Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday night in Cleveland, and a little rant. (Just a small one)

That debate tonight was what we call in gambling circles, a push. OK I will give a slight edge to the "O" man.

But as usual, I have a few things on my mind: First, is that Louis Farrakhan I see peeping out from under that bus? I wonder if he got the license plate of the bus that hit him? I think that plate starts with an O Minister.

And congrats to Mr. Straight Talk for denouncing that Nazi right wing nut job who introduced him today (Talk about one flew over the cuckoos nest). Bill Cunningham kept referring to the "O" man as Hussein (his middle name) and watching him you just kept thinking that he was going to drop the "n" word at any minute. And who was that house Negro in the ugly ass suit behind him? If someone can get me that Negro's name and his picture I will make him HN of the day for a month.

"I take responsibility and I repudiate what he said." Anything else Mr. Morton (That's because he is always salty) "I will not tolerate anything in this campaign that denigrates either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton." Wow! The high road huh? Let's hope you can stay up there Mr. Morton.

Finally, I would like to thank "admiral komack" for making me think of something today. His comments from the Politico article after my last post made me wonder: Why is it that republicans have to actually have polling groups to learn how to speak to black sensibilities? I mean seriously, they are actually sending out talking points and secretly planning how to attack the "O" man without coming off as racist. Hmmmm, let me see now; so you can't say what you really feel because you are afraid you might be perceived as racist? Instead, you unite around talking points on how to attack your African American opponent without appearing to be racist? Does anyone else see anything wrong with that picture? Or is it just me?

Here is a suggestion: Why don't you just treat the "O" man like any other candidate and attack him on the issues like you would a white candidate? I know I know, you can't do that because you just can't get past the fact that he is black. Geez!

And republicans wonder why they can't get more than 15% of the African American vote.


Big Man said...

Yo, I thought Barack handled that question the only way he could have. You and I both know that if he tried to defend the Minister in anyway he would have been pilloried for the next month.

But, he didn't make Farrakhan out to be a monster or try to say that we should force Farrakhan to shut up. That seemed to be the only stance Russert and others would accept.


baatin. said...

big man, i think you're right. obama couldn't say he accepted the endorsement-that would've ended his bid right there. i think it was cool that he refused to take ice queen's bait, and left her looking like a childish person. i seriously hope obams comes through with either or both tx and oh, and puts old hill out of her misery.

Anonymous said...

That debate was a disgrace. Russert and crew spend the first 45 min going after Clinton, only to have saved a special taste of the bullshit for Obama with that Farrakhan questioning.

Seriously, even though I'm a Clinton supporter, the 2 debates prior to this have left me comparatively proud of the Dem party, and excited about both candidates.

Tonight's debate left me wanting to punch Russert in the face and tired of Clinton, Obama and this g*ddamn primary even more than I already was. Booo.....

field negro said...

Yes, the "O" man handled the question with his usual dexterity....I think the good minister will understand once he gets from under that bus :)

I bet it was like that old E.F. Hutton [sic] commercial in every white household in A-merry-ca when Tim Ruse-hurt asked that question.

brotherkomrade said...

Ahh, yes. The "Do you like Farrakhan, yes or no?" litmus test that all black leaders must pass when they enter the national arena.

Anonymous said...

The white pundits are saying he ran around the question instead of just coming out and saying "Yes I Hate HIM!!" Please...that was a joke of a question from Tim, but the "O" man handled it well and white america feel good as they proclaim "He's a good one".

Anonymous said...


If you thought that was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Did you see the new license plate that might be sold in Florida? That even pissed me off, and my ancestors were busy kicking Davy Crockett's ass at the Alamo back then.

Anonymous said...

The Farrakhan question wasn't about appeasing white america, bigmik. It was about appeasing the nervous AIPAC. Hillary certainly went out of her way to lick its boots.

Obama did only as he must; since F has been recorded making unfair generalizations about the character of jewish people. The fact that he and many others have legitimate reservations about the US's unconditional support for oppression of Palestinians is something that is still unmentionable on a televised debate. Similarly, we're unlikely to see George Allen stumping for McCain this year (although he probably won't be forced to renounce Allen on live television).

So, I'm not sure it's fair to say F was thrown under the bus, because F was never on this bus to begin with.

-Anony Mouse

Christopher said...

Do most people even know who Minister Farrakhan is? My guess is, no, so doesn't that make him a non-issue?

