Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wishful thinking?

And now the Governor of my home state weighs in on the political season, by giving us some political reality from the white side.

Is it interjecting race where it doesn't have to be by a Hillary supporter? Or is it just telling it like it is?

I will let you decide. Here is the AP story:

"HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Gov. Ed Rendell, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's most visible supporters, said some white Pennsylvanians are likely to vote against her rival Barack Obama because he is black.

'You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,' Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in remarks that appeared in Tuesday's paper.

To buttress his point, Rendell cited his 2006 re-election campaign, in which he defeated Republican challenger Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star, by a margin of more than 60 percent to less than 40 percent.

'I believe, looking at the returns in my election, that had Lynn Swann been the identical candidate that he was — well-spoken, charismatic, good-looking — but white instead of black, instead of winning by 22 points, I would have won by 17 or so," he said. "And that (attitude) exists. But on the other hand, that is counterbalanced by Obama's ability to bring new voters into the electoral pool.'

Rendell, chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2000 and previously Philadelphia's mayor, endorsed Clinton on Jan. 23.
Pennsylvania holds its primary April 22.

Several figures in Clinton's campaign, including her husband, the former president, have been criticized in recent weeks for raising Obama's race. In response, Bill Clinton has said he will stick to promoting his wife, rather than defending her.

Later Tuesday, Rendell's spokesman said the governor did not mean to offend anyone.
'He was simply making an observation about the unfortunate nature of some parts of American society," said spokesman Chuck Ardo. "He wasn't being critical, he wasn't making accusations, but just being realistic.' "

I know a little bit about Ed Rendell. He is a Jewish boy from New York who came here to Philly to go to U Penn and never left. He was our District Attorney and then our Mayor. He knows big city politics and a little bit about some of these blue collar row house white folks in places like Philly, Pittsburgh, Reading and York. So take his statements for what they are worth. I am not so sure about Lynn Swann though. I thought he was a bad candidate (hell I voted for fast Eddie), and he was lucky to get even the votes that he did.

Still, I hope "fast Eddie" is wrong, because Pennsylvania could be a huge player in the Democratic Primary. And as I watch the votes tonight from the Virginia Primary- a state with a similar demographic makeup as Pennsylvanias- it looks like he just might be.
There might be hope for A-merry-ca after all.


Rent Party said...

My Obamaholism is deepening.

Anonymous said...

I live in Berks County, I go weeks without seeing anyone who's not white, besides my family and well .... he does have a point. However, the one thing this primary has consistently shown us is that don't expect the expected when it comes to who gets what votes. Come on, MAINE??

I'm just looking forward to the looks on peoples' faces when I tell them I'm just not ready to vote for a white woman, myself.

Toure Zeigler said...

With Obama's big wins in VA and MD it makees Obama's prospects of winning in PA look promising. I would not have said that a week ago

Christopher Chambers said...

This backing by the politicos might just backfire as regular folks fight the powa. Hell look at the GOP--McCain won Va. despite the Christian crazies and wingnuts. Besides, in the primaries the only racists Obama will have to deal with are the ones in the Democratic party. So-called liberal jews, middle aged white women who see themselves in Hillary, ocassional yuppie chicks who date Republican boyfriends. Or are they Republican boyfriends. I left my gig at Georgetown and a book panel early on Monday to check out Obama at U of maryland. 20K folks. For the first time in a long time i see thousands of dudes. Frat boys among them. Frat boys for Obama. If we in maryland will brave 18 wheelers skidding around the Beltway to vote, then frat boys for Obama are certainly a reality. Do they hate Hillary so much, or do the Dems have a leader who's not about the machine politics, and who can INSPIRE?

A long time ago, the Republicans were a new party, and they rolled the dice and nominated a dude with no "experience," whom some considered unworthy to be president. Who some considered ill tempered or equipped to be commander in chief, or tackle the problems of the day other than a very big and sorrowful one looming because of a lot of disgruntled rednecks. They said he was all oratory, no substance. Well, there's a statue of him, seated, in his granite and marble monument at one end of the Reflecting Pool. He was from Illinois, too by the way.

My point? Fuck Ed Rendell.

Anonymous said...

I, a white citizen of Pennsylvania, am offended and frankly really pissed off at this load of crap. Rendell sure as hell didn't cite race as the reason he won in 2006! Swann had no experience and aside from being a great football player, no appeal. This is such a classic example of dirty tricks politics in PA... and as someone who will be going to the polls in April and pulling the switch for Obama (as is every other white person I know in Philly), I can only hope this will blow up in his white face!

field negro said...

