Monday, February 25, 2008

Will he turn the other cheek?

“Over the years you’ve heard plenty of promises from plenty of people and plenty of speeches. And some of those speeches were probably pretty good. But speeches don’t put food on the table. Speeches don’t fill up your tank. Speeches don’t fill your prescriptions,”.... My opponent makes speeches. I offer solutions. It’s one thing to get people excited. I want to empower you.”

Tough talk like that from the ice queen, and the fired up won't take no more speeches girlfriend has been giving lately is fine as far as I am concerned. Hey, this is politics, and Hillary is supposed to give tough speeches when she is attacking her opponent. Sorry Obamaholics, shit happens when you are running for the highest office in the land.

But that picture your campaign floated out there today Hillary was over the top, even for you. I mean I know that you are facing--- to steal a quote from Dick Morris, "political extinction" but my god woman have you no shame? Showing the "O" man in that outfit from Somali in a turban (nothing scares white folks more than a black man in a turban) to remind A-merry-cans that he is black like any other field Negro was low. Hell, I am typing with one hand while I hold my family jewels in the another. Why? Because I am feeling that shot you gave the "O" man, that's why. "Oh come on field, you are from a country where they kill their political opponents in record numbers. How dare you question our democratic process here in A-merry-ca? Yes, maybe I should find some context . I suppose in the big scheme of things smearing someone by floating a picture of him out there to create a black Bogey Man isn't the same as killing him. But geez. If you do this and he looses, you sure will be killing the "hopes" of millions of people Hillary. Oh, and one of your supporters did actually try to kill his in law over this shit. See what firing up your supporters can do Hillary? Hey, maybe we are closer to the politics of my homeland here in A-merry-ca than we think.

For the next couple of days I will see if the "O" man turns the other cheek, and if his campaign fires back. Think a picture of Monica Lewinski making goo goo eyes at Bubba while she was in that receiving line. Floating some pics out there of that shit again would be a start "O" man. And see what a nice field Negro I am? I have decided to give your campaign a head start by putting a picture of girlfriend on my blog. I think Monica looks good in black don't you?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could say I was disappointed. But I know as long as there are rumors, innuendoes and lies, that people are gonna spread 'em all around.

But have you heard about this?

Police concerned about order to stop weapons screening at Obama rally

I don't believe the DFW PD cares that much about the life of a black person. But if the Secret Service is really dropping Mr. Obama's security screen...Keerist.

Jonne Austin said...

This woman is really getting on my nerves. I mean is this an election or a damned sandbox?

And if I were Obama I wouldn't explain a damned thing personally. If the public is too damned stupid to read the back story as to why he was in that garb, he probably is better off not being president of the United State of Moron-ica.

Woozie said...

Monica looks good in a brown paper bag.

This is just dripping with that South Carolina strategy, where they tried to paint Obama as a Black candidate and not as a valid candidate. Like you said, this has no purpose other than reminding people he's one of them thar nigras.

What's important to bear in mind, is that their Chewbacca Defense of a campaign strategy failed spectacularly in SC. The definition of insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting different results...

Anonymous said...

No one says anything when Bush is in Saudi Arabia, holding hands with their Crown Prince. He's even greeted the Prince with a kiss on both cheeks (as per local custom). So for them to make a big deal out of Obama dressing up in traditional costume on a visit is a big joke.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field!

I was looking at the news on yahoo and saw the story about the brother-in-laws choking and stabbing each other over Obama and Billary.

1ST thought was Philly do not need another murder right about now,
2ND, damn how can I e-mail this and Billary's attempt to frame Obama as an Osma stories to the Field Negro so he can offer his take on it, because I can use a good laugh right now to keep from crying.

I'm in central time so sorry for being late, but I figured, I'm quite sure Field gonna make some kind of mention of either one of the stories within a day or so.

Keep up and keep on going w/ the good work!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll get shouted down over here for saying this, but her campaign issued a statement that this was not their doing.

