Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Damn Yankees, and the skinny on Obama.

Let me start off tonight's post by saying congrats to the Zoo Yawk Hankees. Looks like the venerable franchise is going to win their 27th (or is it 28th) World Series at the expense of the "Fightens". That's an impressive run. I will ignore the fact that half of those championships came when there were like what, eight teams in baseball, not to mention a certain guy with a candy bar named after him wearing the pinstripes.
Still, I won't say anything negative about the Yankees tonight, they deserve their rings. Hopefully A-Rod's will be able to fit his ring finger. I am pretty sure that " the juice" doesn't swell those joints. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

So anywhooo, last night I blogged about Chris Christie's weight and I got some nasty e-mails about that. Quite a few people (no doubt conservatives) took offense to me making fun of the guy's wide girth.

Well, people in glass houses should never throw stones. Seems my man Matt Drudge, the Internet king of conservative news, took it upon himself to make an issue of the president's weight as well. Yeah but field, it's not like he was saying that guy is on crack or anything. He was just pointing out the fact that the president seems to have lost a few pounds. (Yeah right.)

And I was just pointing out that Chris Christie might appreciate a really nice meal every now and then. That's all. It doesn't mean that he won't make a fine governor.

"Eyebrows raised over the weekend as President Obama walked out of the gym at Fort McNair -- appearing thin as a rail! Rigorous workouts and high-stress basketball games are said to be behind the dramatic weight loss. "No, he's not chain smoking," claims an insider. "He's working non-stop for the country... yes, he does occasionally skip meals."The president explained in Miami last week: "Just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm not tough." "

That's right O man, besides, your suits still look good on you.


Anonymous said...

My Yankees won another world series. They have won so many times that it is becoming an embarrassment.

Field, Justice58 and all other Philly and South Jersey fans, I am sorry. There ought to be a law or a cap to keep a team from winning so many world series. Those damn Yankee players are wearing so many championship rings that they are starting to look like pimps.

Somebody please! Stop those damn Yankees from winning another world series!

boukman70 said...

Sorry about your Phils, Field. I was hoping to keep all these championships in PA this year. My Stillers and Pens did their part.

But I guess ya gotta give it to the Yanks. That was $400 million well-spent! Wish I could say the same for all that bailout money we sent up to NYC.

Race Traitoress said...

I commiserate with you.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The President does look good in his clothes. They just jealoous!

Anonymous said...

The President has not lost, NAY POUND! that Drudge person, would have people to believe that the President is STRESSED OUT! and that Christie man, could lose a FEW pound's, for HEALTH reason!

This President is HANDSOME as they come! and that's one of the reason's he is the President! he is Pleasing to the eye's! ask my sister, LOL LOL LOL! now she said that, not me! I know not to say such a thing! I am a up right Christian Woman! and there is no way in the world I would say, "The President is one of the most GOOD LOOKING PRESIDENT'S, this COUNTRY has ever had" I would never say anything like that! not me!!!!LOL LOL LOL



GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi Iseeisee

LOL! Yeah right! LOL! Christian women got eyes too and can see. LOL!

Did you send me a reply?

field negro said...

boukman, I feel ya. Seems we haven't been able to keep up our end of the bargain lately.

Granny and Iseisee, you all need JESUS!

Hathor said...

your suits still look good on you.

Yes Inde-de

classysbf said...

Much of the reason that Drudge and all those rightie clowns hate on Obama is because he is thin,healthy,tall,dark,handsome,SMART,articulate, friendly,well liked and charming--EVERYTHING they aren't and NEVER will be!!!
And none of their ugliness has affected any of those qualities. Hate on,losers!!!

rainywalker said...

You know your a fantastic writer and keep your eye on the ball. Believe me I don't say that about many people and I know what your gonna say. There's a "But" coming here somewhere. You ever heard of Click and Clack the Tappit brothers? They have a radio show on Saturday morning called "Car Talk." They talk about cars, they joke about cars, you learn about cars. They even have a 1-880 number where you can call them and they will put you on the radio. Any year make or model car. Likely even a Searsmobile. They don't talk about sports. No where in your blog does it say anything about being a sports blog! Now I know everyone's gonna jump here it's the sports season and I also know many Americans love their sports. Thats fine with me and keep on talking about sports. But look how many comments you got today compared to the past two days. I know different topic and not hot! Enough said.
The president looks fine to me and working your ass off will make you loose a few pounds. Damn, he President. FOX and Repurt Murdock are scraping the barrel for trash to print and one day will be standing around it like all us poor morons. We need to all start walking toward Washington and I'll bet you their bags will be packed and the beltway will be free of all do-gooders. But it has to be a "group effort" and we can take back our country without firing one shot. Not 10,000, not 1000,000 but 300 million. But you already know I don't do sports.......:)

rainywalker said...

After looking at the posts for the last two days go ahead and talk about sports!

Yankees Rule said...

The candy bar you reference was actually named after Ruth Cleveland, daughter of former President Grover Cleveland, and not the legendary Babe Ruth.

The Yankees won the WS and the Phillies lost. The game was fair and the best team won. Insults, innuendos and outright misinformation contained herein notwithstanding. But then again, that's what makes this blog such a hoot and hotbed of ignorance.


uptownsteve said...