*ouch* jody and Chris, why don't you guys say what you really feel? :)

"With Obama's big wins in VA and MD it makees Obama's prospects of winning in PA look promising. I would not have said that a week ago"

bc planning,I feel the same way.

lolo, Berks County isn't exactly in that famous Pennsylvania T.(hunting country) But I get your point.

rent party, go on and say it: HI, I AM RENT PARTY, AND I AM AN OBAMAHOLIC!

Christopher said...

Delegate Count

OBAMA: 1,223
CLINTON: 1,161

Obama's delegate advantage: 62


As to Eddy Rendell's racist diatribe, go fuck yourself, asshole.

Felipe Snark said...

I'm gregory and I will say that I am an OBAMAHOLIC.

I expected that Obama would probably win in all 3 of the "Potomac Primaries" but I didn't expect the margins to be quite as great. I thought between bad weather and overconfidence of Obama supporters, that it would significantly closer in Va. I was pleasantly surprised this evening to check MSNBC and CNN and see the senator from NY getting her butt whupped.

Not only that, but Obama made huge strides in the demographic groups the media had been hounding on, like poorer people, women, whites, latinos and seniors.

I also see that according to SurveyUSA, the O-man is leading in my state, NC, 50-40%. Now our primary isn't until May and I'm hoping it's somehow decided by then, but it would be exciting to be able to vote for him.

Kellybelle said...

Yay Barack!
I think Rendell's comments probably have some truth to them, but they seem unnecessary, if not inappropriate--more like Hillary's team's desperate scare tactics. Can you imagine if an Obama supporter went on record saying that some American men might feel uncomfortable voting for a woman? Obama'd be painted as a woman-hating misogynist and Hillary's poll numbers would go up.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I said on your post to look for Sen. Clinton to tell Bill to shut up, because his playng the race card was too obvious, even for crazy pundits like Chris Mathews. I said look for her to use other surrogates to do the same thing. Rendell is the most recent lackey of Sen. Clinton to deal from the bottom of the deck.

However, this may be one of those unusual situations where the race card and reality converge. Rendell's sentiments may be based at least in part in recognition of the attitude of white ethnics in Pennsylvania. But there are a lot of places in Virginia (solidly blue collar and ethnic) that are similar to Pennsylvania; and those areas went for Obama as well.

By the way, much to the Hillary's pundits disappointment, Obama won the Latino vote in Virginia. People should have seen this coming but were fooled by the overall Latino vote in California, where a lot of people voted early. However, if they had looked at the Latinos who voted on February 5th, they would have gotten a clue that Obama is gaining favor with Latinos.

field, i'm not ready to drink the kool aid, but it's beginning to look promising for the "O" man.

rikyrah said...

Put that tinfoil hat on, FN. Don't give him any benefit of the doubt. Especially since I'll tell you that Susan Estrich, another Clinton Hack, floated the same memo just a couple of days ago.

It's part of a series of coordinated attacks. My next big post is to point out those new anti-Obama Memos.

Bob said...

Speaking of Virginia, that state elected a black Democratic governor in 1990. & for every voter who can't get with a black president, there's probably one wouldn't go for a woman president. & in 2006, Repug Ken Blackwell lost in Ohio. It just wasn't a good year for wingnuts.

Inkogkneegrow said...

My name is Inkogkneegrow & I am a Obamaholic.

First let me say job well done to my fellow Marylanders! I knew all that canvassing we did would pay off. Lord knows we were worried about Virginia but they came through too!!

I didn't watch the Penn Governor's race that closely but it does seem rather far fetched that 'Fast Eddie' only won because of the bigots living in your great state. Lynn Swann didn't have any political experience at all, right? Now we are to believe that experience didn't play a factor?

I think the Clinton machine is once again digging into their bag of tricks. They believe that the O-man is the Tiger Woods of politics. Meaning the world at large has embraced him because he is a 'safe' negro. So safe that most forget that he IS a negro. Their gameplan seems to call for the 'make them remember he's black' play from time to time. First it was Bill saying it in South Carolina. That play backfired on them. Now they have someone who can draw the return fire away from the core campaign. Let 'Fast Eddie' take the shots for pointing the he's-really-a-negro finger.

For the first time in my life I am starting to believe that the masses are smarter than that.

I absolutely love what Obama is doing for this country. I am a 6'2", 300 lb field negro myself who is noticing that white women aren't clutching their purses in the elevator like they used to.

field negro said...

"field, i'm not ready to drink the kool aid, but it's beginning to look promising for the "O" man."

macdaddy....I don't know about you. Are you going to have to start introducing yourself like the rest of these Obamaholics?

HI I AM MC.....stay away from the Obama pipe. Be strong my brother, hold on.

field negro said...

