Friday, August 04, 2017

Lazy Man.

Image result for magazine trump lazy boy imagesRight-wnngnuts are mad at Newsweek magazine for this latest cover, because they say that it unfairly portrays their president as lazy. One pundit, Neil Cavuto, called it a "sin".

But we can't blame Newsweek for pointing out the obvious.  Remember when then candidate trump declared that he would hardly leave the White House because there was too much work to do? We all see now that those declarations, like most things coming out of trump's mouth, was  a lie'. 

I think that the Newsweek cover is a fair depiction of trump's work ethic, or lack thereof. Especially since by all objective measures he is proving to be the laziest president in the history of the United States. And to think he constantly bashed former president Obama for taking too many vacations and playing too much golf. And yet, here we are. The man spends damn near every weekend on a golf course.

Now, once again, he is off on vacation. This time it will be for seventeen days. I am sure that there are a lot of folks in Washington who are hoping that he starts feeling nostalgia for the good old days and decides not to come back. The town might be better off with him out of pocket.
'“As I said, we get into the good and the bad, but that’s not fair, that’s not balanced. And the media treatment that dismisses that and makes him look like a buffoon and furthermore calls him ‘lazy’ for a guy that gets up 2 or 3 in the morning… that’s not right! That is not right. If the same were said of Barack Obama or someone else, you’d be rightly enraged… We have to get this right'
He went on to accuse Newsweek of “pretending” to be unbiased."

He (Cavuto) can't be serious. The guy is on FOX VIEWS accusing another media outlet of being biased. The irony of that is so rich.   

I am sure most of you remember how the right relentlessly accused former president Obama of being lazy and wasting his time playing golf when he should have been doing the people's work. (Of course y'all know what that was all about, right? ) It was laughable then, but it really seems ridiculous  now, given how this president has acted as if life in the White House is just one big all inclusive vacation package.

"Don't take vacations. What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the wrong job." -- Think Like A Billionaire" ~ Donald trump~

This is way too easy.

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Yīshēng said...

Lazy? That's a compliment. They should impeach his ass while he's on vacation.

I'm predicting some seriously heavy $hit is going to hit the fan, and he wanted to be "out of the way" when it does.


Inconvenient math said...

The "lazy boy" had the audacity to pretend his ban on transsexuals in the military was about saving the taxpayer money on sex change operations.

However, according to that hotbed of leftism, USA Today (lol):

"A report for the Pentagon last year found that transition-related care would cost between about $2.4 and $8.4 million per year — less than 0.14% of the military's medical budget.

That's roughly the cost of four of Trump's trips to Mar-A-Lago ..."

Of course, it's perfectly obvious this was never about the money. It was just Trump hate-baiting his troglodyte supporters like he always does.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for your hoping for impeachment yishthing!

"I'm predicting some seriously heavy $hit is going to hit the fan,"

Like not enough KFC coupons?

Did you ever find your couch?

Yīshēng said...

This will be a recurring post EVERYTIME I post here. Because I just LOVE the fact that my education to become a Dr, chaps the wide flabby asses of our resident shitheads!!

Anyone else notice that the ONLY Asians complaining about affirmative action are the DUMBASS ones like Vietcong, ROTFL??

Anyone else notice that the ONLY whooteemoos complaining about affirmative action are the DUMBASS ones like EVERY troll on this blog, ROTFL??


Yīshēng said...

So how many days until PEEOTUS is forced to come back to that "dump" called the WH, from vacation??

I'm going with 7, anyone else care to place a bet?

Thank God for small favors said...

That Newsweek cover correctly points out that Trump and the Republicans have passed zero pieces of major legislation to date. Let's keep it that way. There is no way that any legislation to come out this White House will be any good for the country.

If it will limit the damage, then as far as I am concerned, Trump can remain on vacation permanently, endlessly hate-tweeting and telling self-aggrandizing lies and making googly eyes at Putin until his impeachment. Plus, who knows, maybe lightning will strike him out on the golf course and Satan will call him home.

dinthebeast said...

