Tuesday, August 15, 2017

He is exactly who we thought he was.

Image result for trump imges crazy   I watched that presidential press conference today and I realize now why Mr. trump's people do not allow him to do them.

I honestly still don't know what I was watching. It was absolutely off the rails. Mr. trump pretty much admitted on live television for all the world to see that he was a racist and a Nazi sympathizer.

  "I think there is blame on both sides,” the president said in a combative exchange with reporters at Trump Tower in Manhattan. “You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now.”'

My goodness man, where is your humanity? A family lost their child because of the behavior of  those barbarians and animals that you happen to be defending,

Many Americans  (including the usual suspects who are always defending him) are now shocked and outraged at the behavior of their president, and they still can't believe that the leader of the greatest democracy on earth could stand up and defend Nazis against peaceful protestors who were protesting what they stood for.

Those Americans might be shocked, but I'm not. I have been saying it since America chose to elect this man that he is not well, and that we will al suffer because of it.  He is exactly who I thought he was. The fact that the GOP was trying to use him to accomplish their agenda doesn't change that. They were playing a dangerous game by dancing with the devil and they lost. Now they are turning on him faster than a mobster who was offered witness protection.

Still, his press conference today wasn't a total disaster for him; he garnered praise from one of his biggest supporters.

" David Duke @DrDavidDuke   
Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/897554574663442432 


Both sides now! said...

False equivalence is the Republican Party's best friend, and that goes double for Trump. They never, ever tire of trotting it out.

They don't even try to pretend to have any good qualities anymore. Instead, whenever they are called out on their repulsive values and actions, they lie and say: "Okay, we're shit. But so are the other guys!"

I'm tired of this dance.

Yisheng = nigger said...

If you are surprised by any of this white supremacist BS that has happened on Trump's watch, then you really don't deserve to live anymore.

Puerto Rican food looks, smells, and tastes like shit said...

Logic and compassion are foreign concepts to tr**p supporters.

Lance Cockstrong said...

David Duke probably has an even smaller dick than Butt Trumpet. I would be ashamed to be either of those losers.

Dexter from Nebraska said...

Hey Mike from Iowa. There's a real bad smell that has been blowing in here lately. I assume it's coming from your dumbass state. Why do you morons let all the shit in your state travel to other places?

Black James Bold said...

The James Bold types needed a dumb ass like themselves so they can point to him and finally get legitimacy. Teh stupid is strong in them.

Anonymous said...

These dumbasses were corralled on the east and west with barricades. On the north side were the VSP with riot gear ready to go and the south side by "world citizens". When the VSP proceeded with the "walk" all the dumbasses had to go through two exits on the south side only to be assaulted by "world citizens".

The other idiot that killed a young woman and wounded many others was trying to escape an angry mob throwing rocks, bottles and carrying baseball bats.

Tell the truth feelz. It won't hurt and might make you feelz betterz.

White snowflake said...

Yep, idiots wearing body armor and brandishing weapons spouting racist and anti-semitic chants are just innocent boy scouts. Whah whah whah, white men are sooooo oppressed! Now take your punk ass to your safe space snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Snowflakez sez...

"spouting racist and anti-semitic chants"

Spouting? please!

racist and anti-Semitic chants? You sure?

Ms. Snowflakez frudder sez...

"Whah whah whah, white men are sooooo oppressed!"

No, I think we need more "oppression". The sooner the better! It'll wake some more honkeys up!

Sadly some honkeys will dies from the dindus, but it's called social Darwinism.

Good luck, either way mam.

Anonymous said...

Motorcycle helmets are considered "body armor" in feelz world.

Feelz, this is still a first world country...we will eventually get to your dream but not just yet.

I'm sorry feelz, it may be Ms. Snowflakes that considers motorcycle helmets as body armor.

Will the VSP release the videos they took of the riot in Charlottesville?

Something tells me Hell No!

Limpbaugh said...

I'm not surprised that Trump is racist. I am a little surprised by the extent of it. Now the asshole is talking about pardoning racist Sheriff Apaio. Are Hillary voters surprised that she supported terrorists to overthrow sovereign countries? Or are they still willfully ignorant? It did get some mainstream media coverage after Trump ended the covert CIA program that was doing it. But the evidence has been available for years. And I have been pointing people to it for years. If all Trump voters are racist, all Hillary voters support ISIS, child sex slavery, and cutting people's heads off. That is what our choice was. A racist or a blood thirsty killer. You probably at least saw the video of Hillary laughing and bragging about Gaddafi's death, but probably not much more. Most people refuse to believe what they don't want to believe. Choose the lessor of evils according to your priorities, but face reality first. Anybody who thinks either of the choices we had is good is cognitively dissonant.

