Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Governor and the S word.

I would like to take this time to apologize to all my friends from Texas for this next post, but your governor is really getting on my nerves.

Finally, the man who wanted to take his state and secede from our great union is telling us why: It seems he thinks we are becoming a socialist country. Imagine that, A-merry-ca, Socialist.

Folks, I know a little bit about Socialism, and believe me,we are nowhere near there just yet.

Of course if you let Governor Hair tell it, any day now all good A-merry-cans will be rounded up by the Obama patrol and their land confiscated for government use. (Actually, there is a lot of land just sitting there in Texas, maybe we could put it to better use. ) He fired up a crowd in the heart of the loon star state by telling them that his O ness is "hell bent on taking America towards being a socialist country." (Given how the system of justice works in some of those Texas towns maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if the feds did step in.) O man, I hope you don't have any trips planned for Texas anytime soon, because I am guessing that they won't exactly be rolling out the red carpet for you.

Do you see him Billy Joe? Yep I got him right dead in my sights. Well pull Billy Joe, pull. what are you waiting for? We will show that Muslim not to mess with Texas... Let me stop. I don't want to give my new found "tracist"(That's a troll and a racist) friends any ideas.

So we know that Governor Hair is somewhat of a crackpot, but why the sudden "hateration" for the Obama people? Well, it seems that Governor Hair thinks Obama is punishing Texas by dropping off illegal immigrants in one of his towns.

"The first part of Perry’s remarks focused on what’s called the Alien Transfer and Exit Program, something that he has been talking about for more than a week. Perry describes it as a plan where illegal immigrants who are captured in Arizona are sent to the small Texas town of Presidio and set free. It’s a sign that the Obama administration is trying to punish Texas, Perry said, adding that members of the state’s congressional delegation, as well as his office, weren’t given any warning of the administration’s plans for Presidio."

But not so fast. As is always the case with these wingnuts such as Governor Hair, he got his facts mixed up. Well, that is being kind. Let me try that again: He lied!

"But there’s more to the program than Perry described.
According to a story by the CBS affiliate in Odessa, the illegal immigrants are returned to Mexico via secured buses. The station also reported, “last year 4,500 illegals were sent back through Presidio. Now 94 will be bused across this bridge 7 days a week.”
In addition, Brandi Grissom of the Texas Tribune reported last month that Bill Brooks, spokesman for the Border Patrol Marfa Sector, where Presidio is located, said the plan would not create any burden on the local community"

Ahhh those inconvenient truths. I bet that's one thing Governor Hair hopes that the new Socialist government will do away with. We know that would work for him just fine.

Story here.


Constructive Feedback said...

Attention To All "Field-Negros" and "Field-Nigrets":

Do you all see what my friend Filled Negro is doing to you?

He throws chum in the water every day and you all FEED upon it. He knows who you HATE and draws upon it.
Some of you are so perverted that you believe that the appeasement that you receive as you strike the strawman with the stick is going to FIX WHAT YOU ARE FRUSTRATED OVER.

I suspect that quite a few of you reside in New York State. Again - Filled Negro is able to post whatever he damned well pleases on HIS BLOG. I just happen to notice his choices.

If you depended upon Filled Negro for your news YOU WOULD NOT LEARN that New York State is near bankruptcy.

So I ask all of you - Which story is more impactful to your lives?

* Texas' Republican Governor and what he said?

* The fact that the brother governor plans to make $1,000,000,000 in EDUCATION and HEALTH CARE cuts in the state of New York?

Hey Filled Negro - didn't your friends at "What Color Of Change Did Give Us So That We Can Take Propaganda Into The Black Community" protest against the REPUBLICAN governor of South Carolina when his budget priorities threatened to impact education and thus Black folks?

YOU are going to protest about these cuts in NY - right?

Anonymous said...

^ @ "Constructive Feedback" ...Hater.

Race Traitoress said...

Nice of you, field, to maintain this forum for others to derail for their own purposes.

Some of those Texans are wack.

Anonymous said...

Field, haven't mentioned that the soldier who took down Hasan was actually Black but the credit intially was given to the white female who was shot by Hasan. It has taken a week for the media and military to finally give credit and recognition to the black soldier.

Now, that is being really racist by the liberal media! Why would they do that?

ghetto whiteboy said...

Well. I'm off post,but trying to catch up.Field you know who runs fact check,don't you? I mean pass
the school.The healthcare bill is whacked,I'm moved from Detroit and
the Canadians do come to Detroit
hospitals and Cananda pays for it.
I'm indepedent I don't want neither one of them. Everybody seems to forget about all the people ,who are 1 step above being dirt ass poor.It will by my ass that get thrown in jail, not the rich,not the poor,If you think your gonna get out of poor,hang it up brother,I'm gonna be moving back to the hood.I hope you can pay your rent,better than I can pay your rent.Ha. If you think I was mad clawing my way out of the ghetto,Think about how pissed I'm
gonna be coming back!

Anonymous said...

