Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another beat down.

Poor David didn't have a chance. There he was spray painting a congratulatory message to his newly married buddy and his bride, when two of Philly's finest rolled up on him and gave him a good Philly PD ass whipping. "The two officers began to pummel and kick and beat Mister___" District Attorney Lynn Abrham said. The cops broke his jaw "Rocky" style, handcuffed him, and threw him into the back of their cruiser, searched his pockets and demanded to know if he had any warrants. Fortunately for David he did not. When The officers learned that David was not wanted they turned him loose and told him to get lost. Now let me say this right now; I do not condone spraying graffiti on public or private property. In fact, I deplore that type of behavior, and when it is done appropriate punishment should be given. Key word being appropriate. If what is alleged here is true, this punishment did not fit the crime.

Now I didn't tell you David's last name for a reason. Because if I did tell you that his name is Vernitsky you would have known right away that he isn't black, and you would have wondered right away why I, being the field Negro, should care.

Well you would be wrong. Because I do care. Yes David is white, and one of the officers who allegedly beat his ass was black. And you know what, his black ass should have known better. You just don't go abusing the civil rights of of citizens without there being consequences. A co-worker of mine wanted to know where Rev. Inc. was, why weren't they coming down to Philly to speak out for the abuse that this poor white man suffered at the hands of Philly's finest? Well to be fair to Rev. Inc. this is not their fight. David has the DA of our fair city getting his back just fine thank you very much. If Rev. Inc. has to pick and choose their battles that's fine too. Lord knows there are enough brothers out here getting their asses kicked to keep them busy for a long time. But I can speak out against it. And beating down citizens black or white without just cause is wrong no matter what race the victim happens to be.

To make matters worse in this case, the police officers tried to cover up their despicable deeds. Proof positive that they knew that they did something wrong. Well, the two officers have been suspended with the intent to dismiss, and criminal charges are bring filed against them. Good for the DA, and good for the Commissioner.

"This is a disgrace.." says John McNesby the president of Lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police. Ahhh no it's not John. If the officers did what is being alleged, that is the disgrace. And they are a disgrace to the uniform that they were wearing and to the citizens that they were supposed to be protecting.


Christopher said...

To make matters worse in this case, the police officers tried to cover up their despicable deeds.

I learned my lesson when I posted how surprised I was by the number of people who support and side with the cops.

Personally, I think it's just a regular same that David didn't have a pistol and could put a bullet in the cops who did this to him.

I'm really not a violent person by nature but, violent retaliation seems to be the only thing cops understand. Violence and donuts.

Anonymous said...

There have been plenty of white folks that have had the shit beat out of them here... with no repercussions. In Philly, it has been not a case of black v white .... but blue v all working class and poor folks.
This comes on the heels of the cops that beat those 3 black young men being fired with the intent of charges pending...
Maybe, just maybe, with our new mayor and police chief, there is a change of direction here in Philly....

Maybe... we shall see.

Anonymous said...

There have been plenty of white folks that have had the shit beat out of them here... with no repercussions. In Philly, it has been not a case of black v white .... but blue v all working class and poor folks.
This comes on the heels of the cops that beat those 3 black young men being fired with the intent of charges pending...
Maybe, just maybe, with our new mayor and police chief, there is a change of direction here in Philly....

Maybe... we shall see.

Curious said...

Finally, a police commissioner who has figured out that if the police department respects the public, then the public may learn to respect and even trust the police department.

Kai said...

YOu should care, although he is white, and we should all care. If he was black who knows how far they might have gone?

The problem is, these cops may get fired and many will say "see, the system works."

The additional problem is, if this guy was black many wouldn't believe him and fewer would even care. Indifference is the new racism.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for posting this story, and for calling out the brother that participated.

We have to be willing to stand up for injustice across the board if we want someone to stand in solidarity with us when it's our behinds on the line, in the ringer or whatever.

west coast story said...

you are right. the cops shouldn't be beating the crap out of people who deface property, that should be the exclusive right of the property owner.

Over the weekend, some gang scum sparty painted a newly built and stained fence. Very lovely for this neighbhorhood. The tagging was huge, almost as tall the the 6-foot fence. You know why people who live in marginal neighborhoods don'e keep up their property? Because they can't afford the maintenance from vandalism. After a while, you figure what the hell.