And while the damn fool is playing games with the Pig People in his base to try and stay in office by keeping Republicans in congress scared of them (which is beginning to wear off after only six months), the rest of the world is moving on from the past he tries to worship like a golden calf.
China is investing billions of dollars in solar panel production and technology, because they understand where the future is going, and they are now the main supplier of the solar and wind technology that's taking over the world, and particularly in Southeast Asia.
They expect to create 13 million jobs in the next three years producing those solar panels.
Perhaps it might have been a good thing if we had created those jobs instead. India is tripling their investment in solar and wind, and almost all of that money is going to China, because we're too goddamn stupid to stop arguing about reality and get on with competing in the real world.
But hey, president four-year-old is already rich, why should he give a rat's ass whether China is eating our lunch with our own technology and selling it to the rest of the world, when those coal miners have to be fired up enough the scare the shit out of Paul Ryan?
So a vacation at least means he's less likely to fuck up or embarrass the country for a few days.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

@Yisheng (Shitstain):


I'm thinking more like, AA gov't employee, fat, bitter, overpaid, unable-to-attract-a-man 40-something ghetto sow with half a brain. (You ARE smart for the average negroid.)

Who thinks I'm right?

(P.S. - #MAGA, bitches!)

Anonymous said...

Big Dick Trump

He can't be stumped

He's gonna clean up this dump

Barack Obama

He had a white mama

The motherfucker married one Bad Mama Jama

Looks like a gorilla

Smells like a goat

Throw her in the water and she won't even float

But Donald Trump

He's the man

He's gonna do whatever he can

To make this nation great again

Why do liberals think it's such a sin?


Hey guys, do you like my rap? I know that's language you guys communicate in. Hope you like it. I was rappin'.

Yīshēng said...

Doug, you've been on fire with pearls of wisdom since PEEOTUS was elected! 👍🏽

I guess something good had to come out of it!!

Anonymous said...

Yisheng, my crotch is on fire after listening to your wise and cromulent posts.

When can I tap dat ass?

-Quandemetrius Jackson

PilotX said...

Well Doug, I'll trump those 13,000,000 jobs with almost 800 in the new and improved coal industry. Leave it to Republicans to stake our future on 19th century technology🙄

Yisheng = nigger said...

Anybody who still likes or supports Trump is intellectually lazy.

Bold, James Bold said...

Feeled complains about everything President Trump does, and then complains again when he goes on vacation.  There is just no pleasing some people.

BTW, I can't help but notice that TPC hasn't made one single post about the Mexican border wall since the House appropriated $1.6 billion to build it.  Funny how that works.

Your talking points are disappearing one by one.  Someday you'll be reduced to complaining that the God-Emperor's hair is too yellow, because it will be too embarrassing to talk about anything else but you still have the congenital need to complain.  This is why your main advocacy organization is the National Association of Always Complaining People.

Or is it Niggers Are Always Causing Problems this week?  I can't keep track.

mike from iowa said...

President Donald Trump touted the opening of a new coal mine in Pennsylvania as evidence that his administration is “putting the miners back to work.” But construction of the mine in question began before the 2016 election. And experts say it’s not evidence of a resurgence in coal mining.

The U.S. has added about 1,000 new coal mining jobs since Trump became president, part of a modest 5 percent increase since a modern low of 48,300 jobs in October. But the current number of coal mining jobs, 51,000, is 43 percent lower than in January 2012. Industry experts do not anticipate a return to that level, even with Trump’s efforts to roll back regulations.

Drumpfuck has claimed he has added 45000 coal mining jobs since he became bogus potus. Another lying talking point we will never run out of.

Baldingo, howz the bag balm working on your sore hands from constantly spanking yer monkey in circle jerks? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...


mike from iowa said...

twamp's tax returns said...

His royal imperial travesty precedent "dumb old" twamp has single-handedly proven that the neuropeon myth of superior intellect as measured by the IQ test, is just that, s myth.

Hate Fact™ said...

Actually, racial differences in IQ are well established, and go a long way towards explaining differences in group outcomes.

Fact Jack said...

"Now, once again, he is off on vacation."

It's his first vacation.

twamp's tax returns said...


