Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Saturday Sweep.

Mrs. Field is downright giddy tonight. The "O" man just pulled a clean sweep over the Ice Queen in today's primaries (including her home state of Louisiana). Talk about reach. Her boy won in the deep South and far Northwest. And to top it off, come April 22nd her vote here in the Pennsylvania Primary might actually have some significance this election year.

I'll be damned if the "O" man isn't acting like he wants to pull this thing off. Forget the cynical bloggers like the field Negro. Forget the old school traditional black politicians like Shiela Jackson Lee and the folks at the CBC who owe so much to the Clintons. Forget the folks like Tavis Smiley and Shelby Steele, who for whatever reason seem to be consumed with jealousy and hateration. He is impervious to us all.

You Obamaholics will have a serious hangover tomorrow morning because of this high that you are on right now. But be careful, don't go overdosing on the Obama Aid just yet. There are still things like super delegates (which, by the way, is bullshit)and Clintonian political trickery down the road to consider. For now though, I won't deny you your right to party and soak up these latest wins. You deserve it. You have been sticking with your boy when cynics like yours truly have been saying the Emperor might not have any underwear on under all those fine clothes.

Now I am off to bed. Let's just hope Mrs. Field is still in that mood.

Thank you "O" man ;)


SouthernGirl2 said...

Obama Sweeps 4 Contests! I love it!

His speech was so powerful in Virginia until I had tears! I think I might be on a high for days now!

Woo Hoo!

g-e-m2001 said...

I am dying over Mrs. Field's transformation into an Obamaholic. Hysterical.

I too am getting excited now that it seems my state's primary on march 4 may actually matter.

Don't write off the CBC yet, they aren't done. If this thing comes down to super delegates, every member of the CBC, by nature of their position as federal office holders has a vote as a super delegate. So they may get the last laugh.

i wasn't enamored with Obama either so if he pulls this off. I hand my hat to him.

I might be stepping up to the bar to have a glass of Obama-aid myself because I was one of the ones thinking that it couldn't be done.

Maybe Mrs Field will become a Obama delegate.

Inkogkneegrow said...

Forget the ObamaAid! I'm about to roll up a fat ObamaBlunt!! Puff Puff pass. 'Ere Field (cough cough) Hit this man.

This is just the boost I need heading into Tuesday's Potomac Primaries. Monday morning I will attempt to touch the hem of his garment at the Univ of Maryland. I am so happy that you are starting to catch the vapors Field.

As far as Mrs Field goes... maybe if you serenade her with a couple of verses of the 'Yes We Can' song, you just might get some tonight ;)

Nelson said...

Twas a big night for the O man. The margins were bigger than I expected.

He also looks good going into Tuesday's Potomac primary states.

The splash of cold water I have to offer is March 4 and Ohio and Texas, which could even things up in a lot of people's minds, if not the delegate count. I am very pessimistic about those two states because of the demographics. To me, the best chance Obama has is to use the momentum to develop a sense of inevitability, but I know Billary won't let that happen.

Aaron B. Brown said...

Obama 08, We Shall Prevail!!!

Obama Rally, Edward Jones Dome, St Louis MO (02-02-2008)

rikyrah said...

This is a good night. So, thanks for congratulating the ' O' Man, FN. Let us enjoy it, ok?

The thing that just confuses me..he's winning RURAL America...I'm not getting stumps me.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the high. Maine is tomorrow. The demos favor clinton. Don't go getting cocky just yet.

Brian said...


I hope the next few days helps him in terms of momentum.

Perhaps this will steer undecideds and more independents his way...and get a few folks to change their minds. It should also keep the donations flowing his way.

Hopefully he can do well enough in Ohio and Texas (get 40% or more & split the delegates) that he can keep Billary in panic mode. He should have good momentum by then and I expect her advantage to shrink somewhat. Ohio is a lot like Missouri in terms of Demographics... Minority voters in Columbus, Toledo, Cincinatti, and Cleveland could be enough to cancel out whatever votes Billary gets elsewhere in the State. It just might be enough to help him split the vote there.... (and there are few hispanics to help Billary).

Pennsylvania & Texas might be more of a challenge for Obama... But if he can just keep getting delegates...he might be alright.

He is competitive in Maine...(had to turn away hundreds at a Bangor rally...the crowd spilled out into the streets). So the enthusiasm is there.

He is also set to do well on Potomac Tuesday... Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Billary's camp is starting to get a little concerned. The coronation has already been postponed...they are still reeling about that, meanwhile, while they struggle with that, he is creating more crisis for them.

