Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The field would like to pick a running mate.

Now that the "O" man has pretty much wrapped up the dumbocratic nomination to run for president of these divided states, the field would like to help him pick his running mate.

This is very important for a presidential candidate to have . A second fiddle who knows his or her place, but still can get their shine on if they have to. Think Robin to Batman, or The Pips to Gladys Knight.

So I was thinking.... who should the "O" man select? Forget Hillary, she is history, and the rethuglican base will be fired up enough at having the "O" man run. So let's see now; how about Indiana Senator, Evan Bayh? He seems to have the youth thing down pat, he is from the Midwest, and he is a white male. All good qualities to help the "O" man lock up a block of voters that he has been struggling with. But then, if he is going to go the white male route, he might as well go all the way and select a Southern white male as his number two man. Jim Webb for instance. Great military credentials, Southern, and certainly middle of the road. And while we are in that neighborhood, I thought of the highly respected Sam Nunn as well. Talk about gravitas. Still, I don't know, something seems to be missing....

Of course lots of women will be pissed at the "O" man for beating their girl, so he might want to go hard after the female vote. If he goes that route, he should consider Claire McCaskill, Senator from Missouri. And hey, if he really wants to be the unity candidate, he could reach across the isle and choose rethuglican Chuck Hagel as his number two man. The guy also has strong military credentials, (gotta have those military credentials) and he is a white male. (I know I keep going back to that white male vote, but let's be honest...the "O" man needs all the help he can get with this group) And speaking of white males, the "O" man got a major endorsement from John Edwards today, and this has quite a few people hinting at a "O" man Edwards ticket. Interesting but not a sure fire formula for an "O" man victory.

Folks, allow me to give you the secret weapon that will win it for the "O" man: His name is Uno. (The one word name thing is cool. Think Bono and Prince) Yes Uno. Don't laugh I am being dead serious. The "O" man wants to be ground breaking this election season, and what better way to break totally out of the box than to select Uno.

Think about it. He is extremely popular with a certain demographic, so he would help the "O" man with that very important group. Who could resist voting for the "O" man if he has the very cute and cuddly Uno on the ticket? And please don't give me the he is not smart enough speech, just because he is a dog. Hell how smart do you need to be to do this job? I give you two names: Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney, that's all you need to know.

Uno is also fairly young, even in dog years, so I think he would last for the length of the "O" man's terms. And think of the inauguration. You could finance the entire thing by reaching out to sponsors like like Kibbles n Bits, and Pet Smart.

Folks, let's be honest, politics has already gone to the dogs, so why not get an actual dog involved with the process?

"O" man, I say go for it. They are already calling you a monkey, so you might as well stay with the animal theme. Just think of all the cute T-shirts A-merry-cans will have to wear.


Jonzee said...

Although I agree with some of your picks...

How about a woman????

Kathy Sebelius for instance. Democratic governor in a pretty Red state. Is well liked across the aisle in Kansas.

And when she is on her game can rally the base and is pretty moderate.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get this out of the way. Don't hate me too much. Aren't beagles coon dogs? Boo, hiss.

ZACK said...

HILARIOUS! A dog! Well, he's smarter than most voters, so why not?

Field you must be bored. Come on over to my blog and leave a comment. It's not like you're busy coming up with a post right now. ZING! Just kidding. It's all love.

*rolling on the floor* A DOG!!!!!

Field, you crazy man! A dog! HA HA! You could have at least humored Nader. But a dog? Sheesh!!!!

field negro said...

"Aren't beagles coon dogs? Boo, hiss."

You know....Yeah maybe we should reconsider Uno.

Zack, you know what's scary? You might actually be right :) I am always surfing through the web for other blogs. Been to yours a few times. (Nice job BTW)I think I should stop lurking and start comenting more. But I always get ambushed when I leave the fields :)

Jonzee, I did have a woman: Claire McCaskill. Who, by the way, I happen to like a lot. The woman has mad courage.

Anonymous said...

What about a WINE DOG? A drunk dog, with purple teeth, it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Claire is good. She took a lot of crap getting elected but looks great now. Lots of talk of the Penn Gov too.

Ms.Martin said...

Beagles are rabbit dogs.

Kathleen Sebilius is not a great orator.

I like Colin Powell as Veep.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Another one jumps on the Obama bandwagon. But is it too late?

