Monday, August 28, 2017

Man- made threats and natural disasters.

MORE DISCLAIMERS I will start this blog post by saying, once again, our thoughts are with the people of Houston.

There was some more important news today. None more important than the story of North Korea firing a missile over Japan. I guess all that "fire and fury" and bluster from Donald trump didn't  work. Sadly, North Korea is going to keep doing what North Korea does.

Also, today we learned more about trump's Russian connections . This story is also a big deal, and for those of you who have been trying to keep up, this is now eight months of drip drip drip with trump and his Russian pals.

We have now gone beyond the smoke phase. I can actually see the fire from here. My guess is that trump will not survive four years in office. The man just does not have the mental makeup to do what it takes to be the leader of the free world. And, if you are one of the suckers  people who voted for him , it's not too late to see the error of your ways.

Finally, now we know why trump announced the pardoning of the racist sheriff from Arizona on Friday,  as the news of Harvey was breaking: He thought the ratings would be higher during that time.

"A lot of people think it was the right thing to do," Trump said. "And, actually, in the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally." [Source]

What's scary about all of this is that it's not even news anymore.

Hang in there Houston.



dinthebeast said...

Here is a video by Juan Browne that explains a few things that are happening in Houston.
Juan has a YouTube channel that has the very best coverage of the Oroville dam situation going. In depth information about the engineering challenges in rebuilding the spillway in time for the next rainy season, how it's being done, and what went wrong to necessitate it.
Anyway, he thought he would try to lend some of his engineering expertise to help folks understand what's happening in Houston.
Apparently the main water conveyance through Houston is Buffalo Bayou, which is flanked by a pair of flood control reservoirs, Addicks and Barker, which are behind earth-fill dams. You can't let water overtop one of those or they will fail catastrophically, so they are releasing water out of the reservoirs into Buffalo Bayou even in the middle of a flood to make room for the remaining two feet or so of rainfall Harvey is expected to dump on the area while stalled there by high pressure in the surrounding areas.
There is about ten feet of room left in the reservoirs, and it's rising about five inches an hour.
So they are trying to avoid adding to the horror with failed levees, (sound familiar?) that won't stop flooding the place when the storm's gone, by releasing water right into the flood.

-Doug in Oakland

StillaPanther2 said...

Why Jim Brown enter into a national conversation with no use of the dictionary. Using a word that evidently by his usage, he knows not the meaning. Firstly (dt word), I grew up with Jim Brown as a football player we copied his style. As far as civil rights, he was very lukewarm, obviously there were the moments when he represented with the other athletes of the times. He was of age to go to the war zone, so please I would rather he keep his comments about disrespecting the military in his head. It is long time past for the sport industry to stop having this phony love affair with the military. Jim should know that Mr. kaupernick's actions are protected by the military as well as the Constitution. He should shut the f up and let the military say if Colin's action offend them.

The owners are hiding behind the flag as well as the military. If they want to talk respect, how about having all people in the stadium plac e their right hand over their hearts and remove all headgear for civilians and a solid salute for the military and police. Until then let Colin and others express their stance as they see it. It is a shame that all many want to place barriers when a cause that is just and true offends the majority. Charlottville showed that there are too many that only see my race as entertainers. As a veteran that saw more confederate flags in Vietnam than American flags, I say let Olin do his thing. The Black race know not their only power in America. If all athletes gain solidarity, there will be some changes. Sports is a billions of dollars industry.

Praying for the citizens of Texas. It is good to see "the People" aiding those in need.

In ending ending... why Jim did not speak about Donald turning his back on flag and country. Scared as boy. Hall of Famer loved NOW by his country. Karma would be for him to get his head peeled by the now militarized police. I spoke long ago about the military and police will be turned on "people control"

Linux for Niggers said...

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PilotX said...

Good post Brotha Panther.

Good Lord, he does not know what he is doing! said...

"'A lot of people think it was the right thing to do,' Trump said. 'And, actually, in the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally.'"

*global facepalm*

Flying Junior said...

This is an interesting resource. Courtesy of the Great Gazoogle.

It does have periodic updates. Of course, the magnitude of the human suffering is only available through direct reporting and anecdotes.

So happy that president trump can already see the beautiful New Houston.

Too bad he has no knowledge of the New Jerusalem. Myth, faith or belief. It's just not something that he has ever heard about.

Maybe y'all can tell me. From what I can gather, there are homes built on higher ground. Is it really just the downtown of Houston that was inundated? Rockport took the biggest hit. There are people in Houston and Corpus Christi that are okay.

Whatever the truth may be. We know that we are looking at a long recovery.

Limpbaugh said...

Podesta's lobbying group was subpoenaed by Mueller and they retroactively filed disclosures of pro Putin work. Not that the red scare propaganda is true. The important thing is to realize who lied to you.

Un-credible Sources said...

"The important thing is to realize who lied to you.