BO is naturally thin and I guess long hours and less sleep is wearing him down.

Brother needs a vacation.

Reagan and Bush seemed to take leave every 3 months.

Go Yankees!!!

alicia banks said...


i am wounded by philly's loss
but i admire your graciousness in defeat
i am still crying harder than a-rod...

obama's medical records have been sealed

so we do NOT definitively know why he is so emaciated

we do know:

he eats well
he works out often
he plays b-ball often
he is a casual smoker of crack
and weed
he is a chronic smoker of cigs
and he has chronic cancer in his genes...

only time will tell if his gangly look is due to medical or habitual

it is nice to have a beautiful black family in dc

but that beauty will not pay my bills

i cannot get as excited about obama's suits as i get frantic about the millions of voters who are too poor to buy any clothing...or rent/own closets to store them...

uptownsteve said...

"The candy bar you reference was actually named after Ruth Cleveland, daughter of former President Grover Cleveland, and not the legendary Babe Ruth."

I thought he was talking about Reggie Jackson and the "REGGIE" bar.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie does have a large girth and so does his family. He certainly will not be the poster person for guide to better health, but it does not mean he will not be a good governor (although, I do question his ethics). All I know that he have to give him salary to run the state when Corzine only took a dollar.

I am not sports fan because does become a tribual thing with people. If these guys did not have this particular talent, we would know they would not be doing much else. I think they are paid too much money and these sport franchises do not care about the fans for if they did, they would have inexpensive seats for that they can take the family to see a game. It is all about the logo.

rottnkid said...

alicia banks, I don't respond much on this site but read it everyday. I don't do annon so I am going to say this upfront: You're very articulate but some of the dumb shyt that you type makes me scratch my head.

"he is a casual smoker of crack
and weed
he is a chronic smoker of cigs
and he has chronic cancer in his genes..."

What the hell does that mean? As you stated earlier, nobody has seen his medical records and I know damn well your not blazing with him (you probably need to though), so again what the hell does that mean?

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Eiedl, I told you I hate the Yankess with a passion normally reserved for gang rapists, CFOs, and priests who play with little boys. This world series did nothing to change my mind. It comes down this: George Steinbreen, in purchasing the best players on the market, has the ability to maintain inequity in major league baseball.

alicia banks said...


the truth is its own defense
even when you stupidly ignore it

what i define as "dumb" is cursing someone who chooses to research what you dare to ignore

in chicago
all of obama's vices and hobbies are old news

just as all of dc knew marion barry was a crackhead long before the fbi made it national news

you are very late and arrogantly ignorant
fix that

Lynne said...

Alicia Banks needs some sooooooooooo bad.

alicia banks said...


care to contribute to the convo?

only sex starved bimbos like you are singularly obsessed with the sex you crave and assume that others are also...

your horny hoochie is showing...beware

uptownsteve said...


Jody gonna kick yo butt!

alicia banks said...


you put the juice in juvenile boy!

u understand you cheering for jody as she is more man than you will ever be..

i hope you meet a real man someday

alicia banks said...


weak cowards like you instigate in schoolyards daily
get tons of jodies beatdown!

watch out there now silly sadist!

Anonymous said...

I believe and have since I saw his baby photos and younger pictures that our President is a little bit anorexic. He was a bit chubby as a child and that could NOT have been easy in Indonesia where everybody is tiny. Of course, male anorexia is hardly ever suspected and talked about even less but I believe he's got a bit of it -- not too the point where he's going to endanger himself but enough to where he flags out easier than he should from skipping meals to stay thin.


alicia banks said...



in a campaign tv interview,
i recall an indonesian childhood playmate saying that they teased obama relentlessly as an exotic chubby boy who over ate...

and we know of his issues of abandonment with his mom and bio dad which also typically lead to food as consolation/comfort/co etc

as i said

all of it is old news for those who have been paying attn...

field negro said...

AB,are you really saying that the President. Of these divided states is on crack?

You are joking,no?
I mean I know you are not a fan,but C-R-A-C-K?

alicia banks said...


i am not saying he is "on crack"

i am saying that larry sinclair and others in chi have documented his recreational DL sex and crack use to prolong his erections during fellatio

MANY politicos have such vices

it is costly ro sell one's soul

and maybe such drug use dulls the pain of doing so?

uptownsteve said...


She also thinks Obama is gay.

The basis for these beliefs are......?

alicia banks said...


you are a blatant cowardly liar

i said obama IS bi

i said i think YOU are gay you lying punk dog

Anonymous said...

Larry Sinclair is a forger, felon and crackpot. He's a nut with an Obama obsession.

Gee, who else does that sound like?

uptownsteve said...

"Gee, who else does that sound like?"

tee hee

Anonymous said...

There really is any empirical evidence that he is on the DL, in addition, Larry Sinclair is not a reliable person considering his long criminal record with a specialty in crimes involving deceit and a 16-year prison sentence.

I can understand if you do not like Obama's ideology as I do not always agree with them myself. However, the Obama was on crack, he does a very good job at hiding it well. If only I could stand there and give a speech so eloquently and not skip a beat or sweat for that matter.