Billary is trying to hold out until March & April, when she hopes to do well in large Primaries. Hopefully Obama can steal some of her thunder by then.... enough to keep pace in terms of delegates. It sort of reminds me of the Giuliani strategy... Hopefully it won't work for Billary, just like it didn't work for Rudy.

Unfortunately Pennsylvania is a closed primary... if it were open, Obama would be more competitive with Billary. The last figures that I saw on Penn... showed that 25% of voters are independents. (which would help the O' Man.)

Anyway... I'm loving watching Billary on the ropes, panicking all the way to coronation.... and she will be coronated at some point, despite Obama's gains.

My guess is..she will start to run away from Obama around April/May. If that doesn't work, she can always rely on the corrupt Super Delegates (including the CBC) who don't want to lose their free lunch (corporate lobbyist money). Obama scares them. Edwards scared them even they made sure the Country didn't catch on to Edwards...they got rid of him quick. But Obama also worries them.

Christopher said...

Today is Sunday and we still have Maine to go to Barack's column.

His delegate count is growing and if I calculated correctly, he's amassed a staggering 1,103 delegates and 99 super delegates.

The super delegate thing will change as his "viability" becomes clear to those super delegates pledged to the Borg Queen. They want to get behind the candidate who is best equipped to take on John McCave in November.

I have been watching politics for 20 years and I got to say, I have never seen a primary season where the media is so determinded to preordain a winner. The media just can't wrap their tiny pea brains around the concept that that Barack Obama is winning this thing and his crushing victory over Hillary Clinton is real and measurable.

Hathor said...

They still could have a brokered convention, unless he can have get least 2/3 of the delegates.

Jonne Austin said...

I am so proud of my adopted state! My birth state (NY) did me wrong when they went for her mostly, but I guess it's understandable, it is her state.

But Washington came through even AFTER Murray and Cantwell (which disappointed me) went for Billary. I am glad Gregoire went in the right direction. I am sure she is too.

I'm on a high, but I'm still giving the side eye until I know we are safe.

field negro said...

AI, that was a great analysis. And the Ice Queen is counting on poorer less educated dems. to pull this thing off. I know here in Philly the party machine is behind her, and that's not good for the "O" man. The Ward leaders are mostly blue color ethnics (Irish,Italians,Poles)and less educated Af.Americans who owe the party machine jobs etc.

"I'm about to roll up a fat one Obama Blunt!!" LOL!

ingogkneegrow, I only smoke the St. Ann's collie weed :) I kid I kid.

Hathor the brokered convention thing bothers me too. I just don't think those in power ie the Super Delegates will go down without a fight.

Seattle Slim congrats on your state. I am going to call my sister who also lives in Seattle, and congratulate her too.

Anonymous said...


Yes it does come down to the super-delegates and I agree that is a duncical method when the purpose of the primaries is that each state has a say in which they pledged their delegates. Technically Obama does lead Clinton in pledge delegates, but add in the super-delegates Clinton leads Obama by 24 (Associated Press as it at 35 which is probably the most accurate of all the news services).

Clinton is now looking ahead to Ohio and Texas which are the next big prizes after California and New York, but Obama has built up momentum that is difficult to say if she could win those states by a large margin. If she lose those states, then she may build an argument to include Florida and Michigan in the count after the DNC penalized them for attempting to move their primaries earlier than Iowa and New Hampshire. There will be no question that the Clinton will use a strategic tactics to pull the super-delegates her way, but it may damage the party's chances of winning the November election because if Obama proves the more electable candidate. However, this has not stop the Democrats from finding a way to screw themselves. They always use the opportunity to blow an opportunity. We will see.

Anonymous said...

OK - resident pessimist is here. Firstly, the polls say that she's leading in Maine.

Pennsylvania has a huge white blue collar base - they lean towards Hillary. Add Ohio to that column.
TX - has a large Latino vote, so add that state to Hiliary.

Clinton machine is in effect. They've already started some pretty horrible push polling in Ohio and supposedly their some scandalous mailing classifying Obama as a Muslim again. Educated people understand this is bullshit but it's the uneducated electorate that gets duped.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous-- you'd be shocked.


Northeast Ohio, my current address, is very much a blue-collar place; my own workplace has union labor (management's doing its best to squeeze them out, but that's another story).

They are remarkably informed; they are STILL pissed off about NAFTA, and from my informal polling, they're definitely leaning toward the O-man.

We chuckle about the fact that he's gonna be called "Hussein Osama" by the wingnuts (and up in the Engineering department, we got LOTS of fuckin' wingnuts); and none of us can really understand the hate wingnuts have for Johnny McCain.

Pass the popcorn, y'all, this just may turn out to be fun.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

Sidebar: I really don't get how Hillary Clinton can be upset by David Shuster's reference to "pimping out" Chelsea when she is "hooked up" politically with Bob Johnson.

