Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two wrongs....

I know that I should be posting something about the "O" man's victory tonight, and that I should be congratulating you Obamaholics on a nice win. But sorry, tonight I have something else on my mind.

Now I am going to surprise some folks, but I am pretty much a law and order guy. I know I am opposed to the death penalty, and I believe that felons should be allowed to vote. I believe that society should try to find ways to let felons transition back into the mainstream, and yes, I actually defend people accused of committing crimes. But still, I believe that if you commit a crime and you are found guilty, your ass should do the time. I believe that every citizen should respect the law, and police officers who put their butts on the line to protect me, deserve my utmost respect.

Having said that, something happened here in Philly last night that was quite disturbing. Once again some of our boys in blue acted like the gangsters that they are supposed to be protecting us from. If you haven't seen the video yet, I guarantee you that you will soon. [look here and judge for yourself] It isn't quite Rodney King, but it's bad. And let me be fair to Philly's finest, they just lost one of their own (see my sidebar) when some animal decided to take his life with a high powered assault rifle. So I know that they are on edge. Especially since one of the perpetrators of the crime is still on the loose. Still, it's not excuse to make a pinata out of a bunch of shooting suspects, and ignore all your years of training by letting your raw emotions take over.

So Inspector Ramsey, welcome to Philly, you are going to find that this is not D.C., our cops reflect the attitude of our people, and our people have some serious attitude problems. There are all sorts of issues involved here: Race, neighborhoods, the blue wall camaraderie, and law and order. My city is on edge and it's not even summer yet. Watching the reports of that officer's shooting the other night, broke my heart. And hearing that his last words to bystanders was, "tell my wife I love her", damn near had me tearing up.

But then, watching how his fellow officers behaved after this chase, broke my heart all over again.


Anonymous said...

The kicking looked pointless to me. They pulled over and surrendered.

ZACK said...

It's gonna get better Field. * Internet handshake/hug*

Chicago has similar problems with crime and despair. But the "audacity of hope" is bigger than Barry O and his marketing....I mean campaign team. It's all we have when you people are being taken away from us senselessly.

Amazing post! I'm glad that I kinda influenced you to stray from politics for a bit. But I feel bad about the circumstances. My prayers are with that officer's family.

Anonymous said...

Freaking crazy. I was here in Cali when Rodney King went down, and this was just as disturbing. I thought only skinheads kicked people like that.

field negro said...

Thanks zack, but I really wanted to post about the "O" man tonight.

szechuanpork,they did seem to surrender, but given how these cops are feeling right now, I am sure they wish they hadn't. Question: What is behind that name,"szechuanpork"?

"I thought only skinheads kicked people like that."

No comment on that one ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I'm double posting.
The name is in regards to Arkansas Razorback Football/Basketball. One name for all forums I thought. I hope the summer goes OK for yall there. I hate the fear of going outside, shouldn't happen to anyone, let alone kids.

Anonymous said...

That's ok Field. Obama kicked butt in NC and just might win IN. And Clinton has cancelled all of her morning tv show appearances. Hahahahahaha.

field negro said...

szceh...you can double post all you want. And thnks for the explanation. What happened to "Pig Suey"? [sic]. Thanks for the kind thoughts about our city.

"That's ok Field. Obama kicked butt in NC and just might win IN. "

heartsandflowers, I am watching the returns now, and the Jackson 5's hometown might take it over the top for the "O" man. This, after the Ice Queen declared victory in her speech. Wow.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field: I just started my own blog; and I, too, wanted to blog about Obama's victory in North Carolina. Instead, I posted about violence in black and poor communities, including the shooting murder of a 15 year old girl here in Minneapolis, about a block from where I do volunteer work.

Okay. No excuse for bad police behavior. But, given the violence in our communities, given the tough job they have, i'm reluctant to accuse the police of wrongdoing, unless the evidence is overwhelming.

field negro said...

macdaddy, I didn't know you started your blog? Shoot me an e-mail, and let's talk about linking up. Congrats!

Every commenter here should have a blog. The ones that do, all have pretty good sites. That's why I love the www :)

I will make sure I check out your post on violence in MN. Although I can't believe they have violent crimes in "Prince" country.

Anonymous said...