Farley said...

"i am saying that larry sinclair and others in chi have documented his recreational DL sex and crack use to prolong his erections during fellatio"

Good grief.

Sharon from WI said...

Yankees Rule,

I thought the same thing, but apparently Baby Ruth Cleveland died of influenza more than 17 years before the candy bar was made. From what I've read from this Snoppes piece, it seems the bar was named for Ruth the ball player.

alicia banks said...

you obamabots have the right to deny as many truths about obama as you wish

just as i have the same right to research and embrace them

larry sinclair was a fling
i know he is telling the truth about ALL of his own sins and obama

just as one can be a racist AND be telling the truths about obama's birth and health reform hoax simultaneously...

donald young was obama's LONG TERM DL LOVER
donald was MURDERED!!!

there are millions of married dl men in black churches all over america

donald was a BELOVED teacher and TUCC choir director

don has MANY fearful friends and family who are grieving and whispering more truths about he and obama daily...

stay tuned

ALL presidents/celebs have cleaners
when we who hated gwb said there were NEVER any wmds in iraq
we were dismissed

jennifer flowers was also dismissed
until her abortion by bill c was documented
bill c's black son was also dismissed until a local preacher in ar documented all

rihanna lied about all the times that chris brown beat her...even in ct...she will finally admit all fri pm on abc

no lies or secrets live forever
even for your god obama
stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Even if he were caught 69ing a male lover with 6+ inches of manmeat tickling his throat, tossing each other's hairy salads, would it really effect his ability to be president???

Even if he had a stifling breeze of ass stink meet his lips as he ate his buddys sweaty ass-salad, would it really matter? Hell even if he sat up with a chocolate moustache...

alicia banks said...

dl assnon:

do YOU realize that your XXX gay sex fantasies are becoming MORE EXPLICIT with each post?

they are way too detailed not to be actual recollections/intense wishes...

your creepy creepings are showing...

i would despise obama if he was as het as hugh hefner

i could not care less about his sex life

it is his politics that i hate
and his blind worship by illiterate gaybashing suicidal obama nazis that i hate MOST!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see y'all Niggaz blame Drudge when O-bomber (Peace be upon him) gets diagnosed with Lung Cancer next year...I can here the conspiracy theories already...
And I'm prayin for a Cancer-Free term, that Mongoloid Biden gets in there and might as well give the country to the Sand-Niggaz...
and Field, you friggin Band know you didnt watch a Phillies game til October...


alicia banks said...

hot gay assnon:


your explicit XXX gay fantasies about obama may appreciate these carnal details:

alicia banks said...


teachers see boys abusing girls like old toxic wedded vets daily

every teen/tween should watch this fri

please share:

SickupandFed said...

Drudge is an ass trying to stay? relevant.

Conservative trash.

alicia banks said...

larry bland and nate spencer are less nationally known obama related dl murders

old local news in chi

see more on larry sinclair and his dc press conferences outing obama here:

Farley said...

AB, as a gay man who knows way too many dudes on crack, ice, whatever, that stuff does not keep you hard. In fact it has quite the opposite effect. What it does, however, is want you to have sex more.

A pretty sad state it is, to be all horned up and not be able to get it up. But that's how it is.

That is why I call BS on your statements about the prez.

alicia banks said...


like any other drug

different drugs affect people differently

many people see alcohol or wine as an aphrodisiac

others see it as as sedative/calming agent

to each their own
as a gay man
i am shocked that you deny obama is a classic dl case


maria said...

just because he's gay doesn't mean he's insane.

Farley said...

I never denied that. Hell it's none of my business, really. I do know the big DL problem among AA men. It's a big problem with hispanic men, too, but on an entirely different level. But, all in all that's between the husband and the wife, or whatever two people that step out on each other.

But my experience has been that the particular drug you listed deflates every guy I've encountered that uses it. If you find a man that does crack, he'll be wearing a big ring around his thing.

Farley said...

I don't deny that drugs affect people differently, either. Just my experience with that one drug on various men.

alicia banks said...


i believe you about the gay men you know


i believe larry sinclair about obama

we agree to disagree

i care that obama is a dl gaybasher just as i care about all hypocrites

i care that he would be a serial dl adulterer and deny my wife and i the equal right to legally wed

i care that he and his ruthless homohating posse include gays like donnie mcclurkin/demons like rick warren/and macho child torturers like tony dungy




i know obama is bi
i do not think he is gay

just because you choose to deny any truth that proves obama to be human and fallible, does not mean that you are insane either

it does mean that you are ignorant and blind

alicia banks said...


i appreciate that it is YOUR experience

and not larry's with obama

maria said...

i disagree with your highness, that makes me ignorant and blind. ROFLMAO

AB--get a job. stop monopolizing the blog and making it always all about you.

alicia banks said...


you really made no pt to disagree with!as always...
just a quick obsessive assanine dig as usual

notice how fo and i disagreed?

notice how rude and toxic you are always?

do not hate queens just because you are a peasant!!!

do not pretend that my posts are any more royal than anyone else blogging here just because they are sooooo far above your own empty crown!!!

be gone you court jester!!!!!!!

field negro said...

