Thursday, August 24, 2017

Open Thread Thursday.

 MORE DISCLAIMERSIt's open thread Thursday folks, and I need your thoughts on a few things.

For instance, if trump and Mitch are really on the outs, does that mean Mitch will stop covering for him with this Russia probe? 

Did the Wisconsin Voter-ID law really help to make trump president?

Why are right-wingnuts so easily duped by fake news?

And anything else that's on your mind.


Anonymous said...

Trump's "basket of deplorables" still believe him when he says that he's going to get Mexico to pay for building a wall.
In spite of the leaked conversation that he had with the Mexican president where he is heard begging him to pay for the wall and telling him that he would look bad to his "deplorables" if he couldn't force Mexico to pay.

Mexico can't make Humpty Trumpty look bad. He does a pretty damn good job of making himself look unhinged.

Also, Humpty so jealous, obsessed and intimidated with Obama that now he's seeing his face in the clouds of an eclipse.

...I guess "class" is a hard act to follow...especially when it's replaced with "trash."

Limpbaugh said...

Anybody who thinks either of our choices for president was good, is at best misinformed. Trump is a racist. There were bad people on both sides in Charlottesville, but there are no good Nazis, Klansmen, or white supremacists as Trump claimed. And pardoning Arpiao would be disgusting. Our choice was a racist game show host or a corrupt murdering war monger. You can thank the DNC and establishment media for that. At least Republicans went outside of their establishment and so far I still think Trump was the lesser of evils. He ended the covert CIA support of ISIS that Obama and Hillary approved. But he is a racist. I've heard the all the arguments. That Hispanic judge was biased. Podesta wrote about the judge's wife visiting him while he was the head of the Hillary campaign. That doesn't excuse stereotyping Mexicans as rapists. Trump did desegregate his Palm Beach club when he bought it and work to get other clubs to do the same. All racists think there are the "good ones". David Duke endorsed Keith Ellison for DNC chairman. Duke thinks standing up to Zionism is antisemitism, which he believes is good.

Limpbaugh is a fool said...

"Our choice was a racist game show host or a corrupt murdering war monger."

In Trump, you got a racist game show host AND a corrupt murdering war monger.

Good job with that, by the way.

Limpbaugh said...

Anybody who doesn't realize the news if fake is brainwashed by it. People in Nazi Germany didn't realize their news was fake either. The explanation for 9/11 is scientifically impossible. NIST admitted that Building 7 fell at free fall speed after an independent scientist proved it. That means there was no resistance from the structure below. Jet fuel can't melt steel and Building 7 wasn't even hit by a plane. Buildings don't fall through themselves at the speed of gravity without explosives being used. The World Trade Center lease holder confessed that they pulled it on PBS.

They lied to start wars and the Democrats wouldn't even prosecute Dick Cheney. The intelligence that Iraq had destroyed their WMDs after the Gulf War came in while Bill Clinton was president. They supported terrorists to overthrow Libya and to try to overthrow Syria. Obama, Hillary, and the intelligence committees approved that covert CIA program in 2011. It isn't hard to deduce that Adam Schiff voted to recruit, arm, train, and pay ISIS with your tax money. He was on an intelligence committee. He voted to authorize the Iraq War and he pimps the Russia hacking conspiracy theory.

They lie to beat war drums with Russia 24/7. But the VIPS group's findings have seeped in to some of the mainstream media. Bloomberg News, The Nation, Salon, Fox News, and The New York Post have reported on the analysis that shows the DNC data was transferred too fast to have been hacked remotely. The data was downloaded to a thumb drive like Chelsea Manning did. A congressman has started dialog on negotiating pardoning Julian Assange in exchange for his proof that the Russians didn't do it. Watch the Fake News to pretend they didn't know, just like they did when people started catching on to Iraq and Syria. I could see how nervous CNN got when Russia wiped out a large portion of ISIS in a week. ISIS grew geometrically while the media told us we were fighting them. Watch for the media to stop talking about Russia.

James Clapper called the government analysts assigned to the Russia intelligence assessment "hand picked." The chairman of the Iran/Contra investigation who covered up Reagan's deal to not have Iran release American hostages while Cater was president, Indiana Democrat Lee Hamilton, was "hand picked" to co-chair the 9/11 Commission. And PNAC (new Pearl Harbor) member John Leehman, was "hand picked" to be on the Commission. None of the mainstream media even mentioned what the ex president of Iran, Bani Sadr, told us about Reagan's treasonous deal in his interview with The Christian Science Monitor. They didn't even mention it as something the ex president of Iran said.

Here's a quote from the Russia intelligence assessment: “judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents.” The media tells you it is a fact that Russia hacked the DNC. The New York Times finally admitted that the assessment was from three agencies, not 17. Honest journalists on YouTube had been saying that for a long time. That VIPS group told Obama that the NSA would have to know if Russia did it. They surveil data transfers. And Obama admitted that we didn't know before he left office. Also, the NSA only had "moderate confidence" The CIA and FBI had "high confidence", which is only a guess. Not quite a "slam dunk" like WMDs in Iraq.

