Wednesday, August 30, 2017


TWEET ME It's open thread Wednesday, but I need your thoughts on a few things:

1. Is the president of the United States capable of empathizing with another human being?

2. Was Donald and his wife really plugging their own merchandise when they were supposed to be offering comfort and leadership to the people hurt by Hurricane Harvey?   

3. Is Ted Cruz such a disgusting human being that we actually like Chris Christie more than we do him?

4. Should LaDawn Jones be worried down in Georgia?

5. And finally, do you think this cartoon from Politico is insensitive?



Lilacpr said...

One of Trumps problems is that he's used to saying whatever comes into his head, he doesn't measure his words, and that can be a problem. But as for his not expressing empathy, in all fairness that doesn't mean he didn't feel it and will give the same or more aid that any other more expressive president would.

Ted Cruz...UGH! Yes,Christie almost seemed more likable :D

As for that FLOTUS hat? Man, that hat was rocking! Let's face it, she looked super put together! I loved that hat, I don't care, I want one too x*D

Lilacpr said...

The cartoon, yup, def insensitive, very bad taste, maybe at a later date, but right now...nah, too much

dinthebeast said...

An older version of that joke has the guy standing at the pearly gates telling St. Peter "What happened? I was sure God would save me." to which St. Peter replies "We sent three boats and a helicopter..."

So Mueller is working with Schneiderman investigating Manafort, which is interesting because presidential pardons don't apply to state level crimes.

-Doug in Oakland

Limpbaugh said...

The cartoon doesn't offend me. It isn't about all the hurricane victims and a similar cartoon could be done about ANTIFA. A lot of them are anarchists. Kathy Griffin with the severed Trump head didn't offend me either. Unlike cartoonists and comedians Trump is responsible for setting a good example. I recently offended a lot of people with a meme of Trump standing in a crowd at a lynching and saying, "There are two sides to this." As with many cartoons, there was an element of truth in it, as a reference to his Charlottesville comments.

I also editorialized about his racism with the meme. Among the other crimes Arpaio has committed he didn't follow up on rapes of Mexican children. He allowed the rapists to rape again. I also offend people when I write about Obama and Hillary's "anti Assad forces" raping children and killing their parents.

What does offend me is our warmonger lying "news" media. All they have to do is repeat things over and over for people to believe them. Russia gave Wikileaks hacked DNC emails. They don't need to show evidence. Burning carpet melted all 84 steel columns at the same time when Building 7 fell through itself at the speed of gravity. Cartoon science will do. Iraq had WMDs. That was a just mistake, even though we knew Iraq had destroyed their WMDs after the Gulf War. Syria is bad, even though they are secular and they outlawed even planning terrorism against the west decades ago. Iran is bad. A million people protested 9/11 in Tehran. But we sell weapons to Saudi Arabia who financed the 9/11 hijackers. We were fighting ISIS while they grew geometrically. Our media is the terrorists.

Flying Junior said...

Responses to numbers (1), (3) and (5).

(1) No way in hell and fuck no! Trump is more likely to enjoy inflicting pain and real human suffering. Proven.

(3) Cruz vs. Christie? That's comparing a turd to pasta. He did hug Obama, right? He loves Springsteen. We don't hate people because they are conservatives. But it was very sad to see him prostitute himself before Trump only to be scorned. Maybe Trump has some type of appeal that only dickheads appreciate?

(5) Damn right it's insensitive. I tagged my own comment as insensitive. I used the same word. This is the U.S.A. Policeman, Fireman, Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Sheriff, National Guard, all first responders in a national crisis treat each and every American, (regardless of citizenship,) equally. When you see one of these guys or one of the proud women, you know you are going to be okay at the risk of their own live.

Fuck Politico. Too much politics is deadly.

Anonymous said...

Big Dick Trump saves the day again.




Limpbaugh said...

Not that the red scare conspiracy theory propaganda is true. But Hillary's alleged pedophile campaign manager Podesta's lobbying group was subpoenaed by Mueller's witch hunt. And Podesta's lobbying firm has retroactively filed disclosures of their pro Putin work. Mueller was FBI Director during the 9/11 sham investigation and he helped lie us into the Iraq War.

I don't know if the media has already started to sweep their Russia lies under the rug yet on not. I suspect they will start soon, if they haven't already. They pretty much all lied in unison, but some of the worst offenders were the CIA connected Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC. At one point someone calculated that 86% of Rachel Maddow's shows were about Russia. Only two senators, Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, voted against increasing sanctions on Russia. But that's ok. Limited thermonuclear war is conceivable. They weren't trying for an all out nuclear war with their lies. Don't forget who lied to you and don't let them off the hook.

You've got questions? We've got answers said...

1. Are you kidding me? No, he is not capable of empathy. Trump has only ever cared about Trump.

2. Yes, the motto Trump lives by is the one from a David Mamet play, "Always Be Closing." Trump is an infomercial salesman, not an effective president. He is here to promote his crappy, fly-by-night business, and running the country is a secondary consideration. Also, see number 1: Trump has only ever cared about Trump.

3. Hell yes! Ted Cruz is a detestable reptilian monster! I'll bet even his mama never liked him. Chris Christie is a million times more likable than Cruz -- and Christie is an obnoxious, crooked bully, so that's really saying something. Ted Cruz thinks red states like Texas should receive federal aid when hit by a natural disaster, but blue states like Jersey should eff off. He is a man of (no) principle.

4. LaDawn Jones should invest in some body armor and some guns. Georgia is scary hillbilly central, once you get outside Atlanta. Stay safe, Ms. Jones.