AB,are you really saying that the President. Of these divided states is on crack?

You are joking,no?
I mean I know you are not a fan,but C-R-A-C-K?

alicia banks said...





Anonymous said...

Field, I used to love reading your blog and reading the discussion following. Ever since this jack nut AB start posting like the poster child for mental retardation, it's distracting from your topics.

Maybe you need to start enforcing a posting limit because reading six or seven posts of her ranting in a row is getting boring.

alicia banks said...


see my original reply above
at 12:29

and then google:
"obama crack use"

this is very old news bro

many politicos swing and toke in chicago where "politician" is a synonym for "crook/shady/thug" etc

obama is THA REAL global slim shady


Jody said...

Yes AB.... it is not Maria's blog, but then, IT IS NOT YOUR, EITHER!

alicia banks said...


it is easier to lie, slur, count and whine than to debate me...

i see you faceless witless coward!

fn is not your daddy

and you are not the police of this blog

handle that

alicia banks said...


i know that

that is why i never ever try to police anyone here
even those i hate as i hate you

and why i never scream for fn like he is my daddy


alicia banks said...

i see tons of folks here post more than i do


but no one ever polices them

this is not about volume
it is about my voice

that voice that you are too weak and envious to ignore too inept to debate

alicia banks said...


now that obama is prez

he is way too isolated and protected for me to know what he is still doing/"on"/engaged in...or not


if i tune into fox news tomorrow and hear that obama is having a dl affair with reggie love and that they were busted with crack pipes...

i would NOT be at all surprised as millions of obamabots would be


Unknown said...

Leave the site for a little while and now I see the President is a bisexual crackhead on top of being an undocumented migrant worker who is both a facist and socialist. Why can't we just go back to the gfood old days with a racist who enjoys a hooker every now and then? Least that is more understandable.

maria said...

no one posts more than you. no one. someone even totaled them up!

it's not only the volume, it's the repetition and the single-mind focused attack on obama no matter the thread is about.

i'm envious of you? i'm weak? good god, you are delusional.

rottnkid said...

alicia banks said...


I didn't disrespect your government name so please don't disrespect my handle.

Thank you.

maria said...

oh she does that to everyone she dislikes.

alicia banks said...


you mean like your single minded worship?/stalking?/attacks?/slander?/slurs?/counting?/self-appointedpolicing???

you will make no rules here for anyone!

scan your own posts above and see
how rudely you interjected yourself into a debate between fo and i!!!

it is the usual hater BS that you spew herein

YOU reveal your envy/weakness/delusion with every single catty UNRELATED dig you take ALWAYS

and you hate me for SLAYING you each time i dig back jodeeeetdeeetdeeee!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

AB "uts

but no one ever polices them

this is not about volume
it is about my voice

that voice that you are too weak and envious to ignore too inept to debate"

Preach it! No one ever says anything about that evil skank LI/Kola. In fact, granny praises her.

alicia banks said...


read your post

cc me what was respectful about your INITIAL and retroactive slurs to me

respect begets respect from me

alicia banks said...



i do that to people who diss me first

"dislike" is a vulgar understatement for the intense hatred i have for shrews like you

alicia banks said...



i do that to people who diss me first

"dislike" is a vulgar understatement for the intense hatred i have for shrews like you

alicia banks said...



kola/granny/uts/earnestly etc... et al
are all a mutli generational/racial fake evil bullying tag team herein...

like the spice girls + o-town
on crack

and they ALL KNOW i am not the one...

alicia banks said...

OT fn:

seen this?

i am down 4 paying toxic parents not to breed

Jody said...

Ok.... it has needed to be said for awhile so I am going to say it...

Alicia Banks, you are an idiot. You use superlatives to describe things as though, use of superlative makes it a fact. You are insulting and rude to anyone who disagrees with you. You seem to be under the disillusion that because YOU say it is so, it is fact. Saying something 50 times does not make it the "truth." You cite crazy blogs as "evidence" and convicted frauds as "speakers of the truth".... You, when challenged, then cite your vita... which, having researched it, is also a joke. Who's Who??? Please... Who's Who is an outfit that caters to narccisists to be listed in a book and then buy the damn book... Do you really think anyone thinks that Who's Who is an accomplishment. The only accomplishment there is you are so egotistical as to think it matters.
As to you being in libraries... well, in Philly you are not. In fact, just for fun, I searched your name on on line libraries in your home state of Illinois, your current state of Arkansas, as well as Philadelphia's library.... No ma'am, you are not to be found.

NO ONE writes about you... Yes. you are a prolific writer on your own blogs and social network pages. That does not make you distinguished, respected, or honored.... it just means you write alot. But, usually people that are admired for their writings are written about... OTHERS cite their writing. OTHERS laud them... the only one lauding you is YOU.

Get over yourself. And just as you think you have a right to regurgitate your every thought, every 5 minutes every friggin day on this blog... I too have the same right to tell you....

rottnkid said...

alicia banks said...


read your post

cc me what was respectful about your INITIAL and retroactive slurs to me

I addressed you by Alicia Banks, even complimented you on being articulate THEN I called your some of your posts "shyt" (Well most). But other than that, I do enjoy some of your assinine rants. I'm done now. Carry on.