An appropriate response considering the title of today's article.

twamp's tax return said...

Correction @11:37a

An appropriate response considering the title of today's article.

Violence against blacks said...

It's not race, it's culture:

More fistfights in Trumpland said...

The alt-right scum are furious and raging in their online Reddit hidey-holes because HR McMaster, the general and non-crazy person who serves as national security advisor, has been firing incompetent, racist Bannonites left and right.

Oh no, the "globalists" are winning!!*

Observers who haven't already been mentally overwhelmed by the many White House departures of the last six months will recall that McMaster replaced torture/murder advocate, racist, and certified lunatic Mike Flynn, whose tenure at the White House was almost as short as the Mooch's. Flynn was removed after he was caught giving Vladimir Putin a metaphorical (although, who knows, maybe literal?) blowie.

The drama continues.

*"Globalist" is the latest wingnut euphemism for "disappointingly, not a Nazi." See also: "alt-right", which is a euphemism for "hooray, a Nazi."

Bold, James Bold said...

Hey, Mandingo, can you show me when the Senate ratified (((Emma Lazarus'))) contest-winning poem which was only installed on a plaque at the SoL in 1903?  Or when the House passed it as an immigration bill?  How about when it received the 36th state approval to amend the Constitution?

What, you can't?

Well, fancy that.  We should take that plaque off and have it melted and re-cast into something useful.  I suggest it be made into pens which President Trump can use to sign the first of many immigration-reduction acts.  America is full, go home.

Supposedly, Africa is going to have 4 billion people by 2100.  It's obviously a happening place, you should be part of it.  Maybe with your help blowing into cow's assholes to make them give milk will catch on world-wide.

Yīshēng said...

Leave it to Republicans to stake our future on 19th century technology🙄.


Hey PX!!

Walt Wright said...

More fistfights in Trumpland said...
*"Globalist" is the latest wingnut euphemism for "disappointingly, not a Nazi." See also: "alt-right", which is a euphemism for "hooray, a Nazi."

You are confused.

The attacks on McMasters are coming from the pro-Israel lobby, people who are pretty much synonymous with "globalists".

And "Nazi" is now a euphemism for "white person".

mike from iowa said...

Fake Noize's Eric Bolling allegedly Wienered his wiener and nuts to some Fake Noize co-workers.

Bolling's lawyer was a vehement he doesn't recall doing this. Obama made him do it, right?

mike from iowa said...

Orbital Orchestrator Baldingo, care to show me where I said it was ratified or passed or approved. You are arguing with yerself and you need more meds.

Take a trip to the local wingnut headquarters and get laid for a buck or two. They need the donations and you need to loosen up.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck said wingnuts would never impeach for 2 reasons. 1 they couldn't stand the thought of kissing his ugly fat ass goodbye, and 2 I'm not really potus. See I just leased my name for the next 4 years with a possibility of 4 more years after that.

L'Trina said...

I wish they would just let Yisheng be a doctor already. She has been working so hard to try to be a doctor for almost 40 years now! There should be some sort of time limit on how long they can require someone to fulfill the basic requirements. After a few decades, they should just say "okay, you obviously really want to be a doctor, go ahead".

I think it's racist and sexist. They would never sit there and watch a white or Asian man flounder with material over their heads for 40 years! They probably wouldn't even do it for one year! The only reason Yisheng has had to endure failing for so long is that she is a Black Woman.

Welcome to Drumpf's Amerikkka!

You are confused about my confusion said...

"The attacks on McMasters are coming from the pro-Israel lobby, people who are pretty much synonymous with 'globalists'."

At this point, I sincerely doubt the Israel lobby are angry about anything. They have a man of their own inside the administration. He goes by the name of Donald Trump. Also Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Both of them are gigantic Netanyahu fans. Israel can have absolutely whatever it wants for as long as Trump is in office.

And why wouldn't Trump be a fan? At this point, the Trump ❤ list includes: Netanyahu, Saudi princes, Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte. Really great people, all of them!

