Monday, May 12, 2008

"It's time for Hill to take the hint"

The Daily News, one of my hometown papers, has been really kicking out some nice opeds lately. The latest cut and paste worthy job comes compliments of my friend Flavia Colgan. Flavia is somewhat of a political operative here in town, and frankly, this oped piece by her, while very well done, surprised me a little.

I never thought that she would be one of the folks calling for the Ice Queen's exit.

So anyway, here goes:

"SEN. CLINTON, it's time.

While the Obama campaign and others in the Democratic Party are treading lightly and trying not to say flat out that it's time for you to end your quest for the presidency, I'm not going to mince words.

You've run an impressive campaign over the last few weeks, especially in Pennsylvania, where you scored a decisive victory.

Had you knocked Sen. Barack Obama on the ropes by performing strongly in North Carolina and winning big in Indiana, there would be every reason to further consider your argument that Obama was severely weakened by his connection with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and was unelectable. Instead, to be blunt, Obama scored a TKO.

Coming out of the worst three weeks of his campaign, he not only far exceeded the polling leading up to North Carolina and Indiana, but voters showed a new burst of confidence in him that will now carry him to the nomination.

You may say that you won't exit the race until there is a nominee.
That would seem to be saying that any candidate in any past election who read the numbers and concluded that it was best to go out with grace was somehow weak.
But candidates drop out of races all the time before their party officially has a nominee. It's not a matter of weakness, it's a matter of exiting with dignity, and not seeming to claw and cling to your quest like it was an ego trip.

Here's what you need to take a deep look at - and consider.
How do you want to be remembered? Your legacy and your husband's will be forever tarnished if you continue to run a campaign which argues that Obama is not electable, and uses Sen. John McCain's talking points to prove it.

Your husband will no longer be remembered as America's first "black president," but as part of the cabal that took down America's best shot at an actual African-American president.
You'll be remembered as the woman who was more interested in staying on the stage too long, to get a few more seconds of the spotlight than helping elect a president who has much more in common with you than the Republican nominee. From Harlem to the Senate floor, that kind of legacy will cast a dark, cold shadow on you, forever.

Everyone understands how painful it must be to have your campaign thwarted by such a newcomer to the political scene. It hurts even more knowing that for months you ran a terrible campaign, courtesy of uber-consultant Mark Penn, and just seemed to be finding your stride when it was too late.

But the fact is that it's too little, too late. The math is against you, and trusted friends like former Sen. George McGovern and former Democratic Chairman Joe Andrews have made it clear they can no longer stand with you, just as the majority of primary voters aren't with you.
You can still win West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico, sure. But what does that really get you? Certainly not the nomination. And that's the only thing that should matter."

Hillary, I am not going to tell you to get out of this race, you have every right to run. (I am sure that you and your red neck friends are going to put an ass whopping on the "O" man tomorrow) The people who support you deserve that much. But like Flavia said, you might want to start thinking about your long term goals, and your legacy.

I know the Opera ain't over until the fat lady sings, but this ain't no Opera, and Obama ain't fat.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The sad thing is, she will hang on like a rabid dog that needs to be put out of her misery, and no one in the DNC leadership is compassionate enough to pull the trigger.

Since when does a rabid dog take itself out? It doesn't know how to bow out without harming everyone else. And the Borg Queen has long since reminded me of a rabid dog who will take out everyone in her path unless she's put down.

Someone needs to ask Howard Dean why he won't pull the trigger and end this mess. Or would that be digging up closet racism that the Democratic Party is so fervently wanting to keep quiet?

classysbf said...

Let the church say AMEN!
I just hope the cable news hacks start focusing on other topics,say,like the natural disasters in China,Myanmar and the American south.

No one needs to hear MORE of the ridiculous idea of an Obama-Clinton ticket,the hopelessness of
"the math" in getting Clinton the nomination,or about Obama's alleged "problem" with working class white voters.

It's time to focus on beating John McCain,and taking our country back!!!

isonprize said...

"I know the Opera ain't over until the fat lady sings, but this ain't no Opera, and Obama ain't fat."

My chuckle for the evening...

Anonymous said...

I think these words are appropriate or the occasion.

The party's over
It's time to call it a day
They've burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away
It's time to wind up the masquerade
Just make your mind up the piper must be paid

I also hate the idea that I know this song, but it's a funny punch line whenever the end is near.

Redstar said...

Over 60% of Dems want Clinton to stay in the race - ABC/WaPo poll.