Thank you.

uptownsteve said...

"Preach it! No one ever says anything about that evil skank LI/Kola. In fact, granny praises her."

AB you're not kidding anybody.

We know this "anonymous" is YOU.

alicia banks said...


your post above is exhibit A for




do MUCH more research!!!!
take your own advice for the lies you listed above

accept my sincere empathy for your nonexistent awards and accomplishments and writings of any kind

NONE of my academic writing is online including my 4.0 summa cum laude master's thesis

my best corp awards and accolades are rarely ever mentioned

if you were capable of doing even a modicum of research in any library, you would see that i am WAY TOO HUMBLE AND RETICENT

and your empty tiny little life and mind would both be spent hating me even more!!!

alicia banks said...


i am not a coward like you

i have NEVER posted anon in my life
and i never will

and all you assnons know that


i just read your post again

i disagree again

it was VERY disrespetcful

i even missed the suggestion that i need to blaze drugs with obama before

but...thanks for the kinda compliments?

alicia banks said...


try this:

pick any award below
and then send me YOUR OWN award as a comparison...ok?

Who’s Who of American Women 2008-2010

Who’s Who in America 2008-2010

Who’s Who in American Education 2007-2008

Who’s Who in the World 2007 & 2010

Who's Who Among America’s Teachers 2005-2006

Arkansas Department of Education’s Praxis III Score: 57/27 2004

Who's Who Among African-Americans 2001

University of Arkansas at Little Rock MAIOC
Summa Cum Laude - 4.0 Cumulative GPA 2001

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Trailblazer Award 1996

Outstanding Young Woman of America 1986

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges 1984

UIUC Dean's List 1984

UIUC Senior 100 Honorary 1984

UIUC Black Alumni Association Earl Dickerson Achievement Award 1983

UIUC Black Alumni Association Potential Leadership Award 1982

UIUC 5.0 GPA Award 1982


no rush

i will even await for YOU to win
YOUR first award of any kind

alicia banks said...


about what others have to say about my writings

find their praises in these books

cc me those books that MENTION
anything YOU have penned

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
alicia banks said...


once more
(with feeling):

"Why has Alicia Banks, a beloved radio voice, gone back to school? 'I want to be as radical and renowned as a professor as I am as a talk show host.' Her FM show...has been her 'labor of love' for a decade...'I decided to change careers at this point because radio has been entirely locked down by white male neocons'...The same forces that inspired Banks to head to the hills of academia conspire against marginal forces in music...She points out that the vast majority of radio stations are owned by a small number of companies, and playlists are increasingly computerized...." GIRLFRIENDS MAGAZINE 7/2000

"Musicologist, activist, and cyber columnist is how Alicia Banks describes herself. But she's better known to her fans and detractors as a popular talk radio personality. She is the producer, creator, and host of two radio shows...Alicia heats up early morning airwaves with her take-no -prisoners approach. But her shock-jock comparisons end with her eclectic mix of music and anti-racist interpretation...." GIRLFRIENDS MAGAZINE 9/1997

"Alicia Banks drops a weekly bomb fused with consciousness and sister melodies..." HUES MAGAZINE 11/1996

"If talk radio seems dominated by clones of Rush Limbaugh, Alicia Banks is the answer...Her fans revere her...The creator of two immensely popular radio programs, Banks has her finger on the pulse of American culture. There's a growing hunger for her message..." VICTORY MAGAZINE 1/1996

"Banks makes it her business to deliver music, news and commentary in a way that challenges...Her show has become ground zero for a fire storm of controversy...Banks has built an enthusiastic audience and won a second prime time talk show...."OUT MAGAZINE 6/1994

"Banks' programs are no ordinary talk shows...Her broadcasts are not to be taken lightly. She seems ready for anything. She is fearless..." DENEUVE MAGAZINE 6/1994

"Banks' program combines the voices of Dinah Washington and Billie Holiday with tribal songs, fictional readings, erotica, and political discussions. It is the politics which have caused a stir..." THE WASHINGTON BLADE 2/25/1994

"Alicia Banks jumped the tracks from FM to AM, sending sparks through the airwaves and widening debates on heated topics...Banks is no ordinary talk show host. She's articulate, intelligent, and above all, she's fearless...Banks' soft graceful voice belies the forcefulness of her views...Since 1989, the French-fluent host has segued personal commentary and literary messages with hours of music..." ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION 10/14/1993

"Since 1989, Alicia has been heating up the airwaves with her eyebrow raising program...Although the show is packed with great voices of the past and present, there's room for deep talk...Banks is now having the last laugh with her success..." ATLANTA MAGAZINE 10/1993

"Alicia Banks is no wimp... It's that kind of outspokenness that has brought an audience to her show..." SOUTHERN VOICE 6/17/1993

Anonymous said...


Interesting to read the words of someone so mentally unhinged. Though it is sad.

toony said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
alicia banks said...


when you share that haterade with jodeetdeetdee

is it red?

who has the bigger cup?

trablyst said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JesusSaves said...