5. Sure, that cartoon is insensitive. But you know what? Half the time, when people claim that a traumatic event is being "politicized," they're lying; the event already has clear political ramifications, and they just object to the particular political position that's been taken. They object to their opponents using the trauma to make a point, not because this is insensitive, but because it is effective.

Republicans have claimed that global warming isn't real/doesn't matter, and government isn't really needed. Horrendously destructive storms, which are increasing in frequency, are an excellent opportunity to remind them that they are wrong on both counts.

More bad news said...

That French chemical plant that Doug mentioned yesterday has now experienced explosions, after it lost the cooling facilities used to keep its chemicals safe and stable when electrical power was knocked out by Hurricane Harvey.

mike from iowa said...

Chemical plant owners said there would be explosions.

Cartoon is more accurate than some of the news stories about the mess. Wingnuts never miss a chance to shame the poor or elderly.

Remember Katrina? Wingnuts claimed Obama was golfing instead of doing his job as Potus. Obama, as junior Illinois Senator was in Houston's Astrodome with Hitler Weasel Bush and Bill Clinton meeting with hurricane survivors.

mike from iowa said... Drumpfuck to the rescue with subsequent self promotion.

Interesting development said...

It appears that a judge is throwing down roadblocks to expunging Joe Arpaio's conviction. Is she going to try to contest Trump's constitutional right to issue a pardon? Stay tuned.

mike from iowa said...

White privilege? If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

mike from iowa said...

Sarah Sanders falsely claims Trump saw devastation ‘firsthand’ because he talked to people who really saw it.

HRC lost the election she should have won so Libs are whining about Drumpf's courageous visit to war torn Austin (ear) Texas.

Anonymous said...

The Politico cartoon is right on point, it is what it is and that cartoon captured Texas and all of its glory!

Wesley R said...

Question 1. no, 2 yes, 3. yes, 4. no, 5 nc
p.s.- 45 is an idiot, he can't related to those people, but they some how think that he's with them.

F U Trump said...

Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban on ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Expect a Twitter rampage from the gent in the Oval Office.

Infidel753 said...

I don't see the cartoon as especially insensitive. It's not mocking hurricane victims in general, it's mocking the all-too-widespread mentality of those who trash government as overgrown and unnecessary and tout their own self-reliance, ignoring the fact that they, like anyone else, could someday be overwhelmed by a problem too big for anyone but the government to help with.

If the wingnuts are making a fuss about it, that's likely because it scores its point too well for comfort.

Ms. Jones has every right to be worried, and Spencer's remarks are far more offensive than the cartoon. We already saw in Charlottesville that the Alt-Right is willing to use violence, including deadly violence, against anyone who opposes their stupid racist statues.

It's never the right time, is it? said...

"I don't see the cartoon as especially insensitive. It's not mocking hurricane victims in general, it's mocking the all-too-widespread mentality of those who trash government as overgrown and unnecessary and tout their own self-reliance, ignoring the fact that they, like anyone else, could someday be overwhelmed by a problem too big for anyone but the government to help with.

The argument the critics are trying to make is that "now is not the time" for politics, while people are experiencing hardship from the hurricane.

But it's a dishonest argument. In fact, now is the perfect time, which is why the cartoon came out now and why the critics are mad. They don't actually object to the cartoon's timing. They just don't like what the cartoonist has to say, which is that they are imbeciles to want to shrink government to the size where they can "drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub," in the words of Grover Norquist.

Just brainstorming said...

If it were me running things, there would be a federal Department of Reminding Dumb Wingnuts of All the Ways Government Saved Your Ignorant Ass.

They need way more reminders, not fewer.

lt. Commander Johnson said...

just brainstorming said...
If it were me running things, there would be a federal Department of Reminding Dumb Wingnuts of All the Ways Government Saved Your Ignorant Ass.

They need way more reminders, not fewer.

12:46 PM

You're talking about today.

Who paid all those taxes?

dinthebeast said...

"Who paid all those taxes?"

California and New York, mostly.

-Doug in Oakland

A wingnut speaks said...

You're talking about today.

It's not just today. You are why we need the federal department.

mike from iowa said...

On a brighter note, Milwaukee County Sheriff shit fer brains David Clarke RESIGNED!!

Will Drumpfuck be next?

field negro said...

Good riddance, Sheriff. We are sure we will see u on FOX VIEWS soon.👋

Cooning will still help u pay the bills.

LTCMDR is a PUSSY said...

Who paid all those taxes?
We know you didn't you non serving pussy!

mike from iowa said...

Mueller may have just trumped Drumpfuck's pardon obsession.

mike from iowa said...

I had no idea Dick Gregory nearly singlehandedly forced the FBI to find the slain civil rights workers and their killers in Mississippi in the 60's.

I was aware the FBI was implicated in the killings of a white woman from Detroit and a couple of young black men who were riding with her.

mike from iowa said...

Here is Shit fer brains Clarke's resignation letter. No reasons given. He is currently away at a police meeting somewhere.

The resignation letter says:

"Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 17.01, this communication is submitted as the notice of my resignation as Sheriff of Milwaukee County commencing Aug. 31, 2017, at 11:59 p.m."

In just over three and a half hours it is over. Bwahahahahahah!

PilotX said...

Thanks Mike.

uglyblackjohn said...

The cartoon should have remained.
The trailer park, opioid/meth addicted, Confederate flag waiving, bad teeth having, Billy-Bob town next to mine was on the news for the second time (The first being when CNN did a report about the Most Racist Town in America a short while after the James Byrd dragging murder) because it is one of the most devastated areas from Harvey. Now these people are among the first in line begging for help from the same government they claim to hate.