Monday, May 05, 2008


I caught an essay by right wing writer and attack dog, Jonah Goldberg, in the National Review, and it moved me to write. The article basically attacked the "O" man and his unity message as phony, and drew a line in the sand between patriots and folks who he considers the anti American left.

Now let me say for the record, that I hold Jonah Goldberg in the same regard as I do a Chinese toy inspector. But he is a highly respected writer and thinker on the right, and every now and then it's good to respond to these types of essays.

Goldberg trashes the "O" man for talking about what is to him (Goldberg), a false message of unity. He asks: "What the heck do do these words mean? Unity for what, around what?" He is angry that democrats, and more specifically, Obama, uses the word "unity" instead of patriotism. Goldberg prefers patriotism. He thinks democrats suffer from "anticipatory offense" when confronted about the patriotism issue. He quotes another right wing wacko, Fred Barnes, who calls the democratic reaction to the patriotic challenge, "patriotic paranoia". And he spends a great deal of time and energy ripping one of my favorite quotes: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." He thinks it's "foolish", and he questions its origins and its relevance. This sarcastic quote from John Sullivan is supposed to drive home his point:"Dissent is the highest form of patriots, treason is the highest form of dissent. Therefore treason is the highest for of patriotism." Ha ha ha ha

Clearly to Mr. Goldberg liberals are not patriots. People who want unity and not patriotism do not have America's best interest at heart. The folks on the left are somehow apologist for the darker more evil governments that populate the world. And to drive home this point, he quotes conservative icon and the newly departed William Buckley, who was appalled that folks tried to compare and find a moral equivalency between Russia and the USA. "If one man pushes an old lady into an oncoming bus, and another pushes the old lady out of the way we should not condemn them both as men who push old ladies around." Okay cute, but I want to know who is driving the damn bus that almost ran down the lady old lady in the first place. If our government had something to do with the driver of the bus, who cares if it was our government that pushed the little old lady out of the way?

Goldberg takes great offense to the left always labeling right wingers as fascist. Fascism, he insists, was not about patriotism, but nationalism. "Hitler himself insisted he was no patriot, but a nationalist. The USA was created as a nation dedicated to limited government and individual rights. Fascist nationalism is almost the complete opposite of patriotism." Unity according to Mr. Goldberg means nothing and has no value or worth (Sorry "O" man). "The only value in unity is strength, strength in numbers, and again that is a fascist value." Hmmmm, Obama the fascist? Because he sure has the numbers. Mr. Goldberg describes the "fasces" symbol as a "bundle of sticks" , and he goes on to describe the types of atrocities that can be created under the bundle: The SS, the Mafia, and the lynch mobs of old.

Yes, but all of these groups came together under a specific and dangerous belief system. Blacks are inferior, honor a blood code even if it means committing crimes, exterminate the Jews. Numbers is fine with the right belief system, it's when that belief system becomes corrupted or co opted by those with ill intentions that unity becomes a bad thing. Jonah, I honestly don't think that there is any evil lurking in the "O" man's heart. Now yours, on the other hand, I am not so sure about.

Goldberg has the nerve to say that Socrates, Jesus, and Thomas More were ostracised in the name of unity. No Jonah, they were ostracized because they were different and they dared to challenge the status quo. Something that many of these faux patriots and right wing bloggers and writers, like you never tolerated. Especially while your leaders were in power.

Jonah thinks that the founding fathers dedicated a lot of thought to unity. And that they thought that it should be viewed with scepticism. Thus, he says, the constitution was designed to "thwart the basic forms of unity" He argues for the divisiveness of the checks and balance system of our government. I agree with him there of course. I just wonder where he was, and why he wasn't writing these types of essays when his party controlled all three branches of our government at once. Wasn't much checks or balances going on then now was there Jonah? But I guess they were all patriots , so it was alright.

Goldberg argues: "Rightly ordered unity in a democratic republic is the end result of ceaseless debates and discussions. But today ceaseless debates and discussions is what many liberals object to". I see, but why should liberals even discuss or debate with you? And why should they compromise their beliefs? You won't compromise yours. Isn't this what this entire beef with the "O" man is about? You think he is asking you to compromise your belief system so that he can promote his far left agenda?

"Obama proclaimed in 2007. 'My problem in this race is not rival candidates, it's cynicism'. His insistence that divisiveness is his greatest enemy is belied by the fact that he is unwilling to repudiate Jeremiah Wright. Meanwhile Obama sees nothing wring with demonizing Geraldine Feraro--or even his own grandmother-- for crass political purposes." Ouch! And on it goes throughout the entire essay. Obama's unity message is an "illusion". Obama's rival, he says, is not the other candidates, but patriotism.

Jonah, you just made a hell of an argument for folks like me who don't want to unify with your ass. Liberty is a great goal, but liberty with a belief in what? And if we have to unify under the banner that you and those of your ilk call patriotism, I think I will pass. So as a result, I will pass on the "O" man's unity message too, because it would mean unifying with you. And it's a shame, because were it not for folks like you on the other side, his message would have actually had a shot.