Now some here in the Lone Star State say that the GOP could run a box of rocks and win state office. Others say that since Rick Perry's election, no further testing of this thereom is required.

Let me tell you another thing, up close and personal, the hair is even MORE impressive. Hell they oughta just put that on the ballot.
Maybe run Carrie Prejean's boobs for Lt Gov.

field negro said...

"Let me tell you another thing, up close and personal, the hair is even MORE impressive. Hell they oughta just put that on the ballot.
Maybe run Carrie Prejean's boobs for Lt Gov."

What a way to start the morning. :)

[un]constructive one, this is why we all blog, so that we can express ourselves. I am so glad that we have you to tell us all about the evil black people and the dumbocrats messing up our country.

Anonymous said...

, “last year 4,500 illegals were sent back through Presidio. Now 94 will be bused across this bridge 7 days a week.”

Wondering why "Hair" did not complain about the 4,500 sent through last year. Is it because his friend "W" was in charge?

field negro said...

"Wondering why "Hair" did not complain about the 4,500 sent through last year. Is it because his friend "W" was in charge?"


Jody said...

Field, the proper term is "Governor Good Hair.".... least that's what all my family in Texas call him.... As has been noted in the past, the governor in Texas is more ceramonial than legislative. I think Texans enjoy electing "colorful" governors for their jokes and entertainment. Thus the shrub and good hair, and for that matter, Ann Richards, who was funny as hell!

Mrs. C said...

@contructive feedback: Well, you ask an interesting question--finally. I am a resident of the [once-?] great State of New York...oh, and I am a teacher, too, in a district that has seen its funding cut and cut and cut across the past TWELVE years and its faculty and staff cut and cut and cut across those same years, and I can tell you unequivocally that of the two stories you put to my significance vote, the one Field offers is of more pertinence and interest to me. Why? Because I am fully aware of the financial miasma coming out of Albany and its implication on my life, but I find myself drawn to NEWS--you know, the stuff one didn't usta know until someone brought you the story--and I'm almost always drawn first to the big-picture news--you know, the stuff that affects us all.

You think what goes on in that little town in Texas is of no significance to me? Well, you may be right--ish, in that I ain't there; it ain't my gig (though I bet there is a buck or two added to the local economy by virtue of their town being the staging area for returning illegals...hmmm, mebbe I could set me up a taco and cupcake truck (they're all the rage!) down there next summer to supplement some of my lost income here in NYS! Yeah, that's the ticket! See, even THAT part of the story gives me inspiration! Thanks, Field!).

Why that story IS more important to me is because of the blatant efforts of that freak-show governor to destablize our country through his...shall we call it "manipulation of the facts"? Yeah, that'll do.

So, CF, why is it that YOU are so unconcerned by these building and mounting incidents of malfeasance and treason?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Nice of you, field, to maintain this forum for others to derail for their own purposes.[/quote]

Race Traitoress:

IF ONLY we could do some inspection of "Purposes" and AGENDAS as connected to some more pristine higher purpose!!! I'd come out on top.

My friend Filled Negro lives within a city that operates as a inter-generational assault on the Negro and yet he is loathed to acknowledge how much he and others who think like him are responsible for putting the players who are derailing so many dreams in place. To him the Republican governor of Texas is a more worthy target than the entire Democratic city council of Yeadon PA who's infighting has functionally shut down the city.

If YOU like the taste of the chum that Filled Negro is throwing to you R.T. there is little that I can do beyond properly framing the antics of Filled Negro and allow others to take note.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]the one Field offers is of more pertinence and interest to me. Why? Because I am fully aware of the financial miasma coming out of Albany and its implication on my life, but I find myself drawn to NEWS--you know, the stuff one didn't usta know until someone brought you the story--and I'm almost always drawn first to the big-picture news--you know, the stuff that affects us all.[/quote]

Wow Mrs C - I am stunned by your logic and reasoning ability.

Where do you teach again? I want to make sure that none of my loved one's go to that school.

You have ACTIVE budget cuts in your school system and the entire state that are massively large and yet this story from Texas is on your dashboard?

Nothing more that I can say to you.

Mrs C - take a look at this web site that provides school quality ratings and tell me where your school rates:

Jody said...

Um... UnCon... this is a blog. It is not a news agency. I highly doubt that folks come here for their primary news source. It is a BLOG! Silly you, blogs are about all kinds of things. You are one arrogant soul! You have 6 blogs. You can talk about whatever you want. Isn't that the whole point of blogs?

And, by the way, who elected you to be the arbiter of what others' blogs should be about? Seriously, arrogant!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I am so glad that we have you to tell us all about the evil black people and the dumbocrats messing up our country.[/quote]

Filled Negro:

Do you mind if I frame my agenda more clearly for you so that others won't fall for your molestations therein?

Whereas in the past when Black people were being lynched, raped, terrorized - the PERPETRATOR of these acts were see as THE THREAT. When the great Ida B Wells provided focus upon those who were KILLING BLACK PEOPLE she was seen as working in the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE.