But the assessment did get specific about how RT News helped interfere in the election. They hosted a debate of third party candidates, covered the Occupy Wall Street protests, and reported on the dangers of fracking.

Limpbaugh said...

Hillary had started to brag about overthrowing Libya without using American troops when Benghazi shut her up. And Wikileaks technologically verifies emails are authentic. But I guess some people live in an alternate reality where Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn't resign and CNN didn't fire Donna Brazile. Hillary wanted a no fly zone over Syria and she said so in a debate. Instead of escalating the war in Syria, Trump got a cease fire deal and ended our support of ISIS. It's too bad Guam got blown up in your alternate reality though. If you ever decide to face reality, you'll see that a vote for Hillary was a vote for ISIS raping children and killing their parents.

PilotX said...

Conservatives fall for fake news because maybe they're not too bright but when they watch their own media it makes them feel important because in their minds the rest of us are being misled. They are all a bunch of Fredos.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister of Canada, which has taken in way more refugees than the U.S., is now developing a political headache because that smaller number of refugees in the U.S. are now fleeing to Canada in terror of what Trump will do to them.

Since the start of the year, more than 11,300 refugees have crossed into Canada by foot from the U.S. These are people who came here from horrific circumstances and we already promised to let them live here, and now they figure we will not honor our commitments.

I'm sure this makes the racists ecstatic, but we are becoming progressively more disgusting as a country.

dinthebeast said...

Conservatives fall for fake news because they've been fed a steady diet of it for decades by Fox and hate radio and the rest of the right wing media empire who sell them the lies that their ignorance is noble and their bigotry is patriotic for billions of dollars each year.
Now they are so addicted to it that they can't function without today's lie, which may completely contradict yesterday's lie, but keeps them safely insulated from the awful truth that they've been wrong about every political opinion they've held for their entire adult lives.
Which is sort of understandable, nobody wants to admit they are that humiliatingly wrong about anything, much less everything.
I have as much compassion for them as I can muster as people, but that doesn't mitigate the damage they are doing to the country, or obviate the need for stopping them.

Voter ID laws helped elect Fergus, as did Kobach's crosscheck bullshit that kicked hundreds of thousands of voters off the rolls for the high crime of having the same name as a voter in another state. There are probably more "Jose Gonzalez"s in the three states that he won by less than 80,000 votes than his margin of victory.

Boy, the Republican leadership sure doesn't want to shut down the government this close to the midterms over the walldoggle. I say invest in popcorn futures, this is gonna take a while.

-Doug in Oakland

A real knee-slapper said...

Heard this joke today:

An Islamophobe, a white supremacist, and a sexual predator walk into a bar.

The barman says, "What'll it be, Mr Trump?"

Anonymous said...

Oh the feelings! I loves its!

Break bread and rejoice in your lives!

You are heeled and heeled again! And for good measure you are all heels!

Faith_and_Fairness said...

From previous thread, shout out to Pilot, for sharing The Daily Show episode.

Awesome the way Trevor Noah is thriving tenfold as host of The Daily Show. Segment of Michael - The Black Man is on point.

Thanks :-)

anotherbozo said...

Both Prof. Jonathan Turley and David Axelrod warn against hoping for impeachment, Turley because it would lower the bar to impeach for "mere" political thuggery, Axelrod because there will never be the votes, and resulting divisiveness of the populace could lead to unknown dangers.

Also problems with the 25th amendment route, when a big chunk of Trump's cabinet would have to go along, and since they're too busy wrecking departments they hate, they very likely wouldn't.

Maybe best to wait for Mueller. I have a hard time believing he isn't busily uncovering multiple crimes. At best his findings are going to help Dems considerably in the midterms and maybe reverse congressional majorities. But hurry the hell up!

This is my amateur's analysis. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2020!!

Anonymous said...

Alright people,Texas is about to get hit with a hurricane,so all that other shit is on hold! Hope people weather the storm or get out!Someone tell the guy in the big house to go in his bank account to help since the govt,"aint never got no money"!

PilotX said...

Interesting read.

field negro said...

Laughing@12:51 a.m. 😆😆😁

anotherbozo said...

Alright people,Texas is about to get hit with a hurricane

...and 2 of the emergency agencies that would deal with it have no one in charge! Gee, whose fault is that?

The Purple Cow said...

25th August 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

If your schedule permits today, fellow posters, would you kindly look into a article featured in Atlantic or Slate that provided a comprehensive analysis of how minority communities were targeted with the kind of fake news that resulted in these voters either staying home or possibly voting third party.

And there's also another great article clarifying how Russian operatives were able to manipulate the US democratic process,

Finally, the even scarier ongoing effort is the way individuals we've grown to trust in commentary spaces actually garnered our trust to eventually espouse a dark agenda. In my opinion, this is as equally dangerous to the political, social and economic discourse as Russian bots.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

I probably saved these articles to a folder temporarily missing. Will do my best looking for this information.

mike from iowa said...

Texas AG and guv A-Butt got bitch slapped for a third time by a federal hurricane judge striking down Texas' latest iteration of voter disenfranchisement. She has suggested the state may need to have the federal government go back to having oversight of Texas elections because Texan wingnuts refuse to obey the rules.