"My name is Inkogkneegrow & I am a Obamaholic."


Admiral Komack said...

Hillary is losing...I think she's gonna get nasty.
She doesn't have any other choice.
She gotta win the next races...BIG.

P.S.: I bet Mrs. Field is feeling good tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hazelton is the city that started the "Mexicans go home" legislation, but Ed Rendell can still go to hell.

I have more faith in Pennsylvanians to vote with their heads than a select few with their blackened hearts.

Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

White conservatives wouldn't vote for a women either, so if Rendell's real agenda was to point out prejudice he would've mentioned that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was racism, it was politics. The Admiral is right about the campaign getting nasty real soon. I think the Clintons have lost one campaign and he blamed the president for that. It will take more that good speeches for Barack to succeed as Prez. Hope he brings a good team with him. It's a big job.

Nelson said...

A person whose judgment I trust told me that rural Pa is the most racist place in America, and this individual has been all over America. Based solely on that, I wonder if Rendell is completely wrong.

Now, he's a Clinton supporter, and he's just peddling fear. But politically, I don't see how this doesn't backfire on Billary. This seems like a desperate move from a desperate campaign.

And brace yourselves folks, we're gonna see a lot of this in the coming weeks.

baatin. said...

looks like this shit is coming full circle. icequeen didn't even bother to congratulate my man 'bams. now THATS cooler than ice cold!

Anonymous said...

so, to Ed Rendell,

Barack Obama=Lynn Swann???


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

The Admiral said:
"P.S.: I bet Mrs. Field is feeling good tonight."
Admiral: I bet she's smiling as she sits on the bed, sipping kool aid right now. field, she may flirt with you to get you to drink.
You may want to sleep on the couch tonight.

John K said...

These Clintonistas just keep acting out. I think someone should tell them that these games are working any more. Not that that'll stop them, but hey, it's worth a try.

PS: We're now 13% of the population (at least with all the known undercounting).

Anonymous said...

As a black woman. I love this post and commend the governor for his honesty. Goodness people get off the obama love fest. Step into reality for a second. There are people who won't vote for candidates based on race. So, the governor is only stating the obvious. Obama has to attract working class whites. This maybe forever impossible. That's a fact not a crime. Hispanics and blacks, especially on the west coast, have strained racial relations which probably effected their ability to vote for Barak.

I'm sorry but I'm a cynic. I believe that if Obama goes against McCain they will be a hell of a lot of white folks that won't for him because he's black. And this may prevent him for getting the white house nod.

Anonymous said...

White Middle Agedness just dropping by to say I'm over Hillary. I've joined the ranks of Obamahaulics!

Anonymous said...

Let's post all the jewish old ladies votes with their names and phone numbers in the daily paper.

Impeach Ed Rendell. That's a strong reason why y'alls city is so effed up. No love for the negros, and you voted for him.

Did you say you were not supporting Senator Obama ?

Anonymous said...

Most of the die-hard racists are voting for Mike Huckabee right now. They're not even involved in the Democratic primary. This is bullshit.

The Clinton camp might as well hang it up before they destroy what's left of their reputations.

Anonymous said...

Obama = 0 content

I was against the war before being against the war was cool;


'yes we can'

nice rappz, 0 content


field negro said...

"Admiral: I bet she's smiling as she sits on the bed, sipping kool aid right now. field, she may flirt with you to get you to drink.
You may want to sleep on the couch tonight."

macdaddy, why would I sleep on the couch when she is in that type of a mood :)


"A person whose judgment I trust told me that rural Pa is the most racist place in America, and this individual has been all over America. Based solely on that, I wonder if Rendell is completely wrong."

Nelson, that is a wise friend, and they are exactly right. There is a saying: Between "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh it might as well be Alabama." And it's true.

Yes fahay, I did vote for fast Eddie over Lynn Swann. And knowing what I know about the two, I would probably do it again.

"Did you say you were not supporting Senator Obama ?"

No, I said I was not an Obamaholic.

Anonymous said...

I think the governor is right on. I believe that people should vote for whom they like and I understand the Obamaholics' devotion. However, I think Barack is God's gift to Republicans who stand/stood a good chance of losing the White House this time. The Republicans, so far, have not had much negative to say about Barack. They would prefer to run against him than Hillary. Wait until he gets the nomination.

I think the Obamaholics forget that only Democrats are voting in the primary and a good number of people who would never vote for a black person are already Republicans.

So congratulations, savor these feel good victories. Its gonna get rough out there.

Chris said...

Not sure where in Berks County that first poster lived...but I live in Berks and see non-whites all day, every day.