When the O man is president all of our troubles will disappear. Our black men will be released from prison. Our black men will stop beating the hell out of our black women. Our black men will stop fathering children out of wedlock. Our black men will stop raping our black women. Our black men will stop slangin and smokin and get jobs, good paying jobs, telling whitey what to do. Our black women will fall in line and bring our black men cold glasses of water and rub our black men's feet. It will be great. I can't wait.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field: You got it.

Hagar's Daughter said...

anonymous: When the O man is president all our troubles will disappear...

Tee Hee

Our black women will fall in line...

Wait a min

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Field I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. You're very intelligent, down-to-earth, and funny. Most of all, you keep it real and that's a plus in my book.

I hope you enjoyed the poem that I sent to you through kid titled, "Am I American." I wrote it after observing how main stream media uses a double standard when speaking about African Americans, especially, concerning Obama.

After every storm there is a rainbow, and Obama has been going through his storm.

David Larsson said...


Thanks for posting the link to the video. Our city honors the memory of Sgt. Liczbinski. The actions depicted on that videotape are profoundly dishonorable.

"The future is dark ... Dark ... as in inscrutable, not as in terrible. We often mistake the one for the other." Before tonight, I had fully expected that our country was going to dishonor itself by destroying the campaign of one of the more able politicians that our country has produced in recent memory by playing the race card on him (and yes, I agree with your suggestion that the "race card" has been "played" against black people in this country for close to 400 years before JC [Johnny Cochrane] ever showed up). But the seemingly inevitable didn't happen tonight, and I'm really surprised, because I've seen the Willie Horton movie before, and I know how it usually ends. To me, the different ending tonight is not so much about what the O-Man did or what the Ice-Queen didn't do -- it's about the actions of tens of thousands of Americans who simply and eloquently asserted their Constitutional right to vote, in record numbers. That's the most patriotic thing I've seen in a long time.

Dave from West Jersey

ZACK said...

Anonymous@12:53 A.M. is obviously trying to steal my thunder as the king of sarcasm at this blog.

It's working. No thunder for me. :(

And the only storm Obama is going through involves not being able to blind our political mindsets with his false "sunny" forecast about America.

Anonymous said...

Obama is directing the talking points from the corporate media now. It's nomination time and I will sing "Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead" until the day he's sworn in. Now who's going to challenger her seat in the Senate and Charles Rangel and all those useless CBC members esp Mama Kilpatrick?!

Anonymous said...

I should have known from the sullen looks on the faces of Lou Dobbs and others that Obama had pulled in more delegates. I guess their daily rants leading up to the primaries about Rev. Wright weren't quite enough to throw off the voters. Oh well. *shrug*

As far as the war on the streets is concerned, I really don't know what the answer is to bring about more peace. I don't think any particular police chief or commissioner necessarily can solve anything either. We had Charles Ramsey in DC for several years and he did a great job. But it seems that the problem that we're dealing with needs to be dealt with on a more grassroots level like in the homes, churches, schools, and communities. If we could at least help put the fractured family structure back together, that would be half the battle. Until then, I continue to support law enforcement and all, but we could really do well with not having the Five-O kicking the crap out of us before the court date, too.

Kristin said...

Simply put this is mob mentality. It’s permissible only because they are wearing blue in place of white.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I believe that society should try to find ways to let felons transition back into the mainstream[/quote]

It would be even greater if YOU and others expected the FELON to find ways to TRANSITION BACK INTO THE MAINSTREAM.....by not assaulting us and thus violating our civil rights. Seems to me to be a two way street.

[quote] and yes, I actually defend people accused of committing crimes. But still, I believe that if you commit a crime and you are found guilty, your ass should do the time[/quote]

Somehow Mumia Abu Jamal doesn't fit within this mantra.

What about the cops in the Sean Bell incident who were found NOT GUILTY? Does the converse of your statement stand as well? Or do you keep "seeking justice" until a ruling that is favorable to you is rendered?

Inspector Ramsey?
Isn't he the Black Police Chief who is a part of the Democratic Administration that governs Philly?