From TPM (which I picked up through Shakesville):

Ok, think I'll slip on out of here now (I've never gotten hate mail before at my blog before I started blogging about this primary!!)

baatin. said...

i saw this and got angry. this is from the clintons fer chrissakes, not rove! i could see something like this coming from the right wing, but i can honestly say that if this shit helps her beat obama, i might consider not voting at all. fuck you, hillary. this was bullshit.

Christopher said...

This is what counts and nothing else:

In the latest New York Times/CBS News poll of national voting preferences, Barack Obama bests his rival Hillary Clinton by a commanding 16 points.

For the first time, Barack Obama has moved ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally, with 54 percent of Democratic primary voters saying they wanted to see him nominated, while 38 percent preferred Mrs. Clinton.

A new USA Today/Gallup Poll released Monday showed a similar result, 51 percent for Mr. Obama to 39 percent for Mrs. Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Ive been looking around various sites where this story/photo has been posted... Common Dreams, ABC News, MSNBC... and the general consensus is this has backfired.... most people are slamming Hillary for this.... on another note.... Obama was endorsed by Farrakhan today at the Nation of Islam National Conference in Chicago... I really liked what he had to say:,0,6391391.story
But, I am sure that someone, somewhere, will try to make political hay out of it..... I, too , hope Barack stays on message and doesn't feel the need to dignify this Hillary bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised and it may not get farther into the primary campaign. Politics is a tough business, and Obama is aware of this fact. This is not the first time he has faced adversary and will not be last. Of course, I could be angry about the photograph, but what I am going with that anger. Some of us could work for Obama's campaign, make phone calls to voters in Ohio and Texas. Are you going to be proactive or reactive? The choice is yours. It is time to become the change you want to see in the world, Ghana. I do not want anyone saying that used someone's else word without given the person credit.

Anonymous said...

That shot by the Clinton camp was so low that my ankles hurt. At first, I was shocked when I saw that picture. Not because of the outfit, but of who put it out there.

Please put the Lewinsky picture out there, or at least a pic of a not-so-little black dress and mention that's all we got for $73 million in attorney fees and other legal stuff.

field negro said...

"For the first time, Barack Obama has moved ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally, with 54 percent of Democratic primary voters saying they wanted to see him nominated, while 38 percent preferred Mrs. Clinton."

chris, this is why it's getting ugly out here.

redstar, I won;t slam you. I will checksome more and see if it was really Hillary's camp and not some republican operative......OK I checked, it's Hillary :)

jody, you are right, it seems to be backfiring, but you never know what's in people's hearts and what influences them to vote or not to vote for a candidate. Remember,A-merry-ca voted for the frat boy because they wanted to have a beer with him :?

mobile68, you know I am all over this s**t. But thanks for thinking about a brotha.

robster, I like the new logo eh?

One Fly said...

When I saw this said no way this came from Clinton. Why are so many so quick to believe in such an inept ploy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks field. But how do we know it's from her?

Anonymous said...

Well-- Ms. Clinton has been inept for some time now and the general consensus is everything in her campaign is--a "ploy."
So . . . . . .

Kellybelle said...

She is a desperate woman. Being president is her dream, this was supposed to be a cakewalk. I just wish someone wd go undercover on her campaign. I'm sure her private tirades would shock her most ardent supporters.

Admiral Komack said...

"Please put the Lewinsky picture out there, or at least a pic of a not-so-little black dress and mention that's all we got for $73 million in attorney fees and other legal stuff."


Just let Obama keep doing what he's doing: kicking Hillary's ass.

If he stoops to her level, he:

1) steps on his message of hope.
2) turns the campaign into a pissing contest, which is what Hillary wants.
Also, remember that John McCain is around, and you can bet he and his staff are watchiing to see how this plays out.

Obama is beating Hillary by staying consistent; she is the one who is flailing.

Don't help her; let her flail!

field negro said...

