Friday, November 20, 2009

I am into something.

So I am not posting tonight. I will catch you in the a.m.


krystal*lyte said...

I feel you. Best wishes.

Lola Gets said...



Race Traitoress said...

good for you--enjoy yourself

La♥audiobooks said...

I'm glad you're taking a break Field, hope all is well. I don't know how you do it sometimes.

Does this mean it's a free-for-all? Just kidding...

Anyway, something has been bothering me for couple days now. I want to ask a hypothetical question, but I'm feeling guilty for even thinking about it.

Therefore, what I'm curious to know...

Would the media have shown this much interest in Shaniya Davis if her father wasn't white? Would white society be able to identify with Shaniya and her loved ones if they were all black? (Would some of us black people even care as much about Shaniya if she had dark skin and nappy hair?) I know, I know... but someone had to ask.

Parents, we also need to protect and shield our children the best we can always. May this little Angel, and all the other Angels rest in peace.

RiPPa said...

@LA: Damn, I've been thinking about this for days now. I even asked the question on twitter and facebook. I was surprised to see so many people think that it would not have mattered. Some say the child prostitution thing would have made it all the same as it is now. I don;t agree with them.

matw said...

LA,the media would have shown the interest.

Rippa, how on earth could "the child prostitution thing would have made it all the same as it is now"? I know you are talking about what others said, so I'm not down on you, but I don't get it.

I was sad to learn she is dead.

Anonymous said...

La Incognita "Would the media have shown this much interest in Shaniya Davis if her father wasn't white?"

Yes, it would have shown just as much interest because it is a huge story about evil.

Do you spend most of your life dealing in hypotheticals and speculations to assuage your curiousity?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

can we all say hate crime.

Today was National Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Too many T's of color get murdered and forgotten.

Anonymous said...

@La♥Incognita -- Yes, people would have still cared. People always care about young kids. I don't think we get enough credit in that regard. The media may be selective about what it covers but I've yet to meet a person that doesn't respond to a young child in immediate need/danger regardless of race. Even in the 60's when those four little girls were bombed and killed in Birmingham it was too much for most folks to take. Where things get sticky is when kids get older (teen years) and stereotypes start to come into play.


maria said...


if you have time, could you please consider setting up your comments like this so that we can collapse them and see who posted w/o reading their comments?

all of us who deal with the hate and lunacy of AB and the constant irrational carping about the SAME stuff on every thread would really appreciate it.

if you click on any post of his to comment, at the top you will see

Post a Comment On: Undercover Black Man
"This one’s for me."
7 Comments - Show Original Post

Collapse comments

when you click on it all you see is the poster's name.

there has to be a way for you to do this. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maria, "all of us who deal with the hate and lunacy of AB and the constant irrational carping about the SAME stuff on every thread would really appreciate it."

Marie, speak for yourself and not for "all" of us. Also, take a look at YOUR own hatred. Remember YOU started and have continued the fight with ab. YOU have been the instigator, so maybe you need to STFU?

You obviously have not been paying attention to what Field has repeatedly said over and over again. 'He does not censor people', and this IS HIS blog, NOT yours.

You don't like ab? Well, I suspect you don't like a lot of people, but Field can't throw everybody off his blog to suit you. Eventually, there would be no one left but you and Field-with YOU in charge of his blog. Hey, that would probably make news on the Glen Beck show!

Right now I suspect there are some who are enjoying your fight with ab. You seem to lack the ability to 'disentangle' yourself from AB. That indicates YOUR own sickness, not hers.

Maria, one thing you should never do, and that is to give AB great power over you. And you have done just that. You poor thang.

Jody said...

Anon.... Maria is not suggesting censoring anyone... she is making a suggestion of use of space, to make reading easier. And, just as you don't think Maria speaks for all, neither do you.... I for one, and speaking ONLY for myself would appreciate this tool. And, it is not just AB, but several others who seem to post ALOT! Often after their second or third post, I stop reading what they have to say, especially when what they write has descended into personal and often juvenile attacks.
This tool would make it easier to follow the comments of those that are speaking to the topic and ignore the juvenile tantrums.

Anonymous said...

" Yes, people would have still cared."

Sorry I don't agree. People would have moved on within a day, some wouldn't have noticed. This isn't the first time a crack head sold her child. It's because this child has a white father why white people are showing so much interest. I work in the executive news media industry. I know why and how they choose their stories.

maria said...

guess what--"anon" -- you don't get to judge me.

i am not sick, i am not hateful, she has no power over me, i did not start any fights with her. i suspect YOU don't like a lot of people-that's "your sickness, not mine," to use your own phrase.

i also love that all of her defenders are "anon." like you. because you are her.

i assume her intention is to run me and anyone else who disagrees with her or who points out her lunacy -- but she has failed at that.

she attacks anyone who is white or biracial, i am sure you have noticed, as she uses words now like "blackish" and "swirled." she calls people sluts and says we have VD--totally ridiculous shit that rational adults NEVER DO. there is no level to which she will not go when she hurls her disgusting and inappropriate insults.

and read what i said: "those of us."

i am speaking for myself. and thanks, jody, you are right--it's just a tool. obviously anon cannot read or did not bother to check out my link because all comments are readable.

Anonymous said...

(La Incognita "Would the media have shown this much interest in Shaniya Davis if her father wasn't white?")
The media I can't answer for,but
for myself.YES!
I didn't know the father was white!

vanishing point said...

La, I didn't know that the father was white either. I think this is in the news partly because it is so horrific, and also, because people like no_slappz and mr. r, would love to use it as another one of their "examples".