Damn! I thought things were going to get better for people who look like US once we put people who LOOK and THINK like us into office.
(At this point some of us interpolate the conditions in the depression Northern cities that are ran by Democrats onto the "Audacity" to believe that an Obama presidency is going to pave the streets with gold. Others will continue to "vote their hopes" but close their eyes as to what is really going on in the streets of their own community.

WHO IS the "Sell Out" to the true interests of the Black community as they work in service to some other entity and its power?

Christopher said...

The police in this country are a protected class who prey on citizens the way lions in the Serengeti prey on wildebeests for food.

It's impossible to empanel a jury and get a conviction of wrong-doing when a cop is the defendant. Jurors simply won't convict a cop.

Personally, I detest the police and I have absolutely no use for them. This is way I would never clear voir dire. If asked how I feel about the police, I would tell the truth: "I don't like them and I don't trust them."

Anonymous said...

"It makes no sense. Nobody deserves to be beaten like that. They'll throw you in jail for treating a pit bull like that," said Leomia Dyches.
Her son, Dwayne, was the man pulled from behind the driver's seat in the video


Lady, not only are the police supposed kick your son's puck-ass mo-foin' ass, they should kick your ass for spawning a piece of crap such as him.

In the city where I reside little girls jumping double-dutch on the sidewalks outside their homes have been shot dead by these punk drive-by shooter ass Negroes. Mother-bump you and your son ____________.

Kristin said...

@nsangoma NO one deserves to be beaten in that manner. The crime the suspects committed should be prosecuted in a court of law in the proper manner. The suspects were not resisting from what I could tell. This is vigilantism and it’s illegal as well. TWO wrongs never make it right.

Anonymous said...

nsangoma is a kapo.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

At one point I had the utmost respect for police officers, I always told my son that they're here to protect and serve, but after the Sean Bell incident, I will always raise an eyebrow. Sadly enough, my son & I were at a restaurant eating a few weeks ago, and he saw a group of cops having lunch. My son got excited and waved at their table. They glanced up at him and didn't even have the decency to wave back. As my son was clearing the table I walked over to their table and told them that a simple wave back was all that he was looking for, and rolled my eyes at them and kept on walking.

My son asked me when we got into the car, if those were good cops or bad cops...and I couldn't even answer his question.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Hey, field, Send me your correct e-mail address. I tried to shoot you an e-mail at your yahoo address and it came back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I lurk more than comment but I just wanted to say that this was a really good post. Sorry you had to write it.

Francis Holland said...

And Field, if my Black parents named me "Eunoch", that could leave me with a color-aroused antipathy toward ALL Black people. Every time someone said my name, I'd wonder why my Black parents prejudged my manhood wanting before I was able even to talk.

When we look around for reasons why Black people do what we do, whites are all too ready to say that it's because we are Black rather than because we are human.

Anonymous said...

If this punk-assed speed-away driving n*gger had run over field, or Mrs. field, or you, or one of your loved ones, would I still be a female trustee in a Nazi concentration camp?

Kapo, s*ssy, on this; this great big ginormous titanium-one right here!

Lola Gets said...

I caught a wee bit of that video on television, and because I couldnt hear the commentary, I thought it was the Rodney King video - it just had to be! The police still cant be doing this kind of shit, for no damned good reason anymore! Oh, but no, I was wrong.

Due to the tension in the force, I can kind of understand why theyd be so keyed up, but violence at this level is truly uncalled for and should definitely be punished. I hope you let us know how this case turns out, Field.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Fucking cops. They have become a scourge on our society. Weeneed to totally rethink ad reinvent the whole idea of "law enforcement officer." They are mostly ignorant thugs.

After a depressing week of watching the MSM run non issue topics and go thug themselves on Obama, last night was the highlight of this campaign.
Maybe the proles ARE waking up and paying attention.

Jonzee said...

Recidivism is a huge issue. And current policy makes it nearly impossible for a person to successfully reintergrate. If you do your time, you should be given back your access to your rights as a citizen--one of the most important of which is your right to vote.

And of course we know who disinfranchisement effects the most.

According to data culled by the Prison Policy initiative, 60% of all folks released from prison will return within a year. If a formerly incarcerated individual can make it past a year their chances of returning go down significantly.

Whitney B. said...


Getting ready to leave for Newfoundland, but I had to get my field fix.