Yes the cops were wrong. They probably would have beat the crap out of anyone for anything. But I ain't cryin' no crocodile tears over David. Bet he won't do that stupid shite again.

Anonymous said...

You getting into the white/black thing raises a really important larger political issue. I have been reading "Nixonland" (awesome fucking book), and all of the shit we see the right-wing pulling today to try to drive wedges into the natural alliances of the 70% of normal non-psychotic citizens of this country they have been doing since the early 1960s: fooling poor blacks and poor whites and poor latinos into all blaming the other for their miseries and convincing the middle-class that it is the poor who are preventing them from further improving their lot in life, rather than all of these people combining political forces against the sick-fuck right-wing oligarchy that benefits from these divisions and is funneling wealth out of all their pockets and upwards to the ultra-rich.

Those cops and the dude they beat the shit out should be natural political allies, regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

Good post brother Field. Somebody already said it. the police are a threat to all of us working class and people of color. Like a friend of mine used to say the cops hit you with that stick to remind you of your place in society.

If anyone is interested, every year on MIami Beach a few hundred thousand primarily black 20 somethings gather to party and club on Memorial Day weekend. And every year they are profiled and treated to stop and frisk measures and over-policing and arrested when they have the audacity to ask police why they are being hassled when they aren't doing anything.

In one instance last Saturday night two young men were standing near a car watching the happenings at a club/bar across the street, when a cop in a swat like outfit asked if it was their car. When neither young man answered because they didn't hear the question. The cop picked on one kid saying, "so you are not going to comprehend." When the young man turned to ask the officer what he was talking about he was promptly turned around and placed in handcuffs. Me and ACLU observor watched as the police arrested this young man literally for nothing. And when his irate friends insisted that he do nothing and police explain their actions, the police began to threaten them with arrest as well. In fact they would have been arrested but one of them noticed that they were being watched.

You all don't hear about this stuff because they are careful not to beat the hell out of anyone. But the harrassment is incredible. And no matter how much we point it out you won't see it on CNN or MSNBC and the local right wing rag the Herald refuses to print the whole truth about what goes on. They just make it seem like the NAACP and the ACLU are just bellyaching. But it is a real travesty what goes on down here every Memorial Day weekend. You would think that black folks had no rights except what police said they had. The constitution is just a peice of paper to these folks. One would swear by their behavior that Miami BEach was a banana republic.

And the fact that the young people don't try to address it in an organized mannner speaks volumes about where there heads are at.

If anyone is interested in reading more you can read my commentary on it at the title is "Miami's Urban Beach week a gathering of Cops"

Anonymous said...

Cops need to learn what their job is.

It sure isn't to prevent crime. There's more than one hundred people per cop. He ain't gonna catch the thief.

Their job is to stop crimes once they're going down, or sometimes afterwards. That and to deal with domestic violence (pity the cop, when both the husband and wife attack him).

Course, In Japan, police mostly just sit around giving directions.

ZACK said...

The only thing new about this is that the victim was white. Police brutality happens, but not without retribution.

About 3 years ago, my 12 year old cousin was bitten in his buttocks by a police dog in a case of mistaken identity. What the officers didn't know was that his mom's uncle was the police chief of a neighboring town.

So, things happens but when we stand up to injustice (using blogs like this one)- that's when change begins to happen. It's not the end but the beginning of a dialogue that we all need to have.

Anonymous said...

Cops, just like *any* other group of people have their problems, but come on... Some of the comments here are a little overboard.

The cops are a threat to working class and poor people? Let's think critically about this for a moment instead of engaging in emotional hyperbole.

When any of you walk out of your house in the morning to go to work, or the grocery store, or to just walk the dog, you should fear that young man across the street, or that group of teenagers playing basketball far more than the cop parked at the donut shop. (Stereotypes are ok as long as you use them to describe people/groups you don't like, right Chris?)

The implication of the attitude that "cops are a threat" is that the net benefit of a police presence is outweighed by the net detriment of their "threateningness." To label them (as a group) as threatening based only on the fact that occasionally a cop(s) *actually is* a threat to individual members of society (who in most cases were breaking the law), is not reasonable. Not when that same "threat" has been working hard, at risk to themselves, and with scant financial compensation, to uphold the civil society in which you live and *benefit* greatly from every day.