I have also been telling people that Russia didn't give anything to Wikileaks. At least we didn't get Hillary escalating the proxy war with Russia in Syria, and her no fly zone, etc. People who think not wanting war or even a new cold war; wanting the truth and wanting to expose lies; wanting the elite held responsible; wanting politicians of both parties who serve their war profiteer donors exposed; and wanting the media that lies for their war profiteer sponsors exposed; is conservative propaganda are the most misinformed people there are. Here is another chance to see how you've been duped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWYPmHJ3WeU

Stalkers suck whooteemoo ass said...

Alt-Reich is in office!!

dinthebeast said...

God damn it, we told you this would happen. Back when you decided to invite all of the bigots and racists into your party to win elections, we told you it was a bad idea. But no, you said, we can control them, and besides, they are the salt of the earth, the real Americans.
We tried to tell you that you were playing with fire, and not only would you get burned, but a bunch of regular citizens would get burned in the process.
But no, we were crazy and paranoid, and probably commies to boot, so we should shut up and sit down and let the adults deal with the running of things.

But really, do you know what would have been a lot better than having been proven to be right about the right all along in such a spectacular fashion?

Having been proven wrong.

But now that has been dispensed with, the question we face is what are we gonna do about it? What would our parents and grandparents who fought the goddamn Nazis in Europe and Africa want us to do now that they are in the motherfucking white house?

What would they want us to do about the relentless lying about those Nazis that is not only accepted from the president of the United States now, but expected?

Can we step up the way they stepped up? My retired friend JT was really proud of the M1 he had, said it was exactly the same as the one he carried across France. So what are we gonna carry? Firearms aren't gonna cut it this time.

President four-year-old gave up the game today when he said both sides.

We have been able to put the evil down when it rose up precisely because it was evil, more evil than the common evil we face in our daily lives. The Confederacy and the Third Reich weren't hard judgement calls. Now we are being made to question ourselves while we decide who it is who has to go.
The generic term for this is gaslighting, and it may be the only thing Trump is truly good at. He learned it from the very worst, Roy Cohn.
The big lie of both sides do it is being used to obscure the source of the evil, it's the beltway media's business model. Every time the Republicans lie us into the wrong war, crash the economy, or torture people, there's the beltway villagers saying both sides of the k'rupt duopoly are equally to blame, so as to keep those reptiles coming onto their shows even after their latest atrocity.

President four-year-old got them to both sides him right into the white house, after which he turned on them, like he turns on everyone as soon as he's through using them, a well documented trait of his going back decades that they might have seen coming if they weren't so busy inventing scandals about Hillary to balance each new outrage he threw at them. It was masterful, really.

But now he's using it to give cover to the goddamn Nazis.
We have to put a stop to it by making him and the beltway poltroons answer to reality, because when the evil is out in the light of day, we can put it down.
If it's not, maybe we can't.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

OK, I fucked that up a little. This is probably better:


-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

To me, it was nothing but comic relief to hear the ignorant imbecile Trump spout his true feelings on the KKK and white nationalists/supremacists today. Just about twenty-four hours after his ridiculous, scripted screed about how, "Racism is evil..."

Yes it is, orange boy. Racism is a scourge and a curse.

Yet it appears to be alive and well in the small confines of your own, fat skull.

President Trump showed his true colors today because he lacked the self-control to not engage the more intelligent reporters. They had him. They pwned him. Trump loves the KKK. David Duke sang his praises for debunking the Kumbayah myth.

Own it republicans. You conservatives will all mostly be dead in ten or twenty years and the fascists can take control of your party.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Anonymous said...

@ Farting Janitor-

We knew Trump's true colors all along. Only now is the average American ready to hear it. And he is PISSED.

Trump is the Savior of The White Race. He has the Reich Stuff.

He is all Reich with me.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, really Reich what Trump is doing in The White House.

Anonymous said...

All you uppity ni**ers have the Reich to remain silent!

Anonymous said...

Your feelings end where my Reichs begin.

Anonymous said...

I Reich big butts and I cannot lie.

(Here's looking at you, Yisheng.)


Snowflakes are white said...