I have just one criticism of Barack's performance last night: I wish he had been a little less statesmen-like and gone in for the kill, nailing Hillary on her vote to go to war and asking her to apologize to the familes, loved ones and friends of the nearly 4,000 Americans who have died needlessly in Iraq.

Put her ass on the line with the camera on her to record her reaction. Hillary would've gone all Baby Jane Hudson-whack and melted down.

Unknown said...

Obama handle him self pretty good when he was question about the Minister. The Ice Queen needs to stop with all that complaining. Why do she have to be ask the first question in every debate.(petty stuff)

Anonymous said...

So the White is getting ready to play the race card to win this election. How shameful but utterly expected. They always stand in the way of history.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I see Farrakhan has decided to crawl out from under his rock. If he wants to be useful, tell him to send a posse of NOI brothers as security detail for Obama.

Those brothas can stop bullets better than the Secret Service and they know how to blend in without being seen, too.

They could actually teach the SS a thing or two about security.

I'm getting sick of these "black man" litmus tests. If it's not Farrakhan; it's Jesse - if it's not Jesse, it's Al.

The Borg Queen is on meltdown and Mammy Maggie can't save her. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
Farrakhan will not be the only person ran over by the Obama bus. He will offer up to slaughter many more famous blacks and no name blacks in the coming months of the campaign and if he wins the office. He has no problem talking down to black folks when it suits him. Yes Russert is an idiot and a stupid ass. This litmus test of Farrakhan is bs because white politicians do not have to face no litmus test in America. Hell Obama I repeat Obama is not a progressive and is damn near gonna handle the presidential office like a quasi conservative. If he cannot speak to black pain and sufffering on the campaign trail when exactly does he address concerns of black folks. It definitely will not happen when he gets into office because he will not have the stench of helping blacks on him. Did anyone hear the all out assurance to the Jewish community about his defense of them. Black folks cannot get such reassurance in the American political arena. I am also sick of hearing Obama rap about going to Ebenezer Church and calling out blakc folks about their anti-semitism. Hell most black folks do not even think about Jews like that. He needs to come off that bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe the question should have been asked of Obama about Farrakhan in the first place. Every black person in the country does not agree with Farrakhan's ideology. However, it is a way to put Obama on the spot. I seem to place Al, Farrakhan, and Jesse in the same category of how do they really intend the need of a different generation within the black community. Are the still relevant are these men? I think it is a question we should ask ourselves.

I see a generation of black people without any direction, or perhaps wiser than we think by wanting to involve themselves economically, socially, or psychologically. Is time for people within the black community to stop looking for leadership or does each individual decide to make changes in our lives. I read a quote from a person who said everyone wants change, but no one looks for themselves to change. I think that is a profound statement and pretty like everyone wants to eat dinner, but not willing to prepare the meal in which to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Is Tim Russert letting Dick Cheney write his questions for him ?? "...What would happen if we withdrew from Iraq and the terrorists took over? .. Does Louis Farrakhan control you? .. What will the Jews think..? "

I really thought Russert's questions were offensive coz it suggested that Obama would be vulnerable to being perceived as anti - semitic and anti- Israel just because Farrakhan supported him.

The way I see it Russert wanted Obama’s supporters to get new information that caused them to bolt, which is generally what push polling aims to do!

RedLipstick said...

Anony Mouse and Hennasplace both laid it down with absolute clarity!The Farrakhan question was all for AIPAC--indisputably the most powerful lobby in D.C. And again I will say for the [upteenth] time O is not Jesus. He can not and will not save black people.

He can't open all the jails and let black men out, he can't force black people to be responsible for their children and to make better choices with regards to their families, he can't make black children embrace education and turn away from destructive elements in their households and communities, he can't stop black music artists from making lewd videos or stop black women from degrading themselves in said videos, he can't stop professional athletes from doing stupid things that put their professional careers in jeopardy, he can't stop prejudice thoughts that any racial group may have toward black folks, he can't speak to the experience of every black person since he is only himself--he CANNOT transmogrify the image of black people throughout the entire universe.

The bottom line is that there is no person alive that can do any of these things. Hennasplace is spot on about the fact that the change must come from individuals, from the ground up and there is just no other way around it.

brotherkomrade said...

@ mimi and hennasplace:

Both are on the money.

