Friday, September 07, 2007

Mr. Jefferson, you have some company.

"Today we witnessed another example of the disease that affects the state of New Jersey; the disease of public corruption that spread like wildfire from south to north,"

I will take it a step further Mr. Attorney General. Today we witnessed another example of African American elected leaders, violating the public trust, and letting down their race.

But my question to black folks would be this: Why do we keep electing these people? Where do they come from? Didn't they display the characteristics to be sleaze bags before we elected them?

Folks, meet Mimms Hacket, Jr., Albert Steele,Keith Reid, Marcellus Jackson, and James Pressley. Just five of the eleven public officials in the great state of New Jersey, arrested today by the FBI for public corruption. It seems these scum bags violated our trust and sold their offices for $1,500 to $17.500. It wasn't hard to set them up either. The feds had them all secretly recorded and on hidden camera. And, of course, they did the perp walk. Handcuffs, shackles, the whole nine. Just what "Charlie" wanted. These idiots accepted payments from companies that offered insurance, and roofing services to cities and school districts. Boy they know how to get us don't they. Just show us the money and we will bite. And before you give me the; field the white man does it too speech, save it. I really don't give a damn what the white politicians do. It's the black ones that bother me because of their unique charge. The people that voted them into office expect more from them because of the struggles we have had to face throughout this countries history just to get them in that position. And, not to mention, to be able to get the right to vote to put them there. Mr. Steele was a Baptist minister in Patterson New Jersey (I wonder if he was here this weekend?) and he of all people should have known better. But I guess he needed the $14,000 he took for a new wardrobe. Then there is Mr. Hackett, who is the Mayor of Orange New Jersey no less. He sold out his office for a measly $5,000. You would think as Mayor he would have at least aimed a little higher. But noooo, when you are greedy you will just take it where you can get it.

I can't say enough how I despise these people. By their despicable acts they embarrass their race, their communities, and their families. And that is as low as it gets from where I sit. It just doesn't get any worse than that. Now I have to watch these reverse Robin Hoods paraded over and over again on FAKE NEWS and CNN for all the country to see. "See America, that's why we can't give the black man shit, or trust him with any authority. He is too greedy and dumb to hold a position of power or influence."

Sometimes I have to wonder if there is not a direct correlation between this kind of incompetence and the fucked up state of some of our communities. I mean how can you be out crafting proper legislation and displaying proper leadership, when you are out trying to make a quick buck my any means necessary?

I know one thing, the next time I have to vote for somebody, I am going to take a long hard look at him or her. Just looking like me ain't gonna cut it. I am voting for the best man or woman for the job. This way, when the do the old perp walk, I won't have to feel like I am doing it with them.


rikyrah said...


WHat always gets me is that they sellout for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.

Duke Cunningham? Millions.
Jack Abramoff? Millions probably squirrled away in offshore accounts.
Scooter Libby? Paid his fine with petty cash.
From my neck of the woods, a guy named Tony Rezko - going down after 100 million.
Jerry Weller - Congressman, R-IL - millions he's been hustling in Central America

Look at the numbers you named - 1,700 to 17,500.



Anonymous said...

Black politicians will never learn they can't play "that" game. Its a sad sight. To be blunt, I call it the white man's game.

Your last sentence was the best. Holding your breath saying the "Please don't let them be black" prayer.

Anonymous said...


It's even more complicated than that Field, at least with Jefferson, because after the corruption charges were revealed, the voters had a chance to remove him in the 2006 primary... and they chose not to. The thing is, his Democratic challenger was African-American, and though younger, well-qualified, highly-regarded, and obviously not tainted like he was. And they put him back in! I don't get it!

Though don't be too hard on your own kind, if you don't indict all Americans for the same basic.. what?... laziness? After all, we all knew Bush was doing a shit job before Katrina, and we picked him over Kerry.

I get the thing you're saying about how black politicians have a special charge white ones don't... to represent and elevate with solidarity and dignity. Granted. But black, white or whatever, I think people are lazy and would just as soon pull the lever for a moron they know rather than take the initiative to educate themselves about a new guy's positions. Then again, if the old guy's on the take and he's skimming your tax dollars... Field, I don't get it.


Bob said...

I don't get it, Field. The kinds of connections Jersey politicians make guarantee they're gonna do pretty well even if they use the system legally; new clients for their law firms, cushy state jobs with pensions, insider real estate tips. These bribes are so penny ante that they don't even deserve respect as resourceful crooks.

Anonymous said...

You are right on as usual. I agree with 90% of your blog and I am a 60 yr old white guy

Anonymous said...

"...Why do we keep electing these people? ..."

Well, for starters, the local press is simply too LAZY to check on these folks BEFORE they get elected. That, and the fact that candidates are often tied to the partisan interests of local media organizations so they get a pass.

I think most public officials with questionable ethics practices have a track record of "dancing on the lip of the volcano" that has simply gone unreported.

Sadly, bLack media are especially ineffective. Its role appears relegated to that of racial cheerleader - leading the charge to support EVERYTHING in black skin, particularly Democratic candidates and officials. Thus, what gets reported is a lot of bullshit that focuses on "historic firsts", a candidates's looks or how well he/she can bring an audience to its feet during a speech.

The good news is that the blogosphere has the power to change this. Blogs can address topics that established media will not and, by doing so, serve as the independent voice and accountability check that is currently missing in the political arena.

