Sunday, August 27, 2017

Harvey wreaks havoc.

TWEET MEMy thoughts go out to the people of Houston, Texas and all of Harris County. My wife has quite a few family members there, so we are really trying to stay on top of what's happening.

I tweeted earlier that I see quite a few similarities to Hurricane Katrina, and the more I watch the news from Houston, the more I am reminded of that tragic event in the Big Easy twelve years ago.

The sad irony is that many of the people now living in Houston are transplants from New Orleans, who were forced to leave that city after the floods caused by Katrina.

Mr. trump said that he will be going to Southeast Texas next week, and I am quite sure that a lot of the people down there are wishing that he wouldn't. He is, after all, only going for a photo op. Let's face it, there is no one in America who can honestly say that he (trump) genuinely cares about the welfare of those people. If he did, he would not be tweeting about and promoting a book (written by that idiot sheriff from Wisconsin) in the middle of the event.

Finally, the stupidity of right-wingnuts knows no bounds. Tonight we want to put FOX VIEWS host, Tucker Carlson, in the stupid Hall of Fame for the following:

 “So have you a league that is 70% African-American. 70% of the players are black as compared to about 13% of the population so clearly, there is no racism in hiring. Here you have a guy who signed a contract in 2014 for like $126 million. Collected $39 million of that. Just on the basis of those facts alone, it’s hard to see how Colin Kaepernick, at 29, is a victim of racism. Tell me how he is.”
After Griggs pointed out that the league employs over 90 quarterbacks and Kaepernick was the 17th best one last year, Carlson once again brought up the ‘blacks are the majority in the league’ point:
“Now maybe the owners are making a poor decision in not picking up Colin Kaepernick. I’m not qualified to assess that and I doubt you are either. What makes you suspect it’s racial? Again, the league is 70% black. If anything, it seems like it might be able to use a little diversity. I mean, that’s not — I mean, how is that racism? I’m honestly confused.”

Griggs responded by pointing out that all but one of the 32 owners in the league are white before once again pointing to Kaepernick’s stats to makes the case that he should at the very least have an NFL job.
“Let me ask you a question: if the owners are racist, why are 70% of their employees black?” Carlson retorted. “I mean, wouldn’t they not want to hire black people if they are racist and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars?” [Source]
So following Carlson's logic those plantation owners who owned all those slaves weren't racist, either. And of course we all know that's not true.



Anonymous said...

Carlson: "I’m honestly confused.” No Tucker. There is nothing about you that would warrant the modifier "honestly."

Limpbaugh said...

I think the owners are bowing to the racism of fans who see Kaepernick as uppity. There is also an element of misplaced "my country right or wrong" patriotism involved. Most of the conservative people who are susceptible to that sentiment are are also susceptible to racism. But an older black Vietnam veteran friend of mine comes to mind as someone who is strongly opposed to racism and might be opposed to Kaepernick too. I suppose there are varying degrees of which sentiment is the most prevalent in different people. There is a movement to boycott the NFL because of their treatment of Kaepernick. Personally, I think he is being blacklisted for protesting fascism.

dinthebeast said...

I have friends in Houston who decided to hunker down and ride it out, and I haven't heard from them for a little bit, so I hope they're OK.

Tucker Carlson is an idiot. He used to be an idiot in a bow-tie, but now he's lost even that distinction.

Perhaps they hire them, Tucker, because they can play football well enough to make those rich, white, owners even more money than they already have.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

The white stoopid is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Blacks would be out of the league if the owners could get competent undocumented aliens to play the game at highly reduced labor costs.

Lilacpr said...

Wonderful example to set:

Lilacpr said...

Tucker is a white supremacist expert at side tracking an issue. The issue isn't that blacks are in the majority and are hired and therefore the NFL isn't racist!

The issue is that Kaepernick is protesting the treatment of members of his race! And that's what they don't like, and that's why he's being punished and made an example of!

Descent into the journalistic abyss said...

Remember when Tucker Carlson was a real journalist? Once upon a time, he was, I swear! He was always a wingnut, but he started out at real, reality-based TV channels like PBS and CNN, and wrote articles for New York Magazine and Esquire and the New Republic. But year after year, he has spewed more and more BS, and continued his downward spiral through shadier and shadier (and more racist) news outlets, until he ended at that great graveyard of facts, Fox News.

Anyway, in this case, I think Tucker's probably right that racism on the part of the owners doesn't have much to do with why they don't want to sign Kaepernick. But he's deliberately missing the point. The fans' racism has everything to do with why he is not playing.

NFL owners don't want to sign Kaep, not because they are racist but because they are greedy. A sizable percentage of white NFL fans are pro-cop/anti-BLM and hate his national anthem protests, and they may switch off their TVs if he takes the field, which would cause any team that signs Kaep to lose substantial money.