Anyway, Rendell just spouted the cold, hard truth. Luckily, many of those people are dying off and are older and Republican anyway. Some of them are Democrats, but even some of the slightly racist people I know may go to Obama because of how great of a person/candidate he is.

I'm surprised by some of the comments here. Many of the commenters on this site usually understand that there is still racism in the nation...and yet put up a blind eye when Rendell talk about it.

Chris said...

fahay - Not sure I understand your 'jewish old ladies' comment. If anything, Jews, male and female, were the whites all across the South and in the Northeast that marched alongside blacks during the 60s and have consistently been for civil rights for all persons.

Anonymous said...

He brings up an odd point, but those same conservatives whites who won't vote for Obama because he's BLACK won't vote for Hillary because she's a CLINTON and a WOMAN. They probably won't vote for McCain either because he's a Librul in their eyes. So they'll stay home and masturbate to midget porn.
F-them. Obama and Hillary don't need that vote and when Edwards was runnin g he said he didn't want that vote.

I highly doubt Clinton will be in it that long. She's in danger of losing Ohio. She'll win Texas, but not by much. So I don't think Penn will be in play. Without Ohio she is toast.

Anonymous said...

I live in VA and I was proud that we came through for Barack.

Now on to Rendell. What he said is like saying, "The sky is blue." Yes, we all know that there are some whites who will never vote for a black man. We also know there are some men who will never vote for a woman. That is reality. So I don't know what Rendell's comments added to the conversation. He's telling us something we already know.

But so what? Does that mean Obama should stop doing what he's doing? He's blowing away pre-conceived notions and making people believe in something again. I was at the TC Williams rally in Alexandria, VA on Sunday. Three little black girls behind me were making up cheers and were excited to see Barack. I was so happy for them because now they believe that one day somebody who looks like them can run for president--and possibly win.

Right now it is more important for me to see black folks have a transformation of our mindset--to see what is possible despite what the landscape looks like or what people think or tell them.

Of course Billary and the Republicans are going to rip him apart in the coming weeks. Par for the political course. Does that mean we should shirk from the challenge? Give up? Run? Hide? I think not. Is it going to be painful? Sure. But in our zeal to "protect" Barack and by extension ourselves, let's not underestimate him. He's hitting his stride and he may just surprise us.

Yes. We. Can.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to underestimate Barack. But if 65-80% of African Americans are willing to vote for Barack primarily because he looks like us, we shouldn't be surprised or I guess mad, if 65-80% of Whites would like to vote for someone who looks like them and they are still the majority. I'm just sayin. That would mean they might prefer Hillary.

I'm all for symbolism, but it really is more important to me to see a Democrat in the White House. I realize thats just personal though.

Anonymous said...

I think he is being honest, I mean isn't the state of Pennsylvania like some KKK hotspot in the North?
You can't compare places like Maine & Idaho to places to like Pennsylvania,NJ & NY. I mean there are no black people there, but in the Northeast you have white people living in the woods b/c they don't want to live around black folks.

Anonymous said...

Around the corner (down the highway) from Lincoln University I saw Confederate Flags still hung from porches. Wasn't Pennsylvania where the Klan was born?

I think Rendell has a good point but I think the statement was coded to send out a message in rallying racists to stand against the Obama tide. That's what that was. He was baiting in a covert way to tell Pennsylvania to not fall for hope. And that's his job to protect Hillary and prove he can give her his state. But there are many ethnic European clans also right there in Philly that may not vote for Obama over Hillary, a White woman. So he is right. It's a toss up.

Philly don't have that much brotherly love for a Brotha' like the DC area showed yesterday but Philly does have lots of colleges and Blacks. Pitt has a lot of colleges and Blacks. But it does get scary driving past Pitt towards Ohio. So Obama should be able to hold it down somewhat in the two metropolitan areas.

Still Philly has a lot of older White females. They are pretty traditional. They also seem vengeful against Black men because of the Black-on-Black crime. They don't seem like the adventurous ones to take a chance. That White Liberal Guilt is just a marketing scheme to get into heaven and look like a descent citizen. They would rather see Hillary avenged. I can see them voting for Hillary still.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"if 65-80% of African Americans are willing to vote for Barack primarily because he looks like us, we shouldn't be surprised or I guess mad, if 65-80% of Whites would like to vote for someone who looks like them and they are still the majority."
Anon: I don't know where the 65-80%
of blacks voting for Obama because he looks like us comes from. It doesn't seem to jive with recent history. Most blacks didn't vote for Shelby Steele or Lynn Swann. Both are black. Also, blacks didn't automatically support a black Obama. I remember Michelle Obama coming to Minnesota and suggesting that blacks had yet to "see the light" because they weren't supporting him, when the real truth was that Obama wasn't speaking to the issues about which blacks care most: The epidemic of violence in their neighborhood, the high number of blacks (women and men)in prisons, the lack of living-wage jobs, discrimination in hiring by white employees against qualified black applicants, the lack of affordable housing, racial profiling, and the like. Obama still has yet to address specifically these issues, although he has hinted that he would address these issues when he becomes President. Because he hasn't, I still don't think blacks would be supporting him in such high numbers if the Clintons hadn't played the race card, evoking in black folks feelings of hostility toward the Clintons for their basic unfairness toward Obama.

