Friday, February 29, 2008

Straight Talk & The Preacher

If you watched the FAKE NEWS channel recently or listened to conservative talk radio you would think that the "O" man and Louis Farakhan had a secret plot to take over A-merry-ca. Tim (my head is too big for my body) Russert practically told the "O" man that he was lying when he said he denounced Louis Farakhan, and he kept bringing up Farakhan over and over again.

Over at FIX NEWS (FIX NEWS, FAKE NEWS, FUCK NEWS, what's the difference?)the fat guy with the droopy eyes and the ugly ass hair cut has been foaming at the mouth to get at the "O" man's minister, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. "He preaches black separatism, he preaches black self empowerment, and about empowering the black family" (like that's a bad thing) . "Obama's church is exclusionary" (You mean like Mitt Romney's, and damn near all of the so called christian conservatives who hate gays and blacks, and us secular progressives?).

So anyway, let's cut to the chase scene. Let's see what FAKE NEWS is going to do now that their candidate has been publicly endorsed by some right wing nut job and so called preacher who leads a flock of 16,000. Yes, this phony ass preacher who hates anyone who is not white, or Southern, or christian, is openly endorsing Mr. Morton (because he is always salty). Bill Donohue, who is somewhat of a nut job himself, and the head of the Catholic League, says that the man has "waged an unrelenting war against the Catholic Church". And Mr. Donohue has a point: He called the Catholic church "the great whore", he called it "an apostate church", he called it"a false cult system", and he openly endorses an accepting John McCain.

So if this guy feels this way about Catholics, can you imagine how he feels about us black folks? Here is a hint; he had a "slave sale" to raise funds for his church, Cornerstone, with this heading:"Slavery In America Returning To Cornerstone." Wow!

John Hagee, I know you are a so called man of god. But may I tell you something that Mr. McCain should have told you instead of accepting your endorsement? Please go fuck yourself!


rikyrah said...

You know FN,

This is hilarious. And I mean that.

First, with Hillpatine and that Racist Latino lady down in Texas.

And now, Senator Straight Talk being caught up with this guy.

This guy doesn't just have a problem with you put it out there, he has issues with Blacks and Jews.

DAMN, if that's not a trifecta of hate.

But, see, they tried to trip up The O Man with Minister Farrakhan, but, they can't let it slide now with Senator Straight Talk. That would look way too obvious.

I'm just glad Donahoe (who is indeed a nut) is on someone else's case this time..LOL

Let the right deal with him.

Anonymous said...

The problem with people like Dr. Wright is they have no damn respect for tradition. Doesn't he realize how HARD white people have worked to dis-empower black folks? Four or five hundred years of work going up in smoke. Man, what's next? Giving women the right to vote or something?

SouthernGirl2 said...

The racist latino woman in Dallas is just an old ignorant fool! And most likely, Hillary & her people are piling it on that blacks won't/don't support their cause!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

I'm really starting to despise Hillary. I can't stand to even look at her!

the poet Shazza said...

I have seriously held back from talking about Religion in this election. I mean what, you aren't suppose to talk about RACE (which we are) Religion (which we are), Sex (which we just got off of last week) Politics (nuff Said) .. and I am hoping the last BASTION OF TABOO .. WHAT PEOPLE MAKE FOR A LIVING ... Wait? Didn't we just ask Hillary Clinton for her TAX RETURNS?

I am so over the petty BS and the election hasn't even started.

We just popped the bubble on THE NATION OF ISLAM, now the CHRISTIANS vs, THE CATHOLICS?

100 Dollars to the next person who can predict the next POLITICAL DISFUNCTION?

Unknown said...

a happy weekend to you field..

this election race is doing one positive thing...
because of obama.. all the -phobes and the -ists are popping their heads above the parapet to bring him down..
their whereabouts and allegiances are out in the public domain..
i truly wish i had the time and had taken the right degree so that i could make a nice big matrix of the linkages - someone out there must do this...

& your side bar re harry.. yes he did good but it wasn't that long ago he was dressed up as a nazi for his birthday.. he and his peers thought it would be a wheeze.. am sure they still do behind closed doors.. elizabeth 1 did transform slavery into multi national mega business it was.. and their family in modern times changed their surname to windsor because their german name made them unpopular after the ww2.. hmmmn..

he had something to prove to himself.. he has done it.. the british public are loving him (and his family) now..
the troops he left behind should be breathing a sigh of relief that the 'bullet magnet' has gone home..