@ thinkaboutit...
"Hell Obama I repeat Obama is not a progressive and is damn near gonna handle the presidential office like a quasi conservative."

You got him right there, and further more, you just coined the typical frontrunners of the Democratic Party; they are right wingers ever since they started capitulating in the late 60s and 70s by gutting social programs to make create a skilled workforce. When crack hit the streets, all you had was a depressed unskilled labopr force with nothing to do and no place to go. We can't just blame Reagan for that one.

Bellini said...

Well thanks for the recap folks -- 'cuz I didn't watch the debate. I'm over the Democratic debates at this stage. There is nothing new Hillary or Barack can say. The debates are a weak attempt by the Clinton camp to stall Barack's momentum because based on past debates she fared better than he. Game over, let's move on the general election debates, that's when things will get good again. The lack of judgment and foresignt in Hillary's camp demonstrates her ineptitude. Her campaign money management abysmal. I was a tween/teen during the Clinton era -- I am a grown woman and over it!

Admiral Komack said...

"Finally, I would like to thank "admiral komack" for making me think of something today. His comments from the Politico article after my last post made me wonder: Why is it that republicans have to actually have polling groups to learn how to speak to black sensibilities?"

-Thank you for your kind words, sir.

Every time I hear the "if Obama thinks that Hillary was tough, wait till the Republicans get ahold of him" riff I have to laugh.

I'm sure Obama KNOWS the Republicans are going to come after him because ...he's...(wait for it)...BLACK!

He seems to be doing well so far.
I wonder what he has for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Black with real thoughts have a home.
Thanks Field, We love you.

Did you see this

Anonymous said...

All of this talk about Obama cannot make things magically right in the black community are trite in my opinion. No one is suggesting that he can fix all things black, but a community does not and should not offer to any candidate their unwavering support without a leg to stand on. His policy of saying nothing while sounding like he is really saying something is borderline bewildering to someone who thinks about issues critically and analytically everday of their lives. It is a shame that we have to accept his appeasement of white folks at our own peril. They have to fill comfortable in order for him to survive politically. Ask yourselves is that what we want in a so called political leader. Obama attack a church he attended for 20 years and offers no counterpoint to that lauds the Black value system of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Trinity. Obama will not stand up for nothing but a pollyanish we can come togeter Yes We Can slogan and do not forget Change and Hope mantra that at its heart offers nothing to common everdyay folk whether they be black, white, yellow, red or whatver color we are borrowing these days from eighteenth century Enlightenment thinkers who created racial classification in the first place. In the socical condition of being black in the U.S. there is not a chance in hell that we can align ourselves with a false premise that this man has any degree of fight in him that offers tangible solutions to black misery and suffering. He stands above the fray and when we will see some gumption from this brother. Hell he always jacking MLK's thoughts and speeches but remember MLK was a fighter and champion of the social disadvantaged. He fought the system and stood for something.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Hi Field,
I was pi$$ed when Tim asked Obama the question about Farrakhan. I felt that it was a low blow, and a way for Tim to attempt to link Obama with what America is most afraid of, angry black men.
But even though I felt that Obama may have appeared to have thrown Farrakhan under the bus, he answered the question the best way it could be answered, especially considering all that could be gained or lost, depending on however you answer it. In fact, I initially worried that the question may have a negative impact on Obama's support. However, I think when HC tried to drive the stake in Obama's chest, when she tried to point out that Obama should have rejected Farrakhan's support, Obama handled it very well. He made her look like a fool, while he continued to stay on top.

After the debate, I wondered how Farrakhan and his supporters perceive Obama's clear lack of public enthusiasm regarding Farrakhan's endorsement. I am convinced that Farrakhan has to know that Obama had to respond that way in order to pull this thing off. Farrakhan may indeed by radical. But what he is also is highly intelligent. Farrakhan knows the game. And he understands politics. So, I don't even think that Farrakhan is under that so called bus. Farrakhan is a passenger in the bus. That person under the bus is a double.


Anonymous said...

field says:
Why don't you just treat the "O" man like any other candidate and attack him on the issues like you would a white candidate?

Hawa says:
For the same reason Obama can't attack Hillary on the issues with too much aggression without alienating female voters.

With the top 3 candidates (Obama, Hillary, and McCain) crossing color and gender lines - each must remain cognizant of the "useless-but-prevalent" stereotypes that brew in the voter subconscious.

Foofa said...