You forgot the Thor shields dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson is remaking an old Spike Lee movie.

It's called Do The Reich Thing.

Anonymous said...

As Field Negro often says, "My ath sure ith Thor!"


Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson: Sexiest White Man Alive

-A Black Mom In Roanoke

Paradoctor said...

About Duke's praise of Trump:
A scoundrel's blessing is a curse.

mike from iowa said...

Dexter from Nebraska said- derp. Hey kornshucker, the bad smell is just yer breath blowing back in your face.

mike from iowa said...

He is who we thought he was.....and so much worse. And he is all their's.

Anonymous said...

If yisthing sat on a chair and it disappeared would she even know it's up her butt?

Limpbaugh said...

I watched videos of the violence, but I couldn't tell who initiated or escalated the violence the most (besides that racist in the car). So I watched some Clayton Bigsby videos instead.

Anonymous said...

Hank Johnson (Democrat from Georgia) is planning to submit a bill to tow Guam out of North Korean missile range. I sure hope Guam does not tip over during the tow.

You folks cannot be taken serious.

mike from iowa said...

Former Obama White House personnel spills his guts on the illegalities of Obama's reign of terror. Good read.


Lilacpr said...

Anonymous said...

Hank Johnson (Democrat from Georgia) is planning to submit a bill to tow Guam out of North Korean missile range. I sure hope Guam does not tip over during the tow.

10:12 AM

If done carefully it won't tip over, but all the splashing is sure to wreak some havoc. Mr.Johnson def has to supervise the operation. Kim is gonna be maaad xD!! He never bargained with good ole American ingenuity!


Bold, James Bold said...

"A family lost their child because of the behavior of those barbarians and animals that you happen to be defending"

You mean the barbarians and animals who threw urine and concrete at peaceful protesters, may have partially blinded BakedAlaska with acid, and were directly responsible for that death by violently attacking James Alex Fields forcing him to escape?

No, of course you don't.  You consider the violent to be the GOOD guys.  Googles always project.  But that's becoming untenable as America tires of hypocrisy.  VIrulent anti-White racist Wes Bellamy has been forced to resign his positions in Charlottesville.  He won't be the last.

"My goodness man, where is your humanity?"

You have no business talking about humanity, Feeled.  You're an African.  Africans are a genetically distinct species.

"Back when you decided to invite all of the bigots and racists into your party to win elections, we told you it was a bad idea."

You mean like Wes “I DONT LIK WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!! FML!!!!” Bellamy?  Of course you don't.  To you, the only "bigots" and "racists" are White people standing up for themselves.  You don't even oppose the Muslims who'd re-enslave you as part of wiping you out, because you hate White people more.

This is why you are a dead-end species, Mikey.

Yisheng's stalker = bird shit said...

I wish I could sniff Yisheng's ass said...
...... sat on a chair and it disappeared would she even know it's up her butt?

If your wide load mammy farted and the universe blew up, would she even know that's the moment she had you?

Yīshēng said...

B'more took the confederate statutes down overnight!


Limpbaugh said...

I sympathize with protesting against racism, but both sides do have constitutional protections under the law. I also think monuments shouldn't be torn down. We don't learn from history when it is covered up. That is very often the case. Even with the Civil War. If England (the south's trading partner) wasn't involved as modern historians say, where did the rural south get factory products when they were winning the war for the first two years? Lincoln didn't say he would free the slaves in the rebel states until a year after the war started. A year before the war ended Jefferson Davis said he would free the slaves if the Confederacy won. Both were ploys to switch the allegiance of England, which was against slavery by that time.

And if the export tax on cotton wasn't an issue, as more historians have started saying, why did the five slave states that were too far north to grow cotton stay with the union? If you want to know if Antifa really was blame free in the Charlottesville violence, you should research it before you decide the answer is what you want it to be. I don't know, myself.

Infidel753 said...

The reason for the Civil War was to preserve slavery, period. This is clearly stated in the seceding states' declarations of secession.

Nazi and racist ideology need to be condemned whenever it manifests itself, independently of whether there is violence or not. Every other major Republican leader seems to get that. Trump is -- well, saying he's too dumb to get it would actually be the most charitable interpretation.

Yīshēng said...

The overwhelming majority of the monuments were erected during the Jim Crow era, NOT to preserve a muthafuckin' things about a history America couldn't forget if it wanted to! That history being one which included the almost extermination of Native Americans and the enslavement and torture of Africans for HUNDREDS of years.