Bob Johnson has been instrumental in promoting pimp culture in his previous role as head of BET.

oh the irony of it all!

Unknown said...

I think that we are watching one of the historic moments in our history. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Mandela being released from prison. Is it unreasonable to believe that Obama can pull this thing off and become both Democratic nominee and then POTUS.

As an aside, I think that if he wins the nomination he will have a landslide victory over McCain.

peace, Villager

Christopher said...

Mes Duex Cents,

You hit the nail on the proverbial head again.

While Shuster’s words were arguably poorly chosen, Chelsea Clinton isn’t a child requiring protection — she’s a 27 year old investment funds manager who willing entered the rough and tumble world of national politics by agreeing to stump for her mother’s campaign for president.

But David Shuster’s comments pale by comparison to remarks made by Republican Sen. John McCain about Chelsea Clinton at a GOP dinner in 1998:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."

Yet McCain’s nasty remarks didn’t register on the Clinton’s radar.

Recently, former president Bill Clinton characterized the relationship between his wife, Hillary, and John McCain as "very close."

Interesting. If the Borg Queen wants to play angry mother, if she's the nominee (God help us), she shouldn't debate McCain cuz he dissed Princess Chelsea too.

Anonymous said...

Love how folks who refer to HRC as "Borg Queen" criticize her for defending her kid against vicious slander. Of course, it's totally unlikely that she'd just finally had enough when, once again, her daughter was being dragged under the bus with her...

Field, I finally read your full profile and see why I like you and your oh-so-familiar-to-me cynicism. I too, am a skeptical Virgo. I think Jaded is my middle name.

Obama's flying high from some expected wins, but as we all now, this game ain't over, and I hope all us different campaign supporters don't manage to kill each other while the 2 actual candidates are still standing.

Ann Brock said...

Field one more time, get on board. Ms. Field has. What is the problem, don't you believe? I am loving every bit of this history.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to ask her, "what's my name"?

"What is my name"?

Hopefully, she is thinking about you as she answers.

Anonymous said...

Obama/Kaine '08....

Very possible. lol

It should be interesting to see how Maryland fairs considering that Governor O'Malley has all but licked the butt crack Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

Did she respond 'oh' as in ohh, or 'oh' as in "O"?

Christopher Chambers said...

Yes, to quote "The Wolf" in Pulp Fiction, "Let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet." It's on like popcorn in DC-Md-Va, bruh. The usual suspects of middle aged white women who are utterly out of touch with reality and America, house coons like the black caucus and others seeking to suckle on the Clinton nipple of largesse, and clueless Hispanic folk, are lining up for the Borg Queen. The one surprise: Doug Wilder. Usually that negro's as oily as a supertanker spill in Alaska, but he's actually putting thr Clintons through changes in Virgina. Bill has had to visit every Baptist church from Richmond to Alexandria to make amends; he's even ried to get your boy IVERSON to roll back to the Tidewater to get the bammas out for Hillary, to no avail.

A superdelegate-won nomination for Hillary would destroy the credibility of the Democratic Party. At some point, Howard Dean and even big Al Gore will realise this and ride in at the last minute to derail this farce.

Oh, and my boys kevin and mike won an Essence Award for their bio of House Negro Extraordinaire, Clarence Thomas...
check the blog.

kid said...

I think that Obama will win Ohio because of one main reason, they threw Uncle J. Kenneth Blackwell rigged voting machines out. Blackwell owned stock in Diebold, the voting machine folk.He's the former Secretary of the State of Ohio and loser in the election to run for Governor. He also use to crackhead that tried to put Bugs Bunny on the voter roll as a pretense to use voter intimidation in mostly black counties. Also what's up with Tavis hanging around Frank Luntz, a pollster and a Fox news pannelist?

rikyrah said...

OT: Obama on new cover of Ebony.

Woozie said...

If this comes down to superdelegates my O-Man is going to lose, the demokratik party loves the Clinton name, and likely owes favors to it.

field negro said...

"Field, I finally read your full profile and see why I like you and your oh-so-familiar-to-me cynicism. I too, am a skeptical Virgo. I think Jaded is my middle name."

Yes redstar, those of us borm under the sign of the lady are a jaded bunch for sure.

kid, I almost forgot about the rvolt against the rethugs in Ohio. They were too corrupt for their own good. You are right, that might help the "O"man there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a skeptical white guy who has just taken the Obama kool-aid. Politically, I'm basically a disappointed socialist. I've got some serious issues with stands that Obama is not taking that he should (opposition of the so-called homegrown terrorism act, for example) but he seems to actually be sincere about the things he wants to change. That sincerity means everything to me.