Get this Filled Negro - the ONLY people attacking Ida B Wells for her expose' on those who were terrorizing Black people were the WHITE BIGOTS who had a vested interest in maintaining and the defending the status quo of the system at that time. They tried to show how GOOD the elements of the society that they were concerned about (White folks) were living. They were not about to allow the issue of injustice for Black folks to be used to show the scars in the underbelly of the system.

It is my opinion, Filled Negro that people like you, WhiteBowieSteve, Michael Eric Dyson, Dr Boyce Watkins, Cornel West and others seek to DEFEND TEH STATUS QUO WITHIN the Black community. You always redirect the focus upon some EXTERNAL threat. As the theory goes - if YOU can get the masses to UNIFY around this EXTERNAL THREAT then we won't allow the INTERNAL pain that we suffer from the mismanagement and incompetence that is within all too often.

Ironically, Filled Negro - enclaves like Philly, Baltimore, DC, Detroit, Newark and East St Louis where the enemy ideology has vacated are contrary to your agenda. In theory with the Progressive-Fundamentalist Ideology with their hands on all of the controls the situation should provide you and other people who CLAIM to be advancing the best interests of the Black community and the working class in general the prime opportunity to see this ideology in all of its glory. These cities should be REFERENCE MODELS about what we can achieve if PROGRESSIVISM is allowed to flourish.

Instead these places are centers of destroyed human potential and dysfunction.

THUS - when my friend Filled Negro scours the United States looking for a Republican or a Conservative to hoist up the flag pole for his fans to throw tomatoes upon - he is simply doing so because it works as an agent of distraction from the real issues that you Progressive-Fundamentalists NEED to be focused upon.

You all need to learn MANAGEMENT rather than ACTIVISM.

In management you control the resources that YOU OWN (ie: the human resources inside of your communities).

In ACTIVISM you press upon some third party force, demanding that THEY CHANGE so that the benefit will be rained down upon the human resources that you purport to be working on behalf of.

Here is the kicker - many of you are not able to articulate the points where YOUR PEOPLE need to CHANGE so that better results could be had. Most of these changes are with the SYSTEM. Once the system is changed then the people will blossom.

Filled Negro wasn't this the theory that was in place in your run up to place favorable people inside Philly Government?

How did that plan work out?
Did you learn any lessons beside "Go national for the take over and then they can't move out of the city to escape my policies"?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Um... UnCon... this is a blog. It is not a news agency. I highly doubt that folks come here for their primary news source. It is a BLOG![/quote]

Jody - I actually like you.

Can we splice two of your tales of the "Black males that you interact with" together? ME versus the Criminal Defendants that you talk about?

Here I am a Black male. Resident father. College Degree. Good job. Never been arrested. My major sin with you appears to be is that I know how to TYPE and that I have a set of viewpoints that differ from yours. The fact that I can articulate them is very problematic.

In truth our ENDPOINTS are similar. It is our METHODOLOGY that is different.

Now what about these other Black males that you have talked about who get framed and screwed by the system? Are they able to type and thus articulate their foundational principles? Does what you hear out of them prove to be as disturbing as my every word seems to you?

I am not attempting to put THEM down. I am attempting to inspect YOUR interrelations with THEM and with ME.

It seems that you like helping those who have tire treads from society upon their backs. Yet when you hear me - a Black male just as well - who has a radical departure from the viewpoint of Filled Negro and others. One who dares ask that we all double back to review the land that we have traveled and make note of the vital engine parts that are scattered all over the ground that THIS might prove to be more indicative of the downstream problems that you see in these criminal defendants that you express so much empathy for.

Ironically in as much as you and Filled Negro attempt to make them as victims of their ENVIRONMENT - an environment which they did not all attempt to apply libertine theories upon this environment, allowing those who actually need STRUCTURE and FOCUS to instead "do it if it feels good". The GOVERNMENT then is supposed to come along and hand out prophylactics of all types to ultimatly shelter them from the REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS.

You all don't want fully actualized people who live within a culture that expresses favorable outcomes more than it does dysfunction.

Instead you want to prioritize your social and economic preferences while being unable to RELATE them to the need at present that is calling for MORE STRUCTURE not "Do it if it feels good".

It is clear that few of you are going to change because the VICTORIES that you have in running these places translates into awareness that what you propose has not, in fact, fixed the problem. Many of you are IDEOLOGUES and the problems that you purport to desire to fix upon the people are merely window dressing to your main agenda of obtaining POWER and implementing your AGENDA.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
You think Sammy Sosa's gonna be playin in the "Skins" game this year???


Anonymous said...

hey, fieldgrow we actually love Gov. Perry down here in good ol' Texas! We an't broke neither and unless you decide you want to sit on your lazy azz at home and collect welfare a better life than most of this country. At least it's cleaner and safer thatn Killidelpha!

So, it's ok if you want to make fun of our Great Gov.'s hair (i noticed you don't have any hummm) An interesting side note I actually had the honor of serving on his security team and have a pic w/him, he's a really cool guy not snoddy like most politians.

ok, back to you:)

Oh, almost forgot we got the Cowboys here.....LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! "Alot" of angry people on here today...trolls are funny.