39% want her as VP. 59% of African-Americans want her as VP (more than any other group surveyed).

(Hope I did the link right)

Doesn't sound like people want her to go anywhere, except behind Obama, apparently.

Anonymous said...

I might as well put in both verses:

The party's over
It's time to call it a day
They've burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away
It's time to wind up the masquerade
Just make your mind up the piper must be paid

The party's over
The candles flicker and dim
You danced and dreamed through the night
It seemed to be right just being with him
Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
Take off your makeup, the party's over
It's all over, my friend

Okay, I now I'm getting punchy and it's late for me.

field negro said...

hennasplace, like me, you need a life. You have far too much knowledge of certain things :)

isonprize, I am glad I could send you to bed in a good mood.

"Someone needs to ask Howard Dean why he won't pull the trigger and end this mess. Or would that be digging up closet racism that the Democratic Party is so fervently wanting to keep quiet?"

christ prog. I think he wants to end it, but he has to be very careful with the whole party unity thing. Already a bunch of the "Ice Queen's supporters aren't going to vote for the "O" man.

And denice, you are right about the news and what the MSM should be focusing on. But come on, this is A-merry-ca. We would rather talk about Brittany, and American Idol; than shit that could destroy us any f*****g day now.

Anonymous said...

She can't quit now. It will go to the convention in Denver. Here's what I think will happen. Obama gets the nomination and Hillary now loves him and even campaigns with him. She won't be VP. He will pay off some of her campaign debt.

He can even turn this lengthened nomination into an asset if he'd stop shooting himself in the foot. He has good ideas that no one has really heard about yet.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is like Jennifer Holiday in Dreamgirls -- she ain't going.

My brother had an interesting theory, Field -- and I happen to agree. In general, women "play" different. Men fight hard, but at the end of the day, they'll shake hands and go their separate ways.

We (women) don't play like that. Maybe it's because most women of her generation didn't play team sports where they learned the rules of the game. Maybe she's going so far out of her way to appear uber-macho, she's crossing way over the line WWF-style. I agree with my brother that we generally are just wired differently (that's right, I said it!). She's gonna get him back the only way she knows how, and that's by not bowing out when she should.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the "fat lady" sings during the whole opera. It's not over until the fat lady dies.

Second, her whole "I found my voice and it's that of the hard working, common aka white man" premise is completely irrational (like most everything else in her clusterfuck of a campaign. Hello, do any of us for a minute think that would have played in her other big states? Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened if she had found that voice in NY? California? Hell, she didn't even have the nerve to try it in Texas.

It wasn't until she hit Ohio/Pa and then her sliver of a win in IN that she really started pumping the gas on "rural hard working folks like me".

Obama's people have run a campaign that from the gate, studied and exploited each and every ethical opportunity open to it. From funding to getting a database of supporters and voluteers to targeting the delegate rich districts.

That's the story that really, REALLY should be covered by the numbskulls in the press. This man and his people have put together a campaign that everyone else is going to mining for how-tos for the next twenty years and if he can do this before even hitting the convention ....

Obama '08 and beyond!

Anonymous said...

... You can still win West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico, sure. But what does that really get you? Certainly not the nomination. And that's the only thing that should matter. * ...

That's the only thing that should matter to whom?

Hang in there Senator Clinton, do not punk out. Women, teenaged-girls, and little girls need to see you stick-it-out.

Anonymous said...

Lola, she won every state you mentioned. Obama has not run a good campaign at all. He has goodies for everyone in the GE and he can win. But wow, he's looked bad for a long time now on policy contradictions etc... The Jewish vote is probably lost now. But whatever, another 51/49 race.

Anonymous said...

Hillary said the next President is going to be a "he". Check it out.

Flavia Colgan kicks ass, especially when she appears on CNN alongside Lanny Davis. :)

BrendaKay said...

Nsangoma - I have to respectfully disagree with you. As a woman, I think Senator Clinton would show much more depth of character, intelligence and self respect by gracefully ending her campaign now for the democratic nomination. Instead of continuing on with the foolish, arrogant, high minded motivations which seem to be her reasons for staying in a race which she has absolutely no chance of winning.

Senator Clinton's actions are starting to resemble those of President Bush - closed minded, unwilling to face the truth, determined to press on irrespective of the damage that it will definitely cause - I don't think these are the traits we want to instill in young women or young men, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton reminds me of some women. Desperate as hell to hold onto a man who doesn't want them. She's running the end of this campaign like she's dealt with certain aspects of her marriage - EXTREME DENIAL.