Fucking FaGGOTS and Dykes! YOU are going to burn in Hades for all eternity. You won't be loving the same sex when you flesh is peeling off and you suffer torment and turmoil that never ceases. I don't judge faggots, but God says you go to Hell so that is real to me.

vanishing point said...

Fort Hood is locked down, with a bunch people dead and wounded.

alicia banks said...


read what you just posted in jesus's name

and you dare to call gays sinners?????

hatred is not a godly value

nothing dooms like ignorance

you are sooooooo lost already
right here in the hateful hell on earth that demonic buybull idiots
like you fashion....

menporis said...

Granny,Jody, et. al, keep fighting the good fight. Eventually trolls, like the flu,will go away.

You stupid fuck, they will not. You just too pussy to do anything about it. I smell something, oh it's FN pussy, and not the one he's married to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for my Yahoo was broken.

alicia banks said...


it is a gd shame that you typically geeked jodeetdeetdee up just to get crushed by me as always...

she is like a loyal little mangy chihuahua getting set up to be mauled by a lioness

and now all you have left to instigate are lies about your own assnon posts

you are the epitome of a wimpy evil flea....get off her broken back boy!

JesusSaves said...

Loving one another means correcting one another with the Word of God. The Lord tells us what is sin, and the consequences of sin

alicia banks said...


the lord never told you to hate gays

man up and hate us on your own without dragging jesus and the buybull into

thou shalt not judge

love thy neighbors


with no *'s for gays!!!!

save your own soul
police your own sex life
we gays will do the same!!!

JesusSaves said...

why did hte angels go to sodom? not what happened after they got there, but why did they go?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell by Obamas lips he's a smoker? I cannot, but my friend says she can?

alicia banks said...


they went to destroy an ENTIRE city of evil persons and their children and pets...not gays!

your biblical education is not my reponsbility

but here's a place to start studying the unread buybull you dare to blaspheme and distort:

2. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. You will not even find the word “homosexual” in any version of this text. The angels came to destroy the city BEFORE they met the evil mob. Lot offers his virgin daughters to that same mob. Later, these same girls rape Lot. Lot’s wife was destroyed. If this story condemns homosexuality, then it also condones incest and gang rape. And, Lot’s wife was a lesbian. NONE of which is true.

From The Good Book: “The Hebrew verb “to know” is rarely used in a sexual sense. It occurs 943 times in the Old Testament and in only 10 of those does it have the sense of carnal knowledge. Sodom is referred to throughout the Old Testament as a place of wickedness and is synonymous with it. But, nowhere does it state that homosexuality was the wickedness in question...Sodomite refers almost exclusively to a male say that homosexual conduct is wrong because the bible says it is, is not to answer, but to dismiss the question....Sex can be productive without being reproductive. Homosexual rape is never to be condoned. It is indeed, like heterosexual rape, an abomination before God. David’s sin of adultery with Bathsheba does not make all heterosexual expressions sinful!”

From The Bible, Ezekiel 17:48-50: “The Lord says ‘Your sister Sodom’s sins were pride and laziness and too much food. While the poor and needy suffered outside her door, she insolently worshipped many idols as I watched. Therefore, I crushed her.’”

From What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality: “The sin of Sodom was abuse and offense to strangers-insult to the traveler, inhospitality to the needy. The story is no more about sex than it is about pounding on someone’s front door. The bible offers NO valid conclusion whatsoever about homosexuality.”

alicia banks said...



he has very dark smoker's lips


alicia banks said...

obama has been very candid about his heavy smoking and drug usage since a teen

JesusSaves said...

But what were they doing to get the angels there? duh? Unnatural acts, lying with eachother of hte same gender. etc. It's right hter in the bible.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the link alicia, I didn't know our lips got darker if we smoked...I guess I have been sleeping all these years :)

alicia banks said...

jesus bs:

read the bible
then quote scripture
as you debate it

all else is just holy/holey bs

alicia banks said...


every heavy smoker i know has very dark lips

obama is what 48?

and he has been smoking since 12?

that is a long time!

maria said...

jody, thanks. AB be gone. g

et a job. stop trying to convince people of your past glory. NO ONE CARES.

you're a shrew and an imbecile. i am sure the FBI and CIA are watching you, not to mention the men in white coats with their paddy wagon. keep threatening obama and see what happens.

alicia banks said...


you will never control traffic on this blog

you will never direct me anywhere

only weak morons like you fear the cia and fbi

i am ready to die like all of my heros and have been so for decades

i am not trying to convince anyone of anything
especially fools like you

i am blogging
like you and everyone else in here
just because you have nothing to say
do not hate on me and my posts

only obama nazis like you equate raw truths/anything less than sheer blind worship with "threats"

i have never threatened obama you compulsively lying wench

i have 4 jobs
i bet almost everyone on this blog has a job

why do you think pretending i am jobless will do anything to mask that you are sensless???????

nitpicker said...

All I know is that this place sux the the big one.

AfricanOrchid said...

wow this AB person really has no life..Field you should just change the name of your blog to AB's Place...

that is all..

great blog btw :-)

alicia banks said...

funny how so many XXX, kkk, hater morons post EXTENSIVE bs here all day

then a selective fool like african orchid/jungle flowered fool comes along with such singular focus upon me

you haters are even MORE transparent than you are amusing

Anonymous said...