The point is: There is no clear evidence that blacks vote for someone based solely on the color of their skin. Unlike Swann, Obama is qualified. And Unlike Steele, Obama is progressive in his thinking, or at least significantly more progressive than Steele, a house negro in need of serious therapy.

rikyrah said...

Chris Matthews, bless his misogynistic heart, has been trying to tell folks, since the beginning of this campaign, that Hillary Clinton was going to have trouble in certain states, because men weren't going to vote for her. He always brings up Pennsylvania (where he's from), Ohio, and other Midwestern states...places where Democrats usually win. He pushes it, but doesn't really push it.

I believe him.

The question is...

Who does the White male hate more: A Black Man or Hillary.

Barack Obama won RURAL Virginia (that's White men, folks).

If you had told me that...I would have smacked you..LOL.

I believe Texas and Ohio are way closer than people would have you believe. Obama hasn't even begun to really campaign in either states.

Dirty Red said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I have found your next candidate for House Negro of the Day.
His name is Larry Elder. He is an author and a radio talk show host out in LA. He was on CNN yesterday talking about the Presidential race. To make this as short as possible, He was trying to plug his new book, "Stupid Black Men." the book is about how the republicans are the best thing for Blacks, and how there is no White/Black racism anymore in AmeriKKKa. He cites the "o" man as proof. I googled him after I saw him on CNN, and he has written another book entitled "10 things you can't say in America", which is basically a rewrite of Uncle Toms's cabin. This brother has got to be living in an alternative reality. But that is my opinion. Anyway check this cat out and hollar at me about what you think.

Kellybelle said...

"Obama = 0 content"

It drives me crazy when people buy into the MSM spin that Obama is all talk and no substance.
What do you want to know? I'd be happy to research it for you and share it with you, but don't buy into that Obama is nothing but soaring rhetoric" crap.

Christopher Chambers said...

What also heartened me was that a member of that gang of black Clinton Congressional Black Caucus cronies, Albert Wynn, bit the dust last night in our Ice Storm primary. Two weeks ago he suddenly endorsed Barack Obama, but the folks here weren't having it. I'm hoping this is a trend. Put Maxine Waters and Ron Dellums on unemployment...check it out: www.natturnersrevenge.blogspot.com

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

It couldn't be that Fast Eddie beat Lynn Swann because he was a ReThug, and not a Handkerchief Head, now could it?

If Swann got the ReThug nomination, just how many Black ReThugs live in the great state of Pennsyltucky, Field? Not enough to push him over Rendell, that's for sure.

Sometimes, the white guy speaketh with a straight tongue - and he could also be hedging his bets...

grown said...

Ceedub...get out of my brain. You're spot on...

"The question is...
Who does the White male hate more: A Black Man or Hillary."

Rikyrah's right too. That's why the Clintons are going to pull out every talking piece they can to put the fear of the angry black man back into the hearts of white people. I wouldn't be suprised if Billary started playing clips from Birth of a Nation in their campaign ads...

Christopher said...

"Obama = 0 content" - Nsangoma

Instead of loitering about Field's blog, making a fool of yourself, how about devoting some time and energy in becoming informed about Barack Obama: his history as a Constitutional law professor; his time as a Chicago community activist; his years in the Illinois state senate; and in the U.S. Senate?

Francis Holland said...

My name is Francis L. Holland and I am not an Obamaholic.

In fact I strongly supported Hillary until recently, when her color-arousing behavior proved to me and convinced me that Billary & Co has no conscience and will try to set Black politics back a generation in their efforts to convince the nation that Blacks cannot be elected to office because whites and Latinos won't (read that "shouldn't") vote for us.

I think it's very useful that AfroSpear members have taken to documenting Billary's efforts to convince the electorate to vote on the basis of color instead of on the basis of hope. It shows that Billary just doesn't respect Obama (and his demographic) enough to compete with us like they would compete with others. They don't even have congratulatory concession speeches for Obama like any politician would congratulate the white victor in a contest.

I'm not an Obamaholic. I just want the best president for the United States right now, and I've become convinced that must be Barack Obama.