First, I agree that felons, after prison term, should have their right to vote restored. My first husband was a felon (caught with 6 oz of mary jane in KY) and he finally got his right to vote restored by writing to the Gov of KY (after years of my prompting him). 'Course by that time, it was no longer a felony to have 6 oz of weed.

Maybe my memory is bad, but to me those Philly cops looked like they did as bad a beating, and perhaps even worse, than what happened to Rodney King. Looked like a whole lot of kidney kicking was going on there. I am totally appalled by their behavior. How many cops does it take to beat 3 folks senseless?!!!

Glad the O man stomped Clinton in NC. I didn't expect anything less. The stomping was really great because of the negative Clinton campaign there. And the slim lead in IN was interesting since Bubba Billy was spending so much time in small towns of IN trying to relate to the Bubbas there. I'm betting the O man won in most Indianapolis districts, which is working class and middle class, and in the "Chicago" area (wherever that is...having grown up in Chicago, I don't get this new media adaptation).

field negro said...

C...feedback,did you just invoke the name Mumia into this conversation?Does being a complete moron take work or are you just a natural? Geez!

Macdaddy,try it again at fnblg@yahoo.com. That should

Funqk black chick, that is such a sad story. I swear that sh** is as upsetting as the beat down that was caught on tape.

Another chris,thanks for the kind words.And stop lurking and start commenting :)

Segacious and chris, I would want you two on my jury everytime :)

Anonymous said...

The Black community themselves, Black men, should have come out and beat the living baboon piss out of these n*ggers for endangering Black children and Black women with their reckless behaviours.

Big Man said...

If you call the cat who shot the officer and animal, it indirectly feeds into the mindset that allowed this beating to occur.

The cat shot the officer is a criminal, but he's still a human being. Dehumanizing criminals is what allows this country to ignore rehabilitiation or the rampant rape and violence prevalent in prison. Until we begin to consider people humans no matter how heinous their crimes, then these issues will never get addressed.

Fredric said...

I knew you'd have an insightful opinion on the matter as you are in Philly. What is the mood like on the ground?

I just posted our take of it on our site.


Christopher Chambers said...

Field--what's the alternative? We have multiple generations of nihilistic, anti-social fools and children out there who will not respond to billions in "programs" (not that "programs" are bad...but tossing money at a structure, complex and generational problem does not work).
Law and order and ass kicking without justice is fascism. But all this touchy-feely-ism and he cops are all pigs stuff is a credit card slid for anarchy, rot.
The pysche of the community must change. Do you want to have a better life? Do you want generations going forward to do so? Fine. Turn in your relatives wo are out here doing this evil. Raise your kids to respect each other and this community, to respect education. Pie in the sky? Hell yes--but what the hell else to do, Field?
There has to be rules, oversight, justice. But there MUST be asswhippings, too. Even severe ones.
I hate to sound like Jonah Goldberg, but yeah, I'm gonna be hating myself: There are nations and ugly places on this planet where people of color look at the Philly cops and say "damn, I wish I could have some of that. Here other black/brown folks, they just kick down the shack and rape my wife and cut my hand off or kidnap my father and I never see him again."

I put on more Jonny Quest for you...


Field Negro! {raised fist}

Thanks for this post!

Charles Ramsey came from police-state D.C. and the cops are as "gangsta" in that city as they are in the Big Apple (I've heard)!

What is disturbing to me, though, is that our black brothas are out here LIVING AS IF Amerikka is a land of the free when the records show that it's OPEN SEASON on black men....and I am not saying that black men must cower in their homes and hide...I am saying that black men may want to come together....MORE THAN ONE MILLION STRONG....get to D.C. once more and this time have a PLATFORM of specific issues that they are standing on....

I was at the Million Man March - and in fact - I was in the crowd among the men at the march until someone on stage noticed me and sent an N.O.I. security to bring me on stage. There was no statement of the ISSUES that black men will demand action on.

Until our black brothas unite and show that they have had ENOUGH, the culture of this nation will continue to be "shoot a brotha get a paid vacation".


Your sistas "GOT YO BACK"!
{raised fist}

Thank you for letting me blow my trumpet!


You are welcome to visit:

We're discussing BLACK MASCULINITY right now....