F and F for more coverage of Texas hurricane front lines check out Juanita Jeans blog. Don't let the name the world's most dangerous beauty salon throw you. :)

One blog claimed they had a smoking gun for hiring protesters in Charlottesville from an online ad looking for actors and photographers to use in CHARLOTTE-NORTH CAOLINA, over 200 miles away from Charlottesville, Virginia. And so it goes. (thanks to Linda Ellerbee for the last sentence)

Yīshēng said...

Why the idiot in charge, of course!

mike from iowa said...

Jerry Fatwell 111 of Liberty crewniversity fame bought a gay friendly hostel in South Beach for 4.65 mill-money given to him from his dad, Jerry Fatwell 11-the nomonal head of Liberty U.

The hostel was owned by Liberty U and offers guests and sleazy, shady, grungy place to break all the rules the U won't allow students to do. It even has an on site liquor store and advertises for strip clubs and provides for co-habitation of either, or and all sex combinations.

Good Kristians-they- the Fatwells. They make money selling and telling biblical fauxknee bullshit and leave students with high student loan debt while raking in more tax payer dollars than any other school.

Many more real knee-slappers said...

SNL nails Trump, Michael the Black Man, and evil Bannon at the Arizona rally.


lt. Commander Johnson said...

Well, thanks Cow! A pleasure to see you.

It's gonna happen. They only have to build a foot of it to prove you wrong.

dinthebeast said...

And on the lighter side, Roger Ailes is still dead.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

And white cops in New York are shedding their racist label for one much darker.

Make fun of Councilman of color with Tourettes. That ought to soothe the savage black and brown beasts of New York. Fucking morons!

Commandeered Pussy uses Drumpf style math equating a foot with a meter. I guess he expects less than a third of Mexico will pay for the foot of wall.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Haven't heard much from you either, Lt. Commander. Despite differing viewpoints, great counting on you for the usual LOL :-)

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Excellent questions to ponder in this Open Thread, for which my thoughts are as follows:

"For instance, if trump and Mitch are really on the outs, does that mean Mitch will stop covering for him with this Russia probe?"

Similar to his bitter disappointment with AG Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian probe, the president is feuding with Sen. McConnell for not having his back. Interestingly, it's somewhat murky for the senator to wash his hands of covering for the president if he's indeed complicit in threatening the Obama administration with alerting the electorate in Sept 2016 about Russian

"Did the Wisconsin Voter-ID law really help to make trump president?"

Unless deliberately obtuse, how does one come to the conclusion that tactics such as voter suppression plus gerrymandering not factor in Pres. Trump win. Yet, the irony is the president setting up a commission to determine fraud in the popular vote won by Mrs. Clinton.

"Why are right-wingnuts so easily duped by fake news?"

Believe, as was discussed in previous comment exchanges, some folks are more likely swayed by information that already meets their worldview even when the news or opinion pieces are devoid of pertinent facts.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Per PilotX@12:26 PM
Interesting read.


Correction: This piece is an absolute "Must Read."

Most striking to me is Van Jones' "The Messy Truth" also delved into conversations with alt-right, for which the takeaway, likewise for a segment of Trump supporters, really was jobs and the economy.

And if one can overcome the vitriol and exteme rhetoric, it just goes to show common ground is possible.

lt. Commander JohnsonL said...

What a joke. I know well what the diff is between a meter and a foot (or yard).

And, sweet hearts to you too, Faith & Fairness.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

In appreciation of Mike from Iowa post@2:11pm:

"F and F for more coverage of Texas hurricane front lines check out Juanita Jeans blog. Don't let the name the world's most dangerous beauty salon throw you. :)"


LOL, Mike: Many thanks for reminder lesson about not judging a book by its cover, so to speak.

Interesting concept for a blog reminiscent of the time-honored political banter occurring throughout barber shops and hair salons.

mike from iowa said...

People in South Texas would very much like to flee a hurricane. They have to pass through border patrol checks to see if they are illegals, first.

Novel way to purge voter rolls. Drown every south Texas Lib and POC in the name of national security.

Deplorable is as deplorable does said...

Trump has officially pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The president does not give a toss about looking racist at this point. It would not surprise me if, next, he decided to pardon that Nazi in Charlottesville who ran people over with his car. After all, he was only "protecting his heritage." Who could blame the poor man?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ mike from iowa - Odd, I have a bunch of Woke Hotep brotha's on my club's facebook page telling me that the Government used HAARP to target the Lantinx and Black areas of Texas.
And I believe them because these guys were educated by facebook memes and YouTube videos.

The Purple Cow said...

"They only have to build a foot of it to prove you wrong."

I note you still haven't developed that second brain cell.

I wrote...

"25th August 2017. Meters of wall built = 0."

How can that ever be proved wrong? On 25th August 2017 how many meters of wall had been built??

Anonymous said...

Fake news you have nothing.Keep crying wolf.

Faith_and_Fairness said...

Per the news story posted by Mike from Iowa @7:14 PM


From then candidate Trump mocking a disabled journalist to officers sworn to uphold the dignity of all citizens, the RawStory about the policy officers mocking a city council member with Tourettes Syndrome is beyond disheartening.