As to the Gov. and all repubs, they can lie through their teeth because media, including MSNBC, no longer do fact checking atleast when they should. There are no intelligent, analytical journalists on cable news just well spoken reporters and commentators.
Speaking of which did anyone see Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy?

Media is no longer about news, but about revenue, and the truth is not profitable.

uptownsteve said...

Constructive Feedback,

I really don't understand you.

If you want to read about the "black criminal of the day" or "NEGROPHOBIA 24/7" there are plenty of Uncle Tom and rightwing websites where you can get your fix.

Farley said...

Well as someone who lives in Texas, I really hope Kinky Freedman takes this run more seriously than the last time. He was interviewed on NPR the other month and his ideas and his seeming determination were what this state needs.

However, I'm not sure how far this teabagger movement has gotten it's bloody claws into the politics of Texas and how big a movement it is here. It certainly has Rick Perry's dick all hard. And there were certainly some very large crowds of teabags in San Antonio last spring and the 4th of July.

But there is still a very large following for the status quo repelicans. John Cornyn is not a favorite of the teabaggers (even tho he's butt buddies with Rick), nor is Kaye Bailey. Who by the way was the go to girl by the press for getting the up-to-date on the goings on with the Ft. Hood killer. It just makes me wonder who the press is going to push for the new Texas governor.

So the way I figure it the teabaggers will push for Perry, despite cronies like Cornyn, many of the independents and the Democrats will push for Kinky (Kinky is running on the Democratic ticket this year, not as an independent) and the status quo repelicans will be behind KBH.

I'm thinking Perry doesn't stand a chance this go around. He's been there too long showing his lying ways, and it's in spite of him that Texas is riding the economic storm better than most areas of the country. That sort of things have been brought about by local governments.

alicia banks said...

ditto fn:

socialism is far kinder to poor people than the elitist obama

but if these politicos and the rush l posses ever admit that obama is an elitist peer....then the obama deception would vanish

all will continue to distract us with labels so we will be less likely to wake up and notice that obama is a rabidly elitist new jack version of gwb who has done nothing except escalate EVERY republikkkan agenda...

as the fatally distracted and suicidally partisan name calling bands play on...shame!!!


"But, you say, we have elected a candidate of change. To which I respond: Do these words of President Obama sound like change?

"A culture of irresponsibility took root, from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street."
There it is. Right there. We are Main Street. We must, according to our president, share the blame. He went on to say: "And a regulatory regime basically crafted in the wake of a 20th-century economic crisis -- the Great Depression -- was overwhelmed by the speed, scope and sophistication of a 21st-century global economy."

This is nonsense.

Instead, Obama wants to increase the oversight power of the Federal Reserve. Never mind that it already had significant oversight power before our most recent economic meltdown, yet failed to take action. Never mind that the Fed is not a government agency but a cartel of private bankers that cannot be held accountable by Washington. Whatever the Fed does with these supposed new oversight powers will be behind closed doors.

Obama's failure to act sends one message loud and clear: He cannot stand up to the powerful Wall Street interests that supplied the bulk of his campaign money for the 2008 election. Nor, for that matter, can Congress, for much the same reason.

The real war is not between the left and the right. It is between the average American and the ruling class. If we come together on this single issue, everything else will resolve itself. It's time we took back our government from those who would make us their slaves.

Goldman Sachs
The American government -- which we once called our government -- has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich. They are the ones who decide our fate. It is this group ...
The American government -- which we once called our government -- has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich. They are the ones who decide our fate."

Anonymous said...

JohnCrow, you make a good point; the media don't call out the liars and distorters of fact. Rachael Maddow does somewhat,and of course we have Jon Stewart....and at least the news media are starting to show clips of his show when he really nails someone. But mostly they just let people spew their garbage, nod their heads and then say "that's all we have time for."

Heh, heh, what did you think of Blitzer's performance on Jeopardy?


Anonymous said...

Alicia, you really kicked Maria's butt yesterday. She won't be able to sit on her bloated ass for a week :)

Why does she even mess with you, she knows she's outclassed and outgunned and that the same thing will happen to her every time. Her jealously must take hold of her so much that she can't think straight.

Also, I think it's good how you bring in other views. There are people out there whose minds are being awoken, even though the garden variety bigots who usually post here will never criticize their mulatto god obama.

Anonymous said...

wow, steve's critique of his natural superior CF is devastating, as usual. He says that CF doesn't mindlessly side with black against white at every turn, therefore CF is a Tom.

steve, the quality of your mind is remarkable. You don't even have enough brains to know how stupid you are. Life is very simple for a bigot like you, and you prefer it that way.

Imagine that there was a debate between you and CF on some non-racial topic, and that actual debate judges would decide the winner. CF would defeat you at every single turn, any day on any topic. He is superior to you and you can't stand it.