Black Diaspora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Diaspora said...


These aren't unreasonable questions, given the paucity of coverage that black women and children seem to receive from cable news, and news in general.

I wrestled with the same questions. I know it's not PC to say that color, and some other factors may have entered into the decision to run this story, but then I'm reminded that this is the United States of America, and that militias and hate groups are seeing a resurgence, and that threats against the president and his family are at an all-time high, now that we have a black president.

I'm just keeping it real!

La♥audiobooks said...

-J, I understand your point, but I still question the level of interest on the entire tragedy based on the racial make up. I guess I still question if some in white society are only able to identify the way they do with the case and mourning father because he's white. Now, I'm not saying all white people.

Something else I noticed, I was at the airport the other day, and there were several white people sitting within earshot while watching the news. To me, based on their conversation, they seemed to be interpreting the father as the biggest "victim" of the tragedy - and not so much the little girl. Just an observation.

Hey BD and Rippa, I know it's a touchy question, but for some reason it's haunting me too.

Good idea Maria.

Anonymous said...

Jody said, "And, just as you don't think Maria speaks for all, neither do you.... I for one, and speaking ONLY for myself would appreciate this tool."

No where in Anon's comment can you find where he was speaking for you. Like you, he was speaking ONLY for himself.

Anonymous said...

Maria, "and read what i said: "those of us.""

No, you said: "all of us..". Go back and read your own comment. Are you that deluded?

Anonymous said...

@La♥Incognita -- You may be right. Sometimes I don't think very much about how the older generations think about things and my optimism about the younger generations gets in my way. I heard the same crap you did from older white folks and I don't know why I didn't consider it. Probably because I don't put too much stock in the 50ish to 60ish white folks set although I've been happily surprised on a number of occasions. If they've come this far and still aren't working on it then they're where they are and that's that.

It's hard to separate whiteness from class privilege. What I mean by that is white folks as a demographic usually have more means to apply pressure to the right levers to get media attention. Many don't and their kids are forgotten like everyone else's. However, that group power brings their kids to the forefront more than anyone else's. I don't know if that's the case here or not but the daddy seemed very much a part of the black community to me and not as much a part of the white community.

At any rate, I'd like to think that most people still care about children no matter their color. Part of me knows that's only true up to a point but I still can't comprehend that state of mind.


maria said...

i said, "all of us who deal."

are you in the "us?"

do you "deal?"

if not, back off.

there are basic rules of decency: don't be abusive and stay on topic. AB is incapable of either.

at least other commenters should be able to skip her comments if they choose.

it's a very simple preference field could use on his comment page, but appears to not be interested in it.

maybe like you he is among those who enjoys the fights she starts.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope it's your wife you are into. God knows she is doing without from your worthless ass.

Anonymous said...

Maria, "maybe like you he is among those who enjoys the fights she starts."

Maybe. But maybe not. He has already stated his position several times and how he runs his blog. Get it? If you don't like it, move on.

And yes, you DID start this mess with ab. You use "decency" for your own convenience. Go back and read your comments on previous posts since you have been on this blog. They are ugly and filthy-a long way from decency.

In any case, however things turn out for you and ab, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

maria said...

who the hell are you?

no, i didn't start ANYTHING. and my comments have never been filthy! have you read any of the mud she slings at me and others? she is disgusting.

and field has never stated his position on using "collapse comments" as a preference on his page.

there is nothing to "turn out" between me and AB.

Anonymous said...

Maria, “no, i didn't start ANYTHING. and my comments have never been filthy!..”

Right. Your comments have never been filthy: In the post, ”Here in Mississippi we don’t need our Blacks educated”,

You said, “hey, fucktard, never let the facts get in the way of your stupid positions!”

In the post, ”How did it come to this in the first place?”

1)You started the fight with AB in your comment with, “you are a hideous piece of shit.”11:35A

Comment#2) Maria said, “yea, asswipe, i have already posted several times about from the beginning, but you don't read anything that isn't about YOU, FUCKTARD.”

#3)You said, “shut your vile mouth the fuck UP!!!!!!!!!!”4:48p (this was really funny)

#4)Maria said, “hey bitch. i am not slain, and i have more people defending me than you do, you asshole." 9:44pm

#5)Maria said, “ABitch--stop talking about me, stop talking about my kids, stop talking about my "womb!!" get a fucking life and shut the hell up, you racist pig.” 7:39AM (waaay too early in the morning to be effing with AB, but you do it anyway...that's not a healthy sign)

#6)Maria said, “too fucking funny, you lunatic.

btw, don't know what universe you live in but i am having a perfect day, fucktard.” 4:37P

My dear sweet innocent ‘decent’ Maria, I could go on with your clean pine-sol comments from other posts--but I won’t. You appear to have over-rated your decency. You are like the kettle calling the pot black. Right?

AB had a point. 'You LIE!!!'

maria said...

wow, you're really in need a life.

try posting all the insults she has hurled at me, not my responses, which are quite tame in comparison.

i will not post on this thread again.

Anonymous said...

Maria, "try posting all the insults she has hurled at me, not my responses, which are quite tame in comparison."

No need to post anything AB has said, She never lied about her comments like you have.

Constructive Feedback said...


Here is what I learned about the present state of "Samuel Gompers Elementary School" in West Philly:

Anonymous said...

ooow miss field dun demand her equal tymes...

pointer sisters "i know you got a chick...i know you got chick...i know you got another chick on da side...."

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