Tuesday, August 08, 2017

"Fire and fury."

Image result for trump fire and fury imagesMy sister, bless her heart, lives in the
wonderful city of Seattle, Washington. Her husband is a wonderful man who I am proud to
call my brother-in law. Having said all of that, for the first time since she has lived in
Seattle, I am concerned for my sister's safety. 

Can you guess who I blame for this sudden sense of fear? If you said Donald trump move to
the head of the class.

If you have been following the news today you will see that trump's fight against the other
world leader with a bad haircut has reached critical mass. The president threatened North
Korea with "fire and fury" ,and all but dared them to make a move against us.  He said that
the North Korean state would be met with force never before seen on this earth.

He said this, by the way, from his golf course in New Jersey.

This is why we were afraid to give this man the nuclear codes in the first place. Now that
he has them, he is acting like a typical rich brat with a new toy who wants to show it
off to all of his friends.

Unfortunately, if he unleashes this toy, a lot of people will die, and the world, as we know it,
will never be the same.

Predictably, the other bad haircut guy responded with a threat of his own:

  "North Korea warned several hours later that it was considering a strike that 
would create “an enveloping fire” around Guam, the western Pacific island 
where the United States operates a critical Air Force base. In recent months, American strategic bombers from Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base have flown over the  Korean Peninsula in a show of force."

Oh boy, here we go. I hope that Mr. trump realizes what he started. North Korea gets off on
situations like this. They know that this is the only way to get noticed, and trump
has played right into their hands.

North Korea is very close to being able to launch a nuclear strike on the West
Coast of the United States. I am sure that (especially after hearing trump)
they are working harder now than ever before.

This is why I am concerned for my sister and the rest of the people in Seattle.
Throw in Donald trump who resides in the first class section of the crazy train,
and you can see why I am gripped with fear.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but sadly, knowing how Donald operates, that is
highly unlikely.

A war would be a nice distraction from all the trouble he is having with the "fake media"
these days.  

 *Pic from abc7.com 


dinthebeast said...

Fire and fury=shock and awe, only stupider and more dangerous.

-Doug in Oakland

Dead Ambassador said...

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but sadly, knowing how Donald operates, that is highly unlikely.

Yeah, too bad Hillary isn't President:


Yīshēng said...

Whooteemoos should hit the front lines first.

Yīshēng said...

War wth NK will almost certainly take the heat away from this admin's Russia problems.

uglyblackjohn said...

Wildfires, earthquakes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes,...
Now the West Coast has to worry about military warheads too.
Honestly, Field. If she's lived there any period of time your more afraid for her than she is for herself.

uglyblackjohn said...


Ricky said...

Another mess Obama made that President Trump is going to have to clean up.

Thank God the adults are back in charge.

DiAnne said...

I have family and friends on Guam. When I lived there, I used to think of Tsunamis and Typhoons. Now nuclear destruction? Those people on Guam are American citizens.

Bold, James Bold said...

How interesting.  Feeled's sister ran off to a city that's only 7.9% Black, in a state that's a mere 3.6% Black.  She could have gone to Atlanta or Detroit... but she chose Seattle.

It's almost like even Black people run away from other Black people.  But I guess it's not racist when Black people do it.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Was not aware of the latest North Korean/US exchange until watching CNN with Don Lemon. While the potential for a nuclear disaster will most certainly overshadow the Russian investigation and lack of legislative successes, one of the CNN contributors made an excellent point about the more than 30-year conflict with North Korea. The observation is despite countless diplomatic efforts along with sanctions spanning several White House administrations, nothing has worked in deterring North Korea's quest to pursue nuclear warfare. As hot-headed as Pres. Trump can be, a segment of Americans are in support of the US standing its ground with this regime.

Anonymous said...

Feelz sez...
"North Korea is very close to being able to launch a nuclear strike on the West
Coast of the United States."

How "close" and how "able"? This never bothered you people when Obama was prez, so why now? Oh! Never mind...

There will not be a war but the stock market slumped with the rumors. I believe Trump trumped you.

Besides Dug and Moron, how does it feel to be played like a two bit chump feelz?

Anonymous said...

Yīshēng said...
"Whooteemoos should hit the front lines first."

I assume you mean white males you piece of excrement.

And guess what? They always do and always have! What can we do to prevent those damn honky men from volunteering to fight for your fat ass?

Ban honkies from the military! I said it and believe it! I'm sure yisthing would agree.

Anonymous said...

We should drop 10,000,000 American ghetto blacks on North Korea. They could distract Emperor Poopypants with their basketball skillz, rape all the women and drain what little resources that country has left with their constant demands for free shit.

They'd be our bitch in about a week.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Bold James - Maybe she has an LA face with an Oakland booty..., or is a fan of Grunge or she started a coffee house - who knows...
Or maybe she's lived in the CD - a traditionally Black area of Seattle that is being taken over by whites - for a while.

James Pitcherella said...

Vladivostok Russia and the Russian Pacific Fleet is about 60 miles from North Korea. An attack on North Korea would also be an attack on the Russian Navy. Russia has boomer subs in the Atlantic and Pacific. Each sub is armed with 16 to 20 6,000 mile range MIRV each with at least 6 nebular warheads.per missile. Together the subs can obliterate every city in the US. Trump spoke with Jim & Tammy Baker and 16 other Christian Nationalists. The Bakers are in the prepper business, stocking fallout shelters. Trump probably got Isaiah 66:15 from the Christian Nationalists. He's got the fire and the fury at his command. It's End Days stuff. There's probably a run on AR-15 ammo, for shelters.