Some say yes… I say no…

I believe that John Edward's endorsement is critical for this election. This is why I, every since John dropped out of the race, was e-mailing his campaign, demanding that he stopped riding the fence of political ambivalence; and endorse a candidate, no matter who it was.

Of course, I hoped that John would endorse Senator Obama. I, like many others, saw the alliance that the two had built against Clinton during the early races. I honestly thought that an Obama/Edwards ticket could’ve been a winning ticket. And I sho’ think that if Edwards had manned up and endorsed Obama before Super Tuesday, this tragedy called the Clinton Campaign would be defeated and in our memories already.

I really thought that John, supposedly being a man of his convictions, would support Senator Obama and help him win this nomination. But he didn’t. He stayed silent, and let Senator Obama go through this battle without his support.

So, it makes me question: Why now? Why is it that Edwards feel that it is a good time to support Obama? What exactly is his motivation?

And of course, I am of the belief that Edwards wants to be the VP.

Today, I have different views on Senator Edwards. But in his defense, his family is in a crisis. And sometimes, family hardships cause you to act out of character. And now that we know that his wife actually supports Clinton’s health plan over Obama, Edwards could have very well not wanted to go against his dying wife. We don’t know what the dealio is.

Do I think an Obama/Edwards ticket can win now, after all that has occurred? Not sure…

My first feeling is that Senator Obama needs a strong, seasoned, well established running mate to offer some balance to those that will criticize Obama for being too green, too inexperienced, too young, too idealistic. I think that Obama and Edwards may compliment each other a bit too much.

I guess we’ll have to see how all of this will fall out. But I know one thing, Edwards is trying to already bank on his endorsement. What did I get in my in box tonight? For the first time in months upon months, I got an e-mail from Edwards, asking for money for college hopefuls in NC. Yes, it’s for a great cause. But do I smell a great marketeer?

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

As long as Obama doesn't cave in and be a punk and pick Klanton, I'll be happy. If he picks her, then I will have to go on detox again.

Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Have Obama run with Jessica Simpson. She needs a job and Tony Romo just dumped her. Just kidding.

Edwards and McCaskill would be fine. My only concern with Bayh is that both the O-man and he are from neighboring Midwest states.

rikyrah said...

Keith Olbermann went off tonight.


rorysmomma said...

I think you may be on to something with the whole dog for vice president. If he has a cute dog on the ticket he can get the white vote hands down. You know that white people love their dogs more than they love black people. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

To be fair though, the dog would help with the white vote. White people would be more likely to vote for a dog than Obama.

Anonymous said...


And Uno.

Has everyone forgotten "Socks" so quickly?

Ann Brock said...

Field you are too much. Do Mrs. Field know what you are doing? Do she!

Anonymous said...

Too funny... but seriously, Chuck Hagel is not a bad idea... in fact, it would be a brilliant move.

Christopher said...

Edwards would be a perfect veep for my man, Barack.

Edwards has lots of gravitas with labor, blue collar voters and Hillbilly nation. Edwards would bridge the void that the eastcoast media elites continue to claim Obama has reaching these demographics.

In other words, the Borg Queen's peeps.

Plus, they look damned fly standing side-by-side. Two good-looking men, their eyes sparkling with intelligence, ready to jump in, feet first and begin the arduous task of cleaning up the mess and neglect from 8 years of Bush/Cheney.

OBAMA/EDWARDS. Works for me.

Najmah said...

@Christopher, "their eyes sparking with intelligence"...

ROTFLMAO! Man you just made my Friday-eve.

Anonymous said...

ms.martin, Of course you are right about beagles being rabbit dogs. Colin Powell is a leader, he'd be bored as VP. I think he's ruled out politics at that level as well. Could be a UN appointee or an ambassador though.

Admiral Komack said...

Claire McCaskill would be a good pick for Obama, IMHO.

I'm not impressed with Edwards; he should have endorsed Obama months ago.

Anonymous said...

rikyrah said...

Keith Olbermann went off tonight.


Yeah he did, I thought he was going to bust a blood vessel!..But the best line was: "This advice, Mr. Bush: Shut the hell up!"

I was in tears

Anonymous said...

Urban morons, a beagle is not a coon dog. Some breeds that are:

Black and Tan
Treeing Walker

A simple Google search is all it took. What are you, the MSM?


Christopher said...

I like Claire McCaskill and I think she could be Obama's Attorney General.

She's a lawyer and was the first woman to serve as Jackson County Prosecutor, and was re-elected to that office in 1996.