It's interesting to me that a group of (pseudo?)intellectuals is so quick to hammer out (in the comfort of your office job/corner starbucks) verbal attacks on the (supposed) enemy of the poor and working class. Wait a second... Last I checked cops *are* a part of the working class (whatever that term means.) To read the posts here one would think the cops (to a man/woman) are personally contracted by Halliburton/Rich White People to patrol the city and harrass the riff-raff.

Meanwhile, if the VERY SAME THREAT to poor people doesn't respond to CRIES OF HELP with appropriate quickness (reference Field's post of a few days ago), they are castigated.

Cops *can be* a threat, and rarely they actually are. But let's reserve some of our vigor when reviling them lest they log in to defend themselves, and thus forget to go about their daily working class job of defending YOU.

And Zack, I obviously don't know the details of your cousin's situation, nor do I know if cops have a command for their dog to bite, but from where I sit in my ignorance of those two factors, your cousins situation doesn't sound like an injustice per se. An unfortunate situation yes, but which of us has never been mistaken about who did what, when?

Anonymous said...

I would hope that there aren't any people out there who think that police brutality is somehow limited to blacks, or that this fact somehow makes police brutality less racist. That would show a woeful misunderstanding of institutional racism, and how it works.

Black people are like the canary in the mineshaft. Institutional racism is symbolized by the entire apparatus necessary to lower the bird into the mine and keep it there. The entire American criminal justice system is the poisonous air in the mine. Well, when the air is poisonous it'll definitely kill the canary first but it won't stop there. Eventually it will kill everybody. This is a lesson grasped by too few black folk, who really oughta know better, and too few of the bigoted--or excuse me--"hard working" whites Senator Clinton so scrupulously courted in WVa and Kentucky.

These "hard working" folk decided long ago that there is no such thing as excessive use of force by the police--at least not where black folk are concerned. It'll be interesting to see if they change there minds as this Frankenstein of government-sanctioned extra-legal violence increasingly turns on them. For example, in the most recent (June 2008) Harpers Magazin." there is a short blurb from a civil suit filed against a sales manager and his firm in Utah. The manager--as a motivational technique--actually had employees hold down the plaintiff while the manager "slowly poured a gallon jug of water over [plantiff's] mouth and nostrils in an exercise more commonly known as waterboarding."

Anonymous said...

Field: A co-worker of mine wanted to know where Rev. Inc. was, why weren't they coming down to Philly to speak out for the abuse that this poor white man suffered at the hands of Philly's finest?

I deplore violence of this sort regardless of the victims or perpetrators.

But one question: where are the white Rev. Inc. when the victims are black and the perpetrators are white?

Where is the comparable white outrage that is seen here when a black is brutally abused?

Show me one white blog/blogger that lambasted those white Philly police officers caught on tape beating those blacks a few weeks back?

I'm sure one is out there, but I'd like to know how many, and the kind of responses that were received.

Anonymous said...

Dmd said...
Cops, just like *any* other group of people have their problems, but come on... Some of the comments here are a little overboard.

Dmd, champion cops all you want, but what we're talking about here are cops who abuse, who use their authority not to "protect and serve," but to correct with verve."

It's not their job to be "judge and jury." When they step over that line, we should call them out--here, and everywhere.

Just so you know: as a law abiding bloke, a situation has to really get out of hand for me to call the cops.

In my experience, they escalate a situation more than they alleviate it.

field negro said...

Okay dmd I hear you.We shouldn't stereotype cops anymore than we do anyone else.But let's be honest,where have I stereotyped cops on this blog? In fact, I have said over and over that I am a law and order type of guy. But come on, police officers have to follow the law like everyone else.

As an officer of the court I cannot tolerate someone breaking the law whether they have a badge on or not.

Anonymous said...

Some police have very pronounced authoritarian personalities (just like Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney). In addition, being police gives them absolute power over people. And I suspect some became police because they can bully people around.

On the other hand, if someone breaks into your house...

Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars at work. A good police chief and training can alleviate this I guess. It will take an end to the drug war to change things permanently.

Anonymous said...

At least Philly does something about their rogue cops. New York City could learn a thing or two!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Two wrongs never = RIGHT. And I bet the black cop gets fired for that beat down. The Blue Wall is not going to protect him like it does his white bretheren.

I've said it once; I'll say it again; we can't do what the whites do and think the standards that apply to them will be equally applied to US.

If brotha man didn't know, he'll get a clue when he gets pink-slipped.

ZACK said...