Honestly redstar, I can't say for sure that it is her. But there is such a thing as circumstantial evidence.

Still, if it's proven that it's not her. You know me, I will be the first to say that I was wrong on this blog.

Admiral Komack said...

GOP fears charges of racism, sexism

By: David Paul Kuhn
Feb 24, 2008 10:58 PM EST

Republican strategists work on calibrating approach aimed at protecting the party against charges of being racist or sexist.

Top Republican strategists are working on plans to protect the GOP from charges of racism or sexism in the general election, as they prepare for a presidential campaign against the first ever African-American or female Democratic nominee.

The Republican National Committee has commissioned polling and focus groups to determine the boundaries of attacking a minority or female candidate, according to people involved. The secretive effort underscores the enormous risk senior GOP operatives see for a party often criticized for its insensitivity to minorities in campaigns dating back to the 1960s.

The RNC project is viewed as so sensitive that those involved in the work were reluctant to discuss the findings in detail. But one Republican strategist, who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, said the research shows the daunting and delicate task ahead.

Republicans will be told to “be sensitive to tone and stick to the substance of the discussion” and that “the key is that you have to be sensitive to the fact that you are running against historic firsts,” the strategist explained.

Hillary: I don't 'look very wistful'
Nader unloads on Obama, Clinton
Ad shows Hillary's vulnerability dilemma
In other words, Republicans should expect a severe backlash if they say or do anything that smacks of politicizing race or gender. They didn’t need an expensive poll to learn that lesson, however.

They could simply have asked Joe Biden, John Edwards, Bill Clinton or any number of Democratic politicians who stung over their choice of words in this campaign already.

GOP officials are certain their words will be scrutinized ever more aggressively. They anticipate a regular media barrage of accusations of intolerance – or much worse.

They seem most concerned about Obama right now.

“You can’t run against Barack Obama the way you could run against Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry,” said Jack Kemp, the 1996 GOP vice presidential nominee, who expressed concern that the party could be reduced to an “all white country club party” if it does not tread cautiously.

“Being an African American at the top of the ticket, if he makes it, is such a great statement about the country,” he added, “Obviously you have to be sensitive to issues that affect urban America. …You have to be careful.”

GOP operatives have already coined a term for clumsy rhetoric: “undisciplined messaging.” It appears as a bullet point in a Power Point presentation making the rounds among major donors, party leaders and surrogates. The presentation outlines five main strategic attacks against an Obama candidacy, with one of them stating how “undisciplined messaging carries great risk.”

Admiral Komack said...

This should not be with what I posted (darn fingers!).

"Hillary: I don't 'look very wistful'
Nader unloads on Obama, Clinton
Ad shows Hillary's vulnerability dilemma"

-Sorry for including this; I should have deleted it.

Anonymous said...

I know, I love your site and look forward to its posts.

I'm pretty sure it won't be proven it wasn't her - though I hope it is; the story has spun far and wide by now, and appears to have been accepted as truth.

Anonymous said... Arbinder updates thru the day about "the photo" but it goes from basically "what? get over it." to "not from us"

On the one hand, without proof then it's only circumstantial but um, "pattern of behaviour" and all, you know?

I'm of two minds about this. I don't want this to lose him Ohio or Texas but it does give him practise for what's coming from McCain. Now that the Republicans are testing new code, "urban" and "patriotic" it's shaping for a new kind of ugly from the folks that do it best.

That's the shame about Hillary and Bill, they learned from those who did to them but they learned far too well. I nver loved them but they smelled better than the "other" guys until this year.

Now they reek of stink and desperation and pure low dirt.

rikyrah said...

It took too damn long for them to DENY it, which means that they did it. I have no doubt that they did it.

Look at the big picture, FN.

The Obama/Weatherman Story
Michelle Obama's Senior Thesis
The Picture
Harold Ickes' Jesse Jackson Comment II

Um. come on now..they're all related.

Will he turn the other cheek.