Anonymous said...

There is another way to look at this issue. It could be that Russert was inadvertently providing cover for Obama by forcing him to distance himself from Farrakhan.

This would make total sense if Russert was notified by Donohue and the catholic league before the debate that they were going after Haggie for his racist comments. In additon to McCain for excepting his endorsement.

Having this knowledge and knowing just how typical HRC is, Russert forced the issue.

Now McCain has to answer for the racist in his own camp...particularly FOX NEWS! and Hillary looks like an asshole for jumping on Barrack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shabazz,
I'll take you up on that... Rick Santorum, one of the most right wing, strident homophobic, misaganistic sobs to ever serve in the Senate, who was summarily dismissed by the people of Pennsylvania in the last election, has accused Obama of supporting "Infanticide." Obama opposed some legislation in ILL whose language was an effort by the anti-abortionists to undermine Roe v Wade. They have tried to do this around the country at the state level for years..... Anyway, Santorum, flat out lied in an editorial commentary in the Philadelphia Inquirer.... accusing him, and him alone of being the Lone Voice to oppose a bill the would protect Infants born alive as a result of very late term abortions.... he said everyone from NARAL, to Hillary to Ted Kennedy supported his version of this bill in the US Senate, but that Obama had opposed "an identical bill" in ILL.... the bill in Ill was NOT identical..... and the Inquirer chose to run that piece of crap unchallenged.... And, Santorum has a regular bi-monthly column in the Inquirer, so I expect more of this kind of crap from him in the future.
It is going to be a bumpy ride folks. Breeaatthhee!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shazza,
Soo sorry... SHAZZA! I am typing before my first cup of coffee.... my so bad!

A.F. said...

Hey Field,

Y'know, when it comes to the right wing nuts, I have a saying that what's going is always worse than I think. Your post demonstrates that once again: I knew about the anti-Catholic rants, etc, but when I read about the *slave sale,* I thought you had to be kidding and looked it up. Once again, much worse than I thought!

Ann Brock said...

Field the media ain't finished with Jeremiah Wright, they are looking right now for something. When they first attack he went on the fake news trying to defend his belief and his church but they picked him apart. The church needs to get ready, get ready because they are coming after them.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem here? Both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible condone slavery; the Old Testament identifies HAM, Africa as perpetual slaves.

Jesus never repudiates slavery, nor racism, nor sexism, nor poverty (The poor you will always have with you" ... Matthew 26:11).

If you want Jesus to return to earth to take yall own home, then YS RA EL must bestored to its Biblical boundaries, and Solomon's Temple must be rebuilt. John Hagee is about getting these things done:

On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, "To your descendants I give this land, from the river[1] of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates--
Genesis 15:18

Anonymous said...

What a world!

field negro said...

What is the problem here? Both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible condone slavery; the Old Testament identifies HAM, Africa as perpetual slaves."

Nsangoma, you kid right?

a.f., glad you looked it up. What you thik I was kidding you? Oh yeah, the mofo also has some ignorant sh** to say about women, gays, hurricane Katrina victims and on and on.

jody, way to call out Slick Rick, and Mr. tax cheat. I agree with you 100%. But you know as well as I do that Brian Tierny, a long time rethuglican hack owns The Philadelphia Inquirer.

anon. 3:12AM, you give Russert too much credit. He was just trying to make his bones by bringing down the "O" man.

"100 Dollars to the next person who can predict the next POLITICAL DISFUNCTION?"

I will take sex for $100 shazza.

field negro said...

And Marci, you are right, I am correcting that side bar now :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

OMG! They (FAKE news) and their ilk, are really going to hand the O with his Rev. They go on and on about how hate Re. Wright is. Like they all go to perfectly integrated-we have overcome churches. How many black folks go to their churches? My bet, not many. And the FAKE news crowd likes it that way. What a bunch of hypocrites.

By the way, LMAO, over your Buckley obit.

Anonymous said...

the more I learn about Fox news and the right, I die a little more inside. This fat bastard has only 16,000 followers, condones slavery, and has the nerve to call Catholicism(which, for all it's problem,is pretty humanitarian and modern compared to Evangelicals and their ilk) a cult(takes a cult to know a cult,eh?). I hope this fat bastard gets stroke when he's chewing on his mourning bacon telling Black and Jew jokes

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is funny. Looks to me like all the candidates, especially Hillary and Obama, are starting a renunciation frenzy. Who can renounce the fastest? Burn witch, burn!