No disrespect to your blog, Field, but dmd (6:12 p.m) is a FUCKIN' IDIOT.

The officer DID command the dog to bite a TWELVE YEAR OLD wearing a white shirt, and blue jeans, when they were looking for a 25 year old wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

Now, dmd, I'm sorry for not saying that, but I shouldn't have to. If a 12 year old is mistaken about anything, a dog bite is NEVER justified regardless of who is giving the commands.

Field, I'm gonna leave your blog alone for a minute because you draw a lot of assholes. Sorry.
Plus, you never comment on mine anyway, so what's the point?

Anonymous said...

Brother Field and al.. If DMD lives so long, perhaps he will change his mind when they come to him. The commenter that brought attention to the fact that now the police activity (negative) is spilling over to include the whites said a "nugget". Usally when I am stopped I used to be respectful and compliant (old school) now I am so afraid because recently in the last two years the officers that stop me for reasons unknown (maybe it the Black Panther emblem on my rear) always pull the "potential violent Black male" card and call backup police. They come from every direction with guns drawn. This is for, he said, driving 37 in a 25 zone. Both times I feared for my life. The initial officer was Black both times. I think after Amerikka pumped them up after 9-11 and knighted them as "heroes" that status has embolden them to enforce by any means necessary. Out in the jungle, a Black man has no allies. I am more watchful of the police that I am of the gang-banger. At least if I am able to meet force with force (gangbangers) I am able to get home. With the police thats not an option,

Unknown said...

Wow DMD, a group of kids playing basketball?

Anonymous said...

..ah-ha--it's called "persistence of set"...lotsa folks figured the cop must be White & the vic Black...either way, it's just wrong...thanks for the post...Why no Rev, Inc ? Well, no shakedown Money to be had, so why waste time ?

A.F. said...

Zack, I'm glad you shared your story--I learn a lot from comments here. And I didn't like that dmd minimized it that way and added insult to injury by doing so.

field negro said...

This might be a repeat comment(i am on my blackberry and it acts funky sometimes).zack you are right dmd should not minimize your families' pain. Having said that,don't be so sensitive about the blogging thing.One day I will do an entire post about why I don't like to comment on otjer people's blogs.I do lurk alot, and from time to time I feature blogs I like on this site. I also like to go to new sites and encourage the host.

Heartsandflowers don't be so quick to praise us here in Philly. We have some serious issues of our own.


Hey Field Negro!

Thank you for writing about this!

You are right - it doesn't matter whether the victim of police brutality is white or black.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

By the way, when you have a moment, a discussion we are engaged in at my blog requires a brotha's deep analysis and comment: Who's In Charge? The Mantle of Black Leadership" I hope you can oblige...and drop some knowledge in the fields. You are welcome to use some "anonymous" moniker if you'd prefer! *LOL* I doubt you would prefer that however.

Whitney B. said...

I wasn't going to comment on this because I think Field's blog was dead on and there was nothing more to say.

But, then I read DMD's comments and message to Zach.

Well, I've been living here in South Philly, about 2 miles from all the action, for over 2 years. The only "friendly" cop I've met is the one that patrols around here every so often. I have Kentucky plates because my residence is still there, and he's never said a word to me about that.

However, when I go in the Hood or to Central Philly, there are a bunch of rotten cops. They are rude and have no sense of dealing with the public whatsoever! Don't dare try to ask a civil question!

The ones a the Mummer's Parade this year were particularly bad. But, that is situation normal to me; my brotherly love experience with the cops.

I've lived in big and small cities, including Chicago. Now, Chicago used to have some really brutish cops (as everyone knows from 1968 Dem Conv), but they have changed; even the cops in the Hood are nice.

And, my experience on the Lower East Side of NY (where I had my car stolen) was a very good one, from the Latino cop who found me sobbing on the street, to the black and white cops who picked me up in their cruiser, and to all the guys at the station house. Granted, I was a victim, but I don't think the cops here would have been so nice! These guys even went to the deli and got me a sandwich while we filled out paperwork.

I am glad that our new mayor and his police chief are cracking down on the brute out there. Maybe they should have to go through a course with Ms. Manners, though. I wonder how much was covered up when Street was in office? You gotta wonder with all of the press right now.

Not all cops are bad, but my experience here hasn't been pleasant either. I am not disrespectful to the cops, but they sure are to me. Maybe it's 'cause I'm a middle aged white woman.