Field needs AB for hits. He's a monkey's ass. The blog serves some sick need he it's making a difference, he's the laughing stock in blog land. But that's what happens when a Jamaican tries to be an African American.

AfricanOrchid said...

@AB Yawn

alicia banks said...


you all hate that i have a STELLAR, uniquely diverse, charmed, and blessed life

and your constant repulsive energy wasted on SHEER ENVY will ensure that i will always have a superior life when compared to all of you trifling, uneducated, slacker haters!!!

i never have to be a blog police poser or ask you to leave, as your tiny lives take up so little space herein...

your entire insignificant beings are proven with each horrid lie you post

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
alicia banks said...


stop looking into that hand mirror so you can stop boring yourself to yawning!

and stop being so rude

mind your manners outside of the bush!

alicia banks said...


profanity is the vocab of the inept

you are so lewd

and stop mistaking women's organs just because they are bigger than your tint penis!!!

you putrid little pud

aphor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vanishing point said...

dear alicia, i think today must be your record, almost half the comments today came from you.

i admit, they are really funny sometimes, i do love reading this blog, and my scrolling skills have greatly improved under your stellar tutelage.

huge hyena grin:)))

alicia banks said...


your math is still severely flawed

you are still not accurately counting direct responses...

you are still a selective stalker...

you still need to fix your horrid math...

so glad you arefinally accurately claiming your proper species herein though!...thanks

lethal lioness roar!

Anonymous said...

Field needs AB for hits. He's a monkey's ass. The blog serves some sick need he it's making a difference, he's the laughing stock in blog land. But that's what happens when a Jamaican tries to be an African American.


Is this a joke? Why are you even here then? Ah never mind.

Anonymous said...

Anybody here about those shootings at Fort Hood? Utterly crazy

Anonymous said...

UTS, "We know this "anonymous" is YOU."

FYI. I am not AB. What's the matter? you can't imagine anyone on this blog disliking you and LI?

Better think again.

Anonymous said...

AB, "katty:

your math is still severely flawed

you are still not accurately counting direct responses...

you are still a selective stalker...

you still need to fix your horrid math...

so glad you arefinally accurately claiming your proper species herein though!...thanks

lethal lioness roar!"

AB, I think Kathy meant to say that you set a new record in the number of hyenas you slayed today.

jeenson said...

What's up with the deleted posts? Someone grow a pair??????????

Anonymous said...

Jody at 4:03, you are awesome!

mosive said...

Why does AB piss everyone off so much?

Kags said...


Some would argue because she is always wrong
Some would argue because she is always right

But one thing is for sure, I agree with the earlier post that Field keeps her around for blog attendance purposes.


alicia banks said...




the hyenas wilded suicidally all day
pumped up by uts....who hid

and led by jodeetdeeetdeee...who choked while slain as always



and some would argue that a lot of haters are just too illiterate and weak to debate me

it is their own dual ineptitude combined with their raging envy that makes then so irate...


see more on rihanna now

eloquent fury

bon soir

La♥audiobooks said...

My heart goes out to all my black sister victims of Anthony Sowell. My condolences to their families and loved ones.

Stacks said...

Alicia, you stupid lying troll:
Now you have 4 jobs???

maria said...

AB, I think Kathy meant to say that you set a new record in the number of hyenas you slayed today.

oh, here we have another example AB as anon congratulating herself, followed by AB thanking anon. how entertaining!

she's said the 4 jobs thing before--clearly they're all part-time and low-paying (or non-paying) as she could never get any work done with the amount of time she spends running her mouth over here.

alicia banks said...


some of us have lots of electronic toys

some of us work 24 hrs

some of us are blessed to set our own schedules/telecommute/travel interstate/work in 2-3 offices in 2-3 locations/including ofcs at home...

some of us multi-task and type quickly all day long

some of us live online all day

some of us blog all over the net and run 3 blogs of our own and blog at FN all day...and work 7 days a week


i am soooooo very sorry that you are such an uneducated impoverished peasant that you cannot imagine a job beyond your own rigid french fry station...

i understand that you cannot risk dropping a blackberry in that fryer is really hard to make a big mac while blogging on your laptop

i get all that


each time you ENVIOUSLY HATE and HARP me for doing what you ALSO do all day you are exposing both your hater hypocrisy and your dismal lack of career experiences simultaneously

i am sorry you can never be me since it obviously vexes your fast-food drone spirit so

stop pissing in the shake machine and get over me/it you silly rube!!!

alicia banks said...


hating on me will never help you get even one job

fix that

Stacks said...


You appear to be schizophrenic. Have you ever seen the movie "A Beautiful Mind"?
It's funny; people like you always think everybody else is crazy except yourself.
You seriously need professional help, and judging by the responses of others here, FN's blog is not very therapeutic for your condition.
Then again, maybe if you weren't on here, you might be running down the freeway in your nightgown causing danger to yourself and others, not to mention holding up traffic for the people who really do have jobs.