The only problem with culling Dems from the senate is you have to be certain another Dem is available to fill the vacated slot.

Bellini said...

Edwards won't be VP -- he can get a Cabinet position maybe. It won't be a woman either -- sorry feministas. It will be a white male from the midwest or south -- someone with military credentials for sure. You have to mute the military experience clout on McCain.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I like the fact that Uno won "Best In Show" at Westminster, Field.

As for Obama, I like Russ Feingold as his running mate, followed by Chris Dodd or Robert Kennedy, Jr. If he has to go with a woman, I suggest Barbara Boxer from my home state of California. Dianne Feinstein, she ain't!

Hillary can't do anything for the ticket except leave the building and go sit in a corner to figure out how she's going to face all those Black people in her home state when she runs for re-election to her Senate seat. I imagine Bill's Harlem office is going to be a cold place to be these days...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Oh, since we're on the history of beagles - anyone remember the movie "Sounder" with Cicely Tyson, Kevin Hooks and Paul Winfield?

Sounder was Uno's ancestor and that dog has major star quality. Not to mention Obama probably could pick up thousands of votes having Uno on the campaign trail with him...

Look, if a guy will give his dog mouth to mouth rescuitation to save him, they will vote for a dog as well.

And Christophe, I agree that it's about time we saw two good looking, Presidential looking men on the ticket, but Russ Feingold is equally easy on the eyes, and he doesn't bring the "wimpy" factor, either. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Field, I'll grant you that Quayle was lacking in the smarts department, but Cheney? The man seems to lack a certain ethical/moral quality, but an idiot? Not so sure.

Still, Uno is cute. But I think Uno makes a better Secretary of Agriculture or Education.

yliza said...

While Uno is a good choice, I suggest Miss Thing *points to avatar*. She's female so she can get the feminist demographic. She's also Black AND White. She's young enough to make it through 2 terms. She already has a better vocabulary than Dan Quayle. Plus she's really protective of me...whoops that's partisan.


öblio said...

60% of black kids cannot swim????

That should have been your main story. That is very sad.

I suspect the number of black adults who cannot swim is even higher.

Reading this blog is one of the high points of my day. Keep on keeping on.

Nan said...

Beagles are a little too flighty. Granted, they're cute, but only rabbit hunters take them seriously. They lack gravitas. Obama needs a nice solid dog, like a labrador retriever, that radiates reliability (and whiteness) and is also family friendly.

I'd rather see Edwards as the next attorney general than as VP. Heads would be exploding in corporate boardrooms nationwide.



It doesn't surprise me that 60% of black kids can not swim!

Just drive through a black neighborhood in any major city and count the number of homes with pools in the backyard....then count the number of recreation centers in the neighborhood...and you will find that not ONLY are the recreation centers scarce but the facilities that have pools are even more scarce...

So if there are no pools accessible in most black neighborhoods, how is it that they will become swimmers? Taking a train ride OUTSIDE of the city into a suburb that requires an ID to enter the pool that has a sign out front "for residents of.....ONLY"....

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!


P.S. And by the way, I was swimming before I could read! I was also playing chess before I entered the first grade...but that's just an unnecessary footnote in this! *LOL*


Hi there!

I think that Hillary may need to consider bringing UNO to some of her photo, I won't say anything more on that....(smile)

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!


west coast story said...

A woman would be good but I still like Chris Dodd quite a bit. He's very liberal which might not be good to the general public but I like him lot and probably would have supported him over Obama had his campaign lasted longer. The best candidate for VP should probably come from the south or midwest.

west coast story said...

"rikyrah said...
Keith Olbermann went off tonight."

I had to turn him off. I like his show and watch regularly but his special comments make me a little crazy. George Bush is a moron, I got it eight years ago. This is not news. He quit golf for Iraq Lent, except he really didn't.

How about a rant about the racist in Georgia and his curious George tee-shirts? This is the thing about SOME white folks I don't get. They just won't stare down real live ugly racism in the face. They feel they don't want to lower themselves so they just ignore the reality of bigotry in its most pernicious forms.

I respect Olbermann quite a bit but I still don't understand why he didn't go off on Pat Buchanan, who has been a regular on his show, for that outrageous column he wrote about how slavery was the best thing to happen to black people.

The Pat Buchanan column about blacks and slavery, the reports about the bigotry encountered by Obama campaigners in Indiana and Pennsylvania, and now the curios George story, all pretty much buried. I should be sending this to Olbermann (and the rest of the (hah!) "liberal media") because honest to gawd, it makes him (and the rest of the MSM) look like a hypocrite(s), or worse.