Anonymous said...

We are celebrating the victory of the "O" man in spite of the controversy!

Anonymous said...

I had to post again. I've been thinking about starting a blog for few months now Field but I spend soooo much time lurking and commenting....well I really do need to put pen to paper.

Those police officers were wrong. The mentality is just so messed up. I think there needs to be a very powerful neighborhood board that the police have to report to as well as their commission. IF there were actual repercussions things would change. Also people need to take responsibility for their neighborhoods. Why are so many Black males unemployed? There's systemic racism at play here as well. But the criminal mindset needs to be squashed, the get rich or die trying manifesto is a cancer to our communities. Also people are depressed! How else to explain you as a male describing yourself as a nigger and a thug and women as a bitch and a ho? It's sickening.

But thank GOD this primary is ending soon. It's time to start mobilizing people! Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Field- I just read that those cops have been taken off the streets. Thank God!


@ Mimi

Taking those cops off the street means NOTHING at all! No black people need to breath a sigh of relief as though taking THOSE off the streets solves the problem.

It does NOT solve "the problem".

The ax has not been put on the root.

I don't think taking those cops off the beat means ANYTHING because there are thousands more just like them who are on the streets right now.

Those cops are part of a POLICE CULTURE that has gone unchecked in this nation for a long time - not just in Killedelphia but all over the country.

When the black man gets real tired of seeing his brothas getting their behinds whipped and when he gets tired of the white man's foot up his behind, he WILL rise up...I know he will...some have ALREADY begun the uprising!

To the Field Negro! {raised fist}

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


Christopher said...

I lived most of my adult life in Los Angeles.

Bay Area born and raised but moved to the "Southland" after school.

The cops in LA are notorious. The LA County Sheriff is vehemently homophobic and utterly lawless. You learn fast if you're gay or a person of color to avoid these shitheads in blue. They're not your friends -- quite the opposite.

Christopher Chambers said...

Black woman trumpeting:

When is the black man going to get tired of murdering his own people in the streets? Stop devastating his own communities, exaulting violence and sex over school, staying IN school, advancement? Grow weary of buying a lot of garbage or listening to it or watching it on so called "entertainment television?" Sicken himself over the false starts of new paradigms where we as black men grow up, shut up the whining, stop defending the miscreants, fanatics, fools out there (and the animals note Field Negro uses the term "animals" more than even I do)? Start telling our young women yeah, Condi Rice may have a bizarre political philosophy and God help her for that, but THERE is a REAL role model, not Keyshia Cole or the babymammas out there.

I'm not attacking you, and keep blowing your horn. But you need to blow it about this, too, and we have to make some hard choices. There are some elements we have to either repudiate or jettison. Now.

Christopher Chambers said...

Christopher, would LA be better off without the cops or the Sheriff's department? I hate corruption. Unfortunately it's tough to separate it from brutality. Admittedly, I am a tiny bit more tolerant for ass whippings and 9mm beat downs. Yes, in certain circumstances.

Gestapo or Judge Dredd? Yeah. The hard part is controlling, regulating, tuning and applying it. Go ahead and call me a fascist. However you have to have that very edge, that ass stomping, rights violating, baton-smacking given the crap that's out there. Indeed that crap grows not ONLY in poverty and despair, but culture (come to Ramsey's old neighbor--Prince Georges County Maryland, and see supposedly "working/middle class" young black men and second generation from Central American immigrant teens acting out as if they were hard thugs!

When a cop messes with me or my family, I get angry. But a nice juicy chunk of that is reserved for all the pieces of shit male and female, who make it so easy for them to justify it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, po' babies; after endangering the community by shooting at someone, then endangering the community again by driving away recklessly at high rates of speed; the police stopped them and kicked their punk-assed, mo-foin'-ass, asses and made dem kwy.

Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. Don't maque dem po' po' boys kwy; don't make dere negligent-ass mamas kwy, too. Don't make dere negligent-ass mamas kwy on local TV. Just let dem go on about dere usual bid-ness of committing Negroe mayhem upon the Negroe community.

field, I though Negroe men such as yourself were patrolling your neighborhoods there in Philly to keep these low, low-dogg Negroes in check.

You punking out field?

shine said...