Black people are now voting against Clinton as if she were a Republican candidate for president. We're not addicted to Obama. We're just voting our interests, and Hillary doesn't figure in that anymore. (She says it doesn't even matter that we vote against her. It's not that we are coming to hate her for her campaign's color-arousing comments, she says. It's simply because we're Black and Obama's Black, she says.) Well, take that story to your political grave, Ms. Hillary.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

OK, let's get out our white guy secret decoder rings and decipher big Ed's comments.

"'You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,' "

Aw fuck, I don't need my secret decoder ring for that. It's easy. This racist fuck just gave a whole class of racist fucks a free pass to not vote for the Big O because he is black.
See, there are "conservative whites [racist knuckle draggers]" in PA who are "not ready[are still racist knuckle draggers]" to cast their vote for "an African-American candidate [the n@##$% candidate]."

Thanks Ed (wink, wink), we get your point.
Hillary, nice to see your true colors.

Crystal Daughtery, Ed.S. said...

Oh, they said that about us in Georgia. They said that about them in Iowa, Maine, oh..you get the picture. They can say what they want to say...it is up to you and I to get out and get the vote. I think that the public relations firms that reconstructed Hills and Bills public image should be commended. They did such a great job that Hill and Bill actually believed it. Talk about swallowing the kool-aide!!! Why else would Hill jump in the race. She knows whats in her baggage. She believed her own press!!! Go figure...

Unknown said...

Rendell's Dog Whistle Attempt @ Willie Horton Lite
Et tu, Eddie ?
Here we go again with some more Willie Horton Lite .
Reminder to Rendell : Lynn Swann's lost because he offered voters nothing but tired ole GOP rhetoric . Rendell knows Swann's race had nothing to do with why he lost the Governor's race to him .
Hell - even Franco Harris ,Swann's Pittsburg Steeler teammate ,did not support him for Governor . Does Rendell chalk that up to unelectable Negro bias too .

RedLipstick said...

I do agree that she is overestimating her ability to get the white male vote in OH and PA. If they don't vote for O b/c he's black, they will likely not vote for Hill b/c she's a female. Those will probably be McCain/Huck votes.

I also find Hill's strategy in the lone star state to be kind of flawed. She's banking on the Latino pop to carry her, but the Mexicans in Texas are not like the folks over in Cali--they've been in Texas forever and are actually more independent minded in general.

The urban areas in Houston, Dallas and Austin as well as the college towns in cental areas have lots of students who are a big draw for Obama. If she wins, it won't be decisive like O's win in VA.

Folks you have to admit this has been a great primary season. I'm glad the race was not decided to early. I mean really the democratic nominee could come down to who wins Texas! That's just crazy--and I'm tickled pink!

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Some people are determined to draw the line in the sand between color of skin. They are blind to all else.

west coast story said...

Somebody up there posted about Latinos being behind Billary. I received a link today of a letter that some prominent Latinos sent Billary about firing Solis as her campaign manager for a black woman. Apparently some Latinos are quite pissed off about this. I'm assuming Billary elevated the sister to campaign manager for her skill set because it's way too late for the Clinton camp to make any ground with black people.

I have resisted saying I told you so to all the former Billary supporters. All you had to do was look at how they threw Guanier, Elders, and O'Leary under the bus to know how this tribe works. Guanier said the Clintons, who were supposed to be her old friends, have never contacted her after they dumped her for the Civil Rights appointment. These folks are nothing but ambitious and haven't an ounce of class.

I'm not an Obamaholic. I just want something different. After reading his first autobiography last summer, I knew I would be supporting him. The symbolism of a black man achieving what he has is profound for me and I really never thought I would live to see this. This is the right guy at the right moment. The only other public figure who has captured my imagination for public office like this is RFK, Jr., and he wasn't even running for public office.

How can you criticize Obama for not talking about what he's going to do for the "inner city" when no candidate has addressed that issue? If voting for Obama just because he's black is race based politics then so is not voting for him because he hasn't promised what he will do for black people. I'm not aware of him making promises to any group of folks except those without health care, jobs, etc. Come to think of it, that would include black people, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Obama = 0 content" - Nsangoma

Instead of loitering about Field's blog, making a fool of yourself, how about devoting some time and energy in becoming informed about Barack Obama: his history as a Constitutional law professor; his time as a Chicago community activist; his years in the Illinois state senate; and in the U.S. Senate?

christopher 1:03 PM

What in the bumpity-bump-bump-bump, does that have to do with the economy or with Iraq?

Despite what he says, he cannot pull out of Iraq anytime soon without both he and the democratic party being accused of turning Iraq over to Al Qaeda.