I was really worried when Farrakhan endorsed Obama. I thought it would certainly alienate some of his supporters. I think he handled the situation exactly the way he should have and so it goes. People always will have supporters they dont' agree with.

Anonymous said...

all the things FARRAKKHAN SAYS ARE TRUE ABOUT whites & jews,i could see if he was running around telling lies peckerwoods hate any form of truth,just like the devil hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm go figure.

Liz Dwyer said...

Hillary and her "give Barack a pillow" bull was outta control! I think it's all part of the effort to emasculate him. We always hear about the concerns that Obama isn't tough enough. Then he has to keep his cool and not snap on anybody, even when they they say his wife should be lynched, because he can't risk being the 50 Cent political candidate. We're supposed to worry that he won't be able to handle a diplomatic crisis because has he ever handled anything hard in his entire life. (Because being a black male in America ain't so bad. Really, it's not.)

Heaven forbid he attend a church where the pastor believes in black empowerment or thinks 50% of what Minister Farrakhan has to say makes a lick of sense. And he sure can't say that just like some blacks are racist against Jews, there are quite a few Jews who need to check themselves too.

Meanwhile, Hillary is tough as nails. She's making her nails screech down a chalkboard just so we can all witness her toughness.

And I don't think they know how to attack him on issues because he makes sense on many of them.

Anonymous said...


What is that you want Barack Obama to do? Obama is playing on a national level, and we consistently forget that it is the local and state politicians have the most impact on our day to day lives. We have need to have a grassroots movement throughout the black community, and less not forget that black people are not a monolithic group and I really do not know of any group that is. Obama has to appear to the masses, and we cannot not assume that every white person has money because they do not, and are in the same boat with trying to keep their heads above water.

As for MLK, his ideas were not original. In fact, Bayard Rustin consulted MLK during the Birmingham boycott about the nonviolent philosophy that he read about from Ghandi. Rustin had to leave the movement because the other ministers at that time were concerned as he was openly homosexual and been arrested for homosexual activity. King could have fought for Rustin considering it that your fight is about civil rights, but Rustin saw the bigger picture and left Birmingham.

In addition, there were others in the civil rights movement such as Fannie Lou Hamer who was forced sterilized and beaten because she fought for the right to vote in Mississippi. Ella Baker, Asa Phillip Randolph, Walter F. White, were people in the movement before 1955, and I cannot forget Charles Houston who created the team that would later bring Brown v. Broad of Education of Topeka, KS. I am going to say this, King was definitely the spokesperson for the civil rights movement and you needed him to bring the message forth to the people in the US. However, he was not alone and reluctant at first to get involved, but he did. You cannot have a movement without any people.

I do not think Obama is pollyanish at all, and realizes that he needs to motivate people to get things done. He does have the ability to bring people together particularly if everyone have the same goal in common. Honestly, the last time I check, I am not a island unto myself and know I do not it alone. As simplistic as this my sound, but I need the bus driver and train conductor to get me to work and home safely. However, we do not think along those terms because it is taken for granted. Think you have great deal of potential and you do not realize it. If you are angry about something, then take that anger and do something constructive and positive. Do not wait, and do let anyone to tell you anything differently.

So I am going to ask you a question, what you are going to do to make changes within your community? Are you going to get married and provide a strong family structure? Are you going to mentor kids within your community so that do not fall victim to gangs?

Anonymous said...

To Hennasplace,
I certainly do not need a civil rights history primer by you and anyone else. Pick a part of history and ask me what you would like to know about it. I know and have said many times we are not a monoltihic people right here in the comments section of this very blog. My critique of Obama stems from my belief that he is not a progressive individual and will never be one in my estimation. Also, I have a right to critique or laud where I choose too. The civil rights movement has many heroes and heroines long before Dr. King known and unknown. My words if you read them correctly point out the lunancy of the American social, political, and racial system in America. He cannot speak truth to power or he will be reduced to a nobody. I am concerned about the black poor, the uneducated, the friends and family caught up in the criminal justice system, and the misery index of living in a country where by black skin is devalued on a daily basis in numerous ways from fair employment, health care, just shopping or just being black dammit. As for your aside about what I am doing here is not the place to tell you who the I am or what I do to serve my race or history. The debt I owe to slaves, sharecroppers, everyday black folk I carry with me into everything I engage in on a daily basis.
I will not let Obama or you for that matter reduce the essence of black people to soundbites for political gain or to assume some racialized utopia where we all just get along and forgot how and why we exist in the stated condition in this country. So I hope that answer your question. Field, I apologize for taking up so much space, but that mess deserved a response.

