Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Calling all house Negroes, white man needs support

"I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it's run by blacks, primarily black patronship." O'Reilly went on to say, 'There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, M-Fer, I want more iced tea.' "

I am sorry folks, I just had to post this again. Especially since Mr. O-lie-ly is all over FAKE NEWS complaining about how his words were distorted and taken out of context, and because some new to the house Negroes like Philly's own Stephen A. Smith, and Juan Williams --"They want to shut you up. They want to shut up anybody that has an honest discussion about race"-- has been supporting the guy. O-lie-ly says his words were taken out of context, and he is not a racist. After all, he told Rev. Al, don't we go out together in the hood all the time? And there, right on cue, was the good Reverend live from Baton Rouge, agreeing with the lie man and cooning in the Louisiana heat. (Although the heat and humidity didn't seem to affect his perm). How sad was that? And to top it all off, the other Reverend (Jackson) will be on O-lie-ly's show tomorrow. Oh oh, there must be a racial controversy, another white man needs public racial atonement, gotta call Jessie.

Now, for the record, the guy might not be a racist, because I could never know what's in someones heart, (although in this case I can take a pretty damn good guess) but his statements would sure lead me to believe that he is incredibly stupid and ignorant. Which if he is,what does that tell you about A-merry-ca when 1.5 million people tune in to him every night?

Gotta give it to O-lie-ly though, he has gone on the offensive, and, as is usually the case, he has found willing house Negroes to play along with his little game of spin my racist comments.

I know one thing; tomorrow I am going to Chinatown for lunch, and I am going to find a nice Burmese or Vietnamese restaurant so that I can chow down on some seriously spicy Asian food. And now, thanks to O-lie-ly, I can look for other things too. Lunch should be fun.


Anonymous said...

I have a different take on this.

First off, I think the comment was racist and O'Reilly is racist too.

But when I read it in context, something struck me. Yes, absolutely a racist and intellectually lazy argument.

But also; maybe this really was a realization to the man... I mean, maybe for the first time in his sheltered life, it really has dawned on Bill that blacks do not uniformly behave in accordance with his lazy stereotypes.

If that's the case, then maybe Reverend Al was trying to break Bill out of his rigid thinking, like a Racial Sunshine Policy.

So, assuming these assumptions to be true, shouldn't we be encouraging Bill to meet & greet more racial minorities that don't conform to his stereotypes, maybe in the hope that this will progress and he will start to be more aware of what he is saying?

I dunno; feel free to shout me down, I'm up in the air about this myself.


Francis Holland said...

Field, I gave you a shout out and some link love in my debut at Huffington Post today!

"Why the Race Word is Wrong"

"O-lie-ly's" comment is a sad but realistic reflection of his and of American society's color-aroused antagonism, with so much segreagation that going to a Black neighborhood is like going to Africa for most whites.

They are as likely to find normal things new and surprising in Harlem as they are in Lesotho, such is the level of segregation in the United States. Maybe we should reward him for at least acknowledging the level of his ignorance, and use it as a way to talk about de facto segregation.

Or, maybe we should just call him a F**kin idiot. You might be right that the latter (fiece criticism and ridicule) is more useful than the former (educating whites who don't want to be educated).

SouthernGirl2 said...

"Or, maybe we should just call him a F**kin idiot".
Now you're talking. But hold on... what was Juan Williams doing while Bill was spewing this ignorant BS! (I'm clinching my teeth)

DJ said...

Glenn Greenwald showed a segment called Fox Attacks in which they showed the racism of FNC.

A common tactic that they use when they want to say things that are outright racist is to get a black person to say them.

O'Rielly's defense is commonplace amongst the network.

Brian said...

I'm a little disappointed in Juan Williams... I agree with the man at least 85% of the time.

But he really lost me on this one.

field negro said...

Jimbo, it should be encouraging for O-lie-ly to meet with more racial minorities, just not ones with hidden agendas.

francis, thanks for the shout out on one of the Wal*Mart blogs.I still disagree wth your "color arousal" theory, but I find it an interesting take on the phenomenon of racism.

Justice, Juan was the pips to Bill's Gladys throughout the entire discussion. Shameful!

rikyrah said...

O-lie-ly is just being his racist self.

Juan Williams needs to be outfitted for his Lawn Jockey outfit.

Who I'm really disappointed in is Stephen A. Smith. I can't believe he's cooning like this.

That he thought there was nothing wrong with what he said IS the problem, because a thinking person wouldn't have thought in the first place, that Black folk would actually leave their houses, and go pay money for an environment that he was shocked he didn't find.

Jameil said...

ya girl barber was runnin her mouth on cnn and i was amazed!! wow!! talk about trotting out the foolishness.