Obama's healthcare plan is what, beyond the hot air and the oki-doke? Oh, that's right, he is going to do something about it. Fix it, I believe that is what he says, fix it somehow, someway, because everyone wants it fixed, and he's going to fix it, yes he will.
"Obama = 0 content"

It drives me crazy when people buy into the MSM spin that Obama is all talk and no substance.
What do you want to know? I'd be happy to research it for you and share it with you, but don't buy into that Obama is nothing but soaring rhetoric" crap.

kellybelle 12:29 PM

O.K., kellybelle. Just how does Obama plan to return us to a level of prosperity for all, similar to or even greater than the Clinton years?

Anonymous said...

Who is on Obama's national and international policy teams, in his:
Kitchen Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet, Proto-Cabinet, Pre-Cabinet.

Who is he discussing the pertinent issues with?

Edumacate me, kellybelle, christopher?

Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, ...

Anonymous said...

Obama has sought the advice of
Colin Powell, for starters:

I have read both of Senator Obama's books and I think he will make a great President of the United States. He is educated, a talented writer, a great speaker, and very capable of organizing to accomplish his goals. He has said repeatedly that it won't be easy.

I think it is very possible that some voters will not vote for Obama based on fear and racism. I am just not sure how many voters that would add up to.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

I think that what Ed Rendell said had some truth to it but it was unncecessary. Lynn Swann was not known in Pennsylvania as a politician. He was known as a football player. Ed Rendell had done a pretty good job as a Mayor and that Governors title was his to lose.

I would love to see Obama win. He has my full support. I do not think that he will get the presidency. I think that what will happen is that he will get the nomination legitimately and they will find some way to take it from him. Or if he does get the nomination and it is him against McCain. This is what will happen....Private White People Conferences.

At these conferences white people will be saying to each other. Yes, it is nice. We have a black presidential nominee this time. We have come a long way. But are we really ready to give this much power to a black person? You know that if this black man becomes the president, things will never be the same for us white people. You need to think about what you are doing before you vote a black man into office.

Latinos you can forget the Latino vote. We are their competition. They want to be the dominant minority. He would probably get a few Puerto Rican votes, possibly a couple of Mexican votes but you can forget the Cuban vote. They aint naaava gonn let a black man get into office.

I attended Lincoln University and I also heard that the KKK came up onto campus years ago.

I would love to see Obama win but I KNOW that no matter how well he is doing, they will find a way to take it from him. I dont try to pay too much attention for being disappointed in the end. Unfortunately, America is just not ready for a black president.

Your fellow field Negro,

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma.... here is an answer to your question about Obama's policies... articulated beautifully:
The young man is brilliant in describing the differences in HRC's health care proposal and Obamas...
And, it has the added bonus of challenging stereotypes at the same time.....

Anonymous said...

Obama has sought the advice of
Colin Powell, for starters: ...

kathy 5:43 PM

Who?, What?, ...

We are not white supremacist imperialist because we have a Negroe leading our troops, Colin Powell.

black grl #1 said...

I just wish he'd focus more on that "Onion-Loaf-Comb-Over" he's rocking then trying 'guess' what white folks will do. I mean did he also "predict" all those white folks voting for the O-Man in places like UTAH, IDAHO--places where I doubt they'd seen a "colored" person in eons! Except for migrant workers they use to either a) toil the land or b) dress up in white short sleeve shirts and black pants so they can knock on people's doors.

There's NO doubt that there are people in this country who will never vote for Obama. And then so what?! Intolerant people get too much of a pass on the count of 'freedom of speech'- still doesn't mean they're not jerks. If people needed to be reminded of that reality then I'd tape their eyes open so they can watch re-runs of the Dukes of Hazard! So really what did he hope to accomplish?!

Finally, to equate Obama to Lynn Swan?! That's a little far-fetched, especially now since "Super-Sell-Outs" aren't in anymore. Thank gawd--I got a little tired of laughing at Alan Keyes!

Anonymous said...

The young man is brilliant in describing the differences in HRC's health care proposal and Obamas...
Jody 6:44 PM

Same ole oki-doke!! Where is the beef?

And, it has the added bonus of challenging stereotypes at the same time.....
Jody 6:44 PM

Challenges what stereotypes, Malcolm X was very knowledgeable and spoke very well. Minister Louis Farrakhan is very knowledgeable and speaks very well. There are literally thousands of knowlegeable and articulate North American Negroes in this country. What stereotype? A stereotype to whom?


Kellybelle said...

First, let's look at the clinton years realistically. The economic boom you attribute to Clinton actually started before he took office. And while the economy was booming, so were the inequities between the haves and the have nots. Some might argue NAFTA and welfare reform, helped widen the gap. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1110165.stm
I don't know. I hated economics. It's argued Alan Greenspan had more to do with the prosperity of which you speak than Clinton. Get at me if I'm wrong, like I said, I'm no economist.