Anonymous said...

Also to Henna,
It was not Bayard Rustin who introduced Ghandi's philosophy to MLK. Hell King had already about Ghandi through his studies and it was Howard Thurman who introduced the philosophy of nonviolence as a concept to the African American intellectual community.

rikyrah said...



But, bless him, Obama danced on that razor's edge once again. And, came up a winner.

Roland Martin did nearly 2 hours on folks' reaction to what Obama said on the radio this morning. I can count on one hand the number of Black folks that were mad at him about it. The rest were like me - we would have told Russert to kiss our Black asses, but we realize Obama is running for President, and it seems, post-racial campaign though he tries to run, like every other Black pol, they try and hang Farrakhan around his neck. He distanced himself without being disrespectful and seeming to grovel - no small feat, but he did it.

rikyrah said...


The threat that Obama has become to ' The System' already.

Interesting article

WHY the war against Obama

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mr. Obama really, really wants to be president. There are also millions of us who really really want him to be president.
He didn't bring up Farrakhan. The bozo moderators did.
What choice did O Man have but to throw LF under the bus.
Mainstream whitesw just don't get LF. All they see is the anger and the vile rhetoric without realizing that most of what he says is valid and true. As a result, LF is hated by most whites. He IS the big scarey black man.
Now, if O Man is going to become president of the United States, he is going to have to receive a large percentage of the mainstrem white votes.
He could have lost a parge portion last night had he tried to reconcile his relationship with his minister and his minister's relationship with LF.
Come on Field, give him a break. LF knows the driver of the bus and he probably waved as it went over him.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, here it comes. Now, I wonder if McCain is going to denounce OR reject this.


"The Woods Fund, a Chicago-based nonprofit that describes itself as a group helping the disadvantaged, provided a $40,000 grant in 2001 to the Arab American Action Network, or AAAN, for which Khalidi’s wife, Mona, serves as president. The Fund provided a second grant to the AAAN for $35,000 in 2002. Obama was a director of the Woods Fund board from 1999 to Dec. 11, 2002, according to the Fund’s website. Tax records show he was paid $6,000 per year for his service in 1999 and 2001."

is just a taste of what they've got up and this the the site for the Republican Party in Tenn, it seems. Wow. So that's going to be the bite? Man, you black people just hate EVERY one, didn't you know?? Mexicans, koreans, jews, babies, puppies, fresh baked cookies.

Phew, so glad I found out JUST IN TIME.

(please, any of the crazy people, I am a sarcastic smartass so please, no yelling)

RedLipstick said...

"All of this talk about Obama cannot make things magically right in the black community are trite in my opinion. No one is suggesting that he can fix all things black, but a community does not and should not offer to any candidate their unwavering support without a leg to stand on."

Thinkaboutit it's not trite to keep pointing out that O is not going to fix all the problems of Black people when I keep hearing the same "trite" lines from many Black politicians who are supporting Hill about not "abandoning your friends"--especially from Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Frankly, I read their "unwavering support" as looking out for number 1 if Hill gets elected.

Comparing O to MLK or JFK is premature to say the least, but I for one agree with his agenda. I have gone through his website, read many articles about him from the Chicago newspapers [many of which are quite critical], looked at his votes in the Senate and decided that I like the guy--it's just that simple.

At the end of the day this is politics and much of how O has handled himself relates to the nature of the beast.

Anonymous said...

sagacioushillbilly seemed to infer that the mainstream is at fault for not separating Farrakhan's "vile rhetoric" from the legitimate points he makes.

Intelligent people are tired of vile rhetoric, and 'leaders' who engage in race-baiting tend to become irrelevant. You know, David Duke has made points about the dangerous power that AIPAC wields in washington. True points. Not that I care, because David Duke is a racist prick who doesn't deserve my attention.

It's tough finding a non-crazy leader to take on the AIPAC, but someday we'll find one.

Am I comparing David Duke and Louis Farrakhan? Yes. They're both irrelevant and we're well rid of both. Welcome to the new century.

-Anony Mouse

west coast story said...

thinkaboutit, who are voting for? Are you going to seriously say that Hillary is for black folk? I don't recall her saying anything about poor people or black folks, except when she's in the same room with a few. I don't care what Obama isn't saying, I know what he's done in the community in Chicago and I'm fine with where he's at right now.