And yes, there are undoubtedly some black people who won't watch football because they object to Kaep being blackballed from the league, but they are dwarfed in number by the white fans who insist on him being blackballed. It's more profitable to side with the racist fans, so that is exactly what the NFL owners are doing. Everything's just dollars to them, and racists have made Colin Kaepernick a dollar-losing proposition, so his career is probably done.

PilotX said...

Whats that old saying about not understanding something if your job depends on you not understanding something?

Yīshēng said...

When 70% of NFL owners and executives are Black, THEN I'll believe there's no racism in the NFL.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Negro,
That would be a stretch. Even for yisthing.

Anonymous said...

I thought "race" was a "social construct" and we are all "world citizens".

Who is responsible for the daily "meme"?

Who is responsible for the daily sacrifice to da' "diversity"?

Signed, a concerned Honkey.

I'm Just Saying said...

“Let me ask you a question: if the owners are racist, why are 70% of their employees black?” Carlson retorted. “I mean, wouldn’t they not want to hire black people if they are racist and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars?”

During slavery the owners were racist, and the workforce was at least 70% black.

So to say that a reflection of the workforce is the best determinant as to whether a person is racist or not, is just plain stupid.

Mexicans, often referred to as "wet backs,"those who, over the years, have migrated to the U.S. to work in the fields (agriculture) were certainly more than 70% of the workforce, but oftentimes the owners were racist.

Francis Holland said...

Field, would you like to co-edit a new Wikipedia article? It's 90% done, but it's going to be controversial and I think you're gonna want input and provide some direction.

Flying Junior said...

As of yesterday, my kin in Houston and Corpus Christi said they were okay. Didn't hear any more for today.

There must be little hills, right?

As far as I can tell, both Corpus Christi and Houston are at very near sea level, even if parts of downtown Houston may actually be below sea level.

With an additional four feet of rain predicted, this is extremely dangerous. This is a century level event.

Anonymous said...







Lilacpr said...

I dunno but it just seems to me Texas isn't stepping up to the plate fast or furious enough with this Harvey catastrophe.

I read where they told a woman with a wheelchair bound husband to go up on their roof, as well as other more or less 'fend for yourself' incidences.

I'm thinking these politicos are the same everywhere these days, just take the money and run. The heck with the infrastructure and the peoples needs.

Me thinks the state that does everything big is going small, but...

Anonymous said...

As Tucker Carlson and every other white person knows but PRETENDS not to:

The NFL only wants good quiet Negroes.
You know, the Negroes that act like coons.
The Negroes that kiss their asses.
The Negroes that laugh the loudest and the longest at their dumb ass racist jokes and behaviors.
The Negroes that act like "bobble heads."
The Negroes that give all their NFL money back to white female slave owners.

mike from iowa said...

This is what passes as Drumpfuck's flood tour guide in Texas on Tuesday. That thing in the ducky pajamas is a Texas wingnut US congress shit fer brains. In the photo was another girl-an underage one at that in lingerie. ( No worries the congressvarmiont is in a very secure gerrymandered district)

Drumpfuck's speech to the masses includes how his historic electoral victory allowed him to end Texas' drought this week. Also all Houston's wealthy whites are invited to join Drumpfuck's golf clubs for a flood induced 5% discount if they sign in person today.

mike from iowa said...

Should ask A-Butt how all them concealed weapons carriers are faring with all them guns to keep them afloat. Stoopid whiteys are prolly standing around trying to citizen's arrest flood waters. Not getting too far would be my best guess.

Soon as Baldingo opens his pie hole, half the water will disappear down his gullet.

mike from iowa said...

FEMA says they will be in Texas for years cleaning up damage.Until Drumpfuck cuts their budget.

mike from iowa said...

Vox has some decent pics showing Houston flood waters.

Lilacpr said...

Wow! Re: Harvey's flood waters, I heard that the 911 wasn't answering last night, and that folks are basically "on their own"!

Bold, James Bold said...

"Soon as Baldingo opens his pie hole, half the water will disappear down his gullet."

You think so?  All right, if I can make it happen I expect a 10% commission on the saved property damage.

"The issue is that Kaepernick is protesting the treatment of members of his race!"

You mean like Affirmative Action?  You mean like Fair Housing, so the poor relations of Cap-a-nig can live next to people who they'd never be able to afford to otherwise—and have a much higher grade of people to beat up and stuff to steal?

I'm fine with watching the Negro Felon League implode over this.  It's long overdue.  Making White fans realize they're worshipping a bunch of borderline morons and often actual gang members has been a long time coming, and it's finally here.