Yes, of course. If not, he'll be labeled the ' angry Black man' picking on that poor, defenseless White heifer.

They don't fool me. At all.

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment before and it didn't go up right, so I hope it doesn't end up on the site twice:

About a week ago, I read that Hillary had spent most of her campaign money this month (millions) on "consultants." She didn't do that for nothing, I thought, and knew this was going to be ugly. I think that the photo did come from her, and I think that it was an attempt to put Obama in a catch-22. If he said nothing, it would work (given how scared Americans are of turbans) and if he objected, she'd say "Shame on you" for disrespecting the culture. She said "Shame on you" so quickly, in fact, that it's hard to believe the whole thing wasn't planned. Maybe I'm paranoid, though. She's always quick to say "Shame on you." Her win-at-all-tactics are so familiar right now that I wouldn't be surprised if she hired the Rove man himself. You know he's expensive.

Also, I never hated HRC. I wanted to like her until she had a voting record and then I was completely unwilling to vote for her. Having seen her campaign tactics now, I despise her. But everybody who supports Obama now knew that this stuff was coming; they just didn't think it would come from her. And I think ultimately she'll be the one to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Its a picture of Bill Clinton in similar garb...

Anonymous said...

really not surprised by hrc...

she's running a 'bi-polar' campaign now.. she's lost all sense of reason..

am catching up with this here.. i cannot watch the news all night.. i am getting she is now saying there is nothing wrong with the picture whilst denying her people ever put them out there to cause the damage..

as soon as she said she was honoured to be there with obama - while her mouth was set like a cats arse - we knew she was about to unleash hell..
it was the 'wait til i get you home' look she must have honed on her dear hubby..

Anonymous said...

robster, I like the new logo eh?

Thanks. I'm just happy my team didn't get dismantled before the trade deadline. Then again, I still have to sweat out the next twelve hours, though.

Anonymous said...

Man Hillary Done gone and sturred up the white folks, Next she'll say Obama wants a white woman,
Hay where they be anyway.

Christopher said...

Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) to endorse our man Barack today!

Wooo hooo! Obama is just cakewalking to the nomination.

field negro said...

“undisciplined messaging carries great risk.”

Hmmm, admiral komack, I see some code words in THAT quote.
But thanks for the insightful article.

damn rikyrah, the circumstantial evidence is piling up. Way to point it out.

"really not surprised by hrc...

she's running a 'bi-polar' campaign now.. she's lost all sense of reason.."

marci, this is why she might be down in the national polls now.

robster,as long as you have that Darci Tucker [sic] guy you will be fine. :)

timi, I will try to get that image and make it a side-bar feature. Thanks for the link.

Christopher said...

Hillary Clinton is the new, Baby Jane Hudson, only uglier and crazier. The witch needs to mount her broom and fly away. The American people sure don't have any use for her.

Jeffrey said...

Great post, as usual. I know you are a busy man, but if you get a spare moment, please check out my latest blog at I responded in length to a racist email forward I received. I am a white male, so I would certainly appreciate having a person of color provide their insight as to the discussion at hand. Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Whats the problem? Barack posed for the photo. Maybe he's proud of it.

The overwhelming majority of black folks are going to vote for Barack no matter what Hilary says or does so her new black campaign manager probably pointed out to her that she has nothing to lose by hitting back hard.

I know the Obamaholics were hoping for a coronation but if you can't take the heat.....

Unknown said...

did you see that Gennifer Flowers is going to put her videotapes of her affair with Bill Clinton for sale at auction?

Karma. what goes around comes around.

Tonight is a big deal. Hopefully Obama can win this debate against the Borg Queen...

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Obamaholics? Pleeease. Obamanauts, more like. Whatever.

Field, these are two pieces that I believe bring some actual perspective and intelligence to the campaign as a whole. One is a New Yorker profile from last spring, one's from the New Republic but they give balance to the whole "oooooh, it's a cult, etc" spin that so many people keep repeating

Bottom line, he and his people are brilliant AND they have common sense AND they know very well what they are doing AND they learn and adapt as they go. Period.