According to his website, Barack wants to cut taxes for the middle classes (a platform Bill Clinton ran on but never delivered)with a "Making Work Pay",a tax credit that will eliminate income taxes for ten million americans and provide $500 per person and $1000 per working family tax credits. He wants to amend Nafta so that it works for American workers. He wants to "raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit."
He introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 that "provides a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military."
if you want to learn more visit his website http://www.barackobama.com/issues/economy/

Advisors? He consults with billionaire Warren Buffet and former Fed. Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker. More in this even-handed article on Obama:

That's all my right brained, artsy mind could wrap around. But, if you look, you will see there is something behind the audacity of hope and change.

Christopher Chambers said...

Has anyone parsed this story about Julian Bond joining the coon ranks and writing Howard Dean a letter urging some sort of representation for the Florida and Michigan delegates?Hmmm. The Clintons are pulling out all the stops and putting up all the usual suspects...more to come...

Kellybelle said...

just to be fair, I tipped over to Hillary's site. Her economic "specifics" include a promise to "Harness the power of innovation to create high wage jobs of the 21st Century;" and "restore integrity to science policy, reversing Bush administration policies that are holding our nation back."
Well, it doesn't soar; but it is rhetoric.
Alright, I'm going to go drink some more kool-aid.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

In addition to Kellybelle's good info, you may want to take a trip to library. The librarian gave me more info than I had time to read: The bills Obama authored; how he voted on other's bills; his positions; his organizational work (Good work with the Latino in Chicago by the way); the brief work he did for a slumlord; etc. My favorite was how the Republicans brought Alan Keyes from another state, not to defeat Obama (they knew he had too much grassroots support, especially black and latino support) to rough him up, to make him get down and dirty with them, to have suburban whites see him as just another black race advocate ala Jessie Jackson. Sound familiar? In fact, for being pro-life, Keyes called Obama a murderer. But Obama remained cool, saying the same things he's saying today, talking about pulling everyone together and getting things done.

Nsangoma, it's nice to ask for info and get a little attention too. But, truthfully, this is stuff you can easily find out yourself.

The other thing is that you seem to fixed on what politicians can do for you. But one thing I recall both Michelle and Barack saying is that power comes from the ground up, that power doesn't come from politican above, but from grassroots people below. That means, if you want something, you have to fight to force politicians to concede it to you. It sounds to me like you're looking for a savior, a messiah. Them days are over, if they ever existed. We have to get with other like-minded people and save ourselves. Blessings.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I meant, for being pro-choice, Alan Keyes called obama a murderer.

Anonymous said...

... It sounds to me like you're looking for a savior, a messiah. ...
macdaddy 8:28 PM

Talk about the salt calling the sugar white!!


The utter audacity and nerve of you Obama worshipping Negroes.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I worship clarity in dialogue. And you missed the entire point as usual.
"But one thing I recall both Michelle and Barack saying is that power comes from the ground up, that power doesn't come from politican above, but from grassroots people below."

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. Every black woman is not pumping her body up 200 lbs to look like buffy.

Fast Eddie speaks the truth. Lets hope that those voters don't matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

FYI I'm am formally jp. I'll start using my AIM/openID name.

Anonymous said...

Why do they always equate conservative with backwards and ignorance? Rendell just exposed his parties true colors, and he played that little race card thing!

Anonymous said...

Forget Fast Eddie!
Hey Field, Christopher, and other Afrosphere bloggers!
Get a load of THIS Clinton supporter video, and tell me you don't want to puke.
This deserves some of Field Negro's blogging attention. If he can stomach it. I can't. I gave up.

Anonymous said...

I was unsure about the vote until I went to my village (yup I live in a village) caucus. The thing about Maine is people is we are damn-ass poor. If you don't have old money you have no money. A Mom of a kid for in my daugther's class can't even afford oil, she's using her woodstove. When she looked around the gym-she said a lot of working class ppl were here. I think they see Obama as a person who can understand struggling, whether he has or not. That he can change some shit. They might not be sure of what he can change but if we can elect a black man for president maybe he can do something about this oil bill. Because come Oct-April/May it's all about the Big O. It just steals your life away. lol

Anonymous said...

Well...polls are showing Clinton leading Obama by double digits in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

It's gonna be a rough one for Obama....

Anonymous said...


The "No We Can't" Video.

Anonymous said...

Rendell was rigiht, you know. MAny conservative white voters won't vote for Obama... then again, if they are conservative, they won't be voting Democratic anyway.