Anonymous said...

don't waste your time on guys like Jonah Goldberg, his argument holds no water,its really just about simmatics for him, and he always manages to contradict himself. Just go read his book, Liberal Facsism, where he tries to make the argument that the modern American Left is descended from the Nazis and Italian facsist from WWII. Such specious arguments as "Hitler was a vegetarian,and many vegetarians tend to be liberal,so liberals like Hitler" and other rediculous arguments pepper his book

Anonymous said...

Jonah is the son of Lucy Ann Goldberg. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Field I don't know who said this quack was a respected writer. What he does best is confuse terms and philosophy. Facism is an outgrowth of capitalism when it can no longer fool the masses and runs out of treats to keep them pacified at that point as we saw in Nazi Germany they turn to anyone and any ideology that will allow them the ruling class to keep power.

Obsfuscation comes to mind when I think of this guy. He is good at it and a true believer. His ideas don't even represent the real ideas of the real right wing. But he does serve their purposes as he attempts to confuse folks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Field..that was a noble effort...but Jonah Stopped mattering after Liberal Fascism.

Anonymous said...

Field, I hope you will indulge me, but I haven't recently posted up my Official PhysioProf Policy on Bipartisanship, and your excellent post on douchmonkey Goldberg reminded me of it:

I don’t want my party to “build bridges” to the psychopathic racist sexist authoritarian sick fucks that are the remaining dregs of the Republican Party. I want my party to adopt a clear unambiguous progressive platform that repudiates all of the pathology of the degenerate Republican Party.

To the extent that there are any Republicans who are sick of the depravity of their party, and not too addled to recognize that it is their party that has single-handedly created the national clusterfuck we are currently embroiled in, they are welcome to join us. Otherwise, they can all go fuck themselves.

A.F. said...

He attacked your Howard Zinn quotation that dissent is the highest form of patriotism (which it IS) and he attacked my whole theme that the current U.S. administration is fascist (which it IS)?? Patriotism vs. nationalism?? He's got to be kidding.

I'm only 5'4", Field, but I know that together we could take this guy easy. It's on, Jonah Goldberg.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny about Jonah Goldberg? His book Liberal Fascism was supposed to be a serious work, but it was listed for a time as a best seller on Amazon under the satire section.

There's a reason why he's nicknamed Doughy Pantload, and it has nothing to do with the size of his ass.

Francis Holland said...

I have to confess that I don't spend much time at the National Review, but I still get over to MyDD once in a while. They only have two links to Black blogs out of a hundred over at MyDD, but they still insist they are "color-blind."

Yeah, they're color-blind: they only see white! But, in this presidential election, White Bloggers' Ignorance Isn't Hillary's Bliss!

Anonymous said...

Oh Field.


Why can't us patriots just, you know, unify around the premise of kicking him out?

A note for those for whom tomorrow is Primary Tuesday: *Vitamin Vote - An Important Part of this Nutritious Breakfast*

Anonymous said...

Whatever! The guy is an idiot. Let's talk about how the US is finding secret ops against Iran as we speak to start WW3.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, you're right. If one is principled, they don't unify around an immoral belief system or a win-at-all-cost-no-matter-whom-you-throw-under-the-bus approach. If Hillary should get the nomination, I won't unify and vote for to get rid of McCain, because her ideas are very similar to McCain, especially on foreign policy. I won't unify because to do so would be to legitimize her Karl Rovian, Republican tactics that she has used against a fellow democrat. If many of her basic policies are similar to McCain, if she uses the disgusting tactics of McCain and his party, what real incentive do I have for unifying with the party?
I don't vote for Republicans, white or non-white, man or woman, donkey or elephant.

Anonymous said...

Bravo. As Asian American male, I have had it with this piece of human feces.

Thank you and keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like he's butthurt over word choice than anything coherent.

kid said...

Hey field,

his mom ask Mark Furhman for help how to save evidence,the rest is history.BTW on bartcop they have a cartoon of his mom giving LBJ a BJ.

Anonymous said...

Jonah, were the Founding Fathers, patriots?

E Pluribus Unum

Annuit Cœptis
He approves (or has approved) [our] undertakings

Novus Ordo Seclorum
New Order of the Ages

Deo Favente Perennis
Enduring by the Favor of God

Hmmm, arrogance along with the liberal use of the all seeing eye of the God RA.

They did know that them Ancient Egyptians (KMT) was Negroes? Didn't they?

E Pluribus Patriōta ??

the state of being one; oneness; absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character.

Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is that indeed this is called the United States of America. Also, doesn't he smirk like Bush? Is that the universal code for "I'ma fuck you over?"

field negro said...

damn physioprof, and here I thought I was a hard ass.

Thank you thank youo folks for reminding me who Jonah is. Now I am sorry I even responded to his ass. Yeah that most recent book of his was a joke.

a.f. I will let you handle him alone on this one. I am sure you will be a load for him all by your lonesome.