I think that is what is crucial to what they will bring to Washington. The willingness to adapt from the bottom up while hewing to their ultimate beliefs.

I was so spitting angry yesterday after all the ugly of the past several days that I was dwelling on all the past crap but, reading both of the pieces pulled it back into the realm of practical purpose. I'm reassured that he's got a very, VERY thought out agenda and that he brings more than enough qualified people with him.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Take Hillary's "Mammy" to task on this one, cause Maggie Williams knows better.

And when the dust clears, because she didn't get it done for Hillary, I will take my popcorn to get a front row seat as the Clintons sling Mammy Maggie under their ever-rollin' bus.

Now she will know how Lani Guinier and Joycelyn Elders felt when they got run over and abandoned by the Clintons.

I hope this gets settled on March 4, cause you know she will not be gracious in defeat; in fact, she may plan to raise all kinds of hell in Denver this summer.

Francis Holland said...

Christopher said, "Hillary is the new Baby Jane Hudson, only uglier and crazier."

That's hilarious! It's true! It's a reference to one of my all-time favorite hilarious horror movies: "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?"

If Obama finds a rat on his dinner plate, he'll know (and we'll all know) that Hillary Clinton put it there.

Speaking of which, let me tell you what I think about the Secret Service lowering security at Obama rallies. I think it's a constructive assassination attempt. If you open a dam, you can hardly claim to be surprised when the water behind it comes rushing forth. If you open the lion's cage, you can't claim surprise when the lion eats someone.

If they reduce Barack Obama's security AND THEN ANNOUNCE IT IN THE NEWSPAPERS, then can hardly claim surprise if one of the people at whom that security was aimed subsequently decides to take advantage of the fact that the floodgates has been opened.

J said...

Over at TPM they've got Stephanie Tubb-Jones saying that Somalia is Obama's native country and that he shouldn't be ashamed of a picture showing him in his native clothing nor should America be so closed minded as to be disturbed by pictures of him in his native clothing.

Wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he is employing his own security to replace what has been lost.

Anonymous said...

Coonery is crazy.

Also, turns out Tavis may have been running a little scam with his state of the black union.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Maybe pictures of the semen stained dress would be more appropriate. But really, when you think about it, Monica is all about the Clinton shame. It's a dark moment in the Clinton legacy.
O Man dressing up in the clothes of a village elder in his father's homeland is nothing about shame. It's about pride. It's a positive proud moment in the life of Barack Obama. Hell, if my ancestors dressed in cool shit like that where they were from, I'd have been walking around in such clothing when I spent two weeks in Wales. Alas, they are dull Brits. . . really incredibly friendly dull Brits, but dull Brits nonetheless. No fancy hats and robes. sigh

Christopher Chambers said...

You know what? Maybe we should welcome this bullshit. First, it blows the negative wad before barack faces the GOP slime machine. They'll literally have nothing else once Hillary's spent all the ammo. Second, yeah it toughens Barack up. If he's the nominee then he won't be up against just McCain. McCain's like Lloyd Bridges in those "Hot Shots" movies. He'll be facing these scum on the blogs. Third, keep the info tight. If there are any old-style Polaroids of a drunk Michelle fellating a white boy at a Princeton rugby party, well, time to quash that stuff, along with any Barack at nation of Islam bean pie rallies.
America is barely ready for him. Sometimes you have to help the digestion. It's only smart, right?

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Stop drinking the kool aid. Clinton did not send out the picture. Drudge did. Drudge is right wing. Drudge sent out the picture. Not Clinton. It is so easy to hate a woman. Clinton did not send out the picture. The right wings did it. And the kool aid drinkers blame each other. Rich. The right wing sent out the picture.

Besides, if there were no picture, then no picture could have been sent out.

Good gawd some people are so gullible or just find any and every reason to hate a woman.