My guess is that you are young, maybe even very young and need to see a black man mau mau his way to power. I used to be like in the 1960's. Trust me, after you've shot yourself in the head a couple of times, you will get over it.

Obama hasn't made promises to any group in this country except folks who need health care, an education, or a job. Last time I looked, that would be black folks too. I'm glad he hasn't run around promising AIPAC this about Isael, or Cubans this about Cuba, or Latinos this thing about immigration, or black folks that thing about whatever. He's said he wants to be president of the UNITED States. After the last 16 years of devisive political hell with Bill Clinton and George Bush, it sounds like a refreshing change.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

I listened to the roundtable today. It was good as usual.

Although I kept hoping that someone would have told Debra Dickerson to shut the heck up! Jeez that woman is a run on sentence!

Did you even get to put 5 sentences together?

burpster said...

Isn't the O-dude running for POTUS? I can't see why that means he owes blacks voters anything he doesn't owe all voters?

If he makes it all the way he's gonna have a fuck of a mess left for him from the neocons. But, thats when he can start to help all Americans, not only blacks.

Kellybelle said...

Great job on "News and Notes"!

field negro said...

Although I kept hoping that someone would have told Debra Dickerson to shut the heck up! Jeez that woman is a run on sentence!

Did you even get to put 5 sentences together?

I think I had 6 :)

But thanks mes deaux cents and kellybelle for listening for a brotha.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they call Hillary to the carpet on her Ann Coulter endorsement? Ann has done a hell of a lot less good than Farrakhan and her call to bomb Muslim countries and forcefully convert people is a hell of a lot more odious than Farrakhan's name calling.

I've been stanin for Obama, but I'm not feeling the way he handled this one at all. He was all house Negro on that one.

Its a damned shame that with our numbers Black Americans can't command even a small amount of the respect that Jews in this country do.

west coast story said...

Another of the old guard drops Hillbilly like a bad habit.



Posted: Wednesday, 27 February 2008 4:26PM

John Lewis Switches Support To Obama


Anonymous said...

William F. Buckley dies to avoid Black Presidency

Seriously, it was said best by Buckley's arch-enemy, leftist intellectual Gore Vidal. The man was a proto-nazi. The basis of his philosophy was the stupidity of the masses, and the necessity of a Ruling Class to shepherd our ignorant selves toward a functioning society.

See the glowing tribute in the New York Times in case you've been poisoned and you need to induce vomiting.

-Anony Mouse

brotherkomrade said...

Ahhhh, Anony Mouse! That post was genius!

FN, did you see Cobbs sickening love post to WFB? Did you get my email with my life-partner's thoughts on Hilary's track record?

field negro said...

"William F. Buckley dies to avoid Black Presidency"

Anony Mouse, that is too funny :)

And I will pass on that NYT tribute. It's too late to start throwing up.

Christopher said...

Rot in Hell, William F. Buckley, you homophobic, rightwing, asswipe.

I hope he died a miserable death with great pain.

Apparently, the American flag is flying at half-staff at Richard Melon Sciafe's estate.

Anonymous said...

I have heard rumors that the O Man watches The Wire, one of the most progressive shows ever made. So while he may not talk about poverty or prisons or an unjust law system, it appears he knows the deal. He was a community organizer in Chicago, and actions speack louder than words,IMO.

SLDC said...

Farrakhan: ‘Mischief making’ should not dampen support for Obama
By FinalCall.com News
Updated Feb 28, 2008, 11:18 am

(FinalCall.com) - In response to outrage expressed by many, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan issued the following statement regarding remarks made by Sen. Barack Obama during Tuesday's presidential debate. Mr. Tim Russert questioned Sen. Obama regarding Min. Farrakhan's Saviours' Day address and his complimentary remarks concerning the Obama campaign.

"Those who have been supporting Sen. Barack Obama should not allow what was said during the Feb. 26 presidential debate to lessen their support for his campaign. This is simply mischief making intended to hurt Mr. Obama politically."


SagaciousHillbilly said...

"sagacioushillbilly seemed to infer that the mainstream is at fault for not separating Farrakhan's "vile rhetoric" from the legitimate points he makes. "

Why not? Is intellectual discretion too much to ask of the desperate masses? Never mind.