Anyway, have you ever noticed that pratcically all "preachers" and other religion hangers-on are nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma is right that there is plenty of sanctioned slavery in the Bible, of course. Whether he's serious or not that it justifies slavery I couldn't say. However, if I recall correctly, slavery in Hebrew culture was generally a much different thing than what blacks faced in the diaspora. If I recall, Hebrew laws set up something that was time-limited...often seven years if I'm remembering right. And typically, the "slave" was supposed to be treated relatively well in terms of health and well-being. Again, my knowledge on this is a bit rusty, but if accurate, is a far cry from what blacks suffered.

DCBuppie said...

I am just saying, Muslims vote too and they pay freggin taxes.. I think its inappropriate for Russert to even ask Obama to denounce. Obama did what he had to though. But if freaking Bill O'rEily's ass was for OBAMA no one would be asking if he was denouncing that racist ass pricks support.

Donald said...

First of all...Props to you, Field, for the piece on News & Notes w/Farai Chideya. That Bloggers Round Table needs allot more discussion time.
Racialism is a crazy beast. It will make bed fellows out of mortal enemies as it will also destroy relationships that took many years to cultivate.
The "O" man may very well have a chance to ascend to the Pinnacle of world power and be the first Black man to do so since Amasis of Egypt. This possibility is not going to be realized with any ease, as it should not. The Right wing noise machine has much dirt on "Billary" but the "O" man has not been around long enough to garner such criticisms. Hell camp "Billiary" seems to have more attach dogs than the right.
Stay tuned as I surely will, too. How fitting that Texas could be the very state that puts the "O" man ahead for good.

Anonymous said...

thanks field.. the props feel very good after a saturday afternoon's chores...

I am going to look up this Lark lady as i have no clue who she is.. Can I suggest a picture of Katoucha instead today please.. - very short biog - the first African model to make it in that business and who was found dead after being missing for a month in Paris. She spoke out about female genital mutilation after quitting the runway... a beautiful woman who would not be diminished by what happened to her...

now who out there is up for doing the matrix.. am thinking it could be an educational game based twister.. LOL..

Hathor said...

What you said about Drudge should still stand, because we do not know if he jeopardize American Soldiers including black soldiers. I am sure the Taliban does not sort us out.

field negro said...

What you said about Drudge should still stand, because we do not know if he jeopardize American Soldiers including black soldiers."

Hathor, you are right, Drudge is an A-1 asshole who should be called on his bullshit. Can you believe that one stained dress could do so much for one man's career?

Marci, I will check out Katoucha. (Interesting story) That would be Lark Voorhies, and I will continue to blog until I find her.

blackinusa, thanks for the props. And you are right aobut all the scrutiny that will come the "O" mans way.

"I am just saying, Muslims vote too and they pay freggin taxes.. "

No they don't district buppie. Didn't you hear; all Muslims have been exempt from paying taxes until we catch Osama :)

deacon blue, you are right of course, but somehow I don't sense the sarcasm in your comments that i do from nsangoma.

blackstocking, thanks for the kind words. And I love your handle :)

"..I hope this fat bastard gets stroke when he's chewing on his mourning bacon telling Black and Jew jokes"


"Anyway, have you ever noticed that pratcically all "preachers" and other religion hangers-on are nut jobs."

All of them jim except my daddy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Field I guess we can't win. The Sunday worship hour is the most segregated time in America and it is primarily so because white Christians wanted it that way and black folks realized that this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Needless to say, that sheds a negative light on both groups application of the Bible at least it would appear to be so.

But wait there is a way of looking at the Bible dating back to the exodus from Egypt ( I know about the historical problems but work with me here) to the Old Testament prophets who were Gods spokespeople who railed on the Jews/Israel because of their failure to treat their neighbors justly. This was the sin they denounced and not the fundamentalist's foolishness about sexual prefernces. And Jesus followed it up with a message of equality that favored the poor and the oppressed.

The oppressed,? well in the US and other parts of the world that would be us. Dr.Wrights theology is carved from that tradition, which is one of Black Theology made popular by James Cone among others. Cornel West subscribes to a form of it as well.

So now they are saying after we have made the Bible make sense to us that we can't have our own interpretation! Field this is really deep when you think of the nerve of it. But at least they grasp the insinuation and that is that God is not on the side of the rich and the wealthy and the white unless of course they renounce their claim to that crap.

libhom said...

"Keating Five" McCain reminds me of Oscar the Grouch.