Bush mania all over again, just on the other side of the aisle this time.

Big Man said...

She's desperate.

Anonymous said...

lol, thats funny nat turner's revenge. and fuck you j, racist punk

Christopher said...

Stop drinking the kool aid. Clinton did not send out the picture. Drudge did. Drudge is right wing. Drudge sent out the picture. Not Clinton. It is so easy to hate a woman.

Sorry Kitty, but you are 100% wrong.

The International Herald Tribune (owned by the New York Times) had an extension piece this week about who is responsible for feeding Drudge the anti-Obama filth in recent months.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is the source.

I'm sure it makes you feel good to frame Hillary's spectacular meltdown in strict gender terms but, the fact of the matter is, Hillary ran as the "experience" candidate before Obamamania caught hold and swept the nation. By then, it was clear the country wanted "change" more than "experience." By then, it was too late for Hillary to reinvent herself. She's not Madonna and she can't become someone new in 6 months.

You say "it's so easy to hate a woman." I disagree. But it's so easy to hate a vile, nasty bitch, who will lie, cheat and scratch her way to victory.

Her Baby Jane Hudson in a banana suit performance this weekend, mocking Barack Obama was a glimpse into the soul of a very disturbed woman. Even her campaign workers are said to be horrified and ready to jump ship.

Admiral Komack said...

"Good gawd some people are so gullible or just find any and every reason to hate a woman."

-Look, Hillary could have taken the high road.

She's supposed to be this big policy wonk.

But when Obama ceased being a novelty and began being a competitor, she used the race card.

She's desperate.

A lot of people are criticizing Bill Clinton for his antics in SC.

I do too.

But I also blame Hillary.


If she is the Democratic nominee, she will not get my vote.

Not because she is a woman.

But because she tried to use Karl Rove's playbook, and in my opinion it was not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Oh please you peoples fake outrage is funny and sad at the same time. You get angry when H. Clinton does this and yet if she were to win the Dem. nomination you would still vote for her swallowing your own self-respect in the process.

This just further proves that Black people will always go crawling back to the Democratic Party no matter how bad they treat us or how bad they disrespect us because we are nothing but ignorant loyal sheep not willing to ever take a stand.


RedLipstick said...

After seeing the photo on The Guardian site yesterday and then watching CNN and MSNBC last night replay again & again Hill mad about the Ohio flyers on NAFTA it became clear that she is really losing her wits.

All in all these things make her look bad--I mean for a second she looked sort of deranged as if campaign flyers that stretch the truth are novel. And the stark contrast with the ending to the Texas debate where she was so proud to be competing with O just gives me pause. She appears unbalanced, almost bipolar and this just works against women who are in power or striving for power in general. I hope her antics don't set women back a bit by making us look like we can't take possible defeat.

The headline in the LA Times today said something like O tells Hill to chill--we're on the same team as he was getting the nod from Dodd. I hope she takes this advice and not come off as a crazy woman tonight at the debates.

Inkogkneegrow said...

Greetings from the south field my brother. This attempt to make sure that her base remembers that the O-man is actually black is just pathetic. It shows just how desperate Hillbilly has become. Remember, she said the nomination would be wrapped up by Super Tuesday. OOPS

I think that most thinking people will understand the context of the photo & realize that visiting dignitaries do this all the time. Not to mention that these were his PEOPLES!! I think most thinking people will be offended that Hillbilly is trying to use this pic as the 2008 Willie Horton.

I guess we are supposed to be stupid enough to fear any man in a turban. Makes me wonder why white people don't run screaming from cabs in NYC.

Field....please hit us with something about that fool Bill Cunningham and his rant today!!

Hathor said...

Republican strategy on race and gender; Condoleezza Rice as VP.

A.F. said...

Hey Field,

You, too, may be interested in lifting this photo:

-D said...

No reason to even worry about this anymore, Field.

Hillary is over; it's beyond the realm of speculation now... stick a fork in 'er, she's done.