Steve is the kind who believes that having others post agreement with him means that he's right. Steve has no concept that something is either true or false on its own. Well, steve is a follower, not a leader.

Ernesto said...

CF said:
"Instead you want to prioritize your social and economic preferences while being unable to RELATE them to the need at present that is calling for MORE STRUCTURE not 'Do it if it feels good'."

CF, this blog actually contains many posts about personal responsibility and disfunction. You seem to want ALL of them to be about lower class people, though. Sorry, but the biggest problem right now is corruption of the rich and priviledged class. They are setting the example for this society with their sickness.

Why is it that whenever you hear talk about "personal responsibility" coming from right-wingers it is directed toward the bottom of the economic ladder?

The elephant in the room is that U.S. capitalism has failed miserably and needs to be propped up by government welfare. Let's get that fixed before we point fingers at someone running game on a street corner. Those with small minds wanna focus on the small time.

LisaMJ said...

Can't we just give Texas back to Mexico or let them be their own country again since they want to leave so badly and are so worried about socialism? They'd be begging to come back in a week. Then again, I'd feel bad for all of the normal people who live there who have to put up with Perry's foolishness. Where do they find these folks?

Anonymous said...

My Field Negro nominee. Hopefully this guy will get the proper accolades, which are currently misplaced, that he deserves.But he is black so i won't hold my breath.

alicia banks said...



like all twisted tricks mareallymsochistic LOVES a brutal beatiing...she actually came back for more with her oj tagless team posse in tow too...why????

reminds me of moms mabley's comical wisdom:

"if you see somebody acting normal nowadays, they are probably just not well..."

maria said...

a brutal beating, omg. how funny.

just been off earning a living, raising my kids, and living a good and non-crazy life in support of others. something you have no concept of.

oh, i'm so jealous...and FYI my ass isn't bloated and i'm not fat. i think you have me confused with someone else.

and i wonder, why are the posts that support AB all anonymously posted? i'll give you one guess.

it's all projection; you know, how people accuse others of shit they're guilty of; it's part of the diagnosis she suffers from.

ok, back to the real world. AB get a job, get a life.

alicia banks said...


unlike invisible cowards like you, i proudly show my face and name on all i post

i have never posted anon anywhere and i never will...i have a spine...i do not need to cower behind mareally fake IDs

have you not seen the droves of ineptly cloned assnons who stalk and curse me much better than you herein mareallyamoron????

again your generic ineptitude and shameless selection are showing...fix that you obsessed shrew!!!!!

actual college educated persons do not confuse diagnoses and symptoms you inscreasingly transparent faker

where was your spawn when you were playing with your oj posse and being slain last night fool?

are you a typically inept swirled baby mama too??

Anonymous said...

I do not think the teabaggers or Governor Perry for that matter knows or understands socialism. First of the all, some of the teabaggers do not know how to spell the word, so learning about socialism does is probably too taxing for them. I would not equate Hilter with socialisam because he had a fascist ideology which in the simpliest terms is the survival of the fittest or social darwinism.

Socialism is not a bad thing to do for the collective good providing you can limit corruption, but corruption occurs in all forms of political ideology and will continue as long as human beings run it. Greed is part of human nature wheather we like to admit it or not, but we certainly can attempt to have the best system possible. Things such as healthcare, fire department or matters of public system should have a socialist construct. However, the people in such state like Texas for vote for someone like people does not know his ass from elbow to run their state. If I were living in the state of Ohio, I would create a grass roots organization for oust John Boehner for getting up before a crowd of people with the U.S. Constitution in his hand claiming to recite the preamble from the document when in fact he was reciting the preamble from the Declaration of Independence, but details, details. We have dumb asses voting other dumb asses into office, we are becoming a stupid nation if it has not already happened.

These people do not read and are not intellectually curious. We do not understand we are suppose to perfect the union, provide for the general welfare as stated in the preamble of the constitution, but we ignore that part when it is convenient. But again, the people have allowed such politicans like Perry to ignore their best interests. I like people like Grayson because he simply state we need healthcare in this country or more are going to dead because they are not receiving the care they need. I think President Obama and the other democrats have to make the need for healthcare personal, and we why need to change healthcare.

Gov. Perry managed that get in the fact that Texas is a soverign state while a press conference about Ft. Hood last Saturday when asked about the situation and the Texas Rangers's role. I shook my head while he was maundering, and found it incredulous that we would talk about the state's soverignity while 13 people are dead, and the family and friends are left to deal with this tradegy.

alicia banks said...


i have 4 jobs

i am childless by choice

i am educated and financially independent

i am wed to a wonderful cloned african queen

you are an uneducated, envious, racist, INVISIBLE, single mother who collects retarded black stud drones like dreglizard
and stacksskanks as a hobby...

are YOU really daring to dole out lifestyle suggestions to me?

wtf truly????

vanishing point said...

Tracist got me cracking up:)))

Governor Hair is another top notch lying sob.

oh yeah, loon state, that was another good one, thanks again:))

I am expecting Palin to announce her new nation any day now, Texas probably be the first to join up.