I'm trying hard to have some respect for her but it's just difficult. She's become a different person. She reminds me of David Duke's (CLOSET RELATIVE). Redneck Hilary KKKlinton is not a good look. But I digress....

Anonymous said...

I wrote a very nice comment that wouldn't load. This is the second time I've tried to post and I can't retrieve it.

Basically I'll say the tide has turned. The SNL skit from this weekend pretty much nailed Clinton to a tee and it wasn't pretty.

I say let her finish because it's over. She needs to figure out a way to pay off her 20M debt. Obama can hold fundraisers if he chooses but his campaign will not be paying it off. How ridiculous would that be? She's worth 100+M. Her realistic supporters need time to grieve. The ones who claim to be feminists will need to get behind Michelle.

I'm really interested in how the daughters of Republican politicians seem to be considering Obama like Jenna Bush or Caroline Guiliani.

We need to look at strategizing for the GE. We need observers at the polling places, more GOTV events, to arrange rides for the elderly and disabled. We especially need to get military personnel and military families to vote. esp if they want to come home or have more rest time between deployments.

kid said...

Hey Field,

The side bar about Cleveland I told you about that.Look it up.They were suppose to beat the man to death . One a girl urinated on his face while he lay in a trashcan.The news said later that he was shot.What shocked us was that we thought he was beaten to death.The article says close to the sports stadiums, yea right. This is uptown. I also told you the Ohio State Troopers were deployed in Cleveland, that wasn't a joke.

Ms.Martin said...

Out, out damn spot!

Anonymous said...

brendakay, yah boi Obama authored a book entitled, "The Audacity of Hope", a phrase he got from his former minister, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Obama knew what was up with his former minister, though now he claims that he did not. We do not need a Negroe who is willing to sell-out a longtime friend as president.

My preference for the next POTUS is a female.

My preferences are an Amerindian female, for they have caught the most hell in this country; followed by a legacy African-American female, legacy meaning a descendant of African slaves, Michelle Obama qualifies here; followed by a white female.

Obama is not a legacy Negroe.

The spirits of those long dead, those who caught 'pure-oh-D' H E L L in this country, should be able to look on and see one of their own as the first non-white president of this country.

Misogyny, is as American as apple pie.

Christopher said...


The picture on your sidebar is a hoot!

Is the Borg Queen looking at the message on the T-shirt or at the sister's rack? If the Huma Abedin rumors are true, it's the latter.

I don't think the Borg Queen will quite until the last primary race takes place and until she has exhausted every opportunity to destroy Obama. If she can't have the top prize, then she will do her best to hurt Obama.

She's like a spoiled child.

Anonymous said...

Counselor and Field-Lovers: if you missed it, Mark Leibovich had a nice essay in this past Sunday's NYT describing point-by-point how Sen Clinton staying in this long has helped, rather than hurt, the O-Man's candidacy.

Well-worth taking the time to read until Field's next post.

Anonymous said...

Msmoses somehow that Hillary Jennifer Holiday picture isn't clicking with me,but I feel ya.

Lolo you are too funny.Yes the fat lady sings throughout the whole damn Opera,but let's hope she doesn't die.

Nsangoma,I still have the number of that shrink:)

Kid,you are right,you did hip us to that tragic story awhile ago. I honestly need to start listening to my peeps more. BTW,I love that smack down you laid on a certain person on your site:)

field negro said...

And bad christopher! I just saw your comments:)

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here: Mrs Clinton believes that Mr Obama cannot win in November, and she believes that solely because he's black. Thing is, she just might be right about that, but she can't come out and say so publicly -- even though some of her surrogates have said as much (think Ed Rendell), and she made the slip-up talking about "white Americans" the other day.

Unless she's still hoping that Mr Obama just drops dead, she's got to be running for 2012 -- and the only way she can do that is if John McCain wins in November. Then she'd be running against a 77 year-old Republican incumbent, after twelve straight years of GOP administrations, which is pretty much the situation in which her husband won in 1992.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

There's no reason to believe Obama can't win in November. Look, the Republicans have a candidate that other Republicans don't like. Despite selling his soul to wacky preachers and pandering to the far right, Republicans simply don't like McCain. If Hillary were to get the nomination, she would bring out the Republican base. But even that wouldn't be a vote for McCain so much as a vote against Hillary.

Plus, many independents, fed up with the economy, knowing McCain doesn't have a clue about doing anything about it, will be voting for Obama.

No, the fat lady ain't singing. She's a burgeiosie white feminists. She too busy crying.