I saw the video last night--it made me sick to my stomach. Haven't we seen this before? There is something stirring in the air in Philadelphia, I can feel it. People are tired. The cops are kicking down doors around my campus and interrogating an entire community. Police do not have a free pass to act like animals. Aren't they supposed to be the very protectors of civility? I appreciate law and order but "absolute power corrupts absolutely." The behavior displayed on that video is cowardly. Trust me, there will be a reckoning.

RedLipstick said...

I'm co-signing with you again Chris Chambers and also nsangoma on this one. This type of nonsense continually makes me weary.

Seeing as both mothers were dismayed by seeing the video I can't help but wonder what a difference it would have made if Ms. Leomia and Ms. Shirley did the kicking at home instead of Dwayne and Pete being kicked in the street by the police. Had they NOT been fleeing the scene of a shooting they most likely would not have been in harms way!

The bottom line--people have to own their actions. Dwayne and Pete are not stupid--THEY KNOW THE DRILL. Everybody in America saw Rodney King so they knew how it was going to go down.

Seriously, unless they have a DEATH WISH they need to stop doing asinine stuff that might get them killed!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]C...feedback,did you just invoke the name Mumia into this conversation?Does being a complete moron take work or are you just a natural? Geez![/quote]

Indeed I did.
You see Mumia Abu Jamal is alive to tell about what happened - Officer Faulker is not alive to tell his side of the story. Oh wait.....as verbose as Jamal is he did not answer the interviewer from "60 Minutes" when he was asked a direct question.

It is good to see Professor Marc Lamont Hill run the column of a convicted killer on his blog site and advocate for his release and for the release of the MOVE 9....all the while the murder count in Philly is up to (hold on a minute let me check your "Leftwing Bar of Shame") 104. But cheer up Field - Bush will be out of office in 257 days and I am sure that Philly will turn around with its Democratic leadership at that time. The Black community's 95% support for the party indeed will start to pay off in the schools and on the streets then.

Let me ask you a question though - if Rudy Guiliani is to blame for the brutality of his police force......which of the recent Democratic Mayors should be held accountable for these cops that acted like a mob? Street or Nutter? (Or is your answer "It doesn't matter" because you are happy that your party is in power?)

What are you striving for with your political advocacy again? Certainly it is not the "Best Interests of the Black community" for you and others have so little to show for it.

Next time someone campaigns regarding how much better it will be when "people who think like you" get in office I hope that you don't go along for the ride and instead hold them to it.

Christopher Chambers said...

Loathesome (hahaha--just kidding) I am on nsangoma's team here.Ever hear Chris Rock talk about how he is liberal as hell on everything except crime--even when it comes to issues like this? Look the cops are out there beating EVERYONEs ass these days. The reason they are NOT as buckwild with rich white folks and yes--any black folks who can produce ID showing they are upper middle class is because they don't want to get fired. Note many of these municipalites have black mayors and police chiefs.

Field, it is strange that a lot of folks commenting on this post are spouting the usual F-the cops whining and moral outrage yet barely notice your Honorary Field Negro panel--a white cop--or your use of the term "animal." It's almost sad.

Indeed there was a piece in today's Post down here about how this nihilism and behavior and "don't snitch" mentality even derailed a police excessive force case. None of these negroes would speak to the FBI or internal affairs folk about a shooting where a teen was killed after two cops went after him for stealing a bike from their neighborhood. Note they were black cops living in a gated community next to the hood. The wannabe hoodlum supposedly had a gun and they blew him away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enlightenment Field I hadn't heard about this yet. I just blogged on part of the reason why this kind of thing happens. And the obvious one is that the police are not "our" police they serve the interests of the rich and protect private property but they also use their power to enforce our societies stereotypes. A friend of mine used to say, "the cops hit you with that stick to remind you of your place in this society."

Sister Shine in a society run by real human beings the police would enforce the "rules of civility."

And just importantly the laws in just about every municipality give the police a lot of leeway when it comes to dealing with us (citizens) which is why it is so hard to convict cops for mistreating citizens. In a phrase is because it is "lawful." Let me know brother Field if I am wrong here but I bet the laws in Philly give the police a lot of lattitude as well.