Anonymous said...

So Lou Dobbs is fat and Rick Perry has hair issues.
Hmmm.....what about your big belly and cue ball and Obama's big ears and purple lips?
It would be more appropriate to focus on the issues rather than physical appearances if credibility is sought.
Just sayin' Wayne.

field negro said...

Jody I know what the folks call him,but Gov "good hair"is too loaded for me to go there.

Hennasplace,you were on point.

Anon 2:58pm,cue ball,well yeah I will take that one proudly.

"Big belly"?Dem there are fighten words!!!:)

Anonymous said...

That was my point bro. Poor physical conditioning does not equate to poor mental conditioning. We tend to fight the wrong battles too often. The personal insults in your pieces fuel the vitriol in your comment section.
Just sayin' Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Haha, AB posted as anon at 10:07 pretending to be someone in support of her. That is sad and hilarious at the same time. Wow, she actually managed to write in structured format.

alicia banks said...


YOU are posting as assnon
never me

YOU are posting as assnon then claiming that your own posts are mine


your schizophrenia is even worse than your cowardice and hypocrisy!


get a life or try to make a point on topic you spineless ignorant invisible stalker!!!

alicia banks said...


3:23 is ewe

the "structured format" bs and envy gave you away mareallysilly

see more structured formal english at my blog:


alicia banks said...


how does it feel to get beaten down in stereo?

you are an even bigger ass as an assnon and, now, dually assed out and inept herein!...


Anonymous said...

I wish this Alicia Banks Troll would shut up. Can't she see that the grown ups are trying to have a conversation...

ghetto white boy said...

Thick girls, theres gonna be a bootie charge,healthcare = small bootie.:(. Field your all in support.Don't you think tort
should be added ? or is that
ahhhh hell No.:?
I read it.
sec 1158 initiates programs to reduce payments for patient care to what it cost the lowest regions
of the country. miss = ny.
Sec. 59b (pp. 297-299) says that when you file your taxes, you must include proof that you are in a qualified plan. If not, you will be fined.On Nov. 2, the Congressional Budget Office estimated what the plans will likely cost. An individual earning $44,000 before taxes who purchases his own insurance will have to pay a $5,300 premium and an estimated $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, for a total of $7,300 a year, which is 17% of his pre-tax income. A family earning $102,100 a year before taxes will have to pay a $15,000 premium plus an estimated $5,300 out-of-pock. But
yesterday congress submitted a bill that government employees will be based after taxes as gross?

maria said...

yesterday congress submitted a bill that government employees will be based after taxes as gross?

which bill? house or senate? do you have a bill number?

alicia banks said...


you and your moronic hater posse hurl name calling at EVERY intellectual post i make herein

then you whine about "grown folks" after i beat your illiterate asses like infants

spare me

Anonymous said...


Sticks, get the picture.

You are an intellectual pygmy with a cut-and-paste fetish. You lack the faculties to consolidate your thoughts into a single thought.

What a stupid, stupid woman.

alicia banks said...



your envy gave you away yet again

do not hate me because you are too illiterate to cut and paste or many ANY point on topic by ANY means!!!...

the only thing fat on me are my brain and my breasts...i praise god for those big fat blessings daily!

which is far better than the fat black empty hole in your chickenhead!

my wt has NOTHING to do with the big fat ass whippings i dole out to you all always!!!!

alicia banks said...

assnon mareallyuneducated:

once again:

"pygmy" is a very racist term in the context that you hurled it

like all jungle fevered whores, you are only liberal in bed

pygmies are not anomalies like midgets as they are normally short
...just as your being a mental midget is probably equivalently genetic

so, i need not quantify that specific genetic defect in your brain even as i simply and accurately refer to you as a moron....see you racist mareallyacavebitch?

Anonymous said...


Nope. Not Maria. Try again.

I will not engage in a tête à tête with you. I will just start scrolling past your numerous, numerous posts like everyone else. Constant engagements just bolsters your sense of victimhood.

alicia banks said...


yeah, right...

YOU are the victim of serial slayings!

what took you so long??????

be about that now and stop yapping idle bs!!!!

maria said...


i never post as anon. ask field to check the IP addresses of the posters.

your comments are so vile and crazy there's no point in addressing them, and it's part of your psychosis that you really think that i am the only one who sees your insanity.

too funny!

life is just to short to waste on you.

alicia banks said...


diverse hatreds and abuses are real and they validly victimize millions globally each day...

it takes a real racist fool to make valid "victimhood" sound like a really vulgar fantasy

this blog is not the globe
YOU are the victim here

i am the lioness
you are the slaughtered prey
and you make it way too easy...

thanks for that!

alicia banks said...


why are you still here??????

be gone already or just stop bluffing!!!

alicia banks said...


how many times have i referred to your cloned assnons PLURALLY and your POSSE of oj drones PLURALLY...

do you even read the bs you spew herein????


therein lies your ONLY REAL issue mareallytransparenttrick!!!!

alicia banks said...


i am so "vile" solo...

and all the other vulgar fools herein are saints

spare me your selective bs

what is vile is that curious collective fantasy you cowards have of your vile bs being hurled at me in silence...never that!

maria said...

i never said anything about you being a victim.

why am i here? is this your blog?

i think not.

bastard babies???? you are too much.

alicia banks said...


un peu de francais maintenant?

a head to head requires 2 heads

you are ill equipped

go borrow one and get back to me


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]If you want to read about the "black criminal of the day" or "NEGROPHOBIA 24/7" there are plenty of Uncle Tom and rightwing websites where you can get your fix.[/quote]



I am NOT focused on the "Black Criminal". I am focusing on the BLACK COMMUNITY WHO ARE VICTIMIZED BY THEM.