Don said...

And beating down citizens black or white without just cause is wrong no matter what race the victim happens to be.

I definitely agree with this statement. if we, as civilized people, allow this to be done towards one race or gender, then we allow it to be done towards all human beings.

And that should never be allowed.

Props on the DA stepping up.

Christopher Chambers said...

Still, Field, it's the legions of violent animals and incouciant ho-ish baby mamas who make it so very easy for the cops, for Mr. Charlie. It's as if we are trudhing through life not only enduring whitefolks, but also suffering the sins of thugs et al. It's to the point were in my neighborhood in Maryland it's middle class black folks who are howling hell no re: more Section 8 folk here, and hell yeah when the cops tune up randm herds of teenagers who seem to make a career out of looking/dressing/acting crazy, and burglaring houses after school. I've seen stuff I never thought I'd see--supposedly liberal, even radical Afro centric Howard U sisters roll down their windows and ask young girls if they or their parents have lost their damn minds re: the way the dress and act milling about on the curb.

A lot of these jarheaded cops are idiots, and the police force seems to be the employer of last resort for clowns coming out of the army. However, given the fact that there doesn't seem to be a counterveiling will to clean our own dirty laundry, well, I have horribly mixed emotions about this stuff. My painful ambivalence doesn't end even when chez whitey gets his ass kicked. Or me. They takethe mace to me yeah I'll sue. But part of me will also blame our own fools out there running amok, ruining peace for us all...

Sorry Field, but I suspect there's a silent majority of blackfolks who are with me on this one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:50 p.m.:

I absolutely agree with you - In fact, that was what I was trying to express... Namely that the bad cops are in the minority. But, you won't hear any argument from me that any cop that abuses his authority should be punished, and harshly at that, precisely because of the gravity of his position. It seemed to me that the tenor of the comments here were painting cops in strokes unjustifiably broad, that's all.

Field: I was responding to commentors to you post, not you :) I don't always agree with what you write (nor you me, I'm sure), but you are generally fair and balanced ;) Seriously though, I read this site every day because of that very fact.

Zack (if you're still reading):

I read you initial description to mean that the cops were out looking for suspect X, and ran across your cousin who maybe resembled X's description in some way. In the process of questioning him, the police dog went rogue and bit him. In other words, it read to me to be an event beyond the control of the cops. Which is why I specifically typed out a very precise disclaimer that *I didn't know the specifics of your cousin's situation, OR the dynamics of police/police dog interactions. I thought that that much at least was obvious from what I wrote. Then again you end your comment whining that Field doesn't comment on your blog, so it seems like maybe you're 17 or 18and your immaturity (insofar as reading comprehension goes) is due to age, not lack of intelligence.


I am young(ish). :) And I am losing naivety as I go. Furthermore, our individual experiences will shape our perception of of any given issue. So your experiences with cops have been terrible over the past 5-6 years (maybe bad before that, but even worse now...?), and thus your opinion of the issue is strengthened in certain ways, or been molded. I haven't experienced anything like what you have. And I suppose I am in danger of generalizing from my lack of bad experiences to form a naive opinion. But I would wager some of the commenters here are generalizing too liberally from their individual experiences.


Yeah, a group of teenagers playing basketball. Is it really a surprise to you that statistically you are in more danger from young males, than you are from a cop? Maybe I'm wrong about that (i.e. I don't have any research to back that claim), but do you honestly think that statistically you are in more physical danger from a cop than from a group of random young men? If that is true, there is a MAJOR under-reporting of police brutality, because everytime I turn on the local news (wherever I happen to be) I see 5 stories involving violent crime committed by young men, yet if an incident of police brutality occurs ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY, it's national news. Once again though, I'm not defending bad cops - I am attempting to establish some frame of reference for how common police brutality is when compared to other violence in our communities.


Just because someone shares a story doesn't mean it's relevent. I remember one time my mom was pulled over by cops and in the process caused her to get in a relatively serious accident. If I end the story there it seems like the cops ran her off the road. Actually, another driver hit her AND the cop, just as they were both pulling onto the shoulder of the highway. Context and details matter when the story being told is for the sake of accusing other people.

Whitney B. said...

Jeez dmd,

You're sucking it up, aren't you? You can't back peddle on this one. You make me sick to be white.