Lol, nice link from an RT network program. You know RT, the state-owned network of the Russian Republic?

Hey, breaking news: Vladimir Putin Is Not A Bad Guy, Says Vladimir Putin.

Maybe one day it will get too smelly and Limpbaugh will decide it's time to pull his head out of his ass.

mike from iowa said...

Latest from Juanita Jean's blog shows the breadth of flooding and road closures. The entire Tex Nat Guard has been called up and the Coast Guard has half their fleet of helicopters in Houston. Good read by staff writer el Jefe.

Limpbaugh said...

Would you like to buy a bridge Un-credible Sorces? I'll repeat that its a good deal over and over. I see that is all it takes for you to believe anything. You are an indoctrinated idiot.

mike from iowa said...

Texas flood victims commentary of Drumpf.

Limpbaugh said...

By the way Un-credible Sources, since you were told not to believe RT News, you can see what The Nation, Bloomberg News, Salon, The New York Post, or various other sources say about the VIPS findings.

anotherbozo said...

Charley Pierce of Esquire Politics found a link between Sheriff Joe's pardon and Trump's flogging of Sheriff David Clarke's book. The air head has had some ideology pumped into it when no one was looking-- the "constitutional sheriff's movement," whereby local sheriffs carry more weight than judges, or the entire DOJ, for that matter:

Hanging out with Bannon and Stephen Miller has to be dangerous for any blank slate. Racism doth not a complete ideology make, and those loonies were there to fill the vacuum.

mike from iowa said...

Sheriff Ar-Lieoh claims his persecution was done at the hands of Obama's leftovers at Justice.

He was indicted by a dumbass dubya appointee and sentenced by a Bill Clinton appointee. Imagine a lying wingnut. Hard to believe, ain't it.

Bring it on kunts. Can't wait for the familiar refrain-if you like yer health insurance you can keep it. It's coming because wingnuts can't help themselves.

dinthebeast said...

I just heard from my friend in Houston, and he's OK. Still afraid to drive his car anywhere, but not washed off of the map like some of his neighbors.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Judge dismisses ever flailin' failin' Palin's lawsuit against the NYT. Film at 11.

mike from iowa said...

Looking for Ivanka's third or fourth boob? He is in the ME getting a no where peace deal. Israelis love it.

Guy in Colorado who claimed libs stabbed him two weeks ago for being a neo-nutjob, apparently stabbed himself when police confronted him about it.

Texas flood victims have until Friday to file flood damage claims or else.

mike from iowa said...

Nobody in HRC's campaign had contact with Russians during the campaign.

Bold, James Bold said...


Texas flood victims commentary of Drumpf."

Somebody believes Trump is God and could have commanded Harvey to stay offshore.  If I were the God-Emperor, I'd be flattered.

But of course the cartoonist doesn't dare to Notice that there was no evacuation of Houston because the (stupid Black) mayor of Houston had no evacuation plan.  Funny, the (stupid corrupt Black now serving 10 years) mayor of New Orleans during Katrina had the same problem; dozens of buses which could have carried people to high ground were drowned by floodwaters instead.  It's almost like... future-time orientation is a mystery to Africoons.

field negro said...

Actually James, the mayor made the right call. You are too ignorant and blinded by racial hatred to see it.

Evacuating a city such as Houston would have been even more of a disaster. I thought u were an engineer. You should be able to understand this.

Hmmm, it makes one question so many things about the resident racist.🤔

Bold, James Bold said...

"the mayor made the right call."

Not having any plans was "the right call"?

"Evacuating a city such as Houston would have been even more of a disaster."

So instead of evacuating people in low-lying areas to higher ground in advance, they're being pulled out of flooded houses after the fact... and risking water-borne diseases because of that.  Talk about stupid.

Any serious hurricane disaster plan would have done the following:

(a) identified the areas likely to flood.
(b) Counted the population of those areas.
(c) Identified schools, malls, etc. on high ground where this population could be accomodated.
(d) Identified parking areas so that vehicles could be spared, reducing property damage and making the recovery faster.
(e) Mobilized the city transportation fleet(s) to move people who don't have private transport.
(f) Switched all freeway lanes to outbound-only during the approach of the storm for the sake of people wishing to ride out the storm outside of the city.

A few other details, like lining up food, water, medicines, etc. for the displaced people are part and parcel of the operation.

This doesn't take genius, just a willingness to think.  That's something you and the mayor of Houston both lack.

Anonymous said...

Not having any plans was "the right call"?

Here's a "right call" Field could make, right now: Dump you!

Black James, an actual orbital engineer said...

I thought u were an engineer. You should be able to understand this.
James an engineer? BwahahahahahahahaahahHahahahahahahahahaahaahahhahahahahahahahahahaggagahagahahahahahahahhahaha gasp hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahhahagahaahahahaha!

Black James Bold, a real engineer said...

James aspires to be a custodial engineer but for now he performs felatio for meth He can and should dream though.