As you tom for the Democrats you are loathed to speak out and defend the people who are suffering from the incompetence of the people that THEY/YOU have placed into power over these same communities.

alicia banks said...


YOU are the blog police
not me

i never need any usurped post/fake uniform/pathetic holler to fn to kick your pissy inept ass

i have proven that always solo herein

"why are you here?" is not whining as you do!

YOU said you were going to stop reading my posts



Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]CF, this blog actually contains many posts about personal responsibility and disfunction. You seem to want ALL of them to be about lower class people, though. Sorry, but the biggest problem right now is corruption of the rich and priviledged class. They are setting the example for this society with their sickness.[/quote]


Let's assume that what you say is true. The rich and the powerful are CORRUPT.

WHY THEN do you and other Progressive-Fundamentalist drive for a POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT that consolidates our power into the hands of the POWERFUL.

I evaluate you and others upon your theories and actions. The primary means of stripping a force of power is to DISTRIBUTE IT. Yet, Ernesto - in the name of entitlement and RIGHTS - you and RiPPa and others seek to make a more powerful central government.

What about corporations are evil that is not the same case with a powerful government who is accountable to NO ONE because they are being feed by this same force?

Dara said...

And I thought the fighting stopped. It was good while it lasted.

alicia banks said...


i see fighting here daily!

even when i am lurking in silence!

Nightblade said...


Agreed Dara. Some people have this pathological need to have the last word. I think people would listen to them if they were not so obnoxious and hateful.

alicia banks said...

timid donoteventryit coldman:

it is hateful to ignore ALL of the haters herein

those who matter do listen

i think cowardice is pathological

but less so than hypocrisy

alicia banks said...

too damned cowardly:

what is obnoxious is seeing all the haters attack me

and then daring to cowardly call ONLY me out and ONLY for attacking them back

you will never listen to me ignore any haters who pathologically attack me

bet on that!

Nightblade said...


Please find someone else to direct your impotent rage towards. I don't have time to play footsies with you.

alicia banks said...

and dara:

i am still waiting to hear about those specific fight free days i missed herein

FN keeps a superb archive

i will gladly revisit them!


alicia banks said...

too dimwittedtobe coy:

so why did you shove your big hypocritical brazen feet into this convo????

got better glasses???

you missed a lot of obnoxious pathological haters boy!

Nightblade said...

I just co-signed with Dara. I did not mention you by name. Why did you assume that I was talking about you exclusively?

alicia banks said...

too dumbto count:

i suggest you repair your own image/impotence by researching ALL of the exchanges above

which may be a wee bit difficult as you seem to exclusively get aroused by my replies as you ignore all of the hatred i reply to...

that makes you and your FORCED footsies as obnoxious and tiny as you are brazen and inaccurate

alicia banks said...

timing dissension/dara & condecension:


you were clearly referring to my reply to dara's bogus claim about fights herein

playing forced footsies was bad enough

now you are playing badly in general

stop playing boy

Nightblade said...

Again, I ask: did I mention you specifically in my original post?

I have not read FNs archives, but I understand why people react so negatively to you just from this brief conversation with you.

You have a nice day, Sapphire.

Sharon from WI said...

Where do you teach again? I want to make sure that none of my loved one's [sic ]go to that school.<<


The irony in your response is downright irresistable.

You must have been sleep during the grammar class in which plural forms of nouns and possessives were discussed.

alicia banks said...

talking damned cornybs:

YOU hatefully & obnoxiously insulted me first while playing captain save a liar with the now mum dara

YOU were too impotent to own up to the hard game of footsies that you forced upon me

then YOU went out like pigmeat markham calling me sapphire as you ignored ALL of the other hateful moronic jewels herein...

i say i say nigh boy
u know u show need to stop dat deah playin nigh...era nigh nigh gwone boy!

Stacks said...

alicia,shut up and call your sponsor please!

Stacks said...

alicia, I think it's time for an intervention.

alicia banks said...

too damned clearlydodginghisowngame:

you were talking to me



it is yet unanswered

Anonymous said...

i say i say nigh boy
u know u show need to stop dat deah playin nigh...era nigh nigh gwone boy!