Now it's all about how Obama will take on McCain.

field negro said...

"Oh please you peoples fake outrage is funny and sad at the same time. You get angry when H. Clinton does this and yet if she were to win the Dem. nomination you would still vote for her swallowing your own self-respect in the process."

You are right about one thing, I will vote for Hillary over McCain. But you are wrong about my outrage. It's not fake. I can't feint outrage, it comes natural to me :)

"Field....please hit us with something about that fool Bill Cunningham and his rant today!!"

inkogkneegrow, that will be coming right up:)

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

I honestly don’t know if you people who believe this photo came from the Clinton campaign are willfully ignorant or just that stupid. Drudge is claiming it came from Clinton without any proof whatsoever. No email, no screen shot, nothing.

DRUDGE IS A WINGNUT. What part of that don’t you people understand? He will pit a democrat against a democrat any day and you all are just lapping it up like it is the gospel.

And again, no one is claiming the photo is photoshopped? So it is only damaging because people like the people here are reacting to it as if it is damaging. If Obama is so transcendence and godly what is wrong with the photo?

Nevertheless, there is no proof that Clinton’s camp circulated the photo. Obama’s camp more than likely circulated it to blame Clinton.

And for the little white boy, don’t bother ever addressing my comments again. I’ve seen your misogyny on this site, and it is sickening. Just because you reserve your bitch remarks to white women don’t mean you ain’t still a misogynist. White women are bitches today, black women will be bitches tomorrow in your kind of playbook. It ain’t cute. So save it.

brotherkomrade said...

If I were a Democrat, and Hilary won, th primaries, I would put my vote to Cynthia or Nader.

Admiral Komack said...

"Republican strategy on race and gender; Condoleezza Rice as VP."

McCain & Rice: Dumb & Dumber.

brotherkomrade said...

Wow, Kitty is poking her head out of her echo chamber of self-love to join with us unwashed masses? I can't fuckin' believe it!

"Nevertheless, there is no proof that Clinton’s camp circulated the photo. Obama’s camp more than likely circulated it to blame Clinton."

It's true that there is little to zero evidence that the pics came from Hilary's camp. Really, I see nothing wrong with them, but I can't understand how your charge that the Obama camp released them is anymore credible than Drudge's charges.

Or are you going to to hide behind labeling me as a misogynist to cover your hypocritical support for Hilary?

Anonymous said...

"You are right about one thing, I will vote for Hillary over McCain. But you are wrong about my outrage. It's not fake. I can't feint outrage, it comes natural to me" :)

And why would you vote for Hillary over Mccain, because she is supposedly the lesser of two evils? I'm just going to make it plain, the Black community is in crisis. The american jail system is filled with our people and we are out here killing each other daily. The school system for our children is not up to par and to be frank, the system is set up to make a Black person fail. We can't afford to just stand pat and keep voting for this lesser of two evil BS. Change and reform need to happen now before we end up destroying ourselves from within.

Signed a Black college student who is starting to lose faith in the direction we as a people are going!!!


Admiral Komack said...

Hillary didn't lay a glove on him.
Obama wins the debate.

Christopher Chambers said...

Condi has already said forget it. Plus she hates McCain. My strategy if I were barack would be to force Colin Powell to out himself for the O man. The word around the campfire here in DC is that he and Alma are "unofficially" backing him. As Bill and Hill only understand naked self interest and nothing else (they'd gladly destroy the Democratic party over this), I would then offer her a Supreme Court Justice position and Bill ambassador to the UN or some bullshit like that. Then renege...

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

It's true that there is little to zero evidence that the pics came from Hilary's camp. Really, I see nothing wrong with them, but I can't understand how your charge that the Obama camp released them is anymore credible than Drudge's charges.

First, FUCK YOU Brokekonman, you call me a piece of shit, you can kiss my motherfucking ass for all the rest of the time we are alive, you two face asshole. But I have told you that before in email, didn't I, but your ass needs an audience when you jab. Doncha?