Bad cops are NOT in the minority here. Obnoxious and mean, and I am a very nice old white broad.

Perhaps they haven't been to manners training, of which they lack a lot of. Bad sentence, perfect sense!

Anonymous said...


Not trying to backpedal. I would use the word "clarify."

In fact, you do so for me. In attempting to express vehemently your distaste (disgust?) with cops, you refer to them with the terms "obnoxious" and "mean", to quote you directly.

Personally I would love cops to walk around and give out free hugs like the guy in that music video from a few years back. Last I checked, people on here weren't complaining that cops were brusque in their demeanor, or less that pleasant to chat with - rather, cops as a group are being described as violent predators of the poor. I don't even have a problem with that, as long as the clear distinction is made that that is NOT the case for MOST cops.

Let me draw an obvious inference here, using YOUR logic to paint YOU in a bad light:

Step A: In your limited experience with cops, most have been "mean and obnoxious."

Step B: In my limited experience with you, you have been "mean and obnoxious." As such, it seems that "perhaps [you] haven't been to manners training, of which [you] lack a lot of."

Step C: At this point, you = cop; But, we haven't yet controlled for the FACT that we are typing back and forth in complete safety, at our leisure, with NO THREAT WHATSOEVER TO OUR PERSONS (in contrast to the daily threat cops face just doing their job). It would then be intellectually dishonest of either of us to pretend they (the cops) have no justification for being mean or rude sometimes, given that that is a very natural response to stress. Legitimate stress. On the other hand you resort to mean/rude in a situation devoid of any real stress. Thus although it may have initially seemed logical to say you=cops in regards to rudeness, it should now be obvious that your rudeness was triggered far more easily.

By the way, what does "being white" have to do with this at all? Would Chris Chamber's (comment just above) make you sick to be black (if indeed you were)? He seems to imply that he can somewhat understand why a cop might be less than pleasant at times. He doesn't defend it, and neither would I, but he seems to *understand* it. But, no, let's cavalierly throw race into the mix, without regard for the fact that: one, the original post was intended to show that police brutality isn't limited by racial parameters; and two, there are people of all races on both sides od the issue.

Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

While I applaud Field's attempt at even handedness, I must state that there is a statistical overload, if you will, of police brutality concerning Blacks. While it is indeed appalling that this man was beaten, it is an anomaly in this country. More often than not, the white man will get the benefit of the doubt.
As far as there are more good than bad police officers, that holds true for any group. There are more good than bad people if we must use simplistic terms for a very complex issue. I proffer that the issue of police brutality is much more complicated when it is seen in the context of institutionalized racism.

Field, I seldom comment on blogs as well, I prefer to read. When you have an opportunity, check out my blog.I admire what you do. Keep writing.

From the Field,
Black Rose

ZACK said...

Actually I'm 23, and you can come to my blog to find out.

A police dog biting anybody- who is mistaken- IS WRONG. But I do apologize to Field about bringing him into it. But he does draw bad company. In fact, bedlam- a regular commenter on this site- just disrespected me on MY SITE.

It's like if you read this blog, most likely you are a jackass. So, I don't want to be in the company of (MOST) people who frequent this blog. Field doesn't mean to draw racist whites to his blog, but he does. My blog is for people with an open mind and a corny sense of humor. FUCK POLITICS!!!

Anonymous said...

Bad cops, Bad cops, what'chu gonna do when they come for you? Bad cop bad cops...bad cops bad cops...

field negro said...

"...It's like if you read this blog, most likely you are a jackass. So, I don't want to be in the company of (MOST) people who frequent this blog. Field doesn't mean to draw racist whites to his blog, but he does."

Zack, that's not true. The "whites" who frequent this blog strike me as honest people who actually engage in an honest debate when it comes to matters of race. Those are the types of individuals that I am proud to say that I attract to this blog.

Black Rose, thanks for the thoughtful comments. And I will sure nuff check out your site.

Anonymous said...

As Counselor Field alludes to, I am a white dude with some long ties to Phila and to other issues Field addresses that draw me here. I consider myself to be quite aware and sensitive to issues of race.

Social injustice is injustice. Philly cops unfortunately have this reputation going back to before Rizzo was PD chief. But as with all other generalizations, I have had great relationships with some Philly cops - folks who have been shot at, nearly run over, etc. Not to excuse police behavior that goes over the line but these officers are supposed to be professionals who keep their emotions in check while enforcing the law - I cannot even pretend to imagine the ethical conundrum they face daily (hence why am not a cop) but we should really expect better of law enforcement - and, as seen here, so should the commissioners and other leaders.