What the fuck is that,asslatin???

alicia banks said...


it is fri night?

should you not be doing mareallytricking?

no babysitter for her dwirled brats??

alicia banks said...


why does it matter to you?

you are quasi-illiterate in all languages any way!

alicia banks said...

sorry i have to go assnons et al:

i am taking my wife out to dine as
mareallybroke and stacksramennoodles
spend a friday night at home with the swirled brats...

au revoir!

Anonymous said...

That woman is one sick puppy.

maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"i say i say nigh boy
u know u show need to stop dat deah playin nigh...era nigh nigh gwone boy!"

What a complete idiot.

maria said...

thank god. the lunatic has left the building!

she'll be missed like we miss lou dobbs. yet another day the psychotic racist bitch hijacked and monopolized the comment thread. she reaches a new low every day.

i don't know why she is allowed to insult people the way she does. and it is NEVER justified. my kids are bastards? i collect retarded black men? i'm uneducated and broke? and should be fucking other posters?

pure insanity.

Gregory said...

My $.02 --

Give Texas back to Mexico. Maybe the Mexicans can make something out of the place.

vanishing point said...

alunitia skank brain is still in the building, batten down the hatch, lol.

Anonymous said...

Check out all these white girls beating on AB and none of the black females on the blog got her back. Shame. Black women won't get anywhere when they cant even stand up for another.

maria said...

you might notice NO ONE has her back, and she's the one beating on everyone--white and black, male and female.

and it's not about race.

it's about being nuts and manic vs. normal.

vanishing point said...

oh what, all one or two of us? give me a break, ab is a fake, sometimes she makes sense and thinks, most times she is just another birther, with fake pictures. she is total fabrication, fake. a mirage. whoever posts as AB is just having fun.

i mostly scan past her posts, sorry for this indiscretion on my part:))

you think i am making this up, you are wrong. she is a fake.

Anonymous said...

Wow. She is real. I don't think anyone can pretend to be that mean-spirited.

As far as Trolls go, if there was a study of Troll-ology, she would be a case study -an amalgamation of several "types" of trolls:

Classic (her constant listing of dubious bona fides in an attempt to appear more important than she really is)

Contrarian (no explanation needed)

YerATroll (obsession with Kola Boof)

Don King (her penchant for beating a dead horse and obsession with having the last word)

Affected Profundity (her longwinded rants that she thinks are profound, but are simply rants)

Bitter (no explanation needed)

Bustr (see Don King)

Mutt (she's an wannabe alpha bitch without a pack)

Vulgar (her penchant for attacking people without cause or provocation)

See this site for descriptions:

alicia banks said...

haters call me fake

and i am real


they lose

simple slaying! see?

i need no help from anyone

lucky me

you wannabeemes are waaaaaaay too easy:

alicia banks said...


your moronic list is so severely flawed it gave you away

thanks for this guffaw though:

"Vulgar (her penchant for attacking people without cause or provocation)"

this alone nullifies all the envious jokes you posted


got glasses?
got comprehension?
got scrolling?
got adhd???

alicia banks said...


got google?

don't hate
and learn to debate

then you do not have to make up bs about me to mask your ineptitudes herein

Anonymous said...

ABrutewildebeest: You're the one with ADHD because you can't consolidate your thoughts in a single post. Classic projection: all insults you hurl apply to you in spades. Kola had it right -- you are a Brute Wildebeest!

Jamdown said...

To be fair to the right wing crazies (such as the Texas Governor), if Obama's presidency fails to pass key measures, such as health care reform, it won't be the Repubs to blame. The blame will fall squarely on the Blue Dog Democrats, who seem to be Democrats in Name Only.

My husband bet me that the Senate would pass health care reform, but I doubt it. Democrats are weak - at least the Repubs stuck together when Bush was in power. Democrats know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - that's their specialty.

alicia banks said...


your counter is as flawed as you are!!!!

fix that fool!!!!!

alicia banks said...


i am brutal to these haters

wildebeasts are ugly
like assnon cowards
where is your photo???

alicia banks said...


kola is a real bitch from a real jungle

you are an illiterate kola fan

and you BOTH really have me twisted


nothing is as much a beast as ENVY

you and kola know all about that

you two mangy animals are truly rabid as you prove your savagery with every hateful lie you post!!!

Ernesto said...

Sorry I was so busy scrolling through the psycho ranting of ThatPsychoHeffaWhoShallNotBeNamed that I missed your response.

CF said: "WHY THEN do you and other Progressive-Fundamentalist drive for a POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT that consolidates our power into the hands of the POWERFUL."

We already have that, in case you weren't paying attention. I want the government more geared towards taking care of the powerless. You know, what a good government is SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

Marc B said...

Governor Hair (good one, Field!) is a filthy Globalist pushing for land confiscation all over the state of Texas to be used for the Trans Texas Corridor. Productive farmland that has been held for many generations by the original homesteading families is being confiscated to build this monstrosity. He actually he is in a race with Obama to cede the sovereignty of the US to foreign interests. Rick Parry is a FASCIST!

This is the same scum bag that tried to mandate the Gardasil injections for all the girls in the state of Texas age 12 and older.