I think the blososphere and bloggers like yourself provide a good defense against entrenched public corruption.

field negro said...

"Well, for starters, the local press is simply too LAZY to check on these folks BEFORE they get elected. That, and the fact that candidates are often tied to the partisan interests of local media organizations so they get a pass."

Amen to that denise. That is exactly what happens here in Philly.

And I know lotsof poli-trick-sters do this kind of shit, but do we have to participate? I mean is the shit so deep that we have to sell out for "PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR" like rikyrah said? If it was millions I would understnad it, I still wouldn't excuse it, but I would at least understand a little more. But this....

Mo said...

they're elected b/c ppl see the black face & automatically assume they're on our side. our ppl can hurt us too.

Cappadonna said...

Great post. Instead of just writing my thoughts, I posted my thoughts on my new blog (

BTW, Field, thanks for shouting out a brother on your blog, I'm totally honored.

MartiniCocoa said...

Thank you for highlighting this story is news to me.

I do want to know why they did it, what they hoped to accomplish.
I think with stories such as this--simply focusing on the criminality, restitution and jail terms aren't enough.

I want to hear their reasons for stealing the money and why they chose so little amounts.

but I could care less about hearing the following:

I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this for a minute, and I again agree. But anyone that votes for someone because of anything other then a brother or sister's politics deserves what they get. Black, White, Yellow, we ALL know the real color at work: green.

Dangerfield said...

Brotha Field you know how I feel, we have got to hold our leaders accountable.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Which is why we have this group to hold black politicians accountable to the people who elect them:

Anonymous said...

You are wrong here, Field. Despite your claim that you are not caring about what white people do when you judge the accused black New Jersey politicians, you are. Indeed, you are channeling white people here. Your criticism is partly fueled by your anticipation of--and apparent concern with-what white folks might perceive of all black people (on CNN and Faux News) because of the actions of these few. To me, though I know many black folks concern themselves with this, the doublemindedness involved in that kind of reconsideration of self is pure bondage--beneath a Field Negro.

I--for one, can't squander my mental dexterity planning my actions or judging the actions of other blacks by what how white people might judge me or mine. That's so last century, civil rights movement.

Also, I think you're wrong to conclude that it is necessarily in Black interest for our politicians to be squeaky clean, above moral reproach. Despite the alleged corruption you site, so many of our politicians are of the preacher, prophet, relatively speaking more morally pristine type--ala Charlie Rangel (D-Harlem.) Such moral pillars, perhaps--useful for lending credibilty to an effort--often are not the most effective politicians. True politicos, wheel and backroom deal. Sorry! It is the wheeler, dealer politician who gets legislation passed, bringing home the bacon to their constitutencies. TThe virtuous ones are set out front and make nice-sounding speeches--preening their virtuous selves as nice displays but leaving the poor, their black comrades to suffer.

(See and compare, e.g., the effectiveness of Kennedy and Johnson on civil rights. No doubt Kennedy's heart was in a better place in regard to blacks than Johnson's but the wheeler dealer --possibly corrupt--Johnson was the one who got the legislation passed.)

My own beloved home-state politician, Rep. John Conyers proves my point as well. I worked for Conyers (D-MI.) I believe he is a great man with a heart for black people. His politics are four square with a pro-black progressive agenda. The same might be said of John Lewis (D-Ga.)

But, I believe, maintaining their moral posture has come at the expense of an ability to secure legislation and to wield power that might benefit the people of his home district. Conyers, for one, probably has had just two pieces of significant legislation passed in his 30 year tenure in the house--but, I question, whether even this, has been particularly beneficial to his home district.

(Why can't we have a bridge going no where in ur district that requires the employhment of a 1,000 of currently un/underemployed workers?)

Conyers might have been better for the community if he had a little thug, pimp, hustler--or Tom Delay--in him. I am wondering, Field, if you have let white folks scare you from your self interest when you dance on the undug burial grounds of the these ACCUSED polticians, demanding that all of us become little MLK museum pieces set up to prove to whites the value of our culture, ourselves.

field negro said...

"You are wrong here, Field. Despite your claim that you are not caring about what white people do when you judge the accused black New Jersey politicians, you are. Indeed, you are channeling white people here. Your criticism is partly fueled by your anticipation of--and apparent concern with-what white folks might perceive of all black people (on CNN and Faux News) because of the actions of these few."

raven,I honestly could care less about what the majority population thinks about me. But to ignore the fact that certain people will use corrupt black politicians to play the "I told you so" game is inescapable. You cannot deny the effects of our and so called leaders and role models being paraded on the nightly news as criminals. It effects our children, our ability to get certain things, and our credability. In politicks, that's important.

I understand that with policticks a certain amount of wheeling and dealing is involved. (I cut my teeth in politics in Louisiana,Phiily,and Jamaica; nuff said:)But come on, when you take $5,000 from some small time insurance company so that they can get a piece of a contract, what are you really accomplishing? Nothing!

Sorry, it sounds corny, but we really do have to be above reproach, and we really do have to have our communities best interest---and not our own---at heart.

I am sick and tired of slick preachers and politricksters getting rich off the backs of poor people. And no, this has nothing to do with how white folks view us, or, for that matter,how they think.

This has everything to do with improving the plight of people who are less fortunate than we are, and taking steps to improve their lives.


field negro said...

BTW, sorry about the bad spelling, I was in a rush 0: