Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary, it might be time for that Q word.

Hillary this was not a good time for your little Bobby Kennedy reference. I mean honestly, WTF were you thinking? Even if we take your word that you were merely making a historical reference, for you to do that almost 40 years to the day after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated was incredibly stupid. And I know I said I would vote for you over McCain if you got the dumbocratic nomination, but now......I don't know. You are either incredibly naive and stupid, or you are incredibly insensitive. Believe me, none of the above choices are any good.

Just days after Mike Huckabee's bad joke at an NRA gathering, and when pictures like the one I am showing with this post are popping up on the front page of Southern Newspapers; do you really think it was wise to even talk about someone who was assassinated while running for President of these divided states? Quite a few people believe you were making a reference to the "O" man Hillary, and that you were really saying that you should stay in the race, because like Kennedy, or King, he [Obama] could be shot. That's what folks are thinking, and quite frankly, how can you blame them for thinking that way? Quite a few black folks do not believe that A-merry-ca will allow the "O" man to go all the way. We are hoping for the better, but we are expecting the worse. We remember 1968 just like you do. You didn't have to remind us.

I caught your apology while you were standing in that grocery store in the middle of nowhere, and I like the fact that you were wearing black. I think it was appropriate. I think most people believe that we were looking at your political funeral, so the black outfit really set the tone. All that was missing was the coffin and the flowers. You are hoping for the "O" man to slip up in a major way to open the door for you. But you are the one slipping up, and your political career is going down the tubes with every stump speech and interview that you and your husband give.

Hillary, I watched your little slip of the tongue over and over, and I still can't tell what you really meant by your comments. But that, in a nutshell, is your problem. I can't believe you, and I don't even dislike you that much.


Anonymous said...

First post!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

How weird I was just coming to see if you had heard about this. My siblings are still in politics and my sister just emailed me about HRC's comments. I couldn't sleep (it's 3 a.m.) thanks to the drunk American students yelling on my street. I decided to check my emails. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to channel my anger about this.

This is the second time she has mentioned Barack and that word. She is not misspeaking.

Were I not in Italy (long distance calls are crazy expensive) I would be calling former colleagues right now to ask them why didn't the DNC stop this earlier behind the scenes? Do the Clintons have photos of Dean or something? Now if they do something HRC's supporters will say the sexist powers that be are blocking Hillary. I really think this would not be tolerated by the RNC. Remember how quickly the McCain/Bush drama was squashed eight years ago?

I heard Keith at MSNBC is going off on her already. I hope the MSM talks about this as much as they talked about Barack's bitter statement.

On the Huffington Post someone listed email addresses for Donna Brazil and others on the board of the DNC. We need to tell them to work this out before Denver. I am beyond done with HRC. At this point what was to be gained by these comments? Why did she say them at the same time Bill Clinton is pushing her for VP? Maybe Harold Ickes should be fired. He is giving her terrible advice.

Ted Kennedy should tell her where to go. I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

She has lost her mind.
Here is the link to the DNC contact on the national website. I just sent a respectful, but firm letter demanding that they put an end to her candidacy. I encourage others to do the same.

Kellybelle said...

She's sick. I was watching Keith Olberman, who pointed out that she's said this before, but was carefully about using the "A" word. Yet, for some reason, she let it rip this time.

I believe she knows exactly what she's doing. She has a history of tossing topics most folks wd keep to themselves into the conversation then stepping back like she didn't know it would cause such a fuss.

Even if you look at this "in context," the two years she referrences don't support her argument for staying in. So why'd she say it? Especially since she thought she was gonna wrap this thing up in March.

And at a time when the Kennedys are dealing with their own personal tragedy. She's just too too much.

field negro said...

Wow, I think we are getting popular folks; first posters are actually bragging about it....

On a serioius note, jody, I think you are righ, Hillary might just be losing her mind. How else do you explain those comments?

nyc/caribbean...,you are in Italy?. Could you send me some cheese please? I kid. But way to stay on top of things. Yes, it's getting ugly here in A-merry-ca. Mr. Morton has denounced his pastors now too.

Christopher said...

I think her entire political career is likely over now.

Nevermind her bid to be the 44th president (it ain't going to happen) but by suggesting she's sticking around in hopes Barack is assassinated and thus she will be elevated to front runner status, suggests to me that she's mentally and emotionally unbalanced.

Hillary Clinton does not belong in the White House and I would argue, doesn't belong in the U.S. Senate either.

Anonymous said...

This is what she has felt from the jump, hoping he would be killed and she would get the nomination. Just when you didn't think this petty, uncouth woman could not put her hoof in her mouth again, she comes out with some of the most heinous comments of any politician in years.

To the curb you shrew, bitter woman.

Anonymous said...

If, God for bid, SBO were assassinated Hill would not become the Dem's nominee - she'd be a suspect!

Unknown said...

Why am I not surprised? Seriously, I am amazed at all those disappointed in Hillary.

People really did have faith in this woman and expected too much out of her. Her pettyness has been a constant from the White House days to the nature of their departure. It only takes her saying the obvious that it sinks in for people? Unbelieveable.

field negro said...

"If, God for bid, SBO were assassinated Hill would not become the Dem's nominee - she'd be a suspect!"

Okay now that's some funny shit! :)

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Olbermann layeth the smacketh down, Field.

Now it's time to commit homegirl to the nearest insane asylum. She hasn't bothered to apologize to the Kennedys or the Obamas.

RFK, Jr., trying to prop her up and failing - if Big Ted comes out with a comment, but he won't; the Kennedys are classy like that.

Now, New Yorkers need to do their part and recall her butt from that Senate seat that used to belong to Bobby Kennedy, and she and the Big Dog can retire and make mega millions pontificating for sport and profit.

Anonymous said...

Hillary should be rubbing her face from what Keith Olbermann did to her in his commentary. Anyway, my friends and I reached the conclusion that she had lost her mind last month. Hillary is at the "I don't give a shit" point. Which means anyone in her way, better be in fight or flight mode. Its a damn shame...but that bitch is psycho.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Can anyone say "INTERVENTION"?

Unknown said...

HRC is unfit to sit in Bobby's chair in the Senate.

And that ridiculous Dan Abrams can stop asking every guest on his show if Hillary Clinton deserves the VP nod. Her career, such as it was, is over. Let's hope there is a job i her husband's foundation she can move into when her Senate term is over.

Anonymous said...

nyc/caribbean ragazza , Can't you call overseas online? I've used Vontage in the US. Surely they have something like there.

As far as Hillary goes, I think she's frustrated. She has gone from being a lock for the nominee to a footnote. The Clinton's have only lost one political race and Bill blamed that on the pres at the time, Jimmy Carter. Still doesn't excuse that tacky comment though. You'd think she would try to lose gracefully at this point in game.

Anonymous said...

that bitch is stark crazy! seriously! Man, Olbermann special comment on MSNBC did it justice!

Admiral Komack said...

This is my email to the DNC:

This is addressed to Howard Dean.


I am sure you have heard and seen reports of Senator Hillary Clinton's remarks concerning her staying in the Democratic Presidential race and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

I am curious.

What does it take to bring this sorry spectacle to an end?

The dog-whistling and race-baiting by the Hillary Clinton campaign didn't do it.

Maybe her discussing the assassination of Barack Obama will be enough to start the endgame.

The sitting on the sidelines is over.

It is time to end this.

Thank you for your time in reading these comments.

Anonymous said...

This is the DNC's litmus test. Either Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Harry Reid step in and decide this race, or they will be known as the Neville Chamberlains of American politics.

Anonymous said...

This was no mistake, no slip of the tongue. This was intentional. This was one more absurd example of Clintonball where she will and does say anything she can to sabotage Obama and her own party;s chances in the Fall.

The Clinton's are a cancer at this point. They must be surgically removed from the campaign. Time for Pelosi, Reid and Dean to step up and weild the scalpels.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Hillary didn't put up with Bill's stank for nothing...she wants to get paid...Give me the presidency, damn it!!!!! She has not only gone out on a limb, but she has jump off the tree!

Basically she's lost it, in more ways that one.

She's having a Three Mile Island/Chernobyl, meltdown!

ThePoliticalCat said...

She's doing that Reagan thing: say something outrageously offensive so it seeps into the national consciousness, then backpedal, but the meme is already out there and the next time it is said it won't seem so offensive.

I'm sorry for being so paranoid but I can't help wondering if it's code to one of her "demographic" &mdash you know, those "working, hardworking, white Americans" &mdash to pick up a gun and have at it. I mean, there's no shortage of crazy-ass racists in this nation, right?

Anonymous said...

She's not crazy and she's not stupid. She's calculating, intelligent and has learned to fight dirty and it's always worked for her. Hell, it's working for her now, isn't it? She's still in, she's found enough people who truly are drinking the koolaid, she's got millions of folks with their drawers in a twist and she's going to leverage the fuck out of it.

Not crazy. Not stupid. Not quitting.

The superdelegates don't enough balls among them to outbrass hers so just hunker down, make phone calls for Obama if you can, write to the DNC, MAKE YOURSELF HEARD to the people who mightjustmaybe get enough collective courage up to put a stop to this shit.

Anonymous said...

And its interesting that she made this comment on a Friday afternoon....Hillary has the ethics of a snake.

Anonymous said...

Satan's Spawn knows exactly what she's doing, she's calling one of her Believers to kill Obama. She must have took a page for the NOI's playbook when they created a climate for some wackos to kill Malcolm X.

The is the sickest thing I've ever heard and to think I once had mad respect for this woman.

Anonymous said...

Err. I thought the Nation of Islam killed Malcom X, who I respect a lot. Hillary really screwed up this time but that doesn't mean there's a conspiracy.

wmd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wmd said...

Shouldn't it be mentioned the connection between assassination talk and lynching? The country has a long history of violently reacting to black people attempting something that white folks think belongs to them. Whether it is living in "their" towns across the Midwest or running for the presidency.

A.F. said...

People who have committed much less heinous acts than she have resigned their posts entirely. She should do the same.

The governor of New York resigned his post for paying a prostitute? Who was his victim? Compare that to HRC's list of outrages and her saying, at the very least, "You beat me? Well I hope you die! In fact, I'll covertly suggest that you do" (multiple times!) She's beyond unfit for the presidency. I wouldn't even let her wash my damn car for free.

Brown Man said...


You're a lawyer. My best buddy is a lawyer. Shit, my SO is a lawyer. And if there's one thing I know about even half assed lawyers, they are much, much more cognizant of the importance of what comes out of their mouths than the average citizen.

The thing that pisses me off more than what she said is the way the news pundits - AKA "the people who interpret the news for those too dumb to think for themselves" - gloss over this shit, paraphrasing the Clinton spin doctors in order to soothe the masses.

I watched the tape. There was no dependent clause after "and you know, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June" to modify the declaration that segment made.

I don't even want to put this on white women in general. Its like, "come on, bitch, don't try to PLAY me with that throwaway sound bite shit."

I couldn't even see Baghdad Bob saying the kind of shit she does with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is laying down some real subliminal Manchurian-type wacked-out shit! I personally had enough with the "hard working white americans" comment but this by far is the most bizarre comment to come out of this bitch's mouth.

I've read at many of the pro-Hillary blogs that this is being overblown and that we should recognize the context of what she is saying, but most intelligent folks can see the "sub-context" of what her poorly stated comment really means: I'm staying because there is the possibility that something really could change the inevitable outcome of the assassination!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hillary not only needs to quit the race, she needs to resign from her Senate seat, and check into the nearest mental hospital. I keep telling folks that Hillary is emotionally unstable. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouths speaks." Make no mistake, Hillary meant every word she said. Her apologies are empty, worthless, and meaningless. Her claims that it was a misstatement over and over again is not a misstatement, it was done on purpose. Let's sit back see if msm and the DNC are going to let her get away with it, or push her off the stage. The verdict from them will tell the story.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It's a conspiracy in the making. Huckabee mentioning a gun aimed at Obama's head, the White Fright front cover, Hal Turner, and Hillary. Sounds like folks have gotten together behind closed doors making plans. I hope I'm wrong, but... This is getting to be a little bit too much.

Anonymous said...

Ode to the Borg Queen

Go away hillary
You tell too many lies
Go away hillary
Before I put out my eye
Go away hillary
We’re tired of your fake cries
Don’t try to be
The avenging valkyrie
And save all woman-kind
From lack of chivalry
But you are no hero
When you are the one
Committing the crimes
Causing confusion and plotting demise
We know you love the spotlight
But now it’s time to go home

Anonymous said...

Today, I prayed for war-weary Iraqis and our brave soldiers. Tomorrow, I will pray for Senator Clinton-- that she find a way to leave this campaign with some semblance of dignity.
And, field, let Mrs. field and her sister know that we'll be thinking of Joseph and family this Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

I had to log on here earlier today when I first heard about this. I was like "I wonder what The Field Negro has to say about THIS bullsh*t right here!"

Seriously...I don't think she MEANT to actually say that out loud, but she let it out since she's desparate right about now. I hope she takes the high road and removes herself from the race.

Oh yeah...Keith Olbermann got in her ass during his show!!! LOL

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

spork - I forgot about skype. Interesting HRC did this during a holiday weekend. Are shows like MEET THE PRESS on this Sunday? Most people are on vacation. Will this fly under the radar?

Yes Field I quit my job and moved to Rome last month. Amerryca (and esp. Hollywood were I worked for the last 10 years) got to be too stressful for this SBF. I love St. Martin and Anguilla (where my family lives) but can't really work from there. At some point hope to split my time between Rome and the Caribbean.


Hello there!

Hillary has just turned her exit strategy into a huge, humiliating episode. It can not sink any lower!

I put Keith Olbermann's 10 minute Hillary rant on my blog. He was red-faced with fury.

I think we can all just agree that Hillary is now officially KAPUT! She's lost her currency after this horrific blunder...the Kennedys are deeply loved by white America...she will not be able to recover from this one...

Oh well. We all knew she had lost this nomination a month ago.

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

Anonymous said...

Relax, folks. This is Hillary's graceful exit from the race.

Hell, she has a reputation to uphold.

Bob said...

Field, you're so right about us not needing to be reminded. Tne most dangerous job in America is building coalitions across color & ethnic & regional & generational lines where ordinary people recognize their self-interest begins in unity. That's why so few even try to do it on a large scale.

Unknown said...

WOW the 'subconscious' has a way of exposing our real selves!
Now I am sitting here staring at my bookcase and there is a copy of 'MY LIFE' by BC. I did not finish reading it because I simply lost interest some place in the middle. I am thinking recycle bin[must save the planet] first thing tomorrow morning. I am so done with this people.
You know the superdelegates can end this madness tomorrow ! if they really wanted to.

Christopher said...

As one of my longtime readers pointed out, the Borg Queen owes apologies to the following:

1. Barack Obama
2. Michelle Obama
3. Barack & Michelle’s children
4. Ethel Kennedy
5. Robert & Ethel Kennedy’s children
6. Howard Dean
7. 304 million Americans
8. Her 12 donors

Then, she needs to depart stage left and don't return.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Field, I knew you couldn't let this one go!

I used to think that Hill was such a clever lawyer that she wouldn't say anything that wasn't carefully considered and calibrated. For instance, her remark about O not being a Muslim "as far as I know." Wow, she really slid the shiv in with that one!

Lately, though, I think she's losing it and she's just put her Id in the driver's seat. The remark about "hard-working white people?" Politicians just don't say stuff like that anymore!

Now this. I personally don't think Hillary has anything to apologize for. We should instead all be grateful that finally here is a politician that says what she really thinks, that puts her subconscious on display for all to see in all of its deranged, baroque glory.

tenacitus said...

When I heard this yesterday I could not believe it was true so I watched the clip. What I got from it was that she meant that the primary race was still going on in June. I don't think she wanted anyone to die. That being said it was very stupid of hr to say that, apart from being wrong about primary length that year.

The only major misstep Obama has made is calling folks bitter. I think this is just another thing showing that she keeps saying things that make her look, bad such being sniped at in Bosnia, her voters are the hard working whites and now this. I expected someone who worked at the Rose law firm, graduated from Harvard, to be a much better at making a point without putting a turd covered foot in her mouth. No wonder her campaign has been so bad, a less prominent politician would have been done since February. Then again she was foolish enough to be pro Iraq invasion and is pro Iran invasion too even after seeing how well Bush handled Iraq.

About the assassination thing some of her crazy supporters are saying shit like "the serbs did want to kill her", "she was thinking that she will be assassinated like RFK", "its' Obama fault", or that its' the media being out to get her.

Personally I think that the apology was worse than the initial comment. Why did she have to pull one of those "I'm sorry you are offended" fauxpologies and then say I am honoured to be in RFK's old seat has the potential to make this shit worse.

Anonymous said...

Its one thing wanting to win but winning that way is horrible. Assassination of any government person really harms our nation.

I can't believe she mentioned that especially since I think many Obama supporters are afraid he might get assassinated by racists.

I hope Hillary goes away after this loss.

kid said...

Hey field,

There's also that poster from DKos of Michelle Obama being attacked from the Klan. I don't think the people at Kos did that.I seriously think Oreilly sent a mole. Most of Sen.Obama's Ef'ups are caught and reported by LIBERAL PUBLICATIONS. Then you had ABC news doing Fox's job of high tech lynching Sen.Obama. We have to reclaim the media one channel at a time starting with Fox.

classysbf said...

Here are links to the DNC. Tell them that Sen.Clinton needs to resign from the campaign NOW. I did:

The Roving Reporter said...

I still don't understand the point she was trying to make.

It was an awkward time to make any Kennedy reference, due to Sen. Kennedy's diagnosis with a brain tumor.

field negro said...

Okay, everyone commenting here made some damn good points. I keep trying to figure out what Hillary REALLY meant. Was it a dog whislte moment for some of her psycho supporters? Or did she just make a bad statement because she was tired. She is a lawyer (Yale law I think) and supposedly a damn good one, so how could she be that dumb?

Still, I have been reading some of the pro Hillary blogs, and they all say it was just a minor slip of the tongue, and was no big deal.....amazing! No big deal?

I swear I wish some folks would post here and defend her with that position. I honestly would listen to and try to understand that point of view.

Problem is, you folks in the fields are notorious for smacking down people, so they might be a bit intimidated.

"I love St. Martin and Anguilla (where my family lives) but can't really work from there. At some point hope to split my time between Rome and the Caribbean."

I love Jamaica (where my family lives) and I can't split my time. Even though I am sooo much closer. Good luck with that and with your new endevour.

heartsandflowers, I love the poem, ad.komack I loved the letter. If only you guys had a larger audience, maybe Hillary would see it and get the message :)

field negro said...

BTW, I see RFK Jr. is trying to give Hillary some cover, (classy move on his part) but I don't think it will work. There is just too much shit going on here on too many levels.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, this is more a testament to the flaccidity of the DNC and Howard Dean than an indictment of this country or Hillary. They could end this crap conference and a knife! In the meantime McCain sails on--I excerpt the interview in Essence...YES my blog.

Is there anyone in Congress or anywhere in the universe--hell, maybe even Bill--who can stop this?

Mr. Morton will be our next President, Field. Hillary has poisoned the well and the Democrats have proven yet again that they lack the will to govern. I include Barack there. If you believe in something and you have the mind to carry it through, you also should be so pre-occupied with image and personal style that you don't DEMAND that this mess end. Again, he shows he is a lightweight whilst Mr. Morton comes off as a wise granddad with a mean streak.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the end of the Clinton era! Thank you Hillary for putting that last nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

RFK Jr. is sucking up to Hillary because if she's elected President, she vacates her Senate seat. The same Senate seat RFK Sr. held.

The same one RFK Jr. wants.

Well, she wont be elected President but if she continues cracking up, RFK Jr. may not have long to wait to get his dad's Senate seat.

Anonymous said...

There is a better and more productive way to handle the outrage I think most of us feel. Not only from Mrs. Clinton's latest Freudian slip but from her misguided and selfish efforts that could very well get the most unelectable Republican elected.

John Dean

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

As Jody suggested, e-mail each of these people and tell them what you really think. And tell them if they allow this madness and this mad woman to continue and allow Mrs. Clinton to drag Mr. Obama and the party down with her, that you will not support ($$$) the democratic party and to hell with the whole sorry lot of them.

The only thing politicians understand is votes and money.

Finally, while I do not disagree with those who call Mrs. Clinton a bitch, using terms such as these cheapens the good arguments and points I am reading here. We need to be better people than Mrs. Clinton and her campaign and rise above name calling. (IMHO which never is.)

Christopher said...

I swear I wish some folks would post here and defend her with that position. I honestly would listen to and try to understand that point of view.


You're a good guy: compassionate, smart, empathetic and kind. I understand how, at an intellectual level, you have a desire to understand the Hillbots but let me save you the bother.

They've been brainwashed.

Hillary Clinton has duped them by her display of a type of messianic feminism, her lies, and her multiple personalities that allow her to become someone different whenever the occasion calls for it.

One week she's the "behind the cabin with her grandpappy shooting ducks country girl," next week she's the brave warrior "dodging bullets in Bosnia," the next week she's the sensitive, weeping mother concerned about America's children and then followed by the "Hillary the Savior" figure who America (mostly men) is trying to crucify.

Hillary Clinton is the female version of Charles Manson. Hillary thinks the the American people are stupid. Every time the media and the Hillbots cut her more slack and give her the benefit of the doubt, she grows stronger and more arrogant, while the Hillbots become weaker and more convinced that only Hillary can save them.

You see it in Hillary Clinton's use of special signs and signals and 'key phrases' like saying the media is "sexist" or if you question her omnipotence you're labeled a "misogynist." The Hillbots act as if they share a collective brain. They have no separate identity. It's as if Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme was cloned a million-fold.

Anonymous said...

My bad. Dean's link is an old one and my message got bounced. :-o

Anonymous said...

I have to say hooray for Keith Olberman for his commentary last night on his show. I have no idea what Clinton was thinking when she mad that remark. Is she hoping that an assassination to occur to her give an opportunity to become the nominee? However, she implied it none the less perhaps intentionally or not. No one wants to be reminded that Obama is at risk, but I guest the never occurred to her that the same thing could happen to her as well. That thought doesn't occur to anyone because no ever imagine that a woman can not be assassinated in this country, and if she was lesbian, the risk is even higher of getting assassinated. There is more than one of way looking at it.

I know that are people out there who are willing to go after Obama because of his race, and Field you are right, we did not need to be reminded.

Anonymous said...

A woman must receive instruction silently and under complete control.
I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet.
For Adam was formed first, then Eve.
Further, Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and transgressed
1 Tim. 2:11-14

Before we'll let a woman lead the country, we will let a Negroe do it!!

rikyrah said...

She never apologized to Obama. NEVER DID.

She is evil. Period.

GoldenAh said...

Billary is exercising old white woman privilege. Why is anyone surprised?

They've been with us since they crawled into the White House. They aren't going anywhere.

Billary can say whatever they want. Supporters will defend any comment. "Misspoke" worked last time.

Glad I'm not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

please... Hillary lost me when I met with her (and about 40 other women representing various womens groups) and she proceeded to tell us that she had seen the evidence of weapons of mass destruction, that she had no problem with going against the prevailing concerns of the rest of the world, and that she was right and we were wrong. Five years later, 100s of thousands dead, a country destroyed, and she STILL cant admit she was wrong.
She has shown poor judgement when it mattered most. period.
As a woman, as someone who is supposed to be her "natural constituent" I am hear to tell you it doesnt have a damn thing to do with her being a woman. It is that it is THIS woman.
It makes me sick, as someone who would very much like to see a woman as the leader of this country, that this woman was offered up. I am judging by the content of her character... not her gender.

baatin. said...

this was no slip, field. you are an attorney, so you'll understand when i say that she was seeding this idea into the public out there. if her whole campaign hasn't indicated this by now, she's a really shitty politician. hillary has compromised whatever clout she thought she would hold through dragging this thing along. go back to hell, you crazy bat!

Anonymous said...

Your last line is funny, but wrong, Nsangoma...I think overall many people in the country would rather have a woman's just that Hillary ain't right.

But as for your quote there from 1st Timothy...

11 A woman must receive instruction silently and under complete control.
12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet.

Paul was speaking of spiritual doctrine and leadership of the church, not leadership in general. Of course, given the time and place, I'm sure Paul wouldn't have been too keen on women being in charge of much of anything, but I've never claimed there wasn't sexism in the church

For Adam was formed first, then Eve.
Valid point on Paul's part. God likes hierarchies, and for whatever reason, he placed men slightly higher in terms of spiritual leadership

Further, Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and transgressed.
Well, sure, Adam wasn't deceived, but that's b/c Satan decided to work through Eve...Adam was a spineless punk for doubting God. Ergo, it's not Eve's fault but Adam's, as he was set as the steward of the planet. Again, Paul has a sexist streak; I won't deny that.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a diary on kos about how the bitch has issued a fatwah on Obama - yes I chose that word specifically!

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised?

I'm not sure if she's crazy, overly ambitious, or if all of those conspiracy theories about her and Bill are true, but at this point it doesn't even matter. I'm just looking forward to working hard against her Senate campaign up here in New York.

Because one thing I can't stand is someone who effs up and doesn't know how to apologize.

Woozie said...

Damn. I feel like I'm gonna get lost in the gaping maw of these comments, but...

She was saying 'anything could happen, so why quit' with the Bobby remark. I don't buy that it was a slip of the tongue because she went out of her way, for lack of a better term, to mention that he was assassinated in June. It was gross insensitivity.

She's just trying to validate herself, more of the same.

Christopher said...

It is remarkable.

Even after the Borg Queen invoked the assassination of Barack Obama, Hillbot loyalists all over the blogosphere continue to defend their Queen against the attacks of men, the media, Obama supporters, Arianna Huffington, yours truly, Peggy Noonan, etc.

I suppose if Hillary jabbed a knife into Barack's chest -- severing his aorta, Hillary's Harpies would jump to her defense and say she was "exhausted" or was suffering from "low blood sugar."

I've never seen anything quite like the blind loyalty the Hillbots have for her.

Anonymous said...

Okay. . . . I'm defending Hillary . . .
Hillary did not mean this incredibly volatile slip that
emanated from her mouth. She is a thoughtful Democrat who has spent her life in the service of this country. She has only deemed to do what she thought best for the good of the electorate.

After months of campaigning, travel and worry about the country, the war and lastly Senator Kennedy she committed a terrible faux pas.

Well---even though she built her statement around staying in the race on a lie---er, I mean, even though she'd been dropping this same story for months about Bobby Kennedy being assassinated--
in June-- as proof that she should stay in the race---I mean even though months ago she said she was staying in the race because there might be a, Obama debacle---ummm, Obama ---I mean, even though she hates Barack's soul and would probably . . . .

Oh hell! Who could defend this crazy assed woman?!

I tried for you Field---but no matter what kind of ridiculous spin any supporter of Hillary brings to the table; Hillhound has done and said some truly despicable things so this does not surprise . . . .

Anonymous said...

From Blacks4Barack...ACTION TIME !!!!!!!!!
Demand To DNC: Kick Hillary Out NOW !
Insinuates That Obama Could Be ASSASSINATED !

Now, things have gone way too far. Yesterday, in an appearance in South Dakota, Hillary Clinton justified her reason for staying in the campaign by referring to the fact that presidential hopeful 'Robert Kennedy was assasinated in June'...implying that the same could occur to Senator Obama. THIS IS SICK !!! Regardless of how the pundits try to spin this as just another misspeak, the statement speaks for itself and displays the diobolical mentality of Hillary Clinton.

It is unclear as to whether she is actually hoping that Obama would be killed, therefore giving her an open path to the Democratic nomination, or if she may be signaling her desire to some sick, warp minded homicidal maniac. Whichever be the case, her statement is automatic grounds for the Democratic National Committee headed by Howard Dean to demand that she remove herself from the race. If he does not, American Democrats should demand HIS stepping down !

This can not be tolerated!!! Regardless of who you are a supporter of, Hillary, Obama or McCain, ANYONE who would wish the death of another human being in order to win a political position is sick, dangerous, maniacal, deranged and totally mentally and morally unfit for any political position, particularly President or V.P. of the United States.

CALL DNC: 202-863-8000


A Multi-Racial, Grassroots Org....Dedicated To Truth !

Anonymous said...

please... Hillary lost me when I met with her (and about 40 other women representing various womens groups) and she proceeded to tell us that she had seen the evidence of weapons of mass destruction,
jody said...5:34 PM

Hillary has a significant Jewish constituency there in the NY State. She had to vote the way she did, or be prepared lose future senatorial elections.

I noticed that yah boi was in Florida this week, kowtowing to guess who?

He, Obama, even said that he was inspired by the Zionists.

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Florida and HE voted against. And like I said... this was the most important vote she could cast and she was wrong. And, unlike others who later have admitted and publicly said they regretted that vote.. she STILL wont.
It is exactly in those moments when difficult decisions have to be made, my "boi" spoke against the war. Not just now, but back then... where his judgement trumped hers.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, ain't lyin...I've been on some pro-hillary sites today Its incredible. Its absolutely scary..I mean hair-raising, heart palpitations, scary. Seriously, it SOOOOOO is.

Anonymous said...

This comment from HRC was a blatant form of arrogance and she is imploding. I think that she meant exactly what she meant, she is sending out coded messages to her supporters. She is hoping against hope that she wins the nomination, that she thinks she is entitled to. She will fall on her own face she will be her own worst nemesis. She has evoked racism in this country. She resurrected racism in this country and has used it to fuel her campaign in wins in Kentucky and West Virgina.

Long time the Senator from Illinois .

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Field,

How do I get my picture in the comment section?

andyfrombrooklyn said...

dear field, my take is that she was making her talking point about late running primaries again. she had made it multiple times prior to friday already. the place where the statement goes off the rails is with the chosen example. the implicit comparison of obama to rfk is clearly problematic. unless we see her as out of control rather than fully considered. it is her subconscious working out it's internal struggle in these public therapy sessions. there is no single explanation. it is a loaded and complicated statement revealing many emotions she is feeling right now. envious, vindictive, desperate, dishonest, provocative and scheming. the last thing she says is that she really doesn't get it. she is of course really talking about herself and not the identified subject, those who would force her to end her campaign. all in all very similiar to the mlk/lbj quote

andyfrombrooklyn said...

i guess my point is she doesn't really know why she is saying these things any better than all of us. they are less about political strategy and more like a messy public therapy session. actually we see her much more clearly than she sees herself. it would be great to have a president whose personal psychology was stable for once.

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Florida and HE voted against. ...
jody said... 7:55 PM

Is Bob Graham still a Florida US Senator?

Unknown said...

i am late to this and the last few post so apologies Field...
i have watched this woman's descent into madness with glee.. she is quite unhinged.... a woman scorned first by her husband and now by the general public...
she should be muzzled and strapped to a trolley a la hannibal lechter and led off the stage... no.. the planet.
we had our first woman premier here in the uk and in no way did she ever behave like this... it's disgusting hrc is able to get away with it time and time again...

Anonymous said...

My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California,

It may have been an awkward way of stating it, but isn't she just pointing out that democratic campaigns have run into the month of June in the past?

m dot said...

i am new to your blog and like what i've read thus far. (i recently started my blog and have become fascinated with finding all the other "negro" blogs.)

you've probably seen keith olbermann's special commentary from msnbc, right?

hill-dawg has lost her mind for real.


m dot

Anonymous said...

Well, gee if Hillary was just having an unfortunate subconscious moment..what in the world was Liz Trotta on FauxNews having?

classysbf said...

Thanks for THAT,Miranda!
And here's a petition to sack that woman:

Anonymous said...

Just a dangnabit Freudian slip. That's all Field.

Nevermind that there's a 10% chance of Obama being assassinated, and that if that doesn't happen before he nominates Veep, she ain't ever getting to be president...

Shoulda seen her face just after she said that (Oh, my gawd, did i just say that?!)

Shoulda apologized right then and there.

Corner Stone said...

Are you people out of your fucking mind?
What kind of sick fucks are all of you that can think that HRC is calling for the death of someone?
WTF is wrong with all of you here?

Corner Stone said...

Jeebus, drink some more kool-aid or something and settle the fuck down.
If you all are scared of a little finish line race then just say scared. Otherwise how about calming the fuck down a little bit.

Anonymous said...

During Bobby Kennedy's time the primary had only begun three months before he was assassinated unlike today

I don't even know why I comment, most ppl talk our of their ass with no knowledge of history, some of the comments are so ignorant, ever since I began reading ppl's comments online, I am saddened by the lack of knowledge, the erroneous beliefs.

Ppl comment and have never lived outside their state or country, traveled, and only know one language, do not seek knowledge of self, never lived or been around Jamaicans, Haitians, Mexicans, Hawaiians, Filipinos, make generalizations and blanket statements, comment on Fox News(why even tune in?)It's all negative all the time; my belief in my fellow man is at an all time low. Ppl are prejudice, ignorant, jealous, arrogant.

I love to debate and add to my knowledge, but blogs ...blogs...

"Truth Hurts" said...

"There is no more Jim Crow"...

obviously you haven't met his sons, daughters, nieces, nephews...