And btw Maria "slayed" you.

alicia banks said...


are you maria's bodyguard stud???

she needs help but you are not it!!!

why have you even interjected yuorself into this?!!!????

i have no idea who you are!!!

you attacked me for no reason and i am crazy???

i did not insult you because you are unemployed so why do you care how many jobs i have???

i have been slaying mareallystupid for months

catch up you NEW foolish boy!!!

alicia banks said...


calling me "lesbian" is not a slur

it is a proud fact

it would be akin to calling you



equally factual and moot as a slur

just helping you out son
mareally and her whole hating posse posse herein are hella INEPT!!!!

LisaMJ said...

The folks busting on the Prez about this are grasping at straws and they are just jealous since many of the folks squawking the most range from slightly overweight to morbidly obsese, which means they should STFU about discussing anyone's weight until they get their own houses in order.

Anonymous said...

Lisa MJ, you didn't have to attack the overweight or morbidly obese people to prove your point.

alicia banks said...


where is your supermodel photo herein?

how much do you weigh?

i am shocked that there are silly bimbos like you who would allow obama to ROB and LIE unchecked just because he is skinny??????

million of skinny people hate do many fat


alicia banks said...


yes she did

because she has no pt

and she has no idea what anyone herein weighs

Anonymous said...

Neither do you, you hypocritical, obnoxious, hateful, cretinous sow.

Anonymous said...

AB-"i understand that you cannot risk dropping a blackberry in that fryer is really hard to make a big mac while blogging on your laptop"

ROFL! AB, you are too much. That is a very funny image. Furthermore, it's probably true..LOL You nailed her.

libhom said...

Everyone: AB is a classic Internet troll. You don't have to take anything that person is saying seriously.

alicia banks said...


projecting will never a defense make

slander and lies will never a debate make

try to do better herein to improve your own moronic hating images herein

i often feel like i am trapped in a bad martial arts movie on this blog

where fake ninjas just keep jumping in and piling on only to get slain like all the other masochistic monkeys in tow...

i hate martial arts movies
for their typical redundancy
as much as i hate you masochistic serial replicating morons herein...

like manic moths to flames...tragic really

Stacks said...

AB is a spastic, drooling troll who can't keep it's clap slapper shut!



Anonymous said...



Poor Stacks. ab is ripping up his tiny little mind to pieces. Next time, before you are born ask God to give you a mind that can withstand a little pressure, you weakling.

alicia banks said...


i have never seen anybody talk about their mother herein like that mf stackingebtcards!


he has progressed from diarrhea of the mouth to drunken vomited streams of drivel....shame!!!

i think this is mareallystupid's retarded black stud/bodyguard/bgff

no other reason for him to jump in like her inept double dutch tag teamer!

alicia banks said...


does assnon see the irony in calling ME anon????????

assnons on this blog are taking crazy lurking to new hts

4 real

Anonymous said...

asslickerlicia- why don't you and your cheerleaders have that orgy already.

Anonymous said...

ab -"assnons on this blog are taking crazy lurking to new hts

4 real"

You are sooo right. I think those accusing you of being a self-supporting anonymous,(which is actually me) are part of the regular posse themselves posing as anons=assnons.

Of course, by hiding as assnons, they save their well-known ID from being ripped apart by you so often. imo, They have become fearful from the embarrassing past whippings that you gave them. But their diseased jealousy won't allow them to leave you alone. They are a miserable bunch.

Stacks said...

anonyass shut the fuck up already and get your head out of asslicker's ass. You sure are one tap dancing fool!
Did you vote for mcclan?

Stacks said...

btw- where's your name at you anonymous pussy?
Mind your business and shut the fuck up or grow a pair and come up with a name.
Without that, your rants are meaningless.
Get a life, nobody's feeling you.
Besides the resident troll, of course.

Anonymous said...

Stacks"Mind your business and shut the fuck up or grow a pair and come up with a name.
Without that, your rants are meaningless."

I will mind my own business when you mind yours and grow a pair instead of whining about ab, you dickless eunuch.

Stacks said...

Dickless, hah you wish. Why don't you ask your sister white boy.
Nah, just kidding.
I don't do white!

Anonymous said...

Stacks "Nah, just kidding.
I don't do white!"

Bullshit. I know who you are. You have been talking about having a white woman since you were 14 years old. That has been your life's dream. The problem is that no ww wants you, and neither does a bw. Try chickens or cats.

alicia banks said...


do not hate those herein
het and gay
who have a sex life...
as it is clear that you do not

your unlicked ass is showing

Stacks said...

I don't have a sex life....Uhhhh right...
Actually it's none of you or the anonyass one's business you dirty, vile little turd.
Worry about your dysfunctional sorry relations and ask yourself why it's that way.
Unlike you, I don't have to lie on myself or on anyone else to feel better about myself.
You seriously need professional help, and you're not going to find it on this blog.

alicia banks said...


YOU attacked my sex life first

do not ever dish what you cannot take back bitch

my bio is public knowledge

who is lying so much that they cannot even show their real name and face you coward??????????

Stacks said...

You lying sack of shit:
Back up a few posts and read (if you can) what you said to me.
Shut your mouth or use it for what it was intended: A sperm receptacle.
Toodles you fat cow!