Now on to your funky little assertion. You are exactly right. However the kool-aid drinkers here are accepting that it came from the Clinton camp as the GOSPEL , as a fact, as the TRUTH, even though there is the same amount of proof that it could have come from the Obama camp. In other words, they want to believe it came from Clinton. Don't use no critical thinking skills, go with the emotions. They want to believe it, because if they don't believe it they would have to look inside fluff man and see that there is nothing but fluffy fluff fluff. But as long as they can victimize him, then all is good in the world, the same ol same ol feels comfortable and right.

Poor wittle Obama, a woman is crying rape, no, that's not the narrative this time, a woman is taking his job, no, that's not the narrative either, a woman is making him prove his salt and it is so unfair. wahhhhh wha.....booo hoooooooooo.

FUCK OBAMA's punk ass.

brotherkomrade said...

Ahh, Kitty showing her middle-class macho by using ghetto vernacular again. As I had explained to you in an email responding to your last tantrum, I did not call you a piece of shit, but I DID put you in the same class with Nsangoma as a classist and a self-hating reactionary. Sorry your reading comprehension skills are not up to par. Wow, you should read your words. All name calling, but deflective when it comes to your candidate's self-hating international policies. No responses to that, huh?

brotherkomrade said...

And is it just me or do you have more of a personal issue with Obama than the sexist media that targeted Hilary?

If so, what would that issue be? I invite all those on this blog to check out Kitty's and see what the hell I'm talking about.

"Brokekonman?" Did you stay up all night with that one, Kitty?

Admiral Komack said...

"FUCK OBAMA's punk ass."

-Thank you, Kitty.

We know you love the "O" man, but the correct format is:

"I'm Kitty and I will say that I am an OBAMAHOLIC."

Anonymous said...

"Don't use no critical thinking skills, go with the emotions."

Oh, you mean like what YOU'RE doing, Kitty?

Kitty's bitterness and hatred towards black men have blinded her to the fact that the Clinton camp has been proven of sending emails about Obama being a Muslim. She also missed the fact that the Clinton camp didn't immediately come out and deny their involvement.

Kitty is so intent upon playing Captain Save-A-Uterus against the "big bad black man", that she contradicts herself. First, she blames the republicans for sending the picture. Then she says Obama send it. Which is it? And since Kitty is all about proof, where is her proof that either the republicans or Obama sent the pic?

Feel free to type your usual hate filled, foul mouth filled response, but it will fall on deaf ears.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

As I had explained to you in an email responding to your last tantrum, I did not call you a piece of shit, but I DID put you in the same class with Nsangoma as a classist and a self-hating reactionary. Sorry your reading comprehension skills are not up to par.

Stop your fucking lying, Brokekonman. You called me a piece of shit right here on this blog. So fuck off two face loser. Try to cozy all up on my ass at my blog and then come over here and act like one of the boys.

And whoever said it, there is no proof anyway who circulated the picture. DUH! That's the point, but the kool aid drinkers must believe it is Clinton, because they must believe Obama is a victim. Well he threw LF's black ass under the bus. So much for the brotherhood. LMAO!

brotherkomrade said...

Here is what I said copied from the post, "How and Why was She Killed":

brotherkomrade said...

[Brotherkomrade - waking out of his near-death bout of walking pneumonia and his fourth stomach virus]

FN, I want NSangoma's IP addy now. I'm sick of mf's cowardly existance.
This POS is worse than Cobb, Afronerd and Kitty - that says a lot.

You just know this POS is white.

The POS IS NSangoma. The question however, would be, why were you lumped in with him and other black reactionaries? Easy, because you are classist. Every post about your OWN family (not in-laws of course)is full of classist self-loathing and hatred. But yes, I visited and gave dap to other posts of yours because that's the kind of sweet guy I am. Nothing wrong that; some of us are COMPLEX human beings like that.

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