Francis,I see you are still fighting the good fight against those left wing Wal-Mart blogs. Way to go. I saw your latest letter about MyDD and their white out (or is it black out) of blogs of color on their blogroll. Hey man, let's just keep doing our own thing, they will come around. They will have to, or they will become irrelevant.

classysbf said...

Jonah Goldberg and his writings are a waste of space here on earth!

I totally co-sign with Physioprof,
and MacDaddy is on target,too!
If SOME white Americans, in their ignorance, continue to vote Republican after ALL evidence points to the folly of such actions,they deserve to continue down the "wrong road" the pollsters say 81% believe they're traveling.And they don't get to complain,either.

microbrother said...

Field, history is replete with individuals that had issues with a changing tide. What ol’ stupid microbrother is trying to figure out is, where would Goldberg's people (Jews) be if everyone thought like his recalcitrant “fakriotic” ass?

Anonymous said...

..when he straps it on, picks up a weapon,and goes to war, I'll listen to him...until then, he's just another punk-ass, who deserves to be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Rage against the Kleptocracy -- the Republicans didn't used to be this bad (they was still racist, mind, just not utterly CORRUPT and lacking principles of any stripe!)

That said, Obama's unity schitck plays real well with disaffected Republicans, and for those "Hopeful Folks" that pew study talked about...

Anonymous said...

Just one question for Mr. Goldberg. Is the US and the world better or worse after 8 years of your kind of government?

Anonymous said...

Jonah and the rest of the chickenhawks should enlist for the war they love so much.


west coast story said...

Responding to people on the extreme right is a waste of time. These people are selling an agenda and have no interest in an honest discussion of issues.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the wacko wing of the Rethugican party knows that their days are numbered. Pundits like him will be out of business soon because they won't have the people to influence.
Did you see the Louisiana 6th distric results? A DEM won dat! In the middle of hardcore BUSH territory! Even with some racist RNC ads!

Goldberg's days are numbered. And articles like this are only hastening his exit from the door.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I think about this dude is "what a douche bag"

Hathor said...

Post like these are needed. The more the better. Even though some may not think that is accomplishes anything, one cannot have faulty logic unchallenged. Most times people like Goldberg cannot even quote a historical source, with any reliability. Hopefully some unencumbered mind would be changed by your challenge. Lies cannot be supported by fluff forever.

Admiral Komack said...

I nominate The Field Negro as the HONORARY FIELD NEGRO OF THE DAY
because of his courage (not to mention intestinal fortitude)in reading an essay by The Doughy Pantload.

Jonah Goldberg: an asswipe of a mama's boy.


Hey Field Negro! {raised fist}

If anyone here wants to write an article to REFUTE this one, the email address is:

Thanks for blowing the trumpet, my brotha!


Whitney B. said...

That rag has gone down the toilet since Bill Buckley left. At least he wasn't nasty and he was extremely brilliant, to boot! He was a true conservative, not a neo-con like all these a-holes today!

I hope the O man slays Hillary in NC and comes squeeking in in IN. One can always have a dream!

I'm off to Newfoundland for the next week and a half. It will be nice to get away from all the horse hockey that's flying around the pundits and quote un-quote journalists!

Anonymous said...

"Hitler himself insisted he was no patriot, but a nationalist. The USA was created as a nation dedicated to limited government and individual rights. Fascist nationalism is almost the complete opposite of patriotism."

Funny that he should say this when it's clear that his own definition of American patriotism is actually nationalism.

Anonymous said...

The best Obama can hope for is enough votes (over 51%) to say he has a mandate. Then I think he might only have 2 years to get serious legislation passed depending on the reaction from Congress etc... Nothing against Obama, change is difficult, unity is scary.

Professor Zero said...

Great post and punch line, although Elle and others are right, the argument doesn't hold water. Still: arguments like these do persuade many people and it is good to respond.

"I want to know who is driving the damn bus that almost ran down the old lady in the first place." YES.

Christopher said...

What a night for Barack!

He's leading 14 points in North Carolina and he's just 4 points behind the Borg Queen in Indiana with Gary and West Lafayette still being counted.

It's time for the Borg Queen to pack up her tent and go home.

She's not going to be the nominee.

Time to practice saying, "President-elect, Barack Obama!"

field negro said...

Chris, I think you are right! But she started her speech by slamming your boy. I guess she is going all the way to Denver.

"The Doughy Pantload." admiral komack, remind you not to piss you off. :)

Christopher said...


She sounds like a lunatic.

She's begging for money and asking people to go to and make a donation.

Maybe Huma gave her a handful of Ativan before taking the stage?

rikyrah said...

Andrew Sullivan's Latest:

Black Voters Did It - a MUST READ

Constructive Feedback said...

Darn it Field. I thought you were talking about the Johan Goldberg column that appeared in the USA Today on Monday:

In this article he lays out the case that the Clintons got bitten by the same race card that they have been using for years.

(Could ONE of your posters actually use a sample of Goldberg's text to TRASH HIM rather than making generalizations about him?

I could publish several emails written by me to both Jay Bookman and Cynthia Tucker to back my claim that they are both political hacks. Some of you need to learn how to debate. It's sad and sickening the way you do.)

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