Yisheng = nigger said...

Dick-tators can't get enough of each other.

mike from iowa said...

Fucking morons are out early and in fine fettle. NK developed their nukes under dumbass dubya's watch. He never once tried diplomacy to talk them back from the edge. Drumpfuck's idea of diplomacy is bombarding the bad guy with all kinds of threats. Maybe he should threaten to sue NK?

Obama didn't waste much time trying to make deals with NK because he knew the retarded apricot with shit fer brains would undo any progress made by EO, just because he could.

Now you see stoopid Drumpfuckers running as far away from this POS as their scrawny little legs can carry them and trying to blame it all on Obama. Drumfuck is yers. You own him.

Yisheng = nigger said...

Trump is an idiot and so are his supporters. End of story.

Limpbaugh said...

This is a job for Dennis Rodmam.

JJ said...

In other news, the Obamacare death spiral continues as Anthem Blue Cross is pulling out of most of Nevada and Georgia as well as here in New York City, where I just received a letter notifying me that they will no longer be offering my policy starting the first of the New Year.

But let's keep opposing any fix by the Republicans because it makes Trump look bad, and that's all that really counts.

Stalkers smell like possum shit said...

No worries guys, the Whooteemoo brigade will save America from North Korea.

The special prosecutor is closing in, Trump chumps said...

The FBI raided Paul Manafort's house.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is actually a mirror image of Kim Jong-un.


Both are using war threats to whip up nationalist support for their flagging regimes.

This is a time-honored tactic: Foment wars--or the threat of war--to whip up a Rally Around the Flag effect.

And presto magic, political opposition and dissent will be cowed into silence or even into supporting you.

And last I checked, the Donald has a historically low rating in public approval with something like only 37% of the American masses supporting his ass. In fact, a comparable percent of the public favors impeaching Trump.

Remember George W. Bush, another ruler who came to power after a disputed election and a great deal of public opposition?

After 9-11 happened, Bush became the War President and had a (temporary) rally around the flag effect where everyone was compelled to support him or at least not oppose him.

This is the logic that the Donald is operating by.

The Donald is crazy alright--crazy like an orange-haired fox playing Russian Roulette with nuclear war so as to become another War President and manufacture support for his bankrupt regime.

Deliver us from Donald the dangerous dunce said...

"The Donald is crazy alright--crazy like an orange-haired fox playing Russian Roulette with nuclear war so as to become another War President and manufacture support for his bankrupt regime."

Not so foxy if a nuclear war actually kicks off, though, eh?

His self-serving game of chicken could end in catastrophe.

mike from iowa said...

But let's keep opposing any fix by the Republicans because it makes Trump look bad, and that's all that really counts.

Another fucking wingnut comedian. Whose armpit do you creatures crawl out of?Wingnuts didn't have a fix for the ACA. They had taxcuts for the wealthiest while the rest get kicked off insurance. Do pay attention.

7 fucking years of lies about repeal and replace, majorities in both houses of congress, control of the WH and Scotus and all you morons manage to do is shoot yerselves in the head. Absolutely brilliant strategery, hoss.

mike from iowa said...

BTW jj, the public is on record saying if the ACA fails wingnuts will be held responsible at the polls.

dinthebeast said...

Damn, I know some folks who live on Saipan, and we have a military presence there too, don't we?
Funny, but living on the West Coast doesn't make me feel all panicky about this. Perhaps that might be because I grew up here, and got used to the Coast Guard chasing Soviet submarines out of our territorial waters about once a month for so long that it just seemed like the way things were.
It did get scary at times, but what was I gonna do about it? You can't hide from a nuclear missile.
Although there was that one time we got spooked and drove over the top of Lord Ellis summit and slept in the car...

-Doug in Oakland

Yisheng = nigger said...

The 2020 election is the Democrat's to lose. If they can't find someone to beat Trump and lose to him again, their party deserves to die.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Fire and Fury are Traitor Trump's favorite Russian call girls. It's the feeling he gets when they pee on him.

Lilacpr said...

Limpbaugh said...

This is a job for Dennis Rodmam.

9:53 AM

LOL! Indeed! He'll make the peace! xD

Stalkers smell like possum shit said...

Now NK is clowing this admin for the "fire and fury" statement coming from a golf cart.


Yīggēr said...

If I were as smart as the average North Korean, I'd be a doctor by now!


Steve Bannon said...

If Kim Jong-Un has any decency he'll name a street "Monica Lewinsky Street" in honor of the US President that gave him his first Nuke.

mike from iowa said...

Steve Bannon is a sooper dumb fuck. Lewinski was never Potus. The potus who gave NK all their nukes is dumbass dubya. Don't forget it.

Fucking wingnuts ooze IQ points. Drip, drip drip..........

Stalkers smell like possum shit said...

@7:53, I don't think they have IQ points to ooze.

Stalkers smell like possum shit said...

That Trumpchicken in front of the white house is Hil-lar!!

Yisheng = nigger said...

"Chicken" is being too kind to bastard like Trump.

dinthebeast said...

That's what George Carlin said: "Chickens are decent people."


-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Trump has balls!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!