Lola Gets said...

Having worked with an organization that hosted hundreds of teens from across America every week, I can honestly say that there are millions of ignorant, mostly white, people in the US who base all of their opinions about race and ethnicity on the sterotypes seen in the media. So the fact that Bill made those comments isnt a shock to me. Hes just the mouthpiece of the unwashed ignorant.


Anonymous said...

ignorant, mostly white, people in the US who base all of their opinions about race and ethnicity on the sterotypes seen in the media.
The media, with the exception of faux news is dominated by white liberals. The who who's of hollywood lean left with only a few exceptions. It's the liberals that put out tv programs, movies and news casts painting minorities in a bad light. Why do liberals love to portray non-whites in the way they do?

Muze said...

wow. just wow. doesn't he have a habit of dating ignorant, skanky black women with monikers like 'superhead'? no wonder he thinks like that.

i still feel like punching him though. wtf is going on with race relations in america these days?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I wondered if you caught my comment about "Screaming A" Smith's appearance on Dan Abrams' show trying to defend O'Lielly and getting bitch slapped by none other than Dan Abrams himself for pointing out the racist comments of O'Lielly.

The House Negroes are well-dressed and speaks so well, don't they?

We need a National Lawn Jockey Alert.

west coast story said...

Warning: Flares have just been set out around West Coast Story. My tolerance for stupidity just went off the charts.

Why are you wasting your time with:

1. Bill O'Reilly?
2. Juan Williams?

I suppose it's good to expose O'Reilly as a racist (no, really?!) but the people who need to be educated are only going to defend the moron. He's an IDIOT. I drop in on his show for seconds at a time to confirm that he is either completely uninformed, a confirmed idealogue, or mentally retarded. This gives me the license to say he's a complete moron, in any event.

Let's face people, a whole bunch of white people are simply amazed to encounter black people who can walk and chew gum at the same time. They treat us like trained monkeys if we act "civilized," whatever the heck that is. They assume we all know each other and and are tied in to some giant black hot line (although I have a friend who used to claim in the 1970's that all black people who could read and write knew each other--six degrees of separation for anyone who went to college, etc.). We're all like the buffoons seen on MTV and BET. Isn't it funny that we don't assume that all white women aren't skanks even though MTV portrays white women as complete sluts without brains in their head?

All that stuff about playing the race card is really about us not being like them. If we would just be more like them, everything would be okay. If we hated ourselves, then things would be fine. If we didn't move into their neighborhoods, join their clubs, hung out in their restaurants, life would be good. Did you know that the tipping point for white flight in any neighbrhood is 7%?

Don said...

Yeah, I was shocked when I saw Jason Campbell's non supportive comments concerning Donovan McNabb statements. It was almost like he was telling McNabb to STFU when McNabb was basically speaking on behalf of ALL black NFL QBs. That bothered me as well.

lol @ the ability find a house n*gga to support O'Reilly's statements.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"Who I'm really disappointed in is Stephen A. Smith. I can't believe he's cooning like this".
Put him on the lawn!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Cooning A is the reason I take criticisms of Sharpton and Jesse with a huge grain of salt.

Stephen Coon was on a tirade about the overuse and the relevance of Sharpton and Jesse. "We need a new generation! They're just TV whores--blah, blah, skippy, woo, woo, woo."

Just a day or so after this series of featured tirades---in the wake of Bill Maher being accused of racial misconduct towards his black girlfriend and at the very beginning of the Duke scandal--Coon Stephen sat on Maher's HBO show and agreed that BLACK WOMEN--AS A MATTER OF PRACITCE AND HABIT--MAKE UP AND LODGE ACCUSATIONS OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT.

In that moment, I believe, Stephen Coon's assent when far to undermine a black woman's ability to complain of sexual misconduct--even to live and be protected as women.

It is unfathomable for me that either one of the oft-criticized Jesse or Sharpton would have allowed the comment Stephen Coon did with even a flinch. To co-opt Frederick Douglas' observation, our race has even more to fear and dread if Zoot-Suited Loud-Talking-for-No-Reason Stephen Coon replaces Sharpton and/or Jesse as featured spokesman.

Things could get worse. What's up with your Philly boy, FN?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I love your take on the name Stephen Coon.

He knows he gotta tote water for ESPN or they'll get rid of his ass, just like they did Rush Limbaugh (and whoever thought Limbaugh would be a good fit for ESPN football should have joined him on the unemployment line).

Now that he's big time, he can sure coon with the best of 'em (D. L. Hughley goes on this list, too, I'm sorry to say).