Note that, while previous leaders have tolerated or agreed to work with some of these people, solely out of what they believe is American national self-interest, Trump genuinely admires them. He loves all global thugs, because he's a thug himself. He'd probably be tight with Kim Jong-Un, too -- they could be bad haircut buddies -- if it weren't for that guy constantly threatening to nuke us.

It's unanimous said...

Every US President has done the bidding of the Israeli lobby since before there was Israel.

Yīshēng said...

@1:39, Mike from Iowa FOR THE WIN!!!

mike from iowa said...

Thanks Yisheng. Back to our regularly scheduled scandal at Fake Noize- Eric Bolling who allegedly Anthony Wienered some female co-workers with closeups of his wiener has been suspended while authorities ponder new regs requiring all males at Fake Noize to be neutered, including Ann Coulter.

mike from iowa said...

Bibi Fuckhead of Israel is possibly looking at bribery charges. I seriously doubt Obama is considered a friend of Israel. I don't consider Israel our friend. They are a belligerent, bellicose bunch of bullies who drag wingnuts around by the balls trying to precipitate wars that Americans will foght and die for them, imho.

Grung_e_Gene said...

that picture is a disgrace! The gut's too small, the hands are too big, and traitor trumps micropenis is showing...

Winning! said...

More than one million jobs added since Trump took office:

Just six months in, and already the good times are back!

mike from iowa said...

Anonymous Winning! said..

Make sure you add those 45000 coal jobs Drumpf made up in his head. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Just out of curiosity, what legislation had Drumpfuck passed thAt lead to those million jobs? Good luck with that.

mike from iowa said...

Lying Drumpfuck now sez golf trip is not a vacation.

Anonymous said...

@: 2:40 PM: 10+


Stalkers suck ostrich balls said...

PEEOTUS has the WIDEST ass of ANY POTUS in the last 75 years!

Stalkers suck ostrich balls said...

mike from iowa said...
Lying Drumpfuck now sez golf trip is not a vacation.

And this wideload had the nerve to question our last credible POTUS' golf trips!!!

mike from iowa said...

Minnesota mosque gets bombed. Of course right wing rhetoric is completely innocent.

Fake News said...

99% of "hate crimes" against Muslims, Jews, blacks, or gays are hoaxes done to get sympathy and attack whitey.

Weihan Wang said...

Chinese man teach africa black nigro operate Chinese train. New era prosperity for africa with Chinese infrastructure technology advise.

Scad Lenton said...

had a black woman scream at me for calling her out on eating out of the bulk food bin. she literally said "because im black i can't eat?!"

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Anonymous said...

Comrade Trump appears to be destroying the myth of the relentlessly hard working white Neanderthal in America. The Evangelicals new 'Savior in Chief' appears to be long on promises and short on action. At this rate the low intellect Trump will never save rural white males and the rest of his traitor trash supporters from their pending departure from America and the planet.

Bold, James Bold said...

"Minnesota mosque gets bombed."

It's about time there was some payback for Boston and San Bernardino and Ft. Hood and the rest.  All the Zoomalis have to go back.

dinthebeast said...

"It's his first vacation."

His whole goddamn life has been a vacation. Specifically, it has vacated morality, human decency, and his end of the social contract.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

So the little Trump supporting Pig People who live along the Southern border are squealing and stamping their little trotters because it just occurred to them that the walldoggle will require them to give up big chunks of their property if it actually gets built, and leave many of them on the wrong side of the walldoggle, away from things like emergency services and access to the cities and towns where they do business.
It didn't occur to them while they were supporting the damn fool that we already built a border fence once, and that the hundreds of lawsuits over the seizure of private land were all won by the government, and some of the property owners who were left on the south side of the fence have horror stories of having to watch their house burn down because the fire trucks couldn't get through to help them.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

This is more leftist fake news. Just because Donald Trump spends so much of his time at the golf course does not mean he is lazy. Have you played golf? Hitting that little white ball is hard work! And riding around on golf carts over immaculate green lawns is back-breaking labor!

You will break out in a sweat just thinking about the hardships that the Donald suffers from.


dinthebeast said...


-Doug in Oakland

Ankita Tiwari said...