I actually like the fact that he's somewhat inexperienced. Less time to be corrupted, as far as I'm concerned. A president who intends to make change will probably accomplish more if they don't "know" what's not possible, if that makes sense.

The clincher for me, is that he was against the iraq invasion from the very beginning, when it was unpopular to hold that view. Hillary's vote to authorize Bush's bloody sandbox romp is inexcusable by any stretch.

Think about this: either she was inexcusably naive to believe his cooked evidence, or she knew what was going on. If she did know what was going on, this means either she agreed with the invasion in principle, or worse, that it was a calculated, cynical, strategic decision. After Iraq became a liability, she planned to play messiah and save us all from the big bad Bush's foreign policy.

Any way you slice it, Hillary can't be allowed in the White House. She's not to be trusted.

I like your blog, Skeptical Bro.

rikyrah said...

Maine Caucus

With 70% of Precincts Reporting:

Obama -58 %
Clinton -42 %

LittleMissSolo said...

Field... You see that up there?


I think there was a sale on Kool-Aid this weekend in Maine :)

LittleMissSolo said...

Oh yea - DAMN!!! @ your Killadelphia Murder Count. I could have sworn the last time I looked at it, the count was somewhere in the early 20's.

That shit looks like the CNN Delegate tracker...

Anonymous said...

Barack won a grammy for the recordered version of The Audacity of Hope. This was his weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good points about the pull of Obama on all of us skeptics. Hey Field did you see NAS on the red carpet with white folks rocking t shirts with Nigger on them. This mofo is taken this shit too far with me.

Anonymous said...

My people lets not corronate obama as the democratic candidate just yet. He still has a tough road. i cannot see him winning ohio or texas. lets not complain about the superdelegates. Obama can recieve thier support instead of clinton. The role of superdelegates part of the rules of the election, which obama signed up for. I am sick of obama sounding like another one of our african american poverty pimps. I hear about his cries for change despite the lack of specific programs which obama proposes will change our country. talk is cheap. he is another old school politican just like clinton. let me be clear i hate hillary. The democrats once again have chosen two more more looser candidates, ie the last two pres elections. the only reason this will be close is the dysfunctional gop. i have a feeling obama will sell us out like th rest of our african american poverty pimp leaders.

SouthernGirl2 said...


Stop hating! If you don't like him, so what! But I love him!

Go Barack 08

Woo Hoo baby!

Anonymous said...

I am becoming an Obamaholic. If you haven't seen this video, do (Derrick Ashong):

Anonymous said...

Hey Field I just read your latest on you and your wife and her being an Obamaholic. Brother your venturing into comedy these is funny in itself. Mrs Field is hilarious. But that must be tough. Hang in there man.

Good points about the established Negroes ties to the Clintons as well as the real haters Steele and his crew. I hope people understand your analysis of the problems with the O man is not hating but good old political analysis.

Oh and to the folks who take all this stuff a little too seriously they have to understand that the idea is not for the people to participate which is why there are super delegates and an Electoral College. This is a show and its for show. But the real reason for all the extra electoral crap is to slow us down if we really do wake up and try make this thing work for us.

liberation then peace

Felipe Snark said...

Clinton dismisses her losses over the weekend saying that they are due to activists and black folk:

"These are caucus states by and large, or in the case of Louisiana, you know, a very strong and very proud African-American electorate, which I totally respect and understand."

Clinton has publicly dismissed the caucus voting system since before Super Tuesday, seeking to lower expectations heading into a series of contests that played to Obama's advantage. His campaign features what many consider to be a stronger and more dedicated grassroots organization than Clinton's.

Noting that "my husband never did well in caucus states either," Clinton argued that caucuses are "primarily dominated by activists" and that "they don't represent the electorate, we know that."

the problem is that Bill won almost every caucus and primary in 1992

hat-tip to dailykos:

wikipedia link with 1992 election info:

Bernadette Merikle said...

talk about crazy politics. Don't be easy yet WA. Dems have both a caucus and a primary. Only the caucus "counts" but Hillary has long been on the "undemocratic and unfair caucuses" and now has a full on effort to get dems to vote in the primary (which doesn't count) so that she can no doubt trot out that she won the "popular vote" of the people of WA and the caucus/primary was too confusing so the delegates should be split. Or some other nonsense...grace is lacking right now and it is starting to become a win at all costs. even if those costs mean changing the rules mid game ala Michigan (I'll keep my name on the ballot) or Florida (that wasn't campaigning...that was just fundraising for my campaign that I had to lend myself money for...there's a difference you know??).

Right. Hopeful, but growing more skeptical by the hour.