All these "brothas" trying to protect that fat check. Yeah, you have your cash, but at the loss of your self-respect, integrity and ethics.

Some white guys know that there are Blacks who can be bought, and bought at a cheap price. We are seeing them on TV masquerading as political analysts (Juan and Armstrong Williams) or sportscasters (Stephen A. Smith) or NFL football players (Jason Campbell and Vince Young).

Don't wanna mess with that check, now, dontcha know?

And if Screaming A is going to diss sistas, he'd better ask Wesley Snipes how well that worked out for him since he flapped his yap in Ebony magazine about how sistas were too bossy and he'd prefer docile Asian women (and I know some Asian sistas wanting to kick Wesley's ass for that comment).

Brotha ain't had a hit movie since, and has resorted to being found doing informercials on the "Total Gym" with Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris. Screaming A. Smith will find himself in the same situation, where not even a radio station with a 10,000 watt power will want his ass on the air.

plez... said...

now, ya'll know... if you are Black and making big money, you either: (1) don't say anything (a la Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods) OR (2) say whatever you gotta say to keep the checks coming (a la Stephen A "Master of the Overstated Facts" Blowhard, Juan Williams, and Charles FATBOY Barkley)! You step outta line and there's a pencil-necked geek shredding your check...

I ain't mad at that ingnoramus O'Reilly (I expect that from him), but I'm really peeved that Rev. Al is traipsing around Harlem on O'Reilly's arm like a pay-for-sex trick.

west coast story said...

Some people didn't get the memo but Al Shapton is a media whore.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I ain't mad at that ingnoramus O'Reilly (I expect that from him), but I'm really peeved that Rev. Al is traipsing around Harlem on O'Reilly's arm like a pay-for-sex trick.

Which is why he stuck up for O'Reilly and not Imus.

I bet the I-man slapped himself upside the head and thought "Damn, if I'd only thought to take Al to the Lennox Lounge, I'd still be on the air.."

O'Reilly and Imus = two heads of the same snake.

And West Coast Story called it - the "Rev" is a media whore who takes bid from the highest john.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Excuse me - I meant "takes money from the highest bidding john".

Typing too fast and got ahead of my thoughts, LOL

Francis Holland said...

I think the Orange Tyrant is feeling the heat over at DK-Mart. They deleted the below-the-fold portions all of my diaries from their archives. It certainly is good that I saved some of the best essays to my harddrive and republished them at my own blogs, to print again in the future!

I wonder what the Orange Tyrant is going to do about all of those copies of the "Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga by Justice and History" that have been republished at about five dozen blogs and websites?

field negro said...

Ahh Francis and the Kos. Still trying to kick the Orange door down huh Francis. I love it, it lets me know that all is right in the world :)

"What's up with your Philly boy, FN?"

raven, I think he is from New York. I refuse to claim that HN.

hottnikz said...

Muze said...

wow. just wow. doesn't he have a habit of dating ignorant, skanky black women with monikers like 'superhead'? no wonder he thinks like that.

I believe you are talking about Bill Maher from the show Real Talk on HBO. He's ok. Bill O'Reilly is an asshole that not worth typing about.

FN I wanted to comment about your sidebar, the Jason Campbell piece. He and Vince Young are house negroes if I ever seen any, Campbell especially since he just started winning this year. He just went though the same pressure last season. How easy we forget! I was just in a heated debate last week with my co-worker & he didn't agree with #5 either.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. That comment about seriously spicy Asian food just brings back Philly so strong for me. How I loved it, how I miss it.

Anonymous said...

In related news:

AP (Charleston, WV): During a detour amidst their recent outreach efforts, Minister Louis Farrakhan and several of his associates visited an Italian restaurant in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.

"Why, I was so pleasantly surprised," Minister Farrakhan noted. "This was a predominantly white area in a very white state, and a restaurant reflecting a major part of white heritage. Yet I saw no one either picking a banjo or attempting to enjoy illicit relations with his sister. Certainly you can imagine our astonishment!"

According to Minister Farrakhan's associates, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam ordered strictly vegetarian items in observance of Islamic halal or food fitness requirements, somewhat analogous to Jewish dietary laws.

"When the waitress - who appeared by my examination to possess all of her teeth - brought my Insalata Caprese to the table," reported Minister Farrakhan, "she indicated that there were no known serial killers who frequented their restaurant. Since I do not often break bread with Caucasians, but have heard stories of their violent criminality, I was most gratified to hear this and certainly felt safer regarding my person and my modest possessions."

Minister Farrakhan and his assistants were driving through West Virginia promoting a new outreach and conversion efforts in the hollows of West Virginia, a state not known for large African-American or Muslim communities.

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