice guy I'm sure but nice guy doesn't earn you the white house, and did I mention he was a little creepy? Thompson was just wreckless and talking out his ass, and now McCain who like this article points out is at the root basically rottening.

I think the strongest candidate they had was Giuliani who was a man-whore yes and an opportunist not to mention an apologist for the wrongs done to blacks in NYC.....

It was slim pickins.

field negro said...

"slim pickins" indeed!

Nelson's quote from Thad Cochran is scary. Man if one of his own say that....

And christ. prob. I know all about those pimps on the pulpit. It's a shame that the folks that can least afford it, always contribute to their hustle.

Christopher said...

While McCain is polling well now against both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama....

McCave may be polling well against the Borg Queen but he ain't polling well against Barack Obama.

The fact is, McCave is a worthless piece of shit. In the 2000 race for president, the Rove machine unleashed a vile attack on McCave's blonde, socialite wife, Cindy, trying to smear her as a drug addict.

What did McCave do? Nothing. If Rove had smeared my partner like that, I would knocked his teeth down his throat with my fist.

Christopher said...

Meanwhile, Rep. John Lewis, an elder statesman from the civil rights era and one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent black supporters, said Thursday night that he planned to cast his vote as a superdelegate for Barack Obama in hopes of preventing a fight at the Democratic convention.

This is a very important endorsement for Obama and for all of us Obamaholics.

Anonymous said...

quote - In McCain we're talking about a guy who came home from his captivity and proceeded to run around on and eventually dump his crippled wife... end quote

Might have to give Mr. McCain the Newt Gingrich Humanitarian Award, huh? ;-)

I'm sure what's left of the Republican leadership must be asking themselves, don't we have anybody else we can run?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of books (someone was recommending a book, weren't they), maybe Field needs to post a thread for most important books.

The one that really opened my eyes is Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine i The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Along with why the world is so screwed up, she does an excellent job explaining why we are in Iraq and why Bush is in no hurry to get out. And believe it or not, it is not about oil. There is about one "private contractor" in Iraq for every soldier. And it ain't the US military soldiers who are making the big bucks.

This might explain McCain's being comfortable with us being in Iraq for 100 years.

Naomi Klein is a very, very brave person. Read this book.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Prister, that's next on my list, followed by The End of America, by Naomi Wolf.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

I wrote an article for a newspaper here in dc a while ago in regards to the Pulpit Pimps and how they're backed by the republicans, but the minute a church leader shows signs of turning their backs to a rep. their ass is being hauled into court for tax evasion..etc..etc...

Maniac McCain is what my fiance's soliders refer to him as. He toured Iraq about two years ago and a few of the said, "something's just not right with that man".

Anonymous said...

McPain is trying to flip flop his way to the white house. This is the same POW who sponsored the Detainee Treatment act- that prohibited the use of any cruel treatment by the military...but that was in 2006....McPain once called the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons "religious bigots"...but now disgustingly begging for their endorsement....he was one of the few "moderate" republicans in favor of the immigration bill, a bill he himself co sponsored...but now...he is against his own proposal...His ad should be

"..McPain - a born again Bush, who will sell his soul to get the keys to the White House!.."

The media's insane drooling over this hand puppet makes me sick!!

Field- Love your blog, BTW :)

Unknown said...

I agree 100% wit this article..Dont be fooled by McCain, He isnt as dumb as Bush, but, they play the same political game.

west coast story said...

I'm not a fan of John McCain. I think he blows in whatever direction the wind is going. His stance on immigration is just plain cowardly.

I was totally against the Viet Nam war.

But I do take issue with the comment about how he acted after coming back from Viet Nam. I suspect any one of us would be different persons after serving time as a prisoner of war. My guess is that the person who wrote this never served time in the military. My step brother committed suicide after Viet Nam. My father served in WWII and while he was not a prisoner of war, he served in France and the experience really affected him for the rest of his 55 remaining years of life. So I take exception to that comment. McCain could have easily been a candidate for spending the rest of his life living under a bridge addicted to various substances. That was just a sh***y thing to say. It's not like when Newt or Giuliani dumped their wives after serving time in public office flapping their lips and getting drunk on their press notices.

Anonymous said...

How could? , and why should anyone support any member of the Beltway Club.These people who are in office 15-20 years plus should all be held accountable for the mess THIS Country is in. They continue a world ploicy based upon oil profits, and futures markets. They are THE PROBLEM, HOW can any of them be the Solution. I hope and pray that the decent people in these country will realize this before we are all in the Poor House.

Anonymous said...

Why give this man an award for acting like a fool when he got back from war? You folks love to give men a pass for acting like whores. If this was a woman - yall would scream staaaaank hoooo!

It just shows to McCain's character. He came home from the war. His wife was involved in a car accident while he was gone she was paralyzed. He came back and disrespected her left and right. You should read her account of his disgraceful behavior and disrespect.

McCain is a hot head, had a bad temper and is more stubborn than bush. Yeah, he'll probably be our next president. White folks love men like this....

Woozie said...

Campaigning in 2000, John McCain said "I hate the gooks. I will always hate them."


Christopher said...

Poppy Bush, the 500 year old father of Little Boots, and who they keep alive via necromancy, came out today and endorsed John McCave.

I guess this means McCave now gets his membership at the Bohemian Grove.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 15 08

Yes FN:
But the same can be said about Obama who also supports military incursions into the Middle East. This article on Mr. McCain was more than biased;)

field negro said...

mahndisa, I agree that the author is a left leaning journalist, but you must admit that there are some truths in what he said.

The stuff with his ex is troubling.

LACoincidental said...

Well, it does speak Volumes about John McCain. Just what we need -- another hot tempered egomaniac who didn't see a country of brown people he didn't want to blow up. If anything, being in that POW camp not only have him a permanent gold pass in politics, it also left him slightly deranged.

Right now, Obama is my man because he's the only candidate who isn't a rehash (Billary) outright scares me (McCain or anything that crawls out of the GOP sess pool) or is so politically incompetent and such a strident ideological soapbox type that they'll trip over their own feet if they were elected President -- no matter how much I agree with their ideas. (Ron Paul, Dennis Kuicinich and what left wing crank the Green Party nominates. Sorry McKinney fans).

Anonymous said...

"What did McCave do? Nothing. If Rove had smeared my partner like that, I would knocked his teeth down his throat with my fist."

This is why McCain won South Carolina . The bigots of SC realized that they were hoodwinked by Bush and got 8 years of fuckups because of the "McCain had a black baby out of wetlock" lie that Karl Rove's butt buddies spread around on his behest. The Republicans of SC wanted their vote back. It was a "If I knew then what I know now" kind of thing.

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