Kristin said...

The problem I find with her staying in this race (and I have heard and read this sentiment all over the black blogsphere) is this demonstrates that you can play by their runs, win by their rules as long as you don’t do it against one of their own. The Clinton’s have as I have recently learned and read conned America

Anonymous said...

I know a strategist (he's technically independent, when there's no reason to be Democratic, so that he can work for any political party).

He gives McCain a 5% chance of winning the presidency.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"As a woman, I think Senator Clinton would show much more depth of character, intelligence and self respect by gracefully ending her campaign now for the democratic nomination." As a man, I say she should try to exit with dignity as well. That means appealing to her supporters to support the democratic nominee, saying her opponent, though less experienced than McCain, has demonstrated far better judgement due to his ideas and his votes, both in the state senate of Illinois, and the US senate. But, as Bob Herbert, columnist of the New York Times stated, the Clinton don't know how to lose gracefully, because they have no class or shame.

Good post, field.

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma,I still have the number of that shrink:)
anonymous said...8:00 AM

While true, anonymous sir or ma'm, I do swing a big bat. I feel no immediate need for a shrink.

Lewis Edgar said...

Enjoy this blog(?)site, "field negro". Have checked out some others, but, your commentary and the comments from others continue to resonate.
Personally speaking, the A-Merry-KKKan peoples will hold their collective noses in November and put McCain in the White House because they haven't had their orgasm yet...this ain't no quickie. We enjoy the whooshing sounds of jobs leaving this country; filling up the gas tanks of our guzzlers is such sweet pain; and finally, where is Osama-Bin-Laden (or is he cross-dressing as Conde in disguise)? Thanks...hope this posts.


Christopher said...

The Borg Queen today uttered what can only be described as a Freudian slip whilst campaigning with her peeps in rural

"All the kitchen table issues that everybody talks to me about are ones that the next president can actually do something about, if he actually cares about it."

Realizing her faux pas, she added: "More likely if she cares about it!"'about-to-drop-out'.html

Y D Shine said...

Leave her alone, she's 60. :)

Besides, there are still states that haven't voted. Let her stay until June 3. There's nothing wrong with that.

She knows she won't get the nom, especially now that a steady stream of SDs are endorsing Senator Obama on a daily basis. We know that she can't become the nominee, and even Old Yeller, the repug nominee, knows Obama will be his opponent.

The pieback Dems have told her to stop with the attacks against Obama and she seems to be adhering to their advice.

Anyway, the more y'all try to force her out, the harder she'll dig in her heels.

Lola Gets said...

One thing I heard about sports (cause Lola dont do those) is that they teach one how to be a good loser, how to lose gracefully. Someone needs to sign Hillary up on a team or something, cause thats one lesson she missed.

Time to go, chica.


RedLipstick said...

I want to know where are all those big donors that sent that nasty letter to Nancy Pelosi? Why aren't they taking up the slack with Hill's debt?

Even with her money problems she will keep going so as not to lose face with her older, female white supporters. They would be really mad if she quit now.

On the other hand I listened to John Edwards on Larry King last night and he sounded like he was leaning towards O. Or maybe I was hallucinating!

A.F. said...

I'm bracing myself for tonight's coverage of W.V. I hope that MSM doesn't give an even bigger megaphone to those "um, working, um, you know, hardworking, you know, white people." I don't know whether to even turn on the tv.

Did you see this article including the racist emails circulated in the Secret Service (after the 8-year-long discrimination lawsuit)? Very scary.

Third item, when I tried to visit this blog yesterday, I kept being redirected automatically to some blank site with the url Is that happening to anybody else?

rikyrah said...

This is a great letter.

She's doing this for 2012. She's really that delusional.

She can take her racebaiting ass and Bubba back to Chappaqua. I have no more patience for her. She's snapped my last Black nerve.

And for any Sambo shilling for her...

Black folk will take care of you Negroes.

Christopher said...

The idiot Terry McAullife is blathering on about the Borg Queen's victory in WV as a "turning point."

FOFLMAO! WTF? How many "turning points" has the Klan seamstress had in the campaign?

It's over. Fini. Complete.

Scram Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to clue Hillary in to this

I know it doesn't account for the two "rogue" states, but come on! What is she trying to prove?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Hillary will not quit. She thinks McCain will win, she'll run after his first term.

The Clintons do not care about their legacy. Doesn't anyone remember the tacky way they left the White House? Pardons, Hll's brothers, stealing furniture, the party broke and in shambles? They care about themselves, period.

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