Anonymous said...

Just as long as it's not empty suit Edwards!

Lola Gets said...

Hey, Obama should really reach across the aisle and choose...Alan Keys! Yes, I think thats just the ticket there, hehehe.

I know I cant be the only one out here that thinks that George Bush looks like a Rhesus monkey, am I?? Seriously: His face is flat, his eyes are beady and too close together, his ears stick out....Come'on people, work with me!


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Uno, too cute and actually has more home training than anyone in DC like Pat Buchanan or outside the Beltway like that two bit churl in Gerogia with the tee shirts, so, go Uno!

field negro said...

WCS, no Chris Dodd, no need to pick a VP from a state he already has locked up.

"cute, but only rabbit hunters take them seriously. They lack gravitas. Obama needs a nice solid dog, like a labrador retriever, that radiates reliability (and whiteness) and is also family friendly."

nan, you might be right. Too bad Lassie isn't still alive, he would have been perfect.

"I suspect the number of black adults who cannot swim is even higher."

Oblio, sadly, you might be right. But as blackwomenblow.... pointed out, there is a good reason for that.

Hmmm, not a lot of love for the "Breck Boy" on this site. Folks, he is white, male, and Southern. Just what the "O" man needs.

"She already has a better vocabulary than Dan Quayle. Plus she's really protective of me...whoops that's partisan."

I bet "Ms.Thing" would have done a better job.

Bob said...

The Democrats have a deep bench. Barack will choose someone of obvious experience & stature with a special area of expertise in either domestic or foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

The swimming thing must be a regional thing. Lots of black kids playing/swimming in the water in AR. They did have swimming pools in the projects here in the 70's and they were always packed in the summer. I know a guy from Jamaica that never once went to the beach when he lived there. He's huge and was a cricket star but never wanted to swim.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about Robert Byrd, dean of the Senate. Or, I hear George Weah might be available, an experienced veteran.

andyfrombrooklyn said...

claire mccaskill is very effective with a middle america style. she won missouri for obama, believes in him. she brings it all. only prob is losing her senate seat.

Tzaadi said...

Colin Powell...or Bloomberg.

A.F. said...

Thanks for the funny (as always) post, Field.

I've thought Claire McCaskill, too. She'd get back a lot of the White Lady vote, and people could not say that Obama didn't pick Hillary bc she's a woman (which is ludicrous but which many will say as another way to attempt to tarnish Obama and render him unelectable). Plus I have to say that I shamefully relish the idea of his upending HRC's campaign of martyrdom that way.

But it seems like Obama is in a situation--he loses some of the vote if he doesn't pick HRC or Claire McCaskill or Sebelius, but if he doesn't pick a white man with significant military experience, one who was wounded in Vietnam, they'll play the you-never-fought/you-don't-understand card. But then again, they played it on Kerry, ironically, and it worked.

So many people's insistence on military experience is bothersome to me, though. I was convinced by Howard Zinn's book that none of our wars have really ever been about freedom but about money, and that our only struggles for freedom in the U.S. have been fought and won by people who were willing do die for their rights but were not in uniform. I digress, though--that's definitely not an argument that Obama could use.

I guess that Uno is a populist since that he was the only beagle to ever win that prize that had always been won by fluffed up poodles and such.

Liz Dwyer said...

Yeah, pick Uno. I'm sure that dog's been fully "vetted"!


Field Negro!

Man, would you do me a favor and NOT refer to the preacher as "BlackWomenBlow"??

I know my blog name is a bit long but still....


Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

"Hmmm, not a lot of love for the "Breck Boy" on this site. Folks, he is white, male, and Southern. Just what the "O" man needs."

Not to tell you what to do Field, but respectfully, please read the comments again. (And in your free time - ha - visit some of the other sites of those who comment here.)

Some of us hear you.

Please don't ignore the sisters who see what you're saying and AGREE.

Don't act like the Demogogues - sorry - Democrats - you disdain.

You know how I feel about it when you Brothers do that.

Anonymous said...

And on the right side, John Mclane decides not to have a VP because it would only slow him down. ++++think die hard movie++++

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the ballgame here but I like Uno (and we just adopted a beagle for the PharmKid).

Think about it, beagles are inherently inclusive: black, white, and tan (and even speckled with all three), so no pundit could complain he isn't black enough or white enough.

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