My commentary on why the law isn't the final say is on www.blackagendarreport.com is entitled, "It may be legal but it aint right"

What up Mac?

field negro said...

christopher, the animal that shot that officer wasn't riding in this car, he is dead!

I agree with you that we have some serious issues with these little knuckleheads in our neighborhoods, but the people who are paid to protect and serve us should protect ALL of us.

" The behavior displayed on that video is cowardly. Trust me, there will be a reckoning."

shine, let's hope not, or god help us all.

"Indeed I did.
You see Mumia Abu Jamal is alive to tell about what happened - Officer Faulker is not alive to tell his side of the story."

And over three hundred people meet a violent end on our citie's streets every year. And I am including other police officers in that number. So your point about Mumia was what?

BTW, the last time I checked, if he is lucky, Mumia will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field sorry for the double, but I had to respond to Christopher Chambers line, "you have to have that very edge ass-stomping, rights violating, baton-smacking given that crap thats out there."

I feel your frustration Christopher but the same system that helped produce some of the same craziness that gets on all our nerves are the same folks who make it okay for the cops to brutalize us. While it is easy to label the folks who act like hoodlums as the problem. If we are honest we have to explore the conditions that created these folks.

Why do they hate themselves and their brothers so much? Why aren't the schools in the inner city better? Why aren't there more jobs for young people? Why does a simple arrest for almost anything mark many of these young people for life, making it difficult to obtain future employment? This didn't happen in a vacum.

I live in Miami and I am an activist as well as journalist and the police always apply the rights violating and ass stomping and baton smacking to folks who cannot defend themselves. The people they victimize have always been unarmed and many of the victims of police killings here and around the country have been older folks, the mentally handicapped and just folks who really had no real chance of hurting the cops. And many of the times the victim is shot in the back or beaten down after they have been subdued.

Now there is shooting in our neighborhood at least once a week and no matter how much the police are called, even when they are called as a confrontation is taking place they never come until after everything is over.

You get my point, most of the most violent police behave quite cowardly and they have no plans on stomping on the real threats in our community. They don't confront real armed lawbreakers and they sure don't bumrush folks who can defend themselves. And thats how should be since thats not really their job in capitalist society anyway.

Constructive Feedback said...

Indeed there was a piece in today's Post down here about how this nihilism and behavior and "don't snitch" mentality even derailed a police excessive force case. None of these negroes would speak to the FBI or internal affairs folk about a shooting where a teen was killed after two cops went after him for stealing a bike from their neighborhood.[/quote]

Christopher Cambers: Interesting that THIS story doesn't get much play:


The effects of Stop Snitching and witness intimidation prove DEADLY. But hey this is Black on Black violence so - no big deal.

Anonymous said...

You saw them beat the crap out of those young men... why the hell do any of you that defend that automatically BELIEVE the cops version of what happened. I have it on pretty good authority that the cops may have lied about what lead up to the stop... in fact, reports from the street are that they did NOT see the shooting, just got a description of a car and, given that NO GUN was found in the car... this well may be a case of stompin on the wrong people.... Think about it... why would the shooter NOT get back in the car to get away, which is what the cops said... and if he was on foot, and they were on the scene, why did they not catch him??? All I am sayin, is take what the cops are sayin with a gigantic grain of salt!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"What up Mac?"
Mellaneous: Just checking the field. I know he's always starting something.

field, did you get my e-mails? If not, check me out at my new blog at daddyBstrong.blogspot.com. You too, mellaneous. Blessings.

Chris said...

it's hella hard to take down a grown man without deadly force, let alone 3 grown men.

i don't really see the big deal here, the numbers *look* extreme, but try to restrain someone and you'll see what i'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that video and talking about this topic. What was disturbing to me was not just that they kicked the hell out of these guys, but that afterwards they went about things as if it was "business as usual." The fact that that behavior was normalized seems to go beyond being angry in the moment.

field negro said...

Good point sytgrl, the calm precision which some of those officers used to carry out that beating was kind of scary.

macdaddy, I love your site my man, and I got you up.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

jody, why didn't the car stop?

Gregory Williams said...

It won't getbetter, it's getting worse.

It is the same crap we saw here in Cincinnati.

With the same lame as justifications.