Last, who is it who keeps telling us "freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences"?  Cap-a-nig isn't being signed because team owners know that the reaction from their fans will be to drop their season tickets, turn off the game and quit cable.  That means no more cities willing to build stadiums for them, among other things.  They're scared.  They're right to be.

Report back to me on what happens to Houston's flood, I've got work to do.

Lilacpr said...

During these types of floods coffins come up too out of the cemetery's, so those waters are a hotbed of bacteria.

Flying Junior said...

President Trump stump speech in Houston tomorrow.

Hello Texas! It's great to be in Houston. Houston, you're beautiful. I talked to some great folks, great folks! You're doing a great job. This is what I like to see... Real Americans pulling together in a crisis. Keep it up Houston! You're doing great! And what a crowd! Take a look around you and take in this marvelous crowd. You people are beautiful. I love Texas. And you know the best thing about Texas? No wall required! (Thunderous applause) Yes sir! No need to worry about Mexicans getting into Texas.

You know, I was just in Arizona this week with my good friend, Sheriff Joe. Joe is a good man, good man. Can you believe that they locked him up just for doing his job? No kidding. I can think of somebody else that needs to be locked up. (Applause, shouts of, "Lock 'er up!" Yes indeed. Well I took care of that little problem for Joe. Just stick with me, Joe. You'll be fine. Great people in Arizona. Except I think there are some problems with the senators from Arizona. It's too bad the POW just got re-elected. Maybe we should consider a recall? I don't know, I'm just saying. Hey how about that wall? Let's get 'er done!

And how about Governor Abbott? Quite a guy. You're doing a great job, Governor. Keep up the good work. You know, just the other day, I was saying what a great state Texas is. Let's hear it for the great state of Texas! (Applause) Yes sir! Don't mess with Texas. You know, it's too bad about the hurricane. You know, all the rain and flooding. Yes indeed, it's a shame. Too bad, too bad.

But don't feel bad. We're going to build a wall, a beautiful wall. And it's going to be sixty feet tall and made entirely with American steel. America first! (Wild applause, sieg heils, chants) Yes, let's make America great again.

Well, good people of Texas, that's all the time we have today. I want to thank you for coming. Thank you so much. And God bless you. Hey, did you notice the size of this crowd? Great crowd. The biggest ever. Eat your heart out Obama. (Loud boos, shouts of "Go back to Kenya, Muslim traitor!") Yes sir. Today is a great day.

field negro said...

Francis, shoot me an email.

Lilacpr said...

Once the rains stop the water level will begin to drop immediately and dramatically, it won't take long to be back to normal. but the thing is,it keeps raining!

Lilacpr said...

Its been a crazy last two years of rain all over! We never even had the dry season over here.

Flying Junior said...

I'm going to apologize for my insensitive comment.

Lilacpr said...

Flying Junior said...

I'm going to apologize for my insensitive comment.

8:41 PM

LOL! Sheeet FJ! I thought it was for real! xD Since I don't have cable or satellite I'm not in the loop so to speak!

I'm still thinking, oh my goodness everybody's right, this guy is koo-koo!

Like even I'm taking a shower and I'm still thinking I gotta apologize to Field for defending him sometimes!

OMG! You guys are so bad! x*D

I gotta watch out for you! :D Double check everything!

James the methhead said...

Report back to me on what happens to Houston's flood, I've got work to do.
Yeah, blowing guys for meth.


Flying Junior said...

Cheers Lilac,

God bless you and the good people of Texas. I know that the people will pull through. But the destruction could be almost as bad as Katrina was for New Orleans. My Dad grew up in Houston. All they really had to do back then was board up the windows. Once the windows all smashed out anyway!

I guess it remains to be seen if Trump is willing to sacrifice Texas and every thing else we call holy just to build his stupid wall.

uglyblackjohn said...

I live near a Sundown Town that is filled with trailer parks. For a while even the town's City Hall was a double-wide.
It seems that every natural disaster affecting the South involves a mobile home.
Harvey has washed these Billy-Bobs out of their trailer homes and these meth-heads have proven themselves ready for the great cull. These are the first people in line at the shelters and calling FEMA.
Trailer Parks should be illegal.

Bold, James Bold said...

If trailer parks were illegal, most of the Black people near me would wind up back in some big-city ghetto where I'd never see them again and they'd only have immigrant shopkeepers to rob.

Couldn't happen soon enough.  My $4500 summer tax bill keeps them somewhat away from me, but not nearly far enough for true comfort.

Anonymous said...

@ James Bold: You poor baby. Blacks make you feel uncomfortable. Well, if there's a race war as you predict, we know where you'll be--hiding under your "$4500 summer tax bill" bed.

Bold, James Bold said...

When the race war goes hot, I'll be sniping with my .22 magnum.  Cheap ammo, plenty of it, and penetrates skulls just fine.