Mo said...

i think this is an impt thing to note - the fact that one of the officers was black that participated in the beating. it goes beyond the "white racist officer" belief. yes, there are people of color in blue who would readily stick a night club up ur ass if you looked at them wrong. and yes, they do beat up ppl other than black folks. now....don't you think if we, the ppl being abused, all came together & supported one another we'd be able to stop this shit?

if black james & white paul are both getting their ass beat on the regular by the police, shouldn't they join forces & fight back (despite color) seeing as though they have a common enemy?

Mo said...

dmd, you said "but do you honestly think that statistically you are in more physical danger from a cop than from a group of random young men? If that is true, there is a MAJOR under-reporting of police brutality"

Maybe your lack of experience is what motivates your irritating as it is, you are entitled to it.

But just based on my personal experience (being harassed by cops on my way home from my all girls catholic high school while in my uniform for no reason -- and yes, really no reason at all, i was homebody with a strict mother who didn't mess), based on the experiences of people close to me (including my best friend who once had a police officer point a shot gun at her chest & ask her if she wanted to become the next Sean Bell just because she tried to help a friend who had been beaten up and was lying on the ground), based on the experiences of co workers I've worked with (including one black male who had an officer shove a gun in his mouth and threatened to pull the trigger), based on the experiences of the teenagers I work with in afterschool programs (where one kid was slammed up against a wall as the officer held the gun against his face and dared him to say something so that he could use it) -- I'd have to say its not unreasonable to find more solace in walking past a group of random young boys than those "fine" men in blue.

And you know what, underreporting is not such a far fetched idea. There does exist the dark figure of crime...and the way cops seem to be getting off on cases of clear injustice, why even bother coming forward? Chances are you'll be the one put on trial even if you are the victim.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure a big part of what informs my response was my own experiences (and those of the people I have known, in the city I grew up in). The same can be said for your reasons for believing what what you believe about the cops (at least to a similar degree as mine.) I've had numerous friends jumped by a group of young men, or threatened by them. I still feel relatively safe when I see a few guys out and about, because I still recognize that the majority are just regular guys like me.

And of course there is under-reporting. But I don't believe under-reporting can completely explain the disparity between violence committed by young men and that committed by cops. That is my point - not that there is no under-reporting at all.

Chari said...

Well dang.

Professor Zero said...

Well, police do not make me feel safe
and I am in the demographic they are 'supposed' to make feel safe. So there. They were quite good when I was actually a crime victim but note: the perp was also in my demographic.
I am not pleased with their general marauding, which is what a lot of them seem to spend their time doing.

Anonymous said...

I have read mostly all of these comments and I have yet to see if anyone believed that this David fellow was lying and seen dollar signs....
I am not writing about speculations, but as facts!
I personally know one of the officers and I can tell ya that you would want both of these guys in your town/city, they are highly reputable and are credited for taking alot of guns and drugs off the streets. There is nothing racist/political/or dishonest about these officers, and I would like to ask if you guys wont look at the news for "facts" when they only have the basics of this complaint against them. These guys are in there job for the old fashion reasons of making the streets safer. I have seen my share of 6 year olds being placed in harms way and based on what I seen on most places dissing these guys that they should look the other way and let society take care of this innocent child.
I have also had my pants almost ripped off by a pleading mother on her knees begging for me to help her son while he layed there in a pool of blood, dead with a gunshot to his head, wanting to help her knowing there was nothing I can do but to try to find who done that to her son and provide some sort of closure.
Yes I am a cop!
Yes I respect peoples opinion regardless!
Yes I want to help and make our streets safer!
We see alot of the worst in people and at times the best.
Would you rather these guys look the other way while this idiot was spray painting on your wall that you worked so hard to obtain and keep maintained, and NO this "beating" never happened as alledged,
and No Im not trying to make any types of excuses for these officers or justifications, also if you ask... Yes ... if the complaint was accurate and correct then these officers should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but its not!

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Anonymous said...


Like NY LA Miami et/al should we be surprised?
Field like we bothare aware often good police will go along with behaviour like this just to get along saying nothing until much later And GFB they are Afrikans smh! 'There is no excuse.