Anonymous said...

who are we hating today "indians" no sorry, communists, no sorry, oh our own ppl "thugs" not Reagan and Iran-contra scandal that brought crack into our neighborhoods, no each other, thanks nsangoma

Field, because you continue to let this racist, evil mother comment, I am officially done with black blogs, never anything uplifting, ppl on the Internet are racist cowards, I'm tired of the vitriol
No positive stories? no exchange of ideas for solutions? Just the same ranting and bullsh%$@! I haven't watch Fox News in years, why comment on them?

Anonymous said...

when I hear ppl talk about "thugs" I know they don't know American History
Violence has been the norm in America, the first gangs were the Irish, first riots (hanging of anyone that got in their way was white people). why do blacks hate each other? Nsangoma, Bill Cosby prime examples of the hate. Where are the positive examples of solving this problem that crack brought to our neighborhoods? why hate each other?
somewhere the devil is smiling, so much hate spewed on the Internet, cops kill unarmed, let's blame the thugs, read through American history, same statements were made about the Indians that ppl are making here, wakeup!

If the true story was taught about the whole history of black people on the Earth, these "thugs" may have sense of pride, but since the message is you ain't sh#$%$ these "thugs" internalize the message so do the racist, we need to change education in this country. When I mentor youths, they are awakened when they find out their true history, most of the males I come across, truly believe they are not sh&t so they do not care about their lives or others, do something, come up with problem solvers, that's what I do, I try to change a person's perception of themselves and black ppl in general , not just complain.
Even Chris rock stated on PBS he thought neither he nor his famil weren't sh@#@$@! until he learned of his family tree.

The stupid believe what the masses tell them, why hate on our youth help them, give them a sense of pride, mentor, or shut the f up!

Anonymous said...

the young angry black urban male with "nothing to lose" still scars people shitless. lets hope Obama brings some sanity to the situation.

Anonymous said...

Sho enough. When the O man is the president, no cops will dare kick or beat down a black man. I can't wait to see the promise land. My lady is already lining up to give me all the pussy I want because a black man will be in office. It's magic.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]lets hope Obama brings some sanity to the situation.[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was sitting in the airport, flying out to spend another day peddling the evil wares of my corporation.

On the airport channel I watched CNN interview the DEMOCRAT mayor of Philadelphia who is Black and the Police Chief who was in command of these cops who also was Black.

I wondered if the 3 Black dudes who got the sh_t killed out of them had the "audacity of hope" that the cops would stop......because two Black Democrats were in charge of the city and the police department?

Anonymous said...

Constructive feedback, what it is that you are saying, can you break it down for me? I am a little slow

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Constructive feedback, what it is that you are saying, can you break it down for me? I am a little slow[/quote]

Sure elena.
I was responding to another drinker of the "Audacity of Hope" Koolaide.

I was making note that "getting your ass kicked" by the Philadelphia Police Department feels little different when the Mayor and police chief are Black and Democrats than if they were White Democrats as was the case when Mumia Abu Jamal, the hero of the Black Nationalist who would rather focus on this event nearly 30 years ago than the mayhem on the streets of Philly To-Damned-Day.

In summary Elena the comment that I was responding to is yet another example of using HOPE as a bandage for what is in front of you today but failing to implement LOGISTICAL SKILLS that will allow you to recognize these benefits.

Do you know how many Black males must have dreamed of the day there was a Black Mayor and Black police chief in Philadelphia after being brutalized by the cops there?

Now after much political struggle - surprise - THEY HAVE WHAT THEY WERE STRUGGLING FOR and STILL little has changed.

What do they do now? Learn how to MANAGE their community? NO!!

They shift toward a "NATIONAL Audacity of Hope".

Instead of "audacity" maybe they just have "some damned nerve" to keep thinking as they do, so abstracted from reality?

I'll ask again: What is our people's plan in the "now that we have chased all of the conservatives out of our communities and are governed by the Democrats that we like...this is what we'll do to get our best interests expressed" plan.

Do you see this plan in action?

field negro said...

"What is our people's plan in the "now that we have chased all of the conservatives out of our communities and are governed by the Democrats that we like...this is what we'll do to get our best interests expressed" plan."

"Our people"? Wow, who knew.

Anonymous said...

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