So how in da' FUCK can removing a statue of Robert E. Lee cause people to forget all that shit I just mentioned?

Whooteemoos can't "white wash" all that shit because the blood of millions of people can NOT be washed away!


Bold, James Bold said...

"That history being one which included ... the enslavement and torture of Africans for HUNDREDS of years."

Islamic enslavement and torture (and total emasculation) of Africans, circa 650-2017.  Not just "HUNDREDS of years", pushing 1.5 millennia now.

But Yisheboon doesn't try shaming Arabs, because she can't get any gibs out of them; they laugh at the likes of her or worse.  What she's too stupid to understand is that the shaming game is coming to an end here too.

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2020!!

mike from iowa said...

Anymoose- Reich three, you're OUT!!!

mike from iowa said...

Baldingo Klayman- the absolute worst wingnut lawyer ever, shows snippets of videos so convoluted one can't tell what's going on except for expert deflection by the narrator. To prove the car was not speeding the video starts out with a guy across the street on a bike with a red circle drawn around it. Then the next frame shows the bottom part of a car going the opposite direction and says you can tell it is not speeding.

Mickey Mouse bullshit brought to you by another right wing phony fucker like Baldingo. The car sams into people and then the brake lights come on meaning he didn't intentionally kill every one under the not speeding car because the narrator sez so.

What a fucking joke,Baldingo Klayman. I can see why most federal courts don't allow you to waste their time and resources.

mike from iowa said...


This is actual film of anti-fascists and White Supremacists doing battle. Thank Juanita Jean for this little beauty.

James is a weirdo said...

More dumb shit spouting from James' dumb ass. Thought he would be too busy rubbing cat butt bald because he is a weirdo.

No mercy said...

This should be the ultimate career-limiting move for any of the wingnut functionaries pulling this crap in newscasts and press conferences. From now on, any time any of them appear in public, the only question they should be permitted to answer is: Why did you defend Nazis?

Don't ever let them attempt to forget about their shameful histories and move on to other topics like the budget or foreign policy or policing or abortion. They only get to discuss one thing. They are "how to be a Nazi friend" experts now, and the only subject we want to hear from them on is how best to kiss Nazi booty, because that's where they really excel.

Destroy enough careers and maybe some of these soulless sycophants will get the message that this is not acceptable.

Yīshēng said...

More dumb shit spouting from James' dumb ass. Thought he would be too busy rubbing cat butt bald because he is a weirdo.

As long as you continue to read that dumb shit, it'll continue to post it.

I find it the easiest thing EVER to ignore his whooteemoo ass, still don't know why this is so challenging for the rest of you.

But since you guys LOVE communicating with its stupid ass, ask it what it does with its Viking shield when it's not protesting.


Black James Bold, a brotha with an IQ of 151 said...

At least he upped his game from high school 10th grader term paper to youtube. You'd think a guy with an IQ of 150 could find better evidence. Maybe he can find a youtube video that proves his IQ is over 40 but I seriously doubt it. Nazis are really fucking stupid.

Black James Bold said...

Most of these fools are like James, unemployed.

James is...........fill in the blamk said...

James is hilarious. Remember the orbital engineer doing chemistry at his desk joke?

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, the French Resistance was violent also, so they're just the same as the goddamn Nazis, right?
The bombing and immolation of civilian populations is wrong, but we did it to Dresden.
If you support or give cover to goddamn Nazis, fuck you in your eye.
The despicable creeps will never go away, no matter how many times you kill most of them, but that doesn't mean you should stop.
The ongoing, continuous murder of Nazis is a small price to pay for the continued existence of our society.

-Doug in Oakland

Black James Bold said...

Yisheng I found a video of James


G.O.A.T. said...

Fuck this shit. I'm out.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpfuck is crediting himself with disbanding citizens council after everyone had already quit.

SIL and favorite Drumpfuck grope toy were on vacation in New Hampshire in Daddy Drumpfuck's time of need.

Drumpfuck was right in one way- only he can single-handedly fuck up American wet dreams and everything else while he is at it.

Anonymous said...

There is little civility evident involving the discussion of racial issues...this shit is not going to end well....

mike from iowa said...

Former CIA director apologizes to Wolf Blitzer for Drumpfuck's incivility.


mike from iowa said...


Way to treason, wingnuts.

dinthebeast said...

Antifascists